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[CAMP-03] JAQ-03 Sunday Services

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    [CAMP-03] JAQ-03 Sunday Services

    After graduating High School, Justin Quincy wins the famed Sponsor a Prince contest and heads to CAMP World to live with his new sponsors in Jackland Groves within the Orlando region of animated Florida. When he learns of a species rally in the local area between the rabbits and the donkeys, he gets involved to help regulate the activities down to a safe and civilized understanding.

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World

    [CAMP-03] JAQ-03 Sunday Services.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is now open. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    The bonus was enough to pay off his outstanding debts, minus the ridiculous interest rates. Tarcornis kept his word by gifting Justin with the communication herd marking at a location that would not be noticed by the Sponsors. Any of Tarcornis' herd could speak to him whenever he let them do so. After that, he was restored to normal and then he was cleaned up and sent back to the lot behind the Teen Hot Spot in Jackland Groves. Grabbing Auty and Donny, they made their way home where they got in before the deadline. 7 PM was a lot like having a curfew, but with demons on the loose, it was necessary. Dinner was then had by Jan, Bucky and Justin before a family night occurred in the living room. Later that night, Justin got to spend the night with the Sponsor parents in their own bedroom. Bucky wasn't taking any chances. He was worried about his boy.

    Throughout the night, Justin would have mental conversations with Thames and the other tar glue unicorns back in the home realm. Most sympathized with him when they heard that his sponsor parents were going overboard with the protection racket. Despite the fact that he could change into Jacky O'Hare.

    Thames then mentioned that in the Direct Investments catalog was a power he could purchase for round trip journeying between a fixed point and another fixed point of his choosing that could be changed at any given time. Then he could go into a closet of his home and be transported down to the home realm whenever he liked without being seen leaving the house. Being under house arrest seemed rather dumb. Almost as if they were punishing him for the faults of the demons.

    Justin then asked a question that made Tarcornis himself join the mental call. "Did your father ever remove all of the demons from Jackland Groves as per the agreement he had with me if I permitted him to fuck me? Or did he just say that to get free nookie from a new boy?"

    Tarcornis then said, "I monitor these calls, Justin. As per the agreement, the demons whom were in Jackland Groves at the time of our agreement were indeed moved to the Under Quad realm in the blink of an eye. Sadly, the demons are contesting their removal from Camp World since you, yourself, were not the one whom banished them. Also, the former agreement does not prevent any new demons from going to Jackland Groves. Only the ones you knew of were affected and now they are complaining about the agreement you made with me. If the Underworld Authorities side with them, then you could be dealing with all six of them as if you had never banished them."

    Justin then had a not so nice thought cross his mind. "Ask the six if they would really like to go right back to where they had been before I came to town and when they say yes, then have them bend over and you give them the same fucking you gave me for a year and a hundred Unicorn Eggs per demon. When they complete the task, they are instantly back in Jackland Groves at where ever they had been before the extraction. Make sure the Underworld Authorities hear the offer and the demons' agreement to permit the fucking so they can go right back to the surface world. Then the offer is binding just as it had been for me. I still like you and your boys. But I get the feeling these demons will not. If the six confront me here in Jackland Groves, I will make good with an apology in regards to my not realizing that those supposedly affected by the demons had lied about them so as my wanting to remove them occurred. We don't have to be enemies. You and your boys taught me that my upbringing clouded my mind and Thames' explanation opened my eyes so I would realize the truth. I could learn a new way before jumping to conclusions. Lucifer never said I had to banish anyone to resolve the issues locally that I would encounter."

    Lucifer's voice was then heard in the mental channel. "Jack... I am glad you made some friends outside of Jackland Groves but this demon issue is a losing battle. They won't want to hear an apology. They will want you to do a task for them to earn their forgiveness. And you are right, I never said you had to banish evil to resolve the issues. As for what the Sponsors are doing, it is greatly unfair. You resolved your deal with Tarcornis already and now you are getting extra punishment. I have been in touch with Founder Core about this. They are reviewing the spoken permissions that your sponsors gave when Tarcornis asked for permission to play with you, as per your original alternate offer to the unicorn before he could fuck you. Let me let you listen to your Sponsor Parents' exact responses in regards to the question that Tarcornis asked them. The first voice you hear will be his, followed by Jan's response; then you will hear Tarcornis again, followed by Bucky's response. When you hear this, you will see how they are overreacting since they, themselves, gave Tarcornis permission to play with you. And he did this while Amaterasu was still speaking to you before the rain moved in."

    [At the mayor's office, Jan's phone rang and when he answered it, the young sounding male voice said, "Mayor Mangu? I recently met Justin and he said that I had to get your permission before I could play with him. May I have that permission please? I know he is with Auty and Donny right now at the teen hot spot where he just got rid of another demon." Jan Mangu distracted by his duties and weekend paperwork he had to fill out replied, "I don't mind. Justin can take care of himself. But you still need to get Bucky's permission. He is at the Righteous Indignation and as far as I know, they do not have a standard phone aboard that frigate."

    Soon aboard the Righteous Indignation by way of the communications console, a call came in while Bucky and Willie were checking out the electronics console. The Caller ID wasn't working and they needed it when doing their jobs against the Toad Empire. When Bucky answered it, the young sounding male voice said, "Bucky O'Hare? I recently met Justin and he said that I had to get your permission before I could play with him. Mayor Mangu said that the final decision was yours. May I have that permission please? I know he is with Auty and Donny right now at the teen hot spot. I would have spoken to you then, but I was in the bathroom and I missed getting to speak to you." Bucky replied, "If Jan said it was okay, then my final word on this is... don't mess up his clothes nor his body too much. We don't need Cheer Bear down here because a young local did the wrong thing. Plus, Justin needs to be home by 7 PM tonight so he can get some sleep for his religious studies in the morning. Tomorrow is Sunday after all. There, you have my permission. Just play nicely and make sure he comes home human and not smelling like a Jackland sewer."]

    Tarcornis replied mentally, "Yes, that was the exact wording with no alterations, Lucifer. However, for interrupting this call, mind explaining something else to Jack?"

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Lucifer replied mentally, "What other explanation?"

    Mentally, Tarcornis proudly said, "Why was Justin never warned about making wishes or anythings around planar lords and princes? We found the debt of 22 wishes he had racked up while on Earth (from age 6 up to age 14) that became active the moment he ended up physically in the Underworld. We had to call in the big guns to help deal with this, Lucifer. D.I., his brother Lord Impy, Imperial Overseer Zecma, the Mack Roo, himself, several Law Imps, and a few others were on hand to witness this meeting to resolve Justin's debt. The interest rates would have damned him for life. Since you knew Justin before his encountering the rest of us, surely you knew of this."

