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EJ-01 Saving the Comics

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    "Drake Masterson is currently a dragon, according to the official inter planar records," said the frog. "But it goes further than that. Apparently he tried to meet up with his brother one night and he accidentally put a scare into his sibling without meaning to. But when Drake called Canon on the phone..."

    Canon remarked, "I remember that night. He never said who was calling, but his voice sounded really attractively sexy. I about cummed all over myself when he called. He had remembered that I was Chris' friend and he asked me to go check on his brother Chris and he promised me that he would pay me back for helping Chris. I still have Drake's number on my cellphone but I never tried to call him until the week before I got my big comic book break. He asked me what I thought about having a dragon as an empowered hero. And I told him that if that dragon was him, then it was an instant win. And he told me to get my head out of the gutter. Then he laughed and hung up."

    Americat arched an eye. "So you DO keep in contact with Drake even though Chris swears that he is dead."

    "IF this dragon is really Drake, that is," retorted the fox seriously. "Remember, he never admitted to me that he was Drake aside from saying that I needed to check on his brother Chris. It was only through phone calls. He has never tried to meet up with me even though I offered to let him stay in my studio apartment one time."


      Tracker says, "Then it's possible that the dragon you were speaking to is either Drake... or someone wanting you to think he's Drake." He rubs his muzzle, "Though there is something I find strange about all this. How did Drake become a dragon? And if they are both twins... Why did Drake not have the problem Chris did?"

      Firestar tilts her head, "Well in my family, our powers only travel to a single sibling, not all of them. I... don't know how things work in that world, but it's a thought that occurred to me..."

      Tracker says, "It's possible, I suppose. Though according to what you were telling us earlier, Canon, about your character designs, Chris loves dragons and his greatest addition to your work was those dragons he created. How did this end up frightening the boy if he got to meet a or otherwise."

      Firestar says, "That's a good question. Do you think Chris...might have been the one the government really captured and Drake got away?"


        Canon replied, "I think you hit the nail on the head, Firestar." He then looked at the frog. "You made a copy of that DVD, right? I think now would be a good time to rewatch that video."

        Armand activate his remote so the heroes could watch the video in mid air in front of them. And this is what they saw...

        Originally posted by Darquirrin View Post
        After sliding the disc into the player, the large screen hissed loudly with a blast of snow before going black again then the title screen appeared. 'The Price of Freedom' and under that title card in smaller print, 'Dedicated to my Brother; I hope you would have liked this'

        The title screen is swept away, replaced with obviously CGI animated actors but they are surprisingly realistic. The 3D modelling and CGI are top notch. Clearly a project that Christopher's spent a lot of time and effort on. Three tall, thin men in a government issue suit is standing looking into a window. Each one looks almost identical to the others.

        The one in the middle states with a monotone voice, "The process seems to be taking hold. Human adaptability is remarkable."

        The one on the right nods once, his steel grey eyes reflected slightly from behind his standard issue black sunglasses, "Yes. And our good doctor's efforts to enhance that has gone remarkably well. Protocol status?"

        The one on the left holds up the clipboard, "Echelon Four. Gamete synthesis, cellular construction, and genetic suppression have been completed successfully. Alternate strains successfully integrated. Somatic cell structure, stable. Cloned specimen shows far greater potential than the original host organism."

        The middle man nods, "Then it would seem we are primed. Give the orders to continue to Echelon Five. Dispose of the unneeded materials and pre..." There was a sudden knock on the door and all three turned to see a older man walking in. A decorated general. He growls in thickly accented English, "Get rid of the evidence. Start with the doctors. We have orders. This facility is being shut down immediately."

        The agent on the right says, with a tensely gripped fist, but a surprisingly calm voice, "Sir, the experiment has already reached the final stages. We cannot simply..."

        The general cuts off the agent, "I am more aware of what we can and cannot do than you are, Masters. I also know you have a personal stake in matters here, considering that your sister donated the stem and egg cells for this latest series of experiments. Tragic. But the board is furious with Doctor Krane's methods AND his products. That's an order. Terminate everyone. Including that insane mad scientist!"

