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[CAMP-03] JAQ-04 Warren

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    [CAMP-03] JAQ-04 Warren

    After graduating High School, Justin Quincy wins the famed Sponsor a Prince contest and heads to CAMP World to live with his new sponsors in Jackland Groves within the Orlando region of animated Florida. When he learns of a species rally between the rabbits and the donkeys, he gets involved to help regulate the activities to a civilized understanding.

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World

    [CAMP-03] JAQ-04 Warren.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is now open. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World
    Shared Sponsor Home of Highway Department employee Tarmac the Mobian Donkey and Captain Bucky O'Hare

    Bucky, Tarmac, Auty, Donny, One-Jack and the rest of Bucky's crew sat at the table and had a great dinner that night. Then the Welcome to the Household party cake and drinks were served to one and all. Yes, Lucifer did manage to snag a slice of that cake for himself. They sang happy birthday to Jack even though his birthday was the previous month, they wanted him to feel like he was part of their family.

    That night after One-Jack went home before Auty and Donny went home to their own parents, Bucky said to Tarmac and the others present, "I have to return to Warren for a week. Jack has offered to make the trip with me by his own choice. I told him what I needed to do up there. While I am dealing with the seven-year rut, Justin will be meeting with the Mayor of Warren and later speaking to the High Priests of Warren. As Jenny stated earlier today, Justin's empowered form looks like a High Priest of Warren and it might be best if he had the legal authorization from the Church of Warren to make use of that form. They are familiar with Willie already, so they know what a human looks like."

    Tarmac said, "So the plan is to leave tonight and let Justin sleep aboard the ship so his sleep schedule is not messed up. Good plan. I have more roadways to repair."

    The green hare hugged Jack and said, "Permission gained, kid. Ready to ride the stars with a bunch of crazy animals?"

    Justin smiled back at his sponsor. "For you, no problem! Let's do this!"

    Willie whispered to Jenny and Dead-Eye, "The way Bucky is trembling, he must be really bad off toward his people's rut. Its a wonder he hasn't tried to pounce one of us."

    Dead-Eye grinned with a red flare in his good eye. "If he tries that with me, I'll shoot his ding dong."

    Jenny then said to Blinky, "Blinky, you are to personally keep an eye on Bucky. Since you are an android, he cannot do anything to you."

    Blinky saluted the cat as he said, "Affirmative, Jenny. You can count on me."

    Bruiser had a large hand on Bucky's shoulder, "You get boy in trouble, me get YOU in trouble! Get me?!"

    Bucky looked up at Bruiser as he quickly raised a banana between the two of them. "It was not my intention to have Jack come along with me to Warren, Bruiser. But once he volunteered to escort me, how could I say no?"

    Bruiser took the banana and then he said, "Jacky boy will share duck's quarters. Duck not in there all the time. You keep furry hands to yourself or else, baboon lead and you be bottom." He then peeled the banana and began eating it. "Mmmm... Camp Bananas better tasting than Space Bananas."

    S.P.A.C.E. Frigate Righteous Indignation

    Bucky opened the communications channel. "Jackland air traffic control. This is Bucky O'Hare about to launch. Destination: Planet Warren. ETA: Eighteen hours. Standard Crew and Inter-Galactic mail delivery. Over."

    "Jackland Air Control Kingdom reads you, Captain O'Hare. Have a safe flight. You are clear for launch. Over and Out."

    Bucky then opened up the intercom systems all over the ship. "We have clearance, guys! Time to take flight! In 3... 2... 1... Launch!" And the S.P.A.C.E. Frigate flew off of the runway and shot up into the sky before entering space itself.

    Justin was sleeping in Dead-Eye's bed in his state room. Tarmac had been correct. Messing up a sleep schedule would have bad side effects later on.

    Some hours later, Dead-Eye came into his state room having forgotten that the Sponsor boy was sleeping in his bed and he slid into bed before coming beak to face with Justin.

    "I forgot he was in my room. But he is so cute when he sleeps. A shame Willie got snagged by Jenny." He then wrapped his arms around the boy.

    Justin in his sleep then returned the favor by hugging the duck close to himself.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    When Justin woke up later, he saw the sleeping four-armed duck in front of himself as he noted that the duck had removed his space uniform entirely before getting into bed. "Man... he has a tube sausage bigger than a donkey dick. I wonder what he is dreaming about." Since the duck was asleep, Justin let him sleep as he slowly removed himself from the bed as he made his way into the duck's bathroom. Therein, the boy relieved himself nicely and he cleaned himself before turning around to find Dead-Eye standing in the bathroom doorway admiring his naked boy body. "I didn't want to wake you up, Dead-Eye. And I didn't want to make a mess in your bed. So whom are you aroused for?"

    Dead-Eye slowly approached the boy and wrapped his arms around the boy and said, "I have some lube if you want to try this duck on for size. Ever since Jenny snagged Willie, I've been fantasizing about playing with a human boy. Do this for me and I will help you in return. Please?" Apparently the pirate duck wanted a cabin boy.

    Justin smiled at the duck as he kissed him on the beak. "I won't say a thing to the others, Dead-Eye. Now show me that you know how to use a gun like the one between your legs."

    Some hours later, the two were in the shower getting cleaned up. "How was I, Stud?" asked Justin as he helped Dead-Eye to get the sex smell out of his feathers.

    Dead-Eye said, "It could have been better but it felt like you were holding back. I'm a big duck; I can take it. Unlike Bucky, I am not in rut."

    Justin then said something that made the duck stop and think. "Ducks lay eggs, Dead-Eye. The others would have noticed if you waddled around with a bottom full of eggs. Humans do live-birth. If I got pregnant, again everyone would notice. And then YOU would be on Bruiser's hot seat."

