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[CAMP-04] ABC-07 Easter in Farthing Wood

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    [CAMP-04] ABC-07 Easter in Farthing Wood

    After graduating High School, Tony Carson wins the all-new Inherit a Business contest and heads to CAMP World to claim his new business where he arrives in the British Isles to associate with deer and foxes in a small medieval community. When the sheriff requires his aid in local commerce, he assists in helping the economy of the animated animal zone.

    Farthing Wood, Animated England, circa 600 A.D.; Tony's Arts and Crafts Keep; CAMP World

    [CAMP-04] ABC-07 Easter in Farthing Wood.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Farthing Wood, Animated England, circa 600 A.D., CAMP World
    Tony's Arts and Crafts Keep

    From the other side of the coach emerged Jason Argo as well as a tall female with long blond hair with blue eyes and dark skin. "And this is Craftsman Keep. My paper goods shop is over here. I was making village bibles for the locals. I am glad Tony vouched for my coming back, Sister Patrice." Sister Patrice gathered her carpet bag and said, "Remember, I am only to be here for a month to evaluate your second chance in Mysteries Inc. Cathleen Crane upon hearing of how you were almost made into a Kangaroo Zombie decided to reopen and review your case file. I will help you with the bibles but I will need my own room." Together with Jason, they approached Tony. "Looks like someone commissioned you to make a new strength tester," said Jason with a smile.

    Tony shook hands with Sister Patrice. "There are nunneries locally, ma'am, but we do have rooms for a female in the keep. And the rooms are sound proof if you need to pray to the good lord in solitude. I am Tony Carson. I just earned the payment to buy this keep. As soon as I sign the paperwork with Purzo, it is mine, all mine. And for fair warning, Sister, there is a Devil Mouse in the keep whom is working on computer games and that is all he is interested in. Purzo is aware of him."

    Sister Patrice said, "Big Z? I was told that he believes in God. It is good to know he is helping Founder Core."

    Giving the two a brief tour of the shops and the personal quarters, Sister Patrice was left at a door to a bedroom. "Feel free to redecorate it however you like."

    Tony escorted Jason back downstairs and into the forge where the male Tigrotaur was working on the new strength tester. "This is Double-T or as he has been calling himself, T-Bone." And then they went into the paint shop. "And that is Yeo, our painter replacement. You surely remember Cavan, whom is doing leather goods as well as teaching the local boys how to play football. After I deal with Purzo and the paperwork, I will escort Billy up to Rowan's place. I guess you saw how empty my shelves were. I had to sell everything in order to raise the money to buy the keep. It wasn't easy but I managed to do it without powers. But I miss having the extra powers. The Druidic Unicorns made themselves scarce after you were taken back to the present day time, as if they thought your departure was my fault. I haven't seen them around the keep since."

    Jason said, "I got to meet the Scooby Doo Detective Agency finally when they came to visit me during my hospital visit in Modern Camp World. I was pitiful and even Scooby petted on me."

    Tony said, "We live, we learn. I need to go speak with Purzo and get the paperwork signed, I am sure he is a busy kitty cat."

    Tony left Jason with Yeo as he went and found Purzo and Zecma. "Let's get the paperwork signed, Purzo."

    Purzo said, "About that, Tony. Someone misquoted a figure when naming the price for the keep and my records show that you haven't raised the full amount yet. I know you were excited at first, but you have only raised one tenth of the purchase price." Tony sighed and sat down. "I don't know if you have noticed, Purzo, but we have nothing left to sell in our possession at all. All of my back stock inventory is gone, all of T-Bone's forge goods were sold, all of Yeo's paintings went very quickly; and Jason's bibles got the attention of a few nobles just last night. We're wiped out, Purzo; we have nothing left. I hate to be a whiner, but there is nothing left except our personal favors. I wouldn't give in to Barbra and I won't bow down to that now."

    He then turned to Zecma. "Thank you for cheering me up when I felt like giving up, but I am at a dead end. Like the Lemmings, I need to find a cliff." And he started to walk off.

    Zecma looked angry at the Cat Lord. "Don't be an Atticus, Purzo! He's done everything he could do! He's broke and has nothing left to sell!"

    Purzo said, "As a prize, the keep's cost was waived. But when he became ineligible to be a prize winner, it was either buy the business or go home. We gave him a chance to show off his skills and raise the money to buy the business."

    Zecma growled, "You forced him to surrender the skills which would have allowed him to restock his shelves and now you are screwing him over?! Show off non-existent skills that he had been gifted with and now you expect him to pull miracles out of his ass?! I remember when you quoted the 50 Platinum coin price because I recorded it while the Scribe was still here!"

    Purzo said, "I'm sorry, he still owes 450 Platinum coins."

