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[CAMP-10] CI: CHSN-01 Humble Hares

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    [CAMP-10] CI: CHSN-01 Humble Hares

    Celestial Infinity - Captain Hare, Stibun Nousagi

    After a successful beginning for the Western champions known as the Terryville All-Stars, The Great Catatonic plans a scripted re-imagining of the famed team locally in Animated Japan. The casting calls bring out the best of the worst as well as the most pompous; completely opposite from the vision that the Catatonic has in mind. Enter one humble rice farmer's Lapine son and the adventure that awaits him as Animated Japan's newest hero.

    [CAMP-10] CI: CHSN-01 Humble Hares
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Cat Ninden Studios, Animated Japan; Animated Retirement Community

    Translated loosely from the Japanese...

    "Your greatness! The latest batch of acting hares have arrived for your approval or disapproval!"

    The Great Catatonic glanced at the gathered nobleman styled clean hares and rolled his eyes toward the sky. "Are you sure the word was sent out to every hare in Japan? I don't want a hare that looks like he stepped out a beauty salon! Where are all the farming hares?"

    "Some of our dedicated agents haven't reported back yet, great one. Word is that one of our agents went to visit the rice farms belonging to one of our war generals."

    Rice Farms of Shogun War General Nousagi Ichirou of the Tora Kouman Army

    Honorable Nousagi Stiban was of average height with an athletic build and had green eyes as well as short strawberry-blond fur all over his body. He was fond of wearing a red hachimaki (helmet-scarf) as well as a white gi and a blue kimono. Currently, he was working one of the rice fields nearest to the road on this fine day when the agent from the big city arrived at the entrance gate to the farm itself. Unlike the nobleman hares that the Catatonic had mentioned earlier, Stiban was a filthy mess from his working directly in the rice patties and he had the smell to indicate that this was what he had been doing as well. His good clothes were laid out at his mother's shrine.

    That was when one of the Catatonic's agents, a male Tanuki arrived at the gate entry of the rice farm. "Pardon me, young hare. Do you live here?"

    Stibun bowed modestly. "Indeed, good sir. Have you come to speak with my mother the shrine priestess? My father is off with the army although I am not sure as to their whereabouts in the world."

    The Tanuki smiled. "You have manners, good hare. The Great Catatonic has requested that all able bodied teen age male hares come to the filming sets to audition for a most honorable role in a new Television series. He asked me to bring hares as I found them. Meaning, exactly as you are right now."

    Stibun arched an eye ridge as he commented, "Surely he doesn't want to have my filthiness and foul rice patty odor within his glorious presence, does he?"

    The Tanuki shrugged his shoulders. "He said to bring the hares to him exactly as I found them. Will you come with me?"

    Stibun commented further. "This is my day to work these fields. But if my mother will give me leave to attend to the Catatonic's requested audience, then I will come with you."

    The Tanuki pulled the string on the bell next to the gate and soon, the hare shrine priestess arrived at the gate to speak to the honored gentleman. The message was the same as before. For this first summons, the male hare had to come exactly as he appeared and smelled. The priestess looked to her son and spoke quietly to him before turning back to the Tanuki and stating, "Stibun Nousagi is yours to take to the Catatonic. But if any harm comes to my son, my husband will have words with the Lord of the Hill."

    And that was that. Unwashed and smelling as one whom had rolled in the rice fields, Stibun traveled with the Tanuki agent back toward the honored studios.

    Cat Ninden Studios, Animated Japan

    Soon, the agent and the hare arrived at the gates of the studios where the feline guards on duty wrinkled their noses as one said, "What is that horrible odor, casting agent?"

    The Tanuki agent replied, "I have brought a farm hare as-is according to the Catatonic's instructions. May we pass or do you wish to explain to the Catatonic on why his orders are being denied?"

    After that, they were permitted through the gate and up the hill toward the audition stage where upon the Catatonic impatiently awaited the arrival of a farm hare. As the two closed the distance gap toward the stage, the other hare actors whom were as clean as clean could be caught their first sniff of Stibun's body odor. Most coughed and turned their heads away. Those with stronger constitutions saw what the agent was bringing into the Catatonic's presence. The male hare looked absolutely filthy and smelled worse that an out building's bottom. The Tanuki agent saluted the Catatonic and spoke, "Sire, a farming hare from the Rice Farms of Shogun War General Ichirou of the Tora Kouman Army. As you requested." The Tanuki stepped back away from the stage and as he stepped passed Stibun, he whispered, "Do as he asks and perform as if your father has commanded it."

