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[QCPA] LS-08 Freedom at Last

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    [QCPA] LS-08 Freedom at Last

    QCPA: LS-08 Freedom at Last

    May 2, 2012, 04:42:10 AM
    Q.C. Planet Animeiyo: Legacy Shipping
    Freedom at Last

    In a world of Paint and Ink, follow the adventures of other human boys and various animated stars as they have adventures throughout Japanopolis on Q.C. Planet.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Jackson "Confederate Mouse" Knightmane - Lord Pouchlaw
    Monjaro "Triple Dragon" Lee - Lord Pouchlaw
    Tonda Lochmond/Flare the Hedgehog - Lord Pouchlaw
    Stuart Lochmond - Lord Pouchlaw
    Catherine Centaur - Lord Pouchlaw

    Bastan McCoy - Darquirrin
    Dante Elric - Darquirrin
    Casey "Army of One" Thomson - Darquirrin
    Cody Thompson - Darquirrin
    Jacob Denton - Darquirrin

    Freedom at Last
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    May 2nd, 2012

    Tonda's Montropolis High: Class Schedule
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1st Hour || Aeromon Dynamics
    2nd Hour || Mobian Mathematics
    3rd Hour || Monster Linguistics
    - = L U N C H - = - H O U R = -
    4th Hour || Eldritch Magic & Transmutations
    5th Hour || Toon Physics
    6th Hour || Digivice Dynamics
    7th Hour || Team Training
    Later That Morning

    Gringo giggled. "Right, senor. Time to get you PP like the rest of us." And he leaped back into Casey's body and initiated something, which caused Casey to drop to all fours quite suddenly!


    Sonic handed Flare his phone and Flare called Dante to let him know about the Winter outing in the SNOW. Fire Digimon in the snow. As strange as it sounds. He then handed the phone back to Sonic. "Okay guys... let's go out and try to capture Felix. Knowing him... Zecma probably has him tied up or something."

    Flamakaemon giggled. "Maybe, but just saying from the other day... I like carrying Dante on my back."

    Flare grinned slyly, "What? No back cock slit to surprise him with?" He winked.

    Flammy grinned back. "I'm not a dragonmount, silly."

    May 13, 2012, 04:55:17 AM
    Casey acked but laughed, he was used to it by now and of course, he enjoyed spending time with his various PP friends regardless of the form.


    Dante replies that he'll meet the group there after his exam today.

    May 22, 2012, 01:34:31 AM
    Jazua smirked. You are always letting Gringo walk all over you, Casey.


    Flamakaemon blushed with a smile. "Not my fault I like Dante enough to sleep with him. But he likes Tonda."

    Flare growled lowly when he heard his other name. Everyone was used to hearing this exchange by now. For some reason, Flare HATED his real self's name. It was almost like he regarded it as a weakness. Although when Tonda was in charge, he was increasingly hesitant about letting Flare out. Perhaps something was going on there.

    "Let's just go pounce Felix, guys." And he started flying off on that intended goal.

    Flamakaemon glanced at Sonic and the others, as he quietly said, "This is what worries Dante and I about Flare, guys. Every time he hears his real name mentioned, he gets mad and very dangerous." And then he galloped off after Flare and Fyronomon.

    Sonic and Shadow looked at each other as the latter said, "I'll bet this is something COME pre-programmed into their Flare the Hedgehog program."

    The blue hedgehog sighed. "How many surgeries are we going to have to put Tonda through before he is free of this shit?"

    May 22, 2012, 01:47:47 AM
    Casey giggled as he replied, Maybe, but he's fun. I let you guys do the same, you know. I don't let him do anything I don't let everyone else do too.

    May 22, 2012, 02:14:26 AM
    Jazua grinned. Hear that guys! We can use Casey like a wishbone!


    Flare was starting to get over his mad spell. "I don't know what brought that on... its just that every time I hear my other self's name, I start overheating."

    Flamakaemon galloped along close behind. "I think we need to talk to the Flamakaemon creator about this. He was the ultimate Fire digimon expert in the beginning. If anyone knows programming and such, its him. Karal Heartstone. Otherwise, your mad spells are going to get worse, Flare. And that's not good for anyone."

    Heartstone Enterprises Incorporated

    "You won't be sorry, Flare," said Flamakaemon. "Karal knows literally everything about programming and Fire digimon. He can fix things with your situation so you don't overheat." I hope... my friendship is on the line now...

    Flare sighed as he set Fyronomon down gently. "I hope you're right. Changing without meaning to is a pain in the tail."

    Flamakaemon knocked on the door to the CEO's quarters.

    May 24, 2012, 04:20:15 AM
    As they are about to knock, the sexy boy JT giggles and says, "Go on in! He's not busy." He walks on by with a giggle.

    When the two enter, Karal is sitting behind a MASSIVE desk with tons of computer monitors around it. He looks like he's leaning rather...far back in his chair with a rather happy look on his face.

    His office is SUPER impressive. Digital channels of code running through columns of light and fire energy radiates from every wall. It's hot for most humans, but fire digimon instantly LIKE this room.

    Karal erps and blushes as he notices the two. "er... Sorry... Just...Ahem...wrapping up something." One of the lesser flamakaemon looks around the desk, licking his muzzle with a mischievous grin. "Oh, Hi Flama. Cum to visit our daddy?"

    Karal smirks and says, "I bet it's more about his friend. I'm Karal Heartstone. Nice to meet you....?" He's young as ever but where as JT is sexy and cute, Karal is strapping and handsome. Every bit the lady (and man) killer he was before and more besides. Flare can feel the sense of control and power within Karal and likely...that makes the programming very uncomfortable. This guy is a true master.

    May 24, 2012, 05:26:24 AM
    Flare whispered to Fyronomon, "I wonder if that boy who told us to come in would like to be sexually fucked by the two of us?"

    Flamakaemon at the same time was saying to the Lesser and to Karal, "You just keep servicing Karal. He probably needs it. There is this evil organization that Legacy Shipping has been trying to track down called COME, not CUM, Lessy. C.O.M.E. They non-sexually screw over Sponsor Boys and change them into toon fighting machines who are programmed to be controlled remotely. In fact, that is sort of why we are here today. They did this to my friend who finds himself changing into Flare the Hedgehog, a Mobian powered Fire Digimon. His real name... well, when he is in his Digimon form, he hates hearing his real name. It makes him angry and he starts overheating." He grabs an index card and scribbles out the name Tonda Duncan and slides the card over to Karal.

    "That's his real name, Karal. I was hoping you could help with this situation since no one in Montropolis is better at Programming and in the knowledge of Fire Digimon than you are."

    Flare nodded his muzzle at the given information, although he was now looking at the sexy randy Lesser Flamakaemon. His human side was aroused and interested in Lessy a lot. And that was starting to make Flare mad again... evident by his increasing aura.

    May 25, 2012, 11:54:43 PM
    Fyronomon giggles, "Maybe."

    Karal mmms and looks over the card while petting on the lesser. The Lessers were a lot more feral and pp than their cousins the Greaters and weren't seen all that much outside of Karal's areas so most people didn't know there were two types of Flamakaemon.

    He looks over at Flare, "Come over here, Flare." He points to a place on the floor, "And stand there if you don't mind."

    May 26, 2012, 05:37:01 AM
    Flare walked over and stood where Karal had indicated. His human internal (Tonda) was still looking at Lessy, although Flare was trying to focus on Mr. Heartstone only.

    May 28, 2012, 02:34:46 AM
    Karal initiated a full digital life-stream scan, coupled with a Heartstone designed anti-tampering firewall, and a full programmatic decoupling to fully explore any and all possibilities within Flare's code.

    End of Page One of Nine

    May 28, 2012, 04:29:40 AM
    What Karal finds immediately is a very complicated and intensely involved (although messy) array of coding. He can see where tampering (attempts to fix the problem by Tonda's friends) is present and that didn't make the coding any better. There are dead ends and holes in place, as well as remote transmitters and receivers, as well as down deep at the core... a hard coded set of programmed instructions: any time the creators are in danger or are being attacked, the creation will activate without warning and the creation's AI will attempt to send an attack back at the attackers.

