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[Crusader Cats] CCMD-01 Play Ball!

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    [Crusader Cats] CCMD-01 Play Ball!

    This is an ongoing story I'm writing that occurs in a World similar to the Swat Kats and the Mighty Ducks that is not part of any of my given serials. It is about a human teenager who encounters an alien race of felines who love the baseball sport (and perform crime fighting on the side) where he occasionally transforms into a Felisapien like his new friends and in turn joins with their sports team to help them to achieve victories in their games. Enjoy.

    This was started on July 4th, 2019 by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Tags: Human, Science, Cat, Diamond, Baseball, Cap, Transformation, Male, Female

    The Crusader Cats (cast):
    Michael Douglas, Human male teenager [Defender the Right Field Cat; Jaguar Felisapien; 6'1" tall; Tanish-gold with blackish grey rosettes across his athletic body; bright Green eyes.]
    [Indigo the Pitcher and Team Captain; male Indian Tiger Felisapien; 6'3" tall; Orange overcoat with Black stripes, White undercoat; Dark Green eyes]
    [Overcast the Catcher; female Leopard Felisapien; 6'0" tall; Black overcoat; Black eyes]
    [Pummel the First Base Cat; male Albino Puma Felisapien; 5'9" tall; White body fur; pale Pink eyes]
    [Sprint the Second Base Cat; female Cheetah Felisapien; 5'8" tall; Tan overcoat with grey rosettes, white undercoat; Green eyes]
    [Tom the Shortstop; male Alley Cat Felisapien; 4'11" tall; Brown and black coat; dark Brown eyes]
    [Trifecta the Third Base Cat; female Siberian Tiger Felisapien; 6'8" tall; White body fur; Ice Blue eyes]
    [Thriller the Center Field Cat; female Saber-toothed Tiger Felisapien; 6'3" tall; Orange overcoat with Black stripes, White undercoat; Green eyes.]
    [Stage the Left Field Cat; male Witch Cat Felisapien; 4'9" tall; Black body fur; shiny Yellow eyes.]
    [Lynna the Announcer Cat; female Eurasian Lynx Felisapien; 5'6" tall; Grayish-white fur with black spots; Hazel eyes.]
    [Crusader the Team Manager; male Adult Lion Felisapien; 6'4" tall; Tawny brown mane and dark tan body fur; Blue eyes]

    The Felis Mob (cast):
    [Antonio Flambeau; male Hell Cat Felisapien; Blood Red Fur; Glowing Orange Eyes.]
    [Maximus Kou-Gar; male Cougar Felisapien; Golden Tan overcoat with Black Splotches; Grey eyes.]
    [Jazco the Traitor; male Jaguar Felisapien; Tan overcoat with black rosettes; Brown eyes.]
    [Several Underhanded Anthrosapiens from various worlds; they play dirty and are infamous cheaters and gamblers.]
    [Crusader Cats] CCMD-01 Play Ball!
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    July 5th, 2019

    Chapter One: Play Dirty or Leave The Planet.

    Planet Felis, Constellation of Leo.

    The action starts on another world in the Constellation of Leo where my new friends to be were finishing up their latest baseball game.

    Lynna the Felis City announcer was saying, "In the bottom of the ninth, the Felis City Crusaders are playing very well despite receiving threats to throw the game against the Battalion just so one of the mobs on Planet could collect an illegal payoff with a bookie. But as you can see from how well the team is playing, they do not think too highly of Underworld threats. The score is 39 to 40 in the Battalion's favor and we are coming down to the wire. In fact, this final play by the local Right Fielder Jaguar, Jazco will decide the game. Here comes the line up and the pitch... and, Jazco has hit the ball high into center field it seems to be heading for the fence. Battalion player Shield just jumped up and... Great Felix, he caught Jazco's home run hit! And that's the game, folks! The Battalion Battle Cats have won the Felis World Series; better luck next time, Crusaders! And now I see Jazco speaking to one of those local bookies and he doesn't seem to know that I have a clear view of his meeting. Great Felix, Jazco just received what looks like a wad of Follars for apparently throwing the game. And now I see the team manager, Crusader, confronting Jazco and the bookie with an armed guardsman as witness. I cannot hear what they are saying but Crusader is keeping his cool and Jazco looks upset from whatever Crusader just told him and now I see Crusader confiscating the team bracelet from Jazco and now the team uniform is being removed from the former player. The armed guardsman is escorting Jazco and the bookie out of the stadium. And now I see the Planetary leader, Maximus Kou-Gar, speaking directly to Crusader. There are times when I would love to have super hearing."

    Down on the side of the ball diamond, Maximus was saying to Crusader, "I think removing Jazco from your team is a mistake; you are now a player short, Crusader. I don't care if you are chief of police here in Felis City. Your team is as good as out of future games if you cannot get a new Right Fielder. I've never liked you that much, Crusader, so if you cannot get a new player, I would not be upset at all."

    Crusader replied, "Since you care about Jazco so much, you can take his dishonest ass with you. I was nice enough to allow his species cloak to stay on until he leaves Felis City or twenty four hours passes first. And I will thank you to get your army out of my city as well. All mob controlled bookies will be kicked out of the city by sun down. We've known about the dishonest practices going on with the other teams, but apparently you are in on this racket, Maximus. Please get out of my city."

    Maximus said, "You are going to regret this, Crusader!" And he turned as he took Jazco and his armed guard back to the jaguar's apartment to clean it out.