    Lucifer's reply was unusual. "The Heavenly Seat did not inform me of the wishes. They gave me Jack as an assignment during his 16th year when he would become eligible to enter the Sponsor a Prince contest. Since he was Amish, I would have noticed the boy eventually anyways since it is my duty to tempt religious youths to see if I can make them walk a different path. No one ever told me about what he had done before I was assigned to him. But now I am getting the feeling that I have been set up. I know God is supposedly busy with that Jesus shit. And he can just be mad because I said it like that. But as for warning Jack about the planar rules, aside from Amaterasu and Purzo, I didn't foresee Jack getting into any trouble with them. The whole time I have ever known the boy, he has never made any wishes. I could have gladly granted him any wish he made but after granting a wish, it is my nature to pop in and fess up that I granted the wish just so I can see a religious person beg to get out of owing the devil."

    Justin mentally replied, "That sounds honest, Tarcornis. That is what the Bible says about his nature. Even he obeys a tenet of rules and laws. As for why I never made any more wishes after age 14, I gave up childish whims when I saw that nothing I would ask for would be granted. Not to mention, I hit puberty and the farm animals were starting to look good to me. I was embarrassed. When I first saw Lucifer in his goat man form, I almost felt the urge to dry hump his back side."

    Lucifer said, "I had no idea that you were at that stage of your life, Jack. I really apologize. I should have done a background check on you. I know the neighbor had ponies and donkeys. It is a wonder you weren't over there rubbing your groin against their butts."

    Justin went quiet at that point before saying sheepishly, "I was..."

    Lucifer giggled. "Boy! Did the Heavenly Seat ever mess up this assignment! Jack, there is a Camp World law that states that boys over the age of 13 have permission to live on their own. But since you were part of Sponsor a Prince, you have to live with your sponsors for a minimum of a year before you can take advantage of this law. You could even live with Thames if you wanted to as long as you could still be seen in Jackland Groves at least once a week. Cheer Bear checks on Sponsor charges once a year and that is why you need to have local access. Well, I am going to go confront God about this mess. Stay out of trouble today, Jack. Thankfully the worry warts have to go to work on Monday."

    After making sure Lucifer was indeed gone, Tarcornis said, "I sense that Bucky and Jan are about to wake up, Justin. You just focus on your Bible studies during the morning and then in the afternoon, confine yourself to your assigned room and talk to Purzo through your necklace device. He likes you a lot."

    Justin smiled mentally as he gave Tarcornis and Thames a kiss. "Thanks for being my friend. As Thames was telling me, perhaps I need to get that shortcut power from rhe Direct Investments catalog. The sponsors are going to drive me crazy if they are watching me all the time."

    Then he felt Bucky lay a paw-hand on his chest physically seconds before he felt the green hare kiss him fully on the mouth. Justin's eyes opened wide when he felt Bucky do that with him. Bucky let up with a smile. "Breakfast and then Bible studies. After that, you can go play with your friends. I'm sorry we were being overprotective last night. Please don't shun us because of that worry we had for you. Jan and I recently found out that your transformation trigger could still fail since you didn't get the hare form power from a clean source. You could get stuck as my species again. Not to mention, the people of Warren will be going into rut and heat next weekend. If you are in that species form by then, you and I will need to go into quarantine or else we will be getting everyone in trouble. You are my sponsor son and I do care about you."

    Justin then said, "My human puberty is acting up anyways, Bucky. I wouldn't mind a fling with you. I know Jan isn't like that being a laundry donkey as well as being a responsible mayor. I know Auty has been wanting to breed with me; Donny has been more reserved. Is that what's going on? All the lapine jacks are about to enter their rut cycle?"

    Bucky nodded his head. "Its not a pretty time, Justin. If Auty nails you, then you won't be able to change back to human if he gets you pregnant. Live birth lasts for months."

    Justin asked, "What were you planning on doing during your rut, Bucky?"

    Bucky smiled as he kissed Justin again. "I was planning on returning to Warren to take care of this there. I wanted you to come along to complete your citizenship there as Jacky O'Hare. I won't abandon you there, Justin. There is a time difference between Warren and Camp World. We would be on Warren for a week of Camp World time to deal with my rut. Warren rut occurs once every seven years. The longer you put it off, the more dangerous you get when you are with your friends. Will you accompany me back to Warren this weekend?"

    Justin asked, "So my human puberty is interacting with the Warren rut cycle and that is what's driving me crazy currently?"

    Bucky nodded his head. "While you are like this, you might even lift your tail for a demon just to make the feeling go away."

    Justin said, "I will be coming with you to Warren next weekend, Bucky. I suppose I will have to stay in my Jacky O'Hare form. Right?"

    Bucky said, "It would be for the best since there are no humans on Warren. Willie has been there once and the rutting smell almost made him try to get into Dead-eye's pants."

    Justin grinned. "So the pirate duck does have a secret!" He laughed after making that funny statement.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      After breakfast and Bible studies, Justin was allowed to head out to do things for himself. He soon met up with Auty's mother whom was shopping at the corner market. Remembering what Lucifer had told him of Auty's rut and how the rabbit had set up the other rabbit to look for sexual fun with the donkey jack he had moved in with, Justin struck up a conversation with the mother about Auty's sexual behavior and what part the rabbit boy had played in getting the other rabbit into the trouble he had almost got himself into. And how Auty was now sizing the Sponsor boy up for more sexual fun. The mother didn't look upset that Justin was honestly telling her about this situation.

      "I knew his rut was coming up," the mother said calmly. "Some people get hit by it earlier than others. I am glad you are showing concern over his mounting you, Justin. When he is in rut, he can get others pregnant same as any male rabbit in rut. This is why we try to get the young male rabbits interested in a doe before the situation becomes so dire that we have to ship the young leveret off to a gay rabbit colony to deal with their excessive fornication problems. The donkeys handle theirs better than rabbits do. A rabbit pregnancy can last up to four months and can result in up to seven young leverets, minimum, at a time. The record birthings from a rabbit was over seven hundred twins and triplets. We will make sure Autumnpaw gets help before he alienates a friend he really cares about. Donkeys thankfully only birth one to two at a time. One is normal; any more than one can be a problem. Donald keeps himself in moderation, although he does like to play with Autumnpaw... we haven't heard any complaints from him in regards to our son. Have you been over to visit the two males you rescued on the first day? Perhaps you should go see them. They are no longer living together since the rabbit spooked the donkey."

      Before leaving the rabbit doe, Justin learned that a donkey pregnancy could last for up to eleven months. This likely explained why Donny was more reserved about playing with a new friend. Auty kept wanting to not only get down his pants but he also wanted to get up the boy's anus. And he was quite open about the desire as well.

