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[CAMP-03] JAQ-02 Weekend Wackiness

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    [CAMP-03] JAQ-02 Weekend Wackiness

    After graduating High School, Justin Quincy wins the famed Sponsor a Prince contest and heads to CAMP World to live with his new sponsors in Jackland Groves within the Orlando region of animated Florida. When he learns of a species rally in the local area between the rabbits and the donkeys, he gets involved to help regulate the activities down to a safe and civilized understanding.

    Jackland Groves (Orlando) - Camp World

    [CAMP-03] JAQ-02 Weekend Wackiness.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is now open. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    It was Saturday afternoon and Justin was off with Autumnpaw (Auty) and Donald (Donny) visiting the local youth center where other rabbit and donkeys played games and had a good time. Not sex, you perverts... that would occur later in the series; it is bound to happen. Justin DOES become Jacky O'Hare, after all.

    Auty said, "Wait until you see this place, Jack. It has everything we young types like. But if you are more into churches, we will get plenty of that tomorrow morning."

    Donny grinned. "Games, games and more games galore. And prizes to win as well as a food court all provided by city council of which your sponsor dad, Jan Mangu, helps to provide."

    Auty said, "So your sponsor mom, Captain Bucky, got your other self registered as a citizen of Planet Warren, huh?"

    Justin nodded his head. "That's right, Auty. Dead-eye really liked the idea that Bucky had access to another human, especially one that doesn't carry a water pistol. I made Bruiser blush when I mentioned that he looked powerful enough to break a Toad Ship in half with his bare hands. And then Jenny got shocked from shaking my hands. Willie wanted to know how he could become furry like me; I wisely told him that the process was one way unless he got a transformation trigger. I said he could end up as a Pink Dead-eye Duck."

    Donny laughed. "You probably had their whole crew laughing when you made that reference."

    Auty asked, "Why did Jenny get shocked, Jack?"

    Justin replied, "Those whom use witchcraft even for good purposes have a negative reaction when touching a holy relic such as the holy protection that is all over my skin. You saw what happened when I touched a demon disguised as a house the other day. That is the negative reaction I am talking about."

    At that moment, a few donkey boys and rabbit boys were heard loudly over at a video game console. "STUPID GAME! Why did you start acting up now? I almost had the high score!" and "This thing acts like it is possessed sometimes!"

    Justin struck his pose with his bible held up toward the Heavens as he said, "The Good Lord is There!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle formed over human head, as his cotton tail appeared in the back. His big hare feet formed to replace his human feet. Then his black uniform appeared on his body along with his gloves, boots and cape. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline as the scenery returned to normal and he crossed his heart and he shouted, "Jacky O'Hare!"

    Jacky then went over and looked at the video game machine as he brought his bible out for all to see and the moment he touched the bible to the video game, and explosion threw everyone away from that spot. Although Jacky was back on his feet in a flash as he went into banishing mode. Jacky held his bible aloft in one hand as he stepped toward the video game demon as he recited the religious quote. "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness. For His name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever." And as he reached the spot where the demon stood in agony, Jacky shouted, "BEGONE FOUL DEMON OF EVIL! RELEASE THE INNOCENTS!" And in doing this last action, the demon glowed brightly but Jacky was far from finished as he chanted the Lords Prayer.

    "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. [For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.] Amen."

    Jacky then shouted, "As the Good Lord has found thee out, begone with thee back to the foul pits from which thy came! Begone in the name of the Good Lord!"

    And the gaming demon roared as the floor opened beneath his cloven hoofs and he fell down the one-way pit returning to the Abyss. And then the hole closed becoming exactly as it had been before the challenge had occurred.

    Jacky said, "Number Two gone; Four to go."

    Directly to one side, clearly unseen by the youngsters, Lucifer in his business suited goat man attire appeared and he said, "Good job, Jack. You got lucky in finding this one. Had your friends not brought you here, there is no telling when you would have discovered his hiding place. The remaining Four won't be so easy to find. They know now that transforming you didn't have the effect they were expecting for you. Take care, Jack." And Lucifer vanished again.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    And then the local youths came over and they were shaking Justin's hand.

    Emergency services then arrived along with two local priests, one of each species, and they began to sanctify the youth center. Bucky O'Hare and Bruiser then approached Jacky. "You are certainly getting your workout, son. On behalf of Jackland Groves, we thank you. We may never have known about that one. But you should return to normal so you can enjoy the rest of the day with your friends."

    Jacky struck a pose and said, "Good Lord There!" Briefly, his surroundings changed to three giant holy crosses with himself standing in front of the largest cross. A gigantic bible with a black cover and gold lettering slid around from behind himself to hide him from view and when it slid back behind him, he was glowing head to foot as his hare ears and muzzle reverted to his former human likeness, as his cotton tail vanished back into his body. His big hare feet returned to their human size. And then a heavenly glow burst outward from his glowing outline and his normal human clothing replaced the uniform as the scenery returned to normal as he crossed his heart. "JAQ!"

    Bucky and Bruiser departed and Auty and Donny both hugged Justin fondly. "We are so glad we became your friend, Jack. Our youth center didn't deserve to be invaded by this demon. What did we do to get on their bad side?"

    Justin replied, "You are both in love with an Amish boy whom knows how to get rid of demons. I didn't want to say this around the adults, but you two make me feel really good. I really enjoy spending time with the two of you. You are both so much fun. Back in Amish country, fun like yours is sort of frowned upon, but I am starting to like it."

    Within the next hour of entertainment and food, the three had a lot of fun at the youth center. And then while Auty and Donny felt the need to go use the restroom, Justin found himself supposedly exploring a place behind the youth center where he saw what looked like huge pool of mirror like mud which had a thin layer of water on top of it. It was at that point, the imagery in the mud's reflection took on the appearance of what looked like a sexy black unicorn demon. "So you are the Amish boy in Jackland Groves. I am Demon Lord Tarcornis. The lord of Tar, Mud, and all underworld unicorn kind. I hope you are well today. Now before you drag your bible out; be warned, I am not even in Jackland Groves at the moment. I have an offer for you. I know holy icons do not make deals with demons, but at least hear me out."

    Justin whom had been about to go Jacky O'Hare stopped and said, "I can hear your words, demon. What do you want?"