    Lynna now said, "Maximus is escorting his armed forces and Jazco out of the stadium. And now I see Crusader giving the signal for the entire team to suit up into their law enforcement gear. For those who don't know, The Crusaders are all sworn in members of the city's law enforcement team. I have just received the official announcement from Crusader that a crack down on removing all underhanded citizens from Felis City; so if you are a bookie or a standard criminal, you best make yourself scarce before the Crusaders find you! This is Lynna signing off!" And she stepped away from the microphone as she activated her own law enforcement swat armored suit. She then escorted the Battalion announcer to the exit of the city and left him outside in the parking lot. "Sorry, but Crusader's orders were specific. no hard feelings. I had to make sure you got safely out of the city to avoid being mauled by the locals." And then she headed back inside where she saw all manner of former citizens being escorted to the exit of the city.

    Anyone choosing to hide in the sewers under the city found that they were not being prevented in going down there. But had they known what Crusader's plan was, they might have chosen to just leave the city. The more honest citizens whose dead beat father whom had chosen to embrace the dishonest track chose to stay in the city severing ties with their former spouses or fathers. By sundown, all dishonest former citizens were removed from the city. And then Crusader activated the city seal, a protocol installed in case of planetary attacks. Disengaging the city anchors, Crusader sat at the command bridge of the city ship and he launched the thrusters to remove his city from the planet.

    Maximus growled, "What in Balthazar is he doing?!"

    As the city ship flew off the planet, Crusader said, "Lynna, open a channel to Earth's MIB contact station. We are en route to Earth where we intend to claim a nearly empty township near two major highways in Kansas but well away from the other major cities. We are coming to Earth to play baseball."

    "We hear you, Crusader! We have a township in Kansas available for your people to claim. The township of Meredith in Cloud county is nearly abandoned having a local population of 75 farmers and their families. Aim for the government land just Southeast of the US 24 and US 81 intersection. We will authorize your occupation. Coordinates incoming. Please don't molest too many humans while you are down here."

    Crusader remarked, "We are good kitties, MIB. We threw the riffraff out of the city before leaving the home world. E.T.A. roughly two and a half hours; we will rebuild the sewers and treatment plant when we arrive. We lost the Planet Felis World Series. Crusader out."

    Lynna said, "Maximus will come after us, Crusader. He likely forgot that you could transport the city where ever you wanted."

    Crusader smirked. "His loss; the main reason we are going to Earth is because I learned that the Puck World resistance went to the planet Earth to play ice hockey when they weren't fighting Dragaunus. And if humans don't mind playing ice hockey against some ducks, then humans shouldn't mind playing baseball with a bunch of law cats. And for the added record, Kou-Gar's real name isn't Maximus; he added that to his name as a form of title before he joined the elections. Word on the street was that he was an employee of the Felis Mob. Which means that he answers to that Hell Cat called Antonio Flambeau."

    Lynna said, "I wonder how deep of a fellatio Jazco gave Antonio to join his team?"

    Crusader replied, "Inappropriate topic, Lynna, but within bounds since Jazco betrayed us. But if he did drink that Hell Cat's fluids, that would explain why he threw the game so easily to our opponents during the World Series. I hope we never see him again. But we need to find someone to wear the Right Field bracelet."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Stranded Blues.

    Meredith Township, Cloud County, Northern Kansas; USA

    Near the Intersection of US 24 and US 81 in Cloud county, Kansas, my mother and I sat in our car at the side of the road waiting for Triple A to show up to assist us with the trouble that mom's car suddenly developed. By the way, I am Michael Douglas; my mother, Michelle Douglas (using her maiden name since the divorce,) is behind the wheel in the front seat. We are local residents and mom normally has a job in Concordia up north; but then her car chose to break down and here we are. But this was to be the greatest day of my life.

    While Michelle was reading one of her romance novels that she had brought with her, Michael had been looking out the car window toward the sky when he saw the fortress city swoop down out of the clouds and glide over the car before beginning its descent toward the government lands to the Southeast. Michael got out of the car at that point and he used his personal boy scout mirror to flash a quick message at the craft. the message was [Car Trouble.] Moments later what looked like a space age jeep convertible arrived just behind their stalled vehicle and four anthropomorphic felines got out and approached the young man standing there. They didn't look like the Swat Kats.

    The felines wore what looked like Sci-Fi armored police uniforms. Their leader was a male Indian tiger standing at 6'3" and having an orange overcoat with black stripes and a white undercoat. He also had dark green eyes. The only female of the small group was a leopard woman standing at 6' even and she had sexy black fur all over her body and she had black eyes. The shortest cat with them looked like a male alley cat standing at 4'11" tall and he had brown and black fur while his eyes were dark brown. And the final feline member of the group appeared to be one of those Salem Massachusetts Witch Cats with black fur and shiny yellow eyes. The Indian tiger approached Michael and said, "What seems to be the problem, citizen?" At least these cats spoke English or so it sounded.

    "Um, I am Michael Douglas; my mother's car stalled out during our trip to Concordia where my mother has a job that she is probably going to lose since we broke down out here on the highway. Who are you guys? You don't look like the Swat Cats; your uniforms are cleaner than theirs."

    Most of the felines smiled at that compliment. "I am Captain Indigo of the Crusader Cats; we are law enforcement felines from outer space. During our down time, we play baseball where I am the pitcher. We are out a right fielder at the moment. This is Overcast our team catcher; the alley cat is Tom, our shortstop and team mechanic; and the Witch Cat is our center fielder and stage magician. Our Fortress City just landed to the Southeast of here. We call it Felis City."

    Michael then said, "I'll have mom pop the hood so you can look it over. If you fix the car, I'll see if mom will let me play baseball with you guys. I haven't gotten to play any good baseball in quite a while. I really like your uniforms." And he walked up along side the car and opened the back seat door and said, "Mom, pop the hood, a local citizen who is good with mechanics wants to see if he can fix the car's problem. And he is with some baseball players; I am impressed with these people and you know that I love baseball. If they fix the car, may I play baseball with them?"