      Going to see the rabbit and donkey priests of the area, first, Justin learned where the two older teenagers were now living. The two priests offered to come with Justin to keep the two youngsters calm during the visits.

      Arriving at the rabbit's home first, Justin saw how miserable the male rabbit was. He was locked into a partial straitjacket that prevented him from getting too much of an erection for anyone. In fact, it looked quite painful. "Hi. I'm the Amish boy, Justin Quincy, whom saved you and your donkey friend from the trouble you were both in. I learned later that the demon had nothing to do with what had befallen you during your episode with your friend. Autumnpaw had entered an early rut before you were ready for any sex whatsoever, and after he infected you with the rabbit mating desire, you went and tagged up with your donkey friend and you tried to do to him what Auty had done to you. Donkeys don't breed the way rabbits do; so your trying to force yourself on him was scaring him to death. So he fought back to keep you off of him."

      The rabbit whose name was Ambrose Winterfoot sobbed when he learned of this information. "So that's what is going on! My friend Sandy doesn't want to see me!. He won't even talk to me anymore! He was my best friend! My only friend! I don't want to lose his friendship!"

      Justin patted Ambrose on his back. "I am going to talk to Sandy here later. Maybe I can patch things up between the two of you. However, there is a medical cure to undo the effect that Auty has infected you with. Do you want to be cured of this?"

      Ambrose sighed. "Yes... but I want Sandy to see that I am getting this help or he won't believe that I am cured."

      Justin tapped his own chest as he said, "Purzo? Ambrose Winterfoot needs that medical cure that can remove the effect that Auty performed on him without his permission. I also need to arrange it so Sandy can see this cure being performed so he can see that his friend is getting help."

      Purzo's voice replied, "I'll get things set up for the cure, Justin. And thank you for showing compassion for their situation. Ambrose wanted to commit suicide after learning that his friend, Brian Sandhoof, wanted nothing to do with him anymore. You will find Brian buffing a surfboard for his father."

      Justin visited with Ambrose for a short while before Purzo arrived wearing a Hazmat uniform and had medical equipment with him. Justin hugged Purzo before heading off with the priests to go talk to Brian at his father's home.

      Soon at the Sandhoof donkey home, Justin saw all of the fantastic surfboards on display. Brian's father was in the surf and turf business.

      When he finally located Brian after asking the donk's mother about him, again, Justin saw how miserable the male donkey was. "Hi. I'm the Amish boy, Justin Quincy, whom saved you and your rabbit friend from the trouble you were both in. I learned later that the demon had nothing to do with what had befallen you during your episode with your friend. Autumnpaw had entered an early rut before Ambrose was ready for any sex whatsoever, and after Auty infected him with the rabbit mating desire, he went and tagged up with you and he tried to do to you what Auty had done to him. I learned that donkeys don't breed the way rabbits do; so his trying to force himself on you had scared you to death. So naturally, you were often fighting to keep him off of you. Ambrose is miserable. He had been considering suicide since you wanted to end the friendship with him. But there is a medical cure for his condition. I called Lord Purzo and he is getting this cure ready for your friend as we speak. Ambrose wanted you to see that he was getting the cure or he feared that you would never believe that he was getting help. Purzo is going to have you watch the process over your own TV set here at your own over a private channel so you can stay safe regardless. Ambrose does not want the friendship to end with you, Brian."

      Brian sighed. "Finally, he is getting help. He was never like this before he spent that one camp out with Autumnpaw and after that one night, Ambrose was constantly trying to mount me not only in private but in public as well. I almost reported him to the police for rape, but being my friend, I didn't want that record tagged on to him."

      Inside the Sandhoof home, a video camera and a microphone was set up for Brian so he could be seen and heard by Ambrose during the cure. The TV was then tuned in to a private channel that Purzo was providing for this purpose. Justin said into the microphone, "Brian is in position, Purzo; Ambrose, Brian still wants to be your friend."

      Brian sighed when he saw Ambrose strapped over a medical table facing the camera. "Justin convinced me to watch your getting the cure, Amby. I am sorry this happened."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        After getting some lunch, Justin was soon at a certain area that his senses told him felt like a demon tavern. Going inside, Justin saw what looked like normal clientele for Jackland Groves. Approaching the bar counter, Justin then spoke to the rabbit-donkey hybrid bartender. "Excuse me, sir... I am sensing demon activity around your business. I was wondering why that was. I am not here to cause any trouble; I was merely curious."

        The bartender replied, "I am Lord La Pasinine, the demon bartender for my extra-planar tavern. I cater to magic users and other local Wiccans of Jackland Groves. You are likely detecting demons because I am one. However... I have a legal Visa that permits me to be on the surface world. That means that banishing attempts on me simply send me back to my tavern instead of back to the Abyss. I know that likely perturbs the holy types a lot. You seem like a nice young man; surely you are not involved with the holy types, are you?"

        Justin replied, "I am Amish. Earlier in the week, I know I made a mistake in banishing a few demons whom had not broken any upper world rules save for the fact that they didn't have a Visa to be topside. But dealing with Visa breakers is not my responsibility. Since I made this mistake with two of them, I originally wanted to apologize to them, but I was then told that they likely wouldn't accept an apology; they would want me to perform task for them. I am willing to do tasks to earn forgiveness. I got fucked by Tarcornis."

        The Bartender hummed as he examined Justin casually. "Have a seat, kid. I can get word to the demons you wronged and tell them about your wanting to make things right."

        Sitting down at the counter, Justin said, "A shame I cannot unbanish them; I have never heard of anyone doing a Banishment in reverse to undo a mistake."

        The hybrid bartender said, "It is possible except your not old enough to know the incantation. Plus you have to know the exact names of those you banished. The type of banishment you did is called an all-purpose banishment where the exact name is not necessary to be known. There is only one problem with that kind of banishment; When you perish in the end, instead of going to Heaven, you end up exactly where you banished the others to. So yes, you will want to undo this as soon as possible."

        Justin said, "When Tarcornis had sex with me, I had a deal with him to let him fuck me in exchange for keeping unauthorized demons out of Jackland Groves. This was after I had banished the first two. But since you have a legal Visa, that explains why you are not affected by this deal. How old do I have to be to know how to undo my mistake to get those affected back to Jackland Groves?"

        The bartender replied, "You are doing the first thing right now; asking a superior for help. I can call the father of the demon brothers of whom you inconvenienced."

        "My name is Justin Axel Quincy. I won the Sponsor a Prince contest this year. My nickname is Jack which is how my initials sound when they are pronounced together. J.A.Q."