    Zecma smirked as the payment acquisition jar suddenly received over five thousand Platinum coins. CLINK! "Since I never discussed his wages as being my Beta Tester, two people can play this game, Purzo. 450 Platinum Coins more, you said?" Tony glanced over his shoulder at the payment jar. "I predict another delay, Zecma. But I have an alternate suggestion just in case he pulls another Atticus Cat Lord trick out of his ass."

    Purzo growled, "I am not pulling tricks out of my ass! The price was misquoted as 50 Platinum! It was meant to be 500 Platinum! And the terms were specific, Zecma, he has to earn the money from selling his crafts; I cannot accept your goodwill gift!"

    Tony said, "What did I tell you, Zecma; I am detecting Cat Lord greed here! Lets gather everyone up and move out of the keep! Anything that was in the keep before we arrived stays, otherwise, it get taken with us! I've always thought this was a shitty location for a workshop that just happens to look like a royal keep!"

    Purzo said, "If you are not buying the business, then you will be returned to Earth. That was also part of the deal."

    Tony then turned so Purzo couldn't see his face as he mouthed, 'Call the Scribe and Amaterasu in here; Purzo is acting super fishy.'

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Purzo then said, "I still have mind reading and lie detection turned on." Tony remarked, "So what am I thinking?" Purzo focused on Tony and got sick to his stomach as he rushed outside to vomit.

    Amaterasu and the Scribe then appeared at Zecma's request. "What's the word, Zecma?"

    Zecma said, "The Scribe should get a kick out of this, Purzo tried to raise the price of the keep up from 50 Platinum Coins to 500 Platinum Coins. He is stating that the price was misquoted yet he himself was the one whom made the quote." Tony then said, "He is threatening to kick me out of the time period and banish me back to Earth if I don't pay the extortion price. When I accused him of acting like Atticus, he got really offensive. When he stated he was still mind reading, I asked him what I was thinking and I quickly put Barbra's skanky poison pussy in my mind close up and point blank. Purzo ran outside to throw up. I always thought Cat Lords were more resistant to disgusting pictures." Zecma hummed. "What was your alternate idea since he isn't in the room now."

    Tony looked to Amaterasu. "Is this Craftsman Keep the only Crafting business available here in Farthing Wood or is there another like I suspect?" Amaterasu scanned the entire forest and replied, "There is another exactly like you were thinking, Tony. It is a one story building made of stone and wood. it is located North of the village in the North Forest along the merchant's road. In fact, it is within the Fox Brothers' hunting zone." Tony asked, "What would the value of that business be in comparison to this Keep?" She replied, "50 Platinum."

    Tony then asked, "Is this keep in fact a Craftsman Keep as we have been told? I suspect that it is a royal keep of some sort."

    Amaterasu said, "From land records that I am reading out of the Sheriff's office, this keep was officially called Governor's Keep. Before the local king was initiated here, Farthing Wood had a governor whom lived in this keep."

    Tony growled, "So again, they are still trying to make me became a lord or a king! Well that's not going to happen! We will purchase the real crafting business and move there locally. Will you sign the purchase forms to make it official Lady Amaterasu? I don't trust Purzo at the moment."

    Said Cat Lord then came back inside wiping his mouth on a handkerchief and he came to a skidding halt as he saw Amaterasu and the Scribe in the room. Before he could bolt, he was caught in a containment cell card. Amaterasu said, "Nice likeness, fake; but the real Purzo's crest he wears on his suits depicts the Master Cat in a repose to enjoy a bowl of cream. Yours is last century's crest design that they don't use anymore."

    Amaterasu signed the business acquisition forms and accepted the payment for the real crafting business. Zecma handled the moving of the Bath House and the Arden's Delivery Window. then everyone was gathered up along with their suitcases and belongings as they headed north out of the village along Merchant's Road to the real business which was located right next to Kings River. When Amaterasu saw that there wasn't going to be enough bedrooms, she conferred with Zecma and they crafted an Underground collection of bedrooms directly under the business itself but well away from Kings River. Instead of a stairwell, Amaterasu chose to use a ramp to make it easier for T-Bone to utilize. The ground floor bedrooms were then designated to be guest bedrooms for people whom wouldn't be there for too long a period of time. All rooms in the business were then made to be sound proof.

    An Underground tunnel heading across the road into the North Forest was discovered and at the end of said tunnel they found a door that read as Rowan Bunny's Easter Workshop.

    Tony knocked on that door and when it opened, there stood Rowan wearing nothing but an apron; but he really smiled when he saw Billy just behind Tony. "I am bringing my cousin Billy to you, Rowan. We claimed the crafting workshop at the far end of the tunnel. I can promise you that we will not be bothering you down here." Rowan hugged Billy as he said, "I don't mind having you guys as neighbors. I might even commission you to make some things for me." And then he took Billy into his workshop and closed the door.

    Returning to their purchased Craftsman business, they got everything settled and then it was back to business in making the new Strength Tester for the two nobles.

    Back in the village, the keep now had a sign on it that read [Governor's Keep for Sale; Inquire at the Sheriff's office. Price: 500 Platinum Coins.]