    Michelle replied, "They have to fix this old piece of crap on wheels, son. And you know what the last mechanic said about this car. But if they can pull off a miracle, then you have yourself a new baseball team to play with." She reached down and pulled the hood release switch.

    Michael then said, "Mom... one last detail. These guys are galactic law enforcement felines; the US government knows about them and when they saw that we were stranded, they sent a small team out to help us. Please don't freak out over the feline version of the Road Rovers."

    Tom grabbed his tool box out of the jeep and he strode up by the stalled car. "Hopefully it isn't as bad as you think, ma'am. Just call me Tom." And he went to the front of the car and began to work under the hood.

    Michelle smiled. "He seemed pretty nice, Michael. We used to have a mouser who looked like Tom when we lived in that suburb. But since moving to the farm, times have been tough for us. If I could find a more decent job, then I wouldn't have to answer to that slave driver at the Concordia newspaper office."

    At that moment, three vehicles arrived at the stalled location. One was obviously Crusader's personal vehicle which was large enough for the whole team. The second vehicle was the MIB limo from Washington D.C. And the final vehicle was the late to arrive Triple A service that Michelle had called hours earlier.

    The MIB agents stepped over to speak to the Triple A service mechanics and when it seemed that the two were being deceptive, Stage waggled his fingers at the two human mechanics and chanted, [.hturt eht .B.I.M lleT] and soon the Triple A service men were spilling their guts on how Michelle Douglas' boss in Concordia had asked them not to drive out to help her until well after the lunch hour.

    Indigo noticed what was about to happen and he shielded the mother and her son's eyes from the MIB issue memory removal device just in time as a massive flash bulb type of effect occurred to the rear of the vehicles. Apparently the space felines were immune to the effect. It only worked on humans. Indigo then spoke with Crusader on how Ms. Douglas needed a new job since her boss was trying to get rid of her and how she agreed that in exchange for getting her car repaired, she would let her son play baseball with them. Then the MIB agents were approaching the car as the Triple A service men were driving away back to Salina, Kansas. Crusader intercepted them this time as he explained the woman's offer in regards to the car and her son.

    "We can give her a new job in Felis City, and then her son Michael can try out for our baseball team. Indigo tells me that the boy likes our uniforms because they are cleaner than the Swat Kats' uniforms. As we told you over the galactic communication link, we are good kitties. We want to give these two a chance and if it doesn't pan out, then the mind wipe device can be used. She is about to be out of work at the Concordia newspaper office anyway so she needs a new job."

    One of the two MIB agents said, "We will give her a chance, Crusader. But we will allot payment funds for her; we know you cats use Follars which have no value on Earth."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Take This Job And Shove It.

      A few minutes later, Tom pulled himself out from under the hood of the family car. "Give 'er a try, Ms. Douglas! I found out what was wrong and I fully repaired it!"

      Crusader was saying to Michelle, "The MIB agents will escort you up to Concordia where they will add credibility to your resignation from the corrupted newspaper. I only say that since your ex-boss instructed Triple A not to respond to your call until well after lunch. That seems mighty suspicious. Was there a news story you were going to add to the paper that would have made the newspaper, or someone connected to it, look bad?"

      Michelle replied, "A former Chicago Mob boss moved into Concordia some years before and apparently he controls most of the region known as Tornado Alley. Apparently he even has the ability to put a stop to news stories that would reveal his background to the public. Since my ex-boss made me miss my deadline, I will turn over this news story to the Men In Black team and let them decide what to do about the crooked man. I am sure the government would love to know where Kernaghan McGee disappeared to after he fled Chicago."

      Both MIB agents arched an eye at the mention of that name. One commented, "You play a dangerous game, Ms. Douglas."

      She opened her briefcase and pulled out the news story she had typed up in regards to the man in question and she pulled the entire file with photos out and she handed it to the MIB Agents, who slowly began to look over the evidence. Michelle then started the car and said, "It is purring like a kitten. Thanks, Tom; I owe you one."

      Tom smiled and stood there creating a doodle with one foot on the pavement as he swished his tail. "I love mechanics, Ms. Douglas. Do we still get to play with your son as you agreed upon earlier?"

      Michelle nodded her head as she reached over and ruffled her fingers over Tom's head fur between his ears. "That was the agreement. And I look forward to the job you boys and girls are arranging for me in Felicity. I know you said 'Felis City' but to ease most human minds, it might be better to spell the road sign outside of your city as F-E-L-I-C-I-T-Y. Felicity Kansas. It would help to disguise what your city really was. Perhaps set up a highway-side service station to tend to customers who might have similar problems out this way. The closest cities are quite a ways away from here."

      Crusader then asked, "Earlier you called this region Tornado Alley. What does that mean, ma'am?"

      Michael pulled out his laptop and opened it up to show the cats a downloaded documentary file on tornadoes and how they are formed. "Wow... I actually have 5 bars out here today. Normally the Internet service along this highway is between zero to two bars. I cannot understand why we have such a strong signal out here today."

      Stage smiled. "Felis City has a communications satellite station built into our television broadcast center. It also has the ability to boost cellphone signals as well as other wireless Internet services as long as the person is near our city. However, we can also monitor all communications for security purposes."

      Crusader remarked, "Tornadoes look destructive. I guess it is a good thing our fortress city has anti-attack shielding that would protect us from these horrifying forces of nature. And yes, Ms. Douglas, we have tested it against star ship attacks."

      Michelle said, "I better get going with the MIB agents; Michael, you can stay here with Crusader and the others. I did promise that you could."

