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[Jules-ME] FF-02 Friend Making On The Run

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    [Jules-ME] FF-02 Friend Making On The Run

    Mythos City - Mythical Earth

    [Jules-ME] FF-02 Friend Making On The Run.
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)
    April 3rd, 2022

    Chapter 01: Meeting With Donkey Recruiters.

    Within Mythos City, Feasel exclaimed, "What do you mean Finian won't be attending school any more? How can I apologize to him if I can't even find him? I really want to be his friend! Stupid cat lord! I had a chance with the boy until Jules made me abandon him outside the city!" Yes, when you think you've lost out on a friendship, you get very honest.

    At the new South Cape township controlled by Thane Fantasy with the Mythics direct permission, the Fantasy household was currently the only home there along with Trainer's new Dragon Chocolate Glen. There was an Anti-Cat Lord protection aura around the entire border of what Thane was planning to be the new port town. If Jules tried to get in at all, he and other cat lords would be banished back to Nirvana arriving on a Metallic spiked dildo tree in the Nirvanian Hospital's courtyard for a thousand years.

    The Mythics were all too glad to help establish the protection spell!

    Early in the morning along the South shore, Finian waited for any donkeys to arrive. When he saw the naked donkey boys in two separate wooden boats pulling up to the shoreline, he wondered how they had been getting into Mythos City since the Chocolate Dragon reported that a magic spell was in place by Jules to keep all naked Mythics out of the city and these Donkey Boys were certainly naked and as Mythic as the other locals. They should definitely be getting stopped by Jules' spell. "Salutations, Jackass Isle recruiters!"

    A head recruiter from the Candlewick boat and a head recruiter from the Lampwick boat both approached Finian whom had food gifts and bad boy lists at the ready for the donkeys.

    The Candlewick recruiter said, "Whom are you to await us here where we come ashore to enact our business?"

    "My name is Finian Fantasy; The Chocolate Dragon informed me of your existence and when to meet with you so as to not interrupt your schedule. I never expected two separate boats to arrive with nine sexy donkeys in each boat. I have need to talk to a few of you in your spare time and also to learn a Teleport arrival locale on your islands. I have brought carrots and apples to exchange for my request and to sweeten the pot, I have compiled name and location lists for every bad boy in Mythos City. Will you accept my offer?"

    The Lampwick recruiter stated, "You are one of the ones on our collection list to take back to the islands. But you are not coming across as a bad boy if you are willing to negotiate by helping us to learn of the real bad boys and to give us food gifts. You also stated that you and your family made a deal with the Mythics of this planet. How do we know that you are telling us the truth?"

    At that moment, Trainer's head stuck out from the nearby trees as he said, "Finian has not lied to us yet, recruiters. His family honestly asked us for permission to establish this South port town; Jules never made a single inquiry to set up a city on this continent at all. And later, he told the authorities on Earth that he created this world himself. How long have you known us Mythics, Donkey Boys? Surely your lords remember getting the invite to live on our world hundreds of years ago. Jules created it recently? Ha!"

    The head recruiters were shocked to see a Mythic Dragon representative vouching for the boy whom was there to greet them so early in the morning.

    "Let's see these lists you compiled for us. As for the food, we will split that between our boat storage barrels in an even amount. Are these lists a personal opinion or what?"

    Finian said, "I knew someone would ask that. Each name mentions how they act publicly and how they act when they think no one is looking. For some reason, Jules overlooks real bad boys and punishes good people that he cannot stand dealing with. I guess our family was on the 'make them disappear' list even though he hasn't had any direct dealings with my little brother at all. He's mainly been at odds with my mother and father; and more recently, me. My older sister and my little brother haven't seen nor spoken to him at all."

    Pulling out their own collection scrolls, they compared the lists given to them by their lords to the list acquired from Finian. Not only were they not the same; but Finian's lists were far more detailed. The lords list was more of a 'go get these people and don't ask questions' while Finian's lists revealed everything. The Candlewick head recruiter commented, "We've been getting misled, comrade. The jackass lords won't like this information." The Lampwick head recruiter added, "We've likely been sent after good boys."