    Cavan was designating a football field in the North forest within view of the Crafting Business where the fox boys could still learn the game at.

    Tony spoke with Amaterasu and Zecma about a law-minded Dreamtime Kangaroo that he could be put in contact with. They both agreed upon Lord Pouchlaw and arrangements were made to contact the Dreamtime Roo in question. Apparently Tony wanted backup just in case Founder Core got wonky again. "Also, try to locate where they sent the real Purzo to this time. When he was last here with Pardusius, he never acted weird at all, then he left and this faker showed up displaying greed and sleazy tactics."

    At noon, Tony went to the Bath House to clean his hands in preparation for getting lunch. after washing his hands, he dried them and then he noticed that his reflection in the mirror didn't look like the Bath House; instead, it looked like a dusty training academy and in place of his reflection was a kangaroo boomer whom reached through the mirror and grabbed both sides of Tony's head and planted a deep kiss on the boy's mouth. "Ah, just like Ah remember... Ah'm Lord Pouchlaw. Ah was told that yas were wanting to talk to me about something."

    Tony sighed since the roo hadn't let go of his head yet. "This is likely going to sound selfish and greedy, but I was given a taste of Dreamtime powers as a coerced Were-Kangaroo before my forced detox and I had been using Dreamtime to stay ahead on my craftsman projects so my shelves would stay full. Now that I no longer have the power, I feel empty and abandoned even though the Dreamtime villain whom coerced me was never cruel to me. I wanted to ask if you, a law-minded Dreamtime Kangaroo Lord, would sponsor me so I could have those powers once again. As I said, It is a selfish request, I admit... I am so far behind on my projects now that I feel like committing suicide half the time. Everyone used to think that everything was handed to me on a Silver Platter and now I am suffering from this. Um... and you kiss nicely. You must get a lot of practice."

    Lord Pouchlaw grinned. "Ah know a lot of cute human boys and they are fun to kiss. Since yer only asking for a sponsorship, Ah think we can make a deal; but Ah get another kiss first!"

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      And Tony got another kiss planted on his mouth, this one feeling like a French kiss with the long tongue in his throat. And in the next instant, Tony found himself sitting in the Kangaroo Lord's lap in the academy setting and the roo was holding him with an iron grip. "Sponsoring yas is going to be lots of fun, mate! First the law mark and then the powers!"

      Tony smiled. "Feeling randy a mite?"

      Lord Pouchlaw grinned. "At least Ah'm not in rut or else yas would be plump right now. Yer little friend Zecma knows me the best. Ah won't 'urt yas."

      And what followed was Tony's clothes coming off and the aforementioned law mark of Pouchlaw's clan being placed on key locales all over the boy's naked body. There was more kissing of course along with a male booster shot to imbue Tony with the first portion of his Sponsorship. Lord Pouchlaw then instructed Tony in how to use the first few Dreamtime Clan Cadet powers. "Join Clan is the power to change into yer Dreamtime Law Kangaroo form and back at will."

      Tony asked, "I'm not lorded immediately, am I?"

      The Kangaroo Lord said, "Yas 'ave got to earn it through promotions. Next up is the Slow Time power. This will blanket yer workshop in a magical field that will make everything and everyone in there speed up as if yas were in Dreamtime. Ah know yas were wanting that so yas could stay caught up. And finally, Role Call is the power which will transport yas to my parade grounds, change yas into a Roo and allow yas to receive yer next Academy based Dreamtime lesson. Every lesson yas attend will give yas one more power."

      He then added, "Yas will learn Dreamtime Teleport during the second lesson when yas show up for it. It is two way and then yas won't get stuck in Dreamtime."

      Lord Pouchlaw then said, "And now, as sad as it always is for me to say this, time to get yer clothes back on and send yas back to yer Bath House so yas can get lunch. Ah 'ad fun."

      Tony kissed Pouchlaw on the muzzle before asking, "When will I get Dreamtime Telepathy so I can call you when I need to?"

      Pouchlaw grinned. "Third lesson. Did yas 'ave fun, too?"

      Tony kissed and groped him again. "You make the visitation a lot of fun, Lord Pouchlaw. A lot of boys must look forward toward seeing you, mate."

      And in the blink of an eye, Tony was back in the Bath House standing at the mirror where he could see his own reflection once again. "I should have asked him how the promotions occur. Too late now, I suppose." And then words appeared on the mirror as if someone was writing on a steamy mirror. "Master using five powers and you will be offered a promotion." And then the words slowly faded away. Tony smiled. "Sneaky, Pouchlaw. Now I see why he has so much fun. But I need some food." And he headed off to get lunch.

      As he entered the Dining Chamber, Zecma glanced up with a smile as he said, "How did it go with Pouchlaw? I see the law clan mark on your arm."

      Tony ordered a pizza and then once he had it, he sat down at the table. "I was honest with him and he granted my request for a clan sponsorship. And he kissed me several times, too."