      One hour later, Michelle and the two MIB agents walked into the Concordia newspaper office where Ms. Douglas packed up her belongings from her desk as she purged her personal data, cookies, and bookmarks out of the desktop computer before she walked into the editor's office and said, "Mr. Hardwick; I am hereby tendering my resignation from this newspaper effective as of one hour ago. Making me miss my deadline freed me up to accept a government employment position with another newspaper firm. You won't have me to push around anymore; but you were going to fire me anyway. And you can keep your crooked severance pay as well. I have already cleaned out my belongings and I am now going to take my leave. Good day, Hardwick." And she turned and walked back out to where her desk was as she picked up the box with her belongings and she carried it out of the building.

      Mr. Hardwick almost ran after her but as he started to come out of his office, he saw the two MIB agents walking with the former employee. "Oh crap! She wasn't kidding! I need to tell Mr. K what just happened. But I need to wait until they fully leave first."

      The second MIB agent placed a pair of dark shades over Michelle's eyes as he said, "Someone is trying to covertly watch us, ma'am. Close your eyes for a moment while we take care of this." And as Michelle closed her eyes, she heard nothing, but all spies got an eye full of the mind wiping MIB issue flash stick device. The agent then removed the shades from Michelle's eyes. "Now let's get back to Felicity, I believe you called it."

      As both cars left Concordia, the editor's phone rang and Hardwick picked up the receiver. "Who is it?"

      The voice on the other end said, "H. This is K. Did you get that news file from the Douglas woman? I just got a report that her car was seen entering and leaving Concordia."

      Hardwick replied, "Douglas who? I don't know any woman called Douglas. And who are you? I don't know anyone named H. nor K."

      Kernaghan who had been spared the mind wipe flash due to being in his high rise office said, "Hardwick, this is Kernaghan at the financial offices. Unless you want me to foreclose on the newspaper, you had better get me that news file that Michelle Douglas was preparing for your newspaper's early edition." And then he hung up the phone as he growled within his office. "That woman will be the downfall of my new empire unless I put a stop to her, but how?"

      But since Michelle was with the MIB agents, there wasn't much anyone could do at the moment.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Trying Out For the Team.

        Felis City, Meredith Township, Cloud County, Northern Kansas; USA

        At the Felis City baseball stadium, Michael was trying out for a position on the Crusader's baseball team. Even if he didn't get to play on the team, he wouldn't be all that upset. He was getting to play baseball with the feline version of the Road Rovers, dammit. This was a dream come true.

        Stage was really hoping the boy got on the team. And Tom was also in favor for having this boy be either in their uniform or in their bed. Crusader himself might be a good kitty, but some of the others had urges.

        Tom was out on the field with Michael explaining how best to get Crusader's attention for getting on the team. "I don't know if Crusader still uses this test or not, but if you could do this, and he accepts, then you would be a shoe in for being on our team. Just as there are nine innings in a baseball game, we have nine small bells set up around the fences of the stadium. If you could hit any three of them from home base with the baseball bat, then Crusader would have to let you on the team. However, the other way to get on the team... you may not permit the activity thereof..."

        Michael asked, "What is the other way?"

        Tom shyly made a doodle on the ground with one foot. "Let me have sex with you and I would then sweet talk Crusader into letting you be on the team."

        Michael glared at Tom for a moment before he turned to go find Crusader himself. Within the Crusaders locker room, Michael found Crusader himself getting into his baseball uniform. "I need to talk to you about Tom." Then he noted that he had caught Crusader in the fur, completely naked. "Um, I am so sorry for just walking in on you."

        Crusader arched an eye as he reached over and petted on Michael's head. "It's okay, kid. I'm a good kitty. What did Tom do this time?"

        The boy stepped over and hugged Crusader as he carefully explained what Tom had said about ways to get the leader to let him on the team. Hitting the bells or permitting Tom to have sex with him. "I mean, I like Tom, but I've never did any of that stuff before, Crusader."

        Crusader sat down and pulled Michael into his lap as he petted on him. "Tom and Stage haven't had any companionship since before the Felis World Series last week. So they are both hard up for sex. They both prefer same gender relationships. And they both like you, Michael. I would never have you do that with any of us felines. But if you would like to learn safely, just ask and I can teach you. You know I would never hurt you. Do you really want to be on our team, Michael? We are short a player as you have been hearing."

        Michael straddled his legs over Crusader's thighs in his lap as he hugged Crusader face to face. "I do want to learn and I do want to be on your team. Had Tom asked in private, he might have gotten a yes; but to ask about sex right out in the empty stadium where sound can travel, he embarrassed me."

        Crusader picked up the boy in one arm and he picked up his uniform with his free hand, he took the young man off into his private quarters. "Remove your clothes, Michael and I will teach you how to do it right with the proper lubrication. Afterward, I will fit you with the official Crusader Cats Felis Changer team bracelet. How does a 6'1" tall jaguar Felisapien with tanned-gold fur with blackish grey rosettes across an athletic body and having bright green eyes sound to you? Your team name would be Defender."

        Michael was surprised that sex would make the leader agreeable, exactly as Tom had suggested. He would still show Crusader his skills on the ball diamond. He then removed his clothes and lay on Crusader's bed allowing the leader to apply some sort of oil-based lubrication all over the boy's penis, sac, and anus. The activity that followed was mind-blowing to say the least. He even got to kiss Crusader on the soft muzzle which tasted like mint. Then the boy was instructed to return the favor by mounting the leader in return to prove that he had learned the activity. This bed session play time lasted nearly two hours and ended with the two of them in the showers together getting the sticky fluids cleaned off of them both. The next step after the showers ended and helping the boy back into his clothes was to get fitted with the team bracelet.

        "The team bracelet will provide you with a handsomely sexy species cloak that will grant you the Felis form I described to you earlier," said Crusader. "It will also improve your natural abilities as if you were born as the species in question. Changing forms will also automatically heal you of all injuries that you may have sustained during an activity. When you need to change forms, just tap the paw print circuit with your hand or say the words, Justice Crusade, On! You will instantly change from your human form into your Felis Crusader identity of Defender, which will be wearing your own law enforcement swat armored suit. The team bracelet doubles as a communicator. When you suit up or power down, it sends me a signal to let me know that you had to change forms for some reason. Go ahead and give it a try, Michael."

