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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    December 12, 2020, 9:50:00 PM
    Jackson smiled and fuzzled Casey's hair. "It's okay. Monjaro always speaks on the business end. I'm the guy who makes most of the deliveries."

    Monjaro smiled. "If you're ready to pay off this meal with the test delivery, we can get you started on that."

    And Jackson, Monjaro, Casey and Bastan got up from their table and headed out of the restaurant and back toward Legacy Shipping.


    Kimba smiled. "And there they go, Cody. As soon as you are done, I will take you over to temp services so you can find a job of your own."


    Dr. Zamak asked Tonda, "How did Geoffrey get knocked out, Defender?"

    Defender replied, "One of those creepy guys went to stick a needle in my arm during the Mobian fight and Geoffrey blocked the needle with his crossbow which made the guy with the bent needle backhand my skunk knocking him out. I don't know what was in that needle, but Geoffrey saved me from whatever it was."

    Dr. Zamak went into the restroom, located the bent needle and placed it into an investigation baggy. Then she emerged and she tended to Geoffrey's bruise on his head. As she was finishing with that, her emergency communicator went off and she answered it as she got information about the broken Game World Mechanics booth and what the club leader did to test it supposedly without a safety bracer. "Stupid players! I have to get going on another rescue. Stay out of trouble, Defender, and take care of your skunk. He did save you from a mysterious needle full of some weird medications." And then she transported out of the arcade.

    December 12, 2020, 10:14:52 PM
    Casey blushed and smiled, "I'm really glad I met you guys. Your really fun and nice. Arty was right about you. Okay. I'm ready." And he headed off with the three.


    Cody hugged Kimba. "Okay, I'm ready to go now, Sponsor!"


    When Dr. Zamak arrived at the Racquetball building and she saw the old booth that the community leader had tinkered with, she almost cursed. "Give me some details on what happened."

    Jacob then explained what he knew and how he had stopped his new friend from leaping in to find Wilson since Tony didn't have a safety bracer while Jacob did. "Before you leap in to find Wilson, Dr. Zamak. I have a question in regards to these safety bracers. Tony explained to me earlier that the safety bracers were designed to make the more dangerous games safer to play. We are all players of Familiar Wars X, which has a partner card with this hexagon shape. Meaning that it cannot fit into the safety bracer. Tony explained that the safety bracer is specifically for card launcher partner games. Our game does not launch partners out of their cards. So does that mean that the game I found is safe?"

    Dr. Zamak listened patiently to the inquiry before replying. "As long as the partners do not have the physical ability to touch your real body, then it would be deemed safe to use regardless of the safety bracer. Tony is right about the card launchers. When a partner is ejected from their card, the more naughty ones don't always want to go back into their cards. They want to have gay sex with their male partners to satisfy their libido. But as long as Familiar Wars X does not cross that line, then you can play it safely as long as you like. That was a good topic to bring up. Now let me see about finding Wilson, if he is still himself, that is."

    December 12, 2020, 10:37:01 PM
    Legacy Shipping was unlocked and Monjaro pulled out a form and a package for Casey. "Funny that Arty is sending stuff off. Something came in for him. So this is your easy delivery task. You go to Arty's house, knock on the door or ring the doorbell as if you don't live there and when he opens the door, you say, 'Legacy Shipping. Got a package for you. Sign here.' And you present this form for him to sign. If he doesn't die laughing first, once you get his signature, you hand over the package to him, then you say, 'Have a nice day, sir.' And you bring the signed invoice back here. Once we get the invoice back, you'll be paid in full for your lunch. Think you can do that?"

    Jackson smiled at Bastan as the muscular anime man did an Internet search for Tonda Lochmond since that was the name Bastan had mentioned. Jackson was surprised when they got a hit pretty quickly. "Here we go... Tonda Lochmond was the newest Sponsor a Prince winner from Carlisle England near the Scotland border. A direct descendant of Captain Leo. He is currently living with Houndimon and Dogora in Montropolis. He apparently has a power that the Mobians are training him in the usage of. We don't have a branch office of our business down there, but it might be good for business if you would be interested in heading up the project. We could arrange a shortcut between the business here and the business there."


    Kimba took Cody over to the temp services job acquisition station. "Just look over the board and select a job that sounds like something you would like to do."


    Defender/Tonda picked up Geoffrey in his arms again. "Lets get my skunk back to my sponsor's home. Um, I am sorry about the restroom door, guys."

    Sonic said, "We already smoothed it over with Garurumon. Payment was made for the new door. We can take you home right now."

    December 12, 2020, 10:59:36 PM
    Casey giggled and nodded his head. "I can do that! I'll be back soon!" He took the package and invoice before running off to his place.

    Bastan chuckled, holding the door open for the boy, before remarking to Jackson in regards to the business idea, "As long as you and Monjaro don't mind owning a branch office in Montropolis, then I could run it for you. Then maybe I could meet this boy that I have a weird prior feeling that I've met before. He might even be able to work there himself so he could stay close to home. I could live at the other business as long as it had upstairs apartments like this building does."


    Cody was then looking over the temporary employment board. There were a lot of choices to decide between.


    Jacob hugged Tony. "See, it is good to get the official statement from a card police officer slash medical doctor. Our game is safe to play."

    Tony smiled back at his new friend. "That was a great thing to ask her on behalf of our favorite game."

    December 13, 2020, 11:40:45 AM
    Monjaro remarked, "I'll contact my father and Jackson's father about getting the other business acquired. Montropolis has multiple fast food franchises catering to all desired tastes. Of course, it is also the gaming capital of the West." He picked up the phone to make the necessary calls to the parents.

    Jackson said, "My uncle Whitepaw owes me a favor so even if the parents are not hip to the idea, he would still help me out."


    Kimba read a newspaper while Cody looked over the part-time job selections.


    Defender carried Geoffrey inside his bedroom and he put the skunk into his own bed pulling the covers up over the nice Mobian mephit. "I'll be back to join you in a bit. I need to talk to Knuckles." And he headed back out into the yard where he found Knuckles and the others. "Knuckles...? Why am I so important to these kooks?"

    Knuckles replied, "I think it might have something to do with your ancestor's heroic lineage. Since they don't know where he is, they are targeting you. But don't worry, we Mobians will be around for you any time you need us. Although you should power down now so you don't get stuck as Defender."

    Defender struck his pose as he said, "Power Down!" And he was instantly Tonda Lochmond once again. As Tonda he hugged Knuckles and kissed him on the side of the face. "If we were in private, you might get a mouth to mouth kiss instead."

    Knuckles grinned. "Save that for Geoffrey. He did save you from getting a mysterious needle in the arm."

    December 13, 2020, 5:14:00 PM
    Casey did just as he was told. Arty about laughed his tail off but he signed for the packages and told Casey they could discuss a trial arrangement: a week of temp work to see if he worked out well with it and if he truly enjoyed the job and wanted to stick with it. Casey grinned and hugged Arty tightly. Then he ran the entire way back... got to the door... and had to turn around and run BACK home, get the signed invoice and run all the WAY to Legacy Shipping.... He leaned against a wall outside, panting heavily before stumbling inside and putting the invoice down on the counter, still panting.

    Bastan smirked since he thought he had seen Casey outside the door the first time before the boy had ran off again and return with the invoice looking exhausted.


    Cody smiled as he found something that seemed too easy. Besides, if Freddy Freeman could do it on crutches, then how hard could it be? Running a news stand. The only catch was that the job in question was located in Montropolis. This of course was something to discuss with Kimba and Simba later.


    Jacob was chatting with Tony and the other anime boy whose name was Robin when in a flash of light, Dr. Zamak and Wilson (a Gabumon) re-appeared in the old court building.

    "You better be glad Tony asked his new friend Jacob to call me about your misadventure," she said. "The reason the return protocol didn't work when your visit ended was because you didn't repair the end of class timer and thus, the system thought you were a partner trying to escape from the game world so it blocked your return path. Had you been wearing a safety bracer, even if empty, then that wouldn't have happened. You have community members that care about you. I am really glad I didn't catch your partner trying to show you a good time or else, I would have had to report this game as dangerous to the gaming commission. I just told these boys that as long as your partners could not physically touch you guys, then the games were safe to play. Don't prove me wrong. I need to confiscate this broken machine and take it back to the Dream Team to be disassembled properly. If your friends had not mentioned your being gone for too long, then you might not have ever had gotten out of there. If you want a safe functional version of the booth in your community center, I can see about getting you one. Just remember... no sex with your partners. In the game world, you CAN get pregnant with digital eggs and they do not feel nice to lay."

    Dr. Zamak unplugged the booth machine and harnessed it up for transport back to the Dream Team Recycling Center.

    After the heroic female doctor/card police officer departed with the broken device, Tony introduced Jacob to Wilson whom was a Digimon himself. "In Montropolis, the anime humans are not the only ones whom play these games, Digimon, Pokemon, and Mobians all play these games too," Wilson said. "We would be bored out of our minds otherwise."

    Jacob smiled. "I know how that is back on Earth."

    December 21, 2020, 3:55:06 AM
    Jackson then took Bastan upstairs to show him what the apartments looked like for when he got the other building in Montropolis.

    Monjaro hung up the phone after a bit and he petted Casey on his head. "Looks like you did a good job. What did kitty cat say?"


    Kimba smiled. "Looks like you found something. Well, what is it, Cody?"


    Tonda returned to his bedroom and he found Geoffrey examining his damaged crossbow. The young man sat next to the skunk and said, "Since you used it to defend me from that needle, I will help you to repair your crossbow, sexy. It is the least I can do."

    Geoffrey smiled at the boy and hugged him. "You have a very nice kiss, Tonda. I will accept your offer. Um, how did I end up in your bed?"

    Tonda returned the hug and said, "While you were unconscious, I laid you down in here while I went back to ask Knuckles a question. I hope I didn't offend you by putting you into my bed. At least I didn't try to undress you without your consent. But if you want to get comfortable, I can strip for you as well."

    The Mobian Skunk normally didn't like humans but this boy actually cared about him.

    December 21, 2020, 4:35:49 AM
    Casey told Monjaro about Arty's trial offer agreement in detail as he slowly caught his breath.

    Bastan looked over the bedroom apartment layout upstairs carefully with Jackson as well as how Jackson's personal pad was laid out. "Looks pretty good, Jackson. I know rebel flags are hard to come by; where did you get yours?"


    Cody said, "It is a part-time newspaper stand job but the catch is that it is in Montropolis. I am not sure how I would make the round trip to get home every night."


    Jacob said, "Tony gave me my first match in Familiar Wars X earlier. I thought it was both fun as well as educational especially after I explained to him how I was doing so well on my very first match."

    Wilson asked, "So just how were you nailing the game so quickly if you have never played it before?" The Gabumon was honestly curious.

    Jacob replied, "Have you guys ever heard of the electronic colors game from Earth called Simon, where it flashes a sequence of colors at you and your job is to press that sequence in the order you saw it in order to advance to the next level?"

    Robin smiled. "I've heard of that game and seen an old commercial for it."

