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[CAMP-04] ABC-05 The Village Faire

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    [CAMP-04] ABC-05 The Village Faire

    After graduating High School, Tony Carson wins the all-new Inherit a Business contest and heads to CAMP World to claim his new business where he arrives in the British Isles to associate with deer and foxes in a small medieval community. When the sheriff requires his aid in local commerce, he assists in helping the economy of the animated animal zone.

    Buckingtod Shire (British Isles) - Camp World

    [CAMP-04] ABC-05 The Village Faire.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    The following afternoon, Sheriff Hart and his mate came in to look over Tony's goods. "There will be a village faire this coming weekend, Tony. You could possibly make a lot of sales then if you took your goods there and set them up on a sales table therein. Nobles as well as other villagers from other zones come in to find a good deal on things unavailable back in their home shires and kingdoms. I know your perfumes would make a killing among noble females. Sonja's farm tools would also find good sales at the faire."

    Tony whom was in his human form for a change said, "Perhaps I could do live sketch works for patient customers at the faire. I am sure a visiting noble would love to receive an accurate drawing/sketch of themselves in short time as opposed to what their own artists back home could do."

    Hindsong said, "You could also acquire an apprentice at the faire as well. Apprentices from noble stock would do anything to get out of their parent's grasps. If the parents pay your teaching fee, then legally according to the law, you own the student and he lives with you while learning your craft. It could mean a possible bed mate during those nights when you are feeling lonely. If the parent tries to force their child to come home after paying your fee, then they are attempting theft of your property."

    Tony smiled. "I'll have to tell the other artists what is about to happen so they can enjoy themselves at the faire as well. I don't know about an apprentice; no one deserves to be trapped under their parents control when you want to make your own life. My only worry is that if I accidentally infect my apprentice with my Were-Kangaroo condition... they would then be a Were-Roo like myself."

    Hart said, "At least you are thinking that up front. No one said you had to get an apprentice. The wording was that you could get one."

    Hindsong commented, "You might impress a young youth without meaning to, Tony. You are a nice guy. Unlike she whom we should never mention."

    Tony smirked. "Sonja and I have already decided that Barbara will attempt to come back. She is like that one song, The Cat Came Back, where the cat in question keeps coming back to the farm house in question no matter what gets done to the cat throughout the song itself. Barbara's biggest problem was that she could never integrate herself into Medieval living like the rest of us made an effort to do. She wanted to modernize the medieval kitchen. And that's not why we are here."

    Hart grinned. "With her ban from Camp World, how is she going to pull it off?"

    Tony replied, "She is a conniving bitch, Hart. She would find a way. But with that spell that Merlin has on her to see me and hear my voice when she sees her husband in bed, it may be a while before she decides to seek help to get out of instant magical pregnancy every time she fucks whom she thinks is me. I am sure she know by now that we have a spell on her. Twins and Triplets every time he squirts into her. They will end up with a big family. Hopefully the kids don't end up like her."

    Hindsong laughed. "At least Kevin the Third Cunningham is no longer obese. He is as developed as a male as she is as a female. Most people might say that she scored the big time."

    Tony chuckled. "She won't be satisfied until my actual human cock ends up in her nasty vagina."

    Hart smirked before it seemed that a light went on over his head. "Maybe that is the solution! Have Merlin make a magical duplicate of your human self with your voice and send it back to Earth to meet with Barbara to tell her that you changed your mind and you want to give her what she is asking for. Twenty-four hours after she has sex with the duplicate, its magic simply turns off and it fades out of existence. And then she would never try to come here ever again. You stay safe and she gets satisfaction."

    Hindsong added, "And when the duplicate fucks her, absolutely no pregnancy occurs. Also, the duplicate should tell her that he went to Reed Huxley to have the Were-Roo removed."

    Hart chuckled as well. "She stays human and you are no longer on the conquest list."

    Moments later, the three were meeting with Merlin and Puck as they explained the latest plan to make sure Barbara gave up on trying to come back to Tony.

    Merlin and Puck were laughing as well once they heard the idea. Merlin said, "That would definitely work. However... after she scores with your duplicate, the other magic should be removed from her as well. Through my monitoring her, she and Kevin currently have ten children. They are having to get help to take care of them all. Two sets of twins and two sets of triplets. None of them have Barbara's looks at all. Neither former appearance nor current appearance."

    Tony said, "There is to be the faire this weekend, Merlin. Hart suggested that I could sell my wares there."

    Merlin hummed. "A wise idea. You could get a nice apprentice to help you around your workshop. You don't have to have sex with an apprentice you acquire; that is simply the common practice that male masters insist upon. My apprentices have to spend time as a bird or as another common animal form. I choose not to have sex with them. Archimedes often becomes their mentor when I am off helping stupid kings and silly wizards. Mind you, I am a magician; not a wizard."

    Tony smiled. "Those mage duels have got to be the dumbest things ever thought up, aren't they?"

    Merlin grinned. "And how! Madame Mim learned that the hard way! Le Fay once said that it was a waste of magic!"

    Tony giggled. "Aren't you glad those days are behind you?"

