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[QCPA] LS-00 The Profiles

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    [QCPA] LS-00 The Profiles

    Legacy Shipping (Animeiyo) Profiles
    December 23, 2009, 12:39:54 AM

    Legacy Shipping (Animeiyo) Profiles

    In a world of Paint and Ink, follow the adventures of other human boys and various animated stars as they have adventures throughout Japanopolis on Q.C. Planet.

    This Round Robin is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    The Character Profiles in this thread are only for Lord Pouchlaw and Darquirrin for participating in this Round Robin adventure.

    "Someone cue that bird!"
    "Oh go take a flying leap! I'm on my break!"

    When the world you know, Is on the leap and go,
    Where else can anime play, oh?
    Fast cars on track, Sailor girls in back,
    Are things in Animeiyo!

    Henshin powers and martial arts; Chibi kids, monsters and carts;
    Welcome to the land where magic is, The city and worlds of Japanopolis!

    Love and rivals fill the air, Anime Physics are everywhere,
    Where else can anime play, oh?
    Favorite stars of old, With new tales to be told,
    Are things in Animeiyo!

    December 23, 2009, 01:14:28 AM
    Jackson "Confederate Mouse" Knightmane

    Home of Origin: Fairdale Heights (Japanopolis Suburb)
    Sex: Male
    Type: Anime Human/Mutant Mouse
    Relation: Son of Valiance "American Mouse" Knightmane
    Powers: Transformation, Super Visions, Super Hearing, Water Walking, Change Water to Moonshine
    Transformation Sequence: Jackson's eyes sparked fiercely as he focused on causing his metamorphosis. There came a flash, which showed a scene of civil war cannons firing in both directions. When the flash subsided, a studly and athletic male humanoid rebel rodent stood there, with glowing blue eyes. He was wearing a blue costume with dark ebony like armor in the fashion of the confederate flag. Close ups of the costume and mouse parts then occurred in rapid succession, before Confederate Mouse grinned, as the frontal view swept back... showing him giving a thumbs up to the audience. "Confederate Mouse! Rebel With a Cause!"
    Catch-Phrase: "If you're going to rebel against society, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it!"

    "Leading the flashy team! New World Mutants! The Boys, they are a dream! New World Mutants!"

    Jackson Knightmane sighed as he stacked another Legacy Shipping crate into the storage warehouse, while a nearby TV showed a re-run of his father's old TV series. "Now I know why Timesheart is always wishing he was a My Little Pony. Too late in the game for me to be on my parents show... Dad wouldn't let me anywhere near the set. He always wanted me to live my own life. Or maybe he just didn't want Panthagoyle to find out that my mom was the American Agent."

    He came out of Storage Aisle 45a and looked at the TV screen again. "I think they were both disappointed when they learned I went rebel and decided to be a Confederate Hero. But someone has to defend the misunderstood gangs and such throughout the bayous. That one producer has been watching my exploits, so I must be doing better than Timesheart and his friends."

    Just then, over the intercom came an order: "Jackson! Need you up front to deliver a package!"

    He smiled. "Best job I've ever had. Comes with Taco breaks and time on the old pinball machine." And he headed off to do his latest job.

    December 23, 2009, 02:59:54 AM
    Monjaro "Triple Dragon" Lee

    Home of Origin: Japanopolis Metro Apartments
    Sex: Male
    Type: Anime Human
    Relation: Son of Jimmy "Double Dragon" Lee
    Powers: Martial Arts, Sorcery, Dragon Forms (Fire, Water, and Air)
    Transformation Sequence: Monjaro grinned. "Triple Dragon Time!" And then the very air around himself crackled with fire, ice, and lightning as his clothing transformed between their normal appearance to his Triple Dragon Warrior armor and helm. "Triple Dragon! Continuing the Tradition!" And then three dragons briefly appeared in the background and roared!
    Catch-Phrase: "How did I get stuck working a cash register? It's about the only dragon horde I'll ever be near."