    Jacob stated. "I noticed that the Familiar Wars X selection podium was set up a lot like that. It is a matter of timing so you get the color you want in a battle. That was how I got a water shield in defense against his Pyro-Squirrel partner, while Tony ended up with a Wind Shield versus my Electro-Bunny. After that figuring out the color-matching attacks was a breeze. I scored two critical hits and the match was over. At first, I thought Tony would be pissed that I won that fast, but instead, he said he wanted to be friends. And that made me glad that there were nice players in this game."

    Wilson hopped up and dashed across the court before turning around to face Jacob. "I want to see this. I challenge you, Jacob!"

    "Familiar Challenge Initiated!" - Instantly, Jacob found himself along a digitally crafting gaming grid. Jacob had a small podium in front of himself which had seven pips and six face down cards upon it. Standing on a red hexagon, his Electro-Bunny partner stood at the ready facing off against the Earth-Fox. He could see that Wilson (like Tony) had a few more pips on his podium. But he only had six cards, thankfully.

    A message appeared in front of Jacob in mid-air. "Defender gets first action for free. Activate a random card for the defense." Jacob looked at the face down cards and he noted that the six cards had colored lights in red, yellow, blue and green randomly flashing for a few seconds per card. This meant if you timed it right, you could get the exact color you wanted. Jacob tapped the number six card just as the outline turned green and the free defense activated. "Wind Shield activated!" The digital referee's voice announced.

    Wilson looked impressed and then it was his free defense action. As he tapped the number two card as he waited for the right color in the pattern as the outline was yellow; he got what he wanted. "Earth Shield initiated. Combat will now commence."

    Jacob now saw the words, "Choose a pip number and tap an available card." He chose pip number seven and then he tapped card number one just as the outline turned yellow. "Electro-Shear Critical Hit! Opponent loses four pips! Defense shield strong against Lightning!"

    Wilson now had four pips left on his podium and he still looked impressed. He tapped pip number three and then he reached for card number three hesitantly but at the last second he paused since the card was on the wrong color and he pressed card number four which was on the right color. "Critical Earth Strike! Defense shield strong against Earth! Opponent loses four pips!"

    Jacob chose pip number six and then he tapped card number six just as the outline turned yellow. "Combo Bonus initiated, Choose a secondary attack card!" Jacob chose card number five just as the outline turned yellow. Thunder Clap Combo Critical Hit! Opponent has been defeated and is reduced to the next lower fighting rank! As the winner, you may now select a new partner attack or enhance an existing ability! With two more wins, you will advance to the next higher rank!" And then he saw an ability list that was available to his partner. He chose to take a new attack which was called Chain Hail Strike. When activated, this would remove three pips and an additional pip per player action afterward. He would now have seven cards on his podium instead of six.

    The battle grid then returned to normal as Wilson said, "Awesome! Getting a combo in a match is very rare. I was trying what you said worked. If you hadn't gotten that Combo, then I could have gotten in at least another round. A shame I didn't get my Healing factor card in a selection. Thanks for a great match, Jacob. Welcome to the club."

    Jacob remarked, "Now you know that this method of play works and your opponents will be trying to play the game the old way."

    December 21, 2020, 2:26:55 PM
    American Mouse and Jimmy Lee worked together on getting the Legacy Shipping branch office business arranged within Montropolis. "Our sons are finally expanding," said the human Dragon Master principal.

    "I think they got in some more employees and they want to cater to more than one city," replied the mutant human-sized mouse man whom was built like Dakota Dude. "At least they thought ahead to have a transporter shortcut set up between the two related businesses. Whitepaw is handling that for us."


    Jackson hugged Bastan and said, "There is a tattoo artist over in Jaded Shadow whom sells nostalgic paraphernalia to interested customers. That's where I got my Dixie Flag at. Like I wanted a flag with a Mason jelly jar on it." He winked with a laugh.

    Monjaro authorized a business ID card with Casey's name on it before handing it to him. "Welcome to Legacy Shipping, Casey. Now to wait for Jackson to return with Bastan."

    At that moment, the white furred Asgardian Bi-Frost wolf god known as Whitepaw appeared in the business as he said, "Where is a good place to link the shortcut transporter between the two businesses, Monjaro?"

    Monjaro hugged the fluffy wolf god. "Come on, I'll show you the best spot for it. Oh, and this is Casey Thompson, our newest employee whom is living with Arty the magic cat."

    Whitepaw shook hands with the boy before following Monjaro into the package storage warehouse behind the offices. A dead end aisle facing West was selected for the shortcut while a dead end Aisle facing East would be selected in the new business for easier business sharing. The shortcut would be well marked on both sides. Monjaro then returned to the front desk to speak to Casey. "As per Bastan McCoy's request, he is going to be operating the branch office in Montropolis in hopes of finding that boy that he believes he met once before. Nice boys like yourself and likely this other guy are hard to come by. Make sure you tell Blackwind what we said about the all-girl's school so Arty doesn't try to enroll you there. I hope you get to attend Dragon Master High with Jackson and I."


    Kimba took Cody over to a bus stop and pushed the button on the pole. "I am going to show you how to get from one city to another really fast, Cody. Then you won't ever be late coming home. This is called the Cross-Town Bus Service. Despite the name, it can deliver you between any cities you want to go to. We have one of these bus stops just outside of our apartment building."

    Without warning a bus door opened just behind Kimba and Cody. "Where to, Kimba?" inquired what sounded like Scrappy Doo from the driver's seat.

    Kimba brought Cody on board the bus and replied, "Our boy Cody is thinking about taking a part-time job at a news stand in Montropolis and I am showing him the safe delivery service between Japanopolis and Montropolis. You might get to see Cody Thompson twice a day in the afternoon as well as late evening." Kimba then gave off the address in Montropolis.

    Scrappy Doo closed the bus door and activated a drive button on his console before he activated the door to let the two out. "Welcome to Montropolis."


    While Geoffrey got out of his Mobian clothes, Tonda stripped for the skunk before joining him in bed. "You are one of my favorite Mobians, Geoffrey. Thank you for saving me from the needle. I love you."

    The skunk blushed as he hugged and kissed the boy fondly. "I've never had a human boyfriend before. Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and Tails usually snag boys and girls before I ever get to see anyone nice. I love you, too."

    December 21, 2020, 2:38:52 PM
    Casey enjoyed getting to shake paw-hands with the Asgardian wolf hero of the New World Mutants. Then when Monjaro returned, it wasn't long before Jackson and Bastan returned to the ground floor. Casey said, "Whitepaw was setting up the business shortcut earlier, guys. I think the Montropolis branch office is almost ready."

    Bastan smiled. "That's great news. And it looks like you joined the boys to work at the original business. I am sure we will get our fair share of cute boys and girls at the other business."


    Cody remarked, "But I didn't even feel the bus move! How could we be there already?"


    Jacob said, "I'm only on planet for a week, guys. And then it is back to New York City on Earth. I wish I could stay locally with you guys."

    Tony said, "Wilson's dad is a member of the Associate Parent program and he has an available bedroom for an interested youngster. So that could be your ticket toward living here with us, Jacob. Otherwise, Robin and I could petition Mr. Purzo to permit you to live and school locally with us since you joined our community club."

    Wilson smiled. "I would love to have a roommate like Jacob in our household."

    Robin smirked. "Mr. Purzo is really nice. He is in charge of the records department on planet."

    End of Page Seven of Nine

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    December 10, 2020, 12:11:02 AM
    Jackson grinned. "It's one of my powers. I can change water into moonshine. Happens every time I touch the stuff. Milk and soda is safe, but water... well, I'm not complaining."

    Monjaro said, "We were about to head over to Taco Tokyo. Are you hungry, Casey? My treat? We get a discount there because of our business."


    Kimba remarked, "Remember how I said he wasn't like he was on TV. They handed him a shitty role to play in the show; a script that made him seem as if he only wanted to get down the musician's pants. He was told that the viewers loved that sort of thing. He later found out near the show's end that the viewers were appalled by that sort of thing. But his acting reputation was shot at that point. He knew he had to make it big in another way so he got into the stock market and investing. He convinced an independent film enthusiast to film a new series starring him and other former Lion Force members in a documentary so they could talk about the bad scripts they were forced to do. It got some pretty good ratings; they dissected each and every episode in their series. They couldn't talk bad about the show during the original filming, but with this documentary, their voices could finally be heard."


    Tonda said, "What say we all go over to an arcade diner so we can get some food and other nummies? I can then show you some of my dance moves with the jukebox. I hear they serve chili dogs..."

    Sonic smiled. "My man! I'm in!"

    Knuckles rolled his eyes but he patted Tonda on the shoulder. "Okay, we will all go. But we will cover the tab this time. You don't have a lot of money."

    Tails said, "We know how much Sonic can eat."

    Amy Rose stated, "Ain't that the truth?!"

    Geoffrey said, "Shadow and I will dance with you, Tonda. You are pretty nice to us."

    December 10, 2020, 12:30:53 AM
    Casey said, "Any time you touch water? That must su- Well, if your not complaining." He looked at Monjaro and ummed slightly before nodding his head. "Okay, Arty gave me some money for some food and a game or two before I came here."


    Cody raised an eye brow. "They did THAT to him? No wonder he didn't get the marketing I feel he deserves. That means my infatuation with him is based on all the wrong things. And I'll bet Jacob doesn't have a clue."


    Jacob while chatting with the shop clerk about the Familiar Wars X game, was told that no bracer would hold the card. And it could be dangerous to utilize the game card without safety mechanisms in place. "The game is little more than a collectors card at this point. The game company does not want to upgrade the game to the new safety standards."

    "Isn't there another game that is taking advantage of this situation to use a similar partner format that obeys the safety standards?"

    The clerk turned to his electronic game catalog to do the search for the inquiry in question. It was a valid question. "The game search engine is looking through every existing company to search for what you just asked. This could take a few minutes. I would be surprised if someone hasn't done what you are suggesting." And then, there was an electronic chime on the computer as the clerk looked at the results. "Why am I not surprised? FAME recently released two games that use the protocols for the old game. One is an MMO styled game where you play the partner in the world in question. The other is still in Beta testing stage. But so far, it looks good. You might want to talk to FAME themselves to see if you can help beta test the game so you can have a familiar partner early on. They call the new game Familiar Empires, based on Familiar Wars X. Let me give you the address for the FAME workshop."

    Jacob smiled. "This sounds like it could be a good alternative."

    December 10, 2020, 12:35:28 AM
    Monjaro smiled. "Tell you what, Casey... We can hire you here so you have an after school job, since Arty knows us, you could earn some money for yourself. When Jackson and I first started this business, we never thought it would get this big. You wouldn't believe how many people all the time need something delivered. They don't care who delivers it, and they are willing to pay big bucks to get it done."

    Jackson nodded his head. "Oh yeah. We were able to buy the building from the city in the first year after we got this business going. And in the second year, since we weren't paying rent to live here anymore, we paid for advertising and actually helped Taco Tokyo get started. And that's why we get a discount when we dine there. We helped them get started. We work all summer, except the weekends, during the official school breaks, and after school. People can bring in their packages in the morning and we deliver them the moment we get out of school."

