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[CAMP-04] ABC-02 Coat of Arms

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    [CAMP-04] ABC-02 Coat of Arms

    After graduating High School, Tony Carson wins the all-new Inherit a Business contest and heads to CAMP World to claim his new business where he arrives in the British Isles to associate with deer and foxes in a small medieval community. When the sheriff requires his aid in local commerce, he assists in helping the economy of the animated animal zone.

    Buckingtod Shire (British Isles) - Camp World

    [CAMP-04] ABC-02 Coat of Arms.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Sometimes the humans just don't understand that a dog like me just likes to rest. We saw the queen in here this morning and she gave me a nice noble pillow to lay my head on in my resting place. Nice lady. She also explained to Tony and the others than real world animals will begin talking in the animated world after a year of being here. So for now, unless they simply want to hear my big Great Dane mouth, I am just going to lay here with my head on this nice pillow. Now why don't you go see what Tony and some of the local fox boys are doing. Bobbin's brothers did manage to somehow get themselves cleaned up so they weren't stinking.

    Tony was carving another one of his mythical creature figurines out of wood. A nine-tailed fox this time. Bobbin's allowed Tony to examine their own tails so the Kitsune ended up with realistic looking tails. One of the forest foxes provided Tony with some shiny colored stones that Tony said he was going to use as eyes for the carving. True, they weren't rubies, but a stupid thief might think that they were if they looked at these things at night.

    Barbara was in the leather working shop where she was getting to work on a leather item which means she was getting to prove herself with the skill that she had bragged about the other day. And so far, Barbara was doing a great job. The locals avoided her since they had been told that she was a mind soother.

    Sonja was in the forge that morning doing the other job that she had mentioned that she was good at. A few of the king's knight had arrived to ask the smith to assist them with their armors after they had found and fought a troupe of bandits. Yes, they still believed the story that a bandit was going to defile the queen's virtue. Imagine their surprise when they found the maiden from the woods wearing the smithy apron and holding the smithing tools. Currently she was proving that she was as good or even better than a male smithy from the village.

    Jason was spending the day with Bobbin and Nelius over at the sage's home. Earlier that day, he had taught some of the local youths how to make and play with something he called the paper fortune teller. It was like the paper version of the magic 8-ball. It went something like... ask a question; choose a number between 1 and 8; open and close the paper flower that many times; choose a color between red, yellow, blue and green; and then lift the tab to see what the answer to the question was. Sometimes yes answers were given. Other times, no answers were given. And then there was the funny answers. The group of children left the sage's home laughing with their new toy. Aside from that, Jason was talking to Bobbin and Nelius about local life and showed an eagerness to learn other crafts that Nelius and Bobbin had knowledge of.

    One of Bobbin's brothers said to Tony, "Your friend Jason went off with our brother and the unicorn sage after we arrived here this morning. It is amazing how well you can carve these figurines. They look so real. I didn't know horses could have wings."

    Tony said, "Within the lands of Aegis, there was a sea god whom was also the god of horses. One day, a few of his prized horses got stuck on a small island during high tide. Not realizing that he could wait for low tide to settle in before leading the horses to safety, he asked his brother the sky god to give his horses wings so they could fly to safety. While he was off getting this boon from his brother, another of his brothers, the god of the fields went down to the sea shore and saw the horses on the island and walking along the shallow sand bar, he reached the horses and he left an ugly mare in the stallions' place and he led the stallions back over to the mainland and into his fields to graze on the healthy grasses therein. The sky god, in the meantime, only asked that he get to keep a winged horse whom was on the island and the boon of winged horses would be granted. Instantly the stallions all ended up with wings as did the ugly mare that was still on the island. The sky god then summoned the only winged horse that was still on the island and when he saw the ugly winged mare, he accused his brother of trickery. The god of war had been outside the main palace and when he heard what the two foolish gods were arguing about, he went to his arch-nemesis whom was also the goddess of wisdom in combat and he asked her if either god was in the wrong. She told him that the goatish god of the fields had rescued the stallions and had left the mare in their place completely unaware that the sea god had gone to the sky god to get help. It was a big mess, but the sea god had not lied and the greed of the sky god got the better of him. Even his wife, the all-powerful queen of the gods found the whole exchange to be funny. And soon every god throughout the pantheon was laughing at the foolish deal made by the sky god. But he could not go back on his word and his wife made him sleep with the ugly mare at least once."

    All of the fox brothers were laughing at Tony's story since they could see the humor in the tale.

    Just then, Sheriff Hart and King Karma came into the area that Tony was in and when he saw that Tony had made the foxes laugh over something, they disregarded whether it was good or bad. But they did note that Bobbin's brothers were clean for a change. Hart asked, "Where is Deputy Bobbin?"

    Tony replied, "He went with Jason over to Nelius the sage's home."

    Hart headed off immediately. King Karma then said, "My wife said she had come in this morning. I see you are busy crafting things. Recently the family crest fell off the wall and it broke. I need to commission you to carve a new one for my royal family. The measurements are listed on this scroll as is a drawing of the coat of arms that should be placed upon it. Do well in this task, Tony, and I will repay you in kind. Also, you need to decide what coat of arms you would like to have on your shop shingle that would be noticeable from the road. At the moment travelers have no idea that your shop is even here." The king handed Tony a scroll. "Just do your best, Tony. You and your friends are the only craftsmen in the Shire currently."

    Tony then asked, "What would you like the base to be made out of, your majesty?"

    Karma replied, "Surprise me, Tony, as long as it cannot break upon hitting a stone floor."

    Tony slyly grinned. "I have ideas on that, your majesty. Just remember what you just said about the payment and how you want me to surprise you."

    Karma said, "I will remember, Tony. When will this be ready?"

    Tony replied, "I will need to gather the ingredients first but aside from that, it can be ready in a week provided that I can get the necessary crafting materials."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    After the king had departed, Tony looked at the fox brothers. "How would you like to help me to gather materials for this coat of arms crest thing for the castle? I'll make it worth your while... I am open-minded, after all."

    The oldest fox brother said, "You would even have sex with us?"

