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[CAMP-09] TJP-01 Cloverdale Employment

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 08

    After cleanup, the acquisition of a card launcher as well as a Mystical Dragon Pack partner card (custom designed in a sexy yummy delicious color) and the promise to return on Sunday to help beta test the Chargers MMORPG, Gerard acquired a fresh set of new clothes and new shoes before he headed off to return to the gift shop to perform his evening cleanup duties for the donkey boys at the gift shop. He now had two different part time jobs instead of only the one. He would get his hero device and hero designing booth for his home the week after school started. It would take time to create something that awesome; although Raluta was motivated since the human boy didn't complain about the sexual accident in his workshop. And the boy was inclined to do it again another day. Arriving at the gift shop, Gerard let himself in the back door by inputting his alphanumeric pass code in the security device next to the employees entrance. The shop smelled so yummy and delicious and he knew that was likely because of the chocolate and personal donkey boy scents in there.

    Within the shop, Gerard grabbed the broom, mop and detergent bucket and cleaning fluids and he set about doing his assigned job. It was while he was doing this, that he noticed the youngest donkey boy recruiter sitting to one side in the employees lounge watching him work. "Where are your recruiter brothers currently?" Gerard asked as he focused on sweeping, mopping and cleaning counter tops. I met Raluta earlier and he suggested that I show equal time to you guys since you politely asked me about the activity the last time we were together. So when I finish this after hours job, if you are still game, I am willing."

    The young recruiter smiled. "I am glad you are more open to the idea now that you have had time to think about it. A lot of animal people would be trying to play with your ass otherwise unless you lost the virtue scent that you are still making. Normally non-Digimon sex is required to make someone lose the virginity scent that a human male's tail hole produces. Despite playing with Raluta, he is a Digimon and thus, he couldn't remove your virgin male scent that drives animals crazy. But I can help you with that little issue since I am both animal as well as non-digital. As for the others, Donnelly went back to the island to pick up the latest shipment of supplies for the shop and the other recruiter went on home when I volunteered to wait for you here in the shop. So we have the whole place to ourselves until midnight."

    Gerard said, "Hopefully I can finish cleaning so you and I can do it in a private room before Donnelly returns. I liked how he treated me when we first met and I could see that you were more than interested in being my friend. Your other recruiter brother was hard to read."

    The young brother said, "He is a bit bitter after becoming a donkey boy recruiter; he would only treat you good if you got donked like the rest of the normal transformation victims and then worked on the Pleasure Island farm for a year to earn anthropomorphic mobility back."

    He then smiled and said, "By the way, my name is Donovan. Most donkey boy recruiters will have the Don- part on the front of their names so you know whom they work for. Mr. stuck up is called Donwick; choosing to honor Lampwick for letting him be upright."

    Gerard said, "I won't call him by name unless I hear someone else use his name in his presence first or he tells me his name himself. That way, he doesn't beat the fuck out of me for snooping in his business."

    Donovan smiled. "You already saved all three of us once from those military thugs. Word is that they thought disgruntled donkey boy recruiters were targeting you since the Welcome House and then the gift shop had gotten your presence. They couldn't do anything with the Welcome House since Lampwick would have gotten a report about it; but the gift shop wasn't always on Lampwick's report desk. So they were going to blow up the shop with explosives and be gone afterward to establish their alibi; but that plan went down the toilet when you disobeyed Lampwick to come back to talk to Donnelly and you caught them in the act of their deception. Lampwick is having the entire military grounds and buildings moved out of Cloverdale since they crossed the line in an area owned by Lampwick, himself."

    Gerard used Windex on the countertops and the windows of the shop to make everything shiny and clear. He also wiped down the metallic spigots in the kitchen part of the malt shop as well as all of the door knobs in the building. After the floors were clean and shiny, he put the cleaning supplies away and he walked over to Donovan and he gave the young donkey boy recruiter a nice kiss on the muzzle. "Lead the way to the private room and we can get our session started. We only have until midnight as you said earlier. After cleaning myself when we complete the sex session, I can go home and hopefully Arnold won't be calling out the ACA to come looking for me."

    Within the downstairs private chamber, Gerard saw a canal with several boats that extended off underground toward a source that smelled like a donkey orgy and tons of chocolate. "Secret transport boats to Pleasure Island?"

    Donovan helped the boy to get out of his clothes and was applying lubrication to the boy's anus. "Yeah, that's how we send some bad boys to Pleasure Island when we catch them at the gift shop. They are usually so doped up, they don't even notice where they are."

    The human teenager asked, "Will I get to return the actions you do to me, Donovan? I am open minded both ways since you just want to help me."

    The donkey boy replied, "If you are okay with that, then I would permit it. My tail hole is actually cleaner than most. Some donkeys never wash their internal ass no matter what. Lord Bred being one of them." He giggled after mentioning that lord.

    With a healthy supply of the lube applied to their own cocks, the two inserted themselves into the others anal holes and proceeded to enjoy some private well-deserved time to themselves. Unlike with Raluta, it wasn't long before Gerard could tell that he wasn't virgin anymore and after unloading themselves into each other a few times, Gerard lay there panting and feeling very fat. Of course, Donovan also looked bloated and there didn't seem to be any reason for the results they obtained. "Donovan? I feel really bloated; and you look as if you are, too. What's going on?"

    Donovan checked himself and then he checked Gerard carefully. "This wasn't my intention, Gerard, but... we are magically pregnant. Due to magical gestation time, we will give birth to our colts in four hours. And that will occur just before midnight. I am so sorry."

    Gerard sighed. "My body and anus are not designed like you donkey boys' bodies are. My tail hole won't stretch to permit a colt to come out of it. What will I do?"

    Donovan thought about it for a moment and then he said, "There are two solutions to this, Gerard. One, I place a painted hole of black over your butt hole as a shortcut to where the colt will be waiting to come out from and help him out that way. Or Two, the better solution so you get the full legal feeling for the activity... I temporarily change you into a donkey boy like me and let you experience birthing as we would. When it was over, I would give you the antidote so you could change back into your sexy human form. Which would you prefer to try, Gerard? The Cheat or the Temporary Transformation? Since you are not changing on Pleasure Island, you won't get stuck there."