    The Lampwick head recruiter said, "In these revealing circumstances you are showing us, we will accept your offer especially since the Mythics are backing you."

    Finian said, "I am also offering a friendship to any donkey boys wanting to make friends with a nice open-minded human boy."

    The Candlewick head recruiter said, "Several of our working class donkey boys were asking about being friends with a nice human boy only recently."

    The Lampwick head recruiter nodded his head, "We've also had some donkey boys make that request."

    Finian then said, "I am also willing to earn any Donkey Boy abilities or spells from your people through either compassionate activity or deeds at the lords' requests."

    The Candlewick head recruiter smiled. "Drop your pants and allow me to fill your bottom right now and don't wash afterward... if you comply, I will speak on your behalf to Titan Lord Candlewick. He needs to smell my scent on you or he won't believe your request." The Lampwick head recruiter added, "You best strip entirely so you can suck my cock and drink my cum afterward for the same reason. Your clothes will fall apart if you get cum-covered during a proving rite."

    Expecting the boy to decline the request, they were surprised as the nice boy stripped all the way down and presented himself to one before taking the other's cock and sucking it.

    Trainer grinned. "Not what you were expecting, was it?"

    The Lampwick head recruiter remarked, "You dragons trained him well. Our lords will be pleased."

    End of Chapter 01.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter 02: Titan Lord Approval.

    Handing copies of the bad boy lists to every Donkey Boy going ashore, the head recruiters took the food gifts and Finian himself back to the Jackass Fun Isles where the goods were unloaded and most of the goods placed into warehouse storage. Then Finian was escorted to a giant barn like building.

    The Lampwick head recruiter knocked at the door. "Your lordship? One of the subjects in question brought us a food gift for our boys and Mythic proof that he was not a bad boy as the initial report first claimed. He handed over bad boy lists for Mythos city that are detailed and explain how they are bad boys. He permitted a blow job given to me so you would smell my cum on his breath. Do you have time to meet with this boy today?"

    The reply through a small sliding panel in the door was, "Have the boy exhale deeply through this security panel so I can smell the proof. He should also give his name."

    Stepping over to face the open panel, he took a deep breath and exhaled through the opening. "Finian Fantasy, formerly of Mythos City; the Mythics are choosing to sponsor me."

    "I, Lord Lampwick, do not have time to meet with the boy today. Jules originally told us that you were a trouble maker. Since you impressed my head recruiter, I will amend the report on you and accept the gifts you brought for us. Come see me another time after you get a chance to clean up. The next time you visit, bring me a golden plum. The Mythics know where they can be found. Good day, Finian."

    The boy looked at the head recruiter whom took him to a visitation area and had him memorize a teleport landing zone there. "Golden Plum for Lord Lampwick. Sounds like a test."

    The head recruiter replied, "You aren't stupid, kid. He probably wants to see if you can acquire one honestly. Now to hand you over to the other head recruiter. Lord Lampwick is not often so busy he cannot meet with a nice boy." And they went off where Finian was handed over to the Candlewick head recruiter. The trip to Candlewick's island then occurred and the goods were unloaded first and then Finian was taken to what seemed like a mirror image of the giant barn like building.

    The Candlewick head recruiter knocked at the door. "Your lordship? One of the subjects in question brought us a food gift for our boys and Mythic proof that he was not a bad boy as the initial report first claimed. He handed over bad boy lists for Mythos city that are detailed and explain how they are bad boys. He permitted me to mount him so my personal cum shot was within his ass for you to identify. Do you have time to meet with this boy today?"

    Unlike Lord Lampwick, Lord Candlewick replied, "Oh please bring the boy inside. I don't often get willing visitors. They usually go to Lord Lampwick. I will sniff this boy and then I will hear his words and perhaps he can rub on me in the right ways. I've been having problems reaching a certain spot and a nice boy could do the job easily, if he doesn't mind, that is."

