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[CAMP-02] RAT-01 Sewer Trip For a Dollar

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    [CAMP-02] RAT-01 Sewer Trip For a Dollar

    Marvel City Sewers - Camp World

    [CAMP-02] RAT-01 Sewer Trip For a Dollar
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters; Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

    There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

    White River, Tennessee; Planet Earth

    Robert Alexander Tabor had just graduated High School last week and had recently turned 18 years old; now he was on a Greyhound Bus en route to the Transportal to CAMP World located just outside of Washington D.C. He hated having to lie to his parents about where he was going since they hated cartoons so much. His best friend, Casey Glendon, had gone to QC Planet initially as the winner to the Sponsor a Prince contest but when QC planet was closed down due to contamination, the Mighty Ducks and Casey moved to CAMP World's version of Anaheim. Casey had been a victim of the contamination which resulted in his becoming the newest Mighty Duck superhero known as Daring Duck, who was the Mighty Duck version of Daffy Duck with shadowy speed powers. Casey had purchased the Greyhound bus ticket for Robert to travel to CAMP World but the story he told his parents was also Casey's idea; Robert was to visit Coney Island in New York before it was dismantled and then he would see the sights for a bit before either trying to find a job or see about attending a college. The long term truth was that Robert would eventually team up with Casey and travel to Anaheim to join him at his new home near the Pond. Once a friend, always a friend.

    Robert had shipped his suitcases on ahead to Casey so he wouldn't lose them in transit. He only had the clothes he had on as well as two changes of clothes, a few granola bars, some soap and some deodorant within his backpack. Within his pants pocket he had his ID and enough money to buy a single meal before heading on over to CAMP's version of Anaheim.

    Marvel City; Camp World

    The sight seeing and dinner had gone swimmingly although that was likely not to be the best word to be using considering what was about to happen to Robert as he started back toward the Marvel City-to-Anaheim Transportal. He had just dug out his last dollar to get a soda from a vending machine to drink on the trip to join Casey, when a sudden wind whipped through and the dollar slipped out of his hand where it fell through a loose sewer grate nearby. Getting down on his hands and knees, Robert looked down through the sewer grate where he saw the dollar bill laying on top of what looked like a patch of brownish mud. Since he was outside the city, he didn't really expect to see sewer tunnels out here and he hadn't. "It looks like I might be able to reach my dollar." He reached his hand and arm down through the back edge of the loose grate toward his dollar... and then the unexpected happened as the loose grate quickly flipped over causing Robert to fall head first into the deeper than it looked mud hole directly beneath the loose grate.

    As Robert passed through the mud, he felt as if he had lost all of his clothes and then just as unexpectedly, he emerged head first out of a mud hole where he landed in his birthday suit covered in the the brown mud that he had fallen through. Glancing up to see if anyone was around to see him as naked as he was... he saw two young adult rat men wearing sparse cloth and leather leggings and vests. One had a glowing chain necklace around his neck and he had a mace strapped to his back. The other was a bit younger having a pair of daggers in his belt scabbards as well as some sort of clan tattoo burned into his left shoulder. "Um, I didn't mean to do that, guys. Where am I?"

    The rat with the mace said, "You are just outside of Marvel Fort, stranger. It is a good thing you didn't arrive inside the fort or they would have locked you up for being a monster. But my friend and I have more than our share of open minds. Who are you and where did you come from? I am Northpaw the Priest and this is Southear the Acquirer."

    "I am Robert Alexander Tabor from White River, Tennessee. I had just finished attending a school for basic learning in my world and I had taken a trip to see a few sights before heading to faraway Anaheim to visit my friend who lives there. Sadly, I do not have an occupation as yet. And I seem to have lost my clothes when I fell through that mud in the other world just outside of Marvel City. I should not trouble you guys with my problems although I am at a loss currently."

    Southear grinned. "Let me measure you and then you wait here with Northpaw as he helps to clean you up; I will bring you something to wear." He departed into a hole in the fort wall.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    As Northpaw helped to clean the stain inducing mud off of Robert; the more aroused by the young adult human male he became. "You must have been very handsome before you fell into that mud. I mean... you even have an erection like I currently do. And I am sorry if I am being too forward all of a sudden; my partner did ask me to get you cleaned up and this is what I discovered about your body. I hope he returns soon; we need to get away from the Fort walls before a patrol comes along and finds this hole we used to get out of the walled city earlier. I really hope Southear doesn't piss off any more soldiers." He then paused as he seemed to be deciding on whether to reveal the next part of what he was hesitant to mention. "I know you weren't a rodent like us when you arrived but as I was cleaning you up, you started growing fur and developing a tail like ours as you stood here. Since this seems like some magic that I have never seen before, getting you to a wizard might be the best solution at the moment. At the rate of your change, you will be a rat like us before sun rise."

    Robert arched an eye. "Why am I becoming a rat man like you guys? I know you two didn't bite me. Am I that attractive to you?" He realized at the end what Northpaw had said about his former looks and he now was curious to hear more since as a human he wasn't all that attractive; the girls in school said as much to him during his senior year.

    Northpaw smiled with clean teeth and a kind expression on his muzzle. "You turn me on, Robert. But as a full rat man, we will have to give you a more localized name so the soldiers don't get suspicious when they encounter you later. We also need to determine what kind of profession to say that you are."

    Robert remarked, "Since you and your friend seem to have fantasy adventure type of professions as well as the outfits and weapons to match, then I need to focus on that aspect of life here. I have used a short sword like blade before as well as an archer's bow and a dagger for hunting purposes. I am also a fair fisherman in case you and Southear want fish out of a stream or river later. As for a name, I am not sure what to call myself since I have not fully transformed as yet."

    At that moment, Southear did return with his usual grin. "What did you do with our new friend, Northpaw? Not that I mind this new rat's good looks..."

    Robert said, "Southear? Its me, Robert; as Northpaw was cleaning me up, I started transforming into this rat form much like you two's species. Let me re-explain what I just told Northpaw about my skills and you can help me to decide what local profession I should perform here in your world." And he explained his skills and weapon usage once again.