      Zecma grinned. "That's his playful side. No harm done."

      Tony smiled. "He also gave me a male booster shot, he called it."

      Zecma said, "Again, no harm done this time."

      Tony then finished his meal and asked, "When will it be harm done, Zecma?"

      Zecma slyly grinned. "If Pouchlaw gets you pregnant in Dreamtime, then you lose all your powers until you give birth. Birthing results in two to six male joeys per session with a law Kangaroo. When the event is over, it is best advised that you return to the Bath House and give yourself a thorough cleansing including an enema. Otherwise, you could be primed to get pregnant again when the next Academy Roo has sex with you. And unless you just want to be a breeding factory, then stay clean."

      Tony shuddered. "Thanks for the warning, Zecma. I need to get back to work. We are almost done with the new strength tester."

      As Tony arrived back where the others were, He saw the two nobles from the night before waiting on the finished product. "Greetings, noble customers. How went the birthday party?"

      The Noble Husband said, "My old friend was disappointed not to get a bunch of excellent presents from his noble friends. But he perked up when I mentioned his late present which would be ready by this evening. I see it is coming along nicely. Have you had any difficulties with this build?" Tony shook his head. "Thankfully the last Crafter left easy to follow instructions for making another. The only change we had to make was to exchange house cat with Pompous Windbag. May I assume that your noble friend is feline?" The Husband nodded.

      Tony then asked, "Did you have any trouble finding our new location?"

      The Noble Wife replied, "We live in the Noble lands up around the castle in this region. Our feline Noble friend lives at an estate just South of the Village Farmlands."

      The Noble Husband said, "As we were coming across the King's River Bridge, my Wife noted that you had moved your business further north. May I ask what was wrong with the keep?"

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Tony replied, "During the raising of the money to buy the craftsman business, the owner misquoted the real price of the Keep and someone aside from him had placed a false sign on the keep that fooled everyone into thinking it was a Keep for Craftsmen. When we learned that we couldn't purchase the keep, I asked one of Founder Core if there was another Craftsman business in the area that was available and she told us about this location and it was in our price range. The Keep's original title had been Governor's Keep. They wanted 500 Platinum."

        The Noble Husband then said, "My Wife and I made inquiries about buying Governors Keep one time and they informed us that it was being reserved for the Noble Swamp Fox."

        Tony nearly exploded when he revealed that information. "Oh they did, did they? They lied to you, Noble sir. My real name translates as the Angelic Swamp Fox. An evil wolf sorcerer mistranslated my full name and he assumed that my name meant Swamp Fox King. They tried to force nobility on a lowly craftsman such as I."

        The Noble Husband said, "If this is what you've been dealing with, then I compliment your resolve to resist their desires."

        T-Bone then picked up the wooden mallet and hit the plunger with a test strike. Naturally, it hit the bell at the top. Yeo tried it and his strike only went up to Wild Lion. T-Bone said, "The new Strength Tester is complete. We can load it into your coach right away, noble couple. Thank you for relying on Tony's Arts and Crafts. I am sure your noble friend will be impressed when he plays with his newest gift." And he lifted it up to put it and the new wooden mallet into the coach.

        Modern Day Earth; Russia...

        Sonja and an escort from Kaboom's fortress are visiting the local village to get supplies during a standard outing. Having promised not to escape from her escort, Sonja was permitted to go on the supply run. She had only brought her sketch book and some pencils with her within her backpack. During a moment when the escort was haggling with the merchant over a changed price in goods, Sonja stepped into a phone booth and she dialed in Space Master's emergency satellite toll-free number.

        "Space Master, speaking. It is rare for me to get a call over my phone. People usually mentally nag at me or just show up in a huff. How can I help you?"

        Sonja said, "Don't get mad, sir. But this is Sonja Flare and I am still in Siberia, Russia. Since I never looked at the secret plans and those damned things are the only way I can legally get out of Kaboom's lockup, can you obtain a video of when the secret plans were last viewed within any Russian's life video file and let me view the secret plans portions only. I am not asking to view the person's life. My current location is as follows;" And she named off the mercantile store in the village. "Please, sir. I am going crazy in lockup."

        "I shouldn't help you, but... your crime was minor for doing business with the Arranger without your government's knowledge. Now you are stuck as an eternal. I'll see you soon."

        Sonja emerged from the phone booth and faking the bathroom hop dance, she approached the counter and asked, "Where is the ladies room, sir?"

        She then looked at her escort. "I won't be anywhere but there. I gave my word to Kaboom."

        The merchant's complexion paled when Sonja mentioned the Admiral's nickname and then he gave directions to the ladies room and handed her a role of toilet paper.

        It was the El Cheap-o variety of T.P.

        The escort said, "I am expecting you to keep your word, Sonja. Kaboom said that if you take flight to shoot to kill. You may be an eternal, but you can die like anyone else."