    Tarcornis said, "Oh good, you are reasonable. First of all, only devil kind obey the Visa rules. Demons do not need a Visa to be in the surface world; although generally, they usually go to Earth where it is far safer than being on the same planet as Amaterasu and the Horse. Here's the deal... Jack; I can make the demons in Jackland Groves leave Camp World so they are not bothering you and the other Jackland citizens any more in exchange for you doing one thing."

    Justin arched an eye. "And what is this one thing? And you are right, my people do not make deals with demons. With Lucifer watching me occasionally I have to be careful in what I do. So make it good."

    Tarcornis smiled. "Get Auty and Donny to take you out to the Jackland mud flats; they've been out there loads of times. They usually get really dirty and slicked up. When you get there, remove your clothes and jump into the mud and roll around in it, when they join you and they likely will when they get curious as to what you are doing, permit yourself to have sex with both of them. You don't have to get pregnant as long as your manhood is in both of their tail holes and theirs score in your own at least once. Do this, and you won't be able to sense another demon in Jackland Groves ever again because I will summon them back to Chaosmire where they will have to do jobs for me to get free. Or, I do nothing and permit more demons to show up and bother you. The father to these demons you are banishing to the wrong underworld realm is planning on summoning you butt naked to the underworld to teach you a lesson. Butt naked would mean without your clothes and without your bible. As well as being unable to change into that sexy Jacky O'Hare. Anyway, that is my offer. Sex with your friends at the mud flats one time only and no more demons in Jackland Groves. It is up to you, will you do it to get the chance to get rid of all the demons at the same time or would you rather bend over for me right now? Yes, I will have sex with Auty and Donny in exchange for removing all of the demons; or No, I respect my friends, so I will drop my pants and let you fuck me in exchange for removing all of the demons instead. What's it going to be boy, yes or no? I would be tickled if Lucifer offered you a deal like this. I know he's been horny lately. Jackland Groves is a temptation for any devil or human."

    Justin thought about this offer carefully; what he wouldn't give for Bucky or Jan to suddenly walk up into where he was standing. However, it was a chance to get rid of all of the demons at the same time and go back to being a normal sponsor boy afterward. Hew did respect Auty and Donny too much to have sex with them although they had mentioned wanting to someday do it with him with consent and in the mud flats likely wouldn't be with parental consent.

    "Get my sponsor parents permission to tap the Amish bottom in a mounting and I will permit you to fuck me as you are saying. The end result is the removal of all demons from Jackland Groves. I also have to be human at the end of the mounting, so no sex as an excuse to change someone into another naughty unicorn. You have to remove the demons before you mount me locally and not in the Underworld. Take it or leave it."

    Before the deal could continue, the entire mud hole exploded in a white fireball incinerating all of the weird mud into fine powder as Lady Amaterasu floated down out of the sky into Justin's midst. As she faced him, she said in a stern voice. "Dumbest deal ever, Justin! I was watching! All he has to do is get Bucky and Jan to agree to let him play with you and the moment they both say yes, then you will end up pregnant with unicorn eggs! Unicorns lay eggs! The Demons were making sure no one else could walk into the are where the offer was being made to you and you alone! They knew you would never agree to have sex with Auty and Donny which would have been far safer! Now the only way you can get out of these deal is to obey the first offer and have sex with your friends before Bucky and Jan say yes to Tarcornis' offer to play with you! The moment you do it with Auty and Donny in the mud, Tarcornis will be stuck with having to keep his word by summoning the rest of the local demons to his realm! The moment that deal started, you should have called for Founder Core! So now you are going to have to have sex to stay free!"

    Justin hung his head for a moment before lifting it and looking Amaterasu in the eyes saying, "Founder Core never lifted the holy blessing off of my body." He winked.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Amaterasu grinned. "I forgot all about that effect. But getting mounted by a unicorn demon of Tar and Mud is still not going to be pleasant. You would be better off with your friends. If he gets eggs out of you, then you and he will be those colts parents and he will be able to talk to you whenever he likes. Because one of the things he always does with a new lover is place the herd mark on your buttocks to show that you allowed yourself to be claimed by him. Auty and Donny wouldn't do that because they care about you."

      Justin said, "So I need to find Auty and Donny and get this over with. I thought I was being smart about this. But you are right, I should have called Founder Core."

      Amaterasu said, "I know the offer was super tempting to get all of the demons out of Jackland Groves in one fell swoop and that is what made you think about it."

      At the mayor's office, Jan's phone rang and when he answered it, the young sounding male voice said, "Mayor Mangu? I recently met Justin and he said that I had to get your permission before I could play with him. May I have that permission please? I know he is with Auty and Donny right now at the teen hot spot where he just got rid of another demon."

      Jan Mangu distracted by his duties and weekend paperwork he had to fill out replied, "I don't mind. Justin can take care of himself. But you still need to get Bucky's permission. He is at the Righteous Indignation and as far as I know, they do not have a standard phone aboard that frigate."

      Soon aboard the Righteous Indignation by way of the communications console, a call came in while Bucky and Willie were checking out the electronics console. The Caller ID wasn't working and they needed it when doing their jobs against the Toad Empire. When Bucky answered it, the young sounding male voice said, "Bucky O'Hare? I recently met Justin and he said that I had to get your permission before I could play with him. Mayor Mangu said that the final decision was yours. May I have that permission please? I know he is with Auty and Donny right now at the teen hot spot. I would have spoken to you then, but I was in the bathroom and I missed getting to speak to you."

      Bucky replied, "If Jan said it was okay, then my final word on this is... don't mess up his clothes nor his body too much. We don't need Cheer Bear down here because a young local did the wrong thing. Plus, Justin needs to be home by 7 PM tonight so he can get some sleep for his religious studies in the morning. Tomorrow is Sunday after all. There, you have my permission. Just play nicely and make sure he comes home human and not smelling like a Jackland sewer."

      After closing the call through his crystal ball, Tarcornis said, "Child's play. Too easy. Now not even Founder Core can interfere. I got permission according to Justin's own words. His ass is as good as mine. Not to mention, when he pitched that alternate deal to me, it voided the first deal entirely. So even if he does get fucked by Auty and Donny, it will only be sex and it won't count. Lady Amaterasu should have stopped him before he opened his mouth. Since I heard the counter-offer, it is too late now."

      Back where Justin was standing, Amaterasu said, "I need to get going now, Justin. There is a natural weather system about to move through the area. I would avoid the mud flats during the upcoming rain. I will also let Purzo know what went down. He really cares about you. Dammit, now the Horse is calling me to ask something. What a pest." And she left.