    Southear said, "Sounds like a Ranger with hunting skills which we could definitely use in our current adventure. The last fighting Warrior we had got into a tiff with a few Fort Soldiers and he got locked up. I could possibly free him in the middle of the night, but then our welcome locally would be shit; we would have to leave immediately. In the meantime, this is the equipment I was able to get for you. Funny you chose Ranger since it was the only outfit and weapons I could 'acquire' for you."

    Northpaw smirked as he leaned in close to Robert and said, "That means he stole it from someone who had taken it off to perhaps take an evening bath."

    Southear lightly cuffed the Priest across his shoulder as he said, "It was just lying there all nice and neat. It was either take what I found or roll someone who was wearing the gear; you and Stuffy wouldn't let me do that."

    Northpaw said, "That isn't his name and you know it. Can you actually free him without getting caught? Robert and I will return to our camp site and wait for you guys there. These Fort guys cannot possibly like having us around just outside of their walls."

    Southear said, "Strongtail isn't that hard to reach; the issue is that he has no clue when it comes to stealth. What name will we be calling you, Robert?"

    Robert replied, "Since I am to be a Ranger, how does the name Ratseye sound to you guys?"

    Northpaw smiled. "Ratseye the Ranger; it has a nice sound to it. In our society, a rats eye is what is referred to when a hunter or a ranger reaches a certain expertise ranking. So if you are to be called that, then we will need to find out how skilled you are in your skills so you can honestly call yourself by that name. What do you think, Southear?"

    Southear was in the process of helping Robert into his new adventuring leggings, vest and soft leather boots. Since Robert was in the process of changing into a rat man like them, he didn't need any more clothes than that and eventually he would be more comfortable without the boots since his rat feet would be durable enough to withstand the elements. "Ratseye... a pretty good name, I think. I am sorry I didn't get you any more clothes than this, Robert, but with fur, you are going to find that too many clothes will make your fur sweat."

    Robert said, "I think I will trust you guys on knowing what you are talking about in regards to sweaty fur. So are you going after Strongtail now or what?"

    Southear then affixed the hunters cloak and hood over Robert's head. "I think I should get him out of there. Once your full rat head forms, you won't need the hood anymore unless you just want to keep rain off your head. Northpaw will help you to discern how good your skills are so you can honestly use the Ratseye name. Ratseye the Ranger; the more I hear that name, the better I like it. The story I will tell Strongtail in regards to your current pre-rat looks is that a nasty wizard cast a spell on you that is slowly wearing off."

    Northpaw said, "I think that is a fine idea, Southear. I will take Robert back to our camp. You get Strongtail and meet up with us there. Put a gag in his mouth if you have to."

    Southear was off through the hole once again. And then Northpaw began to lead Robert off through the woods toward the apparent camp site.

    Within the camp, Northpaw said, "You are still erect, Robert. Perhaps I should teach you how we adventurers force an erection to go down so you can focus on your skills. May I?"

    Once Robert gave Northpaw permission to help him with this annoying erection, the former male human was introduced to homosexual activities and after the Priest got his relief, he helped Robert to mount him to return the favor so he could make his own erection deflate and go down. It was while this activity was going on that the remainder of Robert's rodent transformation occurred resulting in his rat head finally forming along with his whiskers.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Robert flicked his tail simply to test out the ability to control it the way he had seen rats move their tails. "It really works."

      Northpaw smiled. "Of course it does. Why wouldn't it? Now that you are a rat, like the rest of us; you can do what rats can do. You probably won't need those leather boots now that you have rat feet. Rat feet are more rugged than bare smooth feet. Not to mention your rat foot claws can grip into objects you are standing on."

      Next up was to assist Robert in learning how to best use his bow and arrows, short sword and hunting dagger. It turned out that his bow skills were better than ever indicating that his chosen rat name of Ratseye was spot on. And after a small tutorial in learning how to walk on bare rat feet and gripping with the rat foot claws as well as whip cracking a target with his tail... Southear and Strongtail arrived in camp. Southear remarked, "Lets pack up the camp and get out of here, Northpaw. The Fort guard almost caught us leaving. Mister Stuffy wanted to engage them and chance going back into a jail cell. He is lucky I was able to get his gear back for him. Hey, looking good, Ratseye. I see the sorcerer's spell finally wore off and you got your nice looking rat appearance back. I told you that Northpaw could help you."

      The camp was packed up rather fast after that and the group headed off deeper into the forest away from Marvel Fort. Northpaw whispered to Robert, "Remember, when speaking to Strongtail, never use your Earth name or he will try to kill you. He hates demons from the other side. He said he had been over there once and they were not so kind to him."

      Strongtail then spoke aloud. "So you are a ranger, are you? And you were heading to far away Anaheim to meet up with a friend who went to the region ahead of you. What all has your adventures given you, Ratseye?"

      Ratseye said, "I accidentally landed in the other side and a nice boy helped me to get back to our land here. I tried to convince him to come with me so he could be purged of the demon taint he was affected by. It wasn't so bad and I was able to avoid a lot of the bad folk. I was told by Northpaw that your adventure was not so nice."

      Strongtail grumped a bit before saying, "The other side I visited was a horrible place. No one was nice. I got attacked everywhere I went. And worse, the only rats I could find were naked misshapen miniature feral ancestors of our people. They couldn't even speak common. The furless monsters had the balls to call me a monster. One of their magic users helped me get back home. I hated their world."

      Ratseye said, "If one of their monster magic users helped you to get home then they all cannot be monsters. The magic user likely saw how important you were and that is why he chose to help you. Someone of your power and importance had to get help from someone in that heathen world."

      Strongtail was then smiling. "That's right. I am an important warrior. They had no choice but to help me."

      Northpaw and Southear grinned at each other. They could tell how Robert was buttering up their party's warrior and making him forget about being in the other world. Southear made the buttered bread motion with his hands and Northpaw nodded his muzzle trying not to laugh.

      Strongtail then said, "What has you two rat's attention?"

      Southear replied, "We were trying to remember what city had a fighting arena within it so you could show off your warrior skills, Strongtail."

      Northpaw added, "That's right. We surely cannot return to Marvel Fort; they would arrest us for sure."

      Southear smirked. "Even if we dressed up as old ladies."

      Ratseye remarked, "Are you saying that we have muzzles that only a mother could love?"

      Southear grinned. "In some cases, yes."

      Ratseye sighed. "Northpaw said I was handsome. I am sorry if I don't measure up to your perverted standards, Southear."