    The Catatonic smiled. "Finally, a real hare. Step up on stage and state your full name and then read the cue card exactly as the words instruct. This will be your screen test."

    Stibun approached the stage and stepped up into view before looking the Catatonic in the eye and saying, "I am Nousagi Stibun." And then he turned to face the cue card, "Vile fiends! a grave error you have made this day for you have crossed swords with the..." he paused as he saw what he felt were inappropriate words on the cue card. " have crossed swords with the..." He stopped again as he turned to look at the Catatonic. "Please forgive me, sire, but the words on the cue card seem inappropriate for a gentleman of any hare's upbringing to say. Please do not make me dishonor my mother." The other hare actors smirked and giggled at the obvious country bumpkin whom couldn't even obey direction from a superior. One said, "Do you see now, Great Catatonic; an unlearned farmer will never fit into this role. A pity he has shamed his ancestors for refusing to obey your command. A cur like him shouldn't even have been brought into the city. He should be thrown back into his filthy rice fields." Upon hearing these words, Stibun sniffled and backed off of the stage before he took off at a run to escape from the filming studios. He felt as if his very upbringing had been sullied.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    The Catatonic growled at the actors as he shouted, "I suppose you know such a cur since you are worse than he was! To know a cur, you must be one! Agent, go find that farm hare! He is the only hare whom showed manners by obeying my casting call instructions! To come as you would be on any day of your lives! The rest of you smell like a Geisha Harem's perfume chest! You surely don't look and smell this way on a daily basis! Begone from my sight! Polly! Get these perfumed hares out of my studios!"

    The Tanuki agent quickly backtracked his way out of the studios to the entry gates where he asked the guards if they saw the farm hare run through. They gave the affirmative and then the agent hurried out himself to try to find the saddened hare.

    Rice Farms of Shogun War General Nousagi Ichirou of the Tora Kouman Army

    Stibun jumped the fence and ran up to the shrine where he told his mother what the actors had said about him. "I am going to go down to the sea shore to seek insight. If that agent comes back, keep him here at the temple. I do not want to see him just yet. He was nice to me, but I was humiliated by the words of that one actor."

    His mother said, "You have my permission. What was the Catatonic thinking? We could have sent you as you normally appear and smell on a Sunday."

    Soon after at the sea shore to the East of the Rice Farms, Stibun finished tying a strand of seaweed around a large rock and then he coiled and tied the other end around his waist as he walked out to an overlook over a deep portion of the nearby ocean. Sailing from South to North there appeared to be a pleasure ship from an American Cruise Lines establishment. "Forgive me, ancestors... but I will shame you no more." And then he took a run as he carried the large rock and he jumped off the overlook and landed with a splash in the deep water going under instantly.

    Aboard the cruise ship, a lounging human guest saw what the hare had done as he found a quiet spot and then he struck his pose and spoke a phrase in English, "Justice Legacy! Activate!" The human man felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps ripple over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power before the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man stopped in the fore front to take the place of the former human. His pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. "Lapine Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his lapine body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose. "Justice Patrol Number 1! Captain Rabbit!"

    In a fast jump and short flight, Captain Rabbit flew out to the spot where he had seen the hare go down into the water and then he took a deep breath and dove into the waters himself. It didn't take him long to find the hare rapidly in the act of permitting the sea water to flood his lungs. Grabbing a hold of the hare in his arms, he lunged up toward the surface of the water and like a geyser erupting from the ocean, he carried the water-logged hare back to shore where he began applying CPR to the youngster. It didn't take the captain long to pump the water out of the hare's body. As Stibun slowly opened his eyes, he saw the well-known rabbit standing over him. "Why did you save me for?"

    Captain Rabbit replied in Japanese since that was the language that the hare was speaking. "Saving lives is what heroes do, honored hare. Surely your life is not so bad that you had to end it. Come on, let me get you home to your parents."

    Stibun replied, "But I am a filthy mess. And I stink of the rice fields."