      The Goddess wasn't gone but a few seconds when Justin was teleported without his clothes and jewelry to a sticky tar, mud, and glue scented area where he found himself on all fours with his butt lifted and just as fluidly, he felt the unicorn rod entering his backside as he felt stretched on the solid yet spongy shaft.

      "Welcome to my realm in Chaosmire, Jack," said Tarcornis. "Getting permission was super easy. And now I have to tell you one little thing, my boy... when you made that alternate deal to me, you voided the first offer. Amaterasu was right that it was a stupid deal to make, but you are stuck now. It would hurt less if you were a unicorn when you lay the egg later. If you think back to the deal you made, you will see what I mean."

      ["Get my sponsor parents permission to tap the Amish bottom in a mounting and I will permit you to fuck me as you are saying. The end result is the removal of all demons from Jackland Groves. I also have to be human at the end of the mounting, so no sex as an excuse to change someone into another naughty unicorn. You have to remove the demons before you mount me locally and not in the Underworld. Take it or leave it."]

      [(truncated) "No, I respect my friends, so I will drop my pants and let you fuck me in exchange for removing all of the demons instead." (truncated)]

      Tarcornis then said, "First of all, we are not in the Underworld known as Hell, and that was what you were implying. Don't deny it, Jack. I can read your mind; you meant Hell. This isn't Hell. No fire and brimstone here anywhere. You have to be human at the end of the sexual mounting, and you will be. I have to remove the local demons before I mount you, the moment I teleported you, they all ended up in my alternate realm. Since we are not in Hell, your ass is mine. As for your holy protection, it has a flaw in it that Zecma really should have paid attention to. It has no effect on deals that you yourself have pitched at an underworld citizen as long as the demon is agreeing to your terms. So in essence, Jack my boy... you fucked up. Amaterasu was right... as usual, you shouldn't have done that. You had protection until you pitched the alternate deal."

      Justin realized too late that this unicorn lord was right since no explosions were going off. "But you agreed that I would be human at the end of this. If I am a Chaosmire unicorn, then the deal is off. You agreed to it."

      Tarcornis said, "You better stop trying to get the upper hand, Jack. I am your ticket back to Jackland Groves. If you do manage to get away from me in Chaosmire, one, your are butt naked and you have no local money; two, your holy protection doesn't turn back on until you complete the deal offer with me; and three, If you renege on the offer YOU made, then all demons including those you banished are returned to Jackland Groves as if you did nothing. So just relax and let me fuck you as you agreed to."

      Justin was about to say something else when his body suddenly quivered and he changed into the local species and then the Unicorn Lord sex felt mind-blowingly awesome. He also began to fill up with the lord's seed as he quickly became pregnant with Demonic Unicorn Eggs.

      Tarcornis then said, "You will be kicking your sponsor when you hear this next part; Bucky said, Just play nicely and make sure he comes home human by 7 PM."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Tarcornis then added, "He also implied that the Jackland sewers would smell worse than male-on-male sex. So you are mine under time dilation until 7 PM, Jackland time. Also, as long as you sport the claim mark on your buttocks, then you won't have to put up with another demon in Jackland Groves. Or do you want to try to negotiate yourself out of this and make things worse?"

        Justin finally managed to say, "Lucifer will be checking on me eventually."

        Tarcornis smiled. "Time dilation, remember? He won't even know you were with me until I return you human to the surface world. And by then, you will have laid at least a hundred unicorn eggs for me, my little breeding partner."

        Justin said, "Too late I know what Amaterasu meant by stupidest deal ever. If I am pregnant, why are you still in me?"

        The black sticky tar, mud and glue like unicorn lord said, "Our species can lay eggs while continuing to receive more seed. And I set the egg limit a moment ago; over a hundred eggs and then and only then are you free. Just relax and I will train you on how to take my shaft and like it. This will be good practice so when you do have sex with Auty and Donny later, you will be a pro at it."

        Justin said, "Zecma is the other person whom checks on me. He is used to time dilation."

        Tarcornis smiled. "Since you think you can legally get out of this, I will contact Council Overseer Zecma myself as well as a law imp and my own personal Mack Roo lawyer. And once I lay out the details on what happened, you will learn for yourself that they cannot help you. You did this to yourself." And he processed to call for those he had mentioned in reverse order. His Mack Roo lawyer arrived first, followed by the Law Imp and finally looking pleased to be able to get away from Imperial Council, yet still wearing the council jacket, Zecma. Then Tarcornis laid out in exact detail with video and audio evidence what had happened earlier behind the teen hot spot in Jackland Groves. And how the young man whom had talked himself into this deal was sure he could legally get out of it.

        Zecma was the first to say it. "I'm sorry Justin. This is a classic case of a human thinking they are smarter than an Underworld Lord. I have seen this happen multiple times. You laid out the rules for you getting fucked by Tarcornis. He did not mix up how you detailed the offer. If you had not said the words, as you are saying when you made your counter-offer, then you would have had a case to get out of this. By saying, as you are saying, you agreed to be fucked and bred by him in what he had originally implied. Meaning here in his realm in the Underworld as his species. The rest of what you said contradicted what he had first said. Of course, if you had simply agreed to have sex with your friends, then you wouldn't be here; too late now. Amaterasu tried to give you a definitive warning. All he had to do was get permission from your sponsor guardians to have sex with you, you never told him that he had to explain whom he was and how he wanted to mate with you. I will review your Space Master Life Video Records later tonight to make sure the exact video and audio we were shown is the truth or not, but regardless, now that you have had this experience, you will sadly want to do it again later. And you will want to be bred by a unicorn. Preferably Tarcornis. You may even dream favorable dreams about your new boyfriend. Man, what a video game this would make. Your straight life is over. The guys on council will laugh their asses off when they hear about this. If you are not back on Camp World by 7 PM clean and human, I will summon you myself to the Yuskay Groomers." And he then took his leave via teleport.

        The Law Imp said, "Sad as it is for me to say this, cute stuff, Zecma isn't wrong. I could get you out of this myself, but then your humanity would be gone for sure. See ya." And he teleported back to the law imp home base.

        The Mack Roo lawyer said, "My dad is in rut currently, so no going to the top to get legal help for escaping from this or else you really would be pregnant. You could appeal to the emperor, but then you would be nothing but a butt fucked samate with no mind of your own. Even though I am Tarcornis' lawyer, I hate getting my paw-feet and tail into this stuff. I need to go get cleaned up." And he vanished out of the realm as well.