        The hybrid chuckled. "That's pretty clever. Now give me a moment while I call the demon father. Hopefully we can get this resolved without too much trouble."

        Within the tavern's mirror behind the bar's counter the hybrid chanted something arcane as the image of a pretty good looking anthropomorphic donkey-like pony lord appeared in the viewing area. "I have received your call, La Pasinine. For why do you make contact with me today?"

        Justin couldn't believe his eyes. This new guy didn't have the demon feel about him. He was in truth... gosh darn good looking. "That cannot be a demon. He is too good looking."

        The hybrid chuckled. "Sir, the Amish boy whom banished your sons came into my tavern this afternoon and he admitted that he made a mistake when banishing the others. He had been told the wrong information and now he seeks to undo the mistake as well as perform tasks for all of those he may have wronged. He also..." The bartender smirked. "...thinks you are too good looking to be a demon."

        The donkey pony demon lord struck a pose and smiled. "When I serve Lady Amaterasu in the Celestial, we are required to look our best. As for my sons... I am not upset that you banished them. They had escaped from a punishment that I had laid upon them. And worse, they chose to do so without a proper Visa. I have been in contact with your underworld sponsor, Tarcornis. Not all demons are horrifically ugly nor are all angels pristinely beautiful. They say that the Angel of Death is not exactly a Broadway model."

        Justin smiled. "Appearance wise, you are pleasingly beautiful and arousing to look upon; but your sons were displaying the opposite effect. They looked hideous, sorry to say."

        The donkey pony demon lord replied, "There is an understandable reason for that, Justin. When a demon has legal rights to be topside, they retain their extreme good looks. But when a demon is summoned or invades the surface world without a Visa, they always appear as horrible as reality can make them. Demons may not like laws; but in order to retain our good looks, a legal Visa is necessary. Had Tarcornis simply teleported to your location behind the teen hot spot without a Visa, you would have met an ugly monster that day."

        Justin then said, "One of your sons got revenge on me one night and got me changed into Jacky O'Hare. I know he intended for me to be stuck permanently as a hare. But I got help."

        "Justin... My name is Jetland and I wouldn't have chosen bunny rabbit for a boy like you. And here is why. All rabbits are about to enter their yearly rut in less than a week. It is a disgusting breeding fest, both normal as well as gay, while a nice religious boy like you would not want to be part of any of it. Jackland Groves was once the donkey and mule haven of Animated Florida. The rabbits and hares were residing in Animated Texas originally, until their home zone got hit by a drought and they were migrated into Jackland."

        Justin said, "Two wrongs don't make a right, Jetland. I banished two demons and then I got set up by this spell and I got involved with Tarcornis whom took my virtue. And now, Bucky wants to take me back to Planet Warren for the 7-year rut session mainly because the lapine rut is interacting with my puberty cycle. And the after effect is driving me crazy. I didn't mind playing with Tarcornis and his son, and I wouldn't mind playing with you and this bartender, but if Bucky gets the drop on me, then Cheer Bear will flip out."

        Jetland then said, "I have to wonder why Founder Core hasn't just performed the TAS effect upon you to save you from this load of manure. They would have done this to others."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Justin arched an eye. "What is the TAS effect, Jetland. You make it sound like everything I just went through could have been avoided."

          Jetland smiled. "I am so glad you said that yourself, Justin. Because that is exactly what I am implying. Second chances are rare but it gives you a chance to do things right from the beginning. You would lose Jacky O'Hare, something you didn't ask for; and your deal with Tarcornis would be null and void as well. His contacting you was certainly without Lord Blayze's direct permission. Once you agreed to his terms, he simply summoned you and then he mounted you. Legally, he didn't have to restore you to normal. And worse, he himself could have removed Jacky O'Hare during his mating with you but for some reason, he chose not to. Sounds to me like you were set up, Justin."

          At that moment, in the viewing mirror, Lucifer appeared directly beside Jetland. "Justin, for the record, these demons are giving you honest information for a change. As for your question, the TAS effect is Time Authority Services. This is a service that the Founder Core uses to undo a nearly permanent effect that could rob a human of their humanity. I would say that the reason Founder Core hasn't utilized this for you is that you can still change back into your human identity; you are not stuck. As for your sponsor wanting to take you to Planet Warren for the species rut thing, that is illegal. As is keeping a bottle of the dangerous hare fur tonic in a household where a human could get it all over themselves also sounds very suspicious. Call Purzo. Now. Or else I will call TAS myself."

          Justin then hesitated before asking, "Lucifer... is there something further about this whole Sponsor a Prince fiasco that you are not telling me?"

          Lucifer blushed as he replied, "I caught the Heavenly Seat in a lie earlier, Justin. They implied that they knew about your wish to someday win the contest, which also implies that they knew about your massive debt that you handled without my assistance. In truth, your entry into the contest was against the normal rules anyway. One, all contest entrants must have daily access to television and radio broadcasts on Earth; Two, certain religious sects are exempt from the contest since their beliefs would have prevented them from legally entering in the first place. This would explain your father's reaction when he learned that you entered a contest, despite expecting not to win; Three, contest winners are expected to have questionable interaction with the locals their own age. The key word is locals, Justin. I don't count; Bucky and Jan also legally don't count. Tarcornis and Thames do not count since they are not citizens of Jackland Groves. This means that only donkeys can be applied to this contest rule. The reason Jan doesn't count is because he isn't a natural born citizen of Camp World North America; he is from Pakistan. You could have done this with Donny, but Auty would not qualify since his family did not originate from Jackland Groves. In short, Jackland Groves is a Lampwick zone."

          Justin tapped his chest. "Purzo! I need you right now! I have a real stupid issue that Lucifer and others are now verifying that Founder Core could have helped me with and chose not to! Unless you want Bucky to breed me back on Planet Warren this coming weekend!"

          Purzo's voice eventually said, "I hear you, Justin. Explain the issue to me and I will see what I can do about it."

          Justin said, "Remember how I initially got changed into Jacky O'Hare? I just got informed that other humans experiencing a transformation into an animal species merit Time Authority Services to undo an unwanted transformation. However, when my situation originally occurred and I was transformed into a hare within a coma... the TAS solution was never presented. Instead your colleagues opted for the Transformation Trigger. And now I am learning that my Hare form is interacting with my human puberty and it is forcing me to go into a Warren styled rut. Bucky's solution for this is to take me to Planet Warren where I can get my citizenship finalized while I am getting bred as if I was nothing more than a breeding animal. He also stated that I would have to stay in my hare form while on Warren. He implied that humanity wasn't all that important. As in, if you are going to live with animals, you should become one. My situation isn't like Captain Rabbit's situation. He doesn't go into a rut once a year. I am having to put up with this."