    The boy said, "Lord Candlewick? I am Finian Fantasy... Cat Lord Jules lied about my status so the donkey recruiters would simply get rid of me. The Mythics are supporting me."

    "By all means, come inside. Talking through a closed door is unbecoming. I want to see your initial reaction to me."

    The head recruiter smiled. "This should be good. I am glad Lord Lampwick was too busy to receive you; my master gets first dibs for a change."

    He then added, "Of course the Golden Plum test is a bit silly."

    Just past the entrance within the giant barn like building was a semi-darkened chamber that felt warm and was heavily scented with male donkey scent. Finian with one hand leaned up against a nearby rounded wall that was warm and also smelled of the donkey scent. Against the back wall of the chamber was a small king's throne with a single light from somewhere above shining on it in a spotlight manner. "So, recruiter sir. Where is he?" And before he got an answer, he had the sensation that someone sniffed his butt from behind him. As he glanced over his shoulder, he saw a titan sized donkey head almost point blank with his backside. "Oh my... Lord Candlewick, I presume. Man, you are huge. I almost tried to jump through this wall. But you aren't scary. In an odd sort of way, you are arousing to look upon. If that's your head, where is your body?"

    Lord Candlewick replied, "I am a Titan Lord here on this planet. Unlike the tiny versions of myself and Lord Lampwick on QC Planet. As for my body, your hand is leaning against my sheath world entrance. Had you jumped through the wall, you would have been inside my sheath world getting fucked on one of my many cocks. I have donkeys and donkey boys in there right now but they are not rubbing over my itchy areas. They are playing with everything and not really helping me. If you agreed to help me, I would fully accept your alliance with me. You may even make friends with any donkeys on my island. Or me, myself, since I get so very few visitors. I sense you have manners that a bad boy would not have. Jules is obviously a liar if you already have an alliance with the mainland Mythics. Will you agree to go inside and scratch on my itchy spots that I cannot reach?"

    Finian looked at the huge sheath he was leaning against. "If that is what you require for my alliance, then I will do it. Just let me stay human for now. I have to bring the Golden Plum to Lord Lampwick later, which I have already guessed is a test."

    Lord Candlewick started laughing. When he was finally able to stop and look Finian in the eye again, he said, "It's a test all right. It is not a fruit as you might be thinking. The Golden Plum is a sailing ship that sank to the bottom of the Western Sea. I am not sure how you would get access to it, let alone bring it into his throne room."

    Finian almost looked upset until he remembered his allies. "There are ways to complete this task, Lord Candlewick. But your needs first. Instruct me where to go inside the sheath world and I will rub and scratch on your itchy spots. The lazy donkeys you have in there are obviously not going to help me if they are just having fun being jackasses in your amusement world playing with everything and themselves."

    Lord Candlewick gave Finian instructions and then he helped the boy to enter the sheath world.

    End of Chapter 02.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Chapter 03: Alleviating an Itch.

      Despite having directions from Lord Candlewick, each itch location within the Sheath World revealed a donkey shaped wool made toy causing the discomfort.Finian was having to extract every toy and cart it back to the exit and throw it out multiple times. And even though the air smelled like intense gay donkey sex within the tunnels, he never saw a single sexually involved donkey at any location within the sheath world whatsoever. It wasn't until Finian was making his final sweep checking all internal itch locations did he come across his first group of sexually involved gay male donkeys involved with each other. And this trip wasn't easy either since the smell was making him super horny himself.

      In fact his finding the sexual group occurred by accident as he was heading back out of the sheath world itself. He was done with the task and just wanted to get out and get the erection air out of his lungs since the air was starting to make his cock look as needy as an adult gay male donkey. And his butt had that feeling he last felt in the Chocolate Dragon's slit world. Like he needed a cock up his butt. As he was rounding a bend in the Sheath World tunnel, he tripped over a bump in the fleshy floor and he collided with what he thought would be a solid wall in the tunnel but to his surprise, he passed through it and fell into a mass of fornicating gay male donkeys where one's cock entered his anus and his own cock scored a hit into an available hole of a donkey's tail hole in front of him. The wall he passed through closed back up as if he had not fallen through it.