        Tarcornis smirked. "Told you so." And then he resumed pleasuring his new boyfriend.

        Justin said, "There has to be another way out of this that would let me stay myself."

        Tarcornis shook his head. "There are other ways out of this, but sadly none of them would permit you to stay human. You could really lose yourself if I let you do that."

        Justin said, "Just tell me what the other way out is and I will decide how bad it is."

        Tarcornis called out, "Law Imp!" And the Law Imp reappeared. "What did he say this time, Lord Tarcornis?" The tarry glue like unicorn lord said, "Justin wants to me to tell him the other way out of this. And I wanted a legal witness this time so there would be no question if he chooses to do the wrong thing."

        The Law Imp said, "If it is what I am thinking, I have the funds myself and I haven't had sex with a human boy in ages."

        Tarcornis said, "The other way out is to place a monetary value on yourself, Jack my boy... How much do you think you are worth?"

        Justin sighed as he got what the unicorn and the imp were implying. Sell yourself on the auction block. "You know; this isn't so bad. Plus, you agreed to send me home afterward. But I am curious about something; just how bad are the Jackland sewers? I recall that Tarcornis could play with me as long as he didn't return me home smelling like that."

        The Law Imp giggled. "I checked into that, already, Justin. If you got that stuff on you, your sponsor parents would have you sleeping with the skunks at night."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          After what felt like nearly six hours of constant thrusting and egg laying out of an opening near his groin, The human boy turned Tar-glue unicorn soon noticed other local male unicorns lining up nearby, taking a pose and lifting their tails. Justin chose to say something to them. "You boys might have a bit of a wait. I haven't met my quota for the deal I have with your lord as yet and he said he wouldn't pull out until I reached the quota number of one hundred eggs. Are you all locals or what?"

          The closest unicorn looked at Justin and replied, "So you are the newest one to think that you were smarter than a neutral demon lord. What I just said is how you probably got yourself stuck in this deal. I will try to explain this to you." He shook his head as he lit up his horn point which made all of the other unicorns take notice and pay attention to the educational lesson that was about to occur.

          "First of all, you are likely a human boy whom has been so brainwashed in your religion that you believe exactly what the monk-written bible says about Biblical times." Justin started to retort. "But it is fact!" The unicorn said, "Look, if God himself or his chosen few whom survived the Tower of Babel actually wrote that Bible, then no human on Earth would ever be able to read anything that was written within in. God, himself, made mankind's languages into Pig-Latin, literally. Therefore, the Bible was first written by literate Monks to only be used by other chosen religious monks. Normal people were not to have access to these Bibles. It was believed back then that normal people would misinterpret what the Good Book implied. And sure enough... look at what all of the religions on Earth are now doing, Justin. The base of every religion goes back to the first bible that they were able to capture for normal people's usage and they interpreted the words therein in ways that resulted in all of these different religions. You are a Mennonite otherwise known as the Amish. Your people live a lifestyle commonplace in the 17th century. They only wore black, same as Satanists; they interpret the bible in ways that are far removed from the Christians, same as Satanists; etc. The Pagans didn't follow the Bible as they had their own belief system, but in the end, the spirits they believed in all worked for God. But since they were naturalists and that wasn't natural for a God-fearing Christian, they were made to go modern like real humans oh so have to do just to be accepted in the world. The Good Book says that people can worship him in their own ways as long as he is the only God in their lives. The Animal Spirits, or Angels to Christians, all work for God. For he made them. Now to jump into the next part of this lesson."

          Justin said, "You are simply misinterpreting the Bible to make it sound the way you feel would less strenuous on your daily life."

          All of the Unicorn bucks muttered, "...whatever..."

          The one unicorn said, "That is your opinion, Justin. Remember that you are brainwashed into believing in what your people and your religion have taught you. Doesn't the Good Book also say that you should never make a deal with a demon no matter what good the results may cause? And you did."

          Justin felt as if the unicorn had boxed him with a boxing glove at that point. He nailed it.

          The unicorn now continued. "Back to part two. In the Underworld itself, there are three types of demons, devils, and Imperial Hellions. And for the record, a Hellion is a fallen angel. Now, just as it is with humans, you have good, evil, and balance or neutrality. Lord Tarcornis is a Neutral demon lord. Good devils follow the Good Book and are often carrying out God's work in the Underworld. Neutral devils are the realm followers of these devil prince types. They are often very sexually involved with either each other or any accidental visitors. They really don't have a lot to do. Evil devils are often escaping from Hell to go find humans to tempt into acting against their better nature. If they can make a human act against their better nature three times, then that human changes into the same species as the tempter and they are teleported back to the home realm to be fucked by the locals or the Realm Prince himself."

          Justin nodded his head since the Bible was not specific in these details. Meaning he was thinking about what the Unicorn was telling him.

          The unicorn smiled as he continued to explain things. "That covers Hell. Now for Middle Realms also known as Chaosmire. Located directly between Hell, Hades, the Concordant and the Abyss are a collection of realms known as Chaosmire. This collection of realms is governed over by Lord Rodney Blayze, a former human whom got changed into a red dragon. He escaped from Hell and he rescued several Hell Citizens whom all were willing to follow him and get set up in his new plane that he had invented. The former plane he took over used to be a nasty swamp full of sticky mud, pools of tar as well as oil slicks, and natural glue deposits. The demons and devils wanted nothing to do with it. Chaosmire was also the original home of the Dildo trees. Don't ask. They are as sexual as they sound. Demons and Devils whom all agree to Rodney's rules may live in Chaosmire. But in joining this realm, they change into what has come to be known as a Dievon, or sometimes even known as a Daevon. Dievons are the neutral demons and neutral devils of Chaosmire. Dievons look like standard Earth animals of either the feral or anthropomorphic variety, but more the first type. And their coloration are often darker than the earth equivalent. They have no demonic nor devil like horns nor barbed tails. Aside from fluent omnifluent speech, you would never know you were with a Dievon at all until they talked. Dievons are completely neutral veering neither toward good nor evil. And Sex is commonplace with Dievons. Nothing demonic about procreating. Not like the incest that God himself told Adam and Eve, brother and sister whom were actually married, to go into the world and do. It is only incest when it is humans of shared blood. Otherwise, it is only sex."