        The Merchant said, "Could you people not shoot up my shop?"

        Sonja headed back to the ladies room which was located in the back storage chamber where goods were stored. Once she was inside the spacious ladies room, she folded down a baby changing table and took out her sketch book and pencils as she awaited Space Master's arrival. When he teleported into the ladies room, he rolled his eyes as he set up the laptop in front of Sonja. "I was never in a ladies room. And don't you ever say I was or else I blab to Founder Core what you had me do. I have the video that can free you. Dumbest plans ever."

        Sonja said, "You read them?" He remarked, "I am multi-lingual. No language escapes me. Von Schlepper had something similar to this in his joke book." He hit play on the laptop.

        There was no sound and Sonja got right to work copying what she saw from each page directly into her sketch book. "I will make this visit up to you at a later date. I promise."

        Space Master said nothing being on guard for another female coming into the ladies room. But thankfully there were no others within several blocks.

        Finally, Sonja said, "All done, sir. Now I just have to get this back to Kaboom, acquire her legal release papers, contact Purzo for my return to the arts and crafts business and make a full apology to Tony for all the trouble I gave him. I want to earn my way back into his good graces. As for my eternal status, I think Purzo can help me undo that. Then there will be no more Sonja Flares popping up to cause the Earth trouble. Knock on wood."

        Space Master took his laptop and packed it away. "You better be right. Tony hates being lied to. He recently acquired a sponsorship to a law-minded Dreamtime Academy Kangaroo Lord."

        Sonja then asked, "I noticed that your laptop has the words DONK.OS Security Edition on it. Is that important? I ask because Tony's laptop is without that slogan."

        Space Master replied, "It is their latest sabotage protection release to prevent the big three from wiping out the DONK.OS system without the user's permission." And then he left.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Back in 600 A.D. Camp World, the real Purzo returned the following day with Demon Panther Pardusius and Sonja Flare. "They moved again?! I wonder what happened? I swear... you turn your back and the bad guys pop out of the shadows to harass Tony again. No wonder he's so uptight."

          Pardusius said, "The bad guys have also been targeting Founder Core lately. So it isn't just Tony."

          Upon arrival, Zecma pulled out a device and he began scanning each arriving person from the magical stagecoach. "Real Purzo, confirmed; Real Pardusius, confirmed; Real Sonja Flare, confirmed. And you better pray you are back legally or else Tony will skewer you. He is getting tired of surprises." He then looked at Purzo. "Nice to have you back, Investigator. The phony you tried to raise the price of the business after Tony barely raised the fifty Platinum Coins to buy the place. That's why we are not in the keep at this given time."

          Purzo asked, "Where is everyone?"

          Zecma smiled. "Yeo and T-Bone are out watching Cavan teach the village fox boys football. Tony was spending time with Jason and Sister Patrice in the paper goods shop. Bomberoo is making his rounds as the Courtyard Guardsman. Tony's cousin Billy is helping Rowan color eggs and decorate Easter baskets. Rowan bought some egg paints from Yeo early this morning. Before you ask, Sonja, Sister Patrice is an evaluator for Mysteries Inc when Cathleen Crane decided to reopen Jason's file after she learned that a villain tried to enslave him."

          Sonja lowered her gaze. "Poor Jason. He didn't deserve that. True, he lied about his Teen Force registration, but he doesn't deserve to be someone's slave."

          Zecma said, "The layout is a little different since Tony replaced the missing craftsmen. T-Bone is your Tigrotaur counterpart in the forge; your twin brother if you want to call him that. He tells everyone that he is filling in for his twin sister. Yeo is a Brazilian Cockatoo whom replaced Artura as the painter and paint maker here in the shops. He does a fine job. Come with me and I will take you to Tony. Try not to make him angry. He doesn't mind you; but he really does not want Barbara returning."

          Within Jason's Paper Goods shop, they were busy crafting Village Bibles since there was now a demand for them thanks to the Noble Wife advertising the Leather Bound versions that she bought the other day. When Tony saw Sonja Flare standing between Purzo and Pardusius he looked to see if the other bitch was lurking just behind them. "Thank you for not bringing the slut back with you. How did you get away from Kaboom?"

          Sonja said, "I am sure you recall the only ways I could get release, don't you? They were requiring that I carry a sketch book around just in case I remembered anything about the secret plans that I never looked at. When it came my turn to go into the local village with an escort to fetch supplies, I put my plan into motion. I waited until the escort was haggling the prices of supplies and I stepped into a phone booth so I could call Space Master. I had him film the last time the plans were exposed to the camera in anyone's life video and then bring me the video where I could simply copy what I could see directly into my sketch book. Space Master said they were similar to a failed Von Schlepper plot. I also learned that DONK.OS released a Security Edition to their famed operating system and I think you should upgrade your laptop to that standard immediately to protect yourself and your data."

