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EJ-03 Working Class Furs

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    EJ-03 Working Class Furs

    -=Extreme Justice=-
    Episode Three: Working Class Furs
    September 15th, 2015
    Players: Ratseye and Darquirrin

    Time/Place: 21st Century New York City/Early 22nd Century Anthropolis, Planet Furth

    Situation: When two young adult friends find themselves becoming more in tune with the comic book project, their investigation lead them to discover that the world they thought they created was more real than they imagined.

    Human Characters:
    1. Dreamfox, 19, male human named Canon Richards - Timesheart
    2. Christopher Masterson, 19, male human - Darquirrin

    Anthropolis Hero Characters:
    1. Americat, male African lion - Timesheart
    2. Strikeback, female ninja turtle speedster/chemist - Timesheart
    3. Tracer, male militant wolf (Sniper, Master of Firearms, Gadgetry Style) - Darquirrin
    4. Firestar, female phoenix pyrotechnic - Darquirrin

    1. The Timekeeper, male British frog named Armand Charming - Timesheart
    2. Kur, the Dragon, can only be contacted via Canon's cellphone - Darquirrin
    3. Drake Masterson, Chris' older brother
    4. Dremalos, Drake's sponsor [Nightmare Stallion]
    5. Casey Glendon, Drake's convenience store clerk friend [in Vincent's territory]

    Anthropolis Villain Personalities:
    1. Red Bone (alias, Dr. Frank Newton Crypt)
    2. Dogtor Doom (alias, Unknown)

    Extreme Justice
    Episode Three: Working Class Furs

    Extreme Justice HQ

    While most of the Extreme Justice furs in their civilian identities were at their day jobs, Timekeeper [Armand] stayed at Headquarters with Chris and the returned Dreamfox [Canon] whom had a huge educational few days with Kur in the other dimension.

    Armand had the monitor tuned in to Casey Glendon still since it seemed to help Chris develop himself. Drake and Dremalos were on call through the Nightmare portal which Dremalos had set up when the heroes needed further advice.

    Canon was back in his kangaroo-fox form and his costume which he was glad returned when he did. "So that is Casey... he's a cutie. Have you been blushing since Armand tuned in on this boy?"

    Chris blushed again, his ears a particularly reddish hue under the fur, "Er... sorta... You have to admit he's good looking and he seems really nice..."


      Canon hugged Chris. "If I didn't think he was cute, I wouldn't have said what I said about him. I recall Drake saying that he didn't have a clue as to where Casey was and now you and Armand have not only found him, but are watching him work. Although... he does look like he has been age-regressed back into a teenager. I recall that he is only supposed to be one year younger than your brother Drake. And it is clear that Casey is many years younger than Drake at the moment. I have to wonder how that happened."

      Armand said, "According to Dremalos, Casey had a few adventures with servant class underworlders whom often appeared to be younger than you would think they should be. Perhaps some of their magic rubbed off on Casey and simply made Casey appear their own age. Casey supposedly made friends with imps, samates, devimice, and even Hell Elves, who look like satyr like Donkey boys with elven features. Dremalos said Casey was often having sex with said species preferring them over humans eventually. To see Casey working topside on QC Planet would indicate that someone gave him the magical power to travel between the Underworld and the Surface World at will."

      Canon smiled when he saw what looked to be fur suiters coming into the convenience store to buy supplies from the nice boy. "Those costumes look pretty darned real."


        Chris says, "So basically... he's been so steeped in that sorta time-locked energy that he's turned into a sorta modern peter pan." He looks back at the store, then blinks again, "Uh... Those... Those aren't costumes, are they. Look at the tails. See how it moves perfectly to counterbalance how they stand... It's not very subtle. They need more practice at pretending, I think." Then again someone who wasn't a kittigon might not notice. "Though I suppose that if things like hell elves and dragons exist... what's to keep things like that from existing on our world too... Though I'm really curious... Does the government know about those guys...."


          Armand smiled. "That was very observant of you, Chris. They are not wearing costumes. They are for real. And I think Casey knows it, too, since he is not freaking out from how they look and he is even making a nice comment about that one's vest and tunic. As for the government, they have a couple of guys on the inside but for the most part, the insiders are only there to make sure known criminals do not use the area to disappear from radar."

          Canon smiled as he looked at the one who looked a lot like a Dragon Boy not even bothering to cover up his best features. "So much to learn and experience."


            Chris's ears flushed with the praise but he tried not to show it. "It looks like it."

            The dragon boy seemed to know he was being watched as he moved to show his best features to his observers.