    Gerard hummed. "I wouldn't want Donwick to think I jumped for the easy way out of something and I don't want you to get in trouble for this accident, so I'll accept the legal temporary transformation. I can't be missing for more than four to five days since I start school on Monday. I know Arnold would call Founder Core if I just disappeared. If I didn't have my enrollment in school already settled, a year with your people might be a lot of fun. Maybe after graduation, I can give you recruiters and Lampwick my personal attention on the island so I got the real experience that would impress Donwick."

    At that moment from the docking tunnel, Donwick said, "I told you that I heard Donovan talking to that human boy, Donnelly. And it looks as if Donovan got the human boy pregnant. We could get him in so much trouble by telling Lampwick about this... however, I overheard Gerard saying that he wanted to impress me by not taking the easy way out of his accidental situation. So... as long as he gives birth as we would, I will be nice and give him a chance to be my friend. But someday, I hope I can host him for a day on Pleasure Island so he can have fun with all the rides and stuff. I know he would like the games and sweets we get to take advantage of while there just for being donkey boy recruiters. Heck, everything is free; he doesn't know what he is missing."

    Donnelly said, "I'll get the temporary transformation potion ready. Birthing a donkey colt from his human body would kill him, Donwick. And there is a safer way to experience Pleasure Island without being on the island; Donkey Boy Mayor Austin has that duplicate of the Pleasure Island carnival layout up in his town of Austin Limits; Gerard could attend that safely and ride every clean version of our rides without losing his humanity. Then after graduation if he wanted to see the actual carnival on the island, we could permit him to go the island and you could host his being there. Just keep his sexy tail hole away from Lord Bred." And Donnelly got the potion ready for Gerard to drink.

    End of Chapter 08

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 07

    After helping to get the shop back in working order, Gerard and Amaterasu went and got Arnold as well as all of their belongings and they went to look over a few Cloverdale properties that were for sale. The purpose for the Founder Core lady to be present was to make sure no one tried anything greedy nor funny directly in her presence. And when various real estate agents saw Amaterasu, they ran away. Only to find themselves explaining themselves to Lord Lampwick since he owned Cloverdale.

    Gerard and Arnold finally settled on a farm like property where to the Southeast they had a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge where it went from the north shore to San Francisco's Heroes Reach. To the South of their Cloverdale farm was Golden Gate Bay which sat to the West of the famed bridge itself. Their new property was on the Northern side of the bay and even though Cloverdale was the city name, most of the city was surrounded by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was a pristine park which very few lived within. And Gerard and Arnold now owned a garden like farm within that park. Vegetables, flowers and lush grasses were spread out over their property. Lampwick's donkey boy farmers often grew carrots and apples on their new farm property.

    This meant that Gerard could meet more donkey boys whenever he liked. They now lived on the Eastern end of Cloverdale. With Amaterasu's assistance, they installed green energy on the farm itself to reduce the outgoing costs of electricity.

    Utilities such as water, sewer and garbage pickup services would still have to be paid, but they wouldn't have to worry about power from then on. The Cloverdale airport was a little further away, but Arnold was not bothered by that.

    Once they were settled into their new home, Gerard contacted his father Leon to let him know exactly where in Cloverdale their new farm property was located and what kind of view they had. The street address was provided if Leon wanted to visit; but only him.

    Until Jamie could move in, Gerard chose to explore Cloverdale and look in a few of the local comic shops and game stores. He was only required do be a janitor part time in the evenings with Donnelly and his partners. The youngest one still wanted to teach him about sex. Within a game shop that catered to Battle Card partner games, Gerard looked over various games within the shop and watched several videos. "Everything seems to target dragon lovers. I'm not into that shit. Although Jamie's creepy sister loves the species; It is sort of a turn off to me." Gerard must have made the comment a little too loud as it got the attention of one of the Dream Team members, a high school graduate known as Raluta Racolupotamon. A Digimon youth whom Big Z had given personal instruction to when the Digimon attended high school in Montropolis. Operating his own game company called RalutraCorp Games, Raluta approached the nice boy and struck up a conversation with him in regards to the kind of partner game he would be interested in playing even if they had to make the game from scratch. And through those talks, Gerard detailed a become the hero type of arrangement where the players could by extension become the very superhero partner and help with law enforcement in the city.

    Challenge matches would never be compatible with other games since the hero form could easily kick the ass of the other player's battlecard partner as if the stupid putz had challenged one of the judges. The game would also not be sold in the stores; to get one, you had to be on the police approval list. No outrageous incarcerations with the police nor any criminal record of any sort in the player's background. Since the player would be transforming into the partner, they also had to be of a stable mind to be a member of the Young Protectors. It was to be the name of the Dial 'H' launcher game device. The team those involved in would be called the Justice Protectors. Not only the police could rely on these players, but Founder Core as well.

    Later that day, Gerard gave the tall furry raccoon/wolf/fox Digimon a full body rub just for his listening to the boy's idea on a hero device. He never thought the game creator would actually go through with creating the device. Not to mention, petting on animals was fun!

    The body rub was occurring within what appeared to be a shower room of a YMCA business that was built into the back of a factory that Raluta owned. During a crazy arousing moment of the body rub, the Digimon fired off from his penis a thick stream of sticky semen that coated Gerard's entire body which somehow left him butt naked on top of Raluta and then... their cocks slipped and entered each others anal holes. Sliding in was easy; getting stuck was not planned. Once the human boy felt his erection entirely inside the Digimon's tail hole, he then felt what had to be a knot pop into his anal ring as he got tied down flesh to fur with Raluta's cock. "Ow... I wasn't expecting that, Raluta. I feel like I am stuck. I don't know what happened to my clothes. Looks like you got to be my first."

    Raluta said, "It was the enzyme within a Digimon's semen that destroyed your clothes. I'll buy you new clothes to make it up to you for this accident. But boy, are you ever good at this. You can play with me anytime."

    Gerard commented, "Don't worry so much about the clothes; just make the device I described to you for those I will approve of that will be using it. Make that device and I will honor you by making one of my accessible forms into a fox capable creature that you can play with when I am not using him for hero stuff. Aside from that, you can tell me about the other games that standard card launcher players are interested in currently that you or Big Z makes. I'm not so interested in dragons since they are all over the place. Too much of a good thing makes a game boring. Man, what is holding my cock inside your tail hole? It almost feels like glue or duct tape."

