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[QCPA] LS-07 Cody and Jacob Come to Town

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    [QCPA] LS-07 Cody and Jacob Come to Town

    QCPA: LS-07 Cody & Jacob Come to Town

    November 18, 2011, 02:47:01 AM
    Q.C. Planet Animeiyo: Legacy Shipping
    Cody & Jacob Come to Town

    In a world of Paint and Ink, follow the adventures of other human boys and various animated stars as they have adventures throughout Japanopolis on Q.C. Planet.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Jackson "Confederate Mouse" Knightmane - Lord Pouchlaw
    Monjaro "Triple Dragon" Lee - Lord Pouchlaw
    Tonda Lochmond/Flare the Hedgehog - Lord Pouchlaw
    Stuart Lochmond - Lord Pouchlaw
    Catherine Centaur - Lord Pouchlaw

    Bastan McCoy - Darquirrin
    Dante Elric - Darquirrin
    Casey "Army of One" Thomson - Darquirrin
    Cody Thompson - Darquirrin
    Jacob Denton - Darquirrin

    Cody & Jacob Come to Town
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin
    May 16th, 2011

    Tonda's Montropolis High: Class Schedule
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    1st Hour || Aeromon Dynamics
    2nd Hour || Mobian Mathematics
    3rd Hour || Monster Linguistics
    - = L U N C H - = - H O U R = -
    4th Hour || Eldritch Magic & Transmutations
    5th Hour || Toon Physics
    6th Hour || Digivice Dynamics
    7th Hour || Team Training
    The following afternoon

    Legacy Shipping, Japanopolis

    Zecma had gone to meet with the two boys that morning to give them personal escort to Japanopolis and to Legacy Shipping. The Devil Mouse had met with them first, checked their baggage, then gave them both a short tour of both Montropolis and then Japanopolis, before taking the boys over to their new apartments at Legacy Shipping. One boy per apartment, in case they wanted some privacy for whatever reason imaginable.

    Jackson came into the building and was looking over the deliveries manifest while Monjaro proceeded to check missed messages on their data and fax machine.

    Zecma who had stayed with the boys up to now said, "Sounds like Monjaro, Jackson, and Casey just returned from their schools. Bastan seems to be returning from his daily outing too. Ready to go meet with them?"


    Houndimon & Dogora the Mobian Irish Setter's home
    Southern Suburbs, Montropolis

    Rook had decided to free up a LOT of Tonda's time by making it so he only had to get the Eldritch training once a week rather than every day after school. It really wasn't fair otherwise since the boy's weekends were going to be booked with Legacy Shipping.

    Therefore, Tonda was in his backyard with Dante, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and Ogma. The rest were off who knows where. Yes, even Sonic didn't try to live up Tonda's rump. Tonda grinned when he saw Fyronomon coming out of the back of his own home next door, albeit carrying a sack of garbage. "Hey homey! Rook is giving me 4 days free from the magic training!"

    November 18, 2011, 02:57:17 AM
    Cody grins, "I sure am! Especially since one of them is my 'brother'. Gods it's so weird saying that. Braaaah..... Thoooooor... hehe. Let's go!" He was excited about all that had happened and was quite energetic.

    Jacob rolls his eyes, "Calm down, hyperboy, or you'll just give them the wrong impression."

    Cody says, "Nonsense...Let's go!"


    Fyronomon put the trash into the bin and then powered up a furious fire attack, incinerating that bag of trash. He then waves back, "Hey! I was just taking care of our non-polluting burnables today." He grins, bouncing up to the fence, "4 days off huh? That mean I finally get to spend some time with yas off the clock?" He winks.

    November 21, 2011, 11:55:43 AM
    Tonda commented, "Not just 4 days one time, Fyronomon! But from now on! I only have the after school class on Mondays now! However..." He spoke in a normal tone at this point. "I still have to have at least 4 body guards on hand during the other days so COME doesn't try to get me."


    Zecma then said, "There are two others who aren't going to be here today... Tonda Lochmond and Dante Elric. They are down in Montropolis. Tonda is undergoing a power problem and Dante is showing support by helping him deal with it. An evil organization called COME is after Tonda, just so you know. They like to give an injection to human boys and change them into fighting species who they hope they can train to serve them. Unfortunately for them, the doctors screwed up a shot meant for Tonda and... he got injected with Sonic The Hedgehog's vaccination shot instead which... really screwed up the form they were setting him up with. Now he changes into Flare the Hedgehog, who is both Digimon and Mobian at the same time."

    "Anyway, here we go. You can meet the other two later... And yes, Jacob... Tonda is one of those cute guys who everyone wants to spend time with."

    Moments later, Zecma led the two new boys down into the Legacy Shipping main office. "Hi Monjaro! This is Cody and Jacob! Boys, this is Monjaro Lee. Over there is Bastan McCoy. And I assume in the back shipping area is Jackson Knightmane and your brother... Casey Thompson."

    Monjaro smiled as he gave a hug to each boy, saying, "We finally get to meet the boy who we were originally supposed to get and didn't. Welcome to Legacy Shipping or as we're called in Japanese... Animeiyo. We are both a shipping company and a detective agency."

    In the back, Jackson said to Casey, "If you want to go meet your brother, go on. I can load up the rest of these deliveries."

    November 21, 2011, 11:03:47 PM
    Casey says, "It's okay, Jackson. You've been wanting to meet him longer than I have! I can finish them up and then come join you guys. Plus, I'm a little nervous and it'll let the butterflies in my belly settle a bit first."

    Cody grins, "I can't wait to meet him. He sounds like a nice guy. Sorry about that happening to him." He smiles, waving to everyone.

    Jacob woahs... "I can't believe... Lee? McCoy? You guys are related to some my FAVORITES!" He hugs them both!

    Bastan erfs a little and pets his head lightly as he says, "uh... thanks..."


    Fyronomon laughs, "Well I know lots of places like that. We could spend some time down at DATA. It's a digital club for digital people!"

    November 22, 2011, 04:02:52 AM
    Tonda grinned, then sighed, "Only problem with that is that Sonic has to okay the places I go during my free time. Which means, he will come along the first time to check the place out. And if they have a silly rule about non-digital people not getting in, then I will be prevented from going in too. They're just trying to protect me in case COME has operatives in the clubs. Which is possible."


    Monjaro smirked. "You're a fan of our dads? Well, if you want to get stuck with them, I am sure Bastan and I can _arrange_ that..." He turned his head toward Bastan and winked with a grin.

    Just then, Jackson in his anime human form emerged from the back room with Casey. "My delivery is all loaded up, Monjaro." Then he turns to look at the new boys. "You must be Cody and Jacob. I am Jackson Knightmane, the rebel with a cause." He strikes a muscular pose. "And not a bit modest at all." He chuckled.

    November 22, 2011, 04:18:57 AM
    Fyronomon shakes his head, "Sounds like they're trying to smother you to me. But... Okay." He shrugs and heads back toward the house, "Maybe we can think of some things. Lemme tell my parents and we'll see."


    Bastan grins and nods. "Definitely."

    Jacob blushes and nods, "Yeah. But I like you both as well so far!"

    Cody grins and says, "Nice to meet you too, Jackson... Your...really good looking.... Jeesh, I'm in a house full of good looking guys. I feel like the odd man out..." He rubs his head a bit. Though he's kinda staring at Jackson.

    Casey grins, "Thanks. I look like you so........ Your calling yourself good looking too."

    Cody ers... "I didn't mean it like that. I just...' He just kinda stops, not sure what to say.

    November 22, 2011, 05:32:38 AM
    Jackson chuckled. "Hey Monjaro... let's show the boys our other sides. I think they would love to see that."

    Monjaro nodded his head. "I think that's a great idea. Time to suit up."

    Monjaro grinned. "Triple Dragon Time!" And then the very air around himself crackled with fire, ice, and lightning as his clothing transformed between their normal appearance to his Triple Dragon Warrior armor and helm. "Triple Dragon! Continuing the Tradition!" And then three dragons briefly appeared in the background and roared!

    Jackson shouted, "It's time to go rebel!" His eyes sparked fiercely as he focused on causing his metamorphosis. There came a flash, which showed a scene of civil war cannons firing in both directions. When the flash subsided, a studly and athletic male humanoid rebel rodent stood there, with glowing blue eyes. He was wearing a blue costume with dark ebony like armor in the fashion of the confederate flag. Close ups of the costume and mouse parts then occurred in rapid succession, before Confederate Mouse grinned, as the frontal view swept back... showing him giving a thumbs up to the audience. "Confederate Mouse! Rebel With a Cause!"

    Monjaro smirked. "We're going to have to get Bastan a cool costume transformation device so he can wow the babes."

    Zecma was laughing at the suggestion.


    Tonda irked. "NOT! THIS! TIME!" He felt the desire to transform and he was fighting it off. He really wanted to control this shit.

    Shadow exclaimed, "You can do it, Tonda! Fight it and focus on winning! You are stronger than COME! You can win!"

    Knuckles fetched some ice water just in case. "I'm at the ready in case he needs this."

    November 22, 2011, 05:50:39 AM
    Bastan grumps and crosses his arms over his chest, "I don't need one. I'm always the best, and that's all anyone needs to see."

    Jacob giggles, "I have to agree there!"

    Cody was staring... with just a tiny bit of drool.

    Casey was laughing his butt off, thinking there is no way he was THAT obsessed.... okay maybe a little.


    Dante says, "You can do it, Tonda!" He crossed his fingers and watched with the others.

    November 22, 2011, 06:29:02 AM
    Monjaro grinned. "Casey, why don't you introduce Cody and Jacob to Gringo?" He winked.

    Cute boys want to yiff, eh Senor? mentally thought Gringo at Casey with lewd feelings.

    Confederate Mouse says, "I have a delivery run to make, guys. I will be back later. Business, you know." And he grabs a form as he heads back into the shipping area.


    Tonda fights it throughout the brief resisting moment and then as suddenly as the feeling came... it was gone. And he is left panting and sweating heavily. He takes the ice water from Knuckles and slowly sipped on it. "Rook was right... I have to resist that urge or it will control me."

    Ogma said, "Strange... this seems to be occurring every day at odd hours. COME cannot be getting attacked that often so something else must be going on. Maybe they are deliberately setting it off as a means of finding you."

    Tails hummed. "That actually makes sense, Ogma. I mean, these last few days, Tonda has been in out of the way locations during the transformations, so they could be doing this to try to locate him."

    November 22, 2011, 06:38:01 AM
    Casey chuckles, "Okay. Common out, Gringo." He giggles and shifts into Gringo form.

    Cody says, "Gringo? Oh, okay... Hey! We can catch up later, right?"

    Jacob smirks, "Cody... He can see the tent in your pants..."

    Cody blushes furiously...


    Dante says, "That's true. Hmmm. I don't know. But, at least you did really good, Tonda. I'm proud of you."

    End of Page One of Nine

    November 23, 2011, 05:53:09 AM
    Gringo snuggled up and hugged Cody, groping the boy openly. "You arouse for Gringo, yes? Perhaps you like open contact, eh senor?" He giggled as he licked Cody's face!