    It is like COME tried to combine four different sets of attack bot codes into the same creation, yet there is five present... the fifth resulting from the Mobian Hedgehog Vaccination Shot that was given to Tonda by accident at the Insanitarium way back when. In fact, it is that one alone that gives Tonda/Flare any free will at all. Without that, he would be totally at the whim of COME. So that accident was the best thing that could have happened to Tonda at all.

    Karal can see that the messy encoding can be removed, but it would be one HELL of a job. Not even Macrosoft's Macrosoftmon coding was this screwed up. COME were obviously not in the big leagues like Heartstone and Macrosoft were. They wanted fast results; not clean coding.

    Flare asked, "How does it look, sir?"

    May 28, 2012, 05:15:35 AM
    Karal actually grins, "Oh lord, this is a HUGE mess. It's the worst screw up I've ever seen. It's so horrible it's beautiful in it's own stupidity." He chuckles, "Don't worry though. I can fix it." He snaps his fingers and holds his hands out away, parallel to his shoulders, and then sweeps them across Flare's body in a slashing 'X' pattern, sending spirals of digital code arcing around Tonda/Flare, forming into double helix strands of digital code and DNA patterns in rings around his feet, arms, waist, neck and head. Meanwhile a dozens of terminal windows and holographic displays popped up around Karal as he got to work. It's been a while since he had a real challenge but he knows that as complicated as it is... a true master like himself would have no problem with it, only a matter of how long it would take.

    May 28, 2012, 05:41:39 AM
    Some hours into the challenge, Karal encounters that one problem that the others encountered the first time they tried to remove the digimon from the victim... a very NASTY life/kill link to the host. Separating Flare from Tonda was doable, but the likely cute human boy would die in the process and Flare would likely go berserk as a result of not having human reasoning to hold him back. A very clever trap code that could be easily overlooked, but again... Karal was a professional. At least he knew now what kind of bastards he was dealing with. And they were preying on unsuspecting Sponsor boys. The scum.

    May 29, 2012, 03:29:15 AM
    Karal grins, "Oh those idiots. A life/kill switch useless... If your not unlinking them." He keeps going. His solution? A rather obvious one that's been done many times before but in a slightly new way. Soon Flare and Tonda BOTH are completely free of the programming, each their own person. But each one bears a lens style Digimark, which links them together. Each one is capable of calling on the other in a digi-link scenario similar to the DNA-Matrix Evolutions in past seasons. However, Tonda also gains a huge benefit from this. The ability to use digital ability through the lens of Flare and any other Digimon who accepts his link. But Flare gets similar powers and abilities through the link and thankfully, doesn't have to hang out 'stuck' inside Tonda or the Lens.

    May 29, 2012, 04:11:38 AM
    Flare grinned as he leaped in the air and raised a fist on high! "YES! Finally free of Tonda! You were right, Flammy! Karal is THE MAN! He's awesome! Now I might be able to get some things done without goody two shoes... I mean... he rarely wears any shoes. The kid... well, he's older than a kid..." He chuckled.

    "Just swallow your pride and say my name already!"

    "I can't reach my pride with my mouth. It's between my legs. And before I forget, the kid hated it when I got sexual with those I was interested in, therefore... now that he is free of me, he needs to focus on keeping his own mind out of the gutter or else all he is admitting is that he is still me without the Hedgehog body." He winked with a giggle at Fyronomon as he said that last part. "So, whose up for what we had planned before we came here? We still need to pounce on Felix today. And Dante said he would meet us there. Maybe we can finally get him to let Flammy fuck him." He heads toward the door. "Come on, guys!" Then he glanced sharply at Tonda. "Not you though; work on your resistance. When these plans were made, I had no plans for your interference." And he went out the door.

    Tonda smiled with his arms folded over his chest. "That's okay; I need to do some things here still. Run along and keep an eye on Flare, guys. I'll be fine; I need to contact Principal Agumon. And thanks again, Flammy."

    Flamakaemon nodded his head and headed off after Flare with Fyronomon.


    After they were gone, Tonda released a breath of relief as he turned to Karal and Lessy. "Thank you ever so much for all the work you did on me, Karal. I owe you tons and tons. And I'll pay you back, somehow... I promise."

    He then hugged the Lesser Flamakaemon. "And I think you are even better looking than Flammy, Lessy, er... I'm sorry... I don't know your real name; Flammy called you Lessy. Stupid Flare had a point though; If he is my sexual feelings given form, then I need to work on my resistance to sexy species."

    May 29, 2012, 04:22:09 AM
    Karal chuckles after they leave, "Don't worry, Tonda. Most Fire digimon are a bit hot headed and rash. There is something else he didn't think of. Without you, he doesn't have any excuses for his screw ups any more. And it means he has to take full responsibility for everything he does. On top of that..." He smirks, "now, he has to eat, sleep, etc just like any digimon. Before he could just recharge inside you without any 'down time'."

    Karal sits back down, "Of course, I can't prevent him from being a jackass. Some people just are. And that's they're right too."

    The Lesser grins at Tonda and slurped him. "I don't bite...and it's okay, I'm used to no one knowing my name... no one but Karal... I'm Sellan."

    May 29, 2012, 04:34:12 AM
    Tonda giggled from the lick. "Well, Sellan, since you're working on Karal... perhaps I can come back another time and give you something fun to look forward to. I need to get myself over to the school to straighten out my schedule."

    Tonda shook Karal's hand and said, "As you heard me say, I may be back another time. I also need to call Sonic and Shadow to let them know that I am not part of Flare anymore."

    He then turned and returned to the lobby where he could use the outer phone to call Sonic or one of the other Mobians.


    Flare was finding out what Karal had mentioned as he and the guys stopped by a Chili Dog cafe to get a quick bite to eat. Being the clever one, when told how much it was, he said, "Charge it to Houndimon at" Tonda's Sponsor's address. "Just tell them that Tonda had lunch here."

    After the meal, they were on their way again. However, Sonic and Shadow were both watching him now. They had seen how Flare cheated the cafe guy out of a meal and they thought it was Tonda so they wanted words with him soon.

    May 29, 2012, 04:39:22 AM
    Sellan giggles and watches Tonda leave. "Don't forget to visit later!"

    Karal giggles himself as he resumes his activity with Sellan while contacting the Sponsors.

    May 31, 2012, 03:22:49 AM
    What Karal learns from the Sponsors is that they trust Tonda unconditionally... but they are wary of Flare and say as much.

    And when he contacts the Mobians just after Tonda had spoken with them, he finds out that Flare got in trouble already and was in the middle of a lecture from not only Sonic and Shadow, but from Felix's mother who was giving him 'the look that no one desires to get'. Pouncing her son when she is around is not a wise thing to do.

    Montropolis High School

    Tonda walks into Agumon's office and finds Tai sitting with the principal. Thankfully nothing naughty was going on. "Principal Agumon, Karal Heartstone separated Flare from myself and my former schedule involving him needs to be split so I can have a schedule of my own. A lot of his classes are Digimon and Mobian oriented and I no longer have that access anymore."


    Jazua suddenly says to Casey, "I just got the feeling that Tonda got free of Flare... but I don't know how."

    May 31, 2012, 04:18:42 AM
    Karal isn't that surprised but he informs them of the split and everything. And that they can feel free to teach him any lesson needed while Tonda is speaking to Principal Agumon at the school.


    Casey blinks, "Really? That's amazingly awesome! I wonder how you know?"

    End of Page Two of Nine


      May 31, 2012, 04:41:59 AM
      Tonda was looking over the leftover choices in the curriculum for the school. Since he was having this happen just after starting, switching classes now was going to be a pain in the tail and yes, it was Flare's fault again. "Very few choices left over but I expected as much. If I had a partner, then I could keep the last hour class. I liked working out in the arenas; Flare was the one whom hated it."


      Jazua shrugged. "I think it is because you are linked to him as a close friend and that friendship permits signals as to what is going on with Tonda. Because... I get the sensation that he is now with Agumon getting his schedule straightened out."

      June 1, 2012, 03:39:22 AM
      Casey giggles, "That sounds like Tonda! He is good about making sure the schedules are in order. ... But I can't complain, I am like that too."

      June 4, 2012, 08:09:03 AM
      Jazua nodded his head. "By the way... Arty is home for some reason." He winked with a smile.