    Raluta replied, "It is likely the adhesive properties of Racolupotamon cum, you got it all over your body before you accidentally sank your cock inside my anus. The more you try to pull free, the more stuck you will accidentally make yourself. I'll have to move us into a shower and use a special shampoo to get us free. And you've been clenching on my knots with your anal muscles. You are keeping me inflated inside of you. You need to be careful so I don't turn you into a pregnant Hostess Twinkie. When humans play with Digimon like this, a human male can get pregnant; same as me. All Digimon are egg layers, so I am not sure you would want the feeling of making a laying Racolupotamon eggs. I've never had this kind of accident with my other friends, so if this happens to you, I humbly and deeply apologize."

    Gerard said, "When you initially erupted like that by surprise, I had my mouth open and I swallowed part of what hit me in the face. That isn't going to cause me problems later, is it?"

    Raluta stifled a giggle as he replied, "Racolupotamon semen can regrow lost hair and it can remove erectile dysfunction issues. In other words, my boy... you are going to have a natural erection from now on as well as the ability to make semen in the quantities you want."

    He then added, "When the semen is mixed with the species shampoo we prefer to use, it can make hair and skin silky smooth to the touch. That might turn on future boyfriends or girlfriends you develop later in life. But you won't turn digital. You are not going to be a Digimon."

    Gerard leaned in an gave Raluta a kiss on the muzzle. "Thanks for telling me that last part. Despite what happened when I got you excited and losing my clothes, this has been a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind spending more time like this with you. Now, about the games you make."

    Raluta kissed the boy in return (French style) before saying, "Back in the late 1990s, Zecma worked on the development of an MMORPG called Stampede where you could play D and D styled anthropomorphic horses. I've been developing a similar MMORPG called Chargers, working title only; I was considering calling it Runners; it is where you would be able to play any anthropomorphic species accept dragons in a D and D styled fantasy adventure world. There are dragons in game, but the players cannot play them. So if you were interested in beta testing that game for me, I could get you signed up for pay. It would be like a once a week, a Sunday part-time job, and I could pay you top dollar simply for helping out with the project. The least I'd pay you would be between a hundred or a thousand."

    Gerard felt himself fire off more of his semen into the Digimon. "Would that include personal play time with you?"

    Raluta smiled. "I would have to say yes; although since you are okay with playing with me, you should give the nice donkey boys you met the same opportunity at sex since that one did ask you about it in a safe way originally. I know they wouldn't deliberately hurt you."

    Gerard asked, "So Chargers is the only game you have in development?"

    Raluta remarked, "I do have a dragon-canine hybrid battlecard partner game ready to go out. They look like Hellhounds with scales. I am afraid there won't be much call for the game since the hard core dicks prefer full dragon games and won't even give a hybrid a try."

    Gerard hummed. "I've always wanted a dog when I lived with my parents. Let's get cleaned up and separated; then you can show me these dragon hound hybrid partners. Of course, there might be a way to get hard core dragon lovers interested in the game at first."

    End of Chapter 07

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 06

    Since school was the following week, Gerard decided to go apologize to Donnelly whom he regarded as a good donkey boy despite being trained to be a recruiter. Can't have too many friends after all. Even though Lampwick had said that he couldn't work for Donnelly, he never said that the two couldn't be friends. Therefore, arriving at the alleyway on his bicycle, he parked it and approached the back door where he had encountered the donkey boy the first time. And sure enough, the back door was open, or rather, broken off the hinges.

    Peering inside the back door of the business, he saw two masked thugs as they were finishing tying up the three donkey boys within the shop's back room. Two looked to be entirely unconscious while the third was awake but helpless to do anything.

    The third was Donnelly himself. The one Gerard had come to see. Creeping over to a ventilation shaft that was in the alleyway, Gerard yelled something from a Japanese anime show that the hero would shout just before attacking the enemy. The shout echoed all over the gift and malt shop, which made the two thugs freak out as they attempted to flee out the back door... where upon they got attacked by Gerard utilizing the martial arts that he had been secretly training in. When both thugs were on their backs on the pavement of the alleyway, Gerard tied them up back to back with a metal street pole between them and then he entered the shop and he proceeded to untie all three donkey boys. "Lampwick said I couldn't work in your shop, but he never said we couldn't be friends. I came over today to apologize."

    He then went over to a phone and he called the local police and told them how he had defeated two thugs whom were trying to rob Lampwick's gift and malt shop at the address he gave them. When he hung up, he turned and saw all three donkey boys looking at him

    "I wanted to talk to Donnelly and when I saw what those thugs were doing to your nice shop after I helped to clean up in here, I knew I had to act against them. I am friends with Lord Lampwick and I have nothing against any of you donkey boy recruiters. I hope I can still be a friend to Donnelly and maybe you others, too. As for my fighting style; anime martial arts that I saw on TV one time. The two thugs are securely tied to a metal street pole outside. Are you guys hurt?" Gerard moved closer to check the three for bruises or cuts, but he could find none upon their bodies. "The way you are looking at me is if you think I should have minded my own business. I'm sorry if I did the wrong thing."

    Donnelly finally said, "Lampwick said that we weren't even to have spoken to you if we saw you again. And now you saved our lives. I know Lampwick will be upset when he sees the damages those two caused. And he will be upset when he learns you came back here."

    The second donkey boy asked, "Did he fail to mention your being friends with us? He only said that you couldn't work for us?"

    Gerard nodded his head. "He never implied that I couldn't come back to see Donnelly; he only said that I was off limits to recruiter sex and my working here was vetoed after my friend mentioned that the pay I was getting to work here sounded like cheap sex. I'm not sure why he thought you guys would have even wanted to have sex with a good boy in the first place. I can pet and rub on donkeys in a real nice way as Lampwick already knows. But I've never had his shaft up my butt. I don't know why everyone always thinks with their groins when they learn that I want to be friends with talking animals. I wasn't allowed to have a pet at home due to my mother's allergic itching reaction to animal dander and animal scents on Earth. I never understood why my father would marry someone whom was anti-nature."

    The third donkey boy asked, "If you gave your consent, would you have participated then? Not that I am thinking of sampling you in any way, but since you feel that everyone else thinks with their groins, I feel it is a valid question. As long as we promised not to hurt you, would you try it with some nice donkey boys. Despite being anthropomorphic donkey boys, our tools are human teenager sized unless we are in full donkey mode. Meaning quadruped. So, with permission, would you do it with some nice young donkey boys some day?"

    Gerard nodded his head as he quietly said, "As long as Lampwick understood that permissions were given so none of us got into trouble for doing it. I start school next week and I am already suspicious of Cloverdale; and not because of you donkey boys. You were nice."