    Merlin replied, "I know what's been behind me; those days wouldn't want to be behind me. Now let me get to work on sending your duplicate to Barbara."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Then the weekend was upon them and the humans had their crafts store closed as they were set up at the village faire to see what kind of business they could have there. Sonja was attending a nearby tournament where she had friends among the knights. A few nobles were admiring Tony the Were-Kangaroo's artistic talents as he sketched a visiting lord whom had never had his portrait rendered on canvas before. Tony had offered the lord of his choice of abstract, plain sketch art, three-dimensional art, or full portrait. He had shown the lord examples of each style and had quoted off what art styles would be worth in other kingdoms. The lord chose to try a plain sketch and if it started to look good to him, he would accept an upgrade to a full portrait. This was keeping Tony busy at the moment. His perfumes were a big hit among noble ladies whom were visiting.

    Jason was making good sales for his vellum and scroll products. Making his own paper had been tricky, but with the unicorns assistance, he managed to manufacture several reams of the product. Kevin the Second whom had taken over the leather part of the business, was finding business in leather armor, leather shields, cobblers as well as bow strings and whips. One of his extravagant combinations was beginning to be a big hit among the Northern tribes. He had fashioned a leather jacket that was lined with cotton and wool clippings as well as down feathers. Kevin was advertising this jacket as not only leather armored protection but as Winter wear against the northern elements.

    Earlier before heading off to the tournament, Sonja had set up a strength tester device next to the sheriff's kiosk where those proud of their strength could find out just how strong they really were. Sonja had demonstrated how it worked before handing the sturdy wooden mallet off to Hart and Bobbin. Then she headed off to see the tournaments. Several muscle bound peasants saw how the female blacksmith could make the bell ring at the top and they were all trying their mettle at this testing device. Not surprisingly the strongest among them could only get the metal weight up to about the three-quarter mark. About half way between a warhorse and an elephant. Above elephant was dragon and above that was the written word of HE-STUD where the bell was. The strength tester was keeping trouble makers out of trouble at the faire.

    Sonja giggled as she thought about the listings on the greased strength pole. Flea; Mouse; Shrew; House Cat; Fox; Domestic Dog; Sheep; Buck Stag; Wolf; Wild Lion; Warhorse; Elephant; Dragon; and HE-STUD at the top. The catch phrase on the game read as, "Are you a Master of the Universe? Find out by testing your strength here! Impress your friends! Win over the love of your life!"

    The noble getting his full portrait rendered soon walked away from Tony's tent with a full portrait painting of himself in his most regal of castle wear; it was a work of art that would wow anyone entering the nobles throne room. It was while Tony was cleaning his brushes that he became aware of a young lion male watching him work from the folds of the tent. Tony finished cleaning the brushes before lightning fast, he grabbed the noble looking youth by the collar and said, "What do yas want, joey?"

    The lion boy replied, "I was wondering how you were able to get all the fine detail on your figurine art pieces. Every time I try to get that detailed with a forest monster, they take great offense of my examining their sexual parts."

    Tony smirked with a dopey kangaroo smile. "Were yas trying to carve their genitals while they slept and when they woke up and saw yas there with a knife, they growled at yas?"

    The lion boy nodded his head.

    Tony remarked aloud, "So yer the one whom was doing that! Ah 'eard a lot of flack from the forest creatures on a youngster doing that sort of thing. They growled at yas because they thought yas were trying to castrate them while they slept. The best way to learn detail in art is to ask them while they are awake if you can sketch their better parts on paper and then yas take the sketches back to yer workshop where yas do the carving there. Yas can reference the sketch yas made to get the best results in yer project. This works best with a live model. The unicorns have no problem posing for me. What were yas trying to carve?"

    The lion boy looked embarrassed as he replied, "A griffin the first time and a dragon the second time."

    Tony laughed out loud as he could just imagine the reactions a griffin and a dragon might have in waking up to see a youth with a knife standing that close to their groins.

    The lion boy sniffled. "I just wanted to learn."

    Tony smiled as he patted the lion boy on his head. "Tell yas what... when the faire is over, yas take me to where yas met the griffin and the dragon and I will ask them if they will pose for a sketch for me. And then yas can make a carving based on the sketches. They may already know me even though Ah 'ave never seen a griffin nor a dragon before."

    The lion boy perked up and smiled. "My father's statue got broken and he is looking for a sculptor to make him a new one. The old statue was one where he was seated on the back of a creature that looked too fantastic to be real. He had an argument with another noble about the authenticity of the creature's existence and during the argument, they were flailing their hands and arms around and they accidentally struck the neck of the statue and it broke. Could you make a new one for my father?"

    Tony smirked. "If yas mean for free, then the answer is no. All artists are going to charge a hefty price tag for a life-sized statue of any sort. What was this hard-to-believe fantasy creature that yer father was riding?"

    The lion boy replied, "He called it a Jabberwocky."

    Tony was again laughing as he rolled on the floor of the art tent. When he got up, he said, "The artist didn't aim small, did 'e, mate?"

    The lion boy remarked, "You have heard of these creatures?"

    Tony placed an arm around the lion boy and hugged him. "Oh Ah 'ave 'eard about one of them; they never let anyone ride on their backs."

    End of Chapter 02