    Zecma chuckled. "While Cody is getting molested, is there anything you would like to do, Jacob?"


    Tonda hummed. "At least I fought it off this time. I only want to change when I want to. Of course when Fyronomon comes back I will have to change because it's not safe to play with him in this form. He is a fire element."

    November 23, 2011, 06:09:50 AM
    Jacob says, "I'm okay with anything, really. I just really am excited to meet all these people... I'm... A little overwhelmed but not as instantly as aroused as Cody obviously. I think he wants to pounce the mousey guy. Though, it's been a while... could we maybe get...some breakfast?"

    Cody blushes, "Gringo? I... I didn't know Casey had 'friends'... er... inside him?" He was kinda obviously erect though after seeing the Rebel.


    Dante smiles and nods, "That's true. That's really good, Tonda."

    November 23, 2011, 07:47:05 PM
    Monjaro giggled. "Jacob... it's afternoon. Almost dinner time. But if you want some breakfast, we can take you over to Vinnie's Cafe. They serve any meal at any hour. I think Cody will be fine with Casey and Gringo. Zecma? Take Jacob over to Vinnie's Cafe. And charge the meal to Legacy Shipping."

    Zecma nodded his head. "A-OK!" POOF!

    Gringo was in the process of removing Cody's clothes for a yiffing. "I show you some fun, eh Senor?"


    Zecma and Jacob appeared via POOF in Vinnie's Cafe where Jacob saw Vincent Van Wham behind the counter wearing a chef's hat. Zecma said, "Hey Vinnie! Jacob here needs some breakfast! Monjaro said to charge it to Legacy Shipping!"

    Vinnie grinned at the two. "Have a seat at the counter, boys, and tell me what all you want."


    Flamakaemon suddenly entered the backyard from the side yard gate. "Hi Tonda. My parents said I could spend the afternoon with you. And... dad suggested the Fire Digimon Club later if you want to go dancing and meet other Fire Digimon. Of course, they allow all species there... the red dance floor is for us fire types."

    Tonda smiled and hugged Flamakaemon. "Good to see you, buddy. I'm glad you came over. Fire Digimon Club, huh? Tails, have Sonic check it out."

    Tails nods and mentally sends word to Sonic to go check out the club.

    November 24, 2011, 02:42:11 AM
    Cody umms...."I..I don' t know..." He was very aroused from the rebel and Gringo is not bad looking at all but... He's pretty confused if it's masturbating or sex at this point. It's a bit of a mind fuck.


    Jacob grins at Zecma and suddenly just starts LAUGHING... "I have never seen Cody so taken aback or as confused. Oh that was priceless.... W...w.VINCENT VAN WHAM? OMGILOVEBIKERMICETHISISINCREDIBLE IDIDN'TKNOWYOUMENTTHATVINNIE!" He runs over and hugs the chef then runs back around and has a seat at the counter, "Anything! Your specialty! I can't believe Vincent Van Wham is gonna cook for me! I have to be THE most lucky kid in the world right now."


    Fyronomon returns soon after that, "Okay. All my chores are done for now."

    November 24, 2011, 03:17:49 PM
    Once Cody is down to his underwear, Gringo pauses and says, "Senor, you give in too easily. I would never make my partner watch you get yiffed by me right in front of him. I do this to prove point, yes? You need practice so not to give in to temptation. Otherwise, I would have you on floor right here where women could see. See big pane glass units in front windows? No privacy here. Now put your clothes back on. We friends, but you practice resisting. Sexy does not always mean safe."

    And he purposely shifted back into Casey.

    Monjaro was quietly giggling. He had been wondering how far the living costume was going to go before giving that speech. And he was glad it was with the underwear ON. Mainly because there were a few anime girls standing at the front windows staring. Monjaro held up a sign with the words 'Object Lesson' written on it. The girls nodded in understanding and walked on down the sidewalk, a few giggling.

    Monjaro glanced over as he put the sign down. "How do you feel, Cody?"


    Vinnie grinned as he shouted, "House Specialty Breakfast, love! We have a fan in here!" He then leaned in close to Jacob and kissed him on the forehead. "My son is leading the New All-Stars. So what brings you to Japanopolis?"


    Flamakaemon waved at Fyronomon. "Hey buddy! How's it hanging? Mine is prehensile, so it doesn't hang!" He winked with a grin.

    Tonda laughed.

    November 24, 2011, 10:35:43 PM
    Casey giggles, "Object lesson indeed."

    Cody hurriedly put his clothes back on, gritting his teeth. He looks at Monjaro, "Pissed, hurt, and embarrassed. How the hell do you think I feel? Can I see my room now? And maybe NOT get ambushed and 'taught lessons' on my first day here?" Unlike Casey, Cody isn't shy of telling people how he feels.

    Casey says, "Well if your gonna get embarrassed and pissed over things like that your not really gonna want to stay here long. That's sorta the usual way with toons. Object lessons over talking about them.."

    Cody says, "So your going to honestly tell me YOU got ambushed like that on your first day? Tempting me with sexy ass mouse butt and then having YOU of all people pounce on me..."

    Casey says, "Gringo, not me."

    Cody glares continuing, "It's confusing and annoying with you splitting hairs. And in case you noticed, I didn't move because I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that you were coming on to me." He looks at Monjaro, "Can I go up to my room now?"


    Jacob almost melts with a grin and KISSES back suddenly with another hug before sitting down on the seat again, "Well it's kinda a long story. First I was working with Triple I helping them locate my friend, Cody, who had gone missing. Apparently, he's the 'original' Casey. It's a little confusing but knowing Cody, he's probably going to make a total dick of himself in 5 minutes. Though he's kinda cute when he's all flustered. Though I can't really blame him after being a victim of a pretty nasty setup before. But we found him, freed him, and we both got to come here!"


    Fyronomon smirks, "And yours is 90% unused too!" He grins, "Unless you finally managed to convince that human you had your eyes on to 'try Flamakaemon and never go back', I think that's the line you tried....I have no idea what he sees in you."

    November 29, 2011, 12:01:38 AM
    Monjaro sighed. "Casey is right, Cody. Enthusiastic pouncing is going to happen a lot. And yes, you can return to your apartment if you really want to. The rest of us are going to resume the business work. This is Legacy Shipping." He looked at a chart. "Casey, your delivery isn't delivering itself. You need to get busy."

    He then turned to Cody again. "Perhaps this was just a poor first day. But you need to get over Gringo doing that. He is a living costume; it really wasn't Casey at all."


    Vinnie nodded his head. "If Cody cannot get himself used to possible pouncing around here, then he won't last long. So who all do you like in cartoon land, Jacob?"


    Flamakaemon smirked. "He said he wanted to yiff Tonda first. And then Dante burst into the showers where we were and he said, I saw him first. And then Sonic was there saying, The boy is off limits while COME is out there. And don't even think about dropping any soap." He giggled. "And then my partner dropped the bar of soap on purpose and when he bent over to pick it up, Tonda snapped a towel on his ass at the same time that Sonic was about to get involved. It was hilarious to watch after our Partnered Arena class ended."

    Tonda said, "Felix and Sony help me train in our Arena. Felix is a real pal. I am sure Sony gets his licked often." He winked giggling.

    Tails ahemed. "Tonda... that's not nice."

    November 29, 2011, 01:24:29 AM
    Casey nods, "Right." He looks at Cody, "See you later. And I'm sorry if Gringo upset you. Just try to relax a little, okay?" He heads off on his delivery.

    Cody nods a little... Then shudders, muttering, "Please don't let this be like then...." out loud he nods to Monjaro, "I'll try and keep that in mind. And... thanks... Sorry..." Then heads up to his room. He's not happy either, but after just being freed, he's still... touchy. And he can't help it. Gringo just scared him.


    Jacob smiles, "So far, everyone I've met! But your one of my heroes when I was growing up. I always kinda wished for someone like your son though cause I always wanted a bunch of toon friends to run around with and get into trouble with.... But I'm a little older than that now. But not much wiser!"


    Dante nods a bit, "I agree."

    December 4, 2011, 10:46:59 PM
    Monjaro was about to file another delivery for the guys later when he saw someone enter the store front with an almost sly smile on his golden furred face. "Oh good! You came!"

    "Is Cody here someplace? Or do I get to go surprise him?"

    Monjaro giggled. "He is going to be so thrilled! Especially since he loves Mythical Creatures so much! He's upstairs in Apartment 4C feeling a little depressed. Gringo surprised and pounced him and... it brought back some bad memories for Cody. Gringo didn't mean any harm, but... Cody reacted kinda badly about it."

    "Okay. I'll head on up and see if he will open the door for me. After all..." wink "...with my second show in hiatus and the first show on a short break, I think Cody will be thrilled to see someone like me."

    And the special guest teleported upstairs to the third floor and to Cody's door where he rapped on the door with a cloven fore hoof. "Hey, is Cody home? I'm a mythical creature who isn't after a bard for a change..." Then he waited while trying not to giggle. In his golden coat with his spiraled horn, he was really looking forward toward meeting Cody.


    Vinnie grinned as he petted Jacob on the head. "So you wanted to be be friends with people like my son, huh? So why can't you do that? The All-Stars have branch offices with HQ Transportals connecting back to their main base in Terryville. You could see my son whenever you wanted."

    Just then, Charley came in with Jacob's breakfast meal and set it in front of him. "One house special breakfast for a fan." She winked.

    Zecma giggled.


    Flamakaemon grinned at Fyronomon and said, "Actually, I came over to give Tonda an invite to the Fire Element Club where our kind of Digimon hang out. I mean, he's literally one of us, right?"

    Tonda grinned too. "Sonic went over there to check it out. And now that you're out here again, do you want to hang out and play with the human boy or the Fire Element Mobian Digimon?" He winked. I know Dante likes the human me, although he might get to see me naked this afternoon.

    December 5, 2011, 07:54:34 AM
    Cody opens the door, curious, "Who..." then his jaw dropped, "I.. You.. How..." He didn't know what to say! He finally gathered his wits enough to say, "Please... Come in!"


    Jacob smiles and dug in, eating hungrily, "This is DELICIOUS! You guys are the BEST!!" He grins, "Really? That's the other thing I love! Mystery and crime solving. Not so much the 'fighting' type but just solving stuff."


    Fyronomon smiles, "Really? I like you both ways. Depends on what you wanna do." He grins, "I think your awesome pretty much either way."

    End of Page Two of Nine


      December 6, 2011, 10:29:30 PM
      Drom the golden male unicorn stepped into Cody's room with a smile. "Monjaro called me while he was in school and told me about the boy he was getting who loved mythical creatures. With Lion Force finished filming and my other series in hiatus, I thought I might come over and help you adjust to life here on Q.C. Planet. Would you like to give me a hug?"


      Vinnie smiled. "How about I help you get a membership with my son's team? Would you like that, Jacob?"