          She then said, "Once Kaboom confirmed with the Russian consulate that the plans were for real, I was given my release papers which I hand delivered back to Purzo so I could earn my way back into the business with you guys. I also had Purzo to help me to remove the eternal youth serum from my body before bringing me here. I've learned my lesson, Tony. If you accept my apology, then Purzo can restore my Tigrotaur form to me and I can team up with my twin brother to work in the forge. Do I still have a room here or will I have to sleep outside?"

          Tony said, "The Craftsman bedrooms are underground and soundproof. The guest bedrooms are on the ground level. We still have the Bath House as well as the Ardens Delivery Window."

          He then added, "Sounds like I need to update my laptop."

          Tony turned to Purzo. "You can change her back into a Tigrotaur now. And Pardusius, if she fucks up again, you get a female Tigrotaur costume for your costume shop."

          Sonja stated, "I promise you, Tony... I have learned my lesson. You will have no more problems from me at all."

          Tony looked at Zecma. "You heard her make that promise. I want it binding. I am going to have to attend to my next Dreamtime lesson soon. Lord Pouchlaw makes the lessons a lot of fun."

          He then added, "Welcome back, Sonja. We had to make another Strength Tester the other day; thanks for leaving the easy to follow instructions."

          Zecma giggled. "The customer wanted House Cat replaced with Pompous Windbag."

          Sonja giggled as well. "Sounds like the customer was a noble. Tony, did the Fox Brothers ever make contact with you again or were we lied to about their being real or phony?"

          Tony replied, "I occasionally see Bobbin's brothers in the hunting woods, but they don't seem all that interested in me like the original bunch had been. I miss the original bunch."

          Sonja said, "Pizza every day cannot be healthy. I'd like to go hunting and bring in real meat for our dining table."

          Purzo said, "We can work on your form now. With Tony's accepting of your apology, the form was the last thing on the list."

          Sonja said, "I think I want two forms at my disposal, Purzo. Don't worry; both are feline."

          She then added, "When I am the Tigrotaur, I will be T-Bone's twin Sister known as Sonja; but as the anthropomorphic tigress hunter with red fur and black stripes, I will be Flare."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            With Bobbin coming in to assist with the re-outfitting of Flare, the tigress hunter was soon ready to go hunting. She looked damned hot in her leather hunting outfit. Bobbin was all too happy to escort Flare around the North Forest to instruct her on what not to shoot.

            Sheriff Hart and Hindsong had returned to visit with Tony at the new business. "I am glad to see that you are well, Tony. I got busy with local commerce and that's why I couldn't visit."

            Hindsong said, "Easter always makes it busier for everyone."

            Tony asked, "How did it go with the semen samples I sent you guys before my trip to the false past? Did you get them at all?"

            Hart smiled. "We got them and they were in good condition. We injected them into our wombs as you suggested and we both got pregnant and doing so removed the curses that was on the both of us. We gave birth to four healthy sons whom are a combination of stag and fox, although we don't know how the fox genetics got into the semen samples. You are obviously human. But we love them and they are doing well currently. We have a babysitter watching over them today. They are so well behaved."

            Tony asked, "Did Bobbin handle the semen sample vials at any given time without his gloves on?"

            Hindsong said, "I believe he did; are you saying that is how the fox genetics for into our wombs? Transfer from his paw-hand oils to the vials?"

            Tony remarked, "He is the only fox Hart trusts to be that close."

            Hart said, "No harm done. We do trust Bobbin. Is there anything you want to know about Bobbin or his family?"

            Tony asked, "I know Bobbin has hunting brothers; but I had also been informed by Merlin that Bobbin also had some mud flat loving brothers whom had trouble keeping their fur clean. Would you happen to know where I might find them? In the delay world, I had met their phony counterparts and they often helped me to get crafting supplies affordably. But since we got moved to 600 A.D., I haven't seen hide nor fur of that group at all. And I miss having them around. They hated anyone trying to make me into royalty as much as I did."

            Hindsong hummed. "I think you are referring to Bobbin's swamp cousins. They are sometimes referred to as his brothers, but in truth, they are only his cousins. They provide farmers in the village with fresh swamp mud for tilling into their dry fields to help the crops grow more efficiently. They always have dirty or muddy fur; and on warm or muggy days, they have a slight body odor that can be tolerable if you are used to it. Does that sound like the group you met?"

            Tony smiled. "Exactly them. I really want to see them again after I return from my lesson with Lord Pouchlaw. How can I find them?"

            Hart stated, "Downstream along side Kings River, when you reach the falls, you will find a trail with a rope railing descending next to the falls; and along the bottom is the mud flats they choose to live in. Most of the time, they won't be wearing anything at all. They will be a mess when you find them, but if you really don't mind their company, then that shouldn't bother you. They will want you to play with them to prove your integrity. And that means, you will also get muddy. They range from ages nine through twenty five."

            Hindsong said, "Any fox older than that are considered adults and no longer any fun to spend time with. Those foxes go start farms of their own. The rest are like Peter Pan's lost boys."