          Justin could understand that as he had seen farm animals doing it back home and never minded that a human was watching.

          The Unicorn now said, "And that brings us to the Demons of the Abyss. The good ones are pleasant to talk to; they are mainly merchants of goods. The neutral ones are information brokers and their appearances border between pleasant and sleazy. Bookies and racketeers. And finally, the evil ones that you were taught about in Sunday school. They are huge and ugly. There is nothing pleasant about them at all. They live for fighting, tricking the innocent and playing mind games with religious people. And gambling."

          Justin nodded his head. "Please continue."

          The Unicorn took a breath and released it. "You are currently in Chaosmire; not Hell and certainly not the Abyss. Lord Tarcornis actually has a college education with a business degree. Like any neutral Dievon, he gets horny occasionally and he seeks to make a business deal with a surface world citizen. Preferably a human. This is where you got involved. When you heard him call himself a demon, you thought that your faith would protect you from him and allow you to outsmart him in a word game. He has a college degree, Justin!"

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            The Unicorn then continued. "When he pitched his offer at you to help you to remove the Abyss demons out of Jackland grove, he originally only intended for you to have sex with your surface world friends, Autumnpaw the jack Rabbit and Donald the jack Donkey. Auty is highly sexual, he would have fucked you in a heartbeat. Donny was more reserved. He would only have had sex with you, with permission. Auty was the one responsible for getting the other rabbit and by way of association, the other donkey, in sexual trouble. Auty entered a pre-teen rut and he had forced sex on the other rabbit buck. The rabbit buck and the donkey jack had been just about to move into their own place as would have been their right. But once affected by Auty, the rabbit buck had nothing but gay sex on his mind and when he tried to force himself on the donkey jack, this led to a lot of fights in the house whom was actually a demon. The demon was often amused by how they fought so much during sex and he never even had to coerce them into doing it. Then you came along and you banished the demon, whom in truth, had done nothing wrong. Since getting rescued from the situation, the donkey jack has been avoiding the rabbit buck like the plague."

            Justin said, "So banishing the demon was not my original mission; why didn't Lucifer just tell me that? Now I have a bunch of demons mad at me."

            The unicorn said, "Lucifer is a Hellion; and what did I tell you about the devils earlier?"

            Justin said, "You said, quote, good devils follow the Good Book and are often carrying out God's work in the Underworld, unquote."

            The Unicorn smiled. "Good. You were paying attention. Neutral demons of Chaosmire are commonly called... what?"

            Justin smiled back. "Dievons or in some cases, Daevons. Hey, this is actually kind of fun! Thanks for explaining this stuff to me. I feel like I learned something that someone neglected to inform me of growing up. Not to mention, you seem really nice."

            The unicorn buck blushed as he said, "Thank you for thinking that I am nice. I am actually one of Tarcornis' sons. I am called Thames. Or as the British say, Times or Tims. Dad says that I am allowed to have non-unicorn friends or even the friendship of someone whom has joined the herd willingly. Were you smart enough to list a time limit to this, or are you here for life like a lot of these other misworded victims?"

            Tarcornis was then felt pulling out of Justin, as he went over to get the mounting started on the other herd members. "Thames... Justin's sponsor Bucky O'Hare listed a time limit of 7 PM Jackland time. That is why I had time dilation turned on here in the realm. When you distracted Justin, or as his friends call him, Jack; which is the pronunciation of his initials, J.A.Q., it permitted his body to focus on laying the hundred eggs that he agreed to lay for me. I will send you back momentarily, Justin. I am giving you some time to relax and talk with my son whom likes you."

            Justin asked, "Did you place the claim mark on me? If you did, I didn't feel the brand being applied."

            Tarcornis grinned. "The claim mark is only for those joining my herd willingly. Goes to show you what others think they know of me. But if you would like the mental ability to talk to Thames and myself, I could grant that. He might answer more than I would. Also, Donny would be gentle with you during sex; Auty would have you hurting since he has no adult experience in gay sex. When I was doing you, did you feel any pain? Think back..."

            Justin focused but he couldn't find any pain in his memory. "No, you were as gentle as you are saying that Donny would be. Are all the eggs out of me? I don't want to get surprised later."

            Tarcornis smiled again. "Yes, and now I am going to tell you something pleasing. The main reason you were brought here was not the sex. I wanted Thames to educate you and maybe make a new friend. Now for part two; your real body is still standing just behind the teen hot spot. I brought your mind and spirit here and formed this body around it so I could pleasure you without stretching and damaging your real body. Had I physically brought you here, then you would be stuck in my realm for an entire year, permanently changed into a horny sexual tar-glue unicorn buck like these others. Friendship is far more valuable than some quick nookie."

            Justin said, "I would like the mental ability to communicate with Thames and yourself since you only wanted to educate me. It might be more beneficial for Thames since he wants to be friends with me. And you might think of something else later to educate me in. So rather than you bringing me back every time you want to give me a lesson, just turn on the link and tell me what news you know. I just wish I knew how to deal with the demons I accidentally made angry." And no sooner had he accidentally made the wish, he felt a sting like sensation in his mind. "Ow! What just happened? It feels like a bee stung my brain!"

            Tarcornis sighed. "You were almost free, Jack... but then you went and said the one thing you should have been warned about. Zecma and Lucifer should have educated you on this."

            Justin arched an eye as it felt like he was more physically in the realm at that point. "Warned me of what?"

            Tarcornis said, "You are going to be mad at Lucifer and Zecma for their not giving you this warning. One, never make an I Wish statement anywhere in the Underworld. Any lord or proxy of a lord can overhear that wish and grant it. For every wish you make, the lord marks you up with a 1 favor debt. 1 Favor is equal to 1,000 credits. For ease of use, 1 Underworld Credit equals 1 Earth Dollar. Never say you'll do 'anything' in exchange for some result or something you'd like to have. An 'anything' is just like making a wish. They can screw you over with that too. Same costs in debt. When trying to find someone or a certain place, never ask out loud to anyone if they know where the person or place is. Sounds innocent enough. But if you do this, they can charge you a finders fee of 100 credits without telling you that you owe them this debt. Now, in all cases of debts, and this is what makes having these debts so horrible. You only have one year to pay them off. It doesn't sound bad at first, but here is what most visitors are not told. Let's say you owe someone 100 credits. If you don't pay this off before 24 hours or 1 day passes, you add 20% of the debt into the debt for the new total that is due. Now you owe 120 credits on day two. 144 credits on day three. and so forth. If you cannot pay the debt by the last day, you are teleported butt naked, one way, to the lord of the realm you owe the debts to; where you could be stuck in his realm as his species for the rest of your life. Which could also imply gay sex with the rest of his people. And you can't say no."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Justin says, "So I owe you a thousand credits in twenty four hours. So why did it feel like my body got transferred into your realm just a moment ago? If I have a year to pay this debt, then my real body should still be topside."