    The four went out into the alleyway where the thugs were still unconscious and tied to the pole. Gerard went through their pockets and he pulled out one thug's ID card which was an official Cloverdale Military Park ID along with the man's rank. He showed it to the donkey boys and then he said, "Now I am upset with the animated military for acting behind Lampwick's back! How dare they attack you boys and Lampwick's gift shop!"

    "They did what?" Standing at the entrance of the alleyway was Lord Lampwick along with a few donkey boy police officers. Gerard handed the ID over to Lampwick and the officers before pointing at the one whose pockets he had gotten it out of.

    "That one had this ID, Lampwick. You only vetoed my working here; you didn't say that I couldn't come back and tell Donnelly why you wouldn't let me work here and you likewise never said I couldn't be friends to them. When I arrived, the back door was broken and when I peeked inside, I saw the thugs tying up your employees and the shop was a mess; since I had helped to clean the place previously, they made me made and I used a Japanese shout into the vents to get them to flee out into the alleyway where I beat the whey out of them with my martial arts. After I tied them up, I went and untied the others and when we came out here, I went through that one's pockets and found this military park ID on him with his picture on it. We just got moved into their area and now we have to deal with this?"

    Lampwick looked over the ID and then he used his comm unit to call the military base and ask them if the officer whose badge he had was on base at that very moment. Not surprisingly, the answer was no. No one knew where he was at that moment.

    Then Lord Lampwick told Five Star General Caprino Dolmice what had gone down at his gift shop and how Gerard had caught the officer along with a second robbing the place. They had the officer's picture ID in their possession at that very moment. "You should know what happens when a Prince blooded human gets involved with politics, goat boy. This is my zone and the military are looking like bad boys caught with their pants down. I have a few police officers with me right now and..." He paused when he saw Lady Amaterasu landed within the alleyway. "And it just got worse, General. One of Founder Core just landed in the alleyway with us. She sleeps with a beauty mask. You know the one." And he handed the ID to the Celestial goddess.

    Amaterasu looked at Gerard and said, "Since you have your father's credit card that he gave you, I firmly feel that you and Arnold should purchase a three bedroom home at the location of your choice so you don't have to worry about rent. We've had our eye on the animated military since the Wolfin Naval Admiral registered a complaint against the rest of the armed services. He operates independently currently but he is always ready to lend Founder Core any aid we ask for. As for Leon, when we asked him this morning about where you, Gerard, were supposed to have been living, he said, quote, My son's living arrangements were cleared through Big Z at a home with guest cabins on the property, unquote."

    She then added, "When we contacted Big Z, he said that one of his cousins had stolen his limo and he had no idea that you boys were on the planet. For the record, his cousins are rotten little shits, like he used to be, before he cleaned up and got into an honest business."

    Gerard said, "As Lampwick can tell you, the shitty cousin took Arnold and I to the Pleasure Island Bad Boy Welcome House in Cloverdale. I know the guest cabins were mentioned, but I saw none on the property before the move to the Military Park."

    Amaterasu said, "Then I must insist upon the solution I provided you with, Gerard. Get your own place of your choice with the credit card. Albert Talbot has agreed that you are nice enough to have your own place. He mentioned that all boys should have had a pet by now."

    She then looked to Lord Lampwick. "Allow him to be friends with the shop employees. You trust Gerard yourself, don't you? He saved their lives today. That's what Prince boys do."

    Lampwick smiled. "Yes, I can trust Gerard Prince; my donkey boys on the other hoof, sometimes have other ideas. I have given the boy the Lord Bred warning. And the warning about donkey chocolate. Gerard pets and rubs nicely. Donnelly, as long as Gerard is only doing janitorial work, he can work for you guys. Don't let him sample any fountain goods or else he will be a donkey like the others. The old QC was all the time promoting that recruiting behind closed doors was perfectly okay. I never believed it for a moment. However, for the nice boy, his wages paid by me should be equal to what his friend might receive at the airport. Gerard's friend Jamie is supposed to show up later in the week. He will also need to get a part-time job or simply go home to Earth. I don't like freeloaders."

    Donnelly smiled. "Bad Boys are the worst when it comes to freeloaders. Thanks for smoothing things over with Lampwick, Gerard. We really like you."

    End of Chapter 06

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 05

    That night, Gerard and Arnold were in the new household where all of Gerard's pen pals of both toon and real world variety were in the house for the housewarming party. Even Jamie and his pony bodyguard "Cutie" (despite that not being his real name) had arrived to see Gerard and to see the boy's new home on the West Coast away from the parents.

    Ace Bunny, Te'rue the Wererat, Lord Lampwick and the Association of Canine Animation had all come to the housewarming party. Although Te'rue had to come visit through one of the Magical Visitation Transportals to get there. Ace Bunny and Ace the Bat Hound both gave Gerard a communicator for contacting them in case something weird occurred. Gerard wasn't sure what they meant, but their muzzle expressions looked serious as they both made sure Gerard had this item.

    When the party ended and nearly everyone had gone home, Gerard and Arnold were visited by two anthro animal people in military uniforms. One was a Crow naval officer; the other was a goat Five Star General dressed appropriately. Lord Lampwick whom had not left yet was helping to clean up the house of the party ruckus that the visitors had caused. "Gerard Prince and Arnold Domingo? I am Five Star General Caprino Dolmice and this is Naval Commander Kestrel Blackfeather. I hope the two of you are not fully settled into the Welcome House as yet."

    Arnold arched an eye. "What exactly is implied when you say the Welcome House? It doesn't have a good sound when you say it."

    Kestrel eyed Arnold curiously before replying. "The Welcome House is where Lord Lampwick permits bad boys to temporarily stay just before their ferry trip out to Pleasure island to become donkeys. It is a good thing Leon Prince contacted the toon military here on Camp World to let us know that Zecma had arranged lodging here on the West Coast for you boys and when he told us the address, we knew we had to get over here and get you boys moved out of this house before you sprouted the ears and tail."

    Lord Lampwick then came into the living room. "You mean this is THAT house? I know the recruiters have a house in Cloverdale for bad boys in transition, but they never told me where it was. So when Big Zee told me that he arranged a house for the boys to stay in locally, I never questioned the location since I knew nothing about it. If this is the case, we need to get you boys OUT of this house before morning. I know you haven't fully unpacked as yet. What was that stupid Devil Mouse thinking?!"

