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[Crusader Cats] CCMD-02 Major League Improvement

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    [Crusader Cats] CCMD-02 Major League Improvement

    This is an ongoing story I'm writing that occurs in a World similar to the Swat Kats and the Mighty Ducks that is not part of any of my given serials. It is about a human teenager who encounters an alien race of felines who love the baseball sport (and perform crime fighting on the side) where he occasionally transforms into a Felisapien like his new friends and in turn joins with their sports team to help them to achieve victories in their games. Enjoy.

    This was started on July 4th, 2019 by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Tags: Human, Science, Cat, Diamond, Baseball, Cap, Transformation, Male, Female

    The Crusader Cats (cast):
    Michael Douglas, Human male teenager
    ~~ [Defender the Pinch Hitter; two-tailed Lion Felisapien; 6'4" tall; Gold with a white undercoat all over his athletic body; bright blue eyes.]
    [Indigo the Pitcher and Team Captain; male Indian Tiger Felisapien; 6'3" tall; Orange overcoat with Black stripes, White undercoat; Dark Green eyes]
    [Overcast the Catcher; female Leopard Felisapien; 6'0" tall; Black overcoat; Black eyes]
    [Pummel the First Base Cat; male Albino Puma Felisapien; 5'9" tall; White body fur; pale Pink eyes]
    [Sprint the Second Base Cat; female Cheetah Felisapien; 5'8" tall; Tan overcoat with grey rosettes, white undercoat; Green eyes]
    [Tom the Shortstop; male Alley Cat Felisapien; 4'11" tall; Brown and black coat; dark Brown eyes]
    [Trifecta the Third Base Cat; female Siberian Tiger Felisapien; 6'8" tall; White body fur; Ice Blue eyes]
    [Jazco the Right-Field Cat; male Jaguar Felisapien; 6'1" tall; Tan overcoat with black rosettes; Brown eyes.]
    [Thriller the Center Field Cat; female Saber-toothed Tiger Felisapien; 6'3" tall; Orange overcoat with Black stripes, White undercoat; Green eyes.]
    [Stage the Left Field Cat; male Witch Cat Felisapien; 4'9" tall; Black body fur; shiny Yellow eyes.]
    [Lynna the Announcer Cat; female Eurasian Lynx Felisapien; 5'6" tall; Grayish-white fur with black spots; Hazel eyes.]
    [Crusader the Team Manager; male Adult Lion Felisapien; 6'4" tall; Tawny brown mane and dark tan body fur; Blue eyes]

    The Felis Mob (cast):
    [Antonio Flambeau; male Hell Cat Felisapien; Blood Red Fur; Glowing Orange Eyes.]
    [Maximus Kou-Gar; male Cougar Felisapien; Golden Tan overcoat with Black Splotches; Grey eyes.]
    [Kernaghan McGee; male human mob boss; formerly Chicago; currently Concordia, Kansas.]
    [Several Underhanded Anthrosapiens from various worlds; they play dirty and are infamous cheaters and gamblers.]
    [Crusader Cats] CCMD-02 Major League Improvement.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    December 5th, 2020

    Chapter One: Major League Practice.

    Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

    Defender sat to one side as he watched Indigo speak to the Pitcher of the Kansas City Royals, Mike Minor. The entire purpose of being in Kauffman Stadium was to get used to Earthian Major League Baseball. The Royals were using this session in preparation for an upcoming game that they had coming up with another team.

    Indigo shook hands with Mike and said, "Thanks for helping us law cats in learning the major league baseball rules and regulations. We really love baseball and play whenever we get the chance."

    Mike replied, "Anything to help the government. Um, we have a lion mascot known as Slugger but he's nowhere near as hot as your pinch hitter sitting over there."

    Indigo smiled. "That is Defender. We just signed him up last week. If he was a decade older, then you guys might have latched on to him instead. He can hit any ball that is thrown to him. He obliterated two of our wooden bats during practice with his amazing hits. We really love him."

    The Umpire then shouted, "Felicity Felines! You're up to bat first! Keep it clean, okay?"

    Indigo smiled. "We're good kitties on the diamond!" And he headed off to join his team in the dugout.

    In the dugout, Indigo said to Defender, "Keep the hits normal. No bat destruction like you did last week. I know those were accidents but you said you liked this team. So just play normally. Not to mention, that new pitcher said he likes how hot you look."