              Tarcornis scanned Justin and said, "Oh my... the rules in Chaosmire are different. You cannot work the job taverns in an illusionary body. You have to physically do them. I did not plan it this way, Justin. One moment..." He lifted his head. "Law Imp! Contract Imp! Mack Roo Lawyer! Financial Imp! Information Devil Mouse!"

              Those called then appeared in the realm floating in mid air, along with Zecma whom was still in his council jacket. "Make it good, Tarcornis. What happened this time?"

              Tarcornis had been mentally updating his lawyer on the events when Zecma asked his question. "Whom was it that failed to inform Justin Quincy of the no wishes, no anythings, and no finders fee rules for the underworld? He early by accident made a wish just as he was about to be free of his contract with me and suddenly he is stuck in the realm physically under this debt."

              Zecma said, "What was the exact wording of the wish from his own mouth, unicorn lord?"

              Tarcornis replied, "Minus the I just wish portion. He said the following, quote, I knew how to deal with the demons I accidentally made angry, unquote. And the moment it was out of his mouth, the realm we are in force granted the wish upon this nice boy. At the time, it seemed as if the wish was not even going to be made in the way he as an afterthought said it. He had just completed his quota with me and then this happened. My son likes Justin."

              Zecma said, "So you are saying that his making a wish at the end seemed coerced?"

              Thames said, "My father is not lying, Zecma. The sex is not why he invited Justin down here. He had just been told that his physical body was still on Camp World behind the teen hot spot and then this happened. He later said that it felt as if his physical body was now in the realm."

              Zecma pulled out an Imperial decree scroll and wisely did not point it at Justin. "Reveal whom coerced Justin Axel Quincy to make that wish he made earlier!" And he threw the scroll to the ground which it then vanished in a blast of black smoke. Within the black smoke, everyone saw what looked like a demon wearing Lucifer's favorite disguise of a goat man in a business suit appear in front of Justin's physical body as he worked a spell on the boy's mouth and voice box. Verbally the body then made the wish seconds before he and the demon both vanished from the spot and then the scene changed to Justin complaining about a bee sting as he is still standing in Tarcornis' realm. Then the smoke dissipated. Zecma said, "Despite their coercing the wish, Justin, they could have granted it themselves, but instead, they allowed Tarcornis to grant it. It is binding."

              Thames said, "Father... couldn't Justin do a job for me and then I simply give you the thousand out of my own Direct Investments account? I like this boy and another lord might try to buyout Justin's debt if he goes to a job tavern and accidentally says the wrong thing to some locals."

              The IDM stated, "Your son has a point, Tarcornis. Since you never wanted to get Justin stuck down here, sending him to a Job Tavern is a good way to never see the boy again."

              Tarcornis said, "I only had Justin until 7 PM. And now that he is physically in my realm, his feet and hands are going to need a good cleansing to get the tar and glue off of them. I did not plan it this way. We may miss the deadline if we cannot have him cleaned up and back in Jackland Grove by tonight. He has no local currency, gentlemen, so the Yuskay Groomers offer is not valid. He has no way to pay for it."

              Justin then remembered something. "Purzo. I am in a situation. Do not teleport here or else your nice white fur will end up getting sticky and black. Zecma is floating nearby. I apparently by accident made a wish in the Underworld and I am flat broke. I guess I messed up by being a nice sponsor boy. Oh and it is raining in Jackland Grove, I don't want you to get wet."

              Purzo's voice replied, "It is good that you remembered that we gave you that way to call us if something happened. You do have some Sponsor a Prince funds that were part of your winning the prize, but if you made a wish, then the funds will not cover that. It could pay for a minor Yuskay grooming."

              Zecma said, "Purzo, the wish was coerced by one of those local demons in Jackland Grove. The solution for Justin is that he can do a thousand credit job for a local and then the local give the payment to Lord Tarcornis."

              Purzo then loudly shouted, "DON'T DO IT THAT WAY!" And then after a moment, he more calmly said, "If you agree to that deal, Justin... then you are placing a value on you that any lord can pay to get your services. In effect, you would be selling yourself to the Underworld Auction Block. Getting out of one of those debts is nigh impossible."

              Tarcornis said, "Financial Imp! Quickly check the system to see if Justin is already on the books! This is the exact reason I had you come here today! Since the demons arranged the wish, they may have also registered the debt under my name! I certainly didn't register anything! If his name is there, then this likely more revenge!"

              Darek Imp Kisume then appeared with a few law imps of his own. "It is good that you initiated this inquiry, Tarcornis. But it is also bad at the same time. I am about to explain as to why..."

              Zecma sighed. "I hate it when he starts an explanation with those words..."

              D.I. Kisume remarked to the Council Mouse. "And well you should hate it, Zecma."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Darek Imp Kisume said, "Justin Axel Quincy was already in the Underworld records long before today. The debt had a precursor stipulation that stated that it became official the day that Justin arrived in the Underworld."

                Everyone except Justin said the words, "OH SHIT!"

                D.I. continued, "The person whom registered the debt died in one of the Planar Wars. Therefore, Justin's debt is now a floating debt and it is for a whopping price tag. It even details everything Justin did to accrue this debt. It is very detailed."

                Justin said, "Lay it on me, Mister Kisume. What all did I do or say to end up in this floating debt?"

                D.I. said, "As long as Tarcornis didn't physically bring you into the Underworld, you owed nothing. Despite the coercion responsible for getting you physically here, what's starting cannot be stopped. Now, as for the list... at the time, you likely thought the Good Lord was granting your requests. But every time you made a wish, every wish was registered into the official record. Here goes... so bare with me..."

                "Age 6 - Wished for a broken plow to be legally repaired so the family could work the fields."

                "Age 6 - Wished for a broken plate to be repaired so his mother didn't blister his backside."

                "Age 6 - Wished for his next door neighbor's TV to be repaired so Justin could overhear a show that he was interested in."

                "Age 6 - Wished for a sick farm animal to recover."

                "Age 6 - Wished to have more friends locally. Sadly, he gained one friend whom eventually moved away."

                "Age 6 - Wished for a crooked banker to go fess up to the sheriff. Funniest day ever in Luck."

                "Age 7 - Wished for a broken farm tool to be legally repaired so the family could work the fields."

                "Age 7 - Wished to make friends with a mythical creature since his human friends never stayed around for very long. He ended up with a partially invisible winged Satyr Imp."

                "Age 7 - Wished for a snow ball to hit a pompous church lady in the crack of her rear end. It was the start of Summer."

                "Age 7 - Wished for a hated and ugly grade school teacher to skip town with a man she fell in love with."

                "Age 7 - Wished for a rich corporate man to get a painful wedgie for thinking that he could buy out the family farm."

                "Age 7 - Wished for the same corporate man to someday befall the same fate that befell his satyr imp friend. Years later, his car with him in it got crushed by a steam roller."

                "Age 8 - Wished for to have more powerful friends either human or mythical. This time a werewolf befriended the young man unaware what staying around this boy would be like."

                "Age 8 - Wished for a person whom tried to burn the family barn to meet up with a dark witch on a dark night. Guess who the man met?"

                "Age 8 - Wished for another broken plow to be legally repaired so the family could work the fields. Justin was starting to get wise that someone wanted them out of there."

                "Age 8 - Wished for whomever was breaking their farm equipment to get a near fatal bout with diarrhea."

                "Age 8 - Wished for a burglar to mess his pants every time he thought about breaking into someone's home."

                "Age 8 - Wished for all of his werewolf's injuries to be mended after he got into a fight with another werewolf. That was the last day Justin ever saw the wolf."

                "Age 9 - Wished for to be able to make friends with a unicorn since none of his friend wishes seemed to be working out. Nothing seemed to happen this time."

                "Age 9 - Wished for the corporation that kept harassing his family to burn down in a chemical fire. Later that year, the event happened."

                "Age 12 - Wished that he could be just like Bucky O'Hare since he was having adventures and had friends, where the boy was nearly heartbroken for a friend."

                "Age 14 - Wished for the chance to win the Sponsor a Prince Contest someday. Years later, he was allowed to enter the contest and he actually won."

                D.I. closed the folder and said, "All Justin ever wanted was a friend. He certainly didn't deserve all the shit that life had been dumping on him. Human friends never worked out, the imp friend got crushed by that one guy's car, the werewolf was using the farm as a hideout because he was hiding from High Command and Justin just met some unicorns."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  D.I. said, "22 Wishes all on the record. There are very few people in the Underworld let alone all of the planes whom could buy off a debt of this size. Interest rates, remember?"

                  Thames said, "I don't want to lose my new friend now that I just met him. Can't someone do something?"

                  Purzo's voice said, "Yes, I can think of something. I don't know how you would repay him, but it would take a chunk out of all of his stars."

                  Zecma said, "Do you mean Clippity-Clop or our favorite Hero Rabbit? I know their accounts are both up there."

                  Purzo said, "I would normally mean Clippity-Clop, except he has been letting people all over the Earth spend out of his account as long as the purchases are legal. But for this, I mean Captain Rabbit. He almost never spends anything out of his account. Do you want me to contact him?"

                  Zecma said, "Wait as minute, Purzo. Since D.I. is currently here, let's have him verify whether their accounts can handle Justin's debt total."

                  D.I. said, "An excellent idea." And he started comparing the accounts to the debt total. "I can see one problem immediately. The originator of the debt placed a secondary stipulation in place that says, quote, No heroes are allowed to buy off this debt. Only planar citizens whom live in the planes 98% of their lives, unquote. Lighty has planar blood, but he chooses to live on Camp World; so he is exempt. Our hero bunny is human all the way, but he has connections like you wouldn't believe."

                  Justin asked, "What about Arnie Roo's lord. That little roo must have some underworld pull that by using the funds from Captain Rabbit could be used to save a stupid person like me. Maybe I should be put of out my misery for thinking that I could have friends at all."

                  At that moment, Lord Impy Kisume appeared in mid air with one of his camera imps. "When you guys have a secret meeting, you sure can find some interesting places to hide. I need an idea for a new TV show. And I don't care how wild and cuckoo the concept is. Any suggestions?"

                  Justin said, "How about a stupid human whom makes a bunch of wishes on Earth that rack up a huge debt in the Underworld and the debt cannot go on the open market unless the boy ends up in the Underworld. One day some demons arrange for him to get sent to the underworld and the boy suddenly has to learn how to clear the debt. The person whom set up the debt died in the Planar Wars. How is that for an idea?"

                  Lord Impy perked up at that suggestion before vanishing back to Devi-TV66. D.I. seemed to be waiting and counting his fingers on his hand... and sure enough Lord Impy reappeared as expected. "That isn't just an idea, is it? It really happened."

                  D.I. smiled. "My brother is getting smarter."

                  Lord Impy growled. "Very Funny Asshole. Now fess up, whom is stuck in this debt?"

                  Justin pointed at himself with one tarry cloven hoof. "Me. A human named Justin Axel Quincy, an Amish boy by birth." And then he detailed everything he had learned just a few moments ago. "The plan was to find someone to help me pay off this huge debt and not want me to be stuck in the Underworld as a payback."

                  Lord Impy smiled. "I'm your solution! Let me film your adventures in Jackland Grove on my Pay-per-View network. When someone pays to watch your adventures among rabbits and donkeys as well as stupid demons and sexy unicorns... your debt would decrease something fierce. Especially if we use Mack Roo's debt reduction plan. The Surface World Payment Plan. The way it works is like this... The S.W.P.P. program permits the debtor to waive all interest rates and only have to pay off the debt total by itself. But to take advantage of this plan, you have to be registered in Mack Roo's program. Do you want to try it this way?"

                  Purzo's voice said, "Hello Lord Impy. Be warned that you are pitching an offer at the Sponsor a Prince prize winner and Founder Core of Camp World is watching already. As is Lucifer himself. I know you Kisumes are not afraid of anybody but... the horsey also knows about this boy."

                  Lord Impy growled, "Can't you keep him on a leash? Justin is sheer profit just from the idea alone. My idea is his best bet to get this debt paid off. Otherwise, he could be doing a lot of Employment Tavern jobs. And most involve anal sex."

                  Purzo said, "He could do Employment Tavern jobs under Mack Roo's program and not be filmed doing it."

                  Justin said, "I don't think I would want the viewers to learn about my stupid debt in that particular way."

                  Zecma said, "I'm proud of you, Justin. That was a smart decision. There is a way to see what jobs involve sex before choosing them. Staying out of sex jobs would be beneficial if you don't want to remember how good those jobs felt."

                  Tarcornis then said, "Sadly sex jobs pay a lot more. I know a few that pay millions per job."

                  Zecma said, "I am sure that isn't helping, Tarcornis. Besides, Justin has the 7 PM deadline back in Jackland Groves."

                  Tarcornis said, "Despite all that, counting the most recent wish, Justin owes for 23 wishes. Mine was the most recent."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Lord Impy then stated, "When I asked Justin if he wanted to try Mack Roo's program, you all pretty much convinced him not to do it. Are you sure you are trying to help him get out of this debt?"

                    Purzo's voice replied, "Lord Impy, when you pitched the original offer, you had coupled it with his permitting you to film his life just so your TV channel could profit from his sorry situation. But as long as you only meant Mack Roo's program, then it is a possibility."

                    Zecma then said, "Regardless of the decisions the rest of you are making, Tarcornis only invited certain people to come into his realm to discuss this. Lord Impy, this is Chaosmire. You know, Lord Blayze's territory. Why don't you go see if Kiev will let you film him in drake porn again?"

                    Justin said, "I need to do something to get the last debt paid off or else we will miss the 7 PM deadline."

                    Thames said, "I could take you to the unicorn Employment Tavern and educate you on how to tell a sex job over a normal one. The old people might not ever know that we went. But we should take the Financial Imp with us so you can get your D.I. account set up. You cannot do any jobs without an account for direct deposit."

                    Grabbing the Account Imp, the two unicorns departed the lordly adult talks and they went to the local Unicorn Employment Tavern. Within the tavern, Justin got to soak his hoofs in a solution for removing tar from his hands and feet. While he was doing this, the Account Imp helped Justin in setting up his D.I. Account. "Initially, we deposit a hundred credits into your account during the set-up. When you raise your account amount to two hundred, we deduct the original hundred and then you have an account free and clear. If at any time, you want to check your account balance, just call out for a Financial Imp and one of us will appear. Tell them your name and then ask what your account balance is. There is also a Direct Investments catalog if you are interested in buying abilities, powers, and other gifts. You account is set up, Justin or Jack. Thames will explain how the job board works. I got to go in case the others need me." And he vanished out of the tavern.

                    Justin then said, "Purzo? Thames forgot that you are speaking through a device on my body. Could you please contact Mack Roo for me so I can get registered on his S.W.P.P. program. I am feeling that I need that kind of protection if I am to get these debts paid off. If what I was told was correct that 1 favor is a thousand credits, then I currently owe 23,000 credits without the interest."

                    Purzo replied, "I will contact Mack Roo, and for the further record, Justin, if anyone else asks you how much you owe on a debt, tell them that both Founder Core and the Imperial Council are monitoring your debts and if they want to know, then they should come and ask us. Directly."

                    Soon, Mack Roo appeared in the tavern as he looked over the two unicorns. "Which one of yas was the recently former 'uman, mates? Purzo sent me."

                    Justin said, "That's me, sexy tail. Justin Axel Quincy or as my friends like to call me, Jack, since that's what my initials spell."

                    Mack Roo hopped over and began to read the unicorn's aura. "So, an Amish boy won the Sponsor a Prince contest this year. Ah'll bet yas 'ave been in loads of manure already."

                    Justin said, "Sometimes I feel like I am still in it. You're a Devil Kangaroo like Arnie Roo, aren't you?"

                    Mack Roo said, "That bloke is for real. Ah was once 'uman, like yas. Different species come with different accents. So yas want to get registered in my Surface World Payment Plan system, do yas? Purzo told me what yas owe and 'ow some of the debts 'ave been accumulating interest since yas were age six. Yes, my program is yer only 'ope at this point. If yas tried to pay off the amount without my program, yas would never make it. Ah know yas don't want to be an underworld unicorn come the Spring or yas will return to Tarcornis and lift yer tail for 'im. Yas might even 'ave dreams about the bloke's great sex when yas get 'ome. And part of yas will want to do it again. That's where yer willpower will come into play. Yas 'ave to resist the call to get your tail 'ole plundered again. Now let's get yas registered so yas can work on paying off this mess. Once yer in the program, yas will 'ave to do 23 jobs that pay at least a thousand credits to 'ave yer debt paid off. Of course, if yas can raise the full amount before 7 PM, then no more debt. But yas will get to retain yer membership in the program. Ah'm no prick."

                    Thames then explained how the job board worked and he pondered a way for Justin to have private access to the unicorn job tavern from his Sponsor Home so he could easily come see Thames without getting into trouble. "See this symbol on this job ad? This means that there is sex involved in the job. Ads without this symbol are listed as-is. See this marking at the end of the time limit. It says RC. That means that the time listed is in Rotunda City units. No matter how long a job lasts, only the time listed will pass for you in the real world. The listing of TD means that the realm is time dilated, as father did for you during your contract with him. D.R. means Danger Rating. For a rule of thumb, never do a job that is lower than a -3 for former humans like yourself. You could end up forgetting you were ever human if you did those jobs. A D Rating of 11+ is the best job available and most of those always involve sex. By the way, Father knows exactly where we are. He told me to tell you that you just do what you need to do to get this shitty debt taken care of and then come on back so he can give you that gift we spoke of before he sends you back to Jackland Groves. See any jobs that look good?"

                    Justin replied, "I've been looking at this one that has no symbol and is rated as a seven on the D Rating list. It pays a hundred thousand with a possible bonus for impressing the foreman. And it has a Time Dilation. I could be done by 6 PM Jackland time. I want to do this one. So what do I do?"

                    Thames said, "Touch your hoof to this circle and then I will see you when you return. Try not to have too much fun."

                    Touching his hoof to the circle transported him elsewhere where a Hell of a Unicorn job was awaiting him. In addition to the work, he was required to test-taste unicorn food.

                    When the job ended, Justin reappeared in the tavern looking quite high as if he was on drugs. "Wow! I got the bonus; let's go pay off my debts, Thames. Then you can mount me."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Sunday Services.