      Tonda grinned and HUGGED both Fyronomon and Flamakaemon tightly, before he let go and glanced at Dante saying, "Rare opportunity, handsome... don't faint like a girl." He then stripped out of his clothes right there in front of everyone in the backyard.

      Ogma smiled. "Am I ever GLAD I was one of the bodyguards today!"

      Tails smirked. "Me too!"

      Flamakaemon giggled. "I get to see this every day after Partnered Arena class."

      December 7, 2011, 12:38:38 AM
      Cody blushes and gives Drom a big hug then says, "I'm sorry I don't have anything for you. But I just moved in. And yeah I do. Be it Unicorns to Yokai, to Nezumi to Gryphons." He smiles and sits down on the bed across from Drom. "I'm grateful you came."


      Jacob blinks, "M..Me?! A membership?" He blinks again, "I..I don't know... I mean that'd be fantastic but... Are you sure he'd want some one like as a member of his team?"


      Fyronomon hugged back with a grin.

      Dante smirks, "Lucky you." But he is looking every bit as much as he can.

      December 9, 2011, 12:00:53 AM
      Drom smiles and kisses Cody on the mouth. "Monjaro said that I could play host for you for anywhere you'd like to go. And see whatever you wanted to see. No holds barred, in other words. You and me. Whenever you like."


      Vinnie grinned. "You like him, don't you?" He winked.

      Zecma giggled.


      Tonda smiled. "Free opportunity, Dante... come over here and cop a good feel. When will you get another chance?"

      Flamakaemon grinned. "I wouldn't mind one myself." He winked giggling.

      December 11, 2011, 03:37:54 AM
      Cody blushes and kissed back briefly. "Okay. um... Wow. I don't really know where to start. Why don't you show me some places you like to hang out and visit?"


      Jacob blushes and nods, "Yeah... I like him a lot!" He erss and holds up his hands, "not..not like that! I mean.. I like him a lot and think he's a super great guy!"


      Dante smirks and went over but instead gave Tonda a kiss, deep and on the lips, THEN a grope on the butt, "Only cause you asked. I may like you, Tonda. A lot. But, I don't want to be the guy who is stuffed up that cute ass of yours so your tripping over me all the time. I have a serious crush on you and want to date you, but I can always take no for an answer. Keep that in mind."

      Fyronomon giggles, "Been there. Groped that. Got the T-Shirt." He pulls out a 'I groped Tonda naked' T-Shirt.

      December 13, 2011, 09:58:13 AM
      Drom smiled. "Okay Cody. Climb aboard my back and I'll take you to my favorite place right now. But you have to leave all your modern stuff here. Meaning... no wristwatches, no PDAs, no cell phones, no class rings... those have to stay here. My favorite place is in a technology restricted area. But you'll still love it."


      Vinnie giggles. "Zachary is a free mouse. But he isn't like that, luckily for Arthur." He winked laughing.

      Zecma grinned. "Are you getting your fill, Jacob? Is this not a great place to eat?"


      Tonda smiled. "Thanks for saying that Dante. You scored some big points with me just now. Well, since we're going to be playing with fire, I think it's time for Flare the Hedgehog. Under my terms."

      Tonda struck a pose and activated his Digimark on the back of his hand. "Solar Halo On! Tonda digivolve to...!" And he suddenly began glowing, as the solar hedgehog energies digitized him into a digital pattern of particles that pulled apart, molecule by molecule, and then came back together again in they new digital form of a humanoid in appearance, but clearly looked like the hybrid between a phoenix and a Mobian hedgehog. His fur was fiery orange with red highlights, especially over his head making him look more like a living flame. He wore solid gold armor with a black symbol for the sun on his chest. As the digivolving sequence ended, he opened his glowing red eyes and shouted, "Flaroquilomon, Radiant Star of the Solar Borealis!" He then struck his finishing pose and exclaimed, "Flare the Hedgehog!"

      "This should be a lot of fun!" exclaimed Tonda with his catch phrase.

      Flamakaemon grinned. "I love watching him digivolve. It turns me on more than the ending result."

      December 28, 2011, 02:25:11 AM
      Cody smiles and climbs onto Drom's back. "That's okay. I don't have any of those things."


      Jacob giggles but blushes, "Well he is a GOOD LOOKING mouse if he was, but I understand what your saying." He grins and nodnods to Zecma, "It's AWESOME!!!! This is the best place EVER!!!!"


      Dante grins, "Say what you will."

      Fyronomon POUNCES Flare with a grin, "Now I GOT YOU!"

      January 7, 2012, 10:08:23 PM
      Zecma giggles. "I see you're about done with your food, Jacob. Anywhere else you'd like to go? I'd be glad to play the escort. We can take you everywhere you want to go and see."


      Flare grinz as he pulls Dante, Fyrono, and Flamakae closely to him and kisses all three of them. "So... what sort of naughty should be do to initiate the cute anime boy into...?" He winked.


      Project Starknight

      Drom teleported with Cody on his back and they arrived in Starknight, deep in the forest at one of the open park recreation fields and outdoor cafes. "Welcome to Starknight, Cody. My favorite place to hang out and just relax away from everything technological. To live here, you either have to get a local set of sponsors or at the extreme... go native. However... visitation as long as you obey the anti-tech rules... is completely legal. Most of the natives wear no clothes around here, but humans and elves tend to when attending Squire High School."

      January 12, 2012, 04:03:58 AM
      Jacob smiles, "Um... Yeah I'm almost done. I'm really grateful for the meal. It was super, super delicious. I'd say my compliments, but it's so tasty, even my compliments would seem like poor praise." He looks over at Zecma, "Anywhere? I dunno. I don't know a lot of places to go but this is one I LIKE NOW! Can you show me more?"


      Dante grins and kisses back, "Well there are a few things that cum to mind at time."

      Fyronomon giggles, "I was thinking the same thing."


      Cody looks at Drom, "It's really pretty here. Um, I just thought of something. My clothes are modern made... Will that be a problem?"

      January 18, 2012, 02:13:33 AM
      Zecma grinned and nodded his head as he paid Vinnie, then grabbed Jacob and teleported the two again...

      The Animalord Cabana a VIP table in a huge nightclub type of place. "This is one of my favorite recreation places to go when I'm not watching Felix. This is the Animalord Cabana, a nightclub dedicated to the boys and students of various animal lords. You'll find familiars of all sorts here and magic animals of different varieties as well. You will rarely ever see their masters here though. Human boys come here to chat with, play games with, and make friends with the animals and familiars without the danger of meeting the masters. There is a large arcade just over there" he points "and a dance floor there" he points at another spot that is very occupied "and meals, desserts, and even party 'sleep over' pads are all provided here."

      Zecma then said with a smile. "See anything that catches your interest? This table is my personal VIP table. Every time you come to this nightclub, you can sit at my table. I'll just have your name added to the guest register."


      Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles were suddenly right there with their hands on Flare's shoulders.

      "I thought we agreed that if you were ever in your Flare form that you would promise to train," stated Sonic.

      Knuckles added, "This seems like foreplay to me and it's not even night time yet."

      Flare sighed. "Sorry... you're both right. I forgot, that's all. Fyrono and Flammy are simply very distracting, but good friends."


      Drom grinned as Cody's clothes simply vanished off his body leaving his butt naked on Drom's back. "What clothes?" He winked and giggled. "I sent them back to your room. Don't worry though... there are no humans around here... unless some of the Sponsor boys are out of school already. And most of them have already been butt naked themselves many times in the open."

      January 18, 2012, 03:11:55 AM
      Jacob grins, "Oh I see a lot, Zecma." He hugs Zecma and then looks around some more, taking in all the 'sights'.


      Dante giggles, "They are." He pats on Flare, "But hey, we're here for you. And I'm up for helping as well if you want. Though, if you train every time your in Flare form, then you might not ever get the chance to have some fun with it."


      Cody giggles, "That works." He hugs Drom's neck, "Your fur is really silky, Drom." And a little ticklish and arousing on my legs....

      End of Page Three of Nine


        February 16, 2012, 07:53:27 PM
        An otter boy familiar and a rabbit boy familiar allow Jacob to join them in their activity.

        "Nice to see a cute boy in here for a change," says the rabbit.

        The otter says, "I totally agree. He even smells good. Fresh boy scent instead of the smell of those who visit QC all the time."


        Flare nodded at Sonic and Knuckles. "He's right, guys. Give me a day off just for Flare. Deal?"

        Sonic hummed. "Okay, one day off for Flare per week. And I checked out that fire club for you. It's clean. The owner even asked me for my autograph since I can leave a trail of flame behind me when I run. You're cleared for going there."

        Flare smiled.

        Flamakaemon grinned. "Thank you for clearing Tonda and Flare for the club, Sonic. I promise we'll take care of him. We're his friends."


        Drom grinned. "Perhaps you might like to frolic with the gay unicorn in the herd rumpus room? You seem to want it, Cody..."

        February 29, 2012, 04:59:29 AM
        Cody blushes hotly, "I" He blushes more, "I may..sorta..." He was feeling a little uneasy and ashamed but aroused at the same. He didn't know what to make how it was making him feel at all. It was confusing but... Drom was really.... nice.


        Dante chuckles, "Of course. Friends always look out for each other."


        Jacob says as he joins them, smiling happily, "Thanks! I try. But I'm just pretty normal really. I'm Jacob. Nice to meet you!"

        March 5, 2012, 04:31:27 AM
        Drom turned his neck about and gave Cody a kiss on the mouth. "I am a gay unicorn, you know. But this is your outing, so you can try whatever you want." He winked.


        The rabbit boy familiar asked Jacob, "So, you are interested in familiars and magic animals?"The otter boy familiar rubs on the human boy's legs a bit under the table.


        Flare grinned at the others. "Sonic has given me permission to have a training free day to have fun once a week. So who all wants to ride with the hovering solar hedgehog?"

        Flamakaemon replied, "I better just lope along beside you. My species can be a bit heavy."

        March 5, 2012, 04:49:28 AM
        Jacob blushes at the rubbing, he liked these boys and it was kinda obvious since he was himself a boy. ;-) He nodnods, "I like them a lot. I've always liked cute ones too." He smiles, "I'm not very judgmental I guess." He smiles and pets on all of them, "I'm pretty interested in magic and investigations too. I love mysteries and solvin' 'em and stuff."


        Cody blushes and kissed back a little, "I..I did know but I'm just.. That is, I'm not entirely certain how to ask something like that or anything. Plus it's not just unicorns I like you know...I really... do like PPs.... a lot. I just... on my own terms... You understand? It's...It's hard for me. Understand?"


        Dante grins, "Well... Depends on if your going to be hot enough to sear skin or not."

        April 27, 2012, 02:11:43 AM
        Drom grinned at Cody as he took the boy to a very private glade where it would be just the two of them. "I know you want to. Otherwise you wouldn't be so aroused simply from having unicorn fur against your naked body. I'll let you choose, Cody... want me to teach you how its done slowly or do you want to teach me how its done?"