    Dead-Eye irked. "I almost forgot about Bruiser's threat against Bucky. I do not want to bottom for the baboon."

    Justin was then getting dressed as he said, "I know everyone pulls their own weight around the frigate but what should I do while I am on board. Aside from religion and personal assistance, I am not much good for anything in the Aniverse."

    Dead-Eye said, "You can strap yourself into the co-pilot's seat. Normally Jenny would sit there but she is entertaining Willie."

    Justin said, "I know Bucky must be hurting with this stupid rut driving him crazy. Perhaps his seeing me in the cockpit will calm him down."

    Dead-Eye arched an eye. "In the what?"

    Justin smirked. "I meant aboard the bridge. Cockpit is a reference to old single engine fighter planes which had a stick shift which pilots called their cocks since it was positioned directly between their legs."

    The duck smiled. "That actually sounds like fun."

    Justin then asked, "I know Bucky said that the flight to Warren would take about eighteen hours. But it feels like I may have overslept. What time is it anyway?"

    Dead-Eye looked at a time piece he kept in his quarters. "You went to bed at roughly ten-to-ten thirty P.M. Jackland time; and you slept nine-to-ten hours. It took you about an fifteen minutes to extract yourself out of my bed. Another ten minutes to relieve yourself. Then I cornered you in the bathroom for another three hours for our sex session. It took us an hour to shower and get cleaned up afterward. About ten minutes to get dressed. So evaluated time estimate would be... about Noon Frigate time. We have another four hours before arriving in orbit above Planet Warren. I may be off in my estimates, but we can ask Jenny for an exact update."

    As they were emerging from the state room, they saw Jenny and Bruiser standing in the hallway. "Just the lady I wanted to see. I need a time update, Jenny. How close are we to Planet Warren? I feel like I may have overslept. Traveling in space threw off my sleep pattern and then Dead-Eye helped me to get cleaned up in the bathroom."

    Jenny said, "We will be there in three and a half hours. Change into your hare form for a moment. I need to check something."

    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

    Bruiser then held Jacky still as Jenny injected some sort of shot into Justin's hare body's bloodstream. "This will prevent you from catching the Warren Rut. You can change back to normal now."

    Jacky said, "Power Down!" And in a flash he was back in his human identity of Justin Axel Quincy. "JAQ!" He then rubbed his neck where he could still feel the spot where she had injected him. "Ow... that hurt. But better safe than sorry. Did Willie get a shot like this?"

    Dead-Eye then got his shot in the neck by Jenny. "All of us are getting this done, Justin," said the magical cat. "Thankfully you only need one shot in your animal form. Willie being human only had to drink the safe-for-humans version of the medication. He made a horrible face after he drank it. Now head on up to the bridge and visit with Bucky. He feels bad enough that he is like this and he cares very much for you. Scoot." And Justin headed off to see his sponsor parent at the bridge.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Planet Warren

      Bucky opened the communications channel. "Warren Star Port. This is Bucky O'Hare aboard the Righteous Indignation about to land for necessary medical purposes regarding myself. May we have permission to land? I am entering my Seven Year Rut and the crew took precautions just in case. Over."

      "Warren Star Port reads you, Captain O'Hare. You are clear for landing. An escort will be awaiting you. Over and Out."

      Bucky then opened up the intercom systems all over the ship. "We have clearance for landing, guys! Taking us down!" And the S.P.A.C.E. Frigate dipped down through the atmosphere of Planet Warren aiming for the capital's Star Port.

      Warren Star Port

      Once landed, Bucky presented himself to the medical reserve army and he was taken away to the Warren Hospital. The mayor of Warren met up with the others. "Good to see you heroes once again. I know Bucky sent a message ahead a few days ago that his newest charge had an empowerment that looks like one of our high priests or high military officials. He said it might be for the best if his charge had Warren's permission to utilize this empowered form elsewhere in the Aniverse. Which one of you is the charge?"

      Justin stepped forward and he shook the mayor's hand. "I am Bucky's latest charge. Yes, I am Willie's species normally. My name is Justin Axel Quincy, my friends shorten that to Jack. My empowered form is called Jacky O'Hare. Bucky wants to pounce me every time I change into this other identity. Do you wish to see this form?"

      The mayor replied, "Not just yet. I think I should take you over to the Great Church of Warren so the priests therein can give their approval of your empowerment. Once you have their clearance, I will grant you my own. As you may be aware, Bucky is our national hero. For him to be suffering is an imposition to his ability. I am glad you care about him."

      Great Church of Warren

      Unexpectedly, the Great Church was located within the tallest hill just outside of Warren City. As they approached the doors, Jenny suddenly said, "I can go no further. The holy protection here would do me harm. It will be for the best if I wait out here as an anchor."

      Justin said, "Don't worry, Jenny. Willie can tell you what the place is like when he looks around and comes back to share knowledge of it with you later."

      Jenny smiled. "Thank you for understanding. Good luck, Jack."

      Once past the doors, the mayor said, "I am not sure I understand why she chose not to come inside."

      Justin chose to explain something that he hoped was legal to say about Jenny's people. "Her people's faith prevents her from entering another society's place of worship."

      That seemed to work for the mayor. "Very well, I thought it might be something else. Come along, I see the three priests just ahead."

      And the group walked further into the chambers where a giant gold Hare statue looking quite noble and holy stood just behind the collected holy hares. The three priests of Warren were a violet colored male hare wearing red robes; a white colored male hare wearing white robes; and a pink colored male hare wearing blue robes. The mayor then explained to the three on why they had come and on whom Justin was in regards to Bucky.

      He then turned to Justin. "Now you can reveal your empowerment to the priests. I hope it was worth the wait."

      Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

      The ending product left him standing there in his aquamarine fur albeit suited up in his black uniform with silver highlights.