    Gerard remarked, "No wonder the two Aces were suspicious about this house. I was already suspicious over the so-called employment ad list that Zecma left here for us after speaking to several merchants and they all admitted that they knew nothing about these jobs. I managed to get a janitorial job with a Donkey Boy named Donnelly paying sixty-five dollars a week. How did it go at the airport for you, Arnold?"

    Arnold grinned. "Your job sounds cheap compared to mine, buddy. After I demonstrated my Aeronautics knowledge, I got hired part-time for one hundred seventy five dollars a week just to help the guys in the tower. I knew the instruments and radar better than they did. And I was just a High Schooler like you. I think you could do a better job than simple janitorial work. Sixty-five dollars a week sounds like cheap sex. No offense. Some prostitutes on Earth get paid that amount."

    Lord Lampwick said, "I know Donnelly and I am going to have to veto your working for him. That is one of my recruiter-ran Gift and Malt Shop locales on the West Coast."

    Caprino then said, "According to your father's wishes, we have a new home in the Cloverdale Military Park for your usage that meets with your father's expectations."

    Kestrel added, "Your father meant to give you access to your own CIA Junior Diners Express credit card for use on the West Coast, pre-approved by your father."

    Caprino explained, "Despite having a card like this at your disposal, you should still have a part-time job. Another message from your father."

    Lord Lampwick said, "Let's just get the boys moved out of the Welcome House and given a necessary check up to make sure they don't have lingering Pleasure Island energy on their bodies."

    Caprino then said, "We have a new Military Park employment list for you to consider, Gerard. It is ACA approved, so you'd be able to see your canine friends occasionally."

    As long as he could still see his pen pals occasionally, Gerard was sold on the idea. With the help of a few Cloverdale military soldiers, their belongings were packed up and the move to their newest Cloverdale home occurred. The park was patrolled by the military night and day so snoopers and other goons not on the approved list would be arrested and escorted back to AIRS Depot on the East Coast for deportation. This meant that Jamie would actually have privacy for a change when he moved in later. The housewarming party was just a visit.

    After getting the medical all-clear from Lampwick, he then sent word about how Gerard Prince (despite being a nice boy) was off limits for donkey recruiting sex to Donnelly.

    By the next morning, Gerard's new CIA Junior Credit Card was in his hands delivered to him by Krypto the Super Dog himself. No one else could cross the country as fast as he could.

    Gerard hugged and kissed Krypto as he accepted the credit card. "I'm sorry you missed the housewarming party. But we found out that we couldn't stay in that house and now we are here."

    Krypto smiled. "Ace and I have a few stunt doubles living on the West Coast in Heroes Reach across the bay. I was told to tell you that if you had scholastic trouble in school to request a tutor to help you get caught up in your grade level. Your father mentioned that the children of any other agent had the right to tutors when necessary and you should have that benefit as well. And you know you can always rely on the ACA."

    Gerard smiled. "Ace's stunt double known as King the Bat Hound is the principal at the local school. Or so I was told."

    Krypto smiled again. "I know King. He is a good one. Tell him any problem you have and he will help you. Stunt doubles have to hold down jobs."

    Gerard hugged Krypto again. "You need to get back to set; maybe I'll see you again later."

    End of Chapter 05

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 04

    Big Z then continued with his explanation. "The electricity is pre-paid for a month in advance. It will be up to you to pay for utilities, food, laundry detergent, body cleansers and clothing replacements. The House and the TV are covered as long as you attend high school. I will give you the rest of the day to get settled into your new home and then tonight, I will bring in your pen pals for you to meet at the housewarming party in the backyard patio. I will provide food and drink for the party; after that, look for part-time jobs in town. And to mix it up a bit, you should get separate jobs at different locations so you can bring in better wages."

    Gerard then asked, "Who is in charge of the high school, Big Z?"

    Big Z replied, "King the Bat Hound stunt double is the principal while Lord Sweethoof is the superintendent whom also works on Pleasure Island as the one who in charge of all of the donkey chocolate factories out there. The School Counselor is a Unicorn Buck named Raerlahar. The school nurse is a dragon lady named Rosescale. She keeps her slit covered during school hours. There are two head librarians in the school. One is O.G. Readmore and the other is an anthropomorphic stallion called Warren Fetlock. The school permits both animated humans as well as animated animals in its educational property. And one final word of warning; Cloverdale High has a Detention Hall; if a Student ever ends up in there, Lord Lampwick is called in to lecture the student before issuing a punishment on them. And I think you can guess what the punishment would be... Hee-Haw!" He winked with a grin. "Lampwick made me promise to make that sound at the end of the explanation about Detention."

    Gerard smiled. "I think I have written to King the Bat Hound stunt double. I know I got one letter with his name on it."

    Big Z then said, "I have to go get the party food and make other arrangements, You boys get settled into your bedrooms. There are three bedrooms in the main house. The rental cabins have two bedrooms per building. Aside from the party, King will be back on the Sunday before school starts to help you get your classes sorted. The Yuskay Lawyers will help to carry your luggage in to your assigned bedrooms. And another note before I go... this is a house, not a headquarters nor a clubhouse. You are responsible for keeping it clean."

    The boys watched Big Z depart via teleport and then the lawyers and case workers escorted them into the main house where the boys were shown their bedrooms. Gerard's bedroom had windows facing the nearby woods. Arnold's bedroom had windows facing the nearby tennis courts and the Cloverdale airport just beyond that. The third bedroom had a window facing what looked like a big field filled with what looked like yellow savanna grass. There was a passageway leading through the center of the main house which led out to the crosswalks which led to the rental cabins. There was a swimming pool just past the patio deck and beyond the pool were the rental cabins. A small vegetable garden was laid out near the back of the house, but this property was in no way a farm nor a ranch. The boys were shown where the bicycle storage shed was and how there were five bicycles within the shed. Finally, the boys were handed the help wanted advertisement newspaper covering Cloverdale itself. "Big Z told us to show you this paper full of local employment opportunities," said the Yuskay Lawyers. "It is your job to acquire part-time jobs to help out around the property. Don't make your roommate do all the work and bring in all the money and goods. You could be deported back to Earth or end up braying your ass off for being lazy and acting like a jackass. Remember that Lord Lampwick owns this town. We will take our leave now."