        The rabbit boy familiar smiles as he gives Jacob a kiss. "Animals, Solving Mysteries, and Magic seems to suggest the place where our Masters live: Magicwood Forest on Planet Starknight."

        The otter boy familiar adds from under the table, "Magicwood Mysteries is the local mystery solving team there. I'll bet you could get a membership there, easily." He started licking the boy's groin at that point. Slurp Slurp Slurp.


        Flamakaemon helped Dante up onto his own PP back. "You can ride me, Dante. And you likely have a good point about the heat. He's still learning and a friendly ride is not the best time to get your butt branded."

        Flare picked up Fyronomon. "Looks like it will be just you and me on the hot express."

        April 27, 2012, 07:35:12 AM
        Cody blushes, "Well..." He seems very hesitant but finally he says, "I don't know how it's done so... You can teach me."


        Jacob blushes, kissing back, but smiles, "It sounds..." He gasps loudly when the otter goes to work and almost melts into all the boys' attention. He LIKES these boys and wishes he had more boys like this!


        Dante chuckles, "True. Maybe I need to look into fire proof pants."

        Fyronomon nodnods, "Yep!"

        May 16, 2012, 01:09:19 PM
        "I will be gentle, Cody," replied Drom and what occurred next will not be disclosed, but needless to say... the boy will learn MUCH. And he will want a whole lot more from every unicorn he ever meets afterward. MLP or fantasy style. Doesn't matter which.


        The rabbit boy familiar whispers into Jacob's ear, "wanna come back to our plugin beds?" as he gave the boy more kisses.

        The otter boy familiar continued to distract the boy sufficiently exactly like he was trained to do.


        Flamakaemon galloped along carrying Dante. "Tell me something... Flare makes you nervous, doesn't he? You like Tonda better."

        Some distance ahead, Flare flew along carrying Fyronomon. "Wanna find a private spot to get plump?" He giggled as he heated up thinking naughty thoughts.

        May 18, 2012, 02:29:45 AM
        Dante says, "Honestly... A little. And it makes me feel horrible for it. I care about my friends... but Tonda even more so."

        Fyronomon giggles, "Only if you can get is out of sight and back before they see us gone."


        Jacob blushes and he was pretty distracted by all the cuties. He nods a little, "Well okay.."

        May 22, 2012, 04:23:05 AM
        Suddenly, Zecma was right there with Jacob magically separated from the two familiar boys. "This is where this stops. Even though this is my favorite nightclub, I didn't bring the boy here for you two to get him trapped as a familiar himself. The invitation may seem innocent enough, but they used the keyword 'plugin'. That implies that you would be plugged in to the Master yourself and then you would end up as an animal familiar yourself. Just like they are. Friendship is permissible, guys. But I draw the line at entrapment. I went through this often enough with Lord Gerard in the old days. And I am now a trusted member of the council. I will permit your playing with Jacob because he is so likeable, but no trapping. Don't worry, I'll bring him back another time, but it is getting late and I don't want his friend to worry about him."

        Both familiar bois said, "We didn't mean any harm, Zecma. He was just really interested in familiars. We reacted without thinking."

        Zecma turned his muzzle to look at Jacob whom he had in mid air next to him. "Are you that interested in familiars, Jacob? You want to know more about them?"

        Since Zecma wasn't looking at them anymore, they both mouthed, 'please say yes'.


        Flamakaemon rubbed on Dante with his prehensile tail. "I really like you too, Dante... a lot. In fact.. I have dreams about us doing things together... I know you like Tonda; I do too; but I often dream about you and me... sleeping together... closely."

        Flare grinned at Fyronomon. "Unless Flammy gets the same idea, then we better just keep flying. I can't wait to see this Fire Digimon Nightclub place."

        May 24, 2012, 03:23:21 AM
        Fyronomon looked over his shoulder and giggles, "If you count the huge hardon our friend has..." HE giggles again, "We could 'entice' him to do the same"

        Dante meanwhile was blushing, "Well I guess there is nothing wrong with that... It is pretty common, you know. But... I love Tonda. I don't know if that'll ever change."


        Jacob blushes, "Well... I already told you the types of things I liked. And... I admit, I am pretty curious now. But... I wouldn't wanna go and get in trouble after I just got here. I don't really wanna end up one myself or anything but.. I am pretty curious."

        End of Page Four of Nine


          May 31, 2012, 04:29:20 AM
          Flare grinned at the thought. "I just thought of a way I can use Tonda to make Flamakaemon happy with Dante. I am so clever. Flammy has a crush on Dante, but Dante only wants Tonda, and I can't stand Dante myself. So if I talk to Dante in Tonda's voice and make him agree to let Flammy mount him, then Tonda will be interested in him. Flammy will be happy, Dante will get one date with Tonda, and I'll be rid of Dante afterward because he will have to keep letting Flammy yiff him if he wants more dates and Flammy will love that."

          Flamakaemon smiled. "I'd be glad to help you get closer to Tonda... in exchange for some fun."


          Zecma ponders this information, then he sighs and nods his muzzle. "Okay Jacob. I will let you learn about familiars this once. But the moment you think you're in trouble and want out, shout my name and I'll summon you for an Eldritch Academy Cure." He allowed the boy to rejoin the two familiars and then he said, "I need to go check on Felix and Gerard, but I will be back soon." POOF! He was gone.

          The rabbit boy familiar then says, "We can show you where we live without the plugin part, Jacob. And thanks for siding with us. You're okay." He gave the boy a firm hug.

          The otter boy familiar added, "And while we're there, I can resume what Zecma interrupted my doing. I think you were liking it. Right?"


          Back at Legacy Shipping, Drom and Cody reappeared back in the boy's bedroom all nice and clean and dried off. The unicorn had kept his word. "After you get dressed, is there anything else you would like me to show you?"

          Monjaro, Jackson, Bastan, and Casey could hear the arrival of the unicorn upstairs when the cloven hooves hit the floor.

          "Sounds like Cody is back from Drom's outing," said Monjaro. "I hope my surprise cheered him up."

          June 1, 2012, 03:47:13 AM
          Fyronomon mms, "That's an interesting thought. A bit of a lie though. Still, Tonda did seem to like him and it would mean you and me get some alone time and I know I'd like that!" He smiles, "Okay. I could see that being a good idea."

          Dante blushes, "You would? Well..." He sighs a bit thinking then nods, "Alright. As long as your not offended. I don't want it to seem like I'm just having fun with you get what I want. That... That wouldn't sit right with me." Dante's a good kid.


          Jacob smiles and hugs Zecma just before he teleports away, "I will. Thank you, Zecma! And I promise to yell if anything bad happens." He smiles then at the familiars. He nodded to the rabbit boy, "I think that probably would be the best. And I really do like all of you. Your really, really nice. I know you guys probably didn't mean anything by it. I trust you." He's probably going to regret it later but he really loves cuties and he trusts them since they seem to be so nice. He blushed a bit and nodded again to the otter. He did like it. "Okay. I...I did..." He hugs all the familiar animal boys, "I wish you were all mine to play with all the time. It's be hard when I gotta leave! Let's have some fun until then!"


          Cody got dressed again slowly, still a little hot cheeked. "Ummm... Maybe... Where I could find you and others like you some other time? Like a club or something for people like you?"

          June 3, 2012, 01:34:38 PM
          Flare giggling at the thought grabbed Fyronomon and zipped off zigzag style and they were immediately out of sight in a private place where FUN things would occur that involved two heavy breathing fun seekers.

          Flamakaemon sighed at that point. "Dante... I'm going to be 100% up front with you about something. While Tonda likes you as a friend, he doesn't think of you as a boyfriend... yet. As for Flare, you've already mentioned that you aren't fond of him and he's found that out somehow so now... he hates you and will do anything to keep you away from Tonda. Which is why I was offering to help. Until Flare can be dealt with, you'll never succeed with Tonda since Flare and Tonda are merged together. Its like Jekyll and Hyde. But in exchange for some together time with me, I'll help you get close to Tonda when its just Tonda. And I'll protect you from Flare. Deal?"


          The rabbit boy familiar and otter boy familiar both hugged Jacob and teleported off with him directly inside the familiar animals lair (which had access for the Master, both publicly and secretly, which Jacob might learn about the hard way later.) They give him the tour, introducing him to the multitude of other familiar bois in the lair, then they all settle down in one chamber.

          The otter boy familiar said, "Have a seat anywhere, Jacob, and a meal will arrive shortly."

          The rabbit boy familiar added, "What do you think of our clubhouse so far? Was I wrong? Isn't it too cool?"


          "Actually, there is a publicly accessible club northeast of here, just barely within sight of Japanopolis. It's called Lion Force Memories. It's the club where the stars and fans of the adventure TV series Power Rangers Lion Force and the spin-off series Arcana Academy all congregate at for discussions, drinks, games, and re-enactments. The front section is totally open to the public. But there is a back area which those of us who are more... ahem... adult hang out. People like me hang out there. In fact, that's where I was when Monjaro called me and asked me to help you enjoy a day here on Q.C. Planet. To get in, tell the Foxtaur at the door the password Chronus. That's for newcomers only. They change the password once a month. This month it is that one. Last month the password was Areli. When you give the password, he will let you through the door into the cloak room foyer where you are best advised to remove your clothes and store them in an available locker. Then go through the second door and you'll meet the rest of my friends."

          June 3, 2012, 05:12:22 PM
          Dante nods, "Alright. Deal."


          Jacob smiles and pets on all the familiars. He had a nice aura and knew how to pet them to make them feel the best. He nod to the otter boy and has a seat near the otter, rabbit and a few new ones who were closest by. "Yeah, it's pretty neat! And so many of you, wow!"


          Cody blinks, "There is?" He smiles, "Alright. I'll visit this club as soon as it opens then, heh. And I'll... have to thank Monjaro."

          June 4, 2012, 04:34:23 AM
          Flammy smiled and snaked his tongue out to lick-kiss Dante on the face. "Thanks Dante. You won't regret this deal. I like Tonda too, which is why I want to help."


          The rabbit familiar boy asked, "What's your favorite animal, Jacob? And don't worry... you won't hurt anyone's feelings by speaking truly. We're just curious, that's all."

          The otter familiar boy was resuming the slurping and licking of Jacob's groin and thighs in the meantime since the boy said he liked it.


          Drom smiled back. "See? I did good and you got to smile several times during this outing. Oh, and if you want to move into the club apartments, let me know so I can make arrangements with Azhar, the Radiant Lion Sage. He runs the apartments there."

          June 4, 2012, 06:05:06 AM
          Dante blushed slightly but gave Flammy a hug, "Thank you, Flammy. I appreciate the help."


          Jacob hmmms, "I really have a hard time with that question... I like everything cute! Kitties, doggies, otters, raccoons, rabbits, mice, Um.. and a lot more besides. Though... I think my top one... well..." He thinks a minute, "It'd have to be top two..." He started to get distracted by the otter's actions when they started back up, "are.. it. it would have to be mice and bunnies or both."