          The boy then continued. "Furthermore, I learned that Jackland Groves was once a Lampwick Zone comprised of donkeys and mules; the lapines migrated in from somewhere in Animated Texas where their original lands suffered from a drought and they were brought in here. Auty's mother told me that the rabbits go into a yearly rut for the males and a yearly heat for the does. But the young males are often having gay sex since they are more interested in the donkeys than in their own species. I think the Jacky O'Hare form should be retained but not at the cost of my joining the species permanently as Bucky and Auty seem to be wanting me to do. Lucifer told me that Bucky's taking me off planet for the seven year Warren Rut is actually illegal. It would be like allowing recruiting like Atticus did in the Quad Counties and on QC Planet. And then there is the final issue that was overlooked..."

          Justin said, "Lucifer indicated that I did not qualify for Sponsor a Prince, despite my liking to be here. Whomever the second place winner was should be the one on planet. I know he would likely not choose an area like Jackland Groves, but honest is the best policy. Lucifer said that the Heavenly seat arranged for me to get in here as the winner."

          Purzo said, "So by not going for the TAS solution, you guys suspect that Atticus is back once again. However, that does not explain why Heaven is involved in this newest fiasco."

          Then a second voice spoke over the communication device. "I knew they were up to something. I was reviewing the background data for Justin's win in the Sponsor a Prince contest and I found all of the discrepancies that would have prevented Justin from winning. That's when I knew someone had fudged the records."

          Justin knew that voice instantly. It was Cheer Bear. She didn't sound pissed, so perhaps she was glad that Justin was being honest.

          Purzo said, "So what do we do about this. I suppose we should contact TAS services..."

          Justin then said, "Purzo? I would like to earn the right to stay in Jackland Groves. I have been helpful to the two local priests in helping the local citizens. Perhaps Bucky and Jan were not the right sponsors for me since Bucky is entering his Warren Rut and he wants to breed with me. Jan like the other donkeys is being far more reserved in his sexuality. He hasn't tried to get up my butt once."

          Cheer Bear said, "Your honesty is the reason we are not just kicking you out on your ass. Most boys would not have been so up front about this as you are being."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Justin said, "What am I going to do about Bucky? I already gave him my word that I would go to Warren with him next weekend."

            Purzo said, "As weird as this may sound, Justin... if you let another Lapine mount you; it will break the possible heat scent you are making. But in order to get rid of your rut, you will have to mount another Lapine. Captain Rabbit would likely help you with this; but if you want to rely on a local Lapine for this assistance, then make damn sure you do not fall into pregnancy land. You cannot power down while pregnant."

            Justin said, "If I go to Warren, I will likely end up pregnant, Bucky was fawning over me this morning even though I was in my human form. As if he could smell my puberty scent."

            Cheer Bear asked, "Did he have an alluring scent that made you smile at him this morning?"

            Justin thought about it for a moment before he said, "Yes he did. And I did smile although at the time, I wasn't sure why his scent made me smile."

            Cheer Bear said, "Oh my! I didn't realize that Bucky was that far along! He is making the mating scent that has no affect on donkeys!"

            Justin then said, "We are veering away from the TAS subject, Purzo! Why is everyone in Founder Core trying to get me knocked up? Do something, Cheer Bear!"

            Cheer Bear said, "How far back would you like the reset to occur, Justin? Remember that once done, you won't be able to go back to how things have turned out currently."

            Lucifer then said, "Of course, Planar memories cannot be reset. This means that Jetland, Tarcornis and Thames, as well as your DI account will still exist and remember, even if you do not. This will undo the banishing acts you have done and you won't remember doing them. If you want Cheer Bear to retain knowledge of your contest snafu, just state it."

            Jetland stated, "This act will still retain your paying off the debts you had because you did that in the planar; not on Camp World."

            Justin said, "Make it so I am gifted with an honesty win in the contest so I can still come to Jackland Groves. Also redirect Autumnpaw and Donald so I don't meet them the first day. It was because I had met them that the first banishment occurred. Meeting Donny would be okay; but Auty is in the pre-stages of his lapine rut. If I am to end up with Jacky O'Hare, the empowerment should occur from a clean source so I am not cursed to become this hare against my will. Full Control like Captain Rabbit has over his powers. I should also get a complete detox before coming to Camp World to remove any foreign empowerment or blessing laid upon me without my family's permission. I still remember that explosion that Zecma experienced when he tried to undo my transformation with a spell."

            Lucifer laughed. "Funniest day ever!"

            Cheer Bear said, "I am contacting Timesheart Tiger right now. He is a member of TAS but his limit is three days. Someone else in TAS will have to conduct this request."

            She then added, "When this occurs, it will be like the blink of an eye, Justin. You will instantly be standing elsewhere. Since you have a DI account, we can use part of your funds to pay for this time service. Yes, there is a thousand credit fee in using their services. A lot of us cannot afford to shell out that kind of money and that is why Founder Core only uses this solution sparingly."

            Justin called out, "Financial Imp!" Poof! "You rang!" Justin then said, "Prepare to pay a thousand credits out of my DI account as well as to remind me that I have the account later. We are about to employ Time Authority Services to fix a problem that has occurred in my life where my sponsor wants to breed with me. He wants to take me off world to do this. I cannot afford to be pregnant on Planet Warren."

            The financial imp said, "Warren is in the middle of their seven-year rut right now. You really don't want to be part of that. Preparations made, Justin." He poofed away.

            Cheer Bear's last words were, "See you at AIRS Depot, Justin!"

            Then the whiteout effect occurred.

            Back on Planet Earth in the past, there came the knock on their front door. When Mr. Quincy opened the door and saw the Sheriff, the local media, the Pink Panther, Lord Purzo, Cheer Bear and a selection of Zamak Corp employees just behind them, he was at a loss for words.

            The Sheriff said, "Justin? Come on out here. You won an honesty award in the Sponsor a Prince contest." So much for forgetting this nonsense!

            Justin grabbed his hat and his coat and once dressed properly for an Amish gentleman, he headed outside to meet with those gathered there.

            The representative of Zamak Corp spoke to the Quincy family as a whole. "When we at Zamak Corp learned what these GMO companies were doing to you nice folk, we chose to come out with Mr. Pink to help you to preserve your family land. The land grabbers will shat themselves when they see our logo and our people guarding your lands."

