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EJ-02 Heroes and Dragons

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    EJ-02 Heroes and Dragons

    -=Extreme Justice=-
    Episode Two: Heroes and Dragons
    September 1st, 2014
    Players: Timesheart and Darquirrin

    Time/Place: 21st Century New York City/Early 22nd Century Anthropolis, Planet Furth

    Situation: When two young adult friends find themselves becoming more in tune with the comic book project, their investigation lead them to discover that the world they thought they created was more real than they imagined.

    Human Characters:
    1. Dreamfox, 19, male human named Canon Richards - Timesheart
    2. Christopher Masterson, 19, male human - Darquirrin

    Anthropolis Hero Characters:
    1. Americat, male African lion - Timesheart
    2. Strikeback, female ninja turtle speedster/chemist - Timesheart
    3. Tracer, male militant wolf (Sniper, Master of Firearms, Gadgetry Style) - Darquirrin
    4. Firestar, female phoenix pyrotechnic - Darquirrin

    1. The Timekeeper, male British frog named Armand Charming - Timesheart
    2. Kur, the Dragon, can only be contacted via Canon's cellphone - Timesheart

    Anthropolis Villain Personalities:
    1. Red Bone (alias, Dr. Frank Newton Crypt)
    2. Dogtor Doom (alias, Unknown)

    Extreme Justice
    Episode Two: Heroes and Dragons

    Anthropolis Back Lots near Extreme Justice HQ

    Americat, Tracker, Strikeback, and Firestar were having an outing with their newest member, Dreamfox, while Timekeeper and Christopher monitored their outing from their headquarters. Since the other day, the entire team was making an effort for both boys despite the cat not seeming to develop any further improvements.

    Canon on the other paw developed not only the mutant kangaroo jumping power, but he also gained a mysterious portal like teleportation ability. Fortunately the portals never seemed to go that far, as in within sight range, but Americat feared that one day those portals could get completely out of paw.

    On this particular day, the minions of Dogtor Doom were facing off against the Extreme Justice team. They had been warned about the occasional interference of the frog and they thought they were prepared for him. But they weren't ready for the new fox hero who could not only jump wildly, but port out and in when you least expected it.


    Americat was slugging a minion the old fashioned way, while Strikeback moved at super speed, clothes-lining those she encountered.

    "Damn, Dreamfox!" exclaimed the female turtle. "Remind me to never get you mad at me!"

    "Not my fault I can't control my portal porters!" Dreamfox replied as he winked in directly behind Tracker where he sucker punched a minion in the sac. "Sorry! I didn't mean to aim below the belt! Are you hurt?" ;-)


    Armand remarked, "Despite what he said, Chris, your friend has full control over that power. Strange that he develops one new power each week."

    Tracker growls, "Be careful I don't hit you next time, vulpy." As he pulled out a pistol loaded with a high-powered stun cartridge and fired it over the fox's shoulder. "Remember Rule 3. Don't get cocky."

    Firestar rolls her eyes, "Boys. Eyes off each other and on the fight."


    Chris nods, "Yeah. Seems like he's got a pretty bright future as a hero. The bad guys won't ever know what to expect if he keeps gaining powers."


      Dreamfox replied as if he had been admonished by his elders, "I'm sorry, Tracker. Focusing..." And he vanished from that spot and reappeared over the top of a few minions who were preparing to aim a cannon weapon at the heroes. SLAM! "Ow... you idiots and your metal toys."


      Armand glanced at Chris. "What of your training? Have you figured anything further out about your own mystery?" He was glad that the entire team made that group apology to Chris a week ago because it seemed to help the cat's disposition and confidence in their world.


        Tracker started unloading his arsenal now that the bad guys were getting more serious.

        Firestar was happily melting the concrete around their paws. Talk about hotfeet.


        Chris shakes his head a little, "No. I've been trying but I haven't found anything. Other than that I REALLY miss having thumbs. Like, REALLY miss them. If I didn't have my telekinesis, I'd go crazy. I don't see how cats don't go insane not being able to open doors on their own."


          Armand patted Chris gently. "I would offer to make you more humanoid, but the last time I did that... your dragon tried to strangle Americat and Tracker. We can't figure out why you even have a dragon. We were hoping that you would remember some reason behind it."


          Strikeback felt obliged to knock the minions on their butts directly into the melted concrete. hehe.

          Americat threw the minion he had been fighting over his head where the minion landed head first into the molten concrete. "Just when you thought the Red Bone was all we had to deal with... Dogtor Doom returns from his vacation."

          Dreamfox appeared directly beside the African lion hero. "I think I am reaching my porter limit, Americat. My teleport ranges are beginning to be limited to this lot now."

          "You haven't had an energy drink in a while, Foxy. And this has been a long fight."


            Chris nods, "I know... And I don't want to cause that to happen again. That dragon is a dick."


            Tracker smirks, "At least this crew is about cleaned up." He slides on his shades as he backhands on of them coming up behind him. "Amateurs."

            Firestar says, "Time to finish this then." She used her fiery powers to create a huge super compressed burst of super heated air that knocked the entire swath of enemies in front of her into the air and sent them flying...most of them now de-furred from the blistering air as well.