    Monjaro nodded his head too. "So you see, Casey, it's really no big deal to let you dine with us. Besides, it could mean a job for you later on. And Arty has delivered things through us a ton of times. He's our number two customer. The number one customer is Lex Luthor. He is always having us deliver something, nearly every day, and he pays top dollar, in advance. So if you're ready for a meal, let's lock up and head on over to Taco Tokyo."

    And they packed up with Casey, went outside and locked up, then crossed the street.

    Taco Tokyo

    Monjaro and Jackson had Casey order a taco meal with them and then they were shown to a private booth table where they can see the rest of the restaurant.

    And then Casey got his first Taco Tokyo meal and he'll learn just why they are the biggest and best Taco place in Japanopolis. Sorta like how Arden's scored with Pizza; they have cornered the Taco market.

    Jackson grinned. "So... how is it, Casey?"


    Kimba said, "He is far better off now. How about we go to Taco Tokyo and get you some local cuisine? It is about that time when Legacy Shipping would be in there to get something to eat. And you could see how your brother is doing at the same time. Arty approved of his working with Legacy Shipping as a part-time job."


    The training crew of Mobians along with Tonda arrived at the Diner Arcade where meals were ordered for all of them. Afterwards, the boy would be dancing with the skunk and the black hedgehog.

    December 10, 2020, 3:15:16 AM
    Casey blinked, shoveling the rest of the Taco into his mouth and munching it all down. Big mouth for a human, "FANTASTIC. That's got to the be THE best taco I've EVER had. Bar NONE."

    A blue mutant feline built like Lion-O of the Thunder Cats walked over to Monjaro's table. "Pardon me. The clerks here told me that you might be hiring some able bodied muscles for your business. I just migrated to Japanopolis and I need a new job. I'm Bastan McCoy."


    Cody and Kimba walked into Taco Tokyo unaware of where Casey and the others were seated.


    After leaving the game shop, Jacob was crossing a small park on his way to FAME when he heard - "Familiar Challenge Initiated!" - Instantly, Jacob found himself almong a digitally crafting gaming grid. Jacob had a small podium in front of himself which had six pips and six face down cards upon it. Standing on a red hexagon, his Familiar partner stood at the ready. He could see that the opponent had way more than six pips on his podium. But the guy only had six cards, thankfully.

    Jacob's electro-bunny was facing off against the other guy's pyro-squirrel. A message appeared in front of Jacob in mid-air. "Defender gets first action for free. Activate a random card for the defense." Jacob looked at the face down cards and he noted that the six cards had colored lights in red, yellow, blue and green randomly flashing for a few seconds per card. This meant if you timed it right, you could get the exact color you wanted. Jacob tapped the number four card just as the outline turned blue and the free defense activated. "Water Shield activated!" The digital referee's voice announced.

    The opponent looked pissed that a newbie could get a water shield with his first move. Then it was his free defense action. As he tapped the number six card, the outline was green and he didn't get what he wanted. "Wind Shield initiated. Combat will now commence."

    Jacob now saw the words, "Choose a pip number and tap an available card." He chose pip number five and then he tapped card number five just as the outline turned yellow. "Electro-Bolt Critical Hit! Opponent loses five pips! Defense shield inadequate against Lightning!"

    The opponent now had four pips left on his podium and he looked pissed. He tapped pip number six and then he reached for card number one but his hand touched it moments after it switched away from red to blue. "Minor Flame Strike! Defense shield blocks Fire! Opponent loses one pip!"

    Jacob had the hang of the game at this point. It was pretty simple in truth. He chose pip number six and then he tapped card number six just as the outline turned yellow. "Micro-Burst Critical Hit! Opponent has been defeated and is reduced to the next lower fighting rank! As the winner, you may now select a new partner attack or enhance an existing ability! With three more wins, you will advance to the next higher rank!" And then he saw an ability list that was available to his partner. Thinking that he won through dumb luck, he chose to take the Enhanced Defenses passive ability. This would add two pips to his own element and one to other element shields if he ended up with one of those.

    The battle grid then returned to normal as the older kid said, "How long have you been playing? This is the first loss I have had in nineteen games."

    Jacob remarked, "In truth, you were my first opponent. I guess I won through dumb luck. Maybe you simply missed your timing when you made your selections."

    The older kid smiled. "You're okay. I'm called Tony. Wanna be buddies?"

    And this was how Jacob made a friend in the card battle games. "Sure! I'm called Jacob."

    December 10, 2020, 3:55:38 AM
    Monjaro smiled. "Told you so. They make the best. And that was just a normal Taco." He then smiled at Bastan. "I know you! You used to work for Champion Pony and 30-30 down in Terryville at the Malt Shop! Yes, we are hiring. As we just told Casey, here, someone is always needing something delivered during the day or during the afternoons."

    Jackson finished his meal. "Always the best. So, are you heading back to let Arty lead you around to all the schools on a leash or what are your afternoon plans, Casey?"


    Kimba took the food over to a table with Cody and then he said, "I see your twin brother over there with Monjaro and Jackson. He looks pretty happy. I wonder what became of your friend Jacob?"


    Tonda enjoyed the food and drink and then he danced with Geoffrey and Shadow on the dance floor.

    Sonic said to Knuckles, "He is quite good at dancing, just as he said. I am glad we are getting to spend training time with this boy."

    December 12, 2020, 9:53:54 AM
    Bastan said, "Then I will just tag along with you boys when you are ready to head back to work. I just had some Tacos here and they were awesome. Of course, I also had a weird bit of deja'vu a moment ago when I first walked in here, as if I had been here before and I had met a handsome young lad whom is not present this time."

    Casey says, "No, like I said, he planned on doing that later this week. He's giving me time to adjust and possibly make friends and attend school with them before the tours and making me choose one then. So really, I don't have any plans."


    Cody smiled when he saw that his twin brother was happy. "He deserves to be happy, Kimba. As for Jacob, he said he wanted to go check out one of the game shops in town. I am sure he will be okay unless you know something I don't."


    Tony asked as he walked with Jacob. "Where were you going before I challenged you?"

    Jacob replied, "I was heading over to FAME. They are beta testing the Familiar Wars X spin-off game and I wanted to see if it was going to be as good as the original. They are calling their version Familiar Empires."

    Tony remarked, "I think you will be disappointed. And I am about to tell you why. Familiar Wars X was never intended to be a card launcher type of game. The so-called safety bracers were crafted to make it safe to play launcher games where the partner could molest a player once released. In Familiar Wars X, the partners never actually leave the cards. They are simply projected out into the virtual battle grid. Your only interaction with the grid occurs when you activate cards and pips from the podium. I have never heard of a player being able to touch their actual Familiar Wars X partner. And I've been playing for over a year. The whole Safety Bracer card launcher is completely bogus since it only targets the unsafe games for use. Games like the one we just played are completely safe since your partner cannot escape from the card to do bad things to you."

    Jacob then said, "The shop clerk said that the Safety Bracer would also protect a player whom is part of the Game World Mechanics class in High School. Since I am from Earth, we don't have a class like that in our schools. So I don't know what that means."

    Tony replied, "Game World Mechanics class is a break from the school that takes you into the world the partner comes from and you spend the entire class hour with them learning about their world and their lives. You have to have a safety bracer to enable you to stay human when the class ends otherwise, when you pop out of the class booth, you are a random species of the world you just spent time in and then you have an hour to get a clinic to restore you to normal or else you get digiported back into that game world butt naked for the rest of your life and no one knows that you were once a human being."

    Jacob said, "Ew! That sounds like a recruiting trap! Triple I warned me about those things!"

    December 12, 2020, 10:15:44 AM
    Monjaro smiled at Casey. "Then you should be free enough to run the one delivery for us. And you should have a lot of fun doing it." Then he looked at Bastan again. "Deja'vu is something that usually happens following a dream-walk experience. If you could somehow remember the handsome boy's name then we might be able to find him for you."

    Jackson smiled, too. "We don't normally advertise that we hire people, but we do have available upstairs apartments, too. And it is a very sweet job. And Bastan could claim an apartment upstairs as well. How did you escape from the two stallions?"


    Kimba smiled. "Casey is so distracted, he doesn't even see you sitting over here. Bastan must be that hot for nice boys. I think that is how Champion Pony sold so much ice cream in Terryville last year."


    Tonda soon voiced that he needed to use the restroom and Geoffrey escorted the nice boy into the rest room so the boy could do his business. Not long after the two were in the restroom, Sonic and Knuckles heard Tonda shout, "Leave me alone, you stalkers!" And all of the Mobian boys headed for the restroom.

    Amy Rose was about to barrel in as well but Tails stopped her. "Amy, that is the boy's bathroom. You can bash any non-Mobians whom come out of there." Amy stopped and said, "You're right, Tails. I was caught up in the adrenaline rush like the others."

    She soon got her chance to bash human adults wearing back security suits as they tried to escape from the bathroom! In fact, they were the same idiots whom tried to stop Tonda in Animation Park.

    Tails chose to call in Montropolis Security services about the idiot stalkers. "That's right, Garurumon! It is the same bunch whom tried to waylay Tonda in Animation Park when he was to go talk to Cheer Bear! Sonic and the others are thumping their asses in the restroom!"

    Just then, Tails heard from the restroom, "You hit Geoffrey! Now you've had it!" Tonda struck a pose as he shouted, "Emerald Powers On! Justice!" And he suddenly began glowing, as his human body transformed into a nearly naked Mobian Hedgehog body and the stars and bars theme in red, white and blue with golden stars and silver racing stripes covered his heroic white furred body as a digital flag like pattern of colored particles slowly began to clothe him, molecule by molecule, before coming back together again to form his armored Mobian Palace Guard uniform which looked as if someone had merged an American Flag with a Mobian Hedgehog. His fur was White while his armor was Silver and Gold with a blue and red jumpsuit just under the armor. His gloves and boots were red with a gold star highlighted on the wrists and ankles. He had protective clear lens covering his eyes with Silver racing stripes around the edges. The armor had a white scales symbol for justice on his chest. As the sequence ended, he opened his glowing silver eyes and he performed some martial arts maneuvers before striking his finishing pose as he exclaimed, "Defender the Hedgehog! Champion of Mobian Justice!" Defender was then heard power punching several adults away from the fallen skunk which nearly knocked the restroom door off its hinges as dumb asses flew out into the middle of the dance floor unconscious!

    Amy Rose made sure they were unconscious before she tied them up.

    Garurumon and Dr. Zamak arrived at that point as they began to arrest the trespassers.

    December 12, 2020, 10:21:21 AM
    Casey blinked his eyes. "So you really wanna hire me and everything?" He blushed. "I wasn't even looking for a job... Alright. I guess it can't hurt... and that way Arty won't have to worry about allowances."

    Bastan chuckled, "Basically, I just said I wanted to move on and then let him and 30-30 cry over me for two weeks before I pry my stuff out of their hooves." He smiled. "They're both really sweet stallions."


    Cody said, "We shouldn't bother him, Kimba. It sounds like he is getting a part time job. Something I should be thinking about myself. But I don't want to work at the same place my brother is employed at."


    Jacob then asked, "Is there a Familiar Wars X community locally that you might know of? I think it might be nice to know whom else plays the game."

    Tony smiled. "There sure is, I can take you over there right now, if you'd like."