            Purzo and the Pink Panther shook Justin's hand while the media recorded the moment on TV and for the newspapers. Then came the packing of Justin's belongings for the upcoming sponsor move. It didn't seem like that he owned a lot; his clothes were all in black and white, and he had his own copy of the bible to keep close to himself. His work boots were also in black. All in all, packing his belongings only took ten minutes.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Leaving the authorities and the media to deal with the GMO companies, the Pink Panther and Purzo took Justin off to CAMP World's Transportal and AIRS Depot for his date with the Yuskay Groomers and his required detox before heading to Jackland Groves. Cheer Bear then explained that while he didn't qualify for winning the normal contest, his honesty were enough for him to win a special prize that was rarely ever spoken of during the contest. The Honesty Prize was rarely given but his honest lifestyle along with word from his former teachers rewarded him with the special prize. Not to mention the explanation on what the GMO companies had been doing to the family the whole time. Since the Yuskay Groomers were Planar, they had the information of knowledge of the empowerment to gift Justin with after the cleansing detox ended. Jacky O'Hare from a clean source.

              Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World
              Shared Sponsor Home of Highway Department employee Tarmac the Mobian Donkey and Captain Bucky O'Hare

              Justin was escorted into his new bedroom by Lord Purzo whom said to him, "The mayor of Jackland Grove, Jan Mangu, approved of your living in Jackland Groves. We told him that today was the day you would be moving in. Your sponsors are Tarmac the Mobian Donkey, he's on the Highway Department for Jackland Groves and he deals with tar and asphalt; and Bucky O'Hare is tending to his crew aboard his star ship, the Righteous Indignation. He will help to get you enrolled with the local law enforcement so you can make the best use of your new heroic identity; his being part of the law forces in Jackland Groves is a far better cry than his former occupation, in my own humble opinion."

              Justin smiled at the white furred Cat Lord as he replied, "My birth name is Justin Axel Quincy, but my friends usually refer to me as Jack which I permit since my initials spell that word and name easily. J.A.Q. equals Jack."

              Purzo said, "Are you sure you will be okay in the land of donkeys and rabbits?"

              Justin smiled. "I will be fine, Purzo. Just make sure my parents survive the land grabbers and I will do my best to fit in here." He leaned in and he gave Purzo a kiss on his whiskers. "So adorably cute." Purzo set the rest of Justin's bags down next to the bed. "I have work to do back at Founder Accounting. Paperwork and reports to update. I will give you a way to keep in contact with me magically if you should ever need me. Just say my name and then we can talk long distance. Take care, Jack." And Purzo headed off.

              While getting his bedroom in order, through the screen door of the the back patio door which he had open to let in some Animated Florida air, which included the smells of fruit from the groves as well as carrots from the gardens, a teenage donkey jack and a teenage rabbit came into the yard from their own area and looked through his open screen door. "You must be the new Sponsor boy we have been hearing about," said the rabbit. "I am surprised you chose Jackland Groves what with the recent issue going on," said the donkey.

              Justin said, "I'm Justin Axel Quincy, but my good friends call me Jack as it is how the abbreviation of my initials sound when pronounced. I am Amish by birth."

              The rabbit said, "I am Autumnpaw, but my family allows me to shorten that to Auty." He was on the edge of his rut and he didn't want to get the new boy in trouble.

              The donkey said, "And I am Donald, and like his family, I am allowed to shorten my name to Donny so I am not confused with Donald Duck. And you will likely end up naked by association regardless of religion. Almost no locals wear any clothes in Jackland Groves except for the ruling officials and law enforcement officers."

              Justin said, "I was awarded the honesty award from Cheer Bear because I was so honest in my contest entry even though I didn't qualify for the contest because of my Amish background. As usual, religion prevents me from having real fun. But I grew up in that lifestyle. I chose this region since I have an interest in Jacks. I am supposed to wait here for the sponsor parents to come in for lunch at noon so I can meet up with them properly. Bucky is going to help me get signed up with the junior law enforcement watch. That way I can be out after any normal curfews."

              Donny said, "Is that how you get into the junior watch group? Auty and I have been interested in it for quite a while. We know the area better than anyone."

              Justin said, "They will give you a physical upon entry. And while on watch, you have to wear the partial law enforcement tunic for those who go naked normally. Yes, that means you can do the no-pants dance while working with the program. Um..." He was now looking at how Auty was twitching out in the yard. "Auty... are you entering your annual rut? You are twitching something fierce. And I can see it isn't an allergic irritation either. Your groin fur began tenting when you laid eyes on me."

              Donny now glanced hard at Auty. "Oh gods! Auty! I thought you were going to get help for that! We hoofies are more reserved in our libidos!"

              Auty replied, "My parents scheduled an appointment for me but the doctor cannot see me until Friday due to so many rabbits and hares all entering their period around the same time. And if you think I am bad, wait until you have to deal with the seven-year Warren Rut. Bucky suffers from that one but thankfully, he only has to go home once every seven years to deal with his people's rut and heat. He will get amourous with you just before he gets hit with the urges. So if you wake up one morning with him petting and rubbing on you while licking and kissing on you, then you know that is what is up. Word is that he has been a bachelor for ages."

              Justin then said, "I was informed that there was some local trouble going on in Jackland Groves. Do you guys know anything about it?"

              Auty said, "A couple of our friends moved out of their parents houses and live on their own. This alone would be okay but not long after they did this, they started an inter-species romance between each other and again, this would normally be permitted as long as they kept the activities within their home. But they have been bringing the activities out into the public where they work in the groves and it is angering the local grove workers. The whole area is on the verge of a huge uproar unless something can be done about this. Worse, aside from the kissing in public, they are fornicating behind the berry bushes where anyone could come upon them during the work day." Donny said, "Before they moved into the available apartment, they never once thought about doing such things in public. But not long after the move, they were nearly plastered together all the time. They used to converse with us daily before they moved into the housing project, now, unless we lift our tails and show a hard on, they won't talk to us at all."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Justin grabbed his bible and his hat as he said, "Show me where these apartments of sodomy are located."

                Auty said, "You are the sponsor boy; we could get in trouble for taking you there."

                Donny stated, "Keep your clothes on and they won't have anything to do with you. Follow me." And he began leading the young man off through the neighborhood with Auty following them. When they arrived at a property whose yard screamed haunted house yet looked like a housing project, Donny said, "This is the place."

                The sandy brown haired brown eyed Amish young man held his bible aloft in one hand as he stepped toward the manager's office, reciting something religious. "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness. For His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever." And as he reached the door of the office, he knocked on the door before opening it and stepping inside.

                Sitting at the desk was what looked like a pretty good looking anthropomorphic young adult unicorn-like donkey-pony hybrid jack. "By the ability to live and breath, a human boy in my office and..." He then paused when he saw the Bible and saw the Amish garb of the outfit the boy wore. "I am called One-Jack and I have a legal Visa to be operating a business here in Jackland Groves. My five brothers and I legally have our Visas. My father Jetland said that you might be showing up sooner or later, Amish boy. But you likely don't recall your conversation with him thanks to your utilizing TAS services to undo your prior two mistakes. But the rest of us still remember. Please don't try to banish me and I will help you with the issue you came here to look into." He picked up a remote control and pointed it to a side security monitor and pressed the button.

