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    Extreme Justice - CP

    -=Extreme Justice RPG=-

    RPG Name: Extreme Justice RPG (Anthro Justice, 2nd Run)

    Time/Place: 21st Century New York City/Early 22nd Century Anthropolis, Planet Furth

    Situation: When two young adult friends find themselves becoming more in tune with the comic book project, their investigation lead them to discover that the world they thought they created was more real than they imagined.

    Players: Timesheart and Darquirrin

    Human Characters:
    1. Canon Richards, 19, male human - Timesheart
    2. Christopher Masterson, 19, male human - Darquirrin

    Anthropolis Hero Characters:
    1. Americat, male African lion - Timesheart
    2. Strikeback, female ninja turtle - Timesheart
    3. Tracer, male militant wolf (Sniper, Master of Firearms, Gadgetry Style) - Darquirrin
    4. Firestar, female phoenix pyrotechnic - Darquirrin

    Anthropolis Villain Personalities:
    1. Red Bone (alias, Dr. Frank Newton Crypt)

    Profiles should be like the following examples form.

    Character Profile Format:








    Real Background:


    Hero Name:


    Hero Background:

    Arch Enemy:

    Name: Canon Richards

    Species: Human

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Hair: Blond

    Eyes: Green

    Height: 6'1"

    Real Background: Canon Richards is a young artist working for an aspiring comic book company who has, so far, produced less than successful comic book adventures. But all that changes when Canon creates an epic milestone adventure comic series based on the serious furry alter egos of himself and three of his friends (one male and two females; one of the females is his own girlfriend who likes turtles; the other female is the girlfriend of his friend who has a fiery outlook.) One evening within he and his friend's studio apartment, the fine line between realities presents them with an adventure in which they would never forget as an omnipotent frog like being called Timekeeper seeks out their help.


    Hero Name: tba

    Powers: tba

    Hero Background: tba

    Arch Enemy: tba


      Hero Name: Americat

      Powers: Energon Power Device (Near Invulnerability, Enhanced Strength, and Heightened Speed), Gymnastics, Electronic Engineering Degree.

      Hero Background: Americat was an ordinary lion named Powell Priding who worked as a sanitation engineer for an experimental research company. When his soon to be arch enemy broke into the research labs to steal the new technology being developed there, Powell was working late waxing the outer hallways as per his orders from his bosses. As his arch enemy came running out of the labs with the new Energon Power Device, he slipped on the freshly waxed floor and discharged the device as he slipped and fell. The ray fired down the hallway and struck the unsuspecting lion janitor which transformed his DNA with the full Energon radiation blast. His enemy got away, however, since the device broke upon hitting the floor. The following few weeks, the furry scientists ran tests on Powell and slowly worked with him to make him into a new personality... a company created superhero. Afterward, the company paid for his college education and encouraged his workouts in a local gym. When he graduated college, he was presented with his new reinforced hero uniform as he was debuted as the All-American Lion, Americat.

      Arch Enemy: Red Bone (alias, Dr. Frank Newton Crypt)


        Name: Christopher Masterson

        Species: Human

        Sex: Male

        Age: 19

        Hair: Red-tinted Black

        Eyes: Grey

        Height: 7'6"

        Real Background: Christopher is a quiet, yet serious young man. He works as a mechanic in a local garage while attending college to become an electronic engineer. He has been friends with Canon most of his adopted life (which is to say all of his life that he can remember). He and his twin brother, Drake, were adopted by his parents when he was still a baby. He's somewhat shy due to the fact that he stands out so easily in crowds, towering over most of his friends by at least a foot. He is fairly good at sports though he tends to avoid most organized activities, preferring to work in front of his computer with his Wacom Tablet. Usually working on 3D CAD models of circuits and such, but lately helping out by Canon's request, doing 3-D modelling of Canon's artwork for media and commercials. He's more into fantasy than superheroes, especially dragons and gryphons, but nothing said you can't combine both. He created several computerized digital dragon superhero characters in memory of his brother, who died in a car accident; though none of them have made any official 'canon' appearances in the comics. He has a rather gentle nature despite his size, always taking up for those smaller than himself, which is most everyone. He hates bullies with a passion.