            Tony smiled. "I can deal with that. Thanks for helping me to learn where they can be found."

            He then struck a pose as he said, "Role Call!" And in the blink of an eye, Tony vanished from the collection of shops.

            Appearing in his kangaroo form on the parade grounds, Tony got to witness a speedy kangaroo boomer with a sword putting several cadets in the dust of the ground; but the moment the speedy roo noted Tony appearing nearby, he went after him and as he got within grounding range of the newcomer, Tony reared back and he popped the Speedy Kangaroo Boomer in the nose which stopped him in his tracks as he noted that he had a nose bleed. "Yas punched me in the nose! It's my job to teach cadets a lesson whom come to the parade grounds at this 'our!"

            Tony only remarked, "Ah'm 'ere to see Lord Pouchlaw for my daily lesson. Ah'm 'is sponsor charge, Tony Carson. Ah'm no cadet. Ah 'ave to deal with bad guys back 'ome."

            The other cadets were impressed that Pouchlaw's charge had stopped the Kangaroo Courier Lord cold with one punch.

            And then Lord Pouchlaw came out of his office and he approached Tony and the speedy lord as he placed an ice pack on his friend's nose. "Come on, Tony. Yas just bloodied the nose of the Courier Kangaroo Lord known as Parcelpaw. When Ah 'eard the remark out 'ere that someone 'ad stopped 'im and 'it 'im in the nose, Ah got out 'ere fast. 'e is doing 'is job. These other cadets 'ad been lolly-gagging around instead of doing their lessons and this was their punishment. Please apologize to my lordly friend and then we will get yer lesson started."

            Tony looked at the pitiful Courier Lord as he said, "Ah'm sorry Ah used my fist to 'it yas in the nose instead of 'itting yer mind with the picture of the skanky poison pussy."

            The other cadets whom had been about to come over suddenly looked sick to their stomachs as they said, "Ew! 'ow could yas know something like that?"

            Tony remarked, "The Sheila was always trying to get down my pants until we got rid of 'er legally. Now be'ave yerselves or else yas will be shown a picture of the poison pussy."

            Parcelpaw stifled a giggle which made his nose hurt but he was impressed that this nasty thing had an effect on the cadets.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Pouchlaw said, "Yas be'ave too, Parcelpaw; or else Ah'll go get the Mentholated Spirit to doctor yer nose with." He then grabbed Tony by one arm and he led him back into his office. "Ah am sorry yas popped into a punitive lesson for the cadets. But at least yas were quick in yer defense. Ah've never seen anyone pop 'im in the nose like that when 'e was going fast."

              Tony said, "Was 'e really 'urt or was the whimpering an attempt to get sympathy?"

              Pouchlaw kissed Tony on the muzzle. "Yer too smart for the academy, says Ah."

              Tony smiled as he groped Pouchlaw along his tail and thighs. "Ah'm 'ere for my Dreamtime Teleportation lesson. That way Ah don't pop into a punitive lesson next time."

              Pouchlaw smiled. "Since yas amused me in popping 'im in the nose, Ah'm going to give yas three powers to play with this time. Dreamtime Teleportation, Dreamtime Telepathy, and Dreamtime Wish. The last one is similar to a limited Alter Reality spell. Yas can change things in yer favor in yer immediate vicinity. But yas can only use this once a day at the lower levels. When yas master the power, and gain promotions, yas will be able to use it more often. Don't be wasting the power on frivolous desires; make sure yas are really want it."

              Tony eagerly paid astute attention to the lessons that Pouchlaw gave him in the Dreamtime. He was soon conversing with ease using Telepathy to Pouchlaw as if he was born into it. To test his ability in Dreamtime with Wish, he crafted a copy of the strength tester for the academy to be Dreamtime power resistant so the locals wouldn't accidentally destroy it. Instead of the normal listings, with Pouchlaw's assistance, it had wimpy listings near the bottom and important promotion ranks toward the top.

              At the very top was the slogan, Ah Can Kick Mathilda's Ass! instead of HE-STUD.

              During a test strike, Tony managed to get the weight up to the Ensign academy rank. Just inches below Captain but well above Cadet. Pouchlaw was giggling after his test strike after he rang the bell and got the top title of Ah Can Kick Mathilda's Ass!, which was just above Academy Lord which was above the General rank. "This is going to be a lot of fun 'ere at the academy. Ah didn't expect to ring the bell like that. Ah 'ope Mathilda forgives me for being that strong. She is a big flier, yas know."

              Tony remarked, "Ah think a Roo would 'ave to be a lot more powerful than that listing to kick 'er ass. So this is just for fun. It will keep the cadets in line."

              Pouchlaw said, "Now remember, 'ere in Dreamtime itself, yas can use Wish multiple times; but in the real world, once a day at first."