        Michael exclaimed, "Here goes, Crusader!" Michael struck a heroic pose, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck prickling up. "Justice Crusade, On!" Michael's body became enveloped in a brilliant glow as he felt the changes rippling throughout his body. His feet slowly changed into large jaguar's hind paws. His legs then shifted into digitigrade jaguar-like legs, supporting his still changing body. He felt his tail bone tingling, as his long jaguar-like tail slowly grew outward, snaking down from his tail base. Michael's genitalia also changed, becoming their jaguarish counterpart's equivalent. These changes continued up through his torso, as he became more fit and buff than before, growing in size to accommodate his new form. The shifting continued down his arms, as he developed muscles and strength greater than he had before. His hands became paw-like with very sharp claws. His head seemed to slightly inflate, as his ears shifted into jaguar ears, shifting to the top of his head. Then, as the jaguar's fur began growing out, all around his head, his face began to push out into the defined jaguar's muzzle! Then in a flash, his law enforcement swat armored uniform appeared over his torso and legs, followed by his protective gloves and feet protectors. Michael then snarled fiercely, as he struck his final form and shouted, "Defender! Right Field Crusader!"

        Crusader smiled as he gave the new team member a hug. "Now let me finish getting my uniform on and we will head out and play some baseball. I think Tom and Stage will be in awe."

        Defender grinned in return. "I feel super charged, Crusader. I hope the others accept me as your new Right Field Cat."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Let's Practice.

          Felis City Stadium, Meredith Township, Cloud County, Northern Kansas; USA

          On the ball diamond, Crusader the team manager had the others gathered for Defender's tryout. Defender the Right Field Cat was a Jaguar Felisapien standing at 6'1" tall with Tanned-gold fur and having blackish gray rosettes across his athletic body. He sported bright Green eyes. Wearing the team uniform just made him look dashing and hot.

          Indigo, a male Indian Tiger Felisapien, was the Pitcher and Team Captain. He spoke to Overcast the Catcher, a female Leopard Felisapien; Pummel the First Base Cat, a male Albino Puma Felisapien; Sprint the Second Base Cat, a female Cheetah Felisapien; Tom the Shortstop, a male Alley Cat Felisapien; Trifecta the Third Base Cat, a female Siberian Tiger Felisapien; Thriller the Center Field Cat, a female Saber-toothed Tiger Felisapien; Stage the Left Field Cat, a male Witch Cat Felisapien; and Lynna the Announcer Cat, a female Eurasian Lynx Felisapien while Crusader got Defender ready for his field test.

          "Okay, kitty cats! Michael Douglas is offering to be our new Right Field Cat! When suited up, he is to be called Defender! This will be his official tryout with the team! Technically, we all want him on the team anyway and not for naughty purposes! Lets all make him feel welcome and give him pointers when we see him fumble in something the rest of us take for granted! Tom, Stage? I need to speak to you boys in private!" And Indigo pulled them out of the line-up and spoke to them quietly.

          "Boys, Michael reported what Tom said to him in the open stadium about sex where anyone might overhear the conversation. I know you are both hard up, but next time wait until you are alone with him in a private place. Crusader smoothed it out in the locker room, this time. Michael said that had you asked him in private, he might have said yes. Luckily, he still wants to play baseball with us. That's the important part. Don't be like Jazco."

          The two nodded their heads.

          Indigo shouted, "Training Session, guys! Let's work on our ability to win!"

          And the team headed out on to the playing field. Crusader took the position of the Catcher for the time being. Lynna was temporarily in the Right Field.

          Defender stepped up to the plate with the regulation baseball bat.

          Crusader said, "All you have to do is hit the ball three times and hit either a fence bell or the ground in the field. If one of the cats catches the ball, then the hit doesn't count. We will keep this up until you have completed your goal. The bells are connected to an electronic counter. That is how we will know when you hit one."

          Crusader shouted, "No trick balls this first session, Indigo!"

          Indigo nodded his head as he assumed the professional major league stance. "Lets do this!" And he began pitching balls one at a time toward home plate.

          In twenty-five throws, Defender managed to hit a ball out of the stadium. Crusader had tracking chips embedded within their baseballs and he was curious where the ball ended up, but they would have to wait until the training session ended. Eight throws later, Defender did it again. The ball left the stadium. Crusader muttered, "Holy shite!" Fifty-one throws later, Defender hit a ball so hard that both the wooden bat and the ball were obliterated which dumped bat parts and the stuffing as well as the wrapping from the ball all over the home plate zone. Crusader was again impressed. "Man oh man... you are only one regulation hit away from ending your tryout. We'll replace the bat and try again."

          With a new bat in hand, Michael as Defender assumed the position once again. "Sorry about your bat and ball."

          Eight more throws resulted in Defender hitting a ball out of the park for a third time. Crusader stood up. "Ninety-two pitches and three out of the park plus the one destroyed. You are going to be a fun law enforcement cat to be on our team, Michael." Then to Indigo, he exclaimed, "Time to go find those baseballs! I want to know how far Defender hit them!"

          Lynna chose to clean up the debris around home plate while the other cats tracked down the baseballs.

          Defender stayed at the ball diamond since they were measuring the distance of his home run struck balls. While Lynna was cleaning, Defender was glancing around the stadium when something caught his attention. "Lynna? I see a splinter of the broken bat wedged in something shiny part way up the back wall behind the Catcher's position. Do you know what that shiny thing is?" Lynna had to go fetch a extension ladder to climb up to get a good look at the object.