    Captain Rabbit smiled. "At the moment, you smell like a fish out of water. Besides, I have a friend whom can create a far worse odor than you think you have and it doesn't bother me. I am sure your mother will be pleased that I saved your life." And then he picked up the farming hare in his arms, Lois Lane style, as he carried the water-logged hare back toward the shrine overlooking the rice fields. When Stibun's mother saw whom was flying in and whom he was holding, she opened the door and allowed the two of them to enter the shrine. Once Stibun had been deposited on to a cot, Captain Rabbit said to the priestess, "Your son slipped on the overlook and fell into the ocean. I saved his life as best as I could. He is lucky I didn't call for Medina to come and treat his handsome rump."

    The Priestess praised the Celestial as she profusely thanked the good Captain for his kindness before she invited him to dine with them. Captain Rabbit said, "I am not a Lapine in my regular identity, ma'am. I am just a nice human boy. I will power down to accept your kind dinner offer." He stepped back and said, "Power Down!" And in a flash, Captain Rabbit changed into Gerard Prince.

    The Tanuki agent stepped out of where he had been waiting and he said in English, "Gerard Prince. The Catatonic is auditioning young people to star in the Oriental version of your original hero team. This farm hare was to be one of the destined few; he had a bad experience at the studio and he ran away when the other actors shamed him. The Catatonic told me to come and bring him back. I am so glad you saved his life or my own would be in deadly peril."

    Gerard smiled. "The Catatonic can wait a day. Give this nice hare a chance to clean up and put on his good clothes. I have been invited to a family dinner. Afterward, I might play the piano that I see that these nice hares have."

    Switching back to Japanese, Gerard asked of Stibun, "For what trouble did you encounter during your screen test, noble hare?"

    Stibun replied, "They wanted me to read what they were calling a cue card with conviction. I did as asked until I saw two words that did not sit well within my noble upbringing. I could not shame my parents by saying those two words with conviction."

    Gerard then asked, "What were the two words?" Stibun replied, "Star Alls; It just didn't look right." Gerard chuckled. "You did the right thing. Next time, say, Celestial Infinity."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Stibun's father came home and smiled when he saw the famed human, Gerard Prince, within his home. "Salutations, Prince Gerard. How goes that team of yours with the adorable confection kangaroo? We saw him just the other day when he brought sweet buns to us at the military camp."

      Gerard chuckled. "He gets around. As for my team, we have temporarily disbanded following a massive defeat we had at the hands of new enemies. I have to re-invent my team if we are to have a chance of winning. But as for my honor, great heroes never quit. We simply find an alternate way. May I play your family piano tonight? Music helps to sooth my soul."

      Shogun War General Nousagi Ichirou replied, "A fine idea, honored guest. Although we haven't played that piano in years. I am not sure how it will sound. I am sure it will need to be fine tuned and cleaned before it can carry a decent tune. Although my son is well versed in playing the Satsuma Biwa, a short-necked lute played with a large plectrum known as a bachi."

      Gerard smiled. "I've always wanted to learn the guitar. I will teach your son the piano in exchange for a stringed instrument lesson."

      When dinner ended, Gerard Prince opened the piano and gave it the TLC cleaning that the family had no idea in how to perform for the old instrument. After the cleaning, what followed was a patient educational for the young hare as Gerard taught Stibun in how to not only play the piano but how to feel the music to share with others. How to share your feelings through music. How it was similar to any musical instrument. Not long into the lesson, Stibun was playing the piano on his own and doing a fine job of it. Then came the Biwa lesson for the young human hero. Applying what he had just taught to the hare, he was soon able to play the stringed instrument as if he was born into it.

      Just before bedtime, several of Captain Rabbit's enemies arrived just outside of the hare's home as one shouted, "Send out Captain Rabbit or perish with him!"

      Gerard looked at Stibun and said, "If you are to be my Japanese counterpart, then this is your chance to learn what all I have to put up with. But first, I will share the empowerment with you. I am not a greedy hero. This should impress the Catatonic if you are to be Captain Hare, the leader of Celestial Infinity. I will hold you from behind and start the sequence while you picture your father's training armor in Celestial colors. When it is over with, I will return you to normal and then, you will retain the Celestial gift for all time."