      Southear nearly got boxed by Strongtail at that point. "Apologize to our Ranger, Acquirer; or else I will call you the 'T' word. And it doesn't rhyme with Bird."

      Southear went over to Robert and gently hugged him. "I am sorry if you thought I meant you. People who fight all the time do so because they miss their mommies. And before you ask, my entire family died in debtors prison in the old country. I am the only one left of my line. And the 'T' word he is threatening me with is Thief. No one who is an Acquirer likes to be referred to as our dishonest cousins. An Acquirer uses their skills for the side of good; Thieves use their skills for themselves. And as you can see, I am helping a Priest."

      Ratseye said aloud, "Apology accepted, Southear." And then quietly he said, "So where are we going anyway?"

      Southear was grinning again as he quietly replied, "To Hell if we cannot get this Warrior to stop fighting every civilized being we come across. He attacked some city guards in the Fort where we had gone to get a few supplies. It sucks to be banned from a coastal city."

      Ratseye then said, "So we are going to have to visit another city to get supplies for the party, is that it?"

      Southear gave Ratseye a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Now that you are with us, we will need extra supplies. And I think I know how we can better do it now."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        The four rats traveled from Marvel Fort Northwest toward Eerie Shores where another supply port was said to reside. Along the way, Ratseye caught and salted some fish from the rivers they came across and he wrapped them in thin leather before storing them into his backpack. When they reached the supply port town, Ratseye bartered for needed supplies by trading his preserved salted fish, a preserving method that no one in this world had thought of. It worked really well. This netted their group with a good selection of supplies that would hold them over until they reached the Windswept Plains. Ratseye was starting to catch on to the equivalent place names they were visiting. Marvel Fort was New York City. Eerie Shores was Erie, Pennsylvania. Windswept Plains was Chicago. Crossing the Mighty Muddy would be easier in the North than it would have been in the South. Robert never expected the rats to come all the way to Anaheim with him; but they seemed to be with him for the long haul. The ship ride from Eerie Shores to the Windswept Plains would make for cutting a lot of time off of their journey otherwise.

        One night near the railing aboard the passenger ship, Southear walked up beside Ratseye and said, "The captain says that we should be arriving in the Windswept Plains sometime tomorrow morning providing we don't encounter any fog. Are you having second thoughts about this trip, hon?"

        Ratseye sighed. "If I was, it is too late now. I am in your world and my only hope lies in reaching Anaheim. Why are you and Northpaw escorting me to my destination? I mean, what's in this for you guys?"

        The Acquirer hugged the Ranger close to himself and replied, "We like you, Robert. Northpaw told me that he had sex with you and I was hoping you would give me that chance some time on this trip. Stuffy is too focused on battles to care about companionship. And he figures we might have more than our share on this trip to make sure you get to your destination."

        Ratseye sighed once again. "I think he will be pissed when he learns that he is escorting a human to see a wizard in Anaheim."

        Southear hugged Ratseye closely and whispered, "He doesn't know yet; but he is glad your hunting ability has been keeping us fed in our journeys with you."

        "Just the farm boy's skills helping a few friends. Is the Captain happy with my waterproof lantern idea?"

        Southear grinned. "He is. He said that it was a far cry better than holding a candle while working near water. Some of your ideas from the other world help immensely here in our world."

        Ratseye hugged Southear fondly. "Lets go find a private spot to have some fun in. We need to be rested for landfall in the morning. Something tells me we won't be able to do much fun with Strongtail watching."

        Southear smiled as he licked Ratseye's nose. "I know where we can go. Come on..." And they headed off into the ship's hold to enjoy the rest of the night together away from the others.

        The next morning, Northpaw and Strongtail were standing at the railing looking at what the captain had drawn their attention to. The Windswept Plains were smoldering from some sort of attack. When the captain first saw it, he almost wrote it off as morning fog. "When I saw the spiked floaters in the bay, I brought the ship to a stop. I've never seen anything like this before. I was just at this port last week and it never looked like this."

        Just then, Southear and Ratseye joined the others at the railing as Ratseye said, "What's the hold up this morning? I see smoke but no fog."

        The captain pointed at the spiked floaters. "What do you make of those things, Ranger?"

        Ratseye replied, "Do you have a cannon on board, sir?" When the captain indicated that he did, Ratseye stated, "Take aim with the cannon and shoot one of them and you will see what some bandits plotted against honest merchants."

        After the captain and his crew made use of the cannon to do as the ranger suggested, one direct hit resulted in a massive explosion that sent barrel debris and water high into the air.

        Ratseye said, "Is there another port along the lake shore where my friends and I can go ashore?"

        As the captain checked his maps, along the shore, the stupid ratman bandit thieves emerged from their hiding places to survey the explosion that had occurred. They looked angry when they saw that the ship was still intact with a party of adventurers at the railing staring directly at them. The thieves then tried to return to their hiding locales. But having been seen, Ratseye fired off an arrow directly ashore and into the ass of their apparent leader. Then Robert shouted, "By the Lord of us all! Your evil trick has been exposed!"

        And as the bandit leader got shot, he shouted some obscenity about the Lord and an unexpected lightning bolt from the sky struck and fried the dumb thief on the spot. The remaining thieves fled as fast as their feet could carry them. They had never witnessed a god react as fast as that to a blasphemer.

        Northpaw remarked, "Was that one of those arrows you had me to enchant to attract the Lord's lightning, Ratseye?"

        "It worked rather well, wouldn't you say?" replied Ratseye with a sly grin. "As soon as the captain can get us to another port we can see about continuing our journey."

        Strongtail patted the ranger on his shoulder. "Clever use of enchanted weaponry, ranger. It gives me ideas in the arenas; although that would be cheating and I am an honest fighter."

        The captain then returned and showed Ratseye his maps. "There is a port north of here which is called Highland Harbor. We could reach the location by late afternoon. It is not a place I normally stop at but some people can get good supplies there. We set sail for Highland Harbor immediately. I will miss you when you leave my ship, ranger."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          It was weeks since they had seen the ship and great lake as their party traveled across the northern part of the continent. Strongtail the Warrior occasionally looked over his shoulder back along the path that they were traveling. "I swear it feels like we are being followed. Most likely by those bandits that you hit with the lightning arrow."