                On the screen, the in-rut rabbit was in a flying leap trying to get the drop on the fighting-for-his-life donkey jack whom kicked the rabbit in the face to get him away from himself. One-Jack said, "The rabbit is Ambrose Winterfoot and his donkey roommate is Brian Sandhoof. And as you can see what is occurring behind closed doors, Brian is fighting to stay non-pregnant while Ambrose is out of his mind wanting to fuck his friend. Before they moved in, Autumnpaw had sex with Ambrose and now this is going on all the time. They are not going to be the same once the rut passes. I don't know what you can do, but this needs to stop or someone will get seriously hurt."

                Justin said, "Since you have your Visa, we can work together to stop this. I have Lord Purzo on call just in case. You can call me Jack which is the pronunciation of my real name's initials. J.A.Q. Purzo? Are you there? We need to detox a deeply in heat rabbit before he accidentally ends his friendship with his donkey friend. And Autumnpaw also needs an emergency detox as well since he is suffering from the same thing but the local doctor cannot tend to him until Friday and Auty is already getting tented and aroused for cute boys. I know you are busy but this is serious. Wear your Core Hazmat suit so they don't try to knock you up."

                Purzo's voice replied, "On my way, Jack. Hold tight and try not to get too aroused by that cute unicorn."

                One-Jack grinned. "So you are into hoofies and unicorns. I guess that explains why you chose this area. Rabbits can get really out of control; Hares are less reactive; Donkeys have a smaller libido but it is still there. And Mules are sterile; the safest to be around. Unicorns and Reindeer fall into the Donkey club when it comes to sex."

                Justin said, "Tell me about your brothers and what jobs they are doing so when I sense them, I don't do the wrong thing around them."

                One-Jack gently rubbed a sexy paw-hand over Justin's rump as he said, "My youngest brother is running the Teen Hot Spot which is an arcade and youth center. Music, drinks, snacks and lots of games aimed at teenagers and other young people. He has his Zecma approved Gaming License. His name is Pinball Pony although the locals just shorten that to Pinball. He is your age and as far as I know, he isn't dating anyone. Next up, my brother Cinema runs the movie theater in town. There are two matinee theaters in his business. One is aimed at young people and shows G-rated movies; the other is the adult cinema and shows PG through Triple X flicks. He would be the best one to teach you about inter-species sex if you wanted to learn safely through video. My brother Psychedelic, or Dalis for short, works in the pharmaceutical store in town. The drug store for the common people. He was the one whom transformed you the first time before you hired TAS services to undo the problem that was starting to effect you. Dalis put too much sleeping beauty drug into your transformation fluids and you accidentally ended up in a coma. However, you could have been awakened with a kiss from a princely friend. Instead, the authorities did a bunch of really stupid things to wake you up. I know Apollo's paw up your butt couldn't have made him feel all that wonderful; he does have a sense of humor though. My older brother, Roadway, works with your sponsor Tarmac in the highway department. And then our oldest brother, Mixer is a DJ at the local radio station where he spins the hit songs all night long. I think he has a fling with the other DJ working there. They are both pretty sexy. And that is all six of us."

                Justin said to One-Jack, "So you, Pinball and Cinema are the younger brothers while Dalis, Roadway and Mixer are the older brothers. And Jetland is your father."

                One-Jack grinned as he gave Justin a kiss on his mouth. "You got it, Jack. I know you didn't mean to mess up the first time but now you get a second chance with a bunch of sexy horny unicorns, pun intended. The older the brother, the more likely you will be toward getting a sex-education lesson. I run a boarding house complex locally, so if you ever decide to move out of the sponsor's home, I could grant you an apartment over here. And no, you don't have to share a place with someone."

                Justin saw on the monitor where Purzo and medical services were treating Ambrose and Autumnpaw. Tennyson and Dr. Jonie Zamak were tending to Brian Sandhoof's bruises. "Looks like the victims are getting medical help, One-Jack." Directly to one side, as he was fond of doing Lucifer in his business suit covered goat man body appeared as he said, "Good job, Jack. You resolved the issue and made contact with the legal demons. You are doing better this time than you did the first time." One-Jack said, "Lucifer? Why are you here?"

                Lucifer replied, "I am Jack's case worker, assigned to him by the Heavenly seat. I still think they are up to something. We will be in touch later, Jack. Until next time."

                And he vanished for the time being.

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Since the doctors were busy with Ambrose, Autumnpaw and Brian Sandhoof, Justin submitted to a session of sex with One-Jack in a back bedroom. Despite the unicorn donkey pony being a demon, he didn't have the feel of one once the boy got involved with the nice unicorn. One-Jack was a give and get sort of bed partner; after he did Justin and gave him a nice juicy filling, he helped the boy to insert himself into the unicorn's backside so as to return the favor. "Don't worry, Justin. It is only considered gay activities if you are mating with another human man. And since I am a mythical creature, our kind are not really covered by the Good Book. The unicorn is supposedly only mentioned once in the Bible. You are doing a real good job in me. Hug me tightly and hump me with hard thrusts until you release your seed."

                  After the sex session with the demon unicorn, the two went into the bathroom where a shower and magical egg laying session occurred within the shower stall. Justin lay six eggs while One-Jack lay sixty eggs. "By divine right... my alliance you have gained, Justin. You can count on me any time. The eggs will be sent to the home enclave to be hatched and raised there. Dad will be glad that I made a good friend, finally. Now let me apply this healing cream to your anus and finish up the enema to your birthing track."

                  Once the clean-up session had ended, One-Jack helped Justin back into his clothes although he refused to touch the Bible due to species fear of being harmed by the holy. "Time to get you back outside to your friend Donald. He has been patiently waiting for you to come back out of my office. Thanks for a good time, Justin."

                  Justin then emerged from the managers office as he went over to Donny and he hugged the donkey. "Thanks for waiting, Donny. I got the situation resolved. Auty was in the prior stages of his rut and he accidentally infected Ambrose with the rut just before Amby and Sandy were to move in together. Ambrose is having to be detoxed while Autumnpaw is getting his medical help right now instead of on Friday. Had Auty tried to pounce you like Ambrose was doing to Brian, then you would be in the same situation."

                  Donny hugged Justin in return and then he kissed the boy. "You are my hero, Justin. Thanks. If there is ever anything I can do for you, just ask."