      Flare was now having to wash dishes for trying to cheat the cafe owner. Sonic and Shadow were standing guard to make sure he did it.

      Flammy grinned. "Good thing Dante can't see this. He'd be rolling on the floor laughing."

      Flare grumbles. "oh shut up."

      June 5, 2012, 04:08:19 AM
      Casey ooos and giggles, "Maybe we should go pounce him!"

      June 10, 2012, 02:18:09 AM
      Jazua grinned. "What usually happens when you pounce a magical cat?" he asked as he and Casey crept toward the room with Arty in it.

      June 10, 2012, 02:42:28 AM
      Casey grinz mischeviously mentally whispering back, Can be FUN! If done right, hehe

      June 17, 2012, 02:25:11 AM
      Jazua quietly giggled as he and Casey crept up on Arty from behind and... made the silent leaping pounce!

      June 28, 2012, 11:30:36 PM
      Casey and Jazua both freeze in midair as Arty lapped at his milk, "Good morning, Casey. Jazua."

      July 2, 2012, 05:16:03 AM
      Legacy Shipping

      Monjaro answered the phone when it rang and he listened to the message from Montropolis. "I understand, Karal. No, thank you for calling to let us know. He might have tried to come up here with the thoughts that we wouldn't know. I'll make sure those that need to know are informed. Goodbye."

      Jackson was playing pinball in the corner with Bastan. "What was that about, boss man?"

      Monjaro hung up the phone and said, "Karal just finished separating Flare from Tonda and he was warning me that if Flare showed up here in Japanopolis that we should know that Tonda is no longer inside of him. He also mentioned that Flare was washing dishes for trying to cheat a Chili Dog cafe owner. And he got 'the look that no one wants to get' when he tried to pounce Felix right in front of his mother."

      Jackson laughed as he let Bastan have his turn. "Oh my gods... that is so funny! I hate to say this but I never liked Flare anyway. We met Tonda originally and it was him that Bastan was impressed with."


      Jazua ums... "Casey? Being held in mid air isn't very fun. You said pouncing on Arty was fun."

      July 4, 2012, 03:10:18 PM
      Bastan remarked, "I know good people when I meet them and Tonda is one of those people."


      Casey pouts, "It is... when he's not watching! Sneaky cat!"

      Arty smirks, "It'll take more than just quiet movements to sneak up on me. Besides..." He walked over and licked Jazua's cheek, "I've been doing this a long time." He jumps back up to his stool and and curls his tail around his haunches as he sits down, releasing them.

      End of Page Three of Nine


        July 7, 2012, 05:19:29 AM
        Tonda was finally getting his new schedule ironed out. "Let's see here... Study Hall in the First Hour; Since there are still openings in Mobian Mathematics, I get to stay in that class for my Second Hour; Montro Drama in my Third Hour. I wanted to take it the first time but my guardians said Flare needed the other class; Then it is lunch hour. I get to keep Eldritch Magic & Transmutations in my Fourth Hour since Flare never cared about any class where I could see people I actually care about; Toon Physics in my Fifth Hour class."

        Agumon then said, "Tonda, I am going to give you a gift certificate for Back Alley Games so you can get some card partners since you said you liked the Team Training class in the arena. Since Flare was forced on you, he can never be counted as one of your card partners. This certificate will allow you to go claim three free card partners along with a Safety Bracer to store them in. Then you can keep your remaining two classes as-is in your schedule. And you should use the Digivice Dynamics class as an excuse to check on Flare."

        After receiving the gift certificate, he smiled at Agumon and Tai before standing up and sliding his completed new schedule over to the principal. "You can verify this while I am off getting my new partners."

        Agumon then added as a parting warning. "When making your partners, try to keep your mind out of the gutter. You will end up with better partners if you can keep your focus; otherwise, you will end up with three Flare wannabes whom all want to get down your pants."

        Tonda made the 'Eww' sound as he headed out of the school to go visit Back Alley Games, a ZecCorp supported game shop.

        Tonda's Montropolis High: Class Schedule
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        1st Hour || Study Hall - (Reading and Spelling)
        2nd Hour || Mobian Mathematics
        3rd Hour || Montro Drama
        - = L U N C H - = - H O U R = -
        4th Hour || Eldritch Magic & Transmutations
        5th Hour || Toon Physics
        6th Hour || Digivice Dynamics
        7th Hour || Team Training

        Once the hold was turned off, both Casey and Jazua landed face first into the milk bowl... which was sure to look amusing to Arty when they pulled their heads out of the bowl afterward.

        July 11, 2012, 03:22:05 AM
        Arty was laughing and chuckling at the look they gave him..

        Casey pouts, "That's not fair!"

        Arty snirks, "But it's cute on you."


        July 12, 2012, 05:31:25 AM
        Back Alley Games

        Tonda walked into the shop and saw the two brothers at the front counter. They looked like tall Otter Digimon hunks. "Agumon sent me here to get three free card partners with the gift certificate."

        One said, "I'm Bosco and he is Rosco. Before you head back there to make your choices, please note that adult games now have the adult age rating sticker on both the outside of the booth and just above the screen within the booths. Since you are still in high school, avoid adult games for now since they can get you in a lot of trouble. Otherwise, have fun back there."

        Rosco then said, "When you complete your purchases, return here to register your new partners for the legal record. And you might want to put this around your left wrist. Instructions for inserting and activating partners are shown in the Safety Bracer window."

        Tonda smiled since he thought the otter brothers were super nice. And after he put the Safety Bracer on his arm, he headed back to find new partners.


        Jazua shook himself thoroughly. "Gringo will get him later. Wait and see."


        Sonic and Shadow escorted Flare back to Mobius for a punitive lesson in being honest. He might not be seen again for a while.


        At Felix's place, he was glad to have Flammy, Fyronomon, and Dante over at his place.

        "You say Sonic and Shadow made him do dishes for a cafe owner? Did he have dishpan paws afterward?"

        Flammy grinned. "I think he did. But the main thing to note is that Flare and Tonda are no longer tied together. So when classes resume, you'll only see Tonda at school."

        Felix hrmed looking worried. "Have you forgotten that Tonda is signed up for a bunch of classes revolving around his being a Digimon?"

        Flammy blinked his eyes. "I... I forgot about that. Maybe Principal Agumon will permit Tonda to rearrange his class schedule."

        July 18, 2012, 03:38:30 AM
        Casey nodnods, "Yeah."

        Arty smirks, "Maybe. Maybe. So what can this Cat help you two with?"


        Dante hrms, "I think there is a clause about 'no longer able to fulfill the standards of safe learning environment'... So then under those grounds alone, I think he'll let him swap classes."

        July 21, 2012, 06:39:29 AM
        Tonda wandered around the gaming booths until he came upon one that matched his former anime experience likes. Since he was a Lochmond from Carlisle England, he was a Captain Leo fan and that meant lions. He then entered the booth which had a dual age rating; the adult sticker was present but there was also the section explaining that it didn't pertain to high school partners.

        Working on the character creator in the Lion Tribes game booth. Tonda began to craft a lion man hunter with minor crafting skills. His overall body coloration was the same color as Kovu's mane while his own mane was the same color as Kiara's body coloration. Then he was given a left eye in dark green while the right eye was a pale blue color. Tonda then gave him a simple hunting spear along with an ragged ordinary loincloth in dark browns and reds. He then named his new lion partner as Takari. The back story he gave his lion was that the original tribe was wiped out in pestilence and Takari was raised by varied other hunters in the jungles.

        Then the booth asked for the gift certificate and Tonda inserted the paper into the slot where a hole puncher sound was made and then he got the certificate back. Next, his full color with holographic background partner card was printed out for Tonda to claim. "Awesome. I'll activate these guys with witnessess later. I hope I am a good partner for Takari."

        He then headed off to find the next partner booth.


        Jazua slowly reached over and as he was lifting Arty's tail, he was saying, "Well, since you are offering... we can lift your tail like this, and spread your back legs, like this..." He was starting to do that..." and you can help Casey with a sex education lesson right now."


        Felix then said, "Actually, its not that simple, Mr Dante Who Smells Like Flammy's Mate. I wanted to rearrange my classes and you can't do it mid-year. The only way out of classes once you're in is to either finish them, or pull out of school and wait for the next year to start. But if Tonda does that... he will be a whole year behind everyone else and then... he might feel stupid."