          When she got a close up look at the object, she released a string of vulgar Felisapien syllables that Michael was glad he couldn't understand. "Those cheating bastards! Crusader won't like this! The Felis Mob installed a spy cam into our stadium so they could keep an eye on our games!"

          She climbed back down and she hugged Defender. "That was a good sighting. Crusader won't be happy to learn about the spy camera."

          At the Felis Mob headquarters off planet, a mob technician came in to where Antonio Flambeau was seated getting mob reports from all over the home planet. "Report, Techie!"

          "This is the latest spy cam video we have of the Crusader Cats practicing in their stadium. They replaced Jazco with a cat they call Defender. But wait until you see what this cat can do, sir. And for the record, due to something that happened at the end of the video, we won't have any more spy reports from Felis City."

          Two balls were hit entirely out of the stadium and then the exploding bat and ball incident sent a shard of bat wood directly through the spy cam lens! Antonio remarked, "Incredible!"

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Finding the Balls.

            Antonio then stood up. "I want a profile brought up on Defender. I have never seen a single frontier animal hit a ball out of the stadium before! I want to know whom this cat is!"

            The Technician said, "We will work on finding out, sir." And then he headed off to get started.

            Felis City, Meredith Township, Cloud County, Northern Kansas; USA

            Back in Felis City, Stage made a statement. "Crusader, the detection unit you provided to us is saying that all three baseballs are laying on the open ground outside the city itself."

            Crusader said, "Outside the city! How can a human hit a baseball like that? Well, lets go measure off the distance. I think with this evidence, we have found our new ball player. We will make it official tonight during dinner."

            Sometime later in the stadium, Crusader and Indigo were getting the bad news from Lynna in regards to the spy camera which Defender accidentally put out of commission when the bat shattered. Crusader kept his comments clean as he commented, "We always did wonder how they were able to get the dirt on our team before the press could be told anything. Defender, we were going to wait until dinner to give you the good news. The ball that went the longest distance outside the city walls went a total of seven hundred yards from home plate to the spot where it landed before rolling further. It is likely good that you cannot do that every time; otherwise our opponents might accuse us of cheating. If there is any information you want to tell me about your baseball history before you met us, please do not keep it a secret. We like you. We want to be on your side."

            Defender remarked, "Right now or in private, Crusader? I don't want to take a chance of there being another mob listening device in the stadium."

            Crusader called out, "Stage! I need you to do something important! Scan this broken Mob spy camera and microphone and then scan the entire city and remove all other duplicates you find! Defender wants to speak to us securely without the mob listening in!"

            Stage raised a paw-hand as magic filled the air. "I'm on it!" Places throughout the city were heard shattering as if they suffered the same effect that the stadium spy camera suffered during Defender's tryout. When Stage returned, he said, "Not surprisingly, they were all in locations where Jazco had access to before you canned him. They are all gone now."

            Thriller then said, "Why don't we take Defender to the Medical Labs to have our talk with him there? That was one of the few places Jazco was afraid to go to when he was with us."

            Crusader said, "Good idea. There shouldn't be any listening devices there at all."

            An hour later at the medical labs... Defender was standing center stage in front of the baseball team cats. "What I am about to tell you goes back to before I was born. My father was not only a baseball player, but he was also an FBI agent. One day, one of the government research lab boys injected an abilities booster serum shot into my father's blood stream. During the in-lab tests they ran him through, everything worked without fail. Then he had to go do a job in the field and he quickly learned that the abilities booster was no longer working. He reported this to his superior before heading home to spend some romantic time with my mother. That night, they had sex and mom got pregnant with me. Dad wanted to name me Michael after the Hollywood actor Mike Douglas. Thus, that is my Hollywood tie-in. The next day he was part of a task force that sent him to Chicago where they had orders to apprehend Kernaghan McGee. That's the other tie-in. McGee's boys killed dad with a fatal gun shot to his heart. Nine months later, mom gave birth to me at the Arlington Hospital in Virginia. But due to the FBI wanting to protect mom from McGee's boys mainly because she was a reporter, they shipped her off to Manhattan, Kansas where she found a new job as a reporter for their newspaper there. I was raised in Manhattan Kansas up until I turned twelve and then puberty did something stupid to me. Dad's abilities booster genetics woke up inside of my body and at first, people I played baseball with thought I was the all-new natural and someday I would have a baseball career to relish myself in. But then we had a game with another town and one of their parents accused our team of using steroids. A muscle and reflexes drug, in case you are wondering. When we returned to Manhattan, I told the coach the truth and I left their team. Last I heard, since I left, they had gotten beaten pretty badly and had no chance of ever making it to the state finals. Mom commended me in being honest. But she knew where my heart lay... in baseball: dad's favorite sport. We moved away from Manhattan and took up residence on a Kansas farm where I could practice baseball without being accused of cheating. Mom had a new job in Concordia. One day she came home and started typing up a news story in regards to McGee whom had fled Chicago. She had learned that he was in Concordia. She wanted to get that news story into the paper the next day and then... you know the rest. We broke down and you guys came along to help fix mom's car. My ability to hit a ball out of the park and shatter a regulation wooden bat stem from my inherited abilities."

            Tom and Stage had that "Aw!" look on their muzzles.

            Indigo said, "We promised that you could play baseball with us. We are good kitties and we keep our promises, Michael. Besides, we need you."

            Crusader hummed thoughtfully. He had an idea on how to undo the booster, but the end result might make Michael super lousy at baseball. It was a hard choice to make. "Michael, why don't you power down for now and go check in with your mom? The rest of us need to have a meeting, have dinner and then we will check on you in the morning." He waited for Michael to resume his human form before having the boy leave for the time being.

            Tom arched an eye when Crusader had Michael power down and leave. "Okay, now my curiosity is demanding an explanation. Why did you make him go home?"