    Tony nodded his head. "If that is what you want, then yes, I would grant that kind of reward."

    The oldest fox brother then said, "What is the list of ingredients?"

    Tony said, "I will need a few buckets of tar or pitch if the pure tar cannot be found. I will need several bushels of willow wood. I will also need the spongiest moss available. And I will need a tub of the smoothest gooiest mud attainable. Scentless if possible. And I will need Silver and Gold lining paint preferably direct from the source since neither I nor you have the money to pay for this stuff. I will need all natural dyes in the standard colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. And I will need a selection of cattail reeds to act as fine paint brushes. Once we have all of this stuff, I can teach you boys how to make artist pieces that would impress any noble out there. And of course, the sex reward after the King's request is finished. I would have requested rubber sap except rubber trees only originate in South America or Africa. And this is the British Isles so I have to make alternate rubber. Rubber is fun to play with though. Especially rubber sex toys."

    The fox boys then divided their forces and after grabbing buckets and sacks, they all zoomed off through the woods to get their supplies for the nice young man.

    Barbara poked her head into Tony's work space and said, "You got rid of them?"

    Tony said, "I gave them fetch and collect quests for the ingredients I will need to complete the king's project he has commissioned me to do. The fox boys said they knew where all the ingredients were. I certainly don't know this area all that well yet."

    Barbara then stated, "Sonja said that she is ready to tackle a new project. Any ideas?"

    Tony grinned. "Yes, and its a bit underhanded, but I get the feeling the fox boys won't be able to get the ingredients back in time for me to make the king's item for him. But if Sonja were to make one herself in the same shape and design, then hers could be given to the king primary before I finish the one I am making for his castle walls. Hers could be a portable shield that the king could carry with him for times of defense."

    Barbara smiled. "That's a clever idea, Tony. One for the castle wall and the other for personal defense."

    Tony said, "The one I am making for the castle wall would bounce if thrown toward or dropped on the floor."

    Barbara laughed. "Alternate Medieval Rubber? Oh boy, that would make whomever broke the first one really mad if they tried to break the new one."

    Tony said, "That was what I was thinking. Besides, I know about how hard it would be to break a wall crest and he said it fell off of his wall and hit the floor and broke. I find that hard to believe. Perhaps Jason and Nelius should look into this mystery while we are making new ones and find out whom broke the old one. I don't want to be making new coats of arms every time the royal family farts. Otherwise, I will have to charge them a lot of gold."

    Barbara said, "I think Bomberoo should stay here. He is resting on that nice pillow that the queen gave him."

    As I said, some of these humans understand what it means to rest on a nice pillow. Maybe I will bark and hump someone's leg later. I am glad those fox boys left, despite getting themselves clean enough for the humans, they were starting to smell like randy sex again. Bobbin never smells like they do and he's their brother. Ah hear comes my master and his unicorn boyfriend. This ought to be good.

    Jason said to the others, "You say that the king's coat of arms just happened to fall off the wall and break. You are right, that does sound mysterious. Nelius is more familiar with the castle than I am, so he can come with me when we investigate this slippery wall to see what is up with it. Want to go to the castle kitchens, Bomberoo?" and the Great Dane splayed his ears as he lifted his head slightly and said in annoyance, "Rolf!" before laying his head back down on his nice pillow.

    Barbara said, "The queen gave him that pillow this morning."

    Jason said, "I just thought he would want to get some free food, that's all. But Nelius and I can handle the trip ourselves."

    Sonja then same in and she looked over the king's coat of arms project. "You want me to make a shield version of this coat of arms, Tony?"

    Tony said, "That's the plan, Sonja. I know something you make isn't going to just happen to hit the floor and break."

    Sonja said with a smile. "If it hit the floor, the floor might break, but my shield would be just fine."

    The teenagers all laughed as they all separated to get their tasks started.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      One hour later, Tony was preparing his workshop for the project to come and he suddenly saw all of the fox brothers coming inside with all of the ingredients he had sent them to get. And most had more than enough of each item. "Wow, boys... how did you get all this stuff so fast?"

      The oldest fox brother said, "We honestly told the villagers that the king was testing your ability as a craftsman not long after you got your shop set up here. They agreed that the king shouldn't be doing this to you. So they motivated their forces to help us get all this stuff together so you can get this done before Friday. Can you imagine the look on the king's face when you turn in the finished project?"

      Tony said, "I told him it would be a week. So like any customer, I am going to tell him to wait a little longer or do without. Besides, Jason and Nelius went up to the castle to see if this claim that the coat of arms falling off the wall and breaking is a true story or not. Jason is the mystery solver. Now think about it, boys... the crest just happens to fall off of the wall and breaks when it hits the floor. I always thought those crests were made of metal."

      The youngest fox boy said, "It was kind of strange that he didn't bring in the broken crest as proof of the claim."

      Tony smiled as he petted on the young fox's head. "You see? Even you agree that there is something fishy about a crest breaking. However, I did offer to teach you boys how to make alternative rubber as well as how I will make the king's new coat of arms. And with the ingredients on paw, it won't take a week. We could be done by tonight."

      The rest of that afternoon was used in crafting the outline of the new crest using the willow branches and lining the insides with the soft moss as they packed it in nice and tight. Next came the coating of the outside curve of the surface of the coat of arms with a layer of the smooth mud. While the mud was still soft, Tony etched the coat of arms insignia into each field of the soft mud. Once this was done, he dipped the whole thing carefully into the pan of pitch so it was covered front and back. While letting it dry for an hour, Tony then had the fox brothers carefully make casts of their penises and knots in the soft mud. From the youngest up to the oldest of the brothers. He even made a cast of his own penis in the mud so the foxes would have something like him to play with later. Then he made willow and string crosses which he carefully inserted inside of each fox penis cast and then he took the remaining pitch and he filled each penis cast with an equal amount of pitch. At that point, Tony said, "These have to be allowed to dry the rest of the afternoon while the heat is baking the mud and solidifying the rubber penises." And while that project was left to dry, Tony took a dry cloth and he began to buff and polish the pitch covered coat of arms so it began to look like metallic silver instead of black pitch. At this point, he took the dye paints and he began to color each part of the crests very carefully. This was an exact and trying chore since he had to make the whole thing look authentic and professional. There was no room for mistakes here.