        Flammy blushed since Felix obviously knew about him and Dante.

        Zecma then appeared and said, "That won't be necessary, guys. And listen up, Felix, since the rule change also pertains to you. Agumon's latest decision permits you to switch out of a class providing you take a leftover class that is available that hour. Tonda just spent the last few minutes ironing out his schedule since Flare is no longer part of him. But when he voiced that he liked the arena training at the end, Agumon gave him one of those gift certificates to go get free card partners at Back Alley Games. In fact, Tonda is in there right now."

        July 25, 2012, 04:01:46 AM
        Arty smirks and strikes Jazua with another paralyze spell. "You're dirty today, Jazua... Maybe we should give you two a bath?" He grins, "Sponsors shouldn't give those losses to their charges, you know. It's against the proper rules. Though if you're that 'hard up'... I can suggest someone you CAN pounce and molest if you're really that wanting an adventure..." He grins mischievously.


        Dante blinks, "Well I guess we'll have to find out how he managed his schedule. It's really his choice but I am curious as to what partners he is choosing..." He sighs, looking away, ignoring the flammy's mate comment.

        July 29, 2012, 06:38:05 AM
        Tonda approached a game booth that had the title of Mobo Zero. He wanted to show Sonic and Shadow that he still cared about Mobians.

        Working on the character creator in the game booth, Tonda began to craft a Mobian Tribal Lion with Hunting and Crafting skills. While not truly a mirror image of his first partners, the overall body coloration was the same as the first partner's colors. Tonda then gave him a simple hunting spear along with an ragged ordinary loincloth in dark browns and reds. He then named his new Mobian lion partner as Tribal. The back story he gave his lion was that the original tribe was wiped out in pestilence and Tribal was sent to Knothole to join the Freedom Fighters in the Great Mobian Jungle.

        Then the booth asked for the gift certificate and Tonda inserted the paper into the slot where a hole puncher sound was made and then he got the certificate back. Next, his full color with holographic background partner card was printed out for Tonda to claim. "Another awesome creation."

        He then headed off to find the next partner booth.


        Jazua grinned back at Arty. "You gonna let Casey go present himself to Uncle Salem?"


        Felix then said, "Remember the other day when Tonda and Flare thought they were free of COME and all of a sudden, COME strikes and we all had to knock him totally out? Nedwin tried to remove Lunexmon 3.0 that time. And now Tonda and Flare are separated. But as we have known from the start... the COME control isn't in Flare; it's in Tonda. So splitting those two is not going to end well."

        Zecma nodded his muzzle. "I agree there. COME is likely going to try something else."

        Flammy grumbled, "they hurt my Dante-Wantie-luvvems."

        August 2, 2012, 12:10:24 AM
        Arty smirks, "Something like that... Actually I was going ot take him on a trip to a see Uncle Salem...Because Uncle Salem contacted ME and told me he had a 'pocket world that Casey would love to experience and could teach him a thing or two'... So, what do you say?"

        Casey giggles, "Sounds like fun!"


        Dante sighs slightly, "Yeah. I just want Tonda to get free of all the COME B.S. I don't know why that's so hard... You would think someone as smart as the best digital minds around could fix it."

        August 2, 2012, 01:49:37 AM
        Tonda approached a rather odd looking partner booth last since it was so unusual. Beast Battle-Tech was the name of the game booth.

        Working on the character creator in the game booth, Tonda began to craft a Lion themed armored battle Zord. This one was by far the most unusual one of his partners. It retained the favorite colors but the rest was truly like a Transformer instead of a normal animal. He refrained from giving this partner a back story. typing instead, If you want to know my back story, then defeat me in battle and I might tell you. Otherwise, frag off! He then named his newest creation as Tion.

        Then the booth asked for the gift certificate and Tonda inserted the paper into the slot where a hole puncher sound was made and then he got the certificate back. Next, his full color with holographic background partner card was printed out for Tonda to claim. "What an awesome leonine battle bot."

        He then headed back toward the front of the game shop.


        Jazua giggled and dove back inside Casey's body. Okay, Arty... kidnap and yiff Casey.


        Felix said, "Flammy and Fyronomon both said that Karal separated Tonda and Flare from each other just today. So up until now, none of the best digital minds had attempted to do anything. I think Karal is privately monitoring Tonda just to make sure he is going to be free of COME. But if Karal isn't monitoring Tonda... then he's pretty over-confident that the split will solve things."

        Flammy nodded his head. "That's right. They are separated. Sonic and Shadow took Flare back to Mobius for a punitive training session."

        Zecma sighed as he shook his head. "In my opinion... Flare has no COME taint in him at all. But without the Tonda compassion to assist him, he has to learn all over again what being good means. COME is only interested in Tonda; not in Flare the Hedgehog. If you will recall... they were going for the Lunexmon the whole time. But every time Tonda encountered a Master or a famous toon, he would get more interference injected into his body. COME will try again. There is no doubt about it."

        August 9, 2012, 01:28:05 AM
        Arty smirks and teleports Casey to 'Uncle Salem's Office'. He doesn't go with them because he has a pretty good idea of the pocket world Salem was talking about and he has to get to work anyway.


        Dante says, "I don't know. I think Karal might be smarter than that. I would say the split is only step one in his plan. I watched some of his old stuff. The guy is two things. Horny as fuck. And methodical. I bet he's actually monitoring everything Tonda does. Inside and out."

        End of Page Four of Nine


          August 9, 2012, 04:53:44 AM
          Tonda Met up with Bosco and Rosco once more as he showed them his partner cards. "I didn't want to activate my partners without a witness, if that's okay with you guys. Anyway, my partners are as follows... From Lion Tribes I created a hunter/crafter named Takari. From Mobo Zero I created another hunter/crafter named Tribal. And finally, from Beast Battle-Tech I created a lion zord named Tion."

          Rosco entered the information into their database one at a time. "As stated, these are your partners..."

          Tonda's Card Partners
          Lion Tribes - a hunter/crafter named Takari
          Mobo Zero - a hunter/crafter named Tribal
          Beast Battle-Tech - a lion zord named Tion
          Tonda smiled. "Looks alright to me. Where can I activate these guys so we don't make a mess in your shop?"

          Bosco opened the back door and escorted Tonda out into their test arena. "My brother and I will watch from the door. You are kind to think ahead especially in the case of the last partner. He is a Zord after all."

          Tonda lifted his safety bracer and he tapped the window which had Takari depicted within it. Directly in front of him appeared in a ready to receive an attack crouching position with his spear in clawed hand was the lion man. When he saw the nice boy instead of whatever he had been facing, he slowly rose up and stepped forward to sniff Tonda before hugging him and lick-kissing him on the mouth. "I was cornered at a cliff by a beast of Roargon; he was in mid-leap at me when you apparently summoned me to your location. Because you are a good card master, I will share my abilities at the minor level with you. Hunting and Crafting will now be at your disposal, Tonda. I will never try to mate with you as long as you help me to train to become stronger in Lion Tribes."

          Tonda smiled. "You and I will be like legends when we train. I can just imagine the look on that beast's muzzle when he jumped at you only to find you vanishing from the spot."

          Takari smiled back. "It is a long way down to the brush at the bottom unless he missed it and hit the river. I will teach you how to access the abilities that I am sharing with you and then I must return to the Lion Tribes world or rather to your card." One instructional later and the lion man hugged Tonda again before resuming his crouching position as he vanished back into the card.

          Tonda grinned. "That was actually fun. Now to get Tribal out here. I'll bet he will be a sexy Mobian Lion despite my making him clean." Tonda lifted his safety bracer and he rotated the card choice to the second window as he tapped the window which had Tribal depicted within it. Directly in front of him appeared the Mobian Lion still holding the meal that he had just acquired from a food stand outside of the academy. "Want some, partner?" Tonda replied, "I shouldn't since you got that for yourself. How was the trip from the wilds to the Great Mobian Jungle?"

          Tribal finished off his meat pie with a crispy crust as he looked at Tonda. "The trip was quiet and I got to see a lot. Geoffrey St. John greeted me kindly. He said it was a change of pace to get a Mobian whom wasn't all powered up by whining players whom should all be in diapers. Did Geoffrey speak to you through the game booth when you made me?"