      The three priests then examined Jacky close up checking out various things on his form.

      The violet hare said, "If you agree to undergo a holy rite with us, we will give you our blessing for performing as a holy hare of Warren. We do not require sex; only our god has the right to ask for that. Would you be willing to undergo this rite with us?"

      The implication was that if he refused, then he would be performing blasphemy against the god whom was also known as Warren, by pretending to be a Priest of Warren himself.

      Jacky replied, "As long as the rites do not insult my own religion, I can perform this with you. For you see, my religion are Amish, meaning we are part of the Mormon church." Dead-Eye then volunteered extra information. "The Amish always wear black."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Jacky nodded his head to agree with Dead-Eye's statement. "He is right. We feel as if we don't have the holy permission to wear other colors aside from white. We strive to be as pure as white but until we achieve that level, we wear black."

        The pink hare then said, "Disrobe and enter the back chamber. The representative of the god Warren is within. Placate his requests and you will have earned the holy right to call yourself a Priest of Warren. Will you do this? He has been disagreeable lately. For why we do not know. Placate his desire and you will be one of us."

        Jacky disrobed as he handed his uniform over to Dead-Eye. "This seems like a strange request. It isn't anything like what I thought they would be asking of me."

        Dead-Eye grinned. "Just remember what you are capable of and you should be okay."

        Jacky then entered the back chamber carefully looking around. "Hello? Is anyone here. I am undergoing the acceptance rite. I am to placate Warren's avatar."

        In the far back corner of the chamber sat a naked gold hare whom looked miserable. "Oh not another one. Just go away."

        Jacky knelt down to face the gold hare. "It is said that talking about a problem can help to solve it. Besides, I am not like the others. I am really a human like Willie DuWitt. Bucky O'Hare is back on the planet to deal with his rut. And that is part of why we are here at all. I am in truth of the Amish religion. I was told to placate you and I would officially be a Priest of Warren. Although it they are treating you like this, I am not sure I would want to be one of them. Now give... what is your problem?"

        The gold hare sighed. "When I was born with gold fur, my mother named me Warren, Junior. As is the law on planet, just after a child reaches puberty, they are to be brought to the church to receive Warren's blessing. When the three idiots out there saw that I was a gold hare named Warren, they mistakenly thought that I was the god Warren reborn. I've been a prisoner in this chamber ever since. If you help me to escape from this place and the planet as well, you can tell the priests that you placated me. I am begging you."

        Jacky helped the hare his own age up from his spot. "In addition to this form, I also have powers. Yes, I can get you out of here. I will take you back to the Righteous Indignation and hide you within the shuttle bay. Do not let Blinky know you are there as he might give the alert that you are on the ship. Of course, you can tell him that you came to get Bucky's autograph."

        Warren Junior said, "You can tell the priests that after you placated me, I chose to make myself invisible so I could meditate in silence and how I do not wish to be disturbed."

        Jacky smiled. "Deal. Okay, this next part is going to seem like magic; but where is the closest outer hill side to this chamber?"

        Warren Junior smiled as he pointed off toward a side wall. "It is in that direction. The city and star port are on the other side of the hill."

        Jacky stood behind the gold hare as he wrapped his arms securely around his torso and said, "May the actual god Warren forgive me; but holding a leveret prisoner does not seem like a holy act for his priests to perform. Even if he were you reborn, I would think he wouldn't have surrendered his powers just to be a mortal and be treated like this." And in the next instant, Jacky turned on his powers of flight and phase through solid objects, as he carried his guest through the walls of the church and they emerged outside of the holy hill. Since he was now in holy ghost form, if any guards were around, they would see the spirits of two hares flying along the ground away from the church. Soon, Jacky deposited Warren Junior within the shuttle bay of the frigate before going to tell Blinky himself about Bucky's fan boy and to leave him alone.

        "You can count on A.F.C. Blinky, Jacky," said the one-eyed android. "See you when you return."

        Later back in the church, Jacky walked out of the back chamber where he claimed his hero uniform and got back into it. "Warren said that I had to go speak to the head military officer of Warren to complete the blessing. He also stated that he was going to turn himself invisible so he could meditate in silence. He does not wish to be disturbed for a week after which he will seek a bath as well as food."

        The three priests looked overjoyed that someone was able to placate the representative of Warren. "Oh thank you very much, Jacky O'Hare! You have earned our blessing!"

        Jacky then added, "He also said that if anyone disobeyed his request for privacy, then they would lose the blessing to be a priest. So respect his wishes while he is meditating."

        The three priests now looked worried as if bothering Warren was exactly what they were going to do the moment Jacky and the others left.

        Dead-Eye seemed to catch on fast what Jacky O'Hare was doing but he kept his beak shut while in the church.

        With the mayor escorting the group once again, they joined up with Jenny and then they headed over to Warren's military base to meet up with the Head Military hare in charge of operations. Dead-Eye was so curious what trick Jacky had arranged with the representative of the god Warren.

        Warren Military Command

        When the General laid eyes on Jacky O'Hare among the group of Bucky's crew mates, he rigidly went to attention as he saluted Jacky saying, "Admiral, Sir!"

        The mayor chuckled as he calmly explained just whom Jacky O'Hare was and why they had come to the military base at all. The hare General looked relieved to hear that.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          The Hare General asked, "How long are you to be on the planet, Jacky?"

          Jacky replied, "Not counting today, six more days. Bucky O'Hare had to return to the home world to take care of the seven year rut. He thought I might benefit from learning about Hare heroics."

          The Hare General said, "Then he intended for you to take our one-week training course here at the military academy. Will you agree to undergo this training session with our people. I can promise you that there is no sex in the academy unless you ask an officer like myself to help you with it. I would advise that you focus on the training."