    Jacob smiled as well. "Sure. Lead the way."

    December 12, 2020, 10:48:01 AM
    Monjaro said, "Before you jump the gun, Casey... please keep in mind that you might not like delivering packages. Plus, I would want you to tell Arty what you planned on doing. He knows Jackson and I, but... I don't know what he would say about his new boy working with us."

    Jackson nodded his head. "Right. You gotta clear things with the kitty cat first."


    Kimba hugged Cody. "Since you want a part-time job, then after we get done eating, I should take you over to temp services and let you choose a job that interests you."


    Tonda as Defender came out of the restroom carrying Geoffrey in his arms. "They hurt my favorite skunk!"

    December 12, 2020, 9:00:59 PM
    Casey said, "Oh right. I guess I got excited from how you were talking..."

    Bastan said, "I can barely remember the boy's name since it was an odd sounding name that rhymed with the name of a motorbike. Tonda Lochmond, I think."


    Cody smiled. "Thanks for letting me have a part time job in town, Kimba. I'll do good, wait and see."


    Jacob and Tony soon arrived at a claimed racquetball court that had seen better days. There was another player seated on a bench near a back door that seemed to lead into a black phone booth. Tony called out, "Hey! Where's the community leader Wilson at today? I met a new Familiar Wars X player whom got lucky and defeated me in a match."

    The animated young boy on the bench replied, "He got the old formerly broken Game World Mechanics booth we found at the city dump operational and learned how to program in a custom destination. He is trying it out right now."

    Tony asked, "What destination did he program in?"

    The anime boy smiled. "Familiar Wars X, of course. He said he wanted to pal around with his partner for a few hours."

    Jacob arched an eye. "How long ago was that?"

    The anime boy replied, "About an hour and a half ago. He should be back soon unless they got involved in a wild adventure or something. Wilson has an Earth element two-tailed fox that looks like a chibi version of Miles Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog."

    Jacob looked at Tony and said, "He might be in trouble without realizing it. We better call Dr. Zamak to conduct a rescue. If we went in ourselves and got into trouble, then that would prove that we weren't thinking ahead. Besides, Tony, you aren't wearing a safety bracer and I am." He held up his arm to show off his safety bracer.

    Tony sighed. "I knew the club should have left that booth alone. Wilson isn't wearing a safety bracer unless he pulled one out of his ass. Call her, Jacob; I think you are right."

    End of Page Six of Nine

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    November 12, 2020, 8:22:35 AM
    Monjaro smiled as he read over the forms. "Ah, Arty. He's always good about preparing these forms. Yes, it's all in order. That will save a lot of time."

    Jackson walked away from the pinball machine. "I'll make the deliveries right after the lunch break. Arty is a good customer. Say... aren't you a new boy in the region?" he asked Casey.


    Tonda had suited back up into his Defender identity where the Mobians were verbally listing every Mobian power and ability they knew of. This would help Defender to learn what his special ability was.

    November 12, 2020, 9:51:02 AM
    Casey smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah. I just moved here with my sponsors." He grinned. "They're both REALLY nice... I've really happy I've been able to help them out too. They're both P.P. rated though Arty's semi so it's cool. He's also a GREAT cook. You might even say his food is...magically delicious." He giggled.


    Cody finished his meal and then he and Kimba visited Dragon-Master High School where Kimba showed the boy the class room he operated out of within the school. "And this is where I work, Cody. We have one of the best boys sports teams in Japanopolis."

    Cody smiled. "You must be proud of your students."

    Kimba smiled back. "Oh, I am. They impress me every day."


    Jacob stepped into a game booth and he began to watch the examples of play provided to him in the main monitor. "Familiar War X, the battle game where a Wizard's familiar dukes it out with spells and tactile smarts in order to get the upper hand. This game is not as childish as it may originally sound. Please observe some of the example combat matches on the monitor..."

    Combat looked extremely serious and it was obviously a no-nonsense combat game for players looking for something cute yet anything but cute at the same time. And then there was a warning that this partner game would not function in the new Safety Bracers due to the parameters of the card shape that this game utilized.

    November 13, 2020, 7:22:49 AM
    Jackson said, "I'm Jackson Knightmane and he's Monjaro Lee. We attend school at Dragon-Master High locally. Japanopolis has a whole bunch of high schools, but ours is rated for Forgotten Legacies, like Monjaro and I. Do you know where you'll be attending next month?"

    Monjaro smiled while listening to the conversation, as he made sure the forms and shipment were in order.


    Defender along with the encouragement of Knuckles was now trying various Mobian abilities and powers to see if he could do any of them. It was a slow process since they had to check off the list of things that didn't seem to work. "Knuckles, aren't these abilities supposedly an always on designation in some Mobians' cases? And a trigger in other Mobians' cases?"

    Amy Rose remarked, "I believe Defender has a point, Knuckles. Your digging ability is an always on ability just as Sonic's speed ability is always on when he chooses to be that fast. And Shadow's healing factor is always on. Shadow's speed is a trigger effect. My super strength through my anger is a trigger effect as well."

    Knuckles hummed. "How about this, Defender? Just focus on lifting off into mid air without touching your Chaos Emerald. Maybe you have the Superman effect when you are in your Mobian Form."

    Defender closed his eyes for a moment and then he lifted his head and focused on reaching a point near the top of the training chamber. And then to the Mobians' amazement a shower of stars erupted from Defender's feet as he launched upward and he tagged one of the acrobat rings along the ceiling, but as he turned to look back down, he noticed the star trail he had created that he seemed to be standing on. The air around him was red, white and blue as he focused on returning to Knuckles down below. But since he was not used to this new ability as he swooped back down to the echidna, he accidentally grabbed a hold of his instructor and the two were sailing around the chamber on the star trail that Defender was creating under their feet. "Um... I'm not sure how to stop, Knuckles. I turned it on so easily but now I cannot figure out how to turn it off."

    Knuckles said, "You are like a shooting star. Think for a moment... How does Superman make a landing?"

    And in the next instant, Knuckles' fur stood on end as the two of them SPLATTED into the floor of the training chamber. Defender had powered down upon impact and Tonda was unconscious on the floor nearby. Knuckles had vertigo as he slowly woke up from the impact with the floor. "Oh man... We better call in Dr. Zamak, Amy. I don't know if Tonda was hurt by that landing but we Mobians are far more resilient."

    When Dr. Zamak arrived, she was filled in on what had happened and then Tonda was treated carefully. "He simply had the wind knocked out of him. He isn't injured this time. He will wake up in a moment. Good thing I was monitoring your training session anyway."

    November 17, 2020, 12:48:16 PM
    Casey smiled and held out his hand. "Casey Thomson. Nice to meet you. I don't know yet. I was suppose to go for a tour of the high schools later this week. Is Dragon-Master a good one?"


    Cody and Kimba were walking back toward the high rise apartments when Cody stopped and said, "Is that Drom the Unicorn over there? I've always wanted to meet him, Kimba!"

    Kimba grinned. "I'll take you over to say hello to him. He isn't like he is in the TV show; but you are sure to have a good meeting with him."

    Moments later, Cody was petting on and talking to the large unicorn. "I am really glad to see you, Drom. I never imagined that I would get to see you in a modern setting."


    Jacob was now checking out another game booth in the card game shop. He loved these print a card game booths. He knew what Cody liked and he was checking out a game booth called Unicorn 540 AD The game was a little more adult than what would be allowed in the high school level; but that wouldn't stop Jacob from getting Cody a collectors card from this booth. He didn't have to make use of it. Jacob didn't see any rules that said that you had to activate a card nor play the game in question. Besides, this was for Cody. He began crafting a mincy gold unicorn buck as close to Drom from the TV show as he could muster the creation for. He wanted Cody to be all Ga-Ga over this card.

    November 17, 2020, 12:56:26 PM
    Jackson grinned. "Each has their perks. Japanopolis Central is where you find the big name stars as teachers. But Dragon-Master is a high school, martial arts dojo, magical consortium, and marina club all in one. One of our teachers is Master Splinter. He passed up teaching at JC claiming that they were too 'humane for his manners.' Every teacher in our school has the title of Master in front of their name. And Monjaro's dad is the principal there, but that doesn't mean he can get away with stuff... he doesn't."

    Monjaro giggled. "Boy is that ever right! The other students say I can get away with a lot of stuff in school, but they don't have to live with the principal. At home, it's a whole different ball game with the father who can whip your ass with martial arts and dragon master skills."


    Drom nuzzled Cody and licked him on the lips. "I was just checking my stocks and bank account. Since the show ended, there isn't much call for a solid gold unicorn on TV anymore. But I still enjoy meeting my fans."


    Tonda slowly opened his eyes and he sat up just as slowly. "Did I stop focusing at the end? I am surprised we didn't make Wile E. holes in the training room floor."

    Amy Rose remarked, "Thankfully, your Defender identity took the brunt of your floor collision although the impact was still enough to knock the breath out of you. Knuckles hit the floor harder than you did."

    Tonda gasped, "Oh no! Does he need mouth to mouth?!"

    Sonic grinned. "Only if I can take blackmail photos."

    Geoffrey then mentioned, "If you want to give me mouth to mouth, I'll take it."

    November 18, 2020, 9:44:34 PM
    Casey blinked his eyes. "Sounds," he paused before continuing. "...intimidating..." He hummed. "Yet fun too. But I guess I should look at more than just one but it would be nice to know people in school." He rubbed a hand through his rich, chocolate-brown hair and sighed. "That's the down side to moving here. No old friends."


    Cody petted on Drom's neck as he rubbed over the unicorn's barrel. Do you ever get this much attention when you come to town, Drom?"

    Kimba was glad Cody was getting to meet one of the classic greats.


    Jacob then added magical powers into the gold unicorn partner card which he had seen in the old Lion Force show. Then adding musical appreciation into the mix of melodious powers, he gave the unicorn partner a same-sex libido increase with a love for his training partner. Then came the moment for naming the partner. The game tried to prevent the choice of Drom as a partner name; so... Jacob typed A-Drom as the character name. He hoped Cody would understand the need to do it that way since the machine booth was being unfair. The card partner wasn't even for himself. Jacob then went to find another card booth for himself. He was feeling pretty good now.

    November 18, 2020, 9:50:28 PM
    Monjaro smiled. "The gates into the school courtyard have two giant dragon statues gripped in a fighting stance. It's a sight to see when you go by there the first time."

    Jackson patted Casey on the head. "No old friends, eh? Well, this is your chance to make new friends. Arty taught some magic classes a few years back. Master Arty was what everyone called him. He'd blush at being called that. Monjaro brought him fresh cream every day."

    "Yeah, I learned a lot of magic that year," said Monjaro.


    Drom replied, "Usually I get looks of disgust and comments asking me how I could even think about mounting a human musician. When they allow me to explain myself, I explain how the shady producers like to put smut in everything and we actors don't always like the scripts we end up with. I am glad you are not afraid of me."


    Tonda smiled at Geoffrey and walked over to him and smooched him on the skunky mouth deeply!

    Geoffrey nearly swooned in Tonda's arms when the boy gave him such a deep mouth to mouth kiss on the lips.