              Armand smiled. "The special folk in their area are very observant even across the dimensional barrier. The dragon boy senses the admiration you are giving him, Canon and he is showing you what he believes you want to see."

              Canon said, "So what is watching Casey teaching us at this time, Armand?"

              Casey rang up the purchase for the dragon boy and the stud hell hound with him. "Two fifty, guys. And Drakky, it looks like you are showing off for someone. You usually only do that when you sense an unclaimed cutie."


                Drakky smirks, "Well when people are spying on us long distance, I want to make sure I look good. Only natural, right? Plus, whoever is doing it, is rather good with temporal magics but a LITTLE outta date and unpracticed on spatial displacement magics. Of course that's my specialty so maybe that's not a fair assessment..." He smiles at Casey and gave him a kiss, "Thanks for everything, Casey. You sure you won't come back to our place for an evening after you get off? You said you wished you could meet more scalies."


                  The stud Hell Hound remarked, "Dragons get all the luck sometimes. We hounds have to really work for what we get. Anyway, here's the two fifty. Are you coming to the party this Saturday? Some of your Hell Elf, Devil Mouse and Imp friends will be there."

                  Casey smiled. "I love parties and I will definitely try to make it. As for your place tonight... I still have to finish inventory then I will be free to come see you guys if you're still awake."


                  Armand said, "Watching Casey is primarily helping Chris in his own development. But as you can see for yourself, there are other distractions which have your attention as well."

                  Canon nodded his head. "The Hell Hound stud said that hounds have to really work for any attention they might get. Now I feel sorry for him."

                  Armand grinned. "Why don't you break out your artist supplies and sketch up the cuties into a comic book? You have a good display of them."

                  Canon chose to do that since they had time. He could even draw himself into an encounter with them in the comic. As for Chris and Casey, it was almost a C-name attraction.


                  Casey came around the counter and rubbed over the drakky and the hell hound in a nice way. "I need to get inventory started. I don't know how they got any work around here done before they hired me. I seem to be the only one who works here."

                  The stud Hell Hound smiled. "With whomever is watching, you are not alone tonight. Although if they need a hell hound visitation, I could just pop into their laps."


                    Drakky says, "Hey... I've had to work hard for what I've gotten. Most of my older brothers and cousins get all the fame. And what do I get? A lousy gemstone for christmas and a 'that's great, now what what were you saying Rakarissur?'." He hrmphs. "At least YOU have your own business AND a pack." He looks back at Casey, "That's fine. I'm sure they'll all be happy to meet you." He hugs one of Casey's legs while hell hound had the other. "I'd offer to help with inventory.. but I know what happened to the last person who tried to break the Big Lion's rules about 'employees only'."

                    Chris says, "It sure looks like Casey has a lot of friends... I'm glad he's found something to be happy with."


                      Canon's comic drawing skill had obviously improved because he soon had the Hell Hound drawn with accurate detail regarding his package and tail hole. Of course, he couldn't help but to inadvertently project nice thoughts at the Hell Hound for whom he felt sorry for. My name is Canon Richards and I am a human comic book artist who is currently in another dimension where there are animal based superheroes. I am drawing a comic page right now of you and your drakky friend. I think you are a sexy hell hound stud and your statement of having to work to get what you want makes me feel sorry for you. Love and kisses, my friend... Canon.


                      The stud Hell Hound smiled and mentally replied, Nice to meet you, Canon Richards. It makes me happy to have an outside admirer. Casey is going to be busy in the back room and Drakky is likely going to return to his lair or head over to the club to see about a drink and a meal. As Drakky mentioned earlier, my name is Lord Rakarissur and I have a business and a fair sized pack. Most of them are usually having sex with each other a lot of the time." If you ever want to spend some time with me and the boys, I can arrange for your transport and no this is not a recruitment offer. When you draw Drakky, make sure you give him a collection of large jewels. When he came of age, I feel his family gypped him. He was given a single gem stone as a reward for reaching adult status. Hardly a reward. Here, let me give you a long distance thrill. And he used his powers to suck Canon's cock inside of his pants.

                      Casey said, "Your offers to help are greatly appreciated. However, when I am done around 5 PM, if you want to escort me back to my assigned home you can do that and then I can make a nice dinner for all of us." He then gave Drakky a deep kiss on his snout before he knelt down and also gave the hell hound a kiss before heading off into the back stock room to do inventory.


                      Armand said, "I need to go check on Extreme Justice, boys. I will leave the monitor on so Canon and focus on finish sketching the two cuties. As for you, Casey, you need to either practice with your powers or decide what you need to do with yourself and your powers. I will check back in later." And Armand disappeared to go check on his friends.