          Jacky said, "As long as the training isn't horrible to experience, I will agree to conduct this training. Just remember that my true species is the same as Willie DuWitt's species. A human boy whom is also Amish. Do I have to disrobe for this?"

          The Hare General nodded his head. "It would be for the best if you did so you didn't mess up your hero uniform. I am called General Bannon Dhare Or General Dhare for short. Or for those in training... Sir."

          Jacky removed his black uniform and he handed it to Dead-Eye for safe keeping. While he was doing this, he mouthed to the duck, [Everyone on planet sure wants to see me naked.]

          Dead-Eye was getting suspicious of this behavior since no one had requested for the Frigate's crew to undress. He would confide in Jenny about this in private.

          Jacky was then taken to the academy doctor for his physical to make sure he was capable of undergoing the Hare Heroics training course. During the actual physical, the hare doctor asked, "What is your favorite food, Jacky?" And Jacky replied innocently with, "Ardens Pizza. Although in Frontier, Lightning Pizza is the best." The reply startled the doctor but he wrote down the information anyway. Apparently the food inquiry was to get an idea on what to feed this hare during his training week.

          In the meantime, Dead-Eye spoke to Jenny in private. "I find it kind of strange that every hare on Warren wants to see Jacky naked before he does a task for them. When the priests asked him to do this and then go naked into a chamber where Warren's representative awaited and placate his requests... I don't know what Jacky did in there, but when he emerged, he didn't smell like sex. Now the Hare General asks Jacky to remove his uniform since the training might dirty up his uniform, which is black anyway. I hate to raise suspicions, Jenny; but this whole nudity business isn't normal since they did not request the rest of us to do this. Not to mention, I wouldn't have done it."

          Jenny said, "Let me read a few minds and see if there are any under-pawed plans going on that they didn't tell us about."

          Willie had wandered away since no one had been looking right at him and he soon found a few hare recruits in the academy showers washing off the latest grime from their furred bodies. "Hi guys. I'm Willie DuWitt of Bucky O'Hare's crew. How's it going in here?"

          One recruit glanced hard over at Willie. "This is a bad time to be on Planet, Willie. Number one word of advice... keep your clothes on no matter what. Otherwise, you will get a sex education lesson whether you want one or not. We are glad to know that Bucky is back; maybe he can put an end to this garbage."

          Another recruit said, "Its breeding season, Willie. Be careful or else you might end up with long ears and a fluffy tail like the rest of us."

          At that moment, an Academy Captain arrived and said, "I thought I heard talking in the showers. If you have the energy to talk, then you have the energy to breed... and-" He stopped when he noted that Willie DuWitt was standing nearby. "Oh I see. You were asked a question by a civilian of Bucky's crew. He is at the academy right now."

          Willie arched an eye. "He is here?! We were told that he was to have been taken to the Warren Hospital! Why would he be here?!"

          The Captain said, "The normal Warren Hospital has no room left over. He was brought to the military hospital for officer care. Had you people walked in the door of the normal Warren Hospital, your entire crew would have been raped. When the hares are in rut, they are not afraid of anything. Not even a Berserker Baboon. Another warning; when the hares are in rut, they will lie about their situation in order to arrange an escape from the planet. Those deepest into the suffering will do anything to get down your pants. You really need to be careful because despite being male, you can get really pregnant. And you are a good looking boy and you might look good pregnant as a hare."

          Willie didn't need another warning at that point as he fled past where the hare captain was standing in the shower room door. Willie needed to get back to the others. Going through the wrong door at the right time permitted the door to knock the hare doctor unconscious on the floor as it looked as if he had been about to mount Jacky. Willie grabbed Jacky by one hand and said, "We have to find Bucky and get out of here! They accidentally told me that anyone visiting the planet can get pregnant during their breeding season. I also learned that a hare in rut will lie in order to find an escape off of the planet and afterward reward their rescuer with breeding sex. If you helped someone recently, then you may have made a mistake. Let's go."

          While running, they found Bruiser about to bash a vending machine for not having any banana cola and they began to drag him along with them. "Machine no have banana cola! What's going on?" And then they encountered Dead-Eye and Jenny whom both began running with the boys. "We need to find Bucky and get out of here! I found out that Bucky is at the military hospital! If we stay here for a week, we will all be pregnant hares! They said that this wasn't just a rut; it is planetary breeding season!"

          Dead-Eye said, "I knew something funny was going on! When we reach a safe place to do this, Jacky, get your uniform back on and then power down! I think you are more susceptible in your hare form than you would be in your human form!" They got that opportunity when they reached an elevator that led up to the officers portion of the military hospital. Everyone got aboard and the up button was pushed. Dead-Eye handed over Jacky's uniform, before Jacky got dressed and then powered down into his human identity.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            When the elevator reached the next floor, Bucky's crew swarmed out of the elevator as Bruiser charged down the corridor knocking military hares out of his way as he went. "Ahooga!" Using Jenny's powers, they soon located the room Bucky was being held prisoner within and the doctors were dispatched by Bruiser while Dead-Eye, Willie, and Justin helped the heroic hare back into his S.P.A.C.E. uniform. "Lets get out of here, Buck-O!" exclaimed the duck. "Willie found out that the planet is undergoing their breeding season; not the seven year rut! This is their version of species recruitment! And I like being a duck!"

            Bucky said, "I found that out for myself after they had me get undressed for my physical. A few doctors got a kick in the groin for trying to mount me. Just get me to the Yuskay Groomers on Camp World and this rut nonsense can be taken care of properly. Besides, I have to get Justin back to the sponsor house or else Founder Core and Cheer Bear will tear me a new one for putting the boy in danger."

            Willie said, "They told me that if we had gone to the normal hospital, all of us would have been impregnated before we got out of the lobby."

            Justin said, "I have an idea for getting air clearance for getting off the planet without being stopped. Lets get back to the Righteous Indignation."

            Not surprisingly, they had to fight sex-craved hares all the way back to the star port where their ship was. They had been lucky to get an unmolested escort the first time.

            As they boarded the Righteous Indignation, Justin had Jenny help him to set up an Ominous Voice Modulation for their special guest to use so they could get away from the planet. Justin went and retrieved Warren Junior out of the Shuttle Bay and with a pistol aimed at the hare's groin, he was made to recite off a script that Justin had prepared for the young leveret to announce to the citizens of Warren. "This is Warren, your god! Bucky O'Hare and his crew must be permitted to leave to prevent the Toad Menace from returning! For those whom cannot control your desires, you are to go seek solstice at the Church of Warren where a bath in the holy waters will return you to your normal state of being! Do this to get my blessing! GO!"

            After that, there was no resistance to prevent the Righteous Indignation from leaving Planet Warren in its preparation for returning to Camp World. Justin guarded Warren Junior personally. "I'm sorry we had to treat you that way, Junior. The whole planet had been in their breeding season and they wanted to change us into pregnant hares. So I came up with a plan to have Warren the God to help us get off the planet safely. I hope Warren isn't upset with me for making you do that for us."

            Junior smiled as he patted on Justin's hand. "I am not in rut myself as you know. But it would be difficult for me to be like the mortal hares anyways. For I am really Warren, Justin. I had been testing my people to see if they deserved my direct assistance. The current Warren is not the first version of the planet. It is the second, which I jokingly call Warren Two or Warren Junior. The original Warren was destroyed in a nasty Lapine Civil War when their sexual desires got out of control. It started as a breeding season and in the end, it became an out and out war against all of the factions on planet. Warren Two was established with the leftover peace seeking hares from the original world; but as you plainly saw, they are quickly starting to revert back into the state of being that the old world was infamous for. When I saw you, I knew I wanted to sponsor your heroism."

            Justin said, "Does Jenny know about your true self?"

            Warren replied, "She suspects, although there is no reason to hide what I really am. Bucky will know me on sight once I summon my actual clothes. The priesthood of Warren is a joke. You saw how they were treating me as a prisoner within my own church. Oh, I could have prevented you from getting me out of there but I wanted to see how devoted you truly were. You are honorable of heart and respectful to the powers of religion. May I see that Bible of yours?"

            Justin pulled it out and handed it to Warren expecting to see Warren getting zapped for touching another religion's holy book.

            But instead, Warren flipped through the book before handing it back. "A good representation of my father's original work; but really shuffled up in a haphazard manner. I am a son of God, myself, Justin. That is why I can touch relics of God. You have nothing to fear from me. I like you." He then leaned in and he gave the human boy a fond hug and a light kiss on his lips. "My blessing you have earned, Justin. May Jacky O'Hare uphold the rights of others for as long as you may live."

            Justin asked, "What will become of your people back on Warren Two?"

            Warren replied, "They will eventually destroy each other. But thankfully, there are a few good hares in reserve in case we have to start over once again. Captain Rabbit is always willing to lend a helping paw to the Lapines of Space whenever they ask. You would do good to ally yourself with him. Although he mainly keeps the Space Pirate Rabbits in check; he is very open-minded to our overall cause."

            Taking a moment to summon his godly uniform, and getting dressed within it, he then went with Justin to the galley of the frigate to see about getting a meal. When they entered the galley, Bucky had been there having a meal and when he saw Warren, the effect was immediate. "Lord Warren! I am so sorry!" He got out of his dining seat and he knelt down on the floor. "What brings you aboard the Righteous Indignation, your grace?"

            Warren chuckled. "Get back into your chair and finish your meal, Bucky. My, how the clothes make all the difference in the universe. It's me, Junior. But you are right, I am also Lord Warren; I was in disguise back when Justin met up with me. I was investigating the colony and in my godly opinion, they failed." He then reached down and patted Bucky between his ears. "You are one of the good ones, Bucky. I approve of your charge, Justin. He is a good host."

            Bucky got back into his seat. "I am suffering from my rut, Warren."

            Warren replied, "The Yuskay Groomers can assist you with that. Although I would suggest that the entire crew get a cleansing since you people were on Planet Warren recently."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World
              Yuskay Groomers; Empowerment and Body Restorations

              The professional Hellhounds smiled when they saw Justin come in but they arched an eye when they saw whom all was with him this time. Founder Core had come to speak to Lord Warren in regards to his presence on Camp World. Bucky was authorized for an anti-rut treatment while the rest of the crew were given a planetary contamination cleansing. Even Blinky was to get a cleansing as well as a transistor and computing power upgrade. Jenny was commended for her giving anti-breeding shots before landfall on Warren.

              Justin received a cleansing on both of his forms since he had transformed while on planet. Better safe than sorry.

              Purzo being the records keeper of the Founder Core was then interviewing Justin and each member of the Righteous Indignation to put together what had actually happened before during and while on the trip itself. Justin ended up having to answer questions twice once Dead-Eye revealed that he had consensual sex with Justin in his own state room bathroom. This instance occurred again later when Willie had to answer questions twice after Jenny admitted that she and Willie had done it just before she gave the entire crew the anti-breeding inoculation. The S.P.A.C.E. Frigate then had to receive a detox cleansing to removing lingering breeding scent from the duct works and ventilation. Apparently while Bucky was in his induced rut, his breeding scent wafted freely through the ship's vents and that is why everyone on the ship began throwing caution to the wind and perform together if they ever found themselves alone with someone. Unless you were an android or a robot, then you were susceptible to this insidious aroma.

              Again, Jenny was commended for her quick thinking.

              The final stage conducted was the cleansing of everyone's uniforms and clothes whether they liked it or not. That sneaky breeding scent had to be removed from everything or else they all might end up pregnant again later. And everyone agreed that they didn't want to go through that with baboon babies.

              The Hare god Lord Warren had submitted himself to the cleansing soak when it was offered to him. He took it like a man. It was like the fluids a dirty dog might get dipped in.

              One Yuskay Groomer remarked, "We were going to clean your royal garb but it seems to have vanished, sir."

              Warren smiled. "They were illusionary garb, good Groomer. When I chose to accept the dip bath, I simply turned off the spell effect."

              He then stated, "Cleaning a god is always a new learning experience."

              Warren grinned. "If you want to do Lady Amaterasu's laundry, you only need to ask."

              A resounding "NO!" was the final response.

              Jackland Youth Center

              After getting the all clear, Justin went and found Donny at the teen hot spot which was the Jackland Youth Center. He played a few games of air hockey with the donkey boy, before they went over and got some food and drink. "Am I ever glad you didn't get stuck on Planet Warren, Justin. Auty and I consider you to be our friend. I would have had to go rescue you. I think the world of you. Auty hasn't been as active since he was forced to get his anti-rut detox. So I've been by myself."

              Justin hugged Donny close to himself and began petting him all over. "Auty scared me with his being so horny, Donny. It isn't right that you are by yourself." He leaned in and he gave the donkey boy a kiss on his muzzle lips.

              Donny was a bit surprised that the human boy had done that; but don't look a gift kiss in the mouth, so he returned the kiss as deeply as he could muster to show his appreciation for the friendship he had with Justin.

              Justin smiled at Donny and said, "Lets go find a quiet grassy spot where we can watch the clouds in the sky."

              Donny arched an eye. "That's an activity I haven't done before. Okay, lets go."

              The two got up and departed the Youth Center and after making a brief stop at a local bathhouse to pick up a full body length towel, they headed on out on their date.

              Jackland Clover Fields; a good distance outside the city

              With the body towel laid out in the middle of the clover, Justin gave Donny a free show as he removed all of his clothes before sprawling out on the towel. "Well, join me, Donny."

              When the donkey boy joined him, he said, "I didn't know you were going to get naked for me, Justin. I'm not sure what you want me to do with me or why you took your clothes off for me. Are you feeling okay?"

              Justin held Donny in his arms with the donkey boy on top of himself. "I'm feeling really good. I always get aroused when I am forced to take a bath. What I want to do, Donny, is to have sex with you and not in a mating sort of way. Will you do this for me?" He gave the sad puppy eyes and trembling lip as he added, "Please..."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Donny being of Pleasure Island stock, was a donkey boy whom could be human when he needed to be one and he didn't want to hurt his friend, so he shifted partially back into his former human form before inserting himself into Justin's tail hole, and then he began to show his friend just how good donkey boys could be as part of his seduction skills slid into the forefront of his mind and he worked Justin over in the ways that the boy had asked him to.

                Despite being front side down with Donny on top of himself, Justin got surprised when he saw Lucifer suddenly appear directly in front of his line of sight.

                Lucifer smiled. "I never expected to catch you having fun with Donny. Now remember, don't verbally reply to me since Donny cannot see nor hear me. Your bunny friend, Auty, is in town looking for you two. He tracked you both to the Youth Center and now no one knows where you two went after you played some air hockey. I hope Auty doesn't get into trouble looking for you boys. Perhaps you two should wrap this up in another hour and then go find your friend." And he vanished after delivering that message.

                Justin then said out loud. "Donny? Lucifer just delivered me a message. Auty was in town looking for us both. Lucifer implied that Auty could get into trouble while trying to find us. Where would he go to look for you usually?"

                Donny remarked, "The strawberry fields is one of our favorite places, but the absolute favorite place to go would be the mud flats. Auty really shouldn't go there by himself during this time of the year or else he might get stuck in the thick mud and tar pools that are out there. Tarmac usually gets some of the road supplies from that place. The strawberry fields are pretty close to here. We walked by them on the way to the clover fields. The mud flats are further out that direction." And he pointed off to one side.

                Justin said, "Why don't we head check the nearby strawberry fields, then we can head on out to the mud flats. I just have a bad feeling that Auty might already be out there the way Lucifer was suggesting that Auty might be in trouble."

                Donny asked, "What about your clothes, Justin? You will get them really messed up at the mud flats. I realize you are naked at the moment but you would have to remove them again at the mud flats. The tar would stain your skin pitch black and some of the mud can dissolve clothing right off of your body if you get too much on you."

                Justin smiled up at Donny. "My clothes and costumes are dedicated to my transformation forms. When I transform, if I was naked before the transformation, a duplicate of my dedicated clothes appear on my body when the transformation ends. So I am not worried about losing any clothes. Besides, you aren't wearing any yourself today. I know you normally only wear a leather vest; but you don't have it with you today. And you look good without it. So let's go find Auty before he gets in too deep."

                Wrapping up his clothes in the full body towel and choosing to walk around naked, Justin went with Donny to the strawberry fields. Thankfully no one was working the orchards on that day or they had already gone home. Donny found indications that Auty had already been at the strawberry bushes and had gone ahead already. The next trip was to head out to the mud flats where Auty and Donny liked to play around. When they arrived at the edge of the flats, Donny showed Justin where they could put the towel and clothes while checking the flats for Auty. Dropping off the towel and clothes, then found Auty's tracks and carefully followed them through the only safe path in the flats between the pools. Justin said, "Call his name, Donny. He might get startled if he hears me calling his name."

                Donny cupped his hands over his muzzle. "Auty! Where are you?"

                Auty's voice was then barely heard. "Donny! I'm stuck! I accidentally stepped off the path into the wrong pool! I'm covered in tar!"

                Justin said, "Time to summon Jacky O'Hare."

                Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

                Jacky then removed his costume placing it with the towel and other clothes. Standing behind Donny, Jacky held on to him and took flight. "When we reach Auty, grab a hold of him and we will slowly pull him up out of the tar. I will then fly us back to the mud flat entrance. Don't be scared, Donny. I just hope Auty is remaining calm. I know you don't want to lose a friend out here."

                Soon, they had found Auty looking black from the mid-chest down. He had wisely kept his hands and arms out of the tar. Justin said, "Grab his arms, Donny. I will use my purification light once we are back at the mud flat entrance to clean the tar off of Auty's body." Donny reached down and grabbed a hold of Auty's arms and then Jacky O'Hare began the slow lift to free Auty of this sticky pool of tar.

                At the mud flat entrance, a blackened sticky Auty was set down on the ground and then Donny was set down a few feet away as Jacky focused his purification light toward the rabbit.

                The tar and staining properties were scoured off of Auty's fur and body leaving him as clean as he had been that morning. "Oh thank you so much, Jacky! I was so scared!"

                Jacky stood next to the clothing stand where he confiscated his hero costume and he put it back on. "Good thing Lucifer let me know that you were in trouble, Auty."

                Auty sighed. "Thanks anyways. I looked all over the place for you two. Where were you?"

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Jacky struck his pose and said, "Power down!" And he changed back into Justin. "You likely walked right past us earlier. We were laying in the clover fields watching the clouds."

                  Auty walked over and hugged Justin. "I would never have looked there. No wonder I missed you guys... I was lonely; that's why I was looking for you."

                  Justin hugged Auty in return. "I wasn't stealing your friend, Auty. When I went to the Youth Center, I was expecting to find you both together already. When I got there, only Donny was there and it looked like he had been there by himself for a while."

                  Auty released Justin and said, "I wasn't accusing you of anything, Justin. It just that when I first moved into Jackland Groves, Donny was the first guy whom tried to make friends with me. I was really lonely back in those days and I was scared. Donny showed me fun things and said it would be okay. Plus, I got my parents permission to go camping with Donny this next weekend. We made these plans when we thought you would be off planet for a whole week. What happened to end the trip early, Justin?"

                  Justin pulled Donny and Auty close to himself as they sat down at the base of a nearby tree. "Planet Warren was deeply affected by their species breeding season. While the planet should have been under quarantine status, they were allowing visitors to come in under the purpose to transform them into pregnant hares. They almost got the drop on Bucky and I; but Willie got some local hare cadets to spill the beans about what was really going on and we collected our people and we got out of there. We went to he Yuskay Groomers for a planet detox to make sure we didn't have anything of Warren lingering on us and that means I got a bath which left me feeling sexually horny. So when I found Donny, I asked him if he would honor me with a sex education lesson in private. That's why we went to the clover fields. It was private there. Bucky and Tarmac gave me permission to hang out with you guys if you permitted it. Plus, I have information on how to join the Junior Law Enforcement team, if you are both still interested. Get an adult enforcer or an officer already on the team to vouch for you, then you swear the oath and you're in. How does that sound?"

                  Auty smiled and he hugged Justin again. "That is awesome! Donny and I have been trying to find out how to get into the team for months!"

                  Donny hugged Justin as well. "Would you like to come with Auty and I on our camping trip this coming weekend, Justin. For ease of getting yes for an answer, ask Tarmac if you can go camping with Donny. Just don't mention Auty. My uncle Lampy is permitting me to bring a few friends to the campsite on the island. Anyone coming with me will receive the park pass collar so you can enjoy the carnival without changing into a jackass. Those whom show the best manners earn lifetime return permission for enjoying the carnival."

                  Justin remarked, "So you are related to Lampwick?"

                  Donny smiled. "It is more of an adoption in truth. As you were likely told, before the rabbits moved in, Jackland Groves was a Lampwick zone. Tarmac has met the Mobian Lampwick."

                  Justin hummed aloud. "I wonder what Mobian Pleasure Island is like?"

                  Donny grinned. "I asked Tarmac about that one time. He said that only donkeys are allowed to visit safely. He told me a story about how Sonic, Tails and Knuckles almost got donked on their version of Pleasure Island; old Robotnik had the ears and tail for a while."

                  Justin giggled. "I am sure Mobian Lampwick would agree... he wouldn't want a fat Robotnik donkey on his island since his being there would soil the effect for other donkeys going to have a good time. And if he's listening, a nice boy said as much. I mean Tarmac is a wonderful Mobian Donkey sponsor whom I live with."

                  Auty said, "Camp World Lampwick once said that as long as you specify which one you are implying, then any Lampwick lord can hear your statements. And I'd bet that Mobian Lampwick wouldn't mind a nice petting from a nice Amish boy like you, Justin. You seem to be really open minded toward all of us."

                  Justin said, "As long I didn't permanently change into a donkey, I'd gladly give him that petting. Lords apparently like it when a nice boy pets and rubs all over them."

                  Auty smirked. "You melted Purzo, didn't you?"

                  Justin smiled. "He was there and I had him purring so much, he almost got inappropriate until I told him that he needed to take care of that or else Safe Visitation Committee would likely think he was going back to the old cat lord ways. And he blushed and teleported away. When I petted on the Pink Panther like that, he said he liked it."

                  Auty then asked, "I've had consensual sex with Donny as his bottom once. Since you permitted him to play with you, may I have that pleasure one time, Justin. Since my detox, I promise that I am not in rut. I just want to share my skills with you since you asked Donny to teach you how donkeys do it. Please? I am not looking to get someone I like pregnant. I just want to share my sexual knowledge with you. After I educated Donny with what I know, he combined it into his donkey skills."

                  Justin replied, "As long as we have privacy, I will give you that chance, Auty. No pregnancy though; you gave your word. I didn't let Bucky knock me up, so let's just play."

                  Going back out into the flats, Donny, Justin and Auty arrived at the boy's favorite mud hole and they got in where the boy's bunny-to-boy sex education lesson occurred. Once the two had their chance to try each other, Donny got involved as he stretched his bunny friend with his donkey shlong while he kissed Justin on the mouth deeply. He was really glad that Justin wanted to be their friend. Sometime into the play time, Donny was stretching Justin as he had with the bunny. Of course, Donny was utilizing toon physics so he didn't hurt their human boyfriend. Auty gave Justin a deep fellatio and didn't let up until the boy came down the rabbit's throat. Humans being saturated with salt was a different kind of flavor for Auty but he took it anyway. He knew Donny would love it when he got it. And soon, Donny got his chance to sample Justin's fluids. To the boy, Auty's cock tasted like strawberries while Donny's cock tasted like Pleasure Island chocolate. It was no wonder these two could get so erect during their playtime. The playtime continued until the sun's light began ebbing to the West. At that point, it was time to get out of the flats, get cleaned up and go home.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Back at the sponsor home, Justin came in and he helped Tarmac the Mobian Donkey get the grime and sticky tar off of his hoofs and leg fur. "How did you get this stuff all over you from the waist down? I know you weren't like this the last time I saw you."

                    Tarmac was glad the sponsor boy wanted to help him get clean. "The automated asphalt mixer broke down and we had to mix the ingredients the old fashioned way and then the vat broke and everyone there got submerged in the stuff from the waist down. It was a nasty mess. I feel sorry for some of the other road workers whom cannot afford to get a Yuskay Grooming, myself included. I am just glad you want to help this stupid donkey whom loves you."

                    Justin said, "I don't think it would be an abuse of my powers to help you and your fellow workers get clean, Tarmac. Besides, I need to get a kind of permission from you anyway. Donny is planning a camping trip this coming weekend and he asked me if I would like to come along. He said that in order to get yes for an answer I should ask you first. Anyway, the camping trip is with Lampwick on his island. Donny said that everyone getting vouched for would get a safety pass for being on the island. May I go?"

                    Tarmac said, "Today is Wednesday. You come with me to work tomorrow and Friday and you may have my permission to go on this camping trip."

                    Justin said, "Call up your fellow workers and I'll have Jacky O'Hare get the lot of you cleaned up so none of you get the bed sheets black and sticky with the tar."

                    While Tarmac went to use the phone, Justin got into position.

                    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

                    Jacky then said, "Have them and your foreman gather in the front yard and I will use my purification light on those whom need the cleansing. I seem to recall that One-Jack's older brother, Roadway, is one of your fellow workers. They are in the country legally. Roadway may have his own way to get clean after an accident like you just described. Is he as hot as I've been told?"

                    Tarmac grinned. "You would think that he stepped down off of an adult performance stage. He makes the rest of us sport an erection when he is around without trying."

                    Jacky grinned in return. "One-Jack is pretty hot and that's how I know. He can come over and watch me clean the rest of the crew if he is already clean, besides, meeting the sponsor boy might perk up your crew something fierce. And you know how much I like donkeys and unicorns. The My Little Pony variety are not my cup of tea, but you show me a stud and I get excited."

                    An hour later and all of Tarmac's road crew mates were gathered in the front yard along with their foreman. They all looked pitiful from the waist down except for Roadway whom had somehow managed to get himself clean. Jacky said to Roadway, "One-Jack told me that you were okay. Just stand aside while I cleanse the others. If I thought you wouldn't be hurt by my cleansing light, then you could stand with the others. I am Amish after all. Damned, you are hot!" And then he got started on the others with his purification light.

                    The tar and staining properties were scoured off of the worker's bodies leaving them as clean as they had been before the accident; maybe even more. High-Fives were being given all around by the road crew. Jacky then stepped off to stand with Tarmac as he powered back down into his Justin identity. Tarmac then said to his foreman, "My sponsor boy will be coming to work with me tomorrow and Friday to earn permission for a camping trick he wants to go on."

                    The foreman shook Justin's hand. "With someone as useful as you around, we might be able to get the equipment back up to par and get some of our tasks done before the weekend."

                    Justin smiled at the Foreman. "I am used to hard work, sir." And then he went over to speak to Roadway once again. "And this is what I look like in my human body. One-Jack was a lot of fun and he said that I should give the other brothers a chance as well."

                    Roadway hugged the boy as he whispered, "What I might like to do cannot be done in mixed company; plus I don't want to be in trouble with Tarmac and Bucky. But I have heard how you permitted One-Jack to show you a good time. So perhaps we can have a private moment later. Yes?"

                    Justin walked with Roadway around to the backyard and therein, he gave Roadway a kiss on the unicorn muzzle as he gently groped on the working class unicorn stud. "I accept."

                    Roadway smirked, "I won't make you lay eggs, Justin. But it is never a bad idea to have friends." And he kissed the boy deeply on his mouth which caused Justin to get very erect.

                    Justin almost felt like lifting his non-existent tail for the demon unicorn. "There is a private spot behind the property where we can play if you want. Or I can come back to your place later tonight and you can show me a good time there. The choice is yours, Roadway. You are turning me on something fierce. I don't know why I am so turned on by male unicorns. This something that happened to me before I turned ten, I think."

                    Roadway commented, "My place would be better. As for why male unicorns turn you on, it may be for a reason that has been overlooked. In Medieval times, Kinky male unicorns would be more attracted to a religious male human squire than to the stereotypical human maidens which is more common in myth. Upon meeting a squire they desired, they would visit their boy while he slept and he would give him a fellatio which would result in the squire only being sexually interested in unicorns thereafter. It is an odd story; but true."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, The Pleasure of Camping.