          Ratseye the Ranger (Robert Tabor) said, "If that is the case, I think I know a route we can go that will make the bandits think twice about following us through. We just need to find a native rodent to ask about the Angry Land."

          Before Northpaw the Priest and Southear the Acquirer could ask what the Angry Land was, a native prairie mouse in tribal clothes appeared in front of their party. "Why for you people want know about Angry Land? It bad place; make tribe sick."

          Ratseye stepped up and said, "I know secret about Angry Land; bad people follow us and if we go through Angry Land, then bad people go away. My friend; him;" he pointed at Northpaw. "is a healer; he could tend to sick tribe for permission to go through Angry Land. May we go through the land were the stones are yellow and the water is foul?"

          When Ratseye mentioned yellow stones, Southear got that greedy look on his muzzle and even Strongtail perked up at the thought of gold.

          Ratseye gripped their paw-hands tightly and muttered, "It isn't gold, you twits; it would burn your paw-hands if you handled them."

          The prairie mouse then said, "Tribe Shaman no able to cure sick tribe warriors; you help and I speak to chief so you walk though Angry Land after. Follow me." And he began to lead the adventuring rats toward a distant mouse tribe encampment of Tepees. As they walked, Ratseye instructed Northpaw to cure the warriors of poison before laying the healing touch upon them. Ratseye suspected that the tribe drank the sulfur saturated water which would be like drinking poison.

          Within the tribal camp, it was as Ratseye suspected. Most of the hunters and warriors of a portion whom had gone to the Angry Land were very sick and a few had burned paw-feet and burned paw-hands. Even their lips had blisters. Ratseye asked where Aloe plants were as well as a flower that the tribe liked the smell of. Taking a wooden bowl and a pestle with him, he gathered Aloe leaves and flowers and pulverized them into a lather like cream in the bowl. The result smelled good and then he came back and he carefully applied the burn cure to the paw-feet and paw-hands of the hunters and warriors. He had to instruct them not to swallow any of this as he coated their burned tongues and lips with the lotion. "When your tongues and mouths start feeling good, spit into the weeds." He then went to the Shaman and gave him the recipe for making the healing cream for treating burns. While Ratseye was doing that, Northpaw applied the Cure Poison miracle upon the hunters and warriors before casting the Restore Health miracle upon them.

          By that night, the tribe of prairie mice were feeling good and a large banquet was held in their honor as the chief came forth to stand before Ratseye. "You ask for permission to walk through Angry Land; you cure our people; you teach shaman new heal cream ointment; we trust you, Ranger. We ally from now on. You forever have permission to walk through our lands. When sun rise, you walk to Angry Land. Stay safe, land brother."

          In the morning, Ratseye instructed the hunters and warriors that when traveling through the Angry Land, wrap their paw-feet and paw-hands in leather and tie a leather hide over their noses and muzzles. Never drink from the Angry Water or else they would be sick again.

          With the adventuring rats on their way once again, it wasn't long before Strongtail said, "I am getting that being followed feeling again. And it isn't our new allies, either."

          Ratseye quietly said, "Follow my lead and boast like I will be pretending to boast. We know the truth; they don't." Then out loud, Ratseye exclaimed, "I told you that we would learn where the lost GOLD MINE was located, my friends! We will be as rich as kings!"

          Southear caught on quick. "All that GOLD will make this acquirer so rich that I will be able to retire!"

          Strongtail grinned as he saw how much fun this was. "I will finally be able to buy the gladiator gear that I have always wanted!"

          Northpaw smirked as he joined in. "My own temple covered in GOLD dedicated to my god!"

          At that point, Ratseye switched tactics as he began to sing a 1939 movie classic by Andrew Lloyd Webber. "Ohhhh... Follow the yellow brick road; Follow the yellow brick road; Follow the yellow brick road; Follow the yellow brick road; Follow the yellow brick road; Follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road; Follow the yellow brick follow; the yellow brick follow the yellow brick road; We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz; We'll find he is a whiz of a whiz if ever a whiz there was; If ever oh ever a whiz there was the wizard of Oz is one because; Because, because, because, because, because... Because of the wonderful things he does; We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!"

          At that point, all of the adventurers had joined in as they sang, "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!"

          Southear whispered, "The bandits are going to think that we have gone crazy."

          Ratseye whispered, "Wait until they hear this next song that I know." Then he launched into another song from the same movie, this one by Harold Arlen. "Somewhere over the rainbow; Way up high, There's a land that I heard of; Once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow; Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare; to dream; Really do come true. Someday; I'll wish upon a star; And wake up where the clouds are far; Behind me! Where troubles melt like lemon drops; Away above the chimney tops; That's where you'll find me! Somewhere over the rainbow; Bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow. Why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly; Beyond the rainbow; Why, oh why; can't I?"

          And then they all jumped in with the former song again. "Because... We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz; We'll find he is a whiz of a whiz if ever a whiz there was; If ever oh ever a whiz there was the wizard of Oz is one... because of the wonderful things he does; We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!"

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Further back, the bandits were thinking that the adventurers had drank the crazy water.

            About a week after that, the air began to smell foul and that was when Ratseye helped everyone into their nose and muzzle protectors, and then using a shovel that Ratseye had thought to bring along, he arranged the yellow sulfur stones closely together to form a winding road through the bubbling springs and he ended it at the base of what he knew from his world as being Old Faithful. Then the four adventurers quietly sneaked out the back of foul smelling yellow sulfur strewn land.

            When the bandits arrived at the edge of the Angry Lands, they stupidly saw the yellow brick road that the adventurers had been singing about and they began walking along the obvious winding road toward the center of the Angry Land. When they saw the giant hole in the ground that was steaming and no sign of the adventurers,. one bandit said, "This must be the gold mine! Lets get in there and steal their gold!" As each bandit jumped down the hole, they landed in a rounded chamber full of boiling and burning sulfur water dying instantly. Only one bandit chose not to follow the yellow stone road because he smartly saw the footprints to the side of the path. He chose to skirt the Angry Lands to look for where the footprints exited the Angry lands, which wouldn't be easy with the next dirty trick that Ratseye was performing as they prepared to exit out into what he knew was Idaho; and after crossing Idaho to reach the timberland of Oregon and Northern California, he would then turn his group south to cross the green portions of Nevada until they reached California so they could turn West to find Anaheim. The trick he was performing was what the Native Americans would do back in his own world; use a tree branch that still had all the leaves on it to erase their footprints as they walked.