    Once the lawyers had departed, Gerard looked over the want ads briefly before saying to Arnold, "Help Wanted papers are all well and good, but I prefer to go out and meet the merchants. I am going to grab a bike and head into town. I'll bet you could get part-time work over at the airport. I know how much you love planes and such; you probably know more than they do about their own planes."

    Arnold said, "If that is the plan, then I can just walk over to the airport; I shouldn't need a bike. Remember to return before nightfall so Big Z doesn't have to go looking for you."

    Parting ways with Arnold, Gerard rode his bike into town and he spoke to several merchants; however, none of them needed an assistant and no one so far were hiring. And then Gerard was slowly riding his bike past an alleyway and he saw a donkey boy struggling with a long crate which was bigger than the donkey boy alone could handle. Gerard parked his bike in the alleyway and he grabbed a hold of one end of the crate and said, "I'll help you get this inside your business. My name is Gerard."

    The donkey boy smiled. "You can call me Donnelly. You saved me a lot of anguish and trouble getting these supplies moved into my storage room. What do you do for a living, Gerard?"

    Gerard said, "My friend and I just moved into Cloverdale and we will be starting high school locally in a few days. Big Z is going to be holding a housewarming party for us boys at our home near the airport tonight. In fact, if you and your friends wanted to come over and have some fun at the party, you have my permission to come to the party. As for a job, I was in town looking for some part-time employment while I was in school. I could come to work when I got out of school. Um... I don't want to seem forward, but are you hiring any positions at all within your business?"

    Donnelly replied, "You may not want to hire on when you hear what job is available. The other donkey boys work the counter, the kitchen and the ice cream machines. We could really use a janitor and stock room assistant. We need a janitor more than anything. I really appreciate the help you gave me with this crate today. Saturday is our busiest day. I could even pay you for a full day of work on Saturday if you were willing to come in on a weekend. How does sixty-five dollars a week sound?"

    Gerard smiled. "You got a deal, Donnelly. I'll even give you a kiss on the muzzle for hiring me. No one else in town was hiring despite the help wanted ads saying they were hiring."

    Donnelly led Gerard into the stock room with the heavy crate. "If you are going to kiss me, then I would like to see you in the nude at least once. As you can see, I am not wearing anything right now, anyway. The reason is because it was hot and I took off my apron so I could cool off. I am usually doing the janitorial stuff by myself. Thank you for signing on."

    Once they set the supply crate down into a spot reserved for it, Donnelly said, "Take off your clothes, Gerard; and I will freshen my breath for the kiss you offered to give me." Gerard began to remove his clothes for his new employer while Donnelly sprayed his mouth and tongue with strawberry mint which was a breath freshener manufactured on Pleasure Island. Once Gerard was completely undressed, he approached the donkey boy and he placed his arms around Donnelly and pressed his mouth to the donkey lips an kissed him deeply. Donnelly kissed back as he rubbed his hands over Gerard's naked body. This affectionate embrace lasted for more than a few minutes as the human boy felt Donnelly rub one hand over his penis and the other over his buttocks slowly. When it was over, Gerard got dressed once again and he got right to work to help clean up since the business was closed for the evening.

    End of Chapter 04

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 03

    While he was packing his belongings within his bedroom, his councilman father came into the room and said, "I have good news for you, Gerard." He then turned to look back toward the bedroom door. "You can come in now, Arnold." And as the young Native American boy from the local orphanage entered the bedroom, Leon Arthur Prince said, "Because this move was so sudden and I didn't want you to lose your newly made friendship with Arnold, I adopted him from the orphanage to bring with us so you wouldn't be lonely. And there is more good news..."

    Gerard still wasn't happy about the whole affair as he replied, "It had better be good, dad... I just got into the local Little League and now I have to pull out. It is bad enough that I cannot have a pet in the household because of mom's idiotic medical condition which is as bogus as anything I have ever heard of. Lupe and I have discussed this several times."

    Leon said, "My new job is in CAMP World, however... ZecCorp, the gaming corporation on planet, is granting you and Arnold your own home near Heroes Reach in a small town called Cloverdale. You won't have to pay any rent to live in the house, but you both will need to get part-time jobs for groceries and laundry detergents as well as any other luxury you take advantage of by living in the family home. You will even get to go to the school of choice. The best part is that Big Z has told the local Little League team about your skills and they want you on their team. That's why I said it was good news. You can stay mad at me if you want. But a home of your own would also mean any pet you wanted in the house and your mother could not say a word about it. Total freedom. Not to mention, your pen pal would likely be able to visit you with his animal bodyguard. The pony. I saw him once. It is kind of weird that your pen pal is into cats but he attracts hoofies much like his sister does."

    Gerard smiled when his father mentioned Jamie Zamak in that sort of way. "Yeah, Jamie has been wanting to visit me but mom's dumb condition prevented his making the visit. Pony smell would have her gasping and wheezing for air. Why did you marry a woman who cannot enjoy nature the way we guys do?"

    Leon grinned. "Your sister drowns out scents she cannot stand with the smell of motor oil. But she will be glomped herself some day. That pen pal of hers is a cartoon jackal from the American Rabbit movie. Spike attends college at the Surreal University of Mechanics in Wonderland. He sent an invite to your sister to attend there."

    Gerard laughed at that admission. "Aside from Jamie, I write to Ace Bunny, Te'rue the Wererat, Lord Lampwick and the Association of Canine Animation; the cartoon dogs take turns replying to my pen pal letters. I have gotten to know quite a few of them, since they are all part of the core of animated stunt dogs. I even sent Big Z a birthday card one year after I read in the gaming magazine that his birthday was coming up and he usually got no birthday cards at all. I think his mail box got swamped after he advertised that."

    Leon smiled. "Big Z is arranging it so you can meet all of your pen pals at your new home in Cloverdale." Then he braced for the excitement from his son. And boy did he get it!

    Gerard was off the bed as hyper as a kangaroo joey in Joey Mud! "That is great news, Dad! Man, you sure led up to the best part taking your sweet time! I will make good grades in Cloverdale; I promise! Just keep mom in Terryville so she doesn't smell all the animals around my new home!"

    Leon said, "Your pen pals own businesses in Heroes Reach. So after you graduate high school, you could have employment with your pen pals. And maybe sooner than that. Lord Lampwick owns Cloverdale. But the jackass magic only works on his island. So you would be safe enough in the town. So get the rest of your gear packed up and then I will take you boys out for some fast food."