          Cody smiles a little again and nods, "Yeah... You did... Um.. I dunno about moving yet but.. They did... They did try to help me. I think I should...maybe...apologize but... I'm kinda shamed. If I apologize they're just gonna think I'm some stupid kid who doesn't know anything. I mean, I am... but... Well It's embarrassing... Though I do wanna see you again... And your friends."

          June 10, 2012, 04:48:29 AM
          Once Cody was dressed and nice smelling, Drom escorted him down to where Monjaro and the others were waiting. "I had Cody smiling nearly for the entire outing, guys. He is a very nice boy. I hope I get to see him again."

          Monjaro smiled back. "I am sure you will, Drom." He looked to Cody. "Did you enjoy my surprise guest that I arranged for your outing?"

          Jackson was happy that Cody was smiling. "He looks better with a smile."


          Flammy took Dante to a private place where he could show the anime human how gentle he could be. Unlike his mom and dad, he wasn't big on getting people stuck or pregnant.


          The otter familiar boy continued to play the distraction for Jacob, while the Master of the familiars prepared the bunny familiar boy booster shot for Jacob's rear end and insides. It would likely be the best injection Jacob would ever experience in his entire life. But it wouldn't cause an insta-poof familiar linking; it would simply make it so Jacob wanted to spend more and more time with these guys and their Master whenever he could until he asked to join them, thinking it was his own idea.

          The rabbit familiar boy was glad they were going to get another lapine loving familiar boy. "We like you, Jacob. Ah, here comes the Master with your meal and drink. Told you we would take care of you." He gave the boy a kiss on the lips. More distraction.

          June 14, 2012, 10:25:31 PM
          Cody rubs the back of his head slightly, blushing, "T..thanks. I did..." He ums and looks over at the others then back down a little, "I...I'm sorry know... how I acted before... It was just....really sorta... shocking...and stuff... after everything that'd happened and stuff..." When he's not being all tense and uptight, you can really start to see how Casey came from him. He's not a bad boy at all.


          Dante was rather surprised by how nice Flammy was and in return showed Flammmy how nice he could be. He was not well versed but he was definitely able to handle himself. Not to mention, add in a few delightful surprises for Flammy.


          Jacob mrffed and blushed, but he enjoyed the kiss a lot. He kissed back then grinned slightly, "Thanks. I really like you familiar boys. I wish I had some of you to keep. You'd make the nights a lot more fun and warm and cuddly"

          June 17, 2012, 03:45:38 AM
          Jazua made himself seen beside Casey as he smiled at Cody. "Gringo is a naughty boy. He should have remembered that you were still nervous before coming on to you like that. I am Jazua, another of Casey's partners."

          Jackson hummed but kept quiet. After meeting the real Cody, he wasn't all that impressed. He seemed to like Casey better. But he would still give Cody a chance.

          Monjaro said, "Apology accepted, Cody. And since you and Drom had such a good outing together, I'll give you permission to have more outings with him, if that's okay between the two of you."

          The gay unicorn smiled. "Cody was a good boy. I enjoyed our time together."


          Flammy proceeded to fill Dante with not only his mating cum, but his attraction semen as well. He was totally in love with Dante and hoped the anime male felt the same way.

          Flare panted as he yiffed Fyronomon in their own private location. "You are one hot good time."

          Although Tonda on the inside of Flare was actually unhappy by all this. He wanted out and not for sex.


          The familiar boys continued to keep Jacob distracted right up to the moment of the Master's insertion/familiar making yiff in his bottom, which began to change Jacob into a bunny familiarboi like the others. And then the link established itself strongly within the boy's body and mind... and then the finalizing cumshot to make it all official. After that, all of the other familiars got their turn with the Master.

          June 24, 2012, 03:58:01 PM
          Cody nods a little, "I'm...I was...pretty nervous. I've...calmed down a little now." Then he blinks a little, "How many guys does Casey have in him?" Then he facepalms and holds up his hands, "Nononono, I didn't mean it like that... I meant, how many people does Casey have inside him.... Wait that's..that's not much better..."

          Casey started giggling and almost literally fell over with laughter, panting slightly, "It..It's...It's okay, Cody. I like my partner that way anyway, so you could say both work well."

          Cody blushes and rubs his face a little, "I er...I was just curious."


          Dante was somewhat shocked when that happened and was moaning somewhat loudly as the mating cum and attraction semen hit him full force and even started the slow process of installing itself inside him, converting his data into a more digital nature. The only obvious sign of this, however, was Flammy could now smell himself and his claim on his new mate.

          Fyronomon yipped a bit and yiffed back with Flare. He was surprised by how intense and heated up Flare was getting but he was enjoying it, "Not nearly as hot as you... You going to crank up the heat even more or do I gotta wait for round 2? I'll understand if your not quite as good as us NATURAL fire types." Fyronomon meant it only as tease but it sounded more like a direct challenge to Flare and his programming.


          Jacob was trying to keep his wits about him but these familiars were so nice and cute, that he was quite distracted and when he got hilted, the pleasure momentarily made him forget to call for help... Soon, Cobby the Bunnyboi Familiar had completely eclipsed Jacob.

          End of Page Five of Nine


            July 13, 2012, 06:24:26 PM
            Jazua stepped over to Cody. "Casey is known as the Army of One. Now how many wearable living costume creatures could you fit into an army?"

            Monjaro was helping Casey back to his feet.

            Jackson and Drom spoke in a hushed privacy.


            Flammy and Dante finished up and were in the process of getting clean when suddenly further up the trail, they heard...


            Flare screamed, "NO! I didn't set you off! Stop now! Stop-"

            And the digivolving sequence then went off as Flare vanished and another Digimon being began to form in his place.

            The new digimon stood at 4 and a half feet tall, had orange and white fur, with the head and tail of an otter, the arms and legs of a tiger, and the torso and wings of a red dragon. He had a unicorn's horn which was sparkling with a weird fire effect. "Lunexmon, 3.0! Download complete! Time to die, scum!" And the digimon took to the sky and... released its breath weapon at Montropolis!


            The next waking moment for Jacob was directly in the middle of a restoration circle where just outside of it hovering in mid air was not only Zecma, but another special guest star... Lord Gerard Prince.

            "Looks like we got his soul and spirit stone out of the Familiar Lord's lair just in time, Zecma," said Gerard as he focused on remaking Jacob back into his original human form.

            Gerard at this point was utilizing the Creatori power that Kirsto Kitty and Celestidragomon often used in DAC.

            Zecma said, "I am so glad you intervened as fast as you did. My losing a boy would have been frowned upon."


            A.I.R.S. Station

            A human boy arrived for placement processing. He had several pieces of luggage with him and a train ticket for Montropolis. When told of the entrance vaccination shot, he showed them a medical record report about his supposedly being allergic to needles. A rare condition. He then showed them that in foresight that he had an appointment with the Form Insurance agent in Montropolis.

            After that, the boy was cleared through without getting the questionable shot. His paperwork was all in order. Perhaps a little too organized... but it fooled the clerks in A.I.R.S. Now he simply had to reach Montropolis to complete his appointment and then... process his Sponsor Family arrangements afterward while in Montropolis.

            July 18, 2012, 03:20:59 AM
            Cody ums, "I guess a lot... I dunno...A LOT."

            Casey giggles, "Yeah, it's a lot. And we have an open casting call too. If another creature wants to join, I can't really say no, can I? Some of them really need a new chance to live!" He smiles, "Plus it's awesome having so many fun forms and being wearable's pretty awesome too!"


            Dante blinks, "What the...." He looks at Flammy, gave him a kiss and used an alchemical flash to teleport right in the way of the breath weapon and used Transmutation to block the shot, converting much of the energy into harmless fireworks. But he couldn't stop the attack from hitting HIM, but he could protect the city... When it ended, he panted heavily, lowering his bleeding, burnt hands, "Don't you dare....Even try that crap with me."


            Jacob groans a little as he opens his eyes, looking around, "Wh..What happened?"

            August 16, 2012, 03:47:18 AM
            Jackson glanced to the south suddenly. "Uh oh! I just sensed something really bad, Monjaro!"

            The statement wasn't even finished uttered when the phone rang. Monjaro picked it up immediately. "Legacy Shipping. WHAT?! We're coming!" He hung up fast. "COME found a way to activate a backup protocol in Tonda! He's in trouble, guys! That was Garurumon on the phone just now! Dante is battling Tonda!"

            Monjaro grinned. "Triple Dragon Time!" And then the very air around himself crackled with fire, ice, and lightning as his clothing transformed between their normal appearance to his Triple Dragon Warrior armor and helm. "Triple Dragon! Continuing the Tradition!" And then three dragons briefly appeared in the background and roared!

            Jackson shouted, "It's time to go rebel!" His eyes sparked fiercely as he focused on causing his metamorphosis. There came a flash, which showed a scene of civil war cannons firing in both directions. When the flash subsided, a studly and athletic male humanoid rebel rodent stood there, with glowing blue eyes. He was wearing a blue costume with dark ebony like armor in the fashion of the confederate flag. Close ups of the costume and mouse parts then occurred in rapid succession, before Confederate Mouse grinned, as the frontal view swept back... showing him giving a thumbs up to the audience. "Confederate Mouse! Rebel With a Cause!"

            Jackson activated his emergency communicator. "Dad! Emergency in Montropolis! Hurry!" He looked at the others. "Let's go!"

            Jazua gave Cody a kiss on the cheek, then he quickly leaped back into Casey! Do it, Casey!


            Lunexmon 3.0 growled when he saw what blocked his flame attack. "That was a good block, anime scum! Was that luck? Let's try water this time!" And he fired off a massive gout of WATER down toward Dante!

            Flammy fired off his Greater Flamakaemon breath weapon attack at the falling globe of water which made the water hammer miss Dante and flow harmlessly into the sewers! "Not this time, Lunexmon! Don't worry, Tonda! Help is on the way!"

            Garurumon then leaped in a sneak attack attempt behind the COME controlled digimon, although he connected, it did not bring them back down to the ground!

            Felix and Sony nodded their heads toward each other and joined left hand to right gloved hand. "Felix and Sony digivolve to..." And a gigantic digital DNA strand appeared over a matrix of Heartstone energy pads as both Felix and Sony departiclized into the giant strand causing it to explode and fade to darkness. Then from a pinpoint of light in the void came an energy laser which struck the central energy pad as their combined Digimon form formed for all to see. The resulting Digimon stood tall with rainbow like armor, was hedgehog shaped, and had majestic wings like a star craft. Then the view around him spun in a quick circle as it settled back to the forward view to reveal... "Selixmon, Super Sonic Luck Warrior!"

            Selixmon launched into the sky leaving a rainbow trail behind him as he slammed into Lunexmon 3.0 and with the momentum from Garurumon, brought the COME controlled Digimon straight down and with a crunching explosion... through the street!

            But the fight was still hot down the hole. And not a pussy whip in sight.


            Gerard smiled as he helped Jacob to his feet. "We reached you just in time, friend. I don't think I ever want to cut a rescue that close again. Any slower and no more Jacob. I am Lord Gerard Prince, a friend of Zecma's. Are you okay?"