      Gerard said to Stibun, "Ready to take it to the next level?" Stibun replied, "With honor, I am ready!"

      Shogun War General Nousagi Ichirou and his wife, Shrine Priestess Maguwaia Arishia, both watched the coming sequence with honor and pride.

      "Justice Legacy! Activate!" "Celestial Honor! Transform!"

      Gerard and Stibun felt the energy rush cascading up their bodies from their waist to their head. Then as they felt their hair and fur stand on end and goosebumps ripple over their hides, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated their bodies brightly. The circular disc they stood upon in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power and as the disc came back into view, the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man came into view to take the place of the former teen aged human while a Japanese Hare be directly in front of the rabbit. The rabbit's pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body as a training leotard covered Robert's modesty. Then they leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as the rabbit landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose for all to see. "Justice Patrol Number 1! Captain Rabbit!" As Stibun was released in mid air, he glowed as bright as the Celestial itself as the light of Lady Amaterasu illuminated the hare with honor and respect that would due to a hero of his father's lineage as he flew around and landed in full view where he struck a pose similar to what the heroic rabbit had made. "Celestial Infinity Number 1! Captain Hare!"

      Captain Rabbit then stood behind the armored hare hero and placed his hands around Captain Hare's waist. "Power Down!" and the two returned to their normal identities.

      Gerard then stepped back out into the open. "You should permanently have the power. Now if you will excuse me, I feel naked."

      Gerard struck his pose and said, "Justice Legacy! Activate!" The human man felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair stand on end and goosebumps rippled over his skin, a circle of power and a conic pyramid of energy illuminated his body brightly. The circular disc he stood on in front of the pyramid of conic energy then revolved around behind the pillar of power before the form of a handsome and muscular rabbit man stopped in the fore front to take the place of the former human. His pirate crew costume appeared in a flash to cover his body. "Lapine Armor Sequence!" His hero armor then appeared in flashes up and down his lapine body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally his clear safety visor which appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc in a mighty aerial flip as he landed in full view where he made a flurry of martial arts moves before striking his final pose. "Justice Patrol Number 1! Captain Rabbit!"

      Stibun struck his pose and exclaimed, "Celestial Honor! Transform!" The Japanese Hare felt the energy rush cascading up his body from his waist to his head. Then as he felt his hair and fur stand on end as goosebumps rippled over his hide, a circle of power and a conic light from the Celestial shined down upon him, illuminating his body brightly. The circular disc he stood upon slowly revolved as his Celestial armored costume appeared in flashes up and down his body, followed by his gloves and boots, and finally, his clear visor appeared over his eyes. He then leaped off of the disc and made some martial arts moves as he landed in full view and he pulled his Shogun sword and powered it up in the honored light of the Celestial, before striking a military pose for all to see. "Celestial Infinity Number 1! Captain Hare!"

      Captain Rabbit said, "My enemies will be focused on me, Captain Hare. They really shouldn't have come here."

      The Tanuki agent was calling the emergency Samurai Pizza Cat hotline on his phone to let the three feline heroes know what was going down.

      Distantly, three cannon fires were heard echoing over the landscape as the three fireballs transformed into Speedy Cerviche (Yattaro in Japanese,) Polly Esther (Pururun in Japanese) and Guido Anchovy (Sukashi in Japanese.) The three pizza cat Samurai made an arc in mid air as they headed for the Hare's farm.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Polly remarked, "Try not to land muzzle first in the rice patties, Speedy! That goes for you, too, Guido!" As they came down toward the Hare rice farm, they saw several enemies facing off against the Hare family and Captain Rabbit. The three Pizza Cats slammed down into three of the enemies in the back of the enemy forces burying the enemies muzzle first into the rice patties. Guido said, "At least we didn't crash into the rice patties!" Speedy and his friends leaped over the enemies and landed near the two Captains and the Hare family. Speedy had his magical Ginzu swords at the ready; Polly had her Kirakira sword and flute at the ready; and Guido had his Pikapika sword and Samurai Sunspot Umbrella at the ready.

        Captain Rabbit remarked, "As my friend Miyuki would say, you baka enemies should have waited a day for me to out of Japanese lands where everyone in existence knows how to fight."