              Tony kissed the Kangaroo Lord on the muzzle. "Ah won't forget. Um, when can Ah learn Dreamtime Portal like Ah sometimes see the other Lords and officers doing?"

              Pouchlaw replied, "Yas 'ave to be officer rank to learn that. Yas get into that stuff at Ensign. Yer strong enough to be an Ensign, but the rules Ah gave yas was specific; Master five powers and yas get yer promotion. Yer not even Cadet rank yet. By Ensign, yas will 'ave mastered ten powers. Yer rank is currently Charge. The ranks are as follows: Charge, Cadet, Ensign, Captain, General, Instructor Second Class, Instructor First Class and Academy Lord at the top. Ah will never designate someone as being able to kick Mathilda's ass."

              The two moved the new Dreamtime Strength Tester to stand next to Pouchlaw's office facing the parade grounds. "Thanks, Tony. Ah'll see yas tomorrow, mate. Practice with what Ah'd given yas so Ah can kiss on yas some more. Er... Ah mean, promote yer sexy ass." And then he planted another deep kiss on Tony's muzzle. "Just like Ah remember... Ah guess Ah do feel a little randy for yas, mate. Now run along."

              One Dreamtime Teleport later and Tony back in his human form appeared within his Bath House standing at the mirror. "I guess he thinks I need to take a bath or maybe he does..." And he began to get the tub ready for his afternoon cleansing session. It was while he was in the tub when T-Bone and Yeo joined him in the water. And Cavan and Jason soon followed. "Boy's tub party. How did your training session go, Tony?" Tony replied, "Pouchlaw gave me three more powers to play with. But he wants me to practice so he can promote me."

              Jason said, "How many powers do you have to master in order to earn a promotion?"

              Tony replied, "Five per promotion. I have six powers currently but one of them can only be used once a day outside of Dreamtime. So I need to practice with the other five."

              Yeo remarked, "Name the powers, Tony. Maybe we can help you practice with the powers."

              Tony picked up a bar of soap and he wrote out the one that he couldn't even say without activating it. Role Call. "This one teleports me to the parade Grounds at the academy where I appear in my Dreamtime Kangaroo form to get my next lesson. Saying those two words sends me there and transforms me. The others I can say aloud. Join Clan is the power to change into my Dreamtime Law Kangaroo form and back at will. Slow Time will blanket my workshop in a magical field that will make everything and everyone in there speed up as if we were in Dreamtime. Dreamtime Teleport is exactly what you think it is. Dreamtime Telepathy is the mental telepathy power. Dreamtime Wish is the limited Alter Reality power. That is the once a day power."

              Jason asked, "How many successful uses of each power do you have to use... in order to master the power, so to speak, so you can use it more often than just once a day outside of Dreamtime? There is a reason I am asking."

              Tony hummed as he thought back on what Pouchlaw told him. "Ten successful uses in Dreamtime air per rank to be gained in front of Pouchlaw himself. When he is satisfied that I have learned those powers so I can earn my rank, I will get my promotion along with a congratulations kiss. He kisses on me anyway, so the congratulations kiss is a more advanced show of affection. The ranks he quoted are as follows: Charge, Cadet, Ensign, Captain, General, Instructor Second Class, Instructor First Class and Academy Lord. Using Dreamtime Wish, I crafted a strength tester for the Academy parade grounds that would resist Dreamtime destruction strikes yet still function for what we have the normal ones do. The listings on that one are as follows: wimpy listings near the bottom and important promotion ranks toward the top. At the very top is the slogan of Ah Can Kick Mathilda's Ass! instead of HE-STUD. When I tested the tester, I got close to Captain. Missed it by a few inches. Pouchlaw's first test strike score the bell and the Ah Can Kick Mathilda's Ass! title. He explained to me that Mathilda is like a Titano sized Dreamtime Elder Power, much like the A-rranger and a local Dreamtime power known as Roolock. Except she is top of the powers list. Like dragons, Mathilda can change her size at will."

              Jason smiled. "I have an idea that could help you, Tony. And I hope it isn't as selfish as it sounds in my mind. Use your Dreamtime Wish power here in the real world to create a special chamber here in the Crafts base that has a constant Dreamtime Air flow within it so you can go in and practice with your powers as if you were in Dreamtime. You could walk into the chamber without having to teleport there. And we could come in an show our support. Back in school, you always did better when other students could see you making an honest effort in your endeavors. Teachers and other faculty were often impressed that you could do so well with an audience. And you were always awesome at soccer and basketball. Both of those require an audience."

              Tony hummed. "Let me ask Pouchlaw if that would be cheating. I'll make the inquiry with the exact words you just asked me." And he closed his eyes and mentally sent the message to his Sponsor.

              Pouchlaw's mental reply was, As long as yas are making it so yas can 'ave an Academy training chamber locally that 'as the academy Dreamtime air flow, then no, it is not cheating. That was clever of yer friend to think of that. Go a'ead and set one up. Ah'll be watching.

              End of Chapter 07