          Tonda replied, "No, I guess I was using a version of the booth where bonus encouragement was turned off. Or maybe it was broken. If I wanted all powerful, then I would have gone for something entirely different. But... instead... I created you just the way I wanted you to be. You have great potential in being yourself."

          Tribal spent a few moments slurping the meat pie residue off of his muzzle before he came over and hugged the nice boy. Then he was sniffing the young man. "Why do you smell like robotic oil? It is a scent that is usually only found around Robotnik's factories."

          Tonda sighed, "In truth, I was a test subject for an organization of evil called C.O.M.E. They were trying to convert me into an obedient battle warrior. But a Mobian vaccination shot got into my fluids, one meant for Sonic, and COME lost control of me. The Mobians have been trying to help free me of this shit ever since."

          Tribal said, "I know of an old Jungle cure that can purge impurities out of the intended victim. But as with all native cures, it tastes awful and it results in vomiting and mass diarhea for nearly an hour. But in the end, you would be free of this unwanted pollution. Are you interested in learning this cure?"

          Tonda blinked his eyes. "Damned right I am! About time I learned that someone knows a cure for this! You will be my all time hero for helping me with this!"

          Tribal then procured some paper and a writing instrument as he wrote out the cure for his partner. "After all of this is out of you, I would suggest a thorough bath in hot water and detergant so you don't keep smelling like a machine." He handed over the written out cure to Tonda. "I will share abilities with you after you make sure you are cured of this. Any other partners shouldn't have shared abilities with you while you are like this either. Get clean and we will be awesome together. Well, back to the academy with me." And he vanished back into the card.

          Tonda sighed as he read over Tribal's cure. "Karal and Nedwin are going to love this. Tons and tons of puke and manure." He then pocketed the written out cure as he rotated the card view to Tion. "Time for number three." And he tapped the window which showed the lion Zord.

          When the lion Zord appeared in the arena, he slowly sniffed the air in much the same manner as Tribal had before he looked directly at Tonda and he said, "Tribal was right... you smell like a machine. But I can detect the unfortunate boy inside of you. If Tribal's cure doesn't work, then there is another way to free you from the artificial killing droid they were trying to change you into. If you want to try Tribal's cure first, you can. You will be hungry and thirsty afterward. But when you are ready to be rid of this condition entirely, come talk to me and I will help you. Pay attention to how I transport myself back into the card. And to prove what I am saying..." Tion placed a brick inside his metallic muzzle before he transported himself back into the card. The brick simply fell to the ground where Tion had been standing.

          Tonda hummed. "Two possible cures to my condition! What a great day this is turning out to be!" he moved the brick out of the arena and then he went back over to Bosco and Rosco. "Thanks guys, I need to get back to Karal and Nedwin after I check in with Agumon. I am really happy."


          Uncle Salem smiled and hugged Casey. "Glad you could cum, Casey. Arty said you would help me today. Is that okay with you?"


          Felix said, "Why would he only watch Tonda and not Flare? What if Flare is actually the human boy and Tonda is the mind?"

          Flammy made a face. "That sounds kinky. But Karal is the type to try that."

          Zecma bapped Felix on the head. "No, children. Flare is normal. Tonda is normal except for left over COME taint. I would like to believe that Karal got it all out in the first shot, but COME has proven to be one step ahead of the good guys at every twist and turn. No, I think there is more to come, pardon the pun."

          Ba dum tish!

          August 9, 2012, 05:24:10 AM
          Casey smiles and nodnods, "Yeah. I'd like to. He said you thought I'd find it fun! Plus I like to help people."


          Dante shrugs, "I don't know. I'm neither that good...or a master."


          August 9, 2012, 06:09:28 AM
          Tonda soon checked back in with Principal Agumon and he showed him the cards through the safety bracer window. "Takari, Tribal and Tion. Tribal and Tion told me of possible cures for my condition. I need to go back to Karal and Nedwin to try these things. Tion said that if the first cure didn't work, then I could try his solution which has something to do with phase-transporting."

          Agumon said, "If it is what I am thinking, then anything injected into you after you came to QC Planet will simply fall out of you when you are transported to the arrival platform. What might be left behind is something nasty and dangerous. I hope your friends can handle something like that."


          Uncle Salem grinned as he was suddenly on top of naked Casey and pumping the boy butt good! "Still think this is fun?" He giggled.


          Flammy nodded his head. "Maybe we should all head over to Karal's and check on Tonda to see if he needs us for anything."

          Felix said, "That's a great idea. I'd love to go over to Karal's place. Those Lesser Flamakaemon are really cool. Um, no offense, Flammy. You're a Greater and we see you all the time."

          Flammy says, "It's okay. There aren't many Lessers left these days. Its really sad. So Karal protects those who remain."

          Zecma awwws...

          August 9, 2012, 06:36:56 AM
          Casey acks and blushed then moaned and blushed more, "Y...yessir!"


          Dante nods, "That is sad. Let's go see your cousins, Flammy."

          August 9, 2012, 07:13:09 AM
          Tonda arrived back at the Heartstone Observatory where he explained what his card partner Tribal had suggested as well as Tion's possible follow-up solution if the first one didn't work."

          Nedwin and Gotolmyrmon were called in and they proceeded to take Tonda into a sterile operating chamber to give these solutions a try.


          Uncle Salem giggled as he filled Casey and went for round two. "You should have said no, Casey. Now you get to visit the pocket realm as a cat. I hope you enjoy it." And the moment he said it, Casey was instantly a witch cat like any other student and he was then teleported directly to the bottom of the pocket world, with instructions on components he was supposed to be collecting while there. Oh, and watch out for the yiffy animals.


          Zecma handled the teleport to Karal's offices and the group then walked inside, while Zecma returned to the Kornel farm to check on Quinn.

          Flammy led Felix and Dante toward the species observatory. "We'll be able to see my cousins at work from the observatory. If we're lucky, either Karal or JT will be there."

          Felix nodded his head, although he was only looking forward toward seeing the Lesser Flamakaemon.

          August 9, 2012, 07:29:01 AM
          Casey giggles and will do his best to do the job... though he finds it a lot of fun, even though he might not should. It's still a fun experience for him. Though kinda hard to find all components, he'll still do his very best for Uncle Salem...whom he loves.


          Karal was busy monitoring the newest solution on Tonda... JT was actually there for a change... with his 'husband', Tyg. JT, still as cute young and sexy as ever, grinned at the visitors, "Hi guys. Welcome to the Obsy. ... Hey, Flammy!" He HUGS Flammy, "You've been gone a while. How's your family doing?"

          Dante raises a brow, "Um... Do you guys know ALL the..."

          JT cuts him off, "Of course I do! Then again, I'm Mr. Unity." He winks Tyg, "I know almost all the digimon not currently in an active digital existence."

          August 9, 2012, 08:01:22 AM
          Tyg did the obvious thing. He started sniff-sniffing Dante all over. "You smell like you've mated with Flammy. Congratulations. Of course, if you would rather have a Lesser for a husband instead... I can give you a shot that can transfer your mating scent to one of the Lessers who are horny right now." He winked.

          Flammy giggled. "I am sure Dante would LOVE that, except... he's got a crush on Tonda, the boy who Karal helped. But we came up here to check on Tonda and to look down at the working Lessers. Felix here thinks they are awesome."

          Felix nodded his head again. "I would like to see and talk to the Lesser Flamakaemon, if that's not too much trouble, that is..."

          August 9, 2012, 08:13:29 AM
          Karal said, "I am monitoring the lastest cure attempt on Tonda that he learned about from Card Partners. Some of those card partners can be pretty smart. You can view the attempt from this monitor." He indicated the one he was watching.

          Dante acks and blushes, "I'm not ready to have a husband yet... eesh..."

          JT giggles, "That shouldn't be too much trouble." He brings up some of the cameras on the various working Flamas. "See any that strike your fancy?"

          August 9, 2012, 08:52:13 AM
          Within the sterile chamber where Tonda was at, both Nedwin and Gotolmyrmon were wearing gas masks while they prepared the all-natural cure mixture which apparently smelled over the top foul. Worse, Tonda was going to have to drink this stuff while a bit of it got injected into his body.


          Tyg giggled at Dante's reply. "Well... I can yiff you instead then..."