            After they were a good ways into Idaho, the tree branches were dropped and the adventurers were on their way once again.

            Within what Ratseye knew would be Northern Nevada, he kept the party within the shade of the green trees and they avoided the desert as much as possible. One day after passing two lakes, the party came upon the Northern view of Carson Fort which was manned by Spanish rodents. Within the trading post, Ratseye was glad to see a map of the western kingdom which was located just South of the Spanish fort they were in. When the merchant asked him what he was looking for, Ratseye replied, "We are trying to reach that location." He pointed to a spot on the map. "A magic user lives there whom can likely help me with a problem I have. My friends were escorting me there because they like my company."

            The mousy merchant handed Ratseye a small parcel and said, "Take this to the wizard and tell him it is his order from Carson Fort. He is expecting this. He would likely be more apt to help you since you are making a delivery to him for me. His name is Mickey."

            Ratseye crossed his heart and said, "You can count on me to get this to him, sir. Unlike some people, I am a trustworthy ranger."

            After a night's rest, Ratseye along with his party of adventurers, Northpaw, Southear, and Strongtail departed the fort and headed South. After the fort was a good ways behind them, Strongtail asked, "How did you get the merchant to give us precise directions to Disney Village in the County of Anaheim?"

            Ratseye replied, "The merchant needed to deliver an order to Sorcerer Mickey and since we were going that way anyway, I agreed to deliver the package for him. Mickey will be more likely to help me when he sees that I brought him his order."

            Northpaw said, "I told the Fort guard that some bandits were angrily following us; they agreed to waylay the creeps for us so we get a good jump on travel away from the bandits."

            Southear said, "Bandits give Acquirers a bad name."

            Ratseye said, "I am just glad we bartered for those three extra sleeping tents. Sharing one tent was starting to get a little weird. I don't mind sharing the tent with one guy, just not all three of you at the same time."

            The three adventurers then looked worried as they all asked as one, "What extra tents?"

            Ratseye said, "Northpaw, before we went into the fort, you said you were going to try to trade for some extra sleeping tents so we weren't all crammed into one tent every night. I know you handed me one of the extra tents, so what happened to the others? Tell me that someone whom is clueless didn't trade them away for something completely and utterly useless like poker chips."

            Strongtail stepped off to one side and whistled innocently as he pretended to relieve himself in the weeds to the side of the trail.

            Southear whispered to Northpaw, "Told you that Ratseye was getting smarter. Why did you let Stuffy carry the goods again?"

            Northpaw whispered back, "They were heavy and you didn't want to carry yours and I was already over-burdened with my gear. The Warrior had muscles; just not the brains to go with them."

            Ratseye then exploded with a growl, as he stepped over and slugged Strongtail in the back so he fell into the weeds where he was pretending to relieve himself. "You are a clueless moron! What were you thinking?! Oh wait, According to your adventuring partners, you don't have a brain, therefore... you weren't thinking! Why don't you just go back to Fort Carson and suck up to the gambling hall they have?! Thank all of you for getting me this far, but I have had enough of this farce! Good Bye!" And he turned and ran off down the South trail.

            Northpaw and Southear took off running after their friend, so they didn't lose him in the forest. When they caught up to where Ratseye had stopped, they found him sitting just off the trail crying. Since the ranger had stopped, the two chose to wait it out for their friend to be ready to travel once again. In the meantime, Strongtail went back to the fort town and traded the deck of cards back for the tents that Northpaw had acquired the first time. Then he returned to find his party. When he approached the spot where they had stopped, he heard Ratseye crying, which made him feel like an utter peon for his act.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Strongtail approached the others and handed over the tents. "I got the tents back. Can we just get to Disney village so we can have good lodging and a nice meal instead of trail rations. And Ratseye... I suffer from a stupid weakness. Occasionally I fall victim to bouts of mindless activities. That's what happened to me in Marvel Fort on the East Coast. Now please stop crying... I know I am stupid."

              Ratseye then said, "You are probably going to want to kill me when you find out why we made this trip."

              Strongtail arched an eye as he gripped the handle on his sword. "You mean the fact that you are a former human and you are hoping the mage can help you to get home? I may be stupid, but I am not that dumb, Robert Alexander Tabor. I overheard Northpaw and Southear talking aboard the ship one night about how much they both really like you despite your being human. Your initials spells Rat which is what we are. You could have ended up in any number of alternate worlds when you fell through the Rat Warp Mud pool. You were lucky to encounter Northpaw and Southear. Remember when I complimented you on the Call Lightning spell on the arrows? I could have killed you back at the Great Lake. But Northpaw doesn't bond with just anybody. As long as you didn't betray the party, I was giving you a chance. What were you going to do if the sorcerer told you that he couldn't help you?"

              Ratseye sighed. "Roll over and give up, I guess."

              Northpaw said, "We've been stopped for too long, guys. We need to get going if we are to reach the first camp site by sundown."

              Strongtail said, "It wasn't poker chips. I had gotten a new deck of cards. The Marvel Fort guys destroyed my last deck."

              And the group were on their way again. They were marching quickly to make up for the unexpected stop and by that night, they had reached the first campsite to the side of the trail. Thankfully there was a nearby river and the fishing was good at that location. The adventurers had a pretty decent meal that night. Later, Northpaw shared Ratseye's tent with him; not for sex, but to reassure their friend of whom Northpaw felt he didn't want to be without.

              Ratseye hugged Northpaw closely as he whispered, "I think you are the only one who really wants me to stay and not go home. The others act so greedy."

              Northpaw said as he licked on Ratseye's muzzle. "I would vouch for you if you chose to retain the ability to change between human and rat at will as well as having the ability to cross between our worlds at will. I really enjoy your company, Robert."

              Ratseye said, "As long as the clothing made the change with the bodies then I would more likely be inclined to return for you, Northpaw... I... er... I think I love you."

              Northpaw grinned as he hugged the boy in return. "I know I love you, Robert. You were my first human and you didn't complain when we did it."