            Crusader looked at Tom and the others before replying. "There is a possible way to drain off the booster inheritance from Michael but in doing so, it might leave him with no ability to play baseball at all. He might even get hurt as a result. So the question becomes, do we grant him the ability to live without the booster or do we keep using my power dampener device during ball games? That is what we need to decide. All of you have special powers you can use during law enforcement as Crusader Cats; but during games, I turn those powers off."

            Stage then said, "Baseball is his favorite sport, Crusader! If you make it so he cannot play anymore, then I will quit your stupid team! I like the boy!"

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: A Word With Jazco.

              An Eastern Farm Road Outside of Felicity...

              Michael walked along the dusty road heading home. He had traveled this road many times without incident before the cat city appeared and he figured this would be the same. But as he approached a bridge crossing Milton Creek which was more muddy than watery, he was surprised when a swift vehicle sped in and when a side hatch opened in what looked like a flying shuttle, a dirty looking Jaguar Felisapien reached out and pulled him into the vehicle with him before closing the hatch. Michael was pinned down to the floor of the cargo hold by the male jaguar while a rat man in a physician's outfit began to undress the boy and afterward proceeded to examine his anal tract.

              "What are you guys doing? What's going on?"

              The Jaguar said, "So they gave my old position to a human boy, did they? How is he checking out back there, doc?"

              The Rodensapien rat doctor replied, "It is good that you told me about this, Jazco. I found traces of the sex drug in this boy's anus. Whomever fucked him tried to make it feel casual instead of forced. However, I have also found a few lion barb markings that indicates that the rapist was none other than Antonio Flambeau in his Felisapien Lion guise. Hold the boy still for a while longer. I am applying the antidote to this boy's body so he doesn't lose his humanity."

              Michael looked directly into the jaguar's eyes. "Jazco, the ball player whom threw the Felis World Series game so you could collect a pay off with a bookie? What do you want with me?"

              Jazco replied, "I was falsely accused, Michael. I didn't throw the game. I miscalculated the power that I wanted to hit the ball and the opposing team's outfielder caught the ball. I meant to hit the back fence; I failed. As for the bookie; every player places bets on the games; The bet I placed was that in the event that we lost due to an outfielder catching my fly away hit, I would win a small amount of Follars. If we lost any other way, I would win nothing. Heck, Crusader even had bets placed on the game himself. You're the son of a former FBI man, Michael. I want to hire you to help me clear my name. I can pay for your services and... I will teach you every baseball trick I know. I am innocent but no one believes me. I brought videos and data for you to look over in regards to this case. Please help me, Michael. I liked being on the Crusaders team with Indigo. I'd never screw him over."

              Michael arched an eye at the information, moments before he grimaced when he felt the antidote being applied to his bottom. "That hurt more than the sex did. You brought evidence for me to look over but I have a question... We were supposedly in the Medical Labs having our meeting. How were you able to listen in on us when everyone was sure there were no listening devices in the labs?"

              Jazco pulled out a small rectangular box and held it up to Michael's ear as he grabbed a hold of Michael's wrist where he wore the team bracelet and he whispered into the communicator, "Antonio doesn't know about this feature on the team bracelet but Crusader and I both know about the communicator." Michael heard Jazco's whisper emit from the receiving box. Jazco was then nose to nose with the boy again. "Did Crusader cleanse the team bracelet properly before he placed it on your arm or did he just put in on you?"

              Michael replied, "If he cleaned it, I didn't get to see him do it. Why do you ask? He simply told me the following... Afterward, I will fit you with the official Crusader Cats Felis Changer team bracelet. How does a 6'1" tall jaguar Felisapien with tanned-gold fur with blackish gray rosettes across an athletic body and having bright green eyes sound to you? Your team name would be Defender. It will also improve your natural abilities as if you were born as the species in question. Changing forms will also automatically heal you of all injuries that you may have sustained during an activity. When you need to change forms, just tap the paw print circuit with your hand or say the words, [Justice Crusade, On!] You will instantly change from your human form into your Felis Crusader identity of Defender, which will be wearing your own law enforcement swat armored suit. The team bracelet doubles as a communicator. When you suit up or power down, it sends me a signal to let me know that you had to change forms for some reason. Go ahead and give it a try, Michael. And that is everything he told me about the team bracelet."

              Jazco said something in his native Felis tongue that was apparently filthy. "I was right... he didn't cleanse the team bracelet before he put it on you. Not cleaning the bracelet can result in accidentally removing your humanity entirely. You would be stuck as one of us when you went to power down. The Felis form he gave you is the exact same one that I had been given when I was with the team. And here is another red flag for you, Michael... normally in baseball, the manager doesn't have the right to remove a player from the team. Only the team captain has that right. When it comes to law enforcement, Crusader is the leader. But in Baseball, Indigo is the leader. Since Indigo never sacked me, I am still a team member."

              The dirty jaguar then flicked on a computer monitor to show the line-up of he Crusader Cats law Enforcement team. There was a star date on the screen along the top central part of the image. Even Michael could see that the picture was dated two months before the Felis World Series baseball game. Jazco said, "Since you weren't with us back then... whom do you see standing between Trifecta and Thriller?"

              Michael looked at the image where Jazco was indicating and he saw Defender standing there as if he belonged there. Jazco said, "Now look along the feet of the cats and read the team names for the cats, themselves." Michael started at Crusader, then he saw Lynna, Indigo, Overcast, Pummel, Sprint, Tom, Trifecta, Jazco, Thriller and Stage. Michael remarked, "You're telling me the truth! Everyone was sure you sucked Antonio's cock! What can I do to help you, Jazco?"

