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[DECK-02] MD-02 Watertopia

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    [DECK-02] MD-02 Watertopia

    Dragons-Honor - Digital Entertainment Computer Kingdom

    [DECK-02] MD-02 Watertopia.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Mary sat in her seat with her head drooped looking at no one in particular. At that moment, a Digital portal open to the side of the dining table. The Teen Force moved out of the way as a Japanese woman emerged from the portal and using a class room pointer, she lifted Mary's chin up and she said, "You are a sorry excuse for a human being. Sorry and selfish. Using a game to avoid your psychosis in feeling inferior around stronger people in the real world. If I can't get what I want..." she mocked in a whiny voice. "...then I'll ruin the fun for everyone else! Whom died and made you God, Mary! Are you in that big of a hurry to die, then commit Harakiri the right way." And she pulled out a ceremonial Samurai blade and a pillow. There is no honor in any other way. As for whom I am..."

    Mary felt paralyzed. "You must be Ms. Grey Falcon from Dragons Honor. I apologize for making you come here. When I play my mage, I act as a different person; but when I am coerced into PVP games, I become the woman that you are disappointed in currently. Thus, when I saw I wasn't going to get to play my mage anymore, I removed the MMO from my laptop and threw it away. I suck at Tiddlywinks. I always lose. Is that what you wanted to hear from me? How much I suck?"

    Grey Falcon hummed. "I spoke to your principal and your school counselor after I listened to the recording of yours and Samuel's conversation that he was letting Shane and Mycallos listen in on. Let me know how this sounds, if you care to..." and she clicked play on her MP3 player.

    "Hey Marian! How goes the mindless hack and slashing?"

    Marian reply was, "It's okay, but it's not the same without your helping me to fend off some these cheaters. I need my sneaky thief. Where are you? The guys at the hot spot said you took your laptop and never came back. Your parents said you never came home. The cellphone was my last ditch effort to find you alive. I don't need to remind you of how dangerous L.A. is to geeks."

    Samwise said, "How much did the staff offer you to trick all of us to teleport back to the starting zone? And don't lie to me or our friendship is terminated. I just barely got back into game at another hot spot."

    Marian's reply was, "There are no other free hot spots in L.A. We checked at the same time. Look, I want to game with you. Tell me where you are."

    Samwise growled, "Look, Wench! Answer my original question! What did they pay you? Or did one of them have anal sex with you?"

    Marian was silent for a moment before replying. "They offered us premium items for world wide usage, not just in PVP. Will you please tell me where you are now?" She sounded humbled at the end.

    Samwise said, "Pack up your laptop and walk out of the hot spot away from whomever is breathing heavily behind your head trying to listen in. I'll tell you; NOT THEM!"

    A few moments of silence more before Marian said, "Finally lost them by telling a cop that rapists were following me. Now where are you?"

    "The Gray Unicorn." The sound of Marian dropping her cellphone and the call ending was the last thing heard.
    Grey Falcon then said, "I also heard the entire exchange between Samuel and his parents and what Ms 'greedy to get what she wants' said afterward. Even Shane predicted that you would go there to try to get free Internet. So when I gave you the questionnaire to test you, you promptly failed it. You didn't take the exam as if you were your Mage; you took it as your PVP self. If the majority of your answers had been answered with 4 or below, then no Tiddlywinks challenge."

    Mary said, "What does it matter now... I wiped the game off my laptop. Surely the guys don't want an untrustworthy old whore like me in their hero group. How could they trust me now?"

    Grey Falcon said, "They don't want to lose their only mage. No one else in the game is your group's level. Plus, if you quit now, you'll miss seeing the new stuff. There's a new species and new starting zone."

    She then added, "I even added rewards for good players. And benefits account wide. You can friend yourself in your account and share things useful with the other character."

    Samuel remarked, "We'd hate to lose the nice version of you, Mary. What would Samwise do without Marian?"

    Mary sniffled, "You guys really want my mage in the group?"

    Samuel said, "We were about to travel to Watertopia. It can't be as painful as Firecrest was. That solo quest was brutal."

    Mary said, "I'll have to reinstall the game. It will take forever."

    Grey Falcon went over to the portal and she reached in and pulled out a new laptop. She handed it to Mary. "Never been used, so you will need to personalize it to make it yours. The game is pre-installed."

    Samuel said, "Remember to change your password in game when you log in so no one messing with your old laptop can mess with your account."

    Mary worked on personalizing the laptop using the OneFile feature and she soon had all of her important documents and browser data on the new laptop. Then she logged into Dragons Honor and she took the time to set a new password. "Here I go, Samuel." And she logged into the game. Alex then asked Grey Falcon about Dragons Honor since Reena's little brother loved dragons and he was an awesome fantasy artist. He was in a wheelchair and could use something quest like at home. Grey Falcon was happy to tell Alex about the game for the young artist.

    Samuel went into his account to join the others as Samwise the Rat-Dragon Midget thief.

    Shane greeted Marian as she arrived at the Heroes Rest Tavern and then Samwise came online. Mycallos came back into the tavern after finishing his last city quest and was now Level 33.

    Mycallos said, "Who's ready for Watertopia? You know what they say, if you can't stand the heat then get out of Firecrest."

    End of Chapter One.