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[0-AA-2Bartholomew] Silversurge's Anti-Drug Message

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    [0-AA-2Bartholomew] Silversurge's Anti-Drug Message

    Saturday, June 06, 2009, 7:40 PM

    Bartholomew finishes up his bath, then he does the sling happy thing and steps into the dryer. "I may need to make a groomer appointment. I don't see how the pros do this. I can't do anything with my fur these days..."

    He can't help it. Plus, he heard about Yuskay's Grooming Services and he never got to check it out, so now... he's rather got a fur problem.

    All he has to do to try it out is send a request! They'd be happy to give him a free sample. Or ask Frostika since she visits Yuskay territory often.

    But that would mean going back to the underworld and that one experience messed him up. He feels that he needs to apologize to the team still. And he thinks making a public apology will do it best. He doesn't want the public to get the wrong idea that he is perfect when he isn't.

    Bartholomew sighs and calls the studios and tells them to send a filming crew out to the mansion. He needs to make a new commercial.

    The video commercial starts by showing a picture of the human Bartholomew Barrington.

    Then it fades out and a picture of the muddied at-the-interview Steeldragon is shown.

    Then it fades to black, and the next picture is of the sexy CLEAN Steeldragon in a pose.

    It fades to black and a picture of him just last week appears on the screen. He looks horribly AWFUL.

    That picture fades to black, as the scene of his sitting in the mansion's den and chair near the fireplace is shown and the current Steeldragon. "Hello folks. I'm Steeldragon."

    His voice is smooth but tired sounding. "Many of you may have seen me last week and I looked like a real mess. The truth is... I was in a doped up, drug like state and I didn't know that I needed help. If my cast friends hadn't called upon my mother... I'd likely be dead or worse by now. I just wanted to apologize to all of you. I answered a housing ad and didn't get the full details on the conditions of the place. The roomie occupants were heavy partiers and they convinced me to get down and funky with them.

    Well... I got fucked up badly.

    Let this be a lesson to you kids who think Steeldragon is cool. I make mistakes. And I really hope you never fall into the mistake that I made. Its hard to ask for help when you're mind is fucked up like that. You don't think you need help. But if Got Wolf needed help, then chances are... you need help, too. Don't become another statistic in your quest to become a cool pack, pride, herd, band, or even party dude... like I thought I was.

    Drugs are bad for you, friends. I am still recovering from this episode, and I don't want any of my cute fans to think doing what I did was cool. It wasn't. I almost died. But I had good friends who could tell when I was in trouble. If your friends offer to help you, let them. They might save your lives. Hope to see you in public when I am walking to work. Steeldragon here... until next time." And the video commercial ends.

    Those gathered quietly applaud how sincere Steeldragon sounded today. It's a great commercial. And it will, of course, net him a LOT more fans.

    Definitely will!!!!

    The Producer smiles. "Well spoken, Steeldragon. Take all the time off you need. We'll be there for you."

    You say, "Thanks... but I need to discuss some changes I want to make concerning ZOO Studios."

    And their little meeting will be going on right now. In the meantime, that commercial hits the airwaves. Even the cats at C.A.T. are watching it. A lot of them feel sorry for Steeldragon. Even Hamilton who couldn't get hired because of Steeldragon and Got Wolf.

    One gang in the real world, the Steel Dragons, see that commercial. Before now, they hadn't heard that there was a werewolf with the name of their gang. And they are mesmerized... the whole gang send 'Get Well Soon' cards to Steeldragon.

    Not to mention a lot of the underprivileged in the City LOVE him too and send lots of get well cards

    "You want to move ZOO Studios to... WHERE?!"

    Nearly the whole mansion heard that question. Even Vampire Barrington way down DOWN deep in his coffin.


    the rest of the meeting is too quiet to overhear.

    Night gets a call as he is on patrol from the Producer at ZOO Studios. He is rather surprised at the content of the request, but... he knows how sexy Steeldragon is AND... he saw the anti-drug commercial. He'll do this request for the studio. Anything for Steeldragon.

    Steeldragon can get anyone to do anything

    Steeldragon didn't call Night, though. The Producer called him. But it was for Steeldragon, so Night does it without question.

    Anything for Steeldragon *giggles*

    It takes Night all 'night', pardon the pun... to do this request. But by morning... literally everyone will definitely notice what was done.

    Night built a BRAND-NEW 'ZOO Studios' lot, filming studio, TV Station, and on the site family housing for the cast and crews... all at the new location. And part 2 of the request was to give the entire old property of ZOO Studios - "intact" - to C.A.T. Studios outside of town. Where the old ZOO Studios Lot once was is now a Community Center to help the underprivileged members of society. Endorsed by Steeldragon, it says on the sign.

    When the C.A.T. crew go to work, they have a studios lot now. Buildings and all. Completely donated, care of Steeldragon and ZOO Studios, to C.A.T. Studios.

    ( Night's gonna be tired after all... That's a lot even for a super canine )

    And the Mansion, forest, and wilderness got moved too, automagically, by Anna after she was told the plan.

    Night had to get help from his team. It was a lot for one super canine.

    Athame would have been more than to help... and his technomancy and electromagnetic powers would have made automatically building the high-tech components REALLY easy though also very time-consuming.

    Where was all of this moved to?

    ZOO Studios is now located just outside of Seaspray Hills, about 50 miles south of Studio City, with built-in transporters leading from Studio City to Seaspray Hills. The area is a fantastic resort community who had tried to get a movie studio to set up there, but the wolves only wanted to be in Studio City. That's why Bart said that the C.A.T. crew had good first intentions but they made the mistake of setting up in the wolves' faces. Seaspray Hills is a more ideal location.

    Plus, Steeldragon asked Night if he could set up a branch HQ of the Comita Champions in Seaspray Hills so he could bring his Mystical Dragon Pack over and use a real danger chamber instead of one in a studio set. That is something Night and Athame will be doing next. Mainly because Night also LOVES the Seaspray Hills region. Its NICE, yet still worthy of patrolling because a few crimes do occur there.

    It does sound REALLY nice

    Not to mention, Bart wants to do beach scenes in the series, and there were no beaches in Studio City.

    The Transporters are set up for the convenience of his cast and crew. Namely Syrana who has her business in Studio City. Bart doesn't want to lose her.