              Jazco stated, "I am sure Crusader remembers when we took this photo. As for Antonio, he has a species power that permits him to change his appearance to appear as any feline whom he is masquerading as at the time. After I was sacked, Antonio wasn't available anywhere on Planet Felis until earlier today just after you were told to go home so they could have a meeting. When he did return, he told Maximus that he knew whom Defender was and he indicated that the player would soon be playing the game by his rules. At that point, I contacted my doctor friend and we came to Earth to find you through the team bracelet. When you thought you were having sex with Crusader whom would have never done that to you, for the record, it was really Antonio in disguise and that's how you got the sex drug inserted up your anus. Had we not gotten to you before it festered within you when you slept, or twenty-four hours passed, then sucking Antonio's cock would appeal to you as well. The sex drug is what he uses to make people loyal to him. And that is the prime reason I refused sex with Crusader when Antonio pretending to be him asked me if I would bend over for him. Crusader is a clean cat; Antonio is dirtier than I look. And my appearance is due to the fact that the team bracelet was removed from me without letting me power down on my own. Therefore, if you would permit me to put it back on... I can prove my words to you. What do you say?"

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Rescuing Crusader.

                Michael worked on unlatching the team bracelet before he handed it over to Jazco. "Do you know where Crusader keeps the spare team bracelets? I still want to play with Indigo's team. That was the deal they made with my mother in regards to my playing baseball with them."

                Jazco was clasping the team bracelet on his own wrist as he said, "Yes, I do know where the others are. My doctor friend can also remove the enhancements serum that you inherited from your dad without killing your ability to play baseball, if you will let him help you."

                Michael replied, "Its a deal. Do your thing, doc."

                Jazco got off of Michael to let the rat doctor do his thing while Jazco activated the team bracelet and said, "Felis World Series Species cloak timer reinstated. Pass code: Crusader Cats Always Win." And instantly, Jazco was dressed up as Defender as if the day he had been sacked had never happened. "Justice Crusade, Off!" And when Defender powered down, he looked as handsome as he had looked as Defender minus the police gear. "See? This is what I really look like, Michael. As soon as the doc is done with you, we need to go rescue the real Crusader. I am sure the team isn't even aware they were breathing the same air as Antonio earlier."

                Michael asked, "Where would Antonio have stashed Crusader at, Jazco?"

                The jaguar replied, "I have an idea but we need to get back to Felis City before someone decides to activate the city's anti-attack shielding. If they do that then they may accidentally kill Crusader themselves without even realizing it."

                The rat doctor then said, "I'm all done with the boy, Jazco. Let's get the cruiser back over to Felis City so we can save your friend."

                Turning the flying cruiser around, they quickly returned to Felis City and landed just inside the main entrance where Stage saw Jazco, Michael and the rat doctor pile out of the flying shuttle. "How did you get here?" Stage growled, not happy to see Jazco.

                Michael said, "Come with us, Stage. I'll explain what's going down on the way. We have to save Crusader."

                By the time they were arriving at the doors of the City-Ship's defense shield engine chamber, Stage felt pretty disgusted that Antonio had fooled them all.

                Typing in the unlock code for the door finally got the damned thing open where they saw the real Crusader tied up and gagged with his head tied to the gear track of the city's defense shield engine. Anyone activating the shields would have beheaded their team manager by accident. Jazco handed a metal cube to Michael and said, "Throw this cube so it wedges directly under the gear to the left of Crusader's head. That will temporarily prevent the shields from activating while we are freeing Crusader. Stage, help me to untie Crusader. Surely you can see for yourself that if the real one was here, then it had to be Antonio at the team meeting."

                Michael took aim, Major League Baseball style, and he threw the metal cube exactly as Jazco had instructed him to; wedging it into the spot where they wanted it. The rat doctor stayed near Michael as Jazco and Stage avoided what looked like a trapped floor as they did acrobatics across the chamber ricocheting off of the walls and ceiling until they were at Crusader's position where Jazco pulled out his street blade and cut the cords that were holding Crusader to the gear track. When the blindfold was removed from their team manager and the gag cut off of his muzzle, Jazco said, "Antonio almost got rid of you this time, Crusader. His replacing you just before the Felis World Series so he could use your baseball control device to make the ball I hit go directly to the outfielder made everyone think that I had deliberately thrown the game."

                Crusader smiled. "And you came to my rescue yet again despite being falsely accused. Whom are the human boy and the Rodensapien?" he asked when he saw Michael and the rat.

                Jazco replied, "The rat is my personal doctor, Crusader. I told you about him once. I trust him."

                Stage then remarked, "As for the boy... back when we thought we needed to replace Jazco, the plan was to have the Michael Douglas join the team so he could play baseball with us. He got kicked out of another little league team due to his inherited abilities booster."

                The Rat Doctor then said, "Earlier, I safely removed the booster while leaving his natural ability to play baseball intact."

                Michael said, "Indigo made a deal with my mom to let me play baseball with your feline ball team. Tom and Stage have a crush on me."

                Crusader grinned. "Some things never change! As for you, Michael, if you would really like to join the team and Indigo has already approved of you, then you are in. As for being in my law enforcement team, if you have your mother's permission to play law cat, then I will permit you to join our law team as well. Is there anything else we need to discuss before we go settle with the other Crusader Cats?"

                Jazco said, "Michael will need his own team bracelet. I know where the spares are; but I would feel better if you got one out yourself for him. I've been falsely accused enough."

                Crusader said, "I will need a decent shower before I go present myself to the others. I hadn't bathed since before the World Series. Michael, you be thinking about the species you want to become for Indigo's team. I will then set the fresh team bracelet so you get the choice of feline you are requesting. Don't be afraid to be creative. There are no wrong choices in life, just regrettably bad decisions that you second guess yourself about later."

                Michael said, "How about a 6'4" gold lion with a white undercoat and white tail-tuft, with white fur around my paw-hands and paw-feet. And blue eyes instead of the standard green."

                End of Chapter Eight.