              "Even if the others choose not to adventure with you the next time, I will make the effort to be your right-hand rat ranger any time you ask."

              "Thank you; but for now, we better get some sleep before the others get to wondering if we are mating or something."

              "You would have earned that right, hot stuff. Good night."

              Northpaw had trouble falling sleep after that as he kept thinking about having Ratseye as his permanent mate.

              The next day, after Ratseye had prepared some salted fish once again, they were on their way along their travel route to the South. When they reached Fort Fresno, Ratseye traded a few of his salted fish for a new deck of cards which he gave to Strongtail. With a happy warrior in the party, the group continued South the next day and by that evening, they had entered Fort Baker which was located in a huge field of wheat. A good rest was had at that location and then it was onward to Fort Lancaster.

              Southear looked at a map in posted in the General Store. "We're only a day away now, guys. I am really glad these forts have these maps for us to look at so we can see just where we are. It looks like we might be heading to Disney Village located just East of Saint Angel Fort. The map says that they have their own castle."

              Strongtail pointed at a spot directly in the way. "And what is that area that says trade route closed in the Winter?"

              Ratseye looked at the spot on the map and then hew closed his eyes to bring up a road atlas of the Earthian Los Angeles as he replied, "Thankfully it is a Winter fun zone. In the Winter, it is covered in snow and ice. Thankfully it is Summer so we should be able to travel through there. Otherwise, we have to add a whole day of traveling on to our journey."

              Northpaw said, "That is what it might have been back home for you, Ratseye, but in our world, I would say that no one actually goes there to have fun. We'll head out in the morning. And guys, try not to get arrested now that we are so close. Regardless if you are free or not, I plan on getting Ratseye to see the Wizard."

              That night, Northpaw was once again sleeping with Ratseye within the same quarters. "I worry about my adventuring party sometimes. It is like I have to keep reminding them to behave for the greater good. They didn't used to be like this, Robert. I hope they snap out of it after we leave the West. I think the Western air is what is doing it to them."

              Ratseye said, "In other words, they are not used to these concentrated forts of people living all in one location for their own safety."

              Northpaw nodded his head. "That's it exactly. I need to get my friends back to the East as soon as possible. And hopefully, you make the trip with us. I still love you."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                The following day's travel resulted in Ratseye having to make a wooden toboggan for the group to ride on as they rode down the icy slopes on the Southern side of the San Gabriel Pass. The Spanish Bandits didn't know what hit them when the adventurers barreled through their camp on their wooden sled at the base of the trade route. And later, the wooden sled was sold to a merchant in Fort Arcadia which netted the adventurers some much needed gold. Mid-afternoon, the adventurers traveled by a rather black and sticky location that had an odor all its own. Ratseye identified it as the The Sticky Tar Pits. Ratseye instructed the guys to stay out of this stuff or else they would be dyed black in coloration. Removing tar was a job in itself. And finally, as the group crested a hill in what would have been Fullerton, they got their first glimpse of Disney Village Castle to the South.

                Ratseye said, "It won't be long now. We made it. We won't be going the same route back when you guys return to the East. I know that Southear wants to see New Orleans where they have a lot of gambling halls. They even have a combat arena for warriors."

                Hearing the ranger explain these things made the acquirer and the warrior smile. Although Northpaw looked pensive; he didn't want to say goodbye to Ratseye.

                They reached Disney Village at sundown where they paid for rooms at the inn and tavern. They wouldn't be able to visit the castle until the morning. But in the meantime, there was a local carnival going on and that meant games of chance to play with prizes to win as well as fun rides to take a ride on. While Strongtail and Southear played with the strength and agility games, Ratseye took Northpaw on the Tunnel of Love ride and later they entered what looked like a fortune teller's tent so as to get Northpaw's fortune told.

                As they entered the tent, Ratseye's eyes opened wide when he was sitting behind the table at the crystal ball the very mouse they had come to seek an audience with. "Mickey Mouse? I mean Sorcerer Mickey?" He then opened his backpack and pulled out the parcel he had picked up at Fort Carson and he laid it on the table. "Parcel delivery from Fort Carson. Aside from that, we were going to seek an audience with you in the morning. I didn't expect to encounter you at the carnival. You see, I am a former human from Planet Earth, and while I was visiting Camp World, I fell through a sewer grate directly through what the adventurers call Rat Warp Mud and I lost my human clothing as I arrived butt naked at Northpaw the Priest's and Southear the Acquirer's location just outside of Marvel Fort. Southear went into the fort to get me some clothes to wear and while he was gone, Northpaw was cleaning me up and I transformed into this rat man species. Since my next stop would have been Anaheim in Camp World to visit a human friend of mine whom had moved there to live with the Mighty Ducks, I asked the adventurers to help me get to Disney Village where I might possibly get your help so I could not only return to Camp World as a human with my original clothes, but maybe, if you felt like being nice, make it so I could come back so I could continue to have adventures with Northpaw whom has fallen in love with me. The plan is this... on Camp World, I would be human or rat at will, but when I made the crossing back into this world, I would automatically shift back into my current rat form and clothing would make the change at the same time. I would have my human clothes on Camp World and I would have my Ranger clothes here in this world. Another reason I am asking for permission to return is because Northpaw's friends are not functioning well here in the West and he and I need to get them back East. Northpaw doesn't want me to leave him forever. I love him as much as he loves me. My real name was Robert Alexander Tabor but in this world, I was calling myself Ratseye the Ranger. Can you help me?"

                In that classic Mickey Mouse voice, Sorcerer Mickey said, "I don't get to hear honesty in this world that often, Robert. And you want so little. You really care about Northpaw's feelings. This is hardly the world for a nice boy like you. This parcel contains medicine for Queen Minnie whom is sick currently. King Mickey is frantic because he thinks it is his fault that she got sick. It all started when she sniffed a rose covered in what looked like black wax."

                Ratseye said, "Tar Sickness. To make Queen Minnie better without medicine, just boil some water and have Queen Minnie inhale the steam vapors for a while before insisting that she go use the privy. She will feel the need to throw up and that will remove the tar residue that she inhaled originally. If that doesn't work, then go ahead and use the medicine. But the vapors will make the medicine work better."