        The head enemy whom looked like a misshapen monkey crossed with a pig exclaimed, "We already confronted all of your allies when they were separated! Now only you remain!"

        Captain Rabbit then straightened up, "You took down the horse?! MY HERO!" And then he struck a pose as he held one hand into the air and his electric guitar in electric blue and gold appeared in his hand! "The Celestial burns bright; Infinity shines forever!"

        The enemies thought for sure that that Captain Rabbit was about to spout off the summoning phrase and they tensed up for it yet nothing happens when he made this new statement. "You failed, Captain Rabbit! Being in a new land has made you weaker than normal!"

        Captain Rabbit then played seven notes on his electric guitar which had an oriental sound to it!

        Again, the enemies thought he was going to play the seven magic notes, but as before, nothing seemed to happen... at first. "You fail, Captain Rabbit!"

        Captain Rabbit said, "I guess I am just a droopy human boy whom no one cares about!"

        And no sooner had he said those words, Arnie Roo in his radio DJ, Styx, identity appeared with his battle batons at the ready! Styx grinned. "Yas stinker! Yas are in the middle of a fight! And it looks like yer recruiting for a new team! Nice try, mate! Yas cannot get rid of Styx that easily! If Ah could turn back time! Ah would find a way! To boot the 'orse! Back to Dar-Shan today!"

        Time Shaman Tiger then appeared with a Druidic Skunktaur and a giggling Macaw, both of which had tummy symbols. The tiger said with a laugh, "That was pretty good, Styx! So the enemy interrupted Cap's vacation! And now for Number Three!"

        A giant Blue metallic lion landed in their midst which threw bad guys asunder from the appearance of the Blue Lion. And then Burstfire emerged from the lion as he looked at the Pizza Cats. "Segoi! I love kitty cats!" And he hugged all three Pizza Cats! "And now for Number Four!"

        Descending from the clouds overhead was the Shou-Maukin Eagle Warrior with his talons extended. "I knew you would get in trouble, Captain. Vacations never work out for you. And now for Number Five!"

        An explosion of pink smoke and party streamers exploded all over the enemy as a wildly pink filly of a pony appeared in the company of a fiery looking stallion. "It's Party Time! Look whom I rescued from another boring beauty pageant?"

        The fire horse, Brightburst, smiled at Captain Rabbit. "My mother is still trying to clean up the explosion of a mess that Pinkie Pie caused when she popped into the family ball room. So what's going on here?"

        Captain Rabbit said, "Two things are going on. One, my enemies interrupt a family dinner these nice Japanese Hares invited me to. And two, the Great Catatonic is planning on using a name that he has not asked Scooby Dum's permission for the usage there-of. These enemies said that they had already captured the rest of you. And naturally, when they said they had taken the horse down... I went into theatrics."

        Brightburst smiled. "They took me down in front of my mother? In what century? Anyway, Medina is in the middle of a surgery and will not be able to arrive this time, but... we have reserve members whom are just as dangerous as madame needles."

        While Brightburst was speaking to the good captain, the enemy whom Lighty was ignoring, were trying to strike the horse with their weapons and horribly missing due to the fire horse's dodging ability. Make no mistake; the fight had been ongoing despite more people showing up. And after the arrival of the light blue furred wolven Parisian chef known as Cruxis, a massive dragon arrived on the scene of which Medina and Axydrum leaped off of his back and landed with the others. The dragon grinned and said, "You buffoons made me leave my couch!"

        It was P.J. otherwise known as Paragon Junior. His fear aura bowled the bad guys over; rolling them through the Rice Patties and the mud thereof.

        Captain Rabbit grinned. "Imagine that! In order to defeat our enemies, we just had to get P.J. off of his couch!"

        P.J. then turned and looked at Captain Rabbit, nose to nose. "You are my assignment, Gerard. Besides, you are supposed to be on an Alaskan Cruise holiday vacation."

        Captain Rabbit said, "The hare son of this nice family was drowning so honorably I had to save his life. Then I got invited to dinner, so respectfully, I had to attend that."

        Brightburst said, "But didn't you say that the Catatonic is planning on using Scooby Dum's copyright without his permission? I think we need to know more about this."

        End of Chapter Four.