          Flammy laughed. "Go for it, Tyg! I'll get a camera rolling for Karal's benefit!"

          Felix looked and said, "I am interested in Tonda's condition first, and if it goes well, then I would like to visit with that one in the far back that looks like he is working with either white taffy or whipped cream or whatever that is... but he is smiling, so he must really like that job, JT. May I go down there to his work location after I watch Tonda getting his cure?"

          August 9, 2012, 08:59:17 AM
          Dante EEEPS!!! And ran away with Tyg right on his heels!

          JT giggles, "Dante shouldn't run. Tyg likes it when they run." He looks back at the cameras, "NXTJ-42. I know that sector. Sure. Right after Tonda's cure ends, I can send you right over." He hands Felix a timed return band, "And of course the standard Heartstone Auto-Return Safety Bracelet!"


          With Tonda's clothes and safety bracer stored in an arrival transport booth for the second cure, a naked Tonda received his injection and he had to drink the tribal cure, he began vomiting and defecating in an awaiting receptacle. But as he did so, his body seemed to contort as if to resist the cure... After all of the gunk was out of Tonda's body, something seemed to gloat and wordlessly remark, 'Nice try, heroes.'

          But when Nedwin and Gotolmyrmon activated the transporter keyed to Tonda humaness, the boy transported phase like and Star Trek style into the awaiting arrival chamber. What was left behind was a very angry ugly and putrid looking version of a mutated Tonda android with weapon slots all over his body. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! COME WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!"

          End of Page Five of Nine


            August 9, 2012, 09:16:53 AM
            Tonda was horrified by what was left behind as he quickly began to get back into his clothes and to retrieve his Gaming Safety Bracer.


            Tyg was fast though as he soon cornered Dante in a room that was a wrong turn on the anime boy's behalf and Tyg closed and locked the door to the room with no windows with just him and Dante inside and... POUNCE!

            Felix watching the monitor where Tonda's cure was occurring said, "Can that chamber contain that monster, Karal? Because if it can't, then I will need to call Sony and Garurumon."

            August 9, 2012, 09:23:07 AM
            The mutant killing machine took aim at Nedwin and Gotolmyrmon and began to open fire on the two.


            Karal remarked, "That chamber has been reinforced to withstand the battle we had at the end of DAC Season Three. I guess it will be tested today. But you should call Sony and Zecma just in case."

            Dante panted and turned around, "Oh cra..." Was all he had time to say.

            August 16, 2012, 03:51:31 AM
            Tonda stood with his back to the rear of the Transport booth he was in as he looked at his safety bracer. "Tion! Your idea ultimately worked! But now that thing is attacking Nedwin and Gotolmyrmon!"

            Outside the booth, Nedwin reached over with one hand as he touched his own Digimark as he shouted, "Digital Access! Infinity!" And digital sparks go off, as the area around Nedwin's body becomes like outer space; a void with billions of stars... "INFINITOMON!" And a rush of digital light rays and brilliant flashes engulf him, as his entire body was lifted into mid-air where bands of digital data wrapped around him as the image of a mega-ranked warrior larger than himself phased in over the top of the adult man's body as the digimon's wings flexed and flapped for a bit. His ram's head had digital energy flowing off of his horn tips as he landed and struck his battle pose. "Infinitomon, Digital Guardian of Time and Space!"

            And the battle then began.

            Tonda was glad to be inside the shatter proof transport chamber now.


            Felix was making his calls to Zecma first, then to Sony to be ready just in case.

            August 16, 2012, 06:32:18 AM
            Karal tapped a button on his console and Tonda was transported up to the deck where his friends awaited. "You will be safer up here. As for Nedwin and Goto, if anyone is going to have a fight in one of my chambers, it is me!"

            Tonda quickly said, "The air in there smells like the cure, Karal! Take a deep breath before you go in!"

            Karal shouted, "Keep an eye on these guys, JT! I'm heading in!" And he activated his own private transporter to join the fight in progress.

            JT walked over to Tonda and looked him over. "You seem to be okay after going through cures like that. How is your stomach?"

            August 16, 2012, 07:22:00 AM
            Tonda took a breath and released it. "I need to take a hot bath with soap and then I need to get something to eat and drink that's clean."

            Zecma then appeared with Felix's brother Quinn and Sony as well. "So you are finally cured are you?"

            Tonda nodded his head. "I certainly hope so, Zecma. I got one of the new Safety Bracers and partners to go with it."

            Felix hugged Sony and showed him the fight occurring on one of the monitors. "That is the thing that was inside of Tonda."

            Sony made a bleck sound as he stuck his tongue out. "Yuck."

            August 16, 2012, 07:28:51 AM
            Arriving in the battle chamber, Karal reached over and touched his Digimark as he shouted, "Digital Access! Chaos!" And digital sparks went off, as the area around Karal's body becomes like the center of a volcano; a churning flaming inferno... "VULPAKILAKIDAMON!" And a rush of digital flames and brilliant star bursts engulf him, as his entire body was lifted into mid-air where bands of digital data wrapped around him as the image of a mega-ranked fox-like humanoid fox warrior with goat's legs and hoofs phased in over the top of the adult man's body as the digimon's eagle wings flexed and flapped for a bit. His fox's head had digital energy flowing off of his battle bow as he landed and struck his battle pose. "Vulpakilakidamon, Digital Warrior of Chaos and Fire!"

            Karal then remarked, "Man, the air in here does stink! Well, I came to help take this thing down!" And he fired off a volley of his Chaos Arrows at the mutated monster thing.

            August 16, 2012, 07:36:44 AM
            Sony said, "Did Karal just say that something stank in there?"

            Tonda remarked, "That would be the fumes from the cure and my vomit and manure inter-mixed. It was an old jungle based cure. Panthromon would probably be impressed if he were to learn of this."

            Sony made another face. "I'm not going in there while that stink is floating around the chamber."


            The monster thing kept firing his incendiary ammo at the heroes in the chamber.

            August 16, 2012, 07:41:16 AM
            JT said, "I believe in my brother's ability to battle with the big warriors. The only thing missing now is Devina Daemon and her pussy whip."


            Karal was now standing near Goto and Nedwin. "I am about to kill the stench in here and likely fry his power source at the same time. Be sure to activate your anti-empulse shields so you two are not harmed by this." And Karal pushed a button on his hand-held remote which caused the entire chamber to get buried in a cleansing and radiation removing foam much like scrubbing bubbles.

            August 16, 2012, 07:59:10 AM
            Sony said, "If she shows up, I think I will earn some kudos on how it smells in there." But then he saw all the foam bury everyone in the chamber. "What is that stuff, JT?"


            Within the foam, the mutated monster droid was heard short-circuiting as its power core was invaded by the impulse invasive scrubbing bubbles. Thankfully, the foam also removed all of the stink, vomit and manure.

            August 16, 2012, 08:04:46 AM
            JT grinned. "That's my brother's way of cheating to end a battle. It's the ace up his sleeve. Anti-electronic impulse invasive scrubbing bubbles. It was created to depower rogue machines and questionable software."


            Karal then said, "Nobody move while I activate the rinse cycle and wash this stuff off of us." And he pressed the second water-proof button. The entire chamber was drenched as if it was inside of a rain forest during monsoon season.


            JT said, "And there's the rinse cycle to wash away the foam and the stink."

            End of Page Six of Nine


              August 16, 2012, 08:33:56 AM
              Tonda said, "As soon as Dante is free of Tyg, we should see about returning to my Sponsor's home. Since Flare got into trouble and had to go to Mobius for a punitive lesson, we might not see much of him after this. I need to go use Houndimon's industrial strength shower chamber. He's a sewer worker and he comes home stinky."

              August 16, 2012, 08:38:56 AM
              JT said, "Tyg hasn't pounced any boys lately. The reason he didn't pounce you, Tonda, is that he said he could smell the weird machinery inside of you. So I really hope it is all out of you."

              August 16, 2012, 09:18:34 AM
              Tonda said, "You and he aren't the only ones hoping that. Being COME's play toy is really annoying."

              Flammy then said, "I am glad you are getting to the point where you can lead a normal life, Tonda. We only came over here to check on you. As for Felix, he needs to be careful or the look no one wants to get may happen again today. She permits Sony to be close to Felix, but no one else has gotten her permission."