    Gerard replied, "Its a deal, dad! Come on, Arnold! Let's get my stuff packed up! We are gonna have Arden's Pizza tonight!"

    Motivation did wonders for a depressed young man and his friend. The boys quickly had all of Gerard's belongings packed up, including his hidden stash of martial arts magazines and Ninja Turtles toys and rubber weapons. He packed up his Wererat costume that he had gotten from Te'Rue on a previous birthday and it was carefully stored with the rest of his clothes. The boys then came downstairs and yanked Leon out of his easy chair and pulled him out of the house. He had promised a final pizza outing and they wanted their pizza.

    The next day, the Prince family were in their Mercury Station Wagon heading for the CAMP World transportal which was located in Upper New York state near Albany. Although the Zamak siblings were not on planet as yet, they would be along later. The Corporation was tying up some loose ends involving corporate espionage as well as Poacher activities making attempts to bother Zamak Wildlife reserves. It took a few days to drive from Georgia up to New York since this was a road trip to get to a new work locale. It was not a family vacation.

    At the CAMP World Transportal Checkpoint, the Prince car was stopped and Leon's ID was asked for along with a declaration of all persons within the vehicle. Leon, Rianne, Lupa-Vega, Gerard Clayton Prince and Arnold Neil Domingo. The two boys and all of their luggage were removed from the family estate car and loaded into a limousine which had license plates which read: "BIG-Z". Leon was handed his ID back and they were admitted entry through the Transportal en route to Terryville on the East Coast. Gerard informed the Transportal personnel that if Jamie Zamak arrived requesting him in particular, to direct him to Cloverdale.

    Then the boys were given Limousine escort through the Transportal to Cloverdale on the West Coast of CAMP World. The Limousine emerged just outside of Montropolis before the drive South on the major highway occurred. Just before the city limits of the Oak View welcome sign, the Limousine turned on a bypass and drove past Oak View eventually arriving in Cloverdale, which was another small town on the bay. Across the bay, Heroes Reach and Little Tokyo were in plain view. In the bay itself was an island with a carnival on top of its bluffs. The Limousine then drove through the small town (where donkeys and unicorns were seen briefly as well as Hellhounds, felines, miniature dragons, rabbits, raccoons, reindeer and kangaroos,) before they headed East past the high school and then North East to a quiet suburb where it pulled up to a stop in front of a fenced estate which in addition to the main house had several rental cabin homes within the property as well. Big Z awaited with a Law Imp and two adorable Case Worker Planar Mice, one of the angel variety and the other of the devil variety. Both were male. Two Yuskay Lawyers emerged from the limousine front seat where one opened the rear door for the boys as the other went to the rear of the limousine to unload all of the boys' luggage.

    Big Z smiled. "Welcome to Cloverdale, Gerard and Arnold. The main house is yours. The rental cabins will be for anyone paying me rent to live in those cabins. Never let someone move in for free, boys. Your case workers will be watching the property at all times. There is no rent while you are attending high school. But the moment you graduate, you may either migrate to another city and acquire lodging there or you can advance your jobs to full time and with the extra wages, you can pay rent as anyone else would."

    End of Chapter 03

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Chapter 02

    As seen in [CAMP-01] BuddyShift, Eps 8, Ch 4 and 5...

    Deryk smiled. "You're the super smart gamer mouse, Zecma! Channel your old ways for a moment and think... is there a loophole that everyone has overlooked?"

    Zecma's face took on a frighteningly scary appearance for a moment as he grinned evilly. But then he was back to his good lovable self once again. "Thank you for triggering my ancient sealed memories, Deryk. There is one loophole in the rules and the event occurred on the pre-wish QC Planet. Lord Atticus had an entry protocol set up at the time so tourists and other visitors had to agree to submit a back-up of their bodies just in case of a restoration necessary accident so the humans in question could be brought back to life from the saved files. The process was a little weird even according to Underworld trickery standards. Each family member had to strip naked and enter a back-up booth where a copy of their current bodies would be made just in case. In other words, they were being cloned. However, the clones were imperfect and if used, they would result in faulty versions of the original human; meaning that they would slowly become toon or anime versions of their former lives. It would start when the family were to drive their car through AIRS Depot. They would be caught in a time suspension field and then they would each be removed from the car where their clones were made and then placed back in the suspended car before releasing the car as if it had never been stopped. Here in is the possible loophole: I use one of my Imperial Decree Scrolls to snag their car as they approach Animation Park and replace the car and the family with imperfect clones to continue their way into QC Planet. The captured family would end up in our current time period's past where they would eventually arrive in CAMP World's Terryville. However, I need to inform Lord Albert Talbot and the rest of Founder Core that I am about to do this. Their past selves would greet the Prince family and certain events would still occur that they had done the first time. And then, when Gerard's college training ends, I will recontact him and let him know where I have set up shop. The only change I will have to prevent is the accidental download of that account into his rescued body. And for that, I will initiate the Angel Hound protocol. What that means is that Angel Hounds are positive material energy sources and the clone that would download the evil lord power account is negative material energy. Receiving a download of that nature would cause the clone as well as the old account to explode and disintegrate thus removing it from the time line altogether. During the rescue mission to save the past time line family, I will also make it so that one orphan is granted friendship and joining rights with the Prince family. He can have a heroic adventure without rewriting the entire world's existence. Remember how I said the powers would try to run your life for you if you didn't use them the way they were originally made to be used. They were evil powers and Gerard was a good boy. I can even do the same thing for the All-Stars of Terryville as well. That way, Times Heart Tiger's cloud lands' Dar-Shanian horse friend gets to join him here in CAMP World. Although a lot of us cannot stand that horse. He is such a pain in the ass; no offense to cute donkeys. His father is a very nice Guardian stallion and is well loved among girls and boys alike. The young Prince colt's mother is where he gets all of his mischief and attitude from. He at times acts nothing like his father."

    Brand said, "Make it so, Zecma; I will back you up to Founder Core and then we can focus on putting a stop to Jinx's latest shit."

    Zecma mentally called for Founder Core and they arrived at that moment as a group. Zecma laid out what he was about to do to save the original family from the Toonium Trap.