    Monjaro Lee sat at the counter as he watched Jackson head off on another delivery job. "At least no one asks me to do stunts from my dad's old cartoon show. Instead I do some magic tricks and the occasional birthday party when they request a magic dragon, since Puff retired from that business."

    A lady customer came in with a load of shopping bags and paid for them to be delivered to her home.

    Monjaro got on the intercom: "We have another delivery up front! Let's get a move on, guys!"

    He smiled. "I can't wait for the Taco break. I'm starting to get a little hungry."


    December 23, 2009, 03:57:44 AM
    Tonda "Flare the Hedgehog" Lochmond

    Home of Origin: Carlisle, England
    Sex: Male
    Type: Human
    Relation: N/A
    Powers: Primary Power: Digivolving; Flare: Solar Fire Powers, Flight, Sun Flare Flash
    Transformation Sequence: Tonda struck a pose and activated his Digimark on the back of his hand. "Solar Halo On! Tonda digivolve to...!" And he suddenly began glowing, as the solar hedgehog energies digitized him into a digital pattern of particles that pulled apart, molecule by molecule, and then came back together again in they new digital form of a humanoid in appearance, but clearly looked like the hybrid between a phoenix and a Mobian hedgehog. His fur was fiery orange with red highlights, especially over his head making him look more like a living flame. He wore solid gold armor with a black symbol for the sun on his chest. As the digivolving sequence ended, he opened his glowing red eyes and shouted, "Flaroquilomon, Radiant Star of the Solar Borealis!" He then struck his finishing pose and exclaimed, "Flare the Hedgehog!"
    Catch-Phrase: "This should be a ton of fun!"

    Tonda Lochmond was just getting settled into his new marina yacht home bedroom in Japanopolis' Tokyo Bay Marina where he had been sponsored by a white mutant lion named Jhirdra and a black Leomon called Punjab. They were pretty well off and had been looking forward toward sponsoring their own human boy for quite a while. Tonda couldn't believe just how nice his quarters were here in Japanopolis. "Talk about a mixed couple, both leonine though, as I asked. Jhirdra allows me to ride on his back and Punjab got me signed up for some martial arts classes. I wonder what Japanopolis' Dragon-Master High School will be like? That's the one my sponsors said I'd be attending."

    Jhirdra poked his nose into the bedroom with a smile. "I hope the accommodations are adequate, Tonda-san. You are such a nice boy for us."

    Tonda smiled and went over and hugged the posture problem mutant lion. "Everything is super, Jhirdra! Thank you for sponsoring me! Where's Punjab, anyway?"

    Jhirdra smiled and licked Tonda's face. "He is trying to catch a fish the hard way. I think it would be better to just go out to Taco Tokyo for your first meal here in Japanopolis. Leomon is rather old fashioned, but a nice person underneath."

    SPLASH! followed by annoyed griping and laughing fish.

    Jhirdra giggled. "And he will need a bath before we go, too."

    Tonda laughed out loud.

    December 23, 2009, 05:37:35 AM
    Bastan McCoy

    Home of Origin: Anime Frontier
    Sex: Male
    Type: Mutant Feline Beast
    Relation: Son of Dr. Henry "Hank" J. McCoy , AKA Beast of X-Men and Lion-O of Thundercats
    Powers: Superhuman Strength, Agility, endurance, Speed, and Intellect, Swordsmanship, Feline senses, Mutant
    Catch-Phrase: "Abstinence is the better part of intelligence... but if you insist... I can still break your face in a thousand different ways."

    Bastan sighed softly, rubbing his feline nose pad again and adjusting his tail in the chair, "I was almost late with all the gifts those two kept giving me. They would have given me the store worth of ice cream if I hadn't not had any ROOM to carry it. Now, the train is two hours late... If I have to sit here waiting for ano..." Just as he was about to finish the statement, his train arrived. "Finally... I wonder what this place will be like."

    Bastan boarded the train heading for Japanopolis... And his new job and school.

    December 23, 2009, 05:38:13 AM
    Dante Elric

    Home of Origin: Japanopolis
    Sex: Male
    Type: Anime Human
    Relation: Son of Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist
    Powers: Alchemical Transmutation.
    Catch-Phrase: "Hey... Don't call me short!"