    Defender then remarked, "For the record, Indigo, Tom and Stage... all of these guys are straight. So regardless of how their groins may smell during game play, keep your eyes on what's important; don't be like Antonio."

    Tom and Stage nodded their heads. They were glad that Defender had warned them about the other players.

    During the game itself, Mike Minor found pitching to the cats as one might expect. They were like other humans. But when he got to pitch to Defender, there were two distractions that caused some issues. One, it was like looking a Tails of Sonic the Hedgehog, and two, his tails often flicked of their own accord which made him look even hotter than ever. It brought out the animal in other humans. The pitcher found that he had to shift his pants and shorts a few times when Defender was in view. Tom and Stage knew what that usually meant. They felt the same way about their new boy. But they were behaving themselves so they could learn professional Major League Baseball on Earth. When the batting session had ended and Mike found it impossible to strike Defender out even once. This cat would hit every ball sent his way. Including one ball that flew up and when it came back down, it was hit out of the park.

    During the exchange of players to the outfield, the Royals noticed that Defender was returning the dugout rather than taking the field. When Mike asked Indigo about this, he got told about how Defender was hired to fill in for Jazco during a time when Jazco had been unfairly accused of what seemed like a crime and when they cleared him, they had this extra player in their numbers. So they made him into a pinch hitter. He could still fill in for an outfielder during those just in case situations.

    Later in the game, Lynna was in the announcer's booth as she was saying, "Bottom of the ninth in this practice game so our cats can get used to Earthian Baseball and the Royals are several runs in the lead as would be expected. They are professionals. The Royals new pitcher Mike Minor seems to be over his shock of how hot Defender is on the field. And he is performing better than ever or as good as his team expected him too. Jazco is up to bat; a shame it is not Defender's turn. Bases are loaded and even if Jazco manages to hit the ball into the outfield, the Crusader Cats are too far behind to actually win today's game. Earthian Baseball is trickier than we thought it would be. I guess baseball is balanced no matter what planet you play on. Here comes the pitch and Jazco let it fly past him. I think he is sizing up the pitcher. Second throw and Jazco hit the ball. The center fielder almost caught the ball. It tipped over the edge of his mitt and now he is bending down and rapidly throwing the ball back toward the infield. The Shortstop caught the ball and he threw it to the pitcher and he in turn has thrown it to the catcher. The runner was tagged out and Jazco has smartly stopped on Third Base. And that's it, sports fans. The Royals have won."

    Crusader was then meeting up with the Royals Manager as he shook the man's hand. "Thanks for putting us through the rules and regulations, Mr. Matheny. Back on our home world, we played baseball all the time; but after we lost the world series due to underhanded deception, we chose to come to Earth to play baseball and continue our law enforcement ways. We are not like the Mighty Ducks nor the Swat Kats. We don't blow things up."

    Matheny remarked, "For a bunch of law cats, it was fun to play with your team; although I won't lie when I say that Defender is one HOT CAT."

    Crusader grinned. "We like him too. But we are good kitties. We need to get back to Felicity to practice with these rules you taught us. Any advice on what we should do in the meantime since we may not be major league ready as yet."

    Matheny stated, "There is the Minor League if you feel you still need some practice. We would love to play against the Crusaders in an official match. As you said, this was practice. I am glad you want to play ball by the book. Too many new players forget that little rule."

    Crusader asked, "Do the Minor Leagues play World Series games?"

    Matheny honestly replied, "Not in the way the Major Leaguers do."

    Crusader remarked, "Then that is no good for us. We were a Major League team back home and we want to continue to be one. Perhaps we can improve for the next time we meet."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Alternate Training Plan.

    Back at Felicity, Defender said to Crusader, "Do you guys have a Holodeck trainer aboard your city ship? I was thinking that we could use it preview existing major league teams in play and use what we see to make our team better."

    Sprint said, "That's not half a bad idea, Crusader. If we knew how the others played before we played against them, we might have a better edge."

    Crusader said, "We haven't used it in a while but I am sure we could get it operational in no time. It is a good idea for planning games against known teams by previewing their playing style in the safety of our own city ship." Defender said, "While you're getting it ready, I am going to go talk to Stage about something important. I'll be reachable by communicator." And he headed off to find Stage.

    He soon located Stage and Tom within the garage planning an outing in the all-terrain feline armored SUV. "Stage? I need to ask you a question about the home world."