    Tonda smiled again. "Maybe you and I could do a sleepover some day. You seem to really like me."

    Geoffrey was again blushing. Mainly because he really liked this boy.

    December 9, 2020, 5:40:22 AM
    Casey grinned at that information. "You should see what he likes to do at home." He giggled, "I walked in on him RIDING on Blackwind's head while magically making Blackwind levitate around the room. Blackwind didn't really like their game of 'Christmas Cat'."


    Cody remarked as he hugged the Unicorn. "You didn't deserve to be received that way. I mean, you are a star. There should have been posters, games and action figures depicting you and your friends. I'll bet Faelong has a lot of fan items on the market."


    Jacob walked into a card game booth called Continuar Sabueso Guerrero, which translated loosely as Dragon Hound Warrior. After watching the game play on the monitor, Jacob began to craft his newest partner. The anthropomorphic hound body was covered in fine dragon scales with the appropriate slit (instead of a sheath and ball sac) and then he outfitted the warrior in a partial armored outfit that covered him like a long mesh tunic from the neck down both arms to the wrists and down the torso to the mid-thigh. Jacob then added smooth bracers as well as armored gloves and boots. The Warrior was given an optional shield as well as a long sword and a two-handed battle mace/hammer combo. He then made the dragon hound light sienna in coloration with a platinum undercoat and having crystal blue eyes that could glow purple in combat. Jacob permitted a once per 'challenge session' breath weapon of a fire stream and lightning bolt combo.

    "What should I name you, handsome? If you could hold up a sign or use a word balloon with the name of preference, I could input that as your card name. I want you to be happy with the choice." And as if the partner heard him, a thought balloon appeared over his head which read, .oO( Grrdrick Dragonlord )Oo. With a smile, Jacob typed in Grrdrick Dragonlord as the partner's name since that was the suggested name that his partner indicated. The game then asked for a payment option and after providing his credit card, Jacob watched the card getting dispensed out of the card creation slot.

    Loading the partner into the next available card slot, he turned around to face the exit as he tapped the window and said, "Activate!" Appearing in the booth with him was Grrdrick Dragonlord looking very impressive. "Grreatings partner! You show better intelligence than some players! I will gift you with the visit partner's home lair ability as well as my Increased Health and Regeneration ability! I hope we train often to get stronger in the ways of the Continuar Sabueso! Back to my card for now!" And he vanished back into the card. Nothing naughty and nothing trappy. Or so it seemed.

    Jacob smiled as he left the game booth to go see what else was available.

    December 9, 2020, 5:51:04 AM
    Jackson giggled. "That must be a sight to see." He then got serious. "Not like I know much happy family home life. I live by myself in an apartment upstairs here. I listen to rebel music, drink some home brew, and build motorcycles when I am not schooling or working here."

    Monjaro grinned. "I told you who I lived with. I heard we were getting a LOT of new sponsored boys in our school this year. If you're not one of them, then you're going to miss seeing and meeting new people. But I am sure Arty will show you some great other schools, like the All-Girl school of Sailor Scouts..." He giggled and laughed.


    Drom smiled as he licked the boy's face. "Perhaps with you promoting my greatness, there could be all of those things. You taste good, Cody. I hope Kimba permits me to see you again later. I can usually be found in the Fantasy Forest visitation park sitting next to Cavan Kirsto Maguire as he plays his guitar for the visitors. He is quite gifted for a musician. And yes, he still has all of those donkey jacks he acquired during the filming of the show. I do need to get going now, Cody. Keep the dream alive and I promise we will get to visit again soon."


    Tonda pulled all of the Mobians into a group hug with him as he gave them all a kiss on the muzzle. No one resisted Tonda's admiration of their company and respect. In truth, Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow enjoyed boys whom acted this way. Amy Rose looked upset that someone other than Sonic kissed her.

    December 9, 2020, 9:03:02 AM
    Casey shuddered. "I hope not..." He looked at Jackson for a moment... then said, "Why not try to find someone to move in with you then? I mean, it must get pretty lonely by yourself... Wait... Back up... Home Brew? As in ... moonshine? But you're... in high school..."


    Cody said, "I will always like you, Drom! Have a good time in the park!" And after the unicorn departed, he looked to the white lion as said, "Thank you for letting me talk to the minciest unicorn on TV. Despite the hype, he didn't seem to display his tendencies from the TV show. Is there a reason for that or did I get chummy with a stunt double?"


    Jacob now walked into a game booth that depicted Martian Mice wearing the Double Dragon outfits. The game was called Dragon Mice From Mars and an extra message which read, "Not every Martian mouse is a biker. Are you brave enough to find out?" Jacob grinned. "Awesome! Someone combined Double Dragon with the Biker Mice from Mars! I definitely want one of these partners!"

    He began making a very Vincent looking white Martian Mouse with Throttle's hair style and a black jagged streak across the top. The thrill seemed to be designing the custom Dojo outfit. He chose a green outfit with a gold outlined red dragon insignia draped over the front and back. Ribbed armored boots and leather fighting gloves were added next and then he chose the skills for the partner. Kung Fu, Jujitsu and the Mystic Monk style. Jacob then named the new Martian martial arts mouse as Grimfire. Then he slid his credit card through the payment slot as he received his new mousy partner.

    Sliding the Martian partner into an available slot, he then tapped the window as he said, "Activate Bro!" Instantly, Grimfire was in the booth with Jacob. "Stylish, little brother. You are one brave young man to be making a partner like me. I will give you the basic knowledge of my martial arts skills as well as the [Ally Sensory] ability. And remember, partner, the power of the dragon makes a mouse stronger and wiser. I hope you can be creative when I gain advancements later on. Well, back into my card dojo for now. Sayonarra, little bro!" And he vanished back into the card.

    Jacob emerged from the card booth quite happy as he returned to the front of the shop to purchase a spare safety bracer for Cody and his unicorn gift partner.

    End of Page Five of Nine

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    November 10, 2020, 9:55:17 AM
    Moments later on QC Planet, Lord Purzo greeted the arrivals as he handed them all a form which explained the on-planet visitation rules and conditions. He then explained that these rules did not apply to prize winners who were getting sponsored. He further explained that at times, the youth often acted more mature than their parents.

    Montropolis Crosstown Bus Depot

    Tonda was glad that he and his family weren't the only ones coming to this location. Other winners had chosen this area as well. Although he did note that Casey and his brother Cody had been on the other bus that was headed down to Japanopolis which was across the bay from Heroes Reach. At the Montropolis Depot, there were Digimon, Pokemon, Monster Rancher characters, anime humans and Mobians all waiting for the arrivals. Floating near a ZecCorp gaming kiosk was Big Z himself, the devil mouse known as Zecma. Tonda knew he would need to speak to the ZecCorp CEO in regards to his safety bracer if permitted.

    After receiving he final debriefing in regards to what kind of area Montropolis was and what to expect therein, Tonda and his family as well as all of the others got off the bus and they claimed their luggage. Tonda with bags in hand chose that moment to step over to talk to Lord Zecma/Big Z in regards to his Safety Bracer. "Zecma? I am Tonda Lochmond. I have a story for you in regards to how I got my Safety Bracer with partners preloaded. So please keep an open mind about all this. I can scarcely believe it myself." And he told Zecma the story while permitting the Devil Mouse to scan the bar codes on the device and the characters. "And that's what I remember happening in the dream. When I woke up on the plane just after the whiteout, I had this on my wrist along with this faded tattoo."

    Zecma looked at his data reader and said, "Tonda Lochmond, registered owner of Takari, Tribal and Tion. Digital storage is really awesome no matter how many times a time rewrite tries to wipe things out. You are the legal owner of that gaming device and partners. As for the rest, Princess Sally will have to scan you to see if you have any Mobian Energy in your body. Thanks for choosing to verify your partners and device with me. Enjoy your stay with Houndimon and Dogora."

    Tonda was surprised that Zecma believed him so easily and that his game partners were still registered to him. Now it was time to speak to Princess Sally whom was standing with the other Mobians in their little group.

    As he approached Sally, he said, "Princess, Zecma said that I should speak to you about something I am about to tell you that happened aboard the plane en route to the Atlanta Airport." And he told the Mobians the story again.

    While he did this, Sally was using Unice to do a medical scan of Tonda's body. "According to Unice, you do seem to have Chaos Emerald power cascading through your body. You dream may not have been a dream after all. You are empowered with a Mobian Alter Ego. We will help you to discover what that might be. But for now, you should get settled in with your local sponsors, Houndimon and Dogora."

    November 10, 2020, 10:14:50 AM
    Japanopolis Crosstown Bus Depot

    Casey, Cody and Jacob were among four others whom had chosen Japanopolis as their sponsor location. A few of these others had their families with them and the parents were already acting much as Purzo had suggested before making the trip. Immature and childish as if they didn't have to obey any stupid rules.

    Casey said, "I get the feeling a few parents are going to end up with the authorities before the night arrives."

    Cody nodded his head. "I completely agree, bro. I am glad our parents had to work today and gave us permission to come by ourselves. I wonder where that Tonda kid got off to?"

    Jacob said, "I saw him and his family board the Montropolis bus. Apparently he gets to school in monster land."

    After they got off of the bus and claimed their bags, the boys were being greeted by their sponsor parents. Arty and Blackwind hugged Casey tightly. "Ready to come home and see your room?"

    Simba and Kimba were more reserved as they greeted Cody and Jacob. Simba said, "This is my coffee break away from council, but as soon as we get you boys back to our highrise, I do need to get back to Council Hall."

    Kimba remarked, "I don't have a class to teach until this afternoon. At least my students don't stink like Coach Sonic's students do up at Montrocol."

    Cody had to ask, "Do feral tails ever get caught in elevator doors?"

    Simba grinned. "There is programming in place to not let a door close as long as the AI detects anything furry in the elevator door opening. We walk in and pivot our rumps toward the back wall. Come on and we will show you where you will be staying." And they headed off together.

    November 10, 2020, 11:31:40 AM
    Houndimon & Dogora the Mobian Irish Setter's Home
    Montropolis Suburbs

    Dogora showed Tonda to his new bedroom and allowed the boy to unpack and arrange things to his own desire. While Tonda was doing this, Dogora played the perfect host to Mr. and Mrs. Lochmond as well as Stuart within the living room. As you can see, like most Mobian females, I keep a clean and tidy home; Houndimon will be home later tonight where he will enter the industrial wash room to get himself clean before he comes out to meet with your son. He couldn't get away from his day job to meet with you nice folk at the depot. Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it."

    Mrs. Lochmond said, "My husband and I will be in town for one weekend, then it is back to Carlisle, England, on Earth. Stuart will be sponsor charge age next year. He is hoping to be able to get into this region as well. He is a Sonic and Tails fan."

    Dogora smiled. "I am sure Tonda will enjoy his stay here and make lots of friends. As for Stuart, as long as he is honest to Cheer Bear, he could likely get into the program himself."

    November 10, 2020, 12:18:28 PM
    Arty Spellman and Blackwind's Home

    Casey was getting settled into his new bedroom as Blackwind watched him from the bedroom door. "I had to share a room with my twin brother back home. This is going to feel so weird getting a room to myself. But I can handle it. Thanks so much for taking me in, Blackwind."