              Felix nodded his head. "You are right. I about forgot about that. When Sony and I get to be together, I just feel that he is a close boyfriend instead of being a lost brother."

              Quinn said, "You and Sony? I guess I am the only one whom can keep their head out of the cess pool."

              August 16, 2012, 09:30:17 AM
              Moments later, a clothed, annoyed and tired looking Dante rejoined the boys. "Let's blow this popsicle stand. Tyg got what he wanted. I never want to go through that again."

              JT said, "I apologize for his being like that. As for you, Tonda, Karal will contact you if he learns anything else."

              August 16, 2012, 10:02:24 AM
              Tonda said, "Come on, everybody. We can get cleaned up back at my Sponsor's home. I need a shower myself and likely an enema as well as a decent meal and good drink."

              Zecma said, "I'll handle the transport, Tonda; and then I can send word to the Mobians that I brought you back home so they can meet us there. Can't wait to hear your new schedule."

              Tonda said, "I'll also need to send word to Monjaro and Jackson to let them know that we made progress and ask them if it would be okay to set up a branch office of Legacy Shipping in Montropolis."

              August 16, 2012, 10:47:12 AM
              Dante said, "I will appreciate the shower at your place, Tonda. This day has been the worst yet."

              August 16, 2012, 02:35:06 PM
              Houndimon & Dogora the Mobian Irish Setter's Home
              Montropolis Suburbs

              Thankfully only Dogora was home and she permitted Dante to use the family bathroom while Tonda used the industrial strength showers within its own section of the garage. Normally, Houndimon would use that shower after a day working in the sewers so whatever Tonda had gotten into must have smelled and tasted similar to that.

              Geoffrey St. John, Amy Rose, Knuckles, and Big the Cat were on hand to wait for Tonda to get done bathing.

              Geoffrey wanted to meet the boy whom created the nice Mobian Lion whom joined his academy earlier that morning.

              Knuckles chatted with Felix while they waited.

              August 17, 2012, 01:43:09 AM
              Fyronomon said, "It won't be the same now that Flare is no longer part of Tonda. I liked both of them when they were the same person. But in the end, it just seemed like someone had converted Flare into a complete opposite of Tonda rather than Tonda being in control as it first started out as. I think there is still a mystery there."

              Dante emerged from the family home looking and feeling clean although having overheard what Fyronomon had just said in regards to Tonda and Flare. "You are right, Fyro. At first, Tonda was in complete control of the Flare power, but the more time he spent on Mobius, the less Tonda he became while he was in Flare form. Until finally, When Flare was out, he was like a completely different person than our friend was. And neither liked the others' activities. Worse, when he learned that Rook was decreasing the Magic lessons for Tonda to once a week, Flare wanted decreased Mobian training times as if to suggest that what was fair for Tonda was also fair for him and then he abused his free time almost immediately. Tonda kept himself in check but Flare went overboard."

              August 17, 2012, 06:16:57 AM
              Tonda then emerged from the industrial strength cleansing chamber with his clothes and safety bracer on. "I caught the last few words as I was coming out. So the topic is Flare, is it? Just remember that I am surprised that he stayed his own person once he was split from me since my life force was necessary for him to exist at all and once we were separated, he went wild. As if he was on a power trip. I have to wonder if he isn't about to fade away right in front of Sonic and Shadow."

              Princess Sally then arrived as she used Unice to scan Tonda's energy aura. "Flare had to be subjested to a Fire Emerald when he almost died when it seemed that his power levels were yanked out from under him. He is on Chaos Emerald Life Support at the moment. Since he is suffering from this, I have to run this scan on you to see if you have a similar reading."

              Tonda then quickly explained to Sally what he had just gone through at Heartstone Labs to get the COME Droid out of his body. "The vomiting and defecation process nearly drained me entirely before they resorted to the Star Trek Phase teleportation trick to catch the Droid off guard, which sent me to the safety of the receiving chamber and leaving the angry droid out where the others battled him when he starting shooting everything in sight."

              Princess Sally said, "When you guys performed the first part of the cure, it affected Flare simultaneously and when you were transported away from the Droid, Flare lost the last bit of his energy and nearly went into a coma. I know you didn't want to kill him; but that's what almost happened."

              Tonda said, "If he didn't start acting like I was his slave, then he could have stayed in me and we could have learned his powers together. But just before he was removed from me, he was acting all high and mighty as if my wishes didn't matter in the world. Like I was the virus instead of him. He wouldn't even say my name. Am I wrong, guys?"

              Flammy said, "No, you are not wrong. Flare called you 'The Kid' or simply the pronoun 'him'. He said it right in front of Karal; so there's another witness."

              Princess Sally finished her scan of Tonda and said, "I have disturbing news for you, Tonda... With Flare's removal from your body, there is an empty Mobian shaped cavity slowly refilling with energy. You could regain a Mobian form at a later date which you would again be dealing with, but thankfully, as long as you are careful, it won't be anything like Flare was."

              Tonda sighed. "That is disturbing. I thought I was finally free of this shit."

              August 17, 2012, 08:09:11 AM
              Dante gave Tonda a hug before stepping away from him. "So you have no power at all at the moment or did I misunderstand that from earlier?"

              Fyronomon said, "He has Card Partners whom can share their abilities with him. But if you meant an internal power, then no, not until his Mobian Cavity reveals itself later on."

              End of Page Seven of Nine


                August 18, 2012, 05:10:09 PM
                Legacy Shipping
                Montropolis Branch

                Monjaro and Jackson were getting the branch office ready in downtown Montropolis within range of the local Taco Tokyo. Bastan and Catherine were assisting them with this task which would have a magical transporter short-cut to connect the two businesses together.

                Jackson smiled. "This is actually a good idea not only for Tonda, but for all of us as well. Casey and Dante can use the short-cut to visit with Tonda and/or do shipping tasks locally with him. We would still own both businesses."

                Monjaro smiled. "It will really be beneficial for Bastan whom wanted to work with Tonda from the beginning. I am glad Tonda called us to have us do this."


                After Houndimon had returned home and got himself clean, he joined the others for a backyard carpentry project along with necessary chores and jobs around the property. The Sponsors were spending serious time with Tonda today since Tonda's brother recently moved into the area and had somehow gotten through A.I.R.S. without getting the questionable shot.

                Tonda was glad that his Sponsors were allowing Dante to help since until recently he hadn't gotten to spend any real time with Dante at all. And Dante mainly joined Legacy Shipping to be around him.

                "So you say Tyg made you lay an egg for him, did he?" asked Tonda as he did some carpentry work with Houndimon and Dogora. "That must have been embarrassing. Did he apologize afterward?"

                August 21, 2012, 11:38:17 PM
                Bastan remarked as he got the shelves in the storage area in place, "Tonda impressed me by being himself when I first saw him. Plus, he likes lions and I have a little lion in me."


                Casey had made it home with Arty from the Consortium. Blackwind sniffed Casey and told him to go upstairs and bathe to get the stink off of him. After Casey went up to bathe, he overheard Blackwind having words with Arty about letting Casey have unsupervised visitation with Salem.

                Arty said, "Salem wanted to see him. What was I supposed to tell him; No? Our boy is off-limits. You are starting to act like Krypto."

                Blackwind shook his head. "Krypto is far worse than I am! So there!"


                Dante nods, "No... he said if I ran again, it'd be two." He smirks, "Apparently, just getting him aroused or being 'new', is enough to earn a yiffing from him. But since he's married into the Heartstone family, I guess that makes sense." He held the object steady for Tonda, "Anyway. I'm just glad to get away with myself intact."

                August 24, 2012, 02:39:46 AM
                Tonda smiled at Dante. "I still feel bad about what the guys had you thinking a few weeks ago when they told the public that I had died. But they really wanted to throw COME off my scent. It was all Karal and Nedwin's idea. And you don't argue with the Yiffer Who Wants Your Rear End."

                Dogora asked Tonda, "Did you ever find out where your brother got housing at?"

                "Yeah, as funny as this will sound, Sega's dad" the original Sonic the Hedgehog from Video Game fame, who is the track and field coach at the Montropolis College "is letting him live with them at their cottage in the woods just North of Montropolis."