            Zecma was wringing his tail in his hands. "I was so worried."
            August 17, 2012, 02:58:21 AM
            He giggled and nodded his head rapidly as he started his sequence...

            Cody struck his own pose as behind him the background flashed into a montage of various toons fighting, "We Live again!" There was an explosion as a multitude of shadows forms appeared under Cody's feet as his eyes glowed brightly. Various scenes of different heroes fighting in their prime flashing across the background, some struck down by their enemies, as Cody goes transparent for a moment as the various scenes and heroes are sucked inside, filling his outline with a new uniformed form, "We are Legion, The Army of One!"


            Dante was glad for Flammy's help as he panted, clutching his scorched and seared hand and arm, "Thanks...Flammy. Help them... Keep him subdued a moment... I'm going to make sure this fight keeps the civilians out of this. He got to work, despite the pain, summoning a giant Transmutation circle in midair and expanding it over the city, forming it into a barrier that would prevent any further attacks from getting through to damage the city but would still alow people in and out while at the same time, translocating the fight several miles away from the city where further things would not affect the city.

            Dante landed on the ground in front of the barrier, panting heavily before falling on his ass, barely conscious and supporting himself with his good arm. "Th...There.... Hopefully...the others... can stop him...." He had used up every last bit of his energy and ability to just accomplish that much.


            Jacob rubs his head slightly, "I... I'm not sure... What...What happened? Did.... did I mess up... I..didn't think....I'm sorry, Zecma... I didn't mean to worry you..." He was really confused and hurt and sorry.

            September 2, 2012, 10:54:37 AM
            Triple Dragon, Confederate Mouse, and Legion then teleported out of the business and arrived at the same time as the NWM guys next to the hole in which the battle was occurring.

            Flammy shouted, "They are in there! Tonda changed into Lunexmon 3.0, he said, and Garurumon and Selixmon tackled him and are trying to subdue him! We didn't think this could happen since Flare was actually in charge before it happened!"

            American Mouse said, "Okay you three... go for K.O.; not for kills. Remember that Tonda is trapped inside that thing. If you punch too hard you might accidentally departiclize the boy without meaning to. Make us proud. We'll do back up and crowd control."

            Whitepaw then said, "And I'll enhance your resistances for this one fight so Lunexmon doesn't get the upper hand." And he made it so.

            The Animeiyo boys then leaped down into the hole and joined the battle against Lunexmon 3.0, while Whitepaw began to treat Dante's wounds. "Your father can only be proud of your heroic actions today, Dante. And if he isn't, we'll beat his ass."

            In the hole, Lunexmon was glowing as if he was on the verge of trying to fire off another mega attack.

            Confederate Mouse grabbed on one of the free arms and pinned it down. Triple Dragon sat on the digimon's legs. "Legion! Cover his eyes! I just noticed that they look like solar panels! Cover up his energy access and he should lose power!"


            Lord Gerard levitated Jacob up into the air cast a magical cleansing spell on the boy and a clothing spell. "What happened is an ages old trick. It goes like this... cute innocent looking animals convince you that it is okay to play with them at their home and after a few hours of play, you get hungry or tired or need to use the restroom, and then they arrange for you to get plugged in without your knowing it. The master floods your insides with bliss semen and then... starts changing you into a familiar animal like the rest of those stuck there. The recruiters then leave you there to go after someone new."

            Zecma said, "But fortunately I told Gerard what was going on just in time and he got you free. I am really sorry I let them convince me to leave you in the club while I went to see what the Hell Council wanted. They needed me to cast a vote since I am on Council these days. But now that we have you back, I think we need to get you back to Legacy Shipping where your friend Cody is at with Drom the Unicorn, whom the guys brought in to cheer up your friend."

            Lord Gerard nodded his head and initiated the teleport.


            Seconds later, they all arrived in Legacy Shipping where Bastan, Cody, and Drom were still gathered at.

            Lord Gerard said, "Bastan? Nice to see you again. We're just bringing Jacob back to you guys after he had a little misadventure."

            Drom smirked. "Knowing the locals like I do... he probably got sucked into a trap that didn't look like a trap."

            September 3, 2012, 11:11:42 AM
            Dante winced slightly but smiled a bit tiredly, "I hope so. Heh, didn't know being a hero hurt so much."

            Legion had an advantage there and split off one of himself which was a very large rubbery otter who happily wrapped himself TIGHT around the digimon's eyes and face like a blind fold while the main hero grabbed the digimon by his head, holding it steady. "Give. Me. Back. My. Friend."


            Jacob giggles, wriggling in the air a little then laughs as he lands, "That's a fun spell!" He nods a little, "I guess so. I'm sorry. But I really trusted them. I thought it would be okay. And they were really cute and nice! How do you not fall for it...without being a complete and total prude?"


            Bastan nods, "The others are out on a mission currently. I'm holding down the Fort so to speak."

            Jacob grins and hugs Cody who half-way returns it... still blushing. Jacob grins at that, "YOU had an adventure too didn't you!"

            Cody blushes hotly but nods slightly.

            Jacob giggles again, "I almost got turned into a trapped familiar but the others rescued me. I was super lucky."

            September 3, 2012, 09:39:49 PM
            There came a discharge flare from the hole and then all was quiet.

            Flammy shouted, "What happened?"

            Selixmon was heard saying, "Tonda's not breathing, guys! Stupid Lunexmon 3.0 powered down just as we threw the last punch at him!"

            Garurumon started to immediately apply CPR to Tonda who was too close to snuffing out.

            Suddenly Nedwin and Karal arrived on the scene from one of the side tunnels and began to help Garurumon with the task. Nedwin then said in a whisper, "Bare with me, guys, but listen to me... we know COME was watching this battle, so we have to pretend that Tonda died. If COME thinks their project bit the dust, then they won't be trying this with Tonda anymore. So please... put on the best act you can. The story is... Lunexmon 3.0 set up Tonda for the final blow and it particlized him. Karal and I will escort Tonda on a stretcher through the tunnels back to Heartstone Corp and we'll lay him out in one of the recovery chambers."

            Confederate Mouse was about to complain, but Triple Dragon said, "It's the only way, C.M. If we don't do it this way, COME will never leave him alone. He almost wiped out Montropolis this time. If we don't do this, will we be able to stop him the next time? What if someone who doesn't know that Tonda is stuck inside... accidentally kills him?"

            The rebel mouse hung his head. "You're right, T.D. I just hate feeling so helpless about this. Legion? We gotta put on a sad act. Its the only way Tonda will ever be free of this."

            While Nedwin and Karal spirited the fallen boy away through the tunnel they arrived from, the others slowly climbed out of the hole looking dejected. They KNEW Dante could put on the best tear jerking scene if he wasn't told what really happened.

            Flammy looked at the sad faces and asked, "Where's Tonda, guys?"

            Garurumon replied in a solemn voice, "He didn't make it, Flammy. I'm sorry. Lunexmon 3.0 powered off just as we threw that last blow and... and..." He turned his head away sobbing. Hey, he had to make it look very real.

            Selixmon powered down to Felix and Sony. Then they slowly hugged each other while sniffling. It was the best they could do as long as they didn't have to look at anyone.

            American Mouse felt really bad for his son's loss. He walked over and hugged Confederate Mouse. "COME will pay for this. I promise you that, son."

            Whitepaw remained silent showing no emotion at all. He knew something was not right about how everyone was acting, being the Norse deity of Bi-Frost, but he permitted them to react in the manner they were acting in. But mentally... he knew Tonda was still alive. He figured this was a ruse to throw COME off the scent and make them deactivate the program, which of course would free Tonda once and for all. It was a clever ruse, IF it worked...


            Lord Gerard said, "The battle just ended, Bastan. Whitepaw just sent me a uber private message about Tonda. Here, I'll mentally share it with you so you know what's up down there." And Bastan now knew of the sneaky plot.

            Zecma said, "In truth, Jacob, the best way to build a resistance to traps like that is to keep alert for certain words they use when they talk to you. One major rule should always be... if they invite you to come see where they live, always come up with a legit sounding reason on why you can't go. Decline politely. Being trappy, they don't dare demand because that is a tip off right there. And its not being a prude for wanting to play it safe. There is no reason why someone cute and/or sexy can't play with you in public. If they want to take you somewhere private, you should always decline politely invoking the curfew excuse."

            Drom smirked. "I showed Cody some fun places where me and my friends hang out. And Cody wants more outings with me, so... I'm game for that."

            September 5, 2012, 12:27:20 PM
            Legion was going to complain too but... he would do it. He didn't like it... And he didn't cry. He looked PISSED. When he came out, he was ANGRY. He was so angry he was quivering. "COME is going to pay... I swear to every God there is... I'm going to make them pay for this."

            Dante struggled up, "W...what are you saying... You..You're saying he's... He's dead? He can't be... He.. He.. He just can't be..." His eyes were teared up. He had fallen to the ruse, but then he was already injured pretty badly from the injuries to his hands and blood loos and probably wasn't thinking very clearly. "Let..let me see him! I want to see him!" He started to try to run toward the crater.


            Bastan nods, "Thanks, Gerard. It's...a sad thing. I'm sorry."

            Jacob tilts his head at that but then looks back to Zecma, "I guess so. I guess I'll just have to be more careful."

            Cody blushes more....and nods, "I..i'd like that."

            Jacob giggles, "So that's why he seems more relaxed, he got laid."

            Cody BLUSHES, "JACOB!!!"

            Jacob giggles, "Well it's true, isn't it? Common, you're the one who used to go on about feral dicks and how they were bigger than anthro dicks..."

            Cody blushed even more furiously, hiding his head slightly...

            September 6, 2012, 12:11:24 AM
            Triple Dragon caught Dante and held on to him. "He particlized, Dante... there is nothing to see..."

            Flammy hung his head as he slowly came over and hugged Dante himself, while peeking down the hole. Of course, no one was there.

            Garurumon said, "We need to regroup and then we get Lord Albert on alert and we hunt down COME no matter what."

            Felix and Sony were already walking off together. Felix's mom was nearby and she didn't like it when anyone messed with her son. And if any COME dudes looked her way even via sneaky cameras, they got the look that no one wants to get. Whether she could see them or not.

            American Mouse said, "Whitepaw... transport us all back to Legacy Shipping. Free lift." But mentally, he told Whitepaw, Whitepaw... transport us all inside Heartstone Corporation, but make it sound like we went to Legacy Shipping.

            Whitepaw nodded his head and... POOF!

            COME hrmed as they tried to get a fix on Tonda, but there was nothing on the scope. Apparently it was exactly like heroes were saying; the project had finally been defeated in the worst possible way. The order was given to purge off the Tonda project and focus on capturing a new Charge.

            And the moment the project tracker and purger were switched...