      While this part of the crest was drying, Tony began to craft the all new shingle for the roadside sign advertisement so travelers could see that the shop business was open once again. For this, he went into the room where Bomberoo was resting and he sketched the Great Dane's head. Once this was done, he returned to the workshop and he began to artistically place the four symbols of what each human could provide into the four fields near the corners and once he had those done with the colors set into each one, he then pitched and polished the flat Great Dane head which he affixed into the center of the sign. Along the bottom was an easy to read placard that read, Tony's Arts and Crafts. He then used luminous phosphorous pollen to make a glow in the dark outlining ink for which he carefully placed along the outer edges of the entire sign, around each letter in the business name and the last of the ink was used to outline the Great Dane's swirling eyes and the head itself. He wanted the beast to look as if it was flaming in the dark on the sign itself. Then Tony placed the sign in a sturdy iron frame and he took it outside, and with the fox brothers help, he hung the sign on the wall near the entrance to the business courtyard.

      The next part of the day was used to clean up the small courtyard and plant beautiful flowers in the flower beds. Then, Tony used the last of the paints to word the entry signs over the doors leading into each artistic portion of the business. Over the forge door, he wrote, Sonja's Iron Works; over the leather shop door, he wrote the words, Barbara's Leather Goods; over the book store like door, he wrote the words, Jason's Tales of Mystery and Paper Goods; And over his own shop entrance, he wrote Tony's Custom Carvings. He had used the luminous ink on each shop sign's words so there would be no mistaking which door went where.

      The weeds and brush were cleared outside of the business along the stone retaining wall that lined the roadway in front of the business. This was hot and sweaty work and as Hart knew from Tony's picture, the young man took his shirt off to work in the open sun light as he finished up the pruning work along the road in front of the business.

      After that, Tony grabbed a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo as he headed out to the river behind the property to take a much needed bath and to wash his hair. A normal animal may like to stink, but human B.O. was a friend killer. The fox brothers all chose to bathe with the human young man to prove they were making an effort to be clean for him. Of course, Tony used this time to give each of them the gay sexual reward they had asked for. Then the cleansing resumed. Once the human and the fox brothers all had soft silky fur and hair and they were dry enough to get dressed, the eldest fox brother presented Tony with his own set of Merry Fox clothes and leather gear. He had sewn up the hole in the back where a tail would normally be positioned at. The eldest brother said, "Now you look like a local, Tony. No more of this Connecticut Yankee look for you. Shall we return to the workshop and see how the projects are doing? I am curious to see how the projects are turning out."

      When Tony and the fox brothers all returned to the business, a few of the royal knights whom were in the courtyard couldn't believe their eyes and noses. The normally stinky foxes were clean and well groomed; and Tony was wearing the outfit of a local. "Good day, gentle-deer. I have to check on my project for the king." And he along with the fox brothers all walked into Tony's portion of the business.

      The next part of the late afternoon was the extraction of the dried rubber sex toys that looked like fox penises with knots, using the dry cloth, he polished each toy before handing them over to their respective owners. "Your new Dildo sex toys are ready, boys. Just remember that the knot on these toys never deflates, so if you get that stuck inside of your anuses, you will have to force it out and it likely won't feel all that good. Women might use a Dildo sex toy when their male of preference is not available. They would insert it within their vaginas or pussies for the more crude among you. It is an artificial stimulant."

      The young fox brother said, "I think the queen has one of those." Tony smiled. "But I am sure her's is made of wood. Can you imagine the splinters?" Everyone said, "Ew!"

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Barbara spent the day in the village buffing and polishing everyone's leather products while performing some free psychoanalysis sessions for those taking their chances with her ability. Eventually, Barbara found herself with Hart and Hindsong for lunch. "It is good to see you boys, again. How goes the raising of four healthy sons."

        Hindsong replied, "Completely worth it, Barbara; not that I would want to go through the magical ways of procreation again. My sister is helping us to take care of our sons. We needed a doe around the homestead."

        Hart smiled. "As Hindsong said, I am glad that is over with. I really didn't mean to get Tony in trouble like that. I consider him to be a close friend. I saw those fox brothers running around the village earlier. I have to wonder what mischief they are in now. They actually didn't stink this morning."

        Barbara smiled in return. "They are helping Tony with the king's commission project. His coat of arms just happened to fall off the wall and it broke on the castle floor."

        Both Hart and Hindsong arched their left eyes suspiciously as Hart said, "Barbara... the old coat of arms was made of stone and it was affixed to a stone rod and the whole thing inserted into a hole within the solid stone that held it in the castle wall. It could only fall off the wall if someone used a crowbar on the old one."

        The young bombshell of a lady said, "We knew it sounded suspicious when we learned of what happened to the old one. Anyway, Jason and Nelius went to the castle to check out the old crest and see what could have made it fall. But from what you just told me, someone is directly responsible for breaking it. But they will have trouble breaking the new one from what Tony told us this morning."

        The bardic buck asked, "What is he making the new one out of, if you don't mind my asking?"

        Barbara grinned. "Artificial Rubber."

        Hindsong looked at Hart. "What in the Hell is artificial rubber?"

        Hart smirked. "It is the first I have heard about it. What is one of the properties of artificial rubber, Barbara?"

        Barbara looked at both bucks. "It bounces. Well, thank you for sharing lunch with me, boys. I need to resume making my rounds." And she got up to go see more villagers.

        The two bucks looked at each other. "It bounces?!"

        Back at the forge, several of the king's knights came in and were choosing to test Sonja's ability to repair knightly armors and weapons. And they were finding out fast that Sonja was not the woman to challenge. She knew what she was doing.

        Out of the blue, Sonja looked at the head Buck knight and asked, "So, what's up with the broken coat of arms in the castle? The king came in this morning and he commissioned Tony into making him a new one."

        The head buck knight was actually startled by that question. "Um... that is... the queen forbade us from talking about it, Ms. Sonja. Was the king really in this morning?"