                A living rabbit costume was running around the hallways of the house even though Casey had laid himself down for an afternoon nap after his bath.

                August 30, 2012, 01:41:42 AM
                Dante sighs, "I understand why they did it.. And I did get to punch Neddy in his face for it. But... At least your okay. That's all that I care about, you know? You're important to me." He smiles, "Sounds like a nice group."


                Casey was snoring heavily....

                Blacky raised a brow as he sat in the living room, "Keep it down, Bucky. Or are you trying to get me to pounce you?"

                September 1, 2012, 07:31:15 PM
                Tonda says, "I'm glad my brother is in a good household."

                Dogora nodded his head. "Me too. I mean, we would have roomed him here, but the Sponsor rules say one boy at a time."


                Bucky bounced and hopped and came to a temporary stop in front of Blacky. "Sorry. So sorry. Just excited. Happy. Can't believe Casey chose me as a partner. Silly hyper me. I like being Casey's partner. He's good. So good." He is off all bouncy again.

                September 3, 2012, 11:11:44 AM
                Blackie shakes his head, "No idea why... Why don't you go pounce him in bed? He needs some hyper bouncy workout." He smirks and chuckles.

                September 3, 2012, 01:36:43 PM
                Houndimon groped Dante and said, "Monday is Bring Your Son To Work Day. I was planning on bringing Tonda to the treatment plant with me. What will you be doing, Dante? I know you don't like hanging out with your dad much."

                Tonda giggled since he remembered how smelly Houndimon IS after a day at work.


                Bucky grinned and bounced once, and then Casey is joined in bed by a hyperactive frisky yiffy rabbit costume! "GOTCHA!"

                September 5, 2012, 12:27:26 PM
                Dante chuckles, "Actually, I'm planning on going to work with my Mother. She's far more tolerable when it comes to being around than my dad... I still don't see what she ever saw in my dad."


                Casey acked! But laughed and soon was 'fighting' and 'having fun' with said costume! He liked waking up with 'friends'.

                September 5, 2012, 11:15:41 PM
                Houndimon smiled. "What does your mom do, Dante?"

                Tonda giggled again. "Houndi-Dad works in the sewers!"

                Houndimon reached over and pinched Tonda's ass. "Behave or there will be sex in the sewers too."


                Gringo's head slowly rose up over Arty's bed in a silent motion. He still remembers Casey getting a face full of milk the other morning.

                Bucky continues to play with Casey since he's got too much energy. "Blacky told me to do this, Casey! So if you want revenge... he's in his easy chair!"

                September 7, 2012, 03:00:16 AM
                Dante smiles, "She's an engineer. Builds stuff. Mostly replacement limbs and magical versions of cybernetics I guess you'd call it."


                Arty is still sleeping nicely... Curled up in a ball on his special bed.

                Casey giggles and kisses Bucky, "It's okay, everyone needs a little fun now and then!"

                End of Page Eight of Nine


                  September 22, 2012, 08:59:22 AM
                  Gringo slowly grinned as he suddenly... plopped a spoonful of whipped milk cream on top of Arty's head. "Payback is so sweet." And he galloped off at a run.

                  Bucky smiles and kisses Casey, as he tries to take it even further than that... as in... yiffing Casey in bed.


                  Houndimon smiled. "So she works with Karal?" He giggled having heard how Dante slapped both Nedwin and Karal the other day.

                  Tonda smirked as he raked some leaves into a pile. "Feels different having Flare outside of my body for a change. No weird urges to get in trouble. No overactive sex drive that drives me crazy. Just being free is totally enough. But still... without Flare... I feel like... well... I've been kicked out of the powers club. Even though Princess Sally said that I will get a new form later on."

                  Dogora hugged Tonda gently from behind. "You'll have better luck with the new form, Tonda. We're just glad to have you back alive."

                  September 22, 2012, 09:03:06 AM
                  Arty smirks and floats the cream down off his head and nommed it, "Mmm... Yes it is rather sweet indeed."

                  Casey likes playing with his friends...all of them, and he doesn't mind letting Bucky take it as far as he wants to.


                  Dante smirks, "No. I don't think they'd be the type. Two people with those kinds of tempers would never get anything done." He looks over at Tonda, "Well I've learned the hard way that it isn't all it's cracked up to be... but I sincerely doubt that helps much. But Dogora is right. You will have better luck with the new form."

                  September 24, 2012, 11:15:44 PM
                  Bucky rubs on Casey gently. "What were we going to be doing today?"


                  Just then, Nedwin was standing there in the backyard. No loud teleport; he just appeared. "Tonda? Pardon my bothering you today, but we got the final tests back concerning your body chemistry. First for the good news... your body is completely clear of COME's control substances. You will never have to endure them again unless they somehow get at you in the future."

                  Houndimon hummed. "So what's the bad news? You said that was the good news." He didn't like the idea of Tonda going through more unexpected crap.

                  Nedwin replied, "The removal of Flare left your chemistry with a cavity that is forming into something new exactly as Princess Sally told you. The bad news is that we don't have a clue as to what this new form, new power, or new species will be like. So we can't give you any prior warning about it. All we know is that its been rapidly filling the void left behind once Flare was free of you."

                  Tonda sighed as he held the rake. "Therefore, you don't have any suggestions on how I could go about discovering this new power."

                  Nedwin shook his head slowly. "Sorry we couldn't deliver better news. Anyway, I need to get back now. Tyg is having trouble with his new kids. They don't seem to like him." And he vanished.

                  Dogora giggled as she glanced at Dante. "The Alchemist's revenge has started already, hasn't it, Dante?"

                  September 25, 2012, 01:07:23 AM
                  Casey says, "Well, I was supposed to go to an 'open house' today. I'm not sure but that really weird humany guy who helped Tonda said it would be in my, and all of our, best interests to check it out. And you know me! I love mysteries!"


                  Dante smirks and nods, "Though... I kinda liked Tyg regardless... Still, revenge can be very sweet." He grins at Tonda, "Don't worry, though, about this new power thing. Look at it like this, atleast whatever develops, is yours. Not something they wanted for you, not something someone forces on you, it's yours. And even if it proves to be a pain in the ASS ... Trust me on this... It's atleast something you can master. And hopefully not cause your entire arm to be almost melted and destroyed. That hurt."

                  September 25, 2012, 02:16:05 AM
                  Bucky kisses Casey on the lips. "That sounds like it might be fun!" And he vanished back inside Casey's body excitedly.


                  Tonda hummed as was thinking about the possible new form. While Flare was a pain in the ass, he really liked the Hedgehog form itself. "I guess I better send a toon mail note to Sonic and Tails just in case. If I am about to get a new form, they need to know about it. I was given Sonic's vaccination shot by accident and there was enough of that Mobian medicine in there to knock a barbarian elephant on his ass."

                  Houndimon smiled. "We'll support you all the way, Tonda." Dogora nodded her head. "And so will Dante. He really likes you."

                  October 9, 2012, 10:13:05 PM
                  Casey kissed back and giggled, nodding. Then he hopped up and got dressed, the minimum amount as usual, and headed off to the open house.


                  Dante smiles, "Of course." He laughs, "Just don't poke me to death when I hug you from behind."

                  October 14, 2012, 03:44:46 PM
                  Tonda giggled. "As long as I am me in the new form and not fiery, I'll accept it as it is."

                  December 8, 2012, 12:25:06 AM
                  Dante laughs, "Agreed."

                  April 6, 2013, 06:48:58 PM
                  Tonda smiled at Dante. "Was there something we were supposed to be attending today? For some reason, I am thinking there is, but... I can't remember what it was."

                  April 15, 2013, 11:05:20 PM
                  Dante tilts his head, "Your memory getting that bad, Ton? We were suppose to help you with your chores and hang out a while. Then after that..." He grins, "You were suppose to profess you're undying love and admiration for me, describing me only with the most epic of poetry..." He laughs, "Okay, okay, seriously. Casey is going to an open-house for a power's school for that certification he needs and we're suppose to meet him after that at the pizza place. This morning, we have it mostly free after we get your chores done, though I had sorta thought we might spend it doing something together since we've been unable to actually hang out in HOW long?"

                  End of Episode Eight: Freedom at Last

                  Stay tuned for the next episode, All-Star Chaos

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                  End of Episode Eight