    Stage smiled at Defender. "Anything for you, stud. Shoot."

    Defender asked, "Has the Crusader Cats ever played any charity games with Minor League teams back on Planet Felis? And if so, why is Crusader so against the team doing it now? I mean, when the Royals suggested that if the Crusader Cats felt they needed some more practice, then they could play against Minor League teams in preparation for the majors and Crusader sounded offended to even consider it as option for his team to do at all. I want to know what his problem is."

    Tom smirked. "A reporter noticed the team doing that and razzed Crusader for stepping down into the Minor Leagues and it angered him what the reporter had suggested on the air."

    Defender said, "What a stupid reason. It would be motivational for the Minor Leagues if a Major League team were to pay attention to them. We might even make some cute fans."

    The two gay law cats smiled at the mention of cute fans. Defender knew how to get a rise out of Tom and Stage.

    Defender then said, "Whom is the absolute leader of the baseball team, guys? Think about what I am asking. Crusader has been barking orders again like Antonio did. Is he back?"

    Stage asked, "Do you want me to go check?"

    Defender nodded his head. "Yes please. I'll stay with Tom."

    Stage teleported away.

    Defender powered down to Michael and he hugged Tom. "Is there a private little spot that you know of where we can have some privacy, Tom."

    Tom replied, "I know just the place. Come with me."

    Within a low-ceiling ventilation space, Tom revealed that he had a mattress in there with a couple of pillows and a rose scented blanket. "I was hoping you would let me do this eventually. How did you choose me over Stage?"

    Michael replied, "I did some Internet research on Witch Cats and the results all say the same thing. If a human is fucked by a Witch Cat, they change permanently into a familiar cat. I would only be safe in my feline form with Stage and I don't want to hurt his feelings. So you get to have sex with the human."

    Tom was removing his clothes in preparation as was Michael. "I had no idea there was any danger for a human to play with a Witch Cat. I've had a lot of sex with him and nothing ever happened to me. I am glad you are giving me the first plunge into your cute bottom. I still have an infatuation for you, Michael. I promise not to go for a pregnancy; Felis males can make other males pregnant. We tend to be very open to all genders. If it happens, please don't be offended."

    Michael smiled. "Will you let me return the favor?"

    Tom grinned. "I am hoping you will. I can be submissive but I am a good top as well. Have you heard of dual-mounting? If not, I can teach you."

    The activity that followed was educational which included a few activities that Tom had to taught by Michael. Neither one got pregnant which was a first for Tom but overall, both sexual partners enjoyed themselves thoroughly. At the end, Michael said, "Geez, Tom. I smell entirely like you before you get clean after a grease job. It's not bad, but it's not a scent I'd want the baseball team to smell on my body; I hope you know a good way to get this scent off of me."

    Tom smiled. "We'll have to bathe in grease removal gel at first, then you have to take a second shower or bath in standard soap and shampoo."

    He then said, "Regardless, Stage is going to know that we had sex. Just tell him what you told me and he should understand."

    Michael said, "The witch cat research? I don't want to hurt his feelings."

    Tom Replied, "Just be honest with him and let him know you are still interested as long as you don't lose yourself."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Pleasing the Warlock.

      After making sure Stage was going to be alone, Michael as Defender once again, met up with the witch cat and together, they drove out to the Douglas farm where they entered the barn itself and climbed up inside the hayloft. Once they were safely within, with the trapdoor securely closed with a hay bale on top of it, Defender did a slow strip tease for Stage as he explained that despite his misgivings early on, he still wanted to show Stage a good time, except he wanted to stay human if at all possible. "And the only safe way for me to do that is to have sex with you as Defender. Are you disappointed in me?"

      Stage admired Defender removing his uniform form little old him. "I am a little disappointed, especially since you let pole cat Tom to have a chance with you first. Were you aware that he has skunk genetics within his DNA structure? Where did you learn that Witch Cats were dangerous to have sex with? Did you check the Planet Felis Internet to verify your information?"

      Unzipping Michael's backpack, Defender pulled out his laptop and showed Stage the information blurb on Witch Cats from the Cat Lord Web Site.