                Sorcerer Mickey then stood up and sent word to the castle explaining how to cure Queen Minnie for the moment. And after the young page left with the message, Mickey turned to look at Ratseye. "I will acquire you a home in Camp World's Disney Village where a few of us classics live anyways. Within your home there will be a portal you can use to travel to Northpaw's locale no matter where he happens to be here in Adventure Land. And to return to your home in Camp World, you simply close your eyes and walk or crawl into a dark space or shadow and you will emerge in your portal room within your home. If Northpaw is with you, then your exit point will be near the other adventurers, unless they are in jail."

                Ratseye hugged Sorcerer Mickey. "Everyone was so sure you wouldn't agree to help me. What do I owe you for this assistance?"

                Sorcerer Mickey said with a smile. "I haven't had a good apprentice in a long while, Robert. Simply agree to learn magic from me as my apprentice and all you have asked for will be yours. In effect, you will become a Medieval styled Power Ranger. Meaning, a ranger with wizardly capabilities. You would also be my voice throughout Adventure Land. Your magical lessons would continue as you traveled with Northpaw and any adventurers he chose to travel with. Will you agree to apprentice to me, Robert?"

                All in all, it sounded like a pretty good deal and it was little to ask for, especially since the adventurers didn't have a mage in their party. "I agree to be your apprentice, master."

                Robert then found himself undressed on all fours as Sorcerer Mickey mounted him sexually and shared the magical link fluids with him through firing himself inside of the nice boy.

                After the joining was completed, the mounting was followed by making Robert drink straight from Sorcerer Mickey's tap, meaning his penis. Magical energy coursed through Robert's body as he began to hear Mickey in his head. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Can you hear me, Robert? Ratseye mentally replied with, What was the sex for, Mickey? Sorcerer Mickey mentally replied with, It is a magical master's right to mount their apprentices to tie the magical links more strongly so you don't have trouble learning magic later. I can also cast spells through your body if your adventuring party gets into serious trouble. Now let us get cleaned up so we can get you back over to Camp World so you can check in with your friend. He is having quite the adventure with the Mighty Ducks. He almost lost his humanity but thanks to quick thinking, he was saved and now has a neat power of his own.

                Ratseye said, "I sure hope Casey Glendon hasn't forgotten me. My parents didn't like cartoons and such, but once I graduated from high school, I was free of them."

                Sorcerer Mickey smiled. "He talks about you a lot to his sponsor family. Now remember that you made a promise to Northpaw and you agreed to be my apprentice..."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Anaheim, California; Camp World

                  Sorcerer Mickey escorted Robert Tabor over to the Pond where the Mighty Ducks and Casey Glendon lived. Once they were permitted into the Duck Lair with Wildwing Flashblade and Canard Thunderbeak watching as witnesses while the others distracted Phil topside, Robert hugged his best friend and looked at him with a smile. "You don't look like a Mighty Duck? I thought for sure that you would have ended up in Daffy Duck's bed." He winked with a grin.

                  Casey replied, "In a manner of speaking, I did, Robert. But apparently you had an adventure yourself according to Sorcerer Mickey."

                  Robert nodded his head. "Responsibilities and promises, old friend. I joined a party of adventurers in Sorcerer Mickey's Adventure Land setting. It initially was an accident for how I got there, but I really like the priest and I gave him my word that I would come back and have more adventures with him. Plus, I'm apprenticed to Master Mickey here."

                  Casey smiled himself. "Do I get to see how you look as an adventurer?"

                  Robert said, "You show me your super duck and I will show you my rat ranger-wizard."

                  Casey struck a pose as he touched the center of his chest and thought the word "duck" which caused the mystical glow of shadow to reappear around his body as his form grew to the size and dimensions of Wildwing except his feathers were colored identically to Daffy Duck. Aside from that, he now looked like a Mighty Duck with Black feathers with a white ring around his neck. His one-piece uniform was two-tone non-reflective black with a black visor over his eyes. "As you can see, I don't have to say a thing to transform. The Ducks are trying to prevent Phil from seeing me suited up so he doesn't stick a contract in my beak. Your turn now..."

                  Robert's eyes sparkled as he cast the transformation spell upon himself which caused him to change out of his human form and human clothes, and instantly into his adventuring brown rat form with long rat-like tail while wearing studded leather armor, a short sword, a dagger, a quiver of arrows on his back just under his backpack and a short bow; he had leather trousers, and knee-high leather toe-less boots which permitted his foot-claws to stick out freely. "This is how I look as Ratseye the Ranger. Unlike the filthy Bandit Rats, my party and I are fairly clean. As I told you earlier, I recently agreed to apprentice myself as Mickey's apprentice to pay for my restoration and the ability to come check in with you."

                  The two boys touched each others bodies and uniforms out of curiosity. Casey said, "When I graduated from Anaheim High School, I got into a training program with Canard and Wildwing during the hours when Phil couldn't catch us unaware."

                  At that moment, Drake One said, "Phil entering elevator with the Mighty Ducks. They couldn't stop him."

                  Casey quickly touched his chest and thought the word "human" and he was instantly back in his human identity. When Robert saw him do that, he also shifted back into his own human form. When the elevator doors opened and Phil stepped out into the open, Casey said, "Hiya Phil! Whatcha Do-in?"

                  Phil petted Casey on his head as he looked to Wildwing and Canard. "I want the Mighty Ducks to stay home tonight and actually go to bed. They have an important game in the morning so they can qualify for the state championships. And I don't want them sleeping on their skates. And to make sure you guys don't go out tonight, I am going to guard the hangar personally."

                  He then headed off down the hallways toward the hangar to do as he said he was going to do. When the obese manager was far enough away from the lair, Casey said with a sad look, "So much for tonight's training session. Ever since Phil started guarding the hangar, life around the Pond has gotten super shitty."

                  Robert said, "Didn't Daffy Duck give you a Painted Hole of Black? I know you said you were going to ask him for one back in grade school."

                  Casey said, "Yes, but the Migrator and the Aerowing II are both parked in the hangar. The Mighty Ducks cannot make an outing without their vehicles and Captain Obesity is guarding them tonight, exactly as he just said he would be doing."

                  Sorcerer Mickey smiled. "I can only do this for you ducks once, so don't get used to my helping you like this every time Phil is in the hangar. Would you rather have the Migrator or the Aerowing during tonight's outing?"