    Blackwind grinned. "Arty and I are pleased to have a nice boy like you in our home. You like PPs like us."


    Simba and Kimba's Home
    Japanopolis High Rise

    Cody and Jacob got comfortable in the new high rise bedroom while Kimba watched from the hallway. Simba had since returned to Council Hall to perform the rest of his council day at work. Kimba would have to head back out that afternoon to attend to a P.E. class at Dragon Master High School across town. For now, this was his preparation period.

    Cody said, "What a view I have from my bedroom window. Look at that park nearby. And... I can't believe it... that looks like the Great Catatonic across the bay in the distance. I guess that area is the American version of Little Tokyo. What will you end up doing, Jacob?"

    Jacob said, "I would like to go check out the on-planet gaming shops to see what new things are on the market that Earth doesn't have access to as yet."

    Cody grinned. "You and your games. But you did get to meet the Triple I mice when I was in trouble."

    Jacob smiled. "Yeah, they are super cute. Although that Yasma is a real trouble-maker."

    November 11, 2020, 6:01:30 AM
    Tonda was finishing getting his room in order when from the bedroom patio door he heard. "So you're the one whom made Tribal. Want to give a secret police skunk a hug?"

    The boy glanced over and he saw Geoffrey St. John standing there with Knuckles the Echidna. He was hugging the skunk immediately. "Thank you for being here, Geoffrey." Then he looked at Knuckles. "I am glad to see you, too, Knuckles. In my dream, you were giving me a training session when that weird event happened and I woke up on the plane en route to Atlanta."

    Knuckles replied, "That was a time rewrite and you had nothing to do with it. It sent several of us back in time although some of us retained our memories of what we had been doing. Flare still exists on Mobius. He is worse now than he was before. Since you were powered up in Chaos Mode, that would explain why you were able to retain your memory after the time rewrite. Chaos Energy is a natural protector versus time events. When you got sent back in time, the White Hero Chaos Emerald merged into the back of your left hand becoming a faded tattoo. However, when we have you reactivate it, the tattoo won't be faded anymore and you will instantly get access back for your Heroic Hedgehog identity. That is sort of why I am here today is so we can continue your Chaos Emerald lesson. Geoffrey is here because he didn't get to talk to you back when you made a common partner for Mobo Zero. You actually impressed him."

    Tonda smiled. "If you start with a lot of power, like that hothead found out, there is only one way to go from the top. Right, Geoffrey?"

    The skunk smiled as he returned the hug on the human boy. "I really like you a lot and that's saying something since most humans are not on my likes list."

    Tonda said, "So where are we going to do this training session, Knuckles? Something tells me that we cannot do this in the house."

    Knuckles grinned. "Dogora would kill us if we tried! We are going to a training center in the neighborhood which is built just for that purpose. Sonic X, Shadow X and Amy Rose X are awaiting us there. Sonic NA and Shadow VA are watching over Flare back on Mobius. Sonic 1 and Mylanus are over at Montrocol handling college classes."

    Tonda stepped back over to the bedroom door which led to the rest of the house. "Dogora! I am going out with Knuckles and Geoffrey to the local training center!" He then stepped back over to to the Echidna and Skunk. "Lets get this show on the road."

    And the three headed off to go to the training center.

    November 11, 2020, 4:09:56 PM
    Arty then approached Casey and said, "Casey... I need to send a package to the local shipping company. You you be a darling and take it up there for me? I'll give you some money to get some snacks and play a few games while you're out. The owner of the place is called Monjaro Lee. He is always good about shipping my goods for me."

    Casey smiled. "Anything for you, Arty. Blackwind went to read a newspaper."


    Jacob was visiting the local gaming store to see what was available.


    Kimba had taken Cody out to the local Taco Tokyo to get him a decent meal.

    November 11, 2020, 4:54:51 PM
    Community Training Center; Montropolis Suburbs Division

    The Community Training Center turned out to be several arenas and special powers training chambers all in one location. Spectators could watch from the safety windows near the top of the chambers. The viewing windows were super reinforced and tempered plexiglass that was mar-proof. Most challenge arenas were in use when they got there but one main training chamber was reserved for the Mobians. And that is where Knuckles took Tonda.

    Amy Rose explained, "We have Dr. Zamak on emergency standby just in case you get hurt, Tonda."

    He replied with, "I don't know whom that is. Anyway, I'm here to reactivate my Chaos Emerald. I am just glad I don't have to deal with Flare again."

    Knuckles had Tonda take off his Safety Bracer and they stored it in a security lock box in one wall of the training chamber. "Chaos Emeralds can mess up Safety Bracers if even a sliver gets into the card insertion slot. It has happened before. So now we take this extra precaution. Are you ready to go Mobian, Tonda?"

    Tonda grinned. "Let's do it!"

    Knuckles stood with Tonda in the center of the training chamber. "Hold up your left hand and I will touch my Chaos Emerald to your imprint as I activate my gem."

    Tonda did as he was instructed and then Knuckles pulled out his Red Chaos Emerald and he tagged the back of the boy's left hand as he shouted, "Chaos Control!"

    Tonda felt the words come to him as the White Emerald appeared in the grip of his left hand. Striking a pose, he shouted, "Emerald Powers On! Justice!" And he suddenly began glowing, as his human body transformed into a nearly naked Mobian Hedgehog body and the stars and bars theme in red, white and blue with golden stars and silver racing stripes covered his heroic white furred body as a digital flag like pattern of colored particles slowly began to clothe him, molecule by molecule, before coming back together again to form his armored Mobian Palace Guard uniform which looked as if someone had merged an American Flag with a Mobian Hedgehog. His fur was White while his armor was Silver and Gold with a blue and red jumpsuit just under the armor. His gloves and boots were red with a gold star highlighted on the wrists and ankles. He had protective clear lens covering his eyes with Silver racing stripes around the edges. The armor had a white scales symbol for justice on his chest. As the sequence ended, he opened his glowing silver eyes and he performed some martial arts maneuvers before striking his finishing pose as he exclaimed, "Defender the Hedgehog! Champion of Mobian Justice!"

    He then found himself floating in mid air as he turned his gaze toward Knuckles. "Step one complete, Knuckles. Now to teach me the rest."

    Geoffrey was amazed as he stated, "He looks like one of the original Royal Palace Guards from the Mobotropolis City Guard! The armor is almost identical to theirs."

    Defender smiled at Geoffrey, "You are still my favorite skunk, Geoffrey."

    The Mobian Skunk was now blushing since he rarely ever got a nice compliment from a human.

    November 12, 2020, 7:37:42 AM
    Casey hummed quietly as he walked along the street, carrying the box Arty requested to be delivered. He glanced at the directions again and took a turn and looked around. Finally, he noticed the place and walked inside Legacy Shipping. He looked around the box and said, "Um... This is Legacy Shipping? Yes?"


    Cody sat in the restaurant and had his first Taco Tokyo meal ever. And as most were, he was blown away by the taste. "Wow! This is the best, hands down!"

    November 12, 2020, 8:13:00 AM
    Monjaro smiled. "You caught us before the one-hour lunch lock-down. Welcome to Legacy Shipping... when you need something delivered and you don't care who delivers it." He pulled out an invoice and an ink pen. "Is this a residential delivery or a business delivery?"

    Jackson added, "We also provide one-year parcel storage for a small fee." He continued playing his pinball game.


    Defender was joined by Knuckles in mid air as the Chaos Emerald lesson continued. Knuckles instructed the boy in several maneuvers which the British/Scottish born young man picked up on immediately.

    The Mobian Echidna found that his student was the best one he's ever trained. The boy paid attention to instructions and detail.

    Finally, Knuckles said, "You are doing everything right, Defender. Now try this final part; glide in and hover just above the ground and pocket your White Chaos Emerald into your fur pocket and afterward, think about changing back into your human form as you land on your feet." He then demonstrated how this would look as he glided in and while upright, he pocketed his own Chaos Emerald as he landed with the glow turned off.

    Defender did as instructed and as he hovered just inches above the ground, he pocketed his Chaos Emerald as Knuckles had demonstrated and as he landed, he was still suited up as Defender. "Okay... something didn't work as you instructed. I tried to picture myself human and I stayed in Mobian Hedgehog form when I landed."

    Amy Rose walked over and said, "Perhaps it is because you have to do it like the Power Rangers often do it. Think or say, 'Power Down'."

    Defender then flared brightly as he returned to his human identity. Tonda smiled. "Hey, I'm me again! Thanks, Amy Rose! So to power up, I focus on Defender and say Emerald Powers On, and to change back to normal, I focus on Tonda and say Power Down. Perhaps I should test this to make sure that is how it works."

    Knuckles said, "That is a good idea. At any rate, you have your power reactivated and it should be safe for you to put your Safety Bracer back on while you are human." And he fetched it out of the safe and he placed it back on Tonda's wrist. "Now, test out the power up and power down theory."

    Tonda struck a pose as he shouted, "Emerald Powers On! Justice!" And he suddenly began glowing, as his human body transformed into a nearly naked Mobian Hedgehog body and the stars and bars theme in red, white and blue with golden stars and silver racing stripes covered his heroic white furred body as a digital flag like pattern of colored particles slowly began to clothe him, molecule by molecule, before coming back together again to form his armored Mobian Palace Guard uniform which looked as if someone had merged an American Flag with a Mobian Hedgehog. His fur was White while his armor was Silver and Gold with a blue and red jumpsuit just under the armor. His gloves and boots were red with a gold star highlighted on the wrists and ankles. He had protective clear lens covering his eyes with Silver racing stripes around the edges. The armor had a white scales symbol for justice on his chest. As the sequence ended, he opened his glowing silver eyes and he performed some martial arts maneuvers before striking his finishing pose as he exclaimed, "Defender the Hedgehog! Champion of Mobian Justice!"

    As Defender, he struck a pose as he gave Geoffrey a kiss on his skunky cheek and then he stepped back and said, "Power Down!"

    The White Hedgehog returned to normal at that point where Tonda was then giving Knuckles, Amy Rose and Geoffrey a fond hug. "Yes, it works!"

    Knuckles said, "Now remember, you cannot perform emerald stunts unless you are holding the Chaos Emerald in your hand. This includes flying. However, every Mobian has a special power or ability of their own. And we will work with you so you can discover yours."

    November 12, 2020, 8:14:04 AM
    Casey carefully placed the packages on the counter, "Arty asked me to bring these down .. he said..." He fished around in his pocket and handed Monjaro the prepaid shipping forms, "These would be what you needed?"


    Jacob walked into the local game shop and he began looking over the game booths in the back. He knew what games were already available on Earth and he was looking for the newest game that Earth didn't have yet. The shop clerk looked like an anime human with black hair and steel grey eyes.

    End of Page Four of Nine

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    September 24, 2013, 04:14:15 PM
    Tonda said, "Hero the Hedgehog. That doesn't sound half bad. I wonder what my new powers are? Every hedgehog on Mobius has some sort of special power."

    Shadow said, "We'll help you figure it out."


    Jackson grinned and prepared to cart Cody off with him yet again.

