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    Tracker nods softly, not looking away from Canon. "If that is what you truly believe, then you know the right choice, don't you, Canon?" He stands up and puts his cellphone back in his pocket, "I'll be outside if you need me. Thanks again for your help Armand. Sorry it didn't work out." He lights a cigarette and calmly heads outside.

    Firestar watched Tracker go, wondering what Tracker planned to do with the cellphone before he stopped but shakes her head. She looks back at Canon, "Well, it's been exciting. Let's get the cat outta here before he wakes up and does more damage to the place."


      Canon sighed. "Option 1 it is. I don't want Chris to die. Have him forget about me entirely but slowly remember me over the next few weeks. And then send him home. With his labs repaired, he won't ever know what happened that first night."

      Armand at that point spoke up. "You said it yourself, Canon... Option 1 is not an option. You are now second guessing yourself. If Chris is truly your friend, then only honesty will work between the two of you. Option 2... go into the room and hold him as he wakes up. Talk to him and let him see that you are still yourself. But if he tries to talk you into returning home, just remember that your injuries are not entirely healed as yet and even if you did return to Earth, you would only stay human until you slept. When you awoke, you would be the fox again. We are your best bet for helping you back into a functional state of being. As for Tracker's ruse, be honest and tell Chris about the dragon. He might not feel so piddly once he learns that he has a better form that he can learn to use. He IS your friend, Canon. Is that friendship worth it?" He points toward the entrance to Chris' chamber.

      Canon paused for a moment, then he wheeled his chair over to the door and let himself into the room where he reached down and lifted the sleeping cat up and into his lap. He then slowly rubbed over Chris' fur. "Come on, Chris... it's me, Canon... your friend."

      Moments later...


        Chris groaned a little... making a rather pitiful mewling sound as he woke up. He HURT. Gods did he hurt. It felt like every bone in his body was jumbled around and pounded into shards. But something feeling a little nice. Someone was...petting him...

        Chris slowly opened his eyes a little, flinching slightly in pain as the bright light hit his eyes. His voice rather thin and horse when he spoke, "Ca...can..on?"


          "Yeah, Chris, it's me... or rather... me in healing mode. Do you think you might be game to let the heroes heal your body? You got into a pretty bad spot a few hours earlier. Americat had to give me a shot to stabilize the parts of my body because they were trying to rip me apart. But as he did it, he accidentally said the wrong thing and you blew up in a rage. You tried to choke him to death. Then Tracker distracted you by saying things he didn't mean to you. And that's when... you manifested a new form that is hiding inside of your cat form. You have a very powerful dragon form in there and it was in that form that you almost killed Tracker... until Firestar blasted you until you were K.O.ed. Once you passed out, you reverted to your kitty form. So how about it... please let the others patch you up? For me?"


            Chris was quiet for a while but finally he said, "I don't...I don't really remember what happened. It's...all a blur and ...I really didn't mean to hurt anyone." He looks up a little teary eyed, "But... You're okay now? You're going to be okay?"


              Canon nodded his muzzle. "That shot Americat gave me really saved my life. They said I could have died if I didn't get that serum." He then wheeled the chair out of the room and he motioned to the others. "Chris has agreed to let you guys help patch him up. He is sorry if he hurt anyone."

              Americat smiled. "Good. Let's get him up to the infirmary, then."

              After another few hours, the cat who was Chris has gotten the best care he could have gotten. Mainly from Strikeback who knew medicine the best. Now Chris was laid out on a recovery bed by himself while Strikeback watched from a nearby chair.

              Americat, Firestar, and Canon had joined Tracker outside on the deck of their headquarters. "Chris is resting now," said Americat. "Believe it or not, Tracker... aside from what Canon told him, he doesn't remember attacking any of us. In other words, when the dragon gets loose, Chris doesn't retain the memory of the event."

              Canon said, "He apologized sincerely if he hurt you guys at all."


                Tracker says, "So what you're saying is... In times of extremely mental distress like when he thinks his friend is dying... he blacks out and loses control and goes 'super-nova'?"

                Firestar glares at Tracker but looks away, "That was ONE time, Tracker."

                Tracker says, "Sorry, it seemed a good analogy."


                  "Tomorrow," started Canon. "I need to try to get back on my own feet once again. If possible. Parts of my legs still hurt sometimes."

                  Americat nodded his muzzle. "I agree. I don't like seeing you in that deathtrap."


                    Tracker says, "It will be interesting... what are you plans Canon for after you've healed up?"


                      "Learning what my powers are and seeing about getting a decent costume," said Canon as he smiled at Tracker. "Besides... I still owe you a kiss. But in all honesty, what do you guys think caused me to change into my fox form on Earth? Because it freaked me out when I saw my furry legs in my Earth bed."


                        Tracker shrugs, "I can only guess. Likely it's Chris' fault and his exploding machines. Just don't tell him I said that."


                          Americat remarked, "The portal did short as you went through it, Canon. But when your friend went through, nothing happened like that. It only happened to you."

                          "And that was one of Armand's portals, too," said Canon as he admired the stars in the night sky.


                            Tracker says, "True. We don't know what interaction Armand's magic and that boy's technology could have caused. It's confusing. At least you're alright and on the mend."

                            Firestar didn't say anything but she didn't put it past Armand to do it deliberately. For good reasons, assuredly, but she knew how crafty that frog could be.


                              At that moment, the frog stepped in from seemingly nowhere. "Oh ye of little faith... I just returned from not only checking on Inertia and Luna, but also researching Christopher's so called deceased brother. Get this, my friends... the official reports state that Drake Masterson and a friend of his were both kidnapped by what looked like a Hell Dragon the night before Drake was to have given a report on a new government agency. The last person reportedly who had contact with this boy was none other than our cat, Christopher, and after his brother's bodiless disappearance, he chose to believe that his brother had died and he convinced himself that the government had something to do with it."

                              Americat hummed. "So his brother along with a friend were both taken to the underworld and Chris believes that his brother actually died. That really sucks."

                              Canon thought about it for a moment. "You know, that sort of makes sense now that I think about it. I remember chatting with Drake Masterson once before he disappeared and he was often saying that he was being followed by what he thought was a dragon. But then he made a joke and said, if you really believe in them, that is... Just like that."


                                Tracker smirks, "So Armand. If he's alive... Do you know where he is... Or what he is at this point? Who or WHAT is Drake Masterson?" His smirk suggested he had a pretty good guess.