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[CAMP-03] JAQ-05 The Pleasure of Camping

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    [CAMP-03] JAQ-05 The Pleasure of Camping

    After graduating High School, Justin Quincy wins the famed Sponsor a Prince contest and heads to CAMP World to live with his new sponsors in Jackland Groves within the Orlando region of animated Florida. When he learns of a species rally between the rabbits and the donkeys, he gets involved to help regulate the activities to a civilized understanding.

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World

    [CAMP-03] JAQ-05 The Pleasure of Camping.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is now open. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World
    Shared Sponsor Home of Highway Department employee Tarmac the Mobian Donkey and Captain Bucky O'Hare

    During the next two days, Justin helped Tarmac's road crew; first by using Jacky O'Hare's powers to restore all of their broken equipment back into their like-new condition. This saved the highway construction department thousands of dollars and prevented them from falling behind in their schedule.

    The foreman donkey hugged and kissed on Justin afterward. Then he revealed that he was one of Lampwick's sons and when Justin told him that Donny was inviting him on the camping trip, the foreman said that he would contact his father and put in a good word for the nice boy whom has a power where he can restore things like-new. "Rides on Pleasure Island are all the time in need of either a repair or a complete replacement. You would be very useful for my father during the camping trip."

    During another work break, Justin asked Tarmac if he would teach him about donkey sex safely with a male on male session. This led to a fun break time between sponsor and charge.

    Afterward, Justin felt as if he owed Bucky some private time since he had offered it to Tarmac. Now that Bucky was no longer in rut, he was safe to play with.

    Finally, Friday night rolled around and Justin headed out to meet up with Donny and Auty as well as whomever else was to be going on this excursion to Pleasure Island. Both Donny and the road crew foreman had explained that Pleasure Island was magical and could appear in any body of water usually at night so getting there in little time was never an issue. When the campers reached the lone private dock where the ferry boat was awaiting them, Lampwick stepped out of the shadows and he hugged Donny and several other donkey boys. But then he laid eyes on Justin and hugged him as he planted a deep kiss on the boy's mouth at the same time that he placed a safety collar around the boy's neck. "My son told me how you helped the road crew and how you prevented them from falling way behind in their work. He said you had the ability to repair equipment with a blast of your purification light power. As long as you wear the safety collar in your human form, you won't get stuck as a donkey on the island. With Major Bray on a painting vacation, we have several rides that could use your reparation power used upon them."

    Justin said with a smile feeling all giddy, "I don't know if your son mentioned this, but my purification light doesn't just fix equipment; it can also clean your body."

    Lampwick grinned. "My son withheld information from me. Sure beats a Saturday night bath in the bath house."

    Justin said, "I'll be glad to help you with anything you need help with on the island, Lampwick, sir. You are a great kisser."

    Lampwick then stepped over to look at Auty. "So you are Donny's original friend among the Jackland rabbits. The transformation rules still apply, Auty. You will get a safety collar. If you ever want to stop being a rabbit and join the donkey species, jst remove the collar and gorge yourself on Pleasure Island chocolate. By morning, you won't remember ever being a rabbit. But Donny wouldn't have weak will powered friends, I hope." And he placed the safety collar around Auty's neck before moving on to look at others.

    Auty sighed. "I don't think he likes me, Donny. Lets try to have some fun none-the-less."

    Justin approached Auty and he hugged him. "If you look back on he history of Jackland, you can figure out what their issue with non-donkeys aside from human boys is. Jackland was an approved Lampwick zone for donkeys and mules. Hoofies. All of a sudden, the drought in Texas forced the Rio Grande Rabbit tribe to have to migrate to Jackland with the Founder Core's authorization. It was like a whole different species invading their legally acquired living area. And almost immediately thereafter, they two species started having issues with each other. The majority of the rabbits claimed that the fault lay upon the donkeys for being anti-social. Jackland still belongs to Lampwick. That's why he doesn't think so highly of the rabbits. He is okay with Captain Rabbit since he is actually a human boy whom bent over backwards to help the donkeys."

    Justin released Auty at that point. "All you have to do is show Lampwick that you are one of Donny's strongest and most well-earned friends."

    Donny said, "Justin is right. While it might be tempting to dump your species just so Lampwick would like you, what he didn't tell you is that when you overdose on Pleasure Island chocolate, you completely forget you previous life and previous friends entirely for an entire year. Plus, you lose your voice and can only bray. So if being a donkey appeals to you, that is what you will have to look forward to. But Lampwick said he couldn't believe I would have a friend whom was so weak in his will power."

    Auty sighed. "So if I join the species, I forget everything. I was born in Jackland. I know most of the rabbits from Texas haven't been very nice. But those born locally, have better manners. I was so happy when Donny wanted to be friends with me. I still remember when he asked me what he thought was a normal question... where are your hoofs." He giggled as he remembered that day. "And I said with a dopey smile, they are at the cobblers getting repaired."