    Lord Paul Pardusius wearing dark sunglasses then explained one extra issue in regards to the Prince family that Zecma had overlooked. "The Williams family of Dawsonville Georgia are intertwined with the Prince family. So when you save one, you will also be saving the other(s). The Williams family had the mouthy parrot, remember?" Lord Albert Talbot said, "I will permit this rescue, Zecma, as long as the those intertwined with the Prince family are included with the rescue attempt. Just because the Prince boy has no powers doesn't mean the same for the Williams boy who becomes Supermouse and leads the Protectors, a division of Teen Force." Lord Paul then produced the original Underworld records in regards to those involved in the intertwining situation. The Prince family; The original Kornel family and their neighbors the Hamilton family; The Covington family; The Knight family siblings; and Casey Glendon who won the first official Sponsor a Prince contest originally. "Felix Kornel's mother was the original woman with the look which no one wanted to get."

    Having the permissions in place, the Imperial Decree scroll was produced and after a carefully worded decree was placed for all in the Arena to hear, Zecma slapped the scroll to the ground which caused a massive fiery poof which dissipated quickly but no apparent alterations in reality seemed to occur at all. Everyone was still standing right where they were before the scroll was used.

    Lord Paul then said, "Ah... I just received a memory update in regards to the families in the past. We were successful, my friends. Look in your memories under the mental file of the Toonium Trap Fiasco. There is an addendum."

    Zecma said, "My Prince boy is local at the moment. He is helping a group to defend Heroes Reach."

    Deryk said, "You mean he is empowered? But I thought you undid that."

    Zecma grinned. "It is more like the Dial "H" protocol for him. He is wearing a card launcher that has heroic partners. When he activates his launcher, like Brand, he transforms into the partner selected."

    Brand smiled widely. "Looks like I am not the only one. The game his partners are with must be a grand one. Did you make the game, Zecma? Or did one of your allies have something to do with making that game?"

    Zecma grinned. "Raluta created it by Gerard's request. Gerard didn't want to get a new empowerment after the Dream Boy attempt failed, so he asked Raluta to make the Young Fury battle card game instead. In this game, you play a superhero of your own design who can participate in actual superhero activities as if they were the actual hero instead of the partner card. When suited up, you are the custom hero; when powered down, you are back to normal."

    Brand remarked, "Sounds a lot safer than having a power you aren't used to."

    And now to rewind time to showcase events that occurred just after the rescue and of the Prince family's new arrival on CAMP World instead of QC Planet like they thought they were conducting before the drive to their destination.

    Gerard Prince was a bit upset. He had just gotten a position on the Atticus city Little League softball team only to learn that his father was about to move to another distant location.

    End of Chapter 02

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    started a topic [CAMP-09] TJP-01 Cloverdale Employment

    [CAMP-09] TJP-01 Cloverdale Employment

    Cloverdale, California - Camp World

    [CAMP-09] TJP-01 Cloverdale Employment
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters; Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

    There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

    ...As seen in [CAMP-01] BuddyShift, Eps 8, Ch 4 and 5...

    Deryk then returned at that moment, still cleaning his mouth and face of the vomit he had been induced to produce in a toilet. He handed the closed sample back to Brand. "What did I miss, guys? I want to be up to date on your adventures or else Brand hasn't kept his word to me."

    After a brief re-cap, Brand then said, "I was about to ask Zecma what these accounts were and how they worked."

    Zecma then retold a private part of his distant past first archived between the original Gerard Prince Prime's QCP-BG-08 The Back Way Out and QCP-BG-11 Twelve Wishes of Christmas. "Back in those days, I was an evil little turd... but after my involvement with the Prince boy, he convinced me that better rewards awaited people who led the honest and truthful track. I had temporarily lost my powers and I had to earn them back from him by doing tasks for him. It was through his efforts that the Sponsor a Prince program got started in the Animated Worlds. Anyway, the ATM-ES machines exist in every marketplace around the Underworld. At any given time, you can register an account and make a copy of all of your current powers for pan-global access from any Underworld you happen to be in. All she had to do was to approach one of these machines, register her new body and then input her correct password to download a copy of her powers into her current body. The Yuskay Lawyers installed a wanted felon detection protocol into these machines so an alarm would sound when an escaped criminal tried to download a copy of their powers. This happened once while I was serving Gerard Prince. The stupid shit had body swapped himself for the boy's body and was in the process of registering Gerard's body so he could download a copy of his powers. The alarm sounded and the bastard was transported to the Imperial Council where we nabbed him and forced him to give the boy's body back to him. Gerard ended up owning the fucker's account and eventually got a download of the account by accident which made him into a verifiable Underworld Lord himself. It took Lord Paul's direct assistance in helping him to get his new life cleaned up so the powers were not simply running his life for him."

    He then slyly grinned. "Before the Yuskays got out of the lawyer business, they had lawyers so hot that they took Mr. Masculinity to the next level! Pant-pant! Awroo!"

    Deryk asked, "So where is Lord Prince these days?"

    Zecma said, "For all of his careful planning, fate finally caught up with him. He had just finished attending college and he chose to return to Earth to visit an orphanage to grant a Christmas Wish for deserving young people. He knew that I had done it once and he thought, 'How hard can it be?' Unlike me, he didn't have to find people at first. He knew where he was going. All was going well with the orphans until one orphan who was actually a lost planar child when offered the wish asked for a heroic adventure with a younger version of Gerard Prince. It seemed innocent enough; the moment the wish was cast, only those in the Underworld were spared what happened next. A complete time rewrite hit the Earth as well as QC Planet unmaking and undoing everything Gerard had done up until that time. The wish sent Gerard and his family back several years to a time when he wasn't empowered and he had no memory of the former life at all. The wish event went so far as to make his father into the best CIA agent who had ever lived. They were calling him the best of the best. Before the wish, his father Leon had simply been a city councilman. His mother Rianne had become a former secretary with High Command, an organization that governs over were-beasts. Before, she was simply a housewife. And his sister Lupa-Vega was originally a motorcycle mechanic and nothing more. After the wish, she was an aspiring rocket scientist."

    Zecma then said, "Gerard's life was a complete mess from the beginning of the new life. And then the empowerment event almost killed him. It was like the entire universe was completely against him. Even villains from both the future and ancient times were hunting him down for no good reasons whatsoever. The Orphan who had made the wish became a Sh'maukin hero known as Eagle Lord. The Sh'maukin tribe were planar bird warriors."

    Brand then asked, "Is there no way to save and rescue Gerard Prince from the past before he granted the wish? I have rescued lost items before, Zecma, there must be a way to do this."

    End of Chapter 01