        Sonja said, "The queen came in by herself first and she gave Bomberoo a new pillow to sleep on, then later, the king came in with Hart. Hart had been looking for Bobbin. After Hart left, the king told Tony about the request. Tony asked me to make a defense shield version of the crest for the king's personal use. Let me show you..." And Sonja pulled a curtain aside to show off the finished and unpainted shield version of the Coat of Arms. "See? As I said, the king had been in today. I think it is strange that she told the knights not to talk about this broken crest. Jason went to the castle with Nelius to investigate this claim, mystery solving style."

        When the knights saw the quality of the shield, they were again startled by this proof of concept. And it suspiciously told.

        Sonja then grabbed the head buck knight by the back of his neck and she applied some sort of secret agent pressure to a point at that location. "Now just tell me about the broken crest or else you won't be able to control your bodily functions when I am done with you."

        The head buck knight trembled before he began to feel pressure in his bowels and then he blurted out, "The queen broke it herself when the king refused to allow her to put up a painting of her ugly mother on the throne room walls."

        Sonja escorted the knight over to a side door. "The outhouse is that way." She then returned to the forge and looked at the others. "Former government agent under an eternal youth serum. I look like a teenager but am in fact a very dangerous female knight of the secret police variety. Shall we get back to the forging tasks at paw?"

        The remaining knights were more than impressed by Sonja after that and none of them gave her any trouble. Apparently the words [Secret Police] had a different meaning in medieval times and Sonja was one of them.

        One buck knight said, "My daughter would like your style, Sonja."

        Sonja replied with, "You can't have too many friends, sir buck. Perhaps I could meet her someday."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Arriving at the castle by way of the servants entrance, Nelius and Jason were soon passing through the castle kitchens and eventually, they reached a door where they could easily see the throne room. No one was in there for a change. Not even a guard. "This is the chamber where the coat of arms was positioned on the wall behind the two thrones," explained Nelius. "Gah! What is that hideous thing they have in place of the coat of arms!"

          Looking toward where Nelius had indicated, Jason got his first look at what was supposed to be the queen's mother. "Holy Sweet Mother of Christ! That is the worst painting of a mother that I have ever seen! Whom dared to paint her as a hideous monster? The sacrilege!" Then Jason approached the painting to get a better look at it. Once he stepped behind the thrones, he smirked and he said, "Oh I see! Nelius, they hung the painting upside down! It depicts the queen's mother looking into a pool of water and the image in the water is distorted! Her real image is in the other part of the painting! Help me to flip this thing over so her mother is shown in her true glory!"

          With Nelius' assistance, the painting was carefully rotated which improved the painting's depiction something fierce. Now it was pleasing to look upon.

          Nelius said, "My, what a difference that made." He then lifted the painting away from the wall to show Jason the hole where the coat of arms was once installed. "As you can see, when the coat of arms was positioned here, it was solidly plugged into this hole. It couldn't have possibly just fell off the wall. That would like this painting refusing to stay on the wall."

          Jason then got an idea. "Can you use magic, Nelius? As in cast spells?"

          The unicorn nodded his head. "What do you have in mind?"

          Jason asked, "Could you enchant this painting so that if anyone tries to put it back upside down, it either rotates back to the good looking portion of the painting or it falls off the wall entirely?"

          Nelius asked, "What if they nail it into place?"

          Jason then replied with a sly smile. "Then have the ugly portion burst into flames."

          Nelius giggled as he got to work on the enchantment. When he finished, he and the human boy exited the throne room the way they had come in from. Soon, they were walking down a hidden servants trail that led to the nearby village. Before reaching that location, they made a pit stop at the unicorn's home where Nelius enchanted his entire property, before shrinking it down and then he picked it up and took it with them as they continued back to the Arts and Crafts Shop.

          Upon arriving at the crafts business, Nelius enchanted a blank wall to form into an archway that led to a small clearing to the village side of the crafts shop. He then placed his shrunken home in the middle of the clearing before stepping back over to where Jason was waiting for him. With a word, the Sage's home and garden were restored to normal at the new location. "Now you will have access to me whenever you like. You are a lot of fun to spend time with, Jason."

          The unicorn sage then hugged the human boy and gave him a very deep and mesmerizing kiss on the mouth.

          When the kiss ended, Jason said, "Oh man... how embarrassing. I got an erection from when you kissed me. I normally don't get aroused for other boys, but... you were good."

          Nelius said, "Why don't you help me in my garden and we will see about making dinner for your friends tonight? Everyone should take turns at making meals for the group gathered. Although I get the feeling that there will be a shouting match at the castle tonight."

          Jason said, "We didn't throw the painting in the trash; its still there."

          Nelius remarked, "Exactly why I moved my cottage and garden. The King and Queen know the old location all too well. And I don't even like the queen."

          Jason said, "But you like me. Okay, lets go into your garden."

          Barbara was heard returning to the Crafts shop. "What a day! I found out some stuff about the coat of arms! Where is everyone?"

          Sonja came out of the forge and she said, "I learned some stuff as well from the king's knights. I know I heard Jason and Nelius in the courtyard earlier, and Tony is off with the fox brothers finishing up the king's project. I heard them laughing about something earlier."

          Barbara said, "Do you know where this new archway in the north wall came from?" Sonja looked at the new archway. "I see unicorn reliefs on the edges, so I would have to assume that Nelius had something to do with it. That is likely where he and Jason went."

          Barbara said, "Let's go grab Tony and go find Jason and Nelius. We need to have a pow-wow about what we learned today. Are you done in the forge?"

          Sonja replied, "I was cleaning things up in there; the knights all left earlier. You had to have seen them heading back toward the village and the castle beyond."

          Barbara commented, "I was speaking to an art merchant when they went through the village. The art merchant is looking for unusual paintings."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            That night, all human friends as well as Nelius and the Fox brothers were gathered at the dining table. The Fox brothers had gone and gotten some fish and boar meat for the dinner; Nelius had provided the vegetables and sweet tea.

            Tony said grace and then as the dinner commenced, the topic about the coat of arms came up.

            Barbara said, "We need to talk about the original coat of arms. We all learned something about the damned thing today. Whom wants to go first?"

            Sonja said, "I coerced the King's knights to reveal that the queen herself broke the original coat of arms during an argument in regards to how the king wouldn't let her hang a painting of her mother in the throne room. That's what I learned today."

            Jason smirked. "If you had seen the painting like Nelius and I did, you could easily see why he didn't want that thing on the walls over the throne. As for the coat of arms, Nelius showed me how the thing had been bolted into one of the castle stone blocks in the wall. If the queen broke that thing, then she is a lot stronger than she looks. We rotated the painting upside down so the good looking portion was topside. Otherwise, the king would have taken an ax to the thing when he saw it."

            Tony then said, "Sonja and I got the replacements created in one day. So the king will have the crest by this coming Friday. And I don't care how powerful the queen is, if she breaks the artificial rubber coat of arms, she will be tired and cranky afterwards."

            Barbara sighed. "And now for my bad news... and it is three-fold. First of all, the coat of arms crest was a gift to Karma from the High Overking of Animated Anglorum. It was given to him as a token of peace. Should the crest ever be broken, it is the same as declaring war on the High Overking. Now for part two. It was given to Karma as a wedding gift to him and his new wife, Queen Kama, under the recommendation of Kama's beautiful mother. Now for the really bad news. The High Overking comes to the castle once a month to make sure the original crest is still intact. If he comes in and sees a replacement, we may be in the middle of a war anyways. So regardless, we have a problem. Not to mention, there is an art merchant in the village looking for unusual paintings that he is willing to pay top price for. How hideous was the queen's mother painting, Jason?"

            Jason replied, "Only a toad could love something that ugly, Barbara. Or a bog monster."

            The eldest fox brother said, "Hold up, Jason, my brothers and I know of a nice bog monster. So perhaps the toad mention would suffice. However, we do not want to be involved in a war due to the queen's ignorant behavior. When ladies act like that, you can see why we forest foxes prefer guys."

            Tony then said, "They say that honesty can repair most broken fences. Perhaps I can learn of something the High Overking really needs and offer to craft it for him in return for his sparing the kingdom of an unnecessary war. I can tell him the truth as far as we have learned it and then await his judgment. However, that ugly mother painting is horribly unfair to Karma. He just started getting the kingdom back in order."

            The eldest fox brother said, "The High Overking might throw you into the dungeons for bringing him bad news, Tony. We would hate to see that happen to you."

            Tony said, "If I was in the dungeons, then I wouldn't be in his dumb war."

            Hart was then standing at the door with Bobbin. "You mean this is what's going on now? That hideously ugly painting caused the coat of arms to be broken? We are as good as dead."

            Jason then said, "Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye. Remember how nearly everyone else in the kingdom was affected by the evil warlock's control spell? All except Queen Kama whom was conveniently at the convent where she avoided getting a curse put on her. And now, with the evil warlock gone, she returns and the ugly painting causes more dissension in the royal ranks by causing the peace token from the High Overking to get broken. Seems a little too convenient to me."

            Sonja then said, "You mean that Kama's mother is an evil witch and Kama herself can use those spells herself? That would explain super strength to pull a stone plug that the crest was affixed to out of a stone wall. Then the hideous doe in the painting is her actual evil ugly mother. But what of the beautiful doe that everyone says that they have met whom claimed to be Kama's mother?"

            Barbara said, "I think it might have been Kama herself pretending to be her own mother, albeit in disguise. Had the High Overking met the hideous doe, there is no way he in good conscious would have given his blessing to a knight he trusted to marry and take control of a kingdom."

            Tony said, "That makes sense now. The evil warlock had his spell on all of the locals except for the weak queen whom was somehow able to give him the slip. Yeah, right!"

            Sheriff Hart said, "Nelius, someone stole your cottage on servants trail. There is only an empty clearing there now."

            Nelius smiled. "I moved it over here closer to the crafting shop because I like Jason. Plus, these guys needed a permanent chef to prepare meals for them and I can do that."

            Bobbin said, "If we could get our hands on the original broken crest and you mend that in case the High Overking will not listen to reason, then you would have a bargaining chip."

            Tony smiled. "Or we kidnap the High Overking and sneak him into the kingdom so he can surprise Karma and Kama in the throne room."

            Hart rolled his eyes. "You aim pretty high, Tony. We will try to get him for you. I can tell him that the prize winner wants to meet with him."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Two hours later, Tony and his fellow human friends as well as Bomberoo (whose pillow was enchanted to keep the dog from wanting to be curious; he was uptight when they had to prove that there was evil magic on his new pillow) were meeting with the High Overking. Tony said, "We apologize for having you brought here at a late hour, your majesty. But this couldn't wait until your scheduled visit." He then showed the pattern to their guest. "Do you recognize this pattern, sire?"

              The High Overking whom was a wolf man in noble armors, looked over the pattern for a moment before saying, "It is similar to the crest of peace that I gave to Sir Karma to retain peace within the lands he was overseeing as one of my governors. Where did you get this?"

              Tony replied, "Sir Karma gave it to me to make into a new art piece. But before we continue with that line of thought... do you recall Sir Karma's wife, the fair Lady Kama, whom supposedly had a beautiful doe of a mother?"

              The High Overking began to reply with, "Why yes, and such a fine lady of respec- wait a minute... you said supposedly! I demand to know what the meaning of this is!"

              Tony called out, "Okay Nelius, you can bring the crystal ball in now!" And the unicorn sage wheeled in a cart on wheels which had a large crystal ball sitting in the middle of it.

              Nelius said, "Your majesty? I am the local sage and news collector known as Nelius. When these young people began to investigate on why Karma suddenly needed a new coat of arms, they asked me to assist them with seeing whom was ultimately responsible for destroying the old crest. Now before you explode, watch the image within the crystal ball. I have tuned the image into yesterday morning while Karma was tending to his morning bath. The location is the throne room where your peace-keeping crest was located."

              Kama is seen approaching the throne room where she has a discussion with the captain of the guard. "See to it that I am not disturbed, Captain. Not even by my husband." The buck knight captain replied, "Yes your majesty." And then she went inside where she laid the still wrapped painting against one wall to the side before she pulled up a wicked looking stick out of her robes and said, "Mother said that this would work..." And then she pointed the ugly stick at the crest and chanted, "ERODE STONE!"

              A crack shot up through the coat of arms and then without warning as she quickly hid the stick, the crest popped and fell off the wall breaking into four pieces as it hit the floor. The knight captain whom had heard Kama chant the words, peeked into the thrown room and he saw her hide the still glowing stick seconds before the crest cracked and hit the floor. "Your ladyship... are you using dark magic?" Kama looked at the captain and said, "Say nothing of this event. I will inform Karma myself on what has happened. In the meantime, I need to hang this painting of my mother on the throne room wall. And since the crest isn't in the way anymore, I think the painting would look good right there." And she unwrapped the hideous painting and she hung it over the spot where the crest had been.

              The High Overking was trembling yet holding his rage in but only barely. The humans could see that he wanted to shout obscenities for all to hear. He muttered, "THAT IS A PAINTING OF THE EVIL CELTIC WITCH KNOWN AS BRAGA!" Then as he watched the images further, he saw Nelius and Jason come in and rotate the painting upside down. Now the High Overking said, "That second beautiful doe is the one whom had asked me to allow her daughter to marry Sir Karma. She had called herself Kama's mother." Then within the images of the crystal ball, he saw Jason ask Nelius if he could enchant the painting to stay in the position they had just moved it into and when Nelius asked what should happen if someone tried to nail the painting into place; Jason said, "In that case, the whole thing should burst into flames and burn away the hideous thing." And then the enchantment was laid on the painting before the two looked at the hole in the wall behind the painting before leaving the way they had come in.

              Nelius turned off the crystal ball at that point. "And this is what has been occurring behind your back, sire. The locals do not want a war with your home base. But as you can see, the kingdom has been besieged by magic users for reasons unknown."

              The High Overking remarked, "If she is adamant about Braga being her mother, then her marriage to Karma will officially be annulled and voided! No one makes a fool of the Imperial Seat! May Arthur rest well in Avalon and not rise again for this travesty of justice!"

              Sheriff Hart then said, "Bobbin and I asked Karma and Kama to wait in their throne room for an important delivery from Tony. We will be sneaking into the castle by the servants entry so Kama does not get warning that you are coming, sire. Karma himself has no idea that you are anywhere near the kingdom. If he knew that Tony contacted you directly, he would likely be shatting himself down both furry legs."

              Gathering the finished art projects and the new shield, they swung through the village where the art merchant was asked to come with Hart to look at paintings within the castle. Then the large group sneaked in through the servants entrance where the empty kitchens lay clean and awaiting food preparations come the morning. And then while the others and the High Overking lay in wait watching, Tony and Sonja entered the throne room from the servants entrance as Tony said, "Your grace. I know I predicted that there would be a wait until Friday, but Sonja and I got the crafting done today and I thought to bring you the finished products now instead of later in the week. However, there is the matter of payment which you failed to discuss with me." Then he stopped as he went into his planned act when seeing the painting on the wall. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE NINE HELLS IS THAT FUCKING UGLY THING!"

              Karma asked, "What ugly thing?"

              Tony said, "The hideous painting behind your thrones on the wall! I've seen ugly before but that takes it to an all-time new low!"

              Kama looked like she was getting upset. "Now see here, Tony; you are talking about the painting of my mother and I."

              Tony smiled at that point. "And that was what I was waiting to hear you say, Daughter to the evil Celtic witch, Braga!" He turned toward the servants entry and aid, "Come on in now, sire! She fessed up!" And when the High Overking as well as Sheriff Hart, Deputy Bobbin and the rest of the kingdom's knights came in, bodily function sounds were heard.

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                The High Overking had the former queen held in place as he frisked her and he soon had the wicked stick wand in his gloved hand in which he snapped it toward the ugly painting. The ugly painting burst into flames when the magical sparks erupted out of the broken magical stick. Queen Kama broke loose out of the knights' grasp as eh made a flying leap toward the burning painting and she vanished through the flames into the scene of the painting itself as the scene and the rest of the painting was reduced to ash.

                When the painting caught flame like that, Karma was out of his throne and he was standing behind Tony as he held the young man trembling. "Am I ever glad you showed up to do this, Tony. Kama had a spell on me so I couldn't perform my normal duties. It appears that I am a poor judge of character for allowing myself to be fooled twice. Shame on me. I don't deserve to run a kingdom of my own. But you and Sheriff Hart have earned the right to be instated here. I know Hart likes being a sheriff, and I know you were awarded your own business when you won the contest. But someone needs to be in charge here. Will you please help keep the peace here until the High Overking assigns someone else to run this fief in my place?"

                Tony said, "You are a good buck, Karma. But that choice is not ours to make; the High Overking has to make that decision. I only had him summoned when it seemed suspicious that unlawful magic was still affecting the kingdom. He admitted that the replacements we were making was similar to the real crest, but it wouldn't have fooled him. He was impressed by our honesty, however."

                The High Overking, the Imperial Wolf that he was, had wisely been listening to what Karma and Tony had been saying, and he had been speaking to the fox brothers earlier as well. He had spoken to Nelius as well to be on standby. Since the unicorn had a fondness for the other boy; Tony had to be the one. The noble wolf approached Tony and said, "Tony isn't your real name, is it?"

                Tony hung his head at that point. Now he would have to say the name he really disliked. When he lifted his head blushing, he said to the wolf meeting his gaze. "I have had a hard time growing up, sire. Because of my full name, the hecklers razzed me over my initials. Unlike some people whom have name initials that spell something decent. My full name is... Antoine Brent Carson. Yes... A.B.C. and the jokes that go with the initials... Everything just goes Antoine's way; he's as easy as ABC. And, Let's ask Alphabet Boy; all the teachers love him. I cried to my parents and asked them if I could shorten my name so I wouldn't have to deal with the unfair teasing. My father said that I could call myself Tony which is a form of my first name."

                The Imperial Wolf said, "So the translation of your name is Alpha High Son-of-the-Marsh-Dweller. What was your mother's maiden name?"

                Tony replied, "She got teasing for dating dad early on. The storm is keeping the swamps wet again. That is until dad punched them in the nose and made them bleed. And he married mom regardless. Her maiden name was Reinhardt; she pronounced it as Rain-Art, but the teasers pronounced it as Rain-Hard."

                The Imperial Wolf smiled. "Using your mother's maiden name, the translation of your name becomes Alpha High Courageous-Fox."

                Bobbin then blinked his eyes and said, "You mean Tony is the Fox King? I had no idea."

                The Imperial Wolf grinned. "No, more correctly the Swamp Fox King. And given his profession, it rather makes sense. Art supplies are more often gathered from swamps. But a Fox King he is and he never knew it. It is no wonder why every fox in the fief is more than willing to do as he asks. All that is missing is his localization. I know he needs to be human occasionally, but Nelius said he could provide Tony with a part-time form he could use while helping to keep the peace locally for me. You may not be Robin of Loxley but even I think he would approve of your being a fox part of your time in service to the imperial throne. Karma was already going to give you the throne had you not stopped him."

                Sonja stepped into the throne room and said, "So Tony's noble nature is what could have drawn the rest of us to him during his stint at high school." She glanced back at Jason. "What are the odds of his happening in Teen Force, Jason?"

                Jason whom was standing with Nelius said, "I always knew Tony was pretty noble. Otherwise he would have said no to our coming with him on his prize outing."

                Barbara came in and said, "You aren't going to make Tony be stuck as a fox, are you? We like him human. And I am sure his parents would agree."

                Bomberoo barked, "Rolf!" and then he panted happily as he rubbed his head against Tony's leg.

                Tony said, "At least he isn't dry humping my leg." Then he looked at the Imperial Wolf again. "I had no idea, sire. Me, a Fox King? What kind of temporary power are you suggesting that I have in this case? I just thought that you would have assigned a new animal to rule in Karma's place. I never dreamed that you were going to make me into that chosen animal to rule this fief."

                The Imperial Wolf said, "When Nelius told me that you had tamed the dirty forest foxes, I knew that was no accident. It takes nobility to make a leopard change his spots. The local foxes likely prefer to stay filthy and they went out their way to be clean for you, Tony. No, you are the Fox King! That is all there is to it! Therefore, you should have the form to go with your title. You may continue to work your business at the arts and crafts shop while the castle will be converted back into what it had been before Karma took residence here: a Knight's station. You may be known as King Tony, King Carson, or even the Fox King when you don't feel like using your name. You don't have to dress nobly and you do not have to wear a crown. You do look good in the local garb that the Fox brothers gave you. I can see where they sewed up the hole in the back for the tail."

                Tony was glad he wouldn't have to wear the dorky crown. "If you would like for me to represent you within this fief, I will do this. What was Buckingtod called in the old days?"

                The Imperial Wolf smiled toothily. "The original name for this region was Farthing Wood. Nelius, prepare Tony for his Vulpine empowerment!"

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Tony's local clothes were removed in preparation for the empowerment. An entirely new local ensemble was provided with an opening in the back for the tail; a frontward and rear tabard were attached to the waist of the cloth pants; a forest cloak with appropriate hood was attached to his tunic; a leather belt and leather bracers were placed upon him; he then received new leather boots appropriate for a fox man whom had transformation powers; to the other humans, the entire overall appearance looked quite regal and Druidic at the same time.

                  The Imperial Wolf said, "Tony Carson, the Fox King... will you accept this honor to govern over this fief in the name of the Imperial Seat of Anglorum?"

                  Tony nodded his head. He had never had such nice clothing as this before. "I will accept this honor, your lordship."

                  Nelius came over to Tony and said, "Once this is done, we cannot undo it. Are you sure you want to receive this honor?"

                  Tony smiled as he whispered, knowing the other animal people would overhear him. "Just fuck Jason hard and deep later." Audibly he said, "I will accept this honor, Nelius."

                  Nelius smiled in return as he quietly whispered, "That goes without saying." He was planning that anyways. And then he activated his spiraled horn and lowered it down tap the eldest fox brother on his furry neck which caused the glow around the horn to become the same color as the eldest fox brother's fur. And then he turned to Tony and he tapped the glowing horn to Tony's ears, nose, both shoulders, his hands, the boy's forehead and finally directly into the open hole in the back of the cloth pants to touch the tail bone all while chanting Druidic mantras. When Nelius pulled away, his horn was no longer glowing as he leaned up against Jason exhaustively.

                  Tony on the other paw was glowing head to foot in the fox brothers colors. There came an acknowledging flash of light within his eyes as the young man felt compelled to lower himself to all fours as his body transformed from human into a horse sized feral fox todd wearing the hooded cloak over his vulpine head.

                  The Imperial Wolf then said, "Focus, Tony! Don't lose yourself in the high you might be feeling! Focus on rising up to your hind feet!"

                  Bomberoo perked up as he met Tony's gaze dead on. "You are my master's friend, Tony. The others promised that you could be human part of the time. But if you surrender to this, then you will be nothing but an animal like me. And believe me, those treats that Jason feeds me are not that great; Bobbin has better taste."

                  Tony then focused upon rising back upright as his body took on the humanoid fox man shape, until he was standing like the fox brothers would stand. Of course, he was still as big as his feral form, marking him as a kingly fox man rather than a normal fox man. He swished his tail as he focused on learning his new balance.

                  The Imperial Wolf now said, "Now for the last part, Tony! Focus on becoming human once again! When you are able to do this last part, your empowerment will be complete as the Druidic Changeling Artful Tony Reynard! You can do it!"

                  Barbara said, "Picture your human form in your mind, Tony. Or do you need Planet Janet to help you to succeed?"

                  Tony's entire body then glowed in his human colors as he almost threw his head and muzzle backwards toward the ceiling as the giant fox man form slowly vanished and his naked normal-sized human form resumed its stance and appearance within the throne room. The eldest fox brother quickly came over and helped Tony back into his normal local clothes. "Despite your looking hot naked, you don't need to be doing this in front of the ladies of your group. On the plus side, you gave the Overking an erection."

                  Sonja then remarked, "So clothing makes the transformation at the same time Tony does, right? And you clothed him in the royal gear so the fox king would not be naked later. I noticed that royal garb did not stay with Tony when he changed back. I do have one side question though, your majesty. What would Tony's coat of arms look like?"

                  While the Imperial Wolf spoke to Sonja about the coat of arms, Tony shifted in his stance which caused an audible pop that made all of the knights flinch painfully.

                  Then Tony said, "I think I got this now."

                  Tony struck a pose as he snapped his fingers, Fonz style, as he transformed fluidly into the gigantic anthropomorphic Fox king form. And then he grinned as he lowered himself to all fours as he transformed into the giant feral fox mount... seconds before he bound out of the throne room where upon he began to patrol the entire fief. Bomberoo ran after him since he knew that it would be too easy for Tony to lose himself in the exhilarating feeling the wind had when blowing through his new fur.

                  Bomberoo said, "Don't lose yourself, Tony!"

                  Tony surprisingly replied in the feral Canine speech, "I won't, Bomberoo. You helped me to retain my mind the first time. And thanks for telling me that Jason has shitty taste in doggy treats. He will get his... later tonight."

                  Bomberoo kept up with the giant fox as he said, "Hey, this is great! I finally have someone to talk to!"

                  Tony slowed up as he turned to face Bomberoo and when the Great Dane came to a halt, Tony licked Bomberoo on the muzzle. And this led to kissing and muzzle to muzzle rubbing and more licking. "I am starting to smell something really yummy. Let's go beg for a morsel."

                  Bomberoo giggled. "I'll teach you how we dogs do the begging thing. It works more often than people think."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    When Tony and Bomberoo returned to the castle, they both looked humored, fed, and clean. Tony then stopped in front of Hart and the Imperial Wolf where as he transformed back into his human form. "Hart? We dropped off some bandits in the jail. They were working Duke's Highway on the other side of the forest. They had the balls to say that Overking Goldfang would never catch them since he was always sticking his nose up other noble's tail holes. Is that your real name, sire?"

                    Emperor Goldfang nodded his head as Sheriff Hart said, "Duke's Road is almost in the next kingdom, Tony. It takes my boys and I a whole day to travel over there. How did you make the trip so fast?"

                    Tony smiled. "Apparently Druids can teleport. Or when I am in my feral form, I am really fast."

                    Goldfang commented, "I was going to ask a Druid to educate you on Druidic abilities and powers. Most Druids are very artistic."

                    Tony smiled. "I'll accept that education, sire. Also, when I am in my giant feral fox form, I can talk to Bomberoo in his own language. He is pretty tickled that he can talk to someone finally. He also says that he doesn't like those store bought doggy treats."

                    Sonja then said, "You would say that after Jason and Nelius headed back to the unicorn's cottage."

                    Tony laughed. "So Nelius is going to reward Jason right now. I thought he was going to wait."

                    Barbara asked, "What kind of reward, Tony?"

                    The young man made some sort of motion with both hands. "I suggested it to Nelius before my empowerment. He indicated that he had already been thinking about it."

                    Both ladies made the "Ew" sound with incredulous faces. "Seriously, Tony, is that all you boys can think about?"

                    Tony grinned. "So says the ladies whom carry dildos within their purses. I saw them when my parents were checking your belongings. And then you say we boys think of nothing else. At least we don't carry portable vaginas around in our pockets."

                    Barbara said, "Sometimes I think men would benefit better if they did."

                    Sonja said, "I don't like artificial dicks; I prefer the real thing. I'm an adult, remember?"

                    Tony laughed. "Is that why you are so good in the forge?"

                    Barbara turned to Hart and Bobbin. "Time to change the subject slightly. I know Tony and Jason had live birth with you and Hindsong, Hart. How much trouble will Jason be in with Nelius if he gets plump from the unicorn?"

                    Bobbin giggled. "Unicorns lay eggs, Barbara. I thought we explained this to you a few days ago. You and Sonja were both laughing about wanting to see Jason get fat with unicorn eggs. Sonja was sure that Jason was bound to get fucked. And tonight it will be happening, according to Tony. So if you both want to see it, you can head on over there."

                    Hart escorted Barbara, Sonja and Bomberoo along with Goldfang off toward the village and the jail.

                    Bobbin smiled at Tony. "Karma and I spoke while you were gone, Tony. We decided that he could educate you in the basics of running a fief as your technical aid. He has always been a good knight of the realm. Someday he may find another doe whom is more honest and honorable than the witches were."

                    Tony said, "You may have forgotten this, Bobbin, but Goldfang said that I could operate my reign out of my arts and crafts shop. The castle here would be reverted back into the Knights Stronghold of the fief. Before this Fox King stuff came up, I had always been more down home than some of the snooty rich people back home could tolerate."

                    Karma then said, "Tony, I am curious about something. I happen to remember that normal Changelings only have access to two forms. But you have access to your human form, a giant feral fox form as well as a giant fox man form. Changelings have two forms for their base... the Moon-touched usually have three forms."

                    Tony arched an eye. "So you think that in his distraction fro Jason, Nelius may have made a mistake in my empowerment? But if you will recall, Goldfang said that as a Changeling Alpha, that I would have access to all three forms. How could Goldfang and Nelius both make that kind of mistake?"

                    Bobbin said, "I think we will find out if a bunch of Were-Foxes start popping up all over the fief."

                    Tony then asked, "Nelius powered up his horn by touching the fur of your older brother, Bobbin. Has there ever been any Moon-touched incidents anywhere within your family? Think carefully. This is important if we are to figure this out."

                    Bobbin thought about it before snapping his fingers. "Of course... My brother dated a Scottish Fox man whom claimed that he was Moon-touched but it was non-transferable unless his saliva got into my brother's blood stream. Not long after he revealed this to my brother, the Scottish Fox was killed in a fight somewhere to the North of here."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Arcane Cycles.