    Donny was now laughing as he also remembered that day. "We've had some good times together, Auty. Now lets find a good seat on the ferry boat and go to the island."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Soon on Pleasure Island, Justin was being shown by Lampwick and a chief donkey boy recruiter to a one-room cabin which had a single double-occupancy bed within the back part of it. Lampwick said, "During the camping trip, this will be your sleeping quarters, Justin. Remember to keep the safety collar on at all times while you are on the island. If you have no further questions, I need to go see about the other campers so they know the sleeping rules."

    Justin said, "As an Amish boy, I don't think I have ever been to a carnival at all, sir. However, I do need to know one thing... will I still be safe if I change into my empowered form. Much like Captain Rabbit changes from a nice human boy into a lapine hero, I have a power similar to that. Clothing makes the change when I transform; so will I still have the safety collar protection when I am in my Jacky O'Hare form?"

    Lampwick smiled at the mention of the boy they all liked. "As long as you are wearing the collar in your human form, you have the protection. Of course, too much chocolate can override the protection power. Show some common sense and you shouldn't lose your sexy human form at all. Will there be anything else?"

    Justin smiled in return. "Just one thing..."

    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

    Jacky then focused his cleansing light power upon Lampwick and the chief recruiter as the two donkeys received the cleaning they could only hope to receive. Normally a cleaning like this at the Yuskay Groomers would cost a thousand per donkey. When Jacky finished, he smiled as he powered down into his regular human form. Justin said, "Now you boys are all cleaned up. Not that there was anything wrong with how you both were before; I just wanted to show you what I was capable of."

    Lampwick was checking himself out all over and sniffing himself. "Oh wow... Its like a professional Saturday night bath. You're okay, Justin. I hope we can be the best of friends. My fur can actually breathe. I don't feel any chocolate or mud anywhere on my body at all."

    Justin said, "It may not be my place to say this, Lampwick; but please give Autumnpaw a chance before you condemn him. From my understanding of his story, he was born in Jackland Groves and his first friend was Donny. Without Donny, Auty really doesn't have anyone else to call a friend. I know you have issues with the Texas Rabbits..."

    Lampwick said, "If they didn't come across as holier than thou; we could all get along. Not even Captain Rabbit likes their attitudes. I need to get going." And he left.

    Justin now looked to the chief recruiter. "Did I say something wrong to him?"

    The chief donkey boy recruiter replied, "The rabbits in Jackland Groves are a sore issue with Lampwick since Founder Core permitted Lampwick to claim that zone as his own and then they stupidly allowed the rabbits to move in and they had pompous attitudes to start with. Lampwick wants the rabbits out of his contracted zone. He has considered taking Founder Core to court over this travesty of justice. Lampwick still has the signed contracts for Jackland Groves. I know he has been conferring with Rock Coyote over this."

    Justin hugged and petted on the recruiter. "Well, I've always liked donkeys. Since this is a camping trip, is there anything you'd like to do with a nice boy like me?"

    The chief recruiter smiled as he hugged and kissed the boy in return. "Since you are offering play time and you like donkeys, there is somewhere we can go. No sense messing up your sleeping quarters. Come with me and I'll show you the recruiters club where some of our best relax and unwind. You'll be fine since you have the safety collar. Are you a stranger to donkey boy sex?"

    Justin replied, "I did it with Tarmac and Donny in the days before the camping trip; it was a fun experience."

    The chief recruiter said, "Good. Because some of the recruiters when they are unwinding usually have multi-partner gay sex with each other. You might get involved."

    And after removing all of his clothes except for his safety collar, Justin and the chief recruiter left the sleeping cabin heading to the recruiters club.

    Across the park, Lampwick was having a final word with Donny and Auty. "Justin asked me to give you a chance before condemning you. He said you were born in Jackland Groves and aside from Donny, you have no other friends. My huge issue is with Texas Rabbits whom invaded my legally acquired donkey officers community. The rabbits came in and threw their weight around and as much said that we donkeys caused the problems for them. They are lucky I don't banish their asses back to the drought stricken Texas. I acquired Jackland Groves legally and Founder Core did not have my permission to move a bunch of rabbits into my zone. Why didn't they send them to California or New England where carrots are in over abundance. Buntown in the North and Lapine Valley in the West have plenty of room for new rabbits. Screwing over my people has made me want to take legal action."

    Auty sighed. "I'm sorry. But since I wasn't born in Texas, you shouldn't lump me in with the others causing the problems. Donny is my only friend. I get lonely without him."

    Lampwick rubbed a hoof over Auty's head fur. "Then I should consider you a local as long as you are not fibbing about your place of origin. Try to enjoy your stay on the island."

    Donny smiled. "Thanks for hearing Auty out, Uncle Lampwick. I've seen his birth certificate; he is a Jackland Groves local according to the doctors. And he is a good friend."

    End of Chapter 02