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Capes, Costumes and Crooks


a pen-and-paper RPG guidebook in progress.

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The base rules needed for playing 3-C and the rest of the fun as I (Lord Pouchlaw) create the playing system. All rules are subject to change during creation.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[3C-01] GP-01 The Golden Carrot
Official RPs which Darquirrin participates.
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Last Post: Zoo Stars Profiles
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Lord Pouchlaw
Zoo Stars Profiles
[8] Rales Tales (3/198)
Digimon: RAGE (4/126)
Click a subforum to take a short cut to the other RPs/RRs.
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Lord Pouchlaw
DnD2-01 You May Not Believe this
Howling Fury (7/1,383)
Furry Tales 1 (13/1,130)
Myths (9/496)
ISHTAR (4/133)
Freelancers (11/520)
Defenders (3/140)
DAC Beyond (6/14)
Disc Savers (6/332)
Disc Trainers (4/294)
Furlough City (8/564)
Legacy Shipping (8/628)
Montorii Runes (4/353)
Password (4/131)
LOST (3/86)
Toonime Express (3/127)
Triple I (8/524)
Fan fiction stories from members who are no longer with us, be it having moved on to other pursuits on the Internet, death, or whatever else.
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Interested in role playing with the warjoey? You can now find his role playing games here.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[GNR-SQ2] DMC-03: Immorality
Corsair Games (7/25)
Chip Gaiden (1/42)