      And if that wasn't bad enough, donkey cocks then invaded his and the other's mouths and throats to give them a deep throat sensation and loads of sexually pleasuring cum.

      What a way to get stuck after finding where all the donkeys in here were. And all I was doing was getting rid of Candlewick's itch.

      A mental voice answered him. You solved Lord Candlewick's constant itching problem? You're okay. We couldn't find the problem and then we got involved in this gay orgy.

      My name is Finian. How do we get out of this orgy, which is starting to feel good?

      My name is Donovan. I don't know how anyone gets out of this. I've been stuck here for a long while. And the good feeling always gets better the more you're involved.

      Are you a natural born gay donkey of this island?

      I sure am. I used to repair fences along Candlewick's rear farm lands until he called donkeys to come in and help him to get rid of his itch. I miss my old job.

      How would you like to be my friend? I think I can get all of us out of Candlewick's sheath world but I need to friend one of you donkey's first.

      I accept your friendship offer, Finian. The air and cum in the sheath world makes you have a gay donkey sized erection although it can make you get other things as well.

      Finian saw Donovan appear in his Friend Finder list and his status read as Awake. Think about the last farm whose fence you repaired and I will aim our exit there.

      Donovan focused pulling the memory of the farm he last repaired fences for on the island and Finian held on to the donkey in front of himself as he activated his Teleport to Friend's Home ability. In a flash, the entire orgy was moved out to the farm Donovan had been thinking about thus removing all of the cocks from their mouths and throats. This allowed the group to get fresh air into their lungs which slowed the gay fornication allowing Finian and Donovan the opportunity to get themselves free of the ongoing sex.

      Finian noted that his Learn Form ability had permitted him to learn a local gay donkey form common for Lord Candlewick's island. His coloration was like his Samate form.

      "Which one of you is Donovan?" asked Finian now that they could be verbal once again.

      One gay male donkey lifted his head. "Over here, Finian. You really got us out of there. Sadly there may be others stuck in Candlewick's Sheath World in other hidden sex chambers like the one you found us in. Am I ever glad you asked to offer me a friendship. If you need help with anything carpentry based, I'm your donkey. One of my learned abilities is Changeling Shifting, where I can change from quadruped gay donkey to anthro donkey and back at will. That is how I am able to repair fences. It helps to have hands."

      Finian said, "If you could teach me that ability, then I could learn other quadruped forms without worrying about getting stuck in feral mode."

      Donovan went over and kissed the boy turned donkey. "I'll be glad to teach you the ability. You saved us."

      Finian then said, "As for the carpentry project, Titan Lord Lampwick wants me to fetch the Golden Plum, which Titan Lord Candlewick tells me sank to the bottom of the Western Sea. I know a way to get it back topside, but sadly, it may need some carpentry minded repairs to make it seaworthy again. Do you or any of your repair friends know how to repair a sailing ship?"

      Donovan smiled. "I have several friends whom can do that profession. They would love to work on a classic like that. But first, let me teach you the Changeling Shifting ability."

      As before, a learning session always involved anal sex; but at the end, Finian was shifting into an anthro donkey form as promised. Having hands was a selling point.

      Donovan asked, "So what is your plan for retrieving the Golden Plum, Finian?"

      Finian replied, "I am going to have a dragon friend of mine come with me to the spot where the old ship went down and we will use out Telekinesis abilities together to make it rise to the surface. Then we will tow it back to your shoreline where your friends will help me clean it up for the planned ship repair to make it seaworthy again. Afterward, I can take it to Titan Lord Lampwick to earn the alliance with him that I asked for. I think he will be surprised when he sees that I passed his test."

      End of Chapter 03.
      "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

      ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon