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[CAMP-02] RAT-02 Easy Gambling and Festive Flight

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    [CAMP-02] RAT-02 Easy Gambling and Festive Flight

    Sorcerer Mickey's Adventure Land - Camp World

    [CAMP-02] RAT-02 Easy Gambling and Festive Flight.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Choosing not to tell Goofy nor Donald what their traveling plans were, the adventurers departed Fort Houston after spreading some rumors about heading to St. Louis to see Mark Twain. One week later, the adventurers had arrived in New Orleans where upon and most promptly, Southear and Strongtail ditched their friends to go look for games and gambling to get involved in. Northpaw and Ratseye managed to get themselves an upstairs room at a dance hall tavern located on the Northeast side of the city. "How long do you think it will take for the others to get arrested, Northpaw?"

    The priest nuzzled his fuzzy head in the ranger's lap. "A day and a half tops unless they are wising up. They never even asked us where to meet back up when they were ready to leave. The moment we hit the city, they ditched us. We could hire a new adventuring party and no one would be the wiser."

    Ratseye petted on Northpaw as he said, "I would hate to lose Southear, but Strongtail gets too easily distracted."

    From the open window, Southear whom had just overheard what their friend had said, replied, "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ratseye. As for hiring other adventurers, I may have some takers for that... the moment Northpaw is ready to leave this place. Strongtail was already in a spot with the mayor's daughter. He might get stuck in a sword-tip wedding if he isn't careful."

    Ratseye arched an eye. "I thought he was only into arena fighting and gambling. When did he get involved with being a lady's rat?"

    Northpaw made a face. "Not again... I thought he learned his lesson for not doing that the last time he got a rat lady knocked up in Boston. So whom did you bring, Southear?"

    Southear said, "Possibly two and maybe three. A striped Mephit Druid named Swampleaf; a Swamp Rat Water Mage named Deluge; and the iffy member, a former bodyguard Fighter named Scar."

    Northpaw said, "I have heard of Scar. He was nearly killed when he permitted some assassins to penetrate a lord's manor for the right amount of gold. Meaning, he is a fighter whom can be bought out by evil and good alike. We cannot trust someone like that in our party. It would be like having three clueless Strongtails in the party, each willing to sell us out the moment we weren't looking at the schmucks. The druid and the mage we can give a try. But the bodyguard... no. Or have you forgotten that a ranger is a fighter?"

    Southear said, "I did say the fighter would be iffy at best."

    At that moment, Strongtail was standing in the room's front door. "Can we get out of here, guys? I thought we would be okay in New Orleans, but I just barely avoided getting seen by Mayor Dorsey and his boys from Boston. They are in New Orleans right now asking about a party of three adventurers. I managed to purchase us some traveling gear and new tents in case Southear snagged more adventurers the way he always does. Please, Northpaw... in the name of your lord, get me out of here."

    Ratseye got up setting the priest aside as he said, "I know how we can get you right out past the mayor even if he is looking at you, Strongtail. But if you agree to this, you cannot speak a single word until we are far outside of New Orleans. Are you willing to trust me in this?"

    Strongtail nodded his head. "I swear it, Ratseye! I promise whatever you ask! Just get me safely out of New Orleans!"

    Ratseye looked at Northpaw and Southear. "He gave his word, guys. You heard him in the name of your lord. Right?"

    Northpaw got up and said, "You really are clueless, Strongtail. You should know better than to blindly promise an unknown to Ratseye. He knows tricks from topside."

    Ratseye looked to Southear. "Whom is the ugliest merchant lord in the East whom is also single?"

    Southear replied, "Ambrosius Fulton, although no one has seen him in quite a long time. Word is that an Atlantic Fort dancing girl killed him. He was both fat and ugly."

    Ratseye grinned. "Perfect. You go get the Druid and the Water Mage while I go downstairs to make a deal with the dance hall girls. The rest of you, stay in this room and don't open the door for anyone except Southear and myself. We will be back." And the two rats departed the room.

    Northpaw set a stupid eye on Strongtail. "Whatever his plan is had better work or else we will all be back in Boston. At least this time, you didn't just do what you would have done in the past. You came to us immediately."

    At the piano downstairs, Ratseye was teaching the piano player a new song to play for his dance hall girls in order to earn something he needed from them. [i]"I eat filet mignon seven times a day; My bathtub's filled with Perrier; What can I say? This is the life! I buy a dozen bars when I'm in the mood; I hire somebody to chew my food; I'm an upwardly mobile dude; This is the life! They say that gold corrupts you; But I can't really tell; I got the whole world at my feet; And I think it's pretty swell! I got women lined up outside my door; They've been waitin' there since the week before; Who could ask for more? This is the life!" -Wah wah wah!- "You're dead for a real long time; You just can't prevent it; So if gold can't buy happiness; I guess I'll have to rent it! Yeah, every day I make the front page news; No time to pay my dues; I got a million pairs of booze; This is the life!" -Wah wah wah!- "I got a solid gold paddle boat! I make a fortune while I sleep; You can tell I'm a living legend; Not some ordinary creep! No way, I'm the boss; The Big Cheese! Yeah, I got this town on its knobby little knees; I can do just what I please; This is the life! That's right, I'm the king! Number One! I buy monogrammed ladies by the ton! I pay the bills; I call the shots; I grease the palms; I buy the yachts; One thing I can guarantee; The best things in life, they sure ain't free; It's such a thrill just to be me; This is the life!" -drawn out piano riff- "This is the life!" Once the piano player had learned the fun sounding song, he permitted Ratseye to enter the ladies dressing room.

    Within the dressing quarters, the ladies were all too pleased to help the ranger with what sounded like a funny idea. Dressing up a pompous rat warrior to look like an ugly bride.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Later, Northpaw the Priest led the way down the street with Southear the Acquirer, Ratseye the Ranger-Wizard whom was playing a small stringed instrument to a tune that no one in Adventure Land had ever heard before, the striped Mephit Druid named Swampleaf, and a Swamp Rat Water Mage named Deluge. And directly between the Acquirer and the Ranger-Wizard was a hefty looking rat bride with a veil over 'her' face and muzzle; a padded bra just under 'her' bridal skirt; a tightened sash holding the genitals close to 'her' body between 'her' legs while permitting the tail to hang free in the back just under the wedding dress. Strongtail was keeping his mouth shut as he promised. In truth, he didn't want anyone in the city to recognize him while he was dressed up as a female rat.

    And as expected, they did encounter Mayor Dorsey the Dormouse from Boston. "Hold up there, Adventurers! I am looking for a..." he glanced at the ugly bride for half a second before focusing on Northpaw once again. "...rat Warrior named Strongtail. He stood my daughter up at the altar back in Boston about two years ago. She wants her man and there is a reward being offered for his return alive."

    Southear then spoke up, "Your honor... We have heard that name before back where we got this betrothed rat lady at. It was in Disney Village; he apparently gotten himself locked up in the dungeons while dressed up as a bandit and the castle guard caught him trying to steal from King Mickey Mouse."

    Ratseye then said, "You don't know the bum, do you, Song-Gail?"

    Strongtail under the promise to keep quiet, simply shook 'her' head no.

    Ratseye then said, "If you will excuse us, sir. We have to get this lovely lady off to her date with Ambrosius Fulton. He is wanting to wed and our friend said she was willing to marry anyone regardless of looks."

    Mayor Dorsey began to look sick to his stomach. "Good luck with that.... Excuse me..." And he let the bridal march pass as he quickly got away from the weird bunch.

    Later and well outside of the city on the East side, the party stopped at a roadside toilet stop where Strongtail was stripped out of his female rat disguise and he was permitted to get back into his usual warrior garb and weapons. "I will never live that down."

    Ratseye said, "Did I lie though? He looked right at you and never recognized you at all."

    Northpaw grinned. "I tried to tell you not to make a deal with Ratseye. But you never listen to the priest."

    Deluge and Swampleaf were both giggling since this was the most fun they had ever had since they left their training.

    Strongtail wanted to growl and say Shut Up, but Ratseye had stepped off to speak to the two newcomers. Northpaw grinned. "Told you so."

    Southear was finishing the cleaning of Strongtail's body so he didn't smell of Dance Hall rat girl. "And that's the last of it, old buddy. You smell like a He-rat once again."

    The fighting warrior manage to smile at the acquirer. "At least someone is on my side."

    Ratseye quietly explained his true species and point of origin to the skunk and the swamp rat making sure to mention that he was also open minded to same gender snuggling if anyone wanted to share his tent at night as long as it wasn't sharing with the clueless warrior they just sneaked out of New Orleans. Admiring the young man's honesty scored some real kudos with the two new adventurers. Northpaw was proud of his boyfriend's honesty. Ratseye was a pleasure to have around. At least they were on the East side of the Mighty Muddy.

    Their next scheduled stop was to be in Ratseye's local home of White River, Tennessee which was a suburb of Fayetteville, Tennessee (at least that was what it was on Planet Earth.) Here in Adventure Land, Ratseye was hoping to locate the exact spot where his home in this world would be. And possibly acquire it for himself and the adventurers. A shortcut between the property and his home in Disney Village would be super ideal (despite King Mickey asking them not to return for a year.) Sorcerer Mickey might find it useful though.

    With Ratseye leading the way, they traveled East then North, and finally East once again as Ratseye mapped out the route on a road map he had nabbed from his visit to Camp World. Having a map was to die for in the adventuring lands. Two weeks and one day later, the group arrived in what would have been White River, Tennessee, except there wasn't even a town nor a city in Adventure Land within the location he had brought them to. Then he had to use natural landmarks to find the exact property where he grew up on Earth. One they arrived there which was just north of a nearby river, Ratseye unpacked a small stone cube which was shaped like a toy two-story ranger's keep. He then placed the cube in the center of the property and he pressed the circle on the top most tower of the cube and he jumped back. The cube then instantly grew to a full size keep whereupon it anchored itself into the ground. Thank you, Sorcerer Mickey. It worked exactly as you instructed me that it would. I just set up my keep in White River, Tennessee here in Adventure Land. Sadly, there is no community in this portion of Adventure Land. Although I did see a few native rodent tribes in the area. I hope they are not upset that I set up my keep here. Sorcerer Mickey then mentally replied, Now that your keep is set up, I will link up the shortcut doors between your keep and your Disney Village home on Camp World, as well as the Mage Door upstairs to link between there and my tower here in Disney Village, Adventure Land. You and Deluge can make use of it to come learn magic from me. I am glad you guys got another mage. And... Sorcerer Mickey started laughing as he saw Song-Gail's mental picture in Ratseye's mind. Oh my bleeding gods! What did you do to Strongtail? One explanation later, and it got quiet on the mental network, although Ratseye could tell that the sorcerer was still laughing. Back outside within the courtyard, Ratseye said, "That side is the adventurers clubhouse when we pass this way in the future. The magical types have their quarters on this side. The clubhouse has a few tables, one of which can be used for practicing poker card games among friends. Or playing with the bones, or rather, dice. My side of the keep has a library as well as the magic sanctum for us mages, druids, and priests. We will be spending a few nights here since the dumb bandit cannot possibly find us here and Mayor Dorsey will stick to the main routes. I plan on doing some fishing and collect some wild vegetables and fruits so we have a variety for tonight's dinner." And he headed out with the Druid to do just that.

    End of Chapter 02