        The story on the DVD continues showing the ruthless execution of the staff of the underground research complex, the staff trying to protect their 'project', the big reveal of what the project was, two young twin boys. Both of which are very familiar to Canon. Christopher and his brother. Agent Masters takes pity on the would-be super-soldier boys and sneaks them out of the facility. It goes on to show their lives, growing up, living what seems like completely normal lives but always being tested and experimented on behind their backs by the evil Dr. Krane who Agent Masters is forced to make a deal with to keep the boys safe and healthy, though he knows nothing of Dr. Krane's ultimate plans. It takes all the little pieces of what you know of Christopher Masterson and puts them into a rather disturbing context. He's done an extremely good job of weaving a story that by the end, you almost question if it's Christopher and his brother's real story or not. You know better; there is no way any of it is real... Yet... it's rather compelling and mysterious. A really 5 star job. It might even make a pretty awesome movie on day.
        "And that's all there is to it, my friends," said Armand as he turned off the mid air movie. "As you can see, the video is pretty revealing."

        Americat hummed. "Then Chris was a final stages experiment while his brother Drake got away and became a dragon. It would explain why Chris is so interested in laboratory sciences."


          Tracker hrms, "So why did Chris make this if he doesn't know? How did this...come to be? Those images are clearly not authentic people. A well done job, but you can clearly see the CGI editing."

          Firestar says, "Well, it could be that Chris himself DOESN'T actually 'know'. It could be entirely subliminal. He remembers bits and pieces, thinking he's making it up... but he's actually remembering pieces from his childhood. The oracles of my race are trained from birth to recognize things like this as they are one way the past speaks to the present. Though... What does 'Cloned specimen shows far greater potential than the original host organism' mean?"

          Tracker says, "Well in the context of the video, it would mean that Drake and Chris are genetically modified clones of an original host organism... I assume it means base human male. Still... Armand, you're the time wizard here. How much of this is true? Can you find out what really happened?"


            Armand nodded his head. "Sadly, it is very likely to be highly possible. But I can look further into this mystery. As for the mysterious dragon who likes to talk to Canon, I can permit his cellphone number to be able to access Canon's phone despite the dimensional differences. I'll get busy on this case, guys. Check back in later." And he vanished.

            Americat said, "I think you both are mainly right about this. He remembers bits and pieces of the story and he does think he is making it up."

            Canon was now thinking about calling the 'dragon' since that could be the fastest way to get information.


              Tracker hrms and looks over at the fox. "Well I suppose if you called the dragon... I could attempt a dimensional location trace on it."


                Canon nodded his head and he pulled out his cellphone. If anything, he knew the dragon was fun to talk to. He activated the one touch dialing for the dragon's number and waited while it rang through. It took a few moments, but when the call was answered, he said, "Hey, this is Canon. I hope you're not busy."

                Americat watched Tracker run the trace on the cell phone.


                  Tracker had the full resources of the hero's base super computer working on it as he carefully traced the call. He wanted to know where this call was coming from himself!


                    Canon continued to speak to the dragon.

                    ~Dragon: I haven't heard from you in a long time. How's that comic of yours?

                    ~Canon: Its riding the waves. But hey, this is about Chris... his dragon side accidentally emerged recently and he doesn't remember accessing it. You asked me to tell you when he did this.

                    ~Dragon: Okay... this is important. Whatever you do, always strive to keep him calm after a dragon shift session. And whatever you do, do NOT become a target when he does blow up. The angrier the dragon, the less they remember after the experience. The only way to train him to use his new form is to try to calm him down when he is in the dragon form so that he wakes up while wearing the form. And lastly, never tell the government about Chris' ability. Not even in a comic book. I have reason to believe that they are trying to train government issue dragon soldiers. If they learn that Chris has this ability, they will come for him.

                    ~Canon: I'll remember everything you just told me... Um... do you think I can ever someday meet you? Your voice sounds very sexy.

                    ~Dragon: Like I told you last time, keep Chris safe and I promise you can meet me. I got to go. Sorry.


                    Canon sighed. "When he cuts it short like that, it makes me think that someone is checking on him." He looked at Tracker. "Did you find out anything?"


                      Tracker takes a look, "This doesn't make sense. These coordinates aren't for any dimensional area on our maps...Armand may know more but this leads me to believe, he's actually hiding in a pocket reality somewhere. Possibly with a connection to your Earth still." He hrms, "Perhaps you should have asked about the rings...Nothing in what you've mentioned or what the video said or showed mentioned them. Curiosity may have made him stay on the line longer. Then again.. it could be he's trying to avoid getting caught by someone."

                      End of EJ-01 Saving the Comics

                      Stay tuned for EJ-02 Heroes and Dragons