    Dante yelled, "HA! GOAL! GOAL FOR THE FAMOUS DANTE ELRIC!" Despite the fact that he was actually playing soccer... a lone.. and no one was around to hear him. He sighed and cursed, "I have GOT to stop being the ONLY one around who skips..." He hrms... And looks around.... Then draws a pattern on the ground.. then looks around again and places his hands on the circle. There was a brilliant lightening effect that suddenly EXPLODED as a teacher STEPPED on Dante's hands, "DANTE ELRIC... WHAT have we told you about unlicensed transmutations when your SUPPOSE to be in Summer School? You have LESS than a month to finish ALL of your work before school starts if you want to be in the same class as your friends."

    Dante coughed with a blackened face and sooty clothes as he winces, "To be in class?" The teacher nods, "Now get!" She releases his hand with her foot and points and Dante slowly creeps off toward the building, muttering about stupid teachers.

    December 23, 2009, 05:38:50 AM
    Casey "Army of One" Thomson

    Home of Origin: New York, USA, Earth
    Sex: Male
    Type: Human
    Relation: NA
    Powers: Living Costumes
    Catch-Phrase: "Sounds great!"

    Casey looked around the apartment and noted that it was nice but rather lived in and had a very homey feelings about it though it seemed a tad lacking in chairs and desks but that wasn't too surprising given that both of his sponsors were 'posturally challenged'. One was a semi-morphic and the other was nonmorphic. Blackwind was a large, nonmorphic canine who was the son of Tiger of Monster Rancher. Overall the wolf was a softie despite being almost the size of a small car, though his size seems to shift somewhat depending on his own mood and desires. He was currently doing his most hated job... serving the other cast members he never got to be on set with as their water boy and go-for. Casey looked over at the semi-morphic feline who was one of the (many) sons of Artemis of Sailor Moon fame. Artemis may have been all white but he was FAR from being anywhere near celibate or pure off the set. He and Salem Spellman had a number of flings and Arty Spellman was the result. Casey grins, "I'll get my stuff while you finish cooking." He heads back downstairs to get his things.

    February 15, 2011, 02:40:52 PM
    Simon "Talisman Star" Light

    Home of Origin: Dulton, Georgia, Planet Earth
    Sex: Male
    Type: Former Real Human; currently Silver Dragon
    QC Relation: N/A
    Sponsors: Havoc the Superdog; Jonas Atticus
    Powers: Silver Dragon Form; Claw/Claw/Bite/Breath Weapon; Mystic Magic
    Catch-Phrase: "That magical cure didn't work either... dammit, I'm going to be stuck as a dragon for the rest of my life."

    Ever since Simon accidentally activated a talisman spell that transformed him into a silver dragon, he had been working hard to find or create the magical cure for changing him back into his human self. But this was an ancient magic from an age forgotten. Every cure he tried always failed. It was getting frustrating. But at least he had a few friends in the hero game who supported him. Not to mention... the mayor of Talisman City, Andrea Thomas (aka Isis) also supported him and his new team idea. He had the right number of team members to make the hero group work and she supported Simon's efforts.

    An audible poof and dragon coughing was heard within the magical workshop as Simon emerged still in his silver dragon form. "That magical cure didn't work either... dammit, I'm going to be stuck as a dragon for the rest of my life."

    One of his teammates emerged from her quarters and gave him a gentle hug. "You'll get it someday, Simon. Don't lose hope. At least you weren't born as a centaur, like me." She then posed cutely and giggled. "Let's go get you some coffee."

    Simon smiled. "Thanks. I think I need it."

    March 25, 2011, 10:54:27 AM
    Catherine "Centura" Centaur

    Home of Origin: Mystic Dell, Magicwood Forest, QC Starknight
    Sex: Female
    Type: Centaur
    QC Relation: N/A
    Sponsors: N/A
    Powers: TBA
    Catch-Phrase: "TBA"