    Monjaro shouted, "We're not even out of school yet, Jackson! Can't you control yourself?"

    Zecma grinned. "Your wish is my command. Let's go." POOF! They both vanished for a while.

    September 24, 2013, 04:25:27 PM
    Some weeks later

    Tonda as Hero the Hedgehog was starting to get back into the normal routine in Montropolis High School. He had spent a lot of time being trained with his new body in Knothole City (on Planet Mobius) and he was glad that Dante and Casey had been so supportive. Today he was in one of the partner training arenas with a Mobian instructor and his friends.

    Today, he was to experience Chaos Mode. Knuckles had brought him his own Chaos Emerald in his own colors.

    "This is real easy to use, Tonda," said Instructor Knuckles. "When you are in Chaos Mode, you can fly, curl up into a ball of energy and slam through your enemies like a Sonic Speedball in a pinball machine. To activate it, you hold up the emerald in one hand and think the word 'On'. Some Mobians like to say the words, 'For Mobius' to activate it. But you may have a more personal idea in mind." He handed the emerald to the All-American colored hedgehog. "You're up."

    Tonda smiled over at Dante and Casey. "I can do this. Just make sure the safety barrier is activated so I don't get out of control." He then stepped out into the center of the arena and held the emerald up over his head, causing it to light up. "For Dante! Chaos Mode!" And there came a bright flash of light as Hero the Hedgehog was now glowing as bright as a star and floating in mid air much like Professor Mylanus (of Montrocol) would... Kitsune style.

    October 11, 2013, 04:47:12 AM
    Dante shouted, "You can do it, Tonda!"

    Casey was thrilled to be watching his friend's first use of a chaos emerald.

    October 11, 2013, 04:09:42 PM
    And then and before Tonda could perform anything that the Mobians were instructing him in...

    A vast whiteout overtook everyone on the planet without warning!

    And there seemed to be a short wait while things slowly faded back in around Tonda's position... where he found himself sitting in an airline seat with his British/Scottish parents and younger brother (Stuart) en route to Atlanta Georgia. He was wearing the clothes he had on before arriving on QC Planet originally. However, there was an exception to his clothing ensemble that was out of place. On his left wrist was the Back Alley Games Safety Bracer with the three registered partner cards within it: Takari, Tribal and Tion. While on the back of his left hand was what looked like a faint tattoo of the official crest of the Freedom Fighters of Knothole. Otherwise, he was simply seated next to the window with his mother sitting to his left and his father on the other side of her.

    A stewardess made an announcement over the PA system of the plane at that moment. "We will be arriving in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. within the hour; thank you for choosing United British Airlines, the air travel choice of the queen of England. Please make sure you have all of your carry on baggage in hand when you leave the plane. For those of you whom have won the Sponsor a Prince contest, We have been informed that the Care Bear Cousins and Mr. Pink Panther will be awaiting the winners at the airport along with the mass media. Please enjoy the rest of your flight."

    Tonda turned toward his parents as he said, "I had a dream that I was training with the Freedom Fighters of Mobius a moment before the stewardess made her announcement. I hope that isn't an omen." He then noticed his gaming safety bracer that was on his wrist and he began to examine it in detail. Then he caught sight of the faint Knothole symbol on the back of his hand. By the Crown Jewels! I thought I had dreamed that part!

    His father turned to look at his son as he remarked, "As long as that adorable Miles Prower was mentoring you, I don't see a problem. Um, son, what is that on your arm?"

    Tonda replied, "In my dream it was on my wrist and when I woke up, it was actually on my arm in real life. It looks like one of those expensive gaming devices that we have seen advertised on the Tele back home. A Dream Team Special, according to the commercial. I believe they called it a Safety Bracer and this one contains three lion-like partner cards. I don't know where this came from but you know how much I like lions."

    His father tapped it once to see if it was real before remarking, "Since you dreamed about the Mobians then perhaps one of them sent you this gift as a reward for winning the Sponsor a Prince contest. But we have always regarded you as a Carlisle prince, Tonda. One of your ancestors was the Original Captain Leo, Lord John Lochmond of the Super Stars. So even if you end up half as heroic as him, we would be proud of you."

    October 11, 2013, 04:34:52 PM
    Over in another arriving airline from New York City sat Casey Thompson along with his twin brother Cody and Cody's friend Jacob Denton. Casey had won the Spellman Scholarship for an essay on magic that he had written. Cody was another Sponsor a Prince contest winner. Jacob had come along to give Cody support so he could see where Cody was going to end up living.

    Jacob was saying, "It always amazes me how you two always get lucky with contests and scholarship awards. I am so glad I get to be your friend, Cody."

    Cody smiled. "Casey won the Spellman scholarship, so his sponsors are Artemis Spellman and Blackwind, son of Tyger. I get to live with Councilman Simba (the Lion King) along with Sports Coach Reverend Kimba (the White Lion.) So we both got PP Sponsors."

    Casey then added, "We both have to meet up with Cheer Bear to verify our sponsors before entering QC Planet. I hope there have been no complications with our placement."

    Cody looked at his brother and said, "You worry too much. If we cannot have what we were promised, we can use the local media to turn their lie into a media circus. Embarrass the Hell out of them."

    October 11, 2013, 04:42:51 PM
    Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    The winners and their families and friends were escorted through the airport and loaded aboard a faded pink Humvee with a license plate which read in Hot Pink Letters on a dark Blue background, PANTHER-1 And just under that near the expiration date were the initials of QCP-VIP. Once the luggage was loaded aboard the transport, the drive from Atlanta to Animation Park in Northwestern Georgia commenced. Tonda met with Casey and company during this ride. His British/Scottish accent was clearly notable but it did not make him illegible to understand. He had top notch eloquence in speaking.

    Animation Park

    Upon arriving at the animated world entrance park, there were reporters and cameramen everywhere. There were toons and anime characters all over the place meeting with children and signing autographs. On a stage with balloons and cheerful ribbons stood Cheer Bear of the Care Bear Family along with Braveheart Lion, Tenderheart Bear, and Mickey Mouse. On the Sponsor a Prince banner were the winner's names which included Cody and Tonda among several others whom had won that year. The Lochmond family approached the stage but were stopped by security... after which Tonda was the one whom said aloud, "I knew this was some sort of scam! My name is on that banner and we are being stopped from approaching Cheer Bear!" The media turned their attention that way instantly! The Security personnel got out of the way at that point looking embarrassed!

    Cheer Bear giggled when she saw how Tonda had handled the security she had not asked for, but then she frowned when she saw that Tonda was wearing one of those new battle bracers that had only just come out a week ago and none were being sold on Earth just yet. "The Lochmond family, I presume... I did not hire the security you encountered just now. Like a Care Bear needs security guards. We can give the Care Bear Stare to bad guys. I hope you have had a good trip here. Tonda Lochmond... how did you get a Dream Team Special bracer? They are not being sold on Earth just yet."

    Tonda quietly explained to Cheer what had happened aboard the flight and when he woke up, it was on his arm preloaded with lion partners. he also showed her the mysterious faded tattoo on the back of his hand. Cheer could see right away that it had the shape of a white Chaos Emerald outlined in alternating red and blue lines in the center of the imprint. "I don't know how this happened, Cheer, and to coin Lotsa Heart's catchphrase, ...and that's the truth."

    Cheer then affixed the VIP plastic permission pass to Tonda's right arm. This will enable your family to use the VIP entrance to QC Planet. But you should wait until we are ready to escort you inside. Dr. Tennyson will need to check you people out if you don't mind. Health reasons, you understand."

    January 5, 2014, 10:55:23 AM
    Casey smiled at his brother. "I like Tonda already. He did what you were suggesting on the plane."

    Cody grinned. "Yeah, he is okay in my book."

    Jacob grinned as well. "Well, the way is clear to Cheer, so let's get your VIP so we can get the rest of this over with."

    June 15, 2014, 02:04:47 PM
    Cheer Bear greeted Cody and company and then Casey was informed that upon arriving at his sponsor's home he would meet up with the dean of the Consortium. For magic users, when someone won a magic scholarship, one of the receiving sponsors would always be a wizard of some sort. Cody's sponsor choices were indeed available and waiting for the boy on planet.

    Jacob said, "I'll be going with my best friend Cody, stay on planet for a short while seeing my favorite toons and such before returning to New York on Earth."

    June 15, 2014, 03:35:26 PM
    Cheer Bear then spoke to Tonda in regards to his sponsor choices. "Due to your chosen sponsors being found to have forged their sponsorship forms and being convicted of working for a known evil organization, we have to reassign you to new sponsors, if you are not put off by that. Do you have a preference?"

    Remembering the dream, Tonda replied, "In my dream, a Houndimon sewer treatment worker was living with a Mobian named Dogora, a Mobian Irish Setter and they took me in after the first set of sponsors fled for reasons unknown. But from what you just told me, now it makes sense why in the dream they fled; they lied about their eligibility in the program. Therefore, are Houndimon and Dogora of Montropolis available in the program or did that only happen in the dream I had in flight?"

    Cheer Bear did a search on her portable tablet and not surprisingly, the two were in the system within the Montropolis region. This didn't surprise Cheer since the boy was somehow able to get a hold of a partner device that wasn't being sold on Earth as yet. "That dream of yours was spot on, Tonda. The two are in the system and were awaiting a boy as an assignment in the program. Houndimon works for the city and Dogora is a financial consultant whom has an office both in and out of the home. They live in the Montropolis Suburbs in a neighborhood designated for various element based Digimon and Mobians. Shadow and Knuckles have homes near there. Geoffrey St. John sometimes helps the Montropolis police department, so you could see him in town on occasion."

    Tonda said, "I will likely meet him since one of my card partners is an entrant in a game he sponsors: Mobo Zero. In the Dream, I did not go powers crazy when I created the character and that sort of thing impresses the skunk."

    November 9, 2020, 5:41:24 AM
    Other winners and their families were then approaching Cheer Bear to get their placement authorized. And it wouldn't be long before the group would be entering the VIP gate to get their escort off to their sponsor zones.

    End of Page Three of Nine

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    April 20, 2013, 10:38:28 AM
    Tonda giggled. "Underdog had to deal with Sweet Polly Purebred. I would never want to deal with that singing voice myself at all. Where oh where has my little Dante gone? Where oh where can he be?" He winked at Dante with a grin.

    June 5, 2013, 09:16:53 PM
    Dante smirks, "Like that would even be a question. I'll be right with you until you don't want me to be any more. You're my friend, Tonda. Nothing changes that. Just forgive me if I tend to think you look best... just as you are."

    July 9, 2013, 07:54:06 AM
    One Week Later...

    Not a single COME altercation had been reported.

    Tonda was in the midst of sitting at the Montropolis Arcade during what would normally be his last hour class, especially since Flare was no longer part of him and whatever his new form was supposed to be hadn't emerged yet. So getting out of school a whole hour before everyone else suited Tonda just fine. However today Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Geoffrey St. John were all keeping an eye on his activities. They were on guard just in case Tonda needed them. (Sonic and Knuckles were back on Mobius dealing with Flare, who was being an idiot hothead as usual.)

    Stuart was receiving home schooling from his Yuskay Groomer and Yuskay Form Service sponsors, which kept him out of trouble although he did get a chance to see his brother the previous day.


    Zecma was riding on Jacob's shoulder as the boy emerged from his class in Japanopolis. "See? That wasn't so bad. I wonder how Cody did in his classes?"

    Monjaro was seen speaking to his father the principal, while Jackson was with Cody putting things into the boy's locker.

    And at Legacy Shipping, Catherine the Centaur was helping Bastan hold down the fort. "Sure is quiet when the others are off in school, Bastan. But I do have the prettiest company to spend time with." She shot a kindly smile and a slow eyelashes like wink at the Third Earth mutant feline stud. Meaning Bastan, of course.

    July 18, 2013, 12:19:18 AM
    Bastan chuckles, "Ah... But when you've worked in the places I have... Meaning both Champion's place and here, and have seen ... hrm... Three.. No four waves, of 'Rebirth Syndrome'." He chuckles, "You learn quickly to be quite happy with the quiet time you find. Though, rarely it is with such a pleasant companion." He gives her a mysterious if dashing grin, "Trust me. The saga is just getting starting."


    Jacob smiles brightly, "Not at all.. Even better when you're around to distract me during the really, really boring parts. Though I know you can't be around all the time." He grins, "I REALLY liked that manuscript though. You should keep writing it! The stories about.." He lowers his voice, "that family" He winks, "are really neat!"

    Cody looks over at Jackson, "Thanks for the help, Jackson. ... I appreciate it. And... You know, I'm still kinda sorry for how things started off and everything. I'm glad you haven't held it against me."

    July 30, 2013, 01:31:32 PM
    As Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Geoffrey St. John watched from nearby, they suddenly saw Tonda almost bend over backward as he cried out in obvious agony. Then he was bent over forward on the floor in a fetal position his entire body beginning to glow in red, white, blue, and gold arcs of energy that were cascading all over his entire body. Worse, his clothes were starting to rip apart at the seems where his transforming body began to bend in non-human ways.

    The three Mobians formed a circle around Tonda and activated an emergency Knothole teleport beacon which transported the four of them directly to Princess Sally's labs where the rest of Tonda's hedgehog transformation continued.

    Shadow sent word to Casey and Dante immediately about Tonda's situation.


    Zecma giggled. "Felix Kornel and his family are really fun to be around. He is with Garurumon today. So I am free to make sure you get integrated for now. But... I do like having adventures with you, Jacob."

    Jackson hugged Cody tightly. "I'm the son of a NWM stud. I have to be forgiving to a fan. Is there anything you'd like to do after school?" He winked.

    August 12, 2013, 12:24:25 PM
    Casey was busy but Dante was on his way almost immediately.


    Jacob smiles and nodnods, "Then we can have more adventures today?! Cause I'd like more adventures today!"

    Cody nods and hugs back, "okay... Um.. Thanks." He blushes a little, "I..I do like you and ..." He looks a little uncomfortable, "I'm sorta starting to see how Casey could like you so much. You're a good guy. Thanks."

    September 8, 2013, 11:09:57 PM
    Princess Sally spoke to Dante from one side of the safety glass where on the other side Tonda could be seen undergoing the final parts of his painful transformation.

    "He was in the nearby arcade after school when this suddenly hit him and the transformation energy literally took over," she said. "If I hadn't had the watch group on his location, we may have never learned about this. At the moment, we don't know if this will be a permanent transformation or the situation like he had with Flare. But he is going to need his friends if he is to get through this intact."

    On the other side of the safety glass, Tonda looked more Were-Hedgehog than Human but he was becoming more and more buffed up Hedgehog as the transformation continued. Instead of skinny, sleek, and blue like Sonic (or black like Shadow,) Tonda's new form was buff, muscular, and... yummy SEXY. Every Mobian who was on hand to watch the transformation were getting aroused from the very sight. Even the Mobian ladies.

    Although the red, white, blue, and gold power arcs began to subside as 'Tonda' fell over on the floor of the padded room where he lay there panting raggedly; not even able to move much, but he was clearly as erect as anyone who was watching. He was a powerhouse of a hedgehog with mainly white fur/quills, but had dual racing stripes of red and blue down his back, over his arms and hands, and down both legs and both feet. His eyes were like a golden sun in coloration and his nose was black.

    Princess Sally then said, "Okay, it is now safe to go in, Dante. Now remember... he is going to be a little weak from the transformation. We know that Karal and Nedwin confirmed my findings that the empty power cavity had been filling the void that Flare was removed from and now we can see the result. He is hot, I must admit. But a costume or an uniform will be in his future. I don't think he should run around 'at full mast' like that."

    Shadow and Geoffrey were already walking in and the skunk had a large bathrobe for covering Tonda's exposed pride.

    Tonda lay there gasping as his visual focus slowly realigned to normalcy. ".........please tell me i am not flare again."

    Geoffrey smiled. "Flare never looked as hot as you, Tonda."

    Tonda blushed upon hearing that. And that made him look all the more desirable.


    Zecma grinned. "Yes, we can do that, Jacob. What would you like to go see this afternoon?" He winked.

    Jackson and Monjaro gave Cody a group hug from both sides.

    September 8, 2013, 11:35:33 PM
    Dante nods and says to Princess Sally, "I'm just glad you got me. At least that question is resolved now and maybe he can focus on moving forward now." He didn't seem much affected by the sexiness of the scene other than his concern for his friend. Must be a Mobian thing. He went in and smiled a bit, "Hey, Tonda. Sorry I'm late but I got here as soon as I could. How're you feeling?"


    Jacob mmmmms, "Something feisty...cute...and.... orange!" He grins, "How's that?"

    Cody blushed at that...but hugged back, glad there were no lasting hard feelings... Other than the one poking him.

    September 18, 2013, 02:09:58 PM
    Tonda said, "I'm just glad I'm not Flare all over again. He was a pain to get out of me."

    Shadow said, "Your overall color is white but you got red and blue lightning stripes all over your body and golden star markings in just the right places. Flare was orange; you are... heroic looking. Sorta like a Hero the Hedgehog."


    Jackson grinned. "I assume you want to help me with my little problem later, don't you? Or do you have another date with Drom?"

    Zecma grinned. "I know where loads of those are, but I would never leave you alone with them. One of them is named Swifty. He's mated to a boy named Peter."

    September 18, 2013, 02:10:00 PM
    Dante just nods slightly, "And at least your new form doesn't come with an alter-ego to go with it. That's the thing I am most grateful of. Even if you're a hedgehog again."


    Cody blushes but then leans up and kisses Jackson suddenly, "If you'd let me..."

    Jacob grins, "Sounds like fun! But maybe something more fiery then? Ooooo maybe something with lots of oily fun too?"

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    started a topic [QCPA] LS-09 All-Star Chaos

    [QCPA] LS-09 All-Star Chaos

    QCPA: LS-09 All-Star Chaos

    April 17, 2013, 12:01:55 AM
    Q.C. Planet Animeiyo: Legacy Shipping
    All-Star Chaos

    In a world of Paint and Ink, follow the adventures of other human boys and various animated stars as they have adventures throughout Japanopolis on Q.C. Planet.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Jackson "Confederate Mouse" Knightmane - Lord Pouchlaw
    Monjaro "Triple Dragon" Lee - Lord Pouchlaw
    Tonda Lochmond/Flare the Hedgehog - Lord Pouchlaw
    Stuart Lochmond - Lord Pouchlaw
    Catherine Centaur - Lord Pouchlaw

    Bastan McCoy - Darquirrin
    Dante Elric - Darquirrin
    Casey "Army of One" Thomson - Darquirrin
    Cody Thompson - Darquirrin
    Jacob Denton - Darquirrin

    All-Star Chaos
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    April 17th, 2013

    Flare's Montropolis High: Class Schedule
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1st Hour || Aeromon Dynamics
    2nd Hour || Mobian Mathematics
    3rd Hour || Monster Linguistics
    - = L U N C H - = - H O U R = -
    4th Hour || Study Hall
    5th Hour || Toon Physics
    6th Hour || Digivice Dynamics
    7th Hour || Team Training
    Tonda's Montropolis High: Class Schedule
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1st Hour || Study Hall - (Reading and Spelling)
    2nd Hour || Mobian Mathematics
    3rd Hour || Montro Drama
    - = L U N C H - = - H O U R = -
    4th Hour || Eldritch Magic & Transmutations
    5th Hour || Toon Physics
    6th Hour || Digivice Dynamics
    7th Hour || Team Training
    Tonda's Card Partners
    Lion Tribes - a hunter/crafter named Takari
    Mobo Zero - a hunter/crafter named Tribal
    Beast Battle-Tech - a lion zord named Tion
    Montropolis Fairgrounds

    Houndimon and Dogora had taken Tonda and Dante to the amusement park (word was sent to Casey that he could join the boys there later.)

    Tonda was smiling now and having a good time. His Sponsor Parents really knew how to cheer him up.

    April 17, 2013, 12:11:40 AM
    Dante grins, "You're sponsors are awesome, Tonda. You're super lucky."

    April 17, 2013, 01:01:29 AM
    Tonda replied, "Yeah, they like to see me happy. But if you wanted some Sponsor Parents of your own, we might could try to free you from your situation..." he winked with a giggle.

    April 17, 2013, 01:05:06 AM
    Dante laughs, "I don't think it works like that, sexy."

    April 17, 2013, 01:18:00 AM
    Tonda grinned. "Why not? Or are you afraid your dad would cum after you?" He giggled.

    April 17, 2013, 01:24:54 AM
    Dante smirks, "No. He would probably just cause a commotion or something and then say 'oh screw it, it's not worth the effort'." He shrugs, "Then again, usually, I'm not."

    April 18, 2013, 12:26:31 AM
    A few hours later

    Tonda, Dante, and Casey were now together at the fairgrounds having a great time. "How was the open house with Salem, Casey?" asked Tonda while he munched on a hot dog while holding a soft drink.

    April 19, 2013, 02:55:18 PM
    Casey grins, "It was actually pretty good! And they even said they may use me for some of their experiments!"

    Dante blinks, "Wait... that's... GOOD?"

    Casey nodnods, "Yeah! Some of my friends are really good with that sorta thing so I get to let them do something that they're good at." He smiles, "Ya gotta remember, I may me the person you see mostest, but we're all friends! We're sorta...the same person but they're REAL people who just happen to share my body with me."

    Dante shakes his head, "That's not...IT's still.." He rubs his head, "You know there were days when being a toon or an anime guy were A LOT simpler. Doesn't it get confusing?"

    Casey shrugs, "Not really. Not for me. It only gets confusing when we're all out at the same time... Cause then it's like a few hundred voices in your head all talking at once." HE giggles, "But we have LOTS of fun when that happens too!"

    Dante smirks at that.

    April 19, 2013, 05:52:19 PM
    Tonda giggled as he watched Casey get the upper paw over Dante. He enjoyed watching his friends banter back and forth like this. But inwardly, Tonda was missing having any powers... but he would soon have something new to worry about.

    April 19, 2013, 06:16:58 PM
    Casey winks at Tonda and gives him a hug with a smile, "Even the underdog wins once and a while."

    End of Page One of Nine