              After the minions were sent off to the police, the Extreme Justice team returned to their base and everyone was seated in the meeting room together.

              Americat looked to Chris at this point. "We have been both polite and patient, Chris. I think it is high time you told us about your brother Drake. Everything you can remember... what you think you remember."

              The female turtle eyed the heroic lion, then turned to look at the psychic cat. "Take your time."

              Canon said, "You need to get this out, Chris. It might help you figure out your real powers."


                Chris was a little taken a back when he got set in the middle of the table and all those eyes fell on him and THAT topic was brought up. He sighed and said, "Fine. I don't know what good it will do but if you all to know that badly... I'll try."

                Chris takes a moment to think then says, "Our parents told us that Drake and I were adopted when we were babies. Around a year or so old. The Mastersons were a older couple and couldn't have any children of their own so they adopted us. Mom and Dad were really nice and kind... and.. They were really good to us. Then... It happened. It was on our 13th birthday. You know the one, Canon. It fell on Friday the 13th. My parents were taking me and Drake to a horror flick. Our first PG-13 horror movie."

                Chris looks down, a few tears welling up in the feline's eyes as he tries to wipe his eyes to calm down a little. "Stupid paws not good for nothin'..." He sniffles a little. "There was this...vehicle.. I don't remember exactly the type. Big. Black. Maybe a van or a one of those big shipping trucks. It came outta no where, barreling down on us. Mom and Dad were killed instantly...Drake was on the side the vehicle hit. Mom... and me were knocked out of the car by the force of the impact. I wasn't as badly hurt. There were a lot of sirens. Suits and police officers... I'm not sure how long I lay there on the ground.. It was terrifying....My body...wouldn't move...I couldn't make it do anything... not even blink... I felt the flies on my face...the heat of the hot asphalt...burning...but I couldn't move...the car was on fire...a sickly red smokey scent in the air.." He breaks off a bit, shuddering...

                After a few minutes he continues, "I saw them drag my brother's lifeless body out of the burning shell... scored and scorched. He was barely recognizable but I knew it was him... I don't remember it but I blacked out at some point. When I came to, I was in a hospital.... alone. My entire family... gone. It was just me. The only thing I had left was the one friend I had made up till then." He looks over at Canon then looks down, "That was the last time I saw my brother... We had a fight over who would sit where... if I had just let him have the seat he wanted... he'd still be alive."

                Tracker clears his throat then asks, "Chris. During your times. Are there any other times you've had...blackouts...missing time... anything of the sort?"

                Chris frowns...but thinks. After a little, "Um.. Well... Yeah. A...few. Actually... Usually around our birthdays after our parents took us for our 3 month check ups."

                Firestar says, "You went to doctor that often?"

                Chris nods. "Our parents said that we needed to get checked up on since they didn't know what our mother and father were like and didn't want to let anything sneak up on us that they didn't know about. So every 3 months like clockwork, we had our check ups."


                  Canon then said, "Chris... I am going to play a recording of a voice I have on my cellphone recorder and I want you to tell me who this sounds like to you." And the moment he hit play, all of the heroes knew the voice because it was the dragon that Tracker tried to do a trace on.

                  ~Dragon: Like I told you last time, keep Chris safe and I promise you can meet me. I got to go. Sorry.

                  The heroes were watching to see what Chris' reaction would be to that voice and that message.


                    Chris looked a little distressed since everyone seemed to think he should know it... He finally says, "It...sorta sounds familiar... sorta... I..I can't place it though. Who is it?"


                      Canon replied, "This is someone I've been in contact with over the last year and a half. He claims to be your brother and he has often asked me to look after you and keep you safe from the government. Does that part sound familiar, Chris? It should... you have a DVD detailing almost the exact same thing, a video dedicated to your brother. I watched it, remember?"


                        Chris nods, "Yeah... But it was just a video. Not real. I made it with that new production suite I bought. I thought it might..." He looks down, "Might finally be good enough to help make something for the comic..."


                          Americat then said, "We were wondering why it stars both you and your brother if this is supposed to be fictional." He noticed that Chris didn't even react to the fact that the recorded voice claimed to be his brother.

                          Armand gently petted over Chris' fur to help him focus.


                            Chris didn't react because it seemed too crazy to be truth... he feels like he KNOWS his brother is dead..the idea that he could be alive. The idea of it just seems impossible and if he let himself hope it was truth...he'd be crushed if it wasn't. He says, "Because... Like I told Canon... He was really big on super heroes and dragons and cartoons and tv. HE always wanted to star in something like that." He sighs, "So I thought by making him into a TV star... it'd like he was here again"


                              Strikeback then said, "What if when they pulled your brother's body out of the burning car, he was even remotely still alive? Remember... when someone is unconscious, they may appear to be dead. You did say you blacked out. Don't give up hope. But if you want us to drop it, we will." But she knew it would still be a topic when the cat wasn't around.

                              Canon turned to look at Tracker. "Has the central computers completed the newest scan on the new trace you ran for me?" Meaning, he had again spoken to the dragon a bit longer this time and the question of the rings was brought up. The recorded reply about the rings was solely in Tracker's possession, for now.