      Stage read over the page and then read the FAQ page involving unusual inquiries and he typed in: Can a human get converted into a Planet Felis styled Witch Cat via sex? After hitting enter, there was a redirect page and a warning that the user was about to be sent to an off-site web page. The new web domain was MAJOFELIS.ORG.DF. On the new web page, Stage showed Defender the redirected results of the question which stated that it either took a sex session with a devil feline in their true form whether anally or orally...

      ...or nine sessions back-to-back without bathing if the devil feline was in a transformed magical disguise. Once transformed, the victim would beg for more from their new master.

      Defender was disgusted by what he read. He read more to see what the transformed cure was: nine successive months of no longer receiving any devil feline fluids through sex. He then asked if a Felis Witch Cat with no devil blood could do the same thing to a victim. And the resultant page said, no. You have to have devil blood in order to receive this result. Then it listed a dating web site link if the user wanted to meet and convert safely through the approved DV.WITCHCAT-DATES.ORG source.

      Clicking on the link took Michael to the Lonely Hearts Associated Mages web site. A disclaimer mentioned that dating was not all they covered. They were also a cure resource.

      Bookmarking the dating website and emailing the web page to himself, he then closed out of his browser and sighed as he got back into his Defender gear before powering down to get naked as a human. "I was wrong, Stage. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I still want to show you a good time. As long as I can stay human, we can have sex just as Tom and I did it. Will you undress for me to make this fair?"

      Stage smiled as he began to disrobe. "Had Antonio done you in his real form, you'd be a devil cat yourself right now with no humanity. Jazco said we should keep one of your forms sex-free and Defender should be the clean cat in question if the boy got fucked. And you let Tom have sex with your human form, so it's the human whom gets to learn sex. Otherwise, Defender wouldn't just be hot, but he would also be a seduction expert as well. And unlike Tom, I don't leave a nasty claiming scent behind."

      The activity between Stage and Michael was absolutely mind-blowing; far better than the session with Tom had been and Stage permitted Michael to return the favor as well. In the end, Both Stage and Michael's bellies began to swell up in a manner that had not occurred between Tom and himself. "Stage...? Are we pregnant? Tom said it was possible between Felis male felines and other males yet he and I avoided it somehow."

      Stage used one of his spells to check their conditions before releasing a sigh. "Yes, we are both pregnant. But Tom was not wrong in what he told you. I hate to suggest this, but Tom might be barren. There is a medical cure for the condition; but Tom might decline getting it even if it helps him. As for us, we are not going to be available to play baseball while we are pregnant. I need to move us to a trusted Felis doctor's clinic so there are no complications. I'll snag Tom as we go so he can be treated."

      Moving the hay bale away from the trapdoor first, Michael gathered his clothes and his backpack with his laptop, while Stage used his magic to summon Tom as-is. Stage grabbed his clothes and then he teleported the three of them to a magic clinic on Felis Nine. The doctors were familiar with Stage and they thought the boy was cute; but they kept it professional regardless. While tending to Stage and Michael, the doctors saw to Tom's needs.

      One doctor eventually said to Stage, "The stored water supplies in the city ship are contaminated with a poison that removes the ability for non-magical felines to procreate. This is why Tom could not get pregnant nor impregnate another male after the trip to Earth. We have removed the contaminant and Tom is back to normal. However, this also means that anyone else in the city ship whom has been drinking that water will also need to be medically cured. We strongly believe that Antonio did this to your water supplies."

      Stage remarked, "You better cleanse both myself and Michael anyway; just to be sure. Tom and I both love the boy."

      Michael asked, "How long are we going to stay pregnant? I can't afford to be missing for too long or else mom might renege on the deal."

      The doctor said, "We thought that may be the case for a young human, so we have been accelerating your term to make the pregnancy as short as medically and as safely possible."

      While waiting for his pregnancy term to produce the Feli-Sapien children that Stage knocked him up with, Michel used his laptop to communicate with the dating web site where true to their word, he makes friends with several lonely magic using Devi-Felis citizens whom have a good soul and are very open minded. None of them were like that evil sleaze, Antonio of the Felis Mob. Then came the day Michael started giving birth to his Magi-Kittens. Thankfully Stage's parents arrived to take custody of the kittens.

      Stage had also given birth to two cute male kittens. But Michael's twin kittens were male and female. They both had Defender's looks with one tail.

      Stage said, "Ready to head back to Felicity? Tom and I have been in touch with Indigo whom has been cleaning out the polluted city-ship water supplies."

      End of Chapter Three.