                  Quietly checking the monitor which showed the hangar, they saw Phil resting in the pilot seat of the Migrator listening to a radio station. Wildwing said, "Better make it the Aerowing since Phil is sitting in the Migrator."

                  Sorcerer Mickey reached deeply into the pockets of his sorcerers robes and he pulled out what looked like a toy version of the original Aerowing. "Take this out to your parking lot and set it down facing the rear exit of the Pond's parking lot. Then touch the windshield saying the word "grow" and jump back a few feet. It will transform into the full sized version of your original Aerowing. When your outing ends, land it in your parking lot and after everyone gets out, touch the nose of the vehicle saying the word "toy" and it will change back into its miniature version. It will only respond to your touch, Wildwing. You can only use this version of your jet once a night. Make sure everyone is out of it before the sun rises or else you will all fall out of the sky when it auto changes back into its toy version. If the toy breaks upon hitting the ground, it is powerless and I will not enchant it again without a hefty price; so take care of it. In it's toy form, you can store it within your bedroom on the book shelf. Make sure Phil doesn't find out what it can do."

                  Wildwing hugged the Mouse and said, "You won't regret this. Maybe on Sunday I can come over to your place and clean your castle. It was nice meeting you, Robert."

                  Robert smiled. "Likewise; you are caring for my best friend. I got to get back to my friends down below. I don't want the priest to think that I flew the coop."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Disney Village, Kingdom of Anaheim; Adventure Land

                    Arriving back in the rat world following a good night's rest, Robert back in his Ratseye form and adventuring gear walked up to Northpaw and the others and he hugged them. "Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Shall we head over to New Orleans? I stocked up on a selection of granola energy bars for this trip and I had a good breakfast." That was when he noticed that they had a worried look on their faces. "What's wrong, guys?"

                    Southear replied, "One of the bandits showed up this morning at King Mickey's castle and laid out a complaint that we murdered his bandit party in the Angry Land where the Spanish soldiers get their sulfur powder. We were waiting for you to arrive so we could go tell King Mickey our version of what happened in that area."

                    Ratseye blinked his eyes. "I was wondering why Sorcerer Mickey said that I would likely be seeing him later this morning. Well, lets go up there and regale him on the truth of our journey to Disney Village. I am sure the bandit will shat himself when he hears that I still remember how his group had powder kegs in the great lake for sinking merchant and passenger ships heading to the windy shores. That very act alone could be called murder. So it is like the pot calling the kettle black."

                    And their group approached the castle and once let inside, the group approached the twin thrones and sitting to the side was the young bandit whom was looking pretty smug.

                    King Mickey stood up and said, "Which one of you is the leader of this adventuring group? And whom was the tactician whom parleyed with the Native Prairie Mice tribe?"

                    Northpaw and Ratseye stepped forward to present themselves to King Mickey. "Your majesty, I am priest Northpaw, the leader of this adventuring group. And this is Robert Alexander Tabor, being called Ratseye the Ranger while he is with our party. It was he whom placated the tribe of their injuries so we could have permission to travel through the Angry Land."

                    King Mickey looked at the ranger and said, "Did you or did you not willfully arrange for the deaths of the bandits whom tried to follow you through the Angry Land?"

                    Ratseye began with, "Your majesty... willfully is a strong word; had a soldier accused me of this, the answer may have been different. But..."

                    King Mickey cut him off. "Just answer my question."

                    Ratseye set a not-so-nice glare upon King Mickey. "You shut your pie hole, bandit supporter! Or else I inform the Keyblade Rangers where you are hiding!"

                    King Mickey shut up at that point, unaware that this traveler even knew about the Keyblade event.

                    Ratseye then continued, "As I was about to say, this bandit's superiors had strewn powder kegs all over the waters of the great lake to catch Merchant and Passenger ships heading to the Windswept Plains port, and if that isn't preplanned murder to rob innocent travelers, then this bandit is like a pot whom calls the kettle black. When the natives told me that they had burned their feet and hands on the yellow stones in the Angry Land, I chose to have my friends falsely boast during our travels about how we were going to follow the Yellow Brick Road after we spoke about gold to be as rich as kings. When we reached the Angry Land, I used a shovel to arrange the yellow stones to form a winding path that led right up to the largest geyser in the land. We then sneaked out the back of the Angry Land. We did not see what the bandits did upon arriving at the Angry Land. However, since one bandit was smart enough not to walk on the false path, he could have stopped his people from following the path. Because he chose not to, then you cannot say that we killed them at all. Among my original species, your majesty, it is said that everyone has free will to make their own decisions in life. If the Bandits chose to walk on the yellow sulfur stone road and throw themselves inside the geyser at the end, then any fool could have seen that it would have been a foolish jump to make. But they tricked themselves into thinking that the geyser was the entrance to a lost gold mine. Greed killed the bandits, not the smarts of an adventuring party. Thus, one smart bandit whom did not fall for an adventurers trick, managed to avoid arrest at the forts we passed through where we told the soldiers that bandits were mad at us and trying to catch us, came to you and informed you that we murdered his people. Since you accuse us of murdering your superiors, I have to ask how many innocent merchant and passenger ships did your bandits destroy before we humiliated your bandit troop at the Windswept Plains? According to our captain of the ship we were on, the port didn't look as it had the week before and thus, when we fired a cannon into one of the kegs and caused it to explode, the bandits popped out of their hiding places and I shot my enchanted arrow at what I assumed was an assassin. I thought I was protecting my captain."

                    King Mickey said, "What was the enchantment on the arrow supposed to do?"

                    Ratseye replied, "If touched by an exposed hand, it would set off a Call Lightning spell upon he whom held the arrow. Thus the bandit leader got hit by lightning but it didn't kill him. We had the Captain take us to another port along the West side of the lake so we could continue our journey. And forever after that moment, the bandits started following us to get revenge. Innocent warriors would not have performed the acts that these bandits were conducting. Therefore, unless you have a serious charge to draw up against my friends and I then all you really and truthfully managed to do was to confess to being a bandit to King Mouse."

                    The soldiers held the bandit so he couldn't escape since they could tell that the ranger was telling the truth.

                    King Mickey then said, "Northpaw, you may take your friends and leave Disney Village unchallenged I will arrange it so you have a stagecoach escