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[CAMP-03] JAQ-05 The Pleasure of Camping

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    [CAMP-03] JAQ-05 The Pleasure of Camping

    After graduating High School, Justin Quincy wins the famed Sponsor a Prince contest and heads to CAMP World to live with his new sponsors in Jackland Groves within the Orlando region of animated Florida. When he learns of a species rally between the rabbits and the donkeys, he gets involved to help regulate the activities to a civilized understanding.

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World

    [CAMP-03] JAQ-05 The Pleasure of Camping.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is now open. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World
    Shared Sponsor Home of Highway Department employee Tarmac the Mobian Donkey and Captain Bucky O'Hare

    During the next two days, Justin helped Tarmac's road crew; first by using Jacky O'Hare's powers to restore all of their broken equipment back into their like-new condition. This saved the highway construction department thousands of dollars and prevented them from falling behind in their schedule.

    The foreman donkey hugged and kissed on Justin afterward. Then he revealed that he was one of Lampwick's sons and when Justin told him that Donny was inviting him on the camping trip, the foreman said that he would contact his father and put in a good word for the nice boy whom has a power where he can restore things like-new. "Rides on Pleasure Island are all the time in need of either a repair or a complete replacement. You would be very useful for my father during the camping trip."

    During another work break, Justin asked Tarmac if he would teach him about donkey sex safely with a male on male session. This led to a fun break time between sponsor and charge.

    Afterward, Justin felt as if he owed Bucky some private time since he had offered it to Tarmac. Now that Bucky was no longer in rut, he was safe to play with.

    Finally, Friday night rolled around and Justin headed out to meet up with Donny and Auty as well as whomever else was to be going on this excursion to Pleasure Island. Both Donny and the road crew foreman had explained that Pleasure Island was magical and could appear in any body of water usually at night so getting there in little time was never an issue. When the campers reached the lone private dock where the ferry boat was awaiting them, Lampwick stepped out of the shadows and he hugged Donny and several other donkey boys. But then he laid eyes on Justin and hugged him as he planted a deep kiss on the boy's mouth at the same time that he placed a safety collar around the boy's neck. "My son told me how you helped the road crew and how you prevented them from falling way behind in their work. He said you had the ability to repair equipment with a blast of your purification light power. As long as you wear the safety collar in your human form, you won't get stuck as a donkey on the island. With Major Bray on a painting vacation, we have several rides that could use your reparation power used upon them."

    Justin said with a smile feeling all giddy, "I don't know if your son mentioned this, but my purification light doesn't just fix equipment; it can also clean your body."

    Lampwick grinned. "My son withheld information from me. Sure beats a Saturday night bath in the bath house."

    Justin said, "I'll be glad to help you with anything you need help with on the island, Lampwick, sir. You are a great kisser."

    Lampwick then stepped over to look at Auty. "So you are Donny's original friend among the Jackland rabbits. The transformation rules still apply, Auty. You will get a safety collar. If you ever want to stop being a rabbit and join the donkey species, just remove the collar and gorge yourself on Pleasure Island chocolate. By morning, you won't remember ever being a rabbit. But Donny wouldn't have weak will powered friends, I hope." And he placed the safety collar around Auty's neck before moving on to look at others.

    Auty sighed. "I don't think he likes me, Donny. Lets try to have some fun none-the-less."

    Justin approached Auty and he hugged him. "If you look back on the history of Jackland, you can figure out what their issue with non-donkeys aside from human boys is. Jackland was an approved Lampwick zone for donkeys and mules. Hoofies. All of a sudden, the drought in Texas forced the Rio Grande Rabbit tribe to have to migrate to Jackland with the Founder Core's authorization. It was like a whole different species invading their legally acquired living area. And almost immediately thereafter, they two species started having issues with each other. The majority of the rabbits claimed that the fault lay upon the donkeys for being anti-social. Jackland still belongs to Lampwick. That's why he doesn't think so highly of the rabbits. He is okay with Captain Rabbit since he is actually a human boy whom bent over backwards to help the donkeys."

    Justin released Auty at that point. "All you have to do is show Lampwick that you are one of Donny's strongest and most well-earned friends."

    Donny said, "Justin is right. While it might be tempting to dump your species just so Lampwick would like you, what he didn't tell you is that when you overdose on Pleasure Island chocolate, you completely forget your previous life and previous friends entirely for an entire year. Plus, you lose your voice and can only bray. So if being a donkey appeals to you, that is what you will have to look forward to. But Lampwick said he couldn't believe I would have a friend whom was so weak in his will power."

    Auty sighed. "So if I join the species, I forget everything. I was born in Jackland. I know most of the rabbits from Texas haven't been very nice. But those born locally, have better manners. I was so happy when Donny wanted to be friends with me. I still remember when he asked me what he thought was a normal question... where are your hoofs." He giggled as he remembered that day. "And I said with a dopey smile, they are at the cobblers getting repaired."

    Donny was now laughing as he also remembered that day. "We've had some good times together, Auty. Now lets find a good seat on the ferry boat and go to the island."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Soon on Pleasure Island, Justin was being shown by Lampwick and a chief donkey boy recruiter to a one-room cabin which had a single double-occupancy bed within the back part of it. Lampwick said, "During the camping trip, this will be your sleeping quarters, Justin. Remember to keep the safety collar on at all times while you are on the island. If you have no further questions, I need to go see about the other campers so they know the sleeping rules."

    Justin said, "As an Amish boy, I don't think I have ever been to a carnival at all, sir. However, I do need to know one thing... will I still be safe if I change into my empowered form. Much like Captain Rabbit changes from a nice human boy into a lapine hero, I have a power similar to that. Clothing makes the change when I transform; so will I still have the safety collar protection when I am in my Jacky O'Hare form?"

    Lampwick smiled at the mention of the boy they all liked. "As long as you are wearing the collar in your human form, you have the protection. Of course, too much chocolate can override the protection power. Show some common sense and you shouldn't lose your sexy human form at all. Will there be anything else?"

    Justin smiled in return. "Just one thing..."

    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

    Jacky then focused his cleansing light power upon Lampwick and the chief recruiter as the two donkeys received the cleaning they could only hope to receive. Normally a cleaning like this at the Yuskay Groomers would cost a thousand per donkey. When Jacky finished, he smiled as he powered down into his regular human form. Justin said, "Now you boys are all cleaned up. Not that there was anything wrong with how you both were before; I just wanted to show you what I was capable of."

    Lampwick was checking himself out all over and sniffing himself. "Oh wow... Its like a professional Saturday night bath. You're okay, Justin. I hope we can be the best of friends. My fur can actually breathe. I don't feel any chocolate or mud anywhere on my body at all."

    Justin said, "It may not be my place to say this, Lampwick; but please give Autumnpaw a chance before you condemn him. From my understanding of his story, he was born in Jackland Groves and his first friend was Donny. Without Donny, Auty really doesn't have anyone else to call a friend. I know you have issues with the Texas Rabbits..."

    Lampwick said, "If they didn't come across as holier than thou; we could all get along. Not even Captain Rabbit likes their attitudes. I need to get going." And he left.

    Justin now looked to the chief recruiter. "Did I say something wrong to him?"

    The chief donkey boy recruiter replied, "The rabbits in Jackland Groves are a sore issue with Lampwick since Founder Core permitted Lampwick to claim that zone as his own and then they stupidly allowed the rabbits to move in and they had pompous attitudes to start with. Lampwick wants the rabbits out of his contracted zone. He has considered taking Founder Core to court over this travesty of justice. Lampwick still has the signed contracts for Jackland Groves. I know he has been conferring with Rock Coyote over this."

    Justin hugged and petted on the recruiter. "Well, I've always liked donkeys. Since this is a camping trip, is there anything you'd like to do with a nice boy like me?"

    The chief recruiter smiled as he hugged and kissed the boy in return. "Since you are offering play time and you like donkeys, there is somewhere we can go. No sense messing up your sleeping quarters. Come with me and I'll show you the recruiters club where some of our best relax and unwind. You'll be fine since you have the safety collar. Are you a stranger to donkey boy sex?"

    Justin replied, "I did it with Tarmac and Donny in the days before the camping trip; it was a fun experience."

    The chief recruiter said, "Good. Because some of the recruiters when they are unwinding usually have multi-partner gay sex with each other. You might get involved."

    And after removing all of his clothes except for his safety collar, Justin and the chief recruiter left the sleeping cabin heading to the recruiters club.

    Across the park, Lampwick was having a final word with Donny and Auty. "Justin asked me to give you a chance before condemning you. He said you were born in Jackland Groves and aside from Donny, you have no other friends. My huge issue is with Texas Rabbits whom invaded my legally acquired donkey officers community. The rabbits came in and threw their weight around and as much said that we donkeys caused the problems for them. They are lucky I don't banish their asses back to the drought stricken Texas. I acquired Jackland Groves legally and Founder Core did not have my permission to move a bunch of rabbits into my zone. Why didn't they send them to California or New England where carrots are in over abundance? Buntown in the North and Lapine Valley in the West have plenty of room for new rabbits. Screwing over my people has made me want to take legal action."

    Auty sighed. "I'm sorry. But since I wasn't born in Texas, you shouldn't lump me in with the others causing the problems. Donny is my only friend. I get lonely without him."

    Lampwick rubbed a hoof over Auty's head fur. "Then I should consider you a local as long as you are not fibbing about your place of origin. Try to enjoy your stay on the island."

    Donny smiled. "Thanks for hearing Auty out, Uncle Lampwick. I've seen his birth certificate; he is a Jackland Groves local according to the doctors. And he is a good friend."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Justin and the chief recruiter arrived at the recruiters club where several donkey boy recruiters were involved in fun, games and displays of pleasureful recreation. The chief recruiter announced, "Boys! This is one of Donald's new friends whom lives in Jackland Groves! He opted to hang out with us rather than bunk up with his donkey friend and the rabbit friend! This boy's name is Justin Axel Quincy whose initials spell out the nickname that he prefers to be called by! JAQ or JACK! He is empowered like Captain Rabbit and he still chose to be around us rather than the other boys!"

      All activity in the recruiters club slowed to a halt as the recruiters came over and each one shook hands with the nice boy or shook his hand and gave him a kiss or in place of a kiss, they gave him a good sniffing, as if to memorize his scent. "Its not often that one of Donny's friends shows more intelligence than the others." and "I really like this boy's scent. I think he is open-minded." and "He has fresh minty breath."

      Justin said, "In many ways, I am a lot like Captain Rabbit, except unlike him, I am Amish."

      The recruiters nearly went rigid upon hearing about this boy's religious background. Then they slowly resumed their normal activities.

      Justin looked to the chief recruiter and muttered, "I said the wrong thing to them, didn't I?"

      The chief recruiter chose not be quiet in his reply, "When I told you how sexual the recruiter officers could be, you were not put off by the activity and you still agreed to come with me to the club. Ask the boys anything; you might learn something nice."

      Justin then spoke up, "By Saint Purzo, do these safety collars that Lampwick gave us visitors work the way he implied earlier or is there something more I should know about this? You said I could ask them anything..."

      When Purzo heard his name over the communicator, he turned it on while muting his side of it so he and others could listen in on this conversation. Captain Rabbit, Night the Superdog and Apollo the Wonder Dog were in his office at that second.

      One of the donkey recruiters replied, "The safety collar doesn't stop the process, Jack; it just slows down the effect. All of you whom came out here this weekend are still susceptible to becoming donkeys if you end up having too much fun. Even Captain Rabbit has been donked a few times during his visits but he never had the new safety collar. We recruiters have been suspicious of these safety collars for quite a while since they obviously don't work."

      Another recruiter then stated, "What with the rabbit invasion of Jackland, Lampwick has been super agitated over taking Founder Core to court to get all the rabbits either evicted or donked irrevocably. How many rabbits made the trip out here with you and Donny, Jack?"

      Justin replied, "Counting Auty, about fifteen."

      That recruiter remarked, "Then I predict that nearly or more than half will be full donkeys by midnight and this is an all-weekend camping trip. Think about it. When Texas Rabbits hit an amusement park, they act worse than teen aged human jack asses act. Once you are fully donked, the safety collar falls off of you inert having done its job."

      Purzo looked at the heroes. "This just became priority, Captain. Get the heroes and females out there and save as many of the undeserving rabbits as you can find. I'll send word to Amaterasu to lend her assistance. If Lampwick allows this to happen, then he is breaching the anti-recruitment forms that he signed to get Pleasure Island moved to Camp World. We would have no choice but to kick his ass off the planet at that point. Since the recruiters fessed up, they could stay. The dragons would not sign the anti-recruitment forms so they opted to move to planets in Frontier. The few dragons whom did choose to sign the anti-recruitment leases are easily findable on planet. As Dr. Zamak knows."

      Captain Rabbit said, "What if Lampwick complains over our being there?"

      Purzo grinned evilly. "Declare an All-Stars Alert. Those whom don't show up never wanted to be on your team to begin with. No one wants the Horse on their property. When you declare the alert, do not use the electric guitar since it forces your teammates to show up even if they don't want to. Just use the normal All-Stars Alert. You have been wanting to learn whom is serious about being in your team. And this is the way to find out."

      And the heroes headed out to get started.

      When Captain rabbit, the pirate rabbits, Admiral Epona, Andromeda and the two flying dogs arrived at the closest they could get to the island, they saw Amaterasu floating there and directly in front of her was what appeared to be an island defense shield over the entire island to prevent all entry or exit. Amaterasu remarked, "It was like this when I arrived, Captain. Any suggestions?"

      Captain Rabbit smiled at Apollo. "I guess Ace found a new place to hide, Apollo. If this shield is magical like I suspect..."

      Apollo floated over close to the island shield and he deliberately touched his collar to the shield which caused the whole thing to wink out of existence as the new spell ended up in the Olympian hound's spell book. "Anti-Species Defense Barrier. This one was keyed to prevent all non-donks from passing through it. I love learning new spells!" And then he led his friends through the outer barrier which no longer blocked their entry.

      The heroes and founder core member then flew in to assault the island whose defenses all seemed to be off-line.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        In the meantime, Lord Purzo contacted Rock Coyote about the Lampwick/Jackland case. Since it had been mentioned that Lampwick had been talking to Rock Coyote, Purzo wanted to know the specifics about the case since it was the first he had heard of it. Normally a land dispute was sent directly to the records division of Founder Core and he had not seen this paperwork cross his desk at all.

        Purzo said, "Mr. Coyote, I was informed that Lampwick had been consulting you about the Jackland Groves, Florida region. Have I misheard the story in some bizarre fashion?"

        Rock Coyote was heard opening his filing cabinets and pulling out a folder of some sort. "Oh yes, the Jackland/Lampwick case. Were you informed of how Lampwick acquired the land legally through a verbal agreement with Albert Talbot whom was supposed to have filed the paperwork with you and when I went to find this paperwork, it didn't exist?"

        Purzo said, "You mean Lampwick's claim holds water? When I heard this report, I looked for the paperwork myself and I cannot find it."

        Rock stated, "As sad as this may be to say, I think you should contact Albert Talbot. He spends little time on Camp World himself opting to pay more attention to Holiday Land."

        Purzo said, "I'll do that. But you should be also informed that Lampwick is in the process of disobeying the Anti-Recruitment Laws that he signed the forms thereof just to be able to reside on Camp World. He took a bunch of Texas Rabbits out of Jackland out to Pleasure Island to donkify them as part of a weekend camping trip. And that is certainly illegal according to the forms he signed. I will say that talking to you about the land dispute was the right thing to do but to ignore the anti-recruitment laws by taking the law into his own hoofs is highly illegal. I sent the All-Stars out there to rescue the Texas Rabbits even though most do not deserve a rescue. They've been acting like pricks."

        Rock Coyote said, "I have also been looking into this drought in Texas claim. Word is that the Texas Rabbits ruined their own land to incite Founder core to permit them to move to Florida which they had no legal right to do at all. Lampwick is right that there were two other rabbit zones that had plenty of room for these lapines."

        Purzo activated his crystal ball and he said, "Calling Albert Talbot! Come in or else be accused of abandoning CAMP World! This is a priority issue!"

        When Albert Talbot's image appeared in the crystal ball, he saw that the man had all of his lawyers in the room with him. "Make it good, Purzo. I have my lawyers with me right now for an unrelated issue. What happened up there that requires me to drop everything for a project that I never approved of?"

        Purzo arched an eye. "I have Rock Coyote on the other line, Talbot. What do you mean that you never approved of? I have contract forms with your signature that you signed with Hannah Seasons and Osric Sloan as witnesses. If you never approved of this project, then why sign the forms? As for the main issue, Lampwick had a verbal agreement with you about Jackland Groves Florida that you were supposed to file the paperwork of and we cannot find that paperwork since Lampwick is on the verge of taking the law into his own hoofs to deal with Texas Rabbits that you personally authorized to move into Lampwick's zone down there. That's why this is a serious issue. Lighty is not involved yet..."

        Talbot was heard muttering, "...damned horse; he would fuck up a wet dream..." When he became verbal once again, he said, "Purzo, do you recall what I said about QC Planet during the court trial of Supermouse versus Albert Atticus? If you don't recall, allow me to regale you in exactly what I said via recording of the trial itself. I am so glad the media was there to record my saying this."

        With Albert Talbot's expert assistance, the Yuskay Groomers learned how to removed Toonium from the most infected subject. Talbot had the knowledge on how to make both Toonium and Sluttium inert. When he learned about Q.C. Planet itself, he said words that most of the toons sadly had to agree with. "A planet sized studio vault for toons and anime to hide in while believing that they can live their lives in the light of public like a normal Earthian citizen? Whomever came up with that idiot idea is really stupid. But no more embarrassed than those who joined the vault planet project. Everything I did originally was fully regulated and known about to the government and the public at large. I had all the legal permits as well as studio permissions to utilize their toons and anime in my amusement parks. The Quad Counties were a side idea I had in which I could not implement because I knew it would ultimately fail. For anyone currently dependent upon Toonium, know you this... it is no better than an addiction of heroine or cocaine. The Yuskay Groomers have been educated in removing the Toonium addiction from anyone wanting to make a clean start. Night the Super Dog, Supermouse and many other humans turned super toons have all had the process conducted upon them and their powers replaced by a version of the clean planar equivalent to the powers they had before. Effective immediately, Q.C. Planet will be in the process of shutdown status while we clean up all loose Toonium infected people whom need the help to return to normal. It has also came to my attention that some people are affected by Digital conversion as in Digital World infection. These people will also be offered a cleansing so they may have a fresh start. For those whom are happy with their new lives, they will remain as they are. And lastly, all of those species whom have been heavily recruiting from human tourists or from human runaways, your activities will be put to an end. An amusement park nor a retirement community are grounds for recruitment. This will put a stop to unregistered dragons, demons and Pleasure Island donkeys whom are involved in this activity. if a human willingly volunteers to join a species, then the case can be reviewed on a level of psychiatric stability to make sure the choice was truly the human's own choice as well as their personal idea."

        Talbot then said, "Please note how I said that I frowned upon recruiting out of public accessible toon environments. I mentioned Lampwick specifically. When Lampwick applied to get his island moved to Camp World as part of the Disney holdings, there was no mention of his wanting land in Florida, yet later he spoke with one of my planet realtors about acquiring a huge section of Florida which was a Disney zone originally. This new land was to be the home of recruiters whom had earned the legal right to live on the main land away from the island. Most were retired recruiters whom could not do their old jobs according to the planet's current laws. When Lampwick had that verbal discussion with me, I told him that it was permissible as long as he didn't backslide into recruiting. Since you just implied that he is doing that very thing, then I must insist that his removal from the planet be initiated for the public's personal safety. Concerning the Texas Rabbits, I never authorized their move to Jackland. Again, the information I have says that Founder Core made that Authorization without consulting me about it. I didn't see a reason to turn a verbal agreement into actual paperwork as long as Lampwick kept his word. Therefore it is my opinion that Lampwick lied about retiring the recruiters if they are still in operation. I would suggest that he and his people be moved into Frontier."

        Rock Coyote said at that point, "He will not be happy to learn this snafu in the information that he provided me with. But you are the law, Talbot... However..."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Rock Coyote then continued, " also just stated that you don't have time to operate CAMP World even though you were the one to authorize its creation. If you are not in charge of this project, then whom is? Your legal signatures could be misconstrued as a forgery to simply bring Atticus back."

          Talbot growled. "Mr. Coyote! My lawyers are standing right here! I hope you realize what you just said!"

          Rock Coyote remarked, "I call them like I see and hear them. I am recording this call as I do all calls to use in a court of law. You yourself said you never authorized CAMP World yet you admit that you signed the approval forms. I now have to wonder if you are really the rescued Albert Talbot at all. Perhaps we should get Timesheart and Lighty into this call, yes?"

          Talbot erupted at that point as he and his lawyers all shouted, "NO!"

          Purzo then said, "I am still a representative of my father, the Master Cat, Talbot. He trusted the All-Stars. They supposedly rescued you from the past. But as Rock Coyote just pointed out, you don't act like the Albert Talbot we were all told about by Pardusius. I sincerely hope your lawyers are as good as you think they are."

          Talbot then said, "This call is officially over, Purzo. Under my authority as lord of Camp World, the project is to be closed down immediately."

          Rock Coyote smirked. "A law you personally put on the CAMP World books with full authorization by the United Nations and Hannah Seasons prevents even you from doing that unless you are on the planet facing the Founder Core as well as the media at large. So your tantrum is at best, a motion to get what any villain would want. See you in court."

          The call was then magically cut off at Talbot's end.

          Purzo immediately sent word to the Master Cat as well as Timesheart and Lighty in regards to what just happened with the so-called real Talbot.

          On Pleasure Island, when Justin saw Captain Rabbit and the others on the island, Justin told the recruiters, "Stay put and be honest with Captain Rabbit's team. Don't fight back as that might make it worse for every donkey on the island. As for myself..."

          Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

          Jacky then focused his cleansing light power upon the entire island which restored all transformed victims back to their original species. All rabbits were easy to locate at that point. Even though they had been corralled into a docking warehouse to be shipped off to points unknown. Coachman style. Even Lampwick himself was found tied up in a side warehouse looking quite weak due to whatever had been done to him.

          With the real Lampwick found, the impostor reverted to his true appearance which seemed to be some sort of grotesque demon donkey monster. It was at that point that Jacky was forced to go into the next spiel of his Amish heroism.

          Jacky held his bible aloft in one hand as he stepped toward the monster as he recited something familiar. "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness. For His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever."

          And as he reached the monster, he touched his bible to it and shouted, "BEGONE FOUL DEMON OF EVIL!" And in doing this last action, the entire monster was caught within what seemed like a cube of holy light. The monster roared at Jacky primarily for it was he whom forced it to reveal himself as Jacky with bible in hand began to chant the Lords Prayer.

          "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. [For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.] Amen." He then shouted, "As the Good Lord has found thee out, begone with thee back to the foul pits from which thy came! Begone in the name of the Good Lord!"

          And the grotesque demon roared as the ground opened beneath its hoofs and it fell down the one-way pit returning to the Outer Planes. And then the hole closed becoming exactly as it had been before the challenge had occurred.

          Jacky panted hard as he muttered, "Still not easy to do!"

          Amaterasu smiled upon Jacky O'Hare. "Good job in finding the new demon, Jacky! Lampwick was found tied up in one of his own jails."

          When Captain Rabbit spoke with Lampwick directly, the donkey lord said, "Albert Talbot is not whom he claims to be. When I refused to go along with a plan he outlined to me, he hit with a knockout spell and locked me up in one of my own jails before he put that demon in charge of my island."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Captain Rabbit activated his conversation recorder on his communicator and then he asked Lampwick, "What was this plan that Albert Talbot outlined to you before you refused and he knocked you out and locked you up in one of your own jails, Lampwick, sir?"

            Lampwick smiled as he replied to the rabbit whom was the boy all donkeys really liked. "Albert Talbot told me that if I could arrange a way to recruit and/or get rid of Captain Rabbit and his team even for a few months, then he would permit me to expand my donkey empire any way I saw fit. I didn't want that; I just wanted Jackland Groves to be asinine only and someone on Founder Core authorized all of those bad boy Texas Rabbits to come in and cause disruption and trouble within my retired recruiters community. They were already suffering due to the fact that recruiting was the only job they knew how to do and with the law on CAMP preventing that, they wanted compensation for their suffering. I almost gave in to Talbot's presence and command suggestion; but then the spirit of Pleasure Island told me that I wasn't facing Albert Talbot so I flatly refused his offer."

            Lampwick then said, "His body looked like a man but his shadow looked like a horned mouse and with that description, I think you can figure out what's going on since this is a Big game for the little Zed that no one in the Underworld really liked. His act of turning over a new leaf was performed to fool you into thinking that he went good. I used to be like that, so I can recognize it when someone else is doing it. Apparently when Timesheart and Lighty went back in time, the stupid mouse tricked them into bringing him back."

            Captain Rabbit was again furious as he growled audibly! "I am sick and tired of this!" As Amaterasu and the other heroes converged on the Captain's location, he replayed the recording back for them in its entirety. Then he turned it off and he said, "We've been had, team! The current Albert Talbot is some sort of Devil Mouse fake! Lampwick believes it is in fact Zecma up to his old ways! Purzo and Rock Coyote are already making contact with him in regards to this mess! We need to get the rabbits out of here and then, we need to go talk to Purzo directly!"

            Jacky then held up one furry hand, "One moment, Captain Rabbit... Purzo, you fluffy white kitty cat! This is Jacky O'Hare! What's the official word on contacting Talbot? We just learned from the real Lampwick after I banished another demon that Talbot is some sort of Devil Mouse in disguise using Talbot's holdings to regain mass amounts of power! Lampwick thinks it is the real Zecma whom had never turned over a new leaf at all and is in fact still up to his old tricks!"

            Purzo's voice emitted from Jacky's holy cross necklace which made it sound as if Purzo was speaking out of Jacky's chest. "The official word is that he terminated the call when Rock Coyote accused him of plotting to bring Atticus back into power. He went so far as to admit that he never authorized the formation of CAMP World and that he never had time to run the project which is why he was never on planet at all and why he would get angry for having to come up here when there was an issue. When we suggested getting Lighty on the call, he and his group of lawyers all shouted [NO!] just before he ended the call. I then sent word to Timesy, Lighty, and the proper authorities in regards to what Talbot said. CAMP World is likely on the verge of an early closure unless one of us whom actually care makes the effort to save the toons from a similar fate: Toonime Island."

            Captain Rabbit said, "What about your project, Purzo? How close is that toward being available?"

            Purzo said, "The clearance process is what so time-consuming. Any form of Underworld entity and/or evil source from said places cannot get in at all without feeling as if they sneaked into Heaven itself... meaning their hide and fur is like being ignited in Holy Flame like a burning cross. We had one of Lord Impy's Camera Imps trying to get a sneak peak at the new project and he nearly died when he breeched the barrier around the project world. I mean what I say when I want security on my projects. Sneak Peaks are what ruin a project world even before it opens. I leveled a law suit on Devi-TV for daring to intrude upon a project owned by the only white furred Cat Lord in existence. Impy apologized profusely and offered to pay compensation for the breech at all. I told him that I didn't want his dirty money that came from the same source as Lighty's Underworld Funds. He agreed to keep his reporters away from my project after that. I had him dead to rights."

            Captain Rabbit then asked, "How extensive is the clearance process, Purzo? Dissect my team and let me know whom would have trouble getting in."

            Purzo sighed as he was afraid Captain Rabbit would ask for that data. "Unless Arnie Roo agreed to get the same medical process that Steam Mouse got in the 1950s, then you would never see him again since his powers are Underworld sourced, despite his being a former human himself. However, there is also a psychiatric examination that the entering toon must pass to be allowed into the project. All of a heroes' powers must be detoxed and re-applied from a clean source. Refusal to do this means you are admitting that you are in cahoots with Atticus and QC Planet. At the base level, you would never see Lighty ever again unless you met up with him away from my world."

            Captain Rabbit muttered audibly, "Promises, promises... I've heard that one before..." The word he was thinking was BULLSHIT!

            Purzo continued as if uninterrupted. "The pirate rabbits would have no problems getting in as long as they were part of Red-Ears' personal crew. Since he is a priest, he requires that all members of his crew be able to pass the Holy Lapine Church entrance exams or else they cannot be part of his crew. He is very strict on this rule. Eagle Lord would have no problems passing the entrance process as long he was honest with me. Any falsehoods would prevent his entry." This implied that Purzo suspected that Arnold was lying about something in his life. "Timesheart Tiger as well as any bears, cousins or legacies wanting in would only have to agree to the purification process so their so-called good powers were on record as having come from a clean source. Trueheart was recently mentioning that she suspected that several Care Bear Family members might come under the gun for this. I like how clean your friend Princess Arcana is in her heroic identity. As long as her transformation powers received the purification process, I foresee no problem with getting her in. Dark Witch whom willingly went to Kazma's world would never pass the exams. For those with no powers, they only have to pass the mental exam. Sad to say, Pleasure Island would have problems getting in since its very existence is based off of unclean sinful activities. I don't know if Lampwick would agree to have himself, his lords and his people de-powered and cleansed fresh. Recruiting in any form is frowned upon unless you work for my police supported heroic force. I get the feeling that Wilwick would say No Way, Jose to this aspect. As long as the recruiting is on the official record and justified upon action, I would allow it. One of the donkeys would have to join the police force."

            Lampwick then stated, "You might be surprised, Purzo. Several of my loyal donkey lords and recruiters are already requesting something of this nature. The rest have said that if we go this route, then they will return to the Earth-based version of the island to do as they like. Some would agree to your terms while others would not be missed. I know of a few former recruiters whom were thinking about joining the police force in Jackland Groves. So if you had a doubt about my people, I hope I gave you something new to consider."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              The Animated Retirement Community, within Lord Purzo's Alter-Verse
              Alternate Sciences Institute; Crystal Hope, Arc World; 2121 A.D.

              Lord Purzo (a solid white cat lord from Nirvana) stood with a cleaned up Lady Amaterasu (of the Celestial Bureaucracy,) a cleaned up pink panther (Lord Pink,) Lady Cheer Bear (of Care-a-lot) and Lord Warren (of the Hare Worlds of the Aniverse) as they processed the incoming toons and other heroic and villainous types whom had TV shows in the past. The Yuskay Groomers were on power removal duties just outside of the official entry point. It was their job to remove everyone's powers before they went in to gain entry to Purzo's new project world. On the inside were the angelic version of the Yuskay Groomers, a bunch of anthropomorphic Archon Hounds whom had the same training as the Yuskay Groomers. Since Hellhounds would have trouble getting in, this was the alternate solution. Even Davyd Arden had to expand delivery services into the Archon Hounds since the original Pizza Hounds were in truth Hellhounds.

              A de-powered Gerard Prince feeling cleaner and more free than he has felt in all of his entire life stood next to Justin Quincy in the heroic processing line. Timesheart Tiger had the look as if he wanted to scratch himself to pieces. Cleansing a dirty time tiger was not an exact science. Other formerly empowered toons were likewise fidgeting as if they wanted to scratch themselves to alleviate the alien feelings they were having. Lena Fairbanks stood there in her bikini next to Miyuki Tsukino whom was wearing her lawyer gear. Her husband Modo Van Wham didn't look too happy with the detox treatment since they had to get a supposed one to enter Camp World in the past. Dalis Hayley was no where to be seen at all. He had no intention of going to such a strict toon world enforced by martial law. Lightstrike Cavanaugh was another being whom seemed to be missing from the processing line. As for why, only he knew why. Or perhaps his father forbade his going if he wanted to retain his powers and heritage. Or maybe because all questionable forms were to be removed permanently. Batman was likewise missing from this activity.

              The process was the mental exam first, followed by the official power removal, then the entrance Detox, and finally a stop at the Archon Groomers for empowerment. For normal toons, this last step was unnecessary.

              The Bat Hound Legion and the Super Dog Legion were willingly getting the examination done since they wanted into the new world. MYTHS (the last reminder of the old MIT from the QC Planet days was relocated to Washington D.C. where the government and General Sloan could keep an eye on it.) MARSHAL was the only hero school permitted to exist in ARC World.

              Hero teams had to agree to be registered under the Justice Force police terms, as did villain teams. There were protocols to obey on both sides. Everyone was getting new cleaned up equipment. Non-powered Adventurers could really smile with that but those whom loved shadows wanted no part of the bribe.

              When the Archon Groomers tried to suggest that Justin have a non-black uniform for his hero outfit, Purzo got called in immediately as Justin shouted, "I AM AMISH! I ONLY WEAR BLACK! DO MY PEOPLE LOOK LIKE FLITTING FAIRIES?! ANSWER THAT CAREFULLY OR ELSE I INVOKE THE GOOD LORD RIGHT HERE!"

              Purzo had to reprimand the stupid Archons for even making that suggestion. Justin was on a Holy Mission and asking him to change his instructions was the same as defying God himself. "He gets a duplicate of the uniform he had before or else you will all be fired and sent home with demerits. Your lord will find out what you suggested to an Amish boy. Now do what you were instructed to do or else be tried for trying to corrupt my project world. I didn't have to let you Archons in."

              Purzo's world didn't look like Earth at all; the land masses had an all-new layout. Pleasure Island was now the size of Earth's Australia with a natural land bridge connecting back to the main continent. It would be the equivalent of dropping a small Australia in the gulf of Mexico at the end of the Florida Keys.

              Tennyson and Warner were disgusted by ARC World since they thought it was too extreme. They didn't foresee the world lasting very long. Why move to Toonime Island (albeit without Toonium) and watch as the same results occurred?

              Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

              Gerard thought Justin always looked good in black. Must be that horny side of him trying to tempt him again.

              Arnie Roo hopped up to stand near Gerard as he said, "Just got my Fusion-based Anti-Underworld Treatment, mate. Now yas will always 'ave the roo at yer disposal."

              Gerard smiled at the Devi-Roo glad that Styx was willing to make the sacrifice to stay on the team.

              Arnie then added, "Eagle Lord said that when yas get tired of this farce, 'e will be there to support yer rebellion. Yes, 'e used the word FARCE."

              Gerard petted on Arnie Roo as he said, "Since Lighty isn't here, this is a small vacation as well as an equipment upgrade... mate! I'm up next, cute stuff."

              Gerard struck his pose as he gripped his hands into fists as his side just before he brought his arms over his chest in to the crossbones format. As his arms crossed over his chest, there came a magnificent explosion of cosmic galactic light. And when the light faded, Standing where the human had been was an anthropomorphic rabbit in a calico version of Bugs Bunny's colors with an extra-special space aged armored uniform that looked Oriental in design albeit made with Silk, Gold and Silver Leaf as well as Reflec Crystal. "Representing all Lapines throughout Frontier! Captain Rabbit, Holy Warrior of the Galactic Lapine Church!" The old Captain Rabbit was gone and the new had arrived.

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                It was a few days later and Captain Rabbit went and located Justin. "I think we have a new problem, old chum."

                Justin smiled at the rabbit but it was obvious that he looked bored. "What's the new problem?"

                Captain Rabbit opened a box he had with him and said, "Here, have a donut."

                Justin was about to reach for a donut when he recognized the crest on the inside lid. "Where did you get these?"

                The heroic lapine said, "Good, you're on alert.My little cute buddy delivered them to me this morning along with a warning message. He said this whole project world is another cat lord trap; a fake designed to make new familiar cats. He asked me to have you suit up and cast the Light of the Holy if you can; if you cannot, then this world is preventing you from accessing that Heavenly miracle. After I saw the roo, I tried to call the angel dogs and they told me distantly that this world is preventing them from entering."

                He then added, "Charley said that if the new way doesn't work, then deliberately use your original transformation sequence. People have tried to block the roo before; it always fails."

                "You know, I haven't seen Lucifer for a while; so you may be on to something."

                Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" and as expected, nothing happened.

                He then removed the Purzo call necklace and handed it to Captain Rabbit. "Saying his name turns on this direct call necklace to him."

                Captain Rabbit held it in his gloved hand and he crushed it into powder! "Suit up, Justin, before he gets here!"

                Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "The Good Lord is There!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart and he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

                He then lifted his bible just as Purzo was teleporting into the scene as the hare hero shouted, "Light of the Holy!"

                Purzo's fur was blown backwards when the holy spell went off as the white cat lord ended up in front the Master Cat whom had the guests of Charley and Itchy present.

                Captain Rabbit and Jacky O'Hare found themselves standing back in Jackland Groves on Camp World. The heroic rabbit's costume had been reverted to what it had been before Purzo got involved. Arnie Roo pounced Captain Rabbit! "Yer back, mate! Thank the powers!" Lucifer was also standing nearby. "I see Charley and Itchy were right about the cat lord trap. Clean sources my ass." Jack O'Hare said, "I've missed you, sir." Lucifer smiled. "The feeling is mutual, my boy. I am assigned to you and when I was blocked from reaching Purzo's new world, yet Arnie Roo could still get in, that told me that it was an Underworld plot from that nasty devil mouse that no one likes."

                Amaterasu, Warren and Pardusius all arrived at the same time. "Hello Cap. Welcome back. We three are cleaning up and remaking Camp World. We contacted Hannah Seasons and the United Nations and legally acquired the rights to Camp World away from the fake Talbot. It will soon be reopened under our guidance. As you know, we have no need to do any recruiting. Tennyson and Warner have agreed to help us with this remake and detox. On a side note, when Holiday Land was raided to find Talbot, they found a note stating that he would be back."

                Captain Rabbit said, "Let me guess. It was not written in Talbot's script hand, was it?"

                Pardusius grinned. "Pure Devil Mouse. You aren't stupid, Cap. Glad you're on our side."

                Captain Rabbit said, "Since we are making a fresh start... mind telling the rest of Founder Core and those present whom your house servant is and why he so strikingly resembles my human identity's actual appearance. Zecma has seen the guy. Lighty has seen him on multiple occasions. His first sighting occurred far before the Dupe Chronicles on QC Planet ever occurred. I asked Atticus about the guy once and he said, If Pardusius has a human prisoner in his home then everyone needs to stop complaining about his having familiar cats."

                Pardusius replied, "Fair enough. I was slumming on Earth during the Civil War and I came cross a union soldier boy whom had been ambushed and shot. The Confederates left him dying on the ground. Since he was dying anyway, and the Grim Reaper had not shown up as yet, I told him that I could save him in exchange for his working for my shop back home. He agreed to my terms and I instantly teleported the two of us back to my costumer shop. Remember, Cap, this was the 1800s before Boomerpaw ever met Arnie Roo. I learned the young man's name."

                He then set a serious gaze upon those facing him. "He called himself Gawain Maguire or White Falcon of the Beige One. I hadn't even known about you yet, Cap, So the boy's appearance didn't remind me of anyone I had previously met. Zecma threw a fit the first time he saw my servant at the Costumer Shop in Imperial City. he accused me of kidnapping Gerard Prince. I didn't even know whom you were at the time. So I threw his tiny ass out."

                Captain Rabbit said, "He returned with the Yuskay Lawyers, didn't he?"

                Pardusius nodded his muzzle. "They read my boy's aura and they told Zecma that the boy only looked like Gerard Prince. He left in a huff after that."

                End of Chapter 08