            Heartstone Corporation Building
            Secure Anti-Scan Operations Chamber (SASOC)

            ...Tonda's body started releasing some sort of nasty looking metallic ooze out of his rear end. And from tests on the stuff, it was nano-byte technology which was why it was so hard to pinpoint when it was inside Tonda. The release of this gunk meant that they succeeded in tricking COME, finally... but there was still Flare to deal with which they would deal with him later...

            (see Defenders Episode One.)

            Just then, Whitepaw appeared with the team, along with Dante and Flammy. And you can imagine the look on those faces who were told the other thing.

            American Mouse asked, "Did it work, Karal?"


            Lord Gerard said, "Another uber private message, Bastan. Here, I'll mentally share this one with you too." And Bastan is told the new information now.

            Drom smiled. "He was a good bottom, although when he topped me, I was nearly blissed."

            Zecma said, "That's so funny. ANYWAY... Is there anything else you would like to do, Jacob? There is still some time left in the day..."

            September 7, 2012, 03:00:07 AM
            Dante blinked.... then looked at the others....and SMACKED them! then yelled, holding his hands, wincing from the pain of his damaged hands... He was very upset they did that. Regardless of their reasons.

            Karal nods, "Yes. I believe so. But we need more tests."


            Cody blushes hotly and hides behind Drom....

            Jacob giggles, "Well I'd like to see more fun cuties...without the traps this time."

            End of Page Six of Nine


              September 25, 2012, 03:57:53 AM
              Whitepaw said to Dante, "They had to say Tonda died publicly in case COME was monitoring the battle. This was the only way to get COME to abort their project on Tonda and judging from that nasty looking stuff coming out his bottom... the ploy worked."

              Nedwin rubbed his jaw where Dante had struck him, yet he continued to work to clean up Tonda. "We are purposely keeping his vitals as low as we dare in case COME is still monitoring Tonda, or trying to. We have to make certain that all of this nasty junk is out of him before we start to revive the boy."

              Triple Dragon nodded his head. "Thanks for helping us free Tonda, guys. We never could of pulled this off without you guys."

              Confederate Mouse still held on to his dad as he looked at Tonda fondly, a tear in the mouse's eye.


              At the Montropolis branch of Yuskay's Form Back Up Services, a young man walked in carrying a duffel bag and a suitcase. "Excuse me, sirs. I need to register a back up, please."

              The Yuskay Hound smiled and handed the boy a form. "Fill this out, if you will, and we will prep the back up booth for you. And what is your name?"

              The boy smiled. "Stuart Lochmond; I'm to meet with my sponsor family later and I want to surprise them in having the smarts to have my form backed up by professionals instead of what most boys do."

              The Yuskay Hound seemed to give off a YES! or at least it sounded like it. "It is good to hear that you are doing the right thing, Stuart."


              Drom giggles as he drapes his tail over Cody to help hide him. "Gee... my boy disappeared."

              Zecma smiled and grabbed Jacob, and they teleported off someplace! POOF!

              At that moment, a female centaur walked into Legacy Shipping. Her breasts were just barely covered and her long blond head hair was braided in the back. All in all, she was beautiful with fair skin, peach like horse fur, and green eyes. "Excuse me. Is this the delivery company that hires people occasionally to make deliveries? I need a job and... most businesses don't want someone with hoofs scuffing up their precious floors. If need be, I can also cook well and I make some pretty darn good cookies. My name is Catherine."

              Lord Gerard mentally nudged Bastan. You're on, stud. You're the one holding down the fort. He then disappeared.


              Zecma and Jacob arrived at Pets R U in Chaosmire. "This is one of my other most favorite places to visit, Jacob. They have nearly every species in here."

              September 25, 2012, 04:45:53 AM
              Karal mutters, "And you can thank us later..."

              Dante just watches now... He's still somewhat upset but he's calming down. He's still just very upset in general.


              Bastan mentally rolls his eyes slightly Lord Gerard as he walks over. "Yes. This is Legacy Shipping. We're usually quite fair and right now most of the owners/operators are off taking care of things. I'm a recent hiree myself but I should be able to assist you." He chuckles, "Hoofprints do not really bother us. Considering Drom's ever present atmosphere around one of our boys. I'm Bastan. Nice to meet you."

              Cody acks and pbts slightly as the magical tail manages to completely hide him even though there really shouldn't be enough to do so.


              Jacob looks around and giggles, "This place looks like fun!"

              October 14, 2012, 03:12:31 PM
              Some time later, Nedwin announced, "All of the nanobyte infection gunk has been removed and the warm water soapy enema has been applied to make sure. We are now preparing to revive Tonda. Please keep in mind, he is going to be a little weak and you shouldn't crowd him while he is recovering. I know you guys all love him, but please... give him time and space." And he and Karal got back to work.

              Whitepaw said, "I really hope this closes this chapter once and for all. Tonda has been through so much."

              Triple Dragon was now holding on to Confederate Mouse and American Mouse with crossed fingers.


              Having gotten his form professionally backed up and having given the Yuskay Hound a nice hug and a kiss (YAY!), Stuart Lochmond proceeded to Montropolis' Sponsor Family Placement headquarters. He really hoped the ones he had chosen still had an opening.


              Drom sucked Cody up his unicorn tail hole and teleported off to a very naughty unicorn hangout he knew of called The GrAY UNICORN, which was actually a highly sexual gay unicorn play pen of sorts located behind what looked like a respectable Stables Business. Once there, he extracted his boy and gave him another yiffing.


              Catherine (the centaur) smiled. "Could you give me a tour, Bastan?" She gently hugged the feline and kissed him. Um, nice.


              Zecma giggled. "Pets R U has everything, Jacob. You name a species and we'll go find it."

              December 8, 2012, 12:32:05 AM
              Dante sighs, running a hand through his hair slowly, "I just hope the cure isn't worse than the cancer. Though I don't see how it could be."


              Cody was caught completely by surprise... though he can't say he ENTIRELY minded the experience.


              Bastan chuckles, "I think you'll fit in very well around here." He starts leading her through the place, showing her around to the various areas, "Though in truth, it's not that big, it can be rather hectic. The package receiving area is probably the most confusing since we sorta use it for everything at times. Small business and al."


              Jacob giggles, "Okay... Um..." He thinks a minute then grins, "Okay... What about... fox, ocelot, otter... and maybe variations on amounts and imp and drake additions here and there?"

              April 5, 2013, 05:27:55 PM
              Soon after that, Monjaro, Jackson, and Dante (along with the Mobians and Digimon) had Tonda at a quiet little banquet room at the local fast food franchise where Tonda was glad to be getting a meal where he would be only feeding himself instead of himself, Flare, and the nanobyte shit.

              Tonda was still a little weak, but he had help and friends around himself. "Thanks for being here, guys. I appreciate it." He then looked at Dante. "Sorry I made you worry, Dante."


              Zecma escorted Jacob down to one of the enclosure homes where the foxy-occie-ottie-impy-drake combos dwelt. And oh so fucking cute and yiffy looking. "You named it, so here we are, Jacob. The Foodies are really hyper."

              April 19, 2013, 07:53:14 PM
              Dante smiles, "I'm glad you're okay, Tonda. You have no idea how worried I was."


              JAcob grins, "wow...they ARE!!! hehe, I can pet some? Or should I stand back? They're so cute!"

              April 19, 2013, 08:30:03 PM
              Tonda ate his food, still weak. "Karal and Nedwin are still running some extra tests on my chemistry, but they said the results would take a few days. But you know... that vulpan that lives with Karal is really hot. He helped me with my bath earlier. He's got good paws."


              Zecma grinned. "Oh go ahead and pet on them..." He pushed Jacob into the enclosure with the foxy-occie-ottie-impy-drake hybrids who immediately tried to get Jacob totally involved with them. "...when will you get another chance?" He giggled as he watched the chaos in the enclosure.

              April 19, 2013, 08:32:00 PM
              Dante chuckles, "Maybe you should see if you and he can work out something while your recuperating then."


              Jacob acks! And falls into the enclosure, laughing as he's tickled by the fur and pets and on them before he's soon involved in other ways too...

              June 9, 2013, 03:56:49 PM
              Luckily the foxy-occie-ottie-impy-drake hybrids can't cause a species change in their playmates, so Jacob is simply in for some hyper yiffy fun that seems to be non-stop and never-ending since these guys don't seem to ever run out of energy.


              Tonda smiles as he recalls something Nedwin told him about that one Vulpan: the guy was in a permanent heat that was non-detectable to humans. And if you were ever mated by the guy, then forget about ever leaving because you and he would both be right there until all those eggs, plural, were laid. And that Vulpan was of the type who loved sex more than anything else. "Well, if you think I should get him to help me, I can go ask him for the assistance."


              Stuart Lochmond arrived back at the Yuskay Back Up Services where he met up with two of the Yuskay Hounds who had registered to receive a Sponsor Boy of their own. And since they worked for the business and they knew he had already backed his form up wisely, they were happy to have him as part of their family.

              June 10, 2013, 07:28:45 PM
              Dante looks over at Tonda, "What I think, Tonda, is that you should do what you think is best, because to be honest... As much as I wish I could do more for you..." He sighs, "I really don't know what to do anymore when it comes to you. I kinda feel out of touch with you sometimes because I don't know how Or relate to the problems you've gone through. So I just gotta trust that you have a good heart and head to guide you in the right direction. That's what I've always had to rely on myself. I guess that's why I come off as impulsive and brash at times."


              Jacob has A LOT of fun with this group. They're SUPER GREAT friends!

              End of Page Seven of Nine


                December 27, 2011, 01:16:23 PM
                Houndimon & Dogora the Mobian Irish Setter's Home
                Montropolis Suburbs

                Tonda had a slumber party at his place with Fyronomon and Flamakaemon the night before. So when he woke up, it felt super WARM in his bed. Which was good cause it was a brisk and slightly windy 33 degrees outside of the house... with snow.

                Flamakaemon grinned as he firmly placed both paws around his friends. "I am sure the floor is cold this morning, Tonda."

                Tonda grinned back. "Oh I am sure you are right, stud."

                December 28, 2011, 01:48:36 AM
                Arty and Blackwind's Home

                Casey smiles, humming happily as he prepared his morning meal of bacon and eggs with some toast and orange juice, being sure to make enough to leave some for his parents as well. They may have started off as his sponsors but he felt Blackwind and Arty were his real parents, given that he was just a clone of another boy and it didn't bother him in the least. He focused a moment and then split apart with a grin, letting the Mexican Coyote and South American Jaguar out to play while he ate breakfast. He had to practice his endurance at keeping his friends out and found that this was the most fun way and as a plus he could chat with his friends while he ate breakfast without it all being mental. They even had their own plates of breakfast of their favorites which would help add more energy later when they recombined.

                January 8, 2012, 12:10:22 AM
                Tonda glanced over at the snoozing Fyronomon. "He really passed out after drinking that whole bottle of Nyquil."

                Flamakaemon grinned. "I've seen him drink a lot of things, Tonda, but while we're waiting for it to get a little warmer in your room, we can either make it warmer in here on purpose or we can digiport over to my place where I know it's going to be sweaty warm and then we can have a meal, play around, and maybe even explore some real fun."