                  Justin smiled. "There may be something later but for now, I would say just be a good friend and try to stay out of trouble. I really should get back to my sponsor home."

                  Donny said, "I should stay here and help to escort Auty home later. I think his parents would appreciate that. See you later, Justin."

                  Justin then headed back across town toward the home of Tarmac and Bucky. He was just arriving in the yard as he noted the Mobian Donkey and Bucky O'Hare approaching the front of the house carrying what looked to be groceries. "Good thing I got back right now. This is their lunch break. I would have missed them otherwise."

                  Inside the house, Justin emerged from his bedroom and he went over and he hugged the sponsor parents. "Hi guys. I'm Justin Quincy, your sponsor boy. Let me help you with these things." And he took one of the bags and carried it into the kitchen to set upon the counter.

                  Bucky said, "This is only a short lunch break. Tarmac has a few roads to go and repair this afternoon. And I am to take you over to city hall to help you get your junior law license under registration. We are really glad you chose us, Justin. There will be a welcome to the household party tonight."

                  Justin said, "I will try my best to fit into your law enforcement team, Bucky. Although I do need to talk to you about something personal later tonight."

                  Tarmac thought that Bucky blushing near the boy was cute. "After I enjoy my sandwiches with chili sauce, it is back to the road crew for me."

                  Bucky hugged Justin and said, "AIRS Depot told me that you got an empowerment to help us with law enforcement. They said that I might like it but you would explain it to me."

                  Justin replied, "We can discuss it after lunch ends. I was told that you had an upcoming problem that you were nervous about dealing with. I want to help you with it since you are one of my sponsors."

                  Bucky smiled. "I can tell that you are going to be a great friend, Justin. Thanks."

                  The boy gave the green hare a kiss on his lips. "As I said, We can discuss that part later. Shall we have lunch?"

                  The three then had lunch together as Justin explained how he had assisted with helping with the Ambrose and Brian issue earlier that day.

                  Tarmac said, "Am I ever glad that got resolved. Being in rut can make a rabbit do some crazy things they might regret later. We donkeys are more in control of ourselves for some stupid reason. We can be just as loving, but rabbits like being stretched over big tools. I sure am glad hares are not like the weaker species or else we would never get any work done at all."

                  Bucky said, "Bruiser and Dead-Eye would never let me live it down if I ended up like those rabbits."

                  Justin grinned. "They don't have to find out, eh Sponsor Mom?"

                  Bucky blushed again. Tarmac was enjoying the show; he rarely got to see Bucky blush so often.

                  When lunch ended, Tarmac got up, hugged the boy briefly and then he said, "Time for this Mobian Donkey to go get sticky in the name of repairing roads. See you tonight, Justin."

                  Justin replied, "Don't fall in too deeply, Tarmac. I would hate to have Sonic to go rescue you." Tarmac laughed as he headed out.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Bucky smiled at Justin. "You said you wanted to talk to me after lunch. So, lay it on me."

                    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

                    The moment the transformation had ended, Bucky hugged and kissed on Jacky in an almost out of control manner. But then he forced himself to let go as he staggered back and sadly said, "That was so unprofessional of me. You are my charge of all things. I need to return to Warren this weekend. If you want to help me, then you can come with me."

                    Jacky said, "I can fly, phase through solid objects, I have a holy projection light beam that can purify all it touches and I can manipulate water."

                    Bucky said, "Lets go get you registered with the Junior Law Enforcement. Normally, it requires that you have an adult law enforcement member vouching for you. But you have the extra of Lord Purzo's direct permission. He's a nice kitty cat like Jenny is. Except she is fond of Willie DuWitt."

                    Jacky said, "Power Down!" And Justin returned to normal. "After the registration, you can introduce me to the crew aboard the Righteous Indignation. And then after the party tonight, I can escort you to Warren to get you help for your problem."

                    Bucky took Justin off to city hall to get the legalization complete so Justin could help the Junior Law Enforcers.

                    Following that, the two went to the space port where Bucky would located each member of the Righteous Indignation.

                    Righteous Indignation

                    Bucky brought Justin aboard the ship and he took him to the forward gunnery station where Dead-eye glomped Justin and said, "So you are the new sponsor boy, are ye, matey! Thanks for not toting around a gun like Willie does!" Justin smiled at Dead-eye as he kissed the duck on the beak. "I carry a bible. It is more powerful than a gun."

                    Bruiser looked into the gunnery where the boys were and he said, "Slender boy. Bucky finds them all. I Bruiser. Ah-OOO-GA!" Justin smiled at the baboon. "You look powerful enough to break a toad ship in half with your bare hands." Bruiser blushed, "Me been working out."

                    The eye-eyed robot came in and said, "I am Android First Class Blinky, Science Officer and Engineering Specialist. Pleasure to meet Bucky's sponsor boy."

                    Jenny and Willie then came in last from Jenny's personal quarters. "See, Willie? I told you that I heard the boys talking." She then shook hands with Justin. "I am First Mate Jenny." Justin replied, "I'm Amish. But Bucky and the others have been bringing me out of my holy shell."

                    Jenny nodded her head. "The Amish as likely more attuned to the holy more than anyone. Please don't be offended if you see me using my witchcraft. I normally only use the magic for good purposes." Justin replied, "The Amish are like a Holy Icon, those whom use witchcraft do not like the feel of holy artifacts. It would have been worse had you touched me before I got my Yuskay Groomer session. They wore thick gloves."

                    Justin then said toward the other human, "And you must be the lucky human boy that gets to have adventures with this bunch. Willie DuWitt, right?"

                    Willie grinned. "Acting Engineer Officer, Willie DuWitt, from San Francisco. I have a blast with these guys when they are in the Aniverse. Am I wrong in assuming that you have an empowered form of your own? I think that would be useful for me in the Aniverse." Justin said, "My other form is called Jacky O'Hare. Allow me to demonstrate how this works..."

                    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "Heaven Sent Me!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart as he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

                    Bucky resisted the urge to pounce his charge just in time as Jenny said, "It is like a High Priest of Warren." Dead-eye grinned. "I like how this looks despite it being another hare. How do you return to normal, Jacky?"

                    Jacky said, "Power Down!" And in a flash he was back in his human identity of Justin Axel Quincy. "JAQ!"

                    Willie fell into his scientific curiosity mode as he started asking questions. "What are Jacky's main powers?" Justin explained, " As I told Bucky just after lunch... I can fly, phase through solid objects, I have a holy projection light beam that can purify all it touches and I can manipulate water."

                    Bucky grinned. "The Groomers did a fantastic job but you should be careful in what you wish for, Willie. You could end up as a pink Dead-eye Duck." And everyone laughed.

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Three.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Warren.