                January 11, 2012, 04:35:05 AM
                Casey and his multiple friends practiced their coordination during breakfast. It was something he was getting pretty good at!


                January 12, 2012, 03:12:00 AM
                Flamakaemon decided to be polite and he digiported Fyronomon back to his own bedroom in his own warm and toasty house... before grabbing a hold of Tonda and digiporting both he and his friend back to where he lived in Summerholm, where during the Winter months, it was like 80-100 degrees (the best safe time for a human to visit,) where he and Tonda reported to the clan dining hall to get a quick breakfast.

                Strangely, they never saw any other Flamakaemon there which was odd since Flamakaemon admitted at school that he had hundreds of brothers at home. And this was supposedly where Flamakaemon lived.

                After breakfast, they went to the main rec chamber and there... they both saw a really large, almost dragon sized, Flamakaemon Lord lying against one wall with a content smile on his muzzle, while the Lord's slit and tummy squirmed and giggled continuously.

                Tonda arched an eye. "Who is that, Flammy?"

                Flammy, which was a pet nickname that he allowed Tonda to call him, replied with a smile, "Oh that's one of my parents. And now we know where all my brothers are this morning. They are helping daddy with a morning growth issue. Come on and I'll introduce you to my dad. He's really nice."

                And likely horny being a Flamakaemon Lord.

                "Hi dad! I'm back from the slumber party!" exclaimed Flammy. "And this is my friend who I was doing the party with! His name is Tonda and he can change into a Fire Digimon species, which is why he can be safe visiting here! Did you and the others all have a good night? I know the outside areas got coated in the white stuff! And I don't mean cum!"

                Tonda giggled as he wavied at the very large and relaxed Flamakaemon Lord nearby.

                January 13, 2012, 11:46:00 AM
                Casey was also doing inventory on whom all were part of his costume army.

                January 29, 2012, 08:49:40 AM
                The Flamakaemon Lord (Dad) smiled and reached over, petting on Tonda's head. "What a nice boy, son. Although I am horny, you know I don't pounce your friends unless they are butt naked and ask me to suck them in. Of course your mom is a totally different story... he's in heat and off in his chamber. Don't go in there unless you want to get a male booster shot."

                "That sounds like fun, actually, Dad," said Flammy. "Why don't you let Tonda chat with you and my brothers while I go say hi to mom. I don't think I should take Tonda in there if Mom is like that." And he headed off into the next chamber, leaving the human boy with the large Flamakaemon Lord and his giggling squirming slit/tummy.

                Tonda came over and sat down near the Lord's lap. "Flammy was a really polite friend last night. And so was Fyronomon.. although Fyrono drank a whole bottle of NyQuil before bedtime and he was still sleeping this morning."

                The Lord grinned. "Then he'll be sleeping all day too. He does that to get out of chores at his place. If you want to talk to Flammy's brothers, just open my slit with your hands and talk into the opening. It is bigger inside than I am outside." He winks.

                Tonda hummed as he proceeded to do just that. He opened the slit with his hands and said, "Hello in there... Flammy and I are back from the Slumber Party at my place. I'm Tonda." He then bent down lower to look inside.

                February 1, 2012, 04:21:17 AM
                Fyronomon mutters, "No...more...chocolate.... mmm.......Tondamon!"

                February 16, 2012, 04:56:37 PM
                One of Flammy's brothers who was closest turned his head toward the boy and smiled. "Hi Tonda. We all wanted to do the slumber party with you, but dad said Bro should do it the first time, so we all didn't freak you out." He winked. "If you want to make yourself useful right now... you can grab a hold of my fore-legs and help pull me out of my spot in here." He held his front legs out toward the nice boy and said, "Come on, Tonda. We're all clean." What a LIE.

                Tonda proceeded to grab a hold of both extended legs and he tried to give the Flamakaemon a good pull, but rather than pulling him out, the reverse occurred, causing the boy to lunge inside, flip around one time, and land butt first into an extremely sticky awaiting plug-in seat between two of the other brothers deeper within. Of course, once he was inside and no longer holding the slit open, it reflexively closed up once again.

                Once he was stuck like the rest, he did struggle to get up, making it worse, then he rested and said, "I'm stuck."


                Gringo licked Casey's face. "Too bad your twin brother no like sexual prank with us. Although his friend is far more open about all of us. What keep your sponsors? They in yiff, no?"

                February 19, 2012, 10:27:14 PM
                Casey giggles and kisses back, "I know. It's really sad. But at least I have all you guys to myself I guess!" he grins, "Plus, today's PP day. So after breakfast, only PP costumes get to be used today. No hands for me." He grins, "I'm glad you thought of it, Gringo. It's pretty important to make sure I can handle both and being PP is a lot harder than I thought. It takes a lot of practice to get used to not thinking like someone with thumbs."

                End of Page Eight of Nine


                  March 9, 2012, 01:53:49 AM
                  Gringo giggled. "I wonder what Cody did do with Drom the other day. When he returned, he was blushing although Drom swore that he didn't mount the boy. And Jacob returned from his outing carrying a spell book. You think he enrolled in a magic school someplace, yes?"


                  Moments after Tonda got stuck, Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, and Amy Rose arrived via teleport into the chamber where the Flamakaemon was... and he was threatened with the Pika Hammer if he didn't get Tonda out of himself.

                  But needless to threaten... Tonda getting stuck was an unfortunate trigger mechanism with caused the tell-tale transformation that wasn't nice to be point blank with as the Flamakaemon's body suddenly inflated like a beach ball and then Flare the Hedgehog emerged from the slit, shaking himself off and looking rather pissed and annoyed.

                  "I need an energy drink, Shadow."

                  The black hedgehog handed one over to the solar hedgehog who took a deep drink of the bottle.

                  "Thanks," said Flare. "Tonda wasn't too happy with this situation."

                  Knuckles said, "When Fyronomon woke up, he reported Tonda and Flammy as missing and we put two and two together and came on over here. We suspected that you might be appearing soon after. And we were right."

                  March 10, 2012, 02:34:00 AM
                  Casey giggles, "I dunno. Though I think Jacob's learning magic would be pretty cool! I still don't know what to make of Cody. He doesn't seem much like me... Though I guess maybe I don't seem much like him. If anything though, it could be he's just slow to open up. I was a little prudy when I FIRST arrived too. Though not that much."


                  Fyronomon suddenly appeared in a flaming teleporty effect, "Did you fin... Oh... Um... Hi Flare. I guess they did."

                  March 20, 2012, 04:55:47 AM
                  Gringo grinned. "I hear Arty and Black coming."


                  Flare smiled at Fyronomon. "I'm glad someone knows how to do the right thing. Thanks, buddy."

                  March 20, 2012, 05:02:59 AM
                  Casey giggles, "Yeah. I better get their breakfast ready too... They're always so cute when they're still sleepy"


                  Fyronomon blushes hotly, "It's no big deal. You er...Tonda.. er..both of you... woulda done the same for me..." He's blushing again.

                  March 24, 2012, 06:18:31 PM
                  Gringo smirks. "They sound sleepy right now, they do. They getting closer."


                  Flare patted Fyronomon on his shoulder. "Right. Now we need to plan the rest of our day. And since I am out and about, this isn't about Tonda now."

                  March 25, 2012, 06:42:12 PM
                  Black growlgrumbles as he walks in, bleary eyes, "Stop talking so loudly...I have an early day today..."

                  Casey giggles, "If you wanted an early day, you should be up sooner."

                  Black grumbles and starts in on his breakfast with a gruff, "Thanks."

                  Casey grins, "Grumpy wuffie." As Arty suddenly appears on his head in miniature, "erf!"

                  Arty grins, "morning... Ah, this is a comfortable location to sit a while."

                  Casey smirks and baps at him, but Arty disappears and reappears full size in his chair, magicking up his special breakfast. "Stop hitting yourself, Casey."

                  Casey makes a face at Arty but grin, "I guess your up to your usual tricks today."

                  Arty just grins.


                  Fyronomon nods a little, but Flare always made him slightly uncomfortable. He was still adjusting to it, but that didn't make him any less Flare (And Tonda!)'s friend. Just took a little getting used to. "So what do you wanna do today?"

                  March 29, 2012, 03:44:04 AM
                  Gringo giggled as he lapped up his meal. "Casey is good boy, yes?"


                  Flare grinned quite slyly as he folded his arms over his chest and said, "We can start by destroying the world and then we can get some ice cream with Tabasco sauce and shiny sprinkles. Then we can toilet paper the school and play pranks on Were-Garurumon at his home. And maybe we can track Felix down and tickle him to death. How does that sound?"

                  Shadow, Sonic, and Knuckles all blinked their eyes at Flare's words.

                  March 29, 2012, 03:53:15 AM
                  Arty grins, "Of course. He's a very good boy whom we care tremendously about. He's also very well behaved and well watched. I happen to think you deserve some credit for that." He winks at Gringo.

                  Blackwind grumbles, pawing at his eyes a little and sighs, shaking his head, "If I didn't have to be up this early, I woulda slept past noon. I was up late last night. Someone has to pay for all of your friend's food bills."

                  Casey blushes hotly, looking down sadly..... "Sorry...."

                  Blackwind GAHS! "Don't do that! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, okay?! Jeesh.. I was just kidding... I'm not upset and it's not just the bills, I just had a late night!"

                  Casey says, "Really?"

                  Blackwind nodnods, "Yes, yes, honest. Please don't give me that look again..."

                  Casey grins and hugs him, "Thanks!"

                  Blackwind grumbles but wraps a forepaw around him, "Your welcome...I think."

                  Arty giggles, "I think Gringo's been teaching you a lot."


                  Fyronomon rolls his eyes, "No. No destroying the world. The rest is okay and sounds like it might be fun."

                  April 21, 2012, 04:34:32 AM
                  Gringo nudged Casey gently. "Ahem, you say today is PP Day. No hands; only paws, yes?" He winked.


                  Amy Rose said, "You start being evil and I start bashing with my hammer."

                  Flare gulped. "Yes ma'am."

                  Just then, Flammy came out of the rear door beating off the grabbing hands! "Bad mom! You said I could leave!" He slammed the door closed and ran over and hid behind Amy Rose. "Mom's in a real bad way. No one go in there." Then he saw Fyronomon. "Good morning, Fyro. I see you woke up finally. That NyQuil must have been weak."

                  Flare smirked. "We're about to head out, Flammy. Yes, into the snow. Plus... I need to call Dante sometime this morning so he isn't worried about me. He gets nervous when I'm out and about. I think he likes Tonda better."


                  April 22, 2012, 04:08:23 AM
                  Casey giggles, "Sorry. Right, right. Paws." He kisses Gringo with a giggle, "And it's time we got on our way too."


                  Fyronomon says, "Well I don' really care which form you are in but... You can be a little scary like that... No offense. And those kinda statements do make it seem worse."

                  End of Episode Seven: Cody & Jacob Come To Town

                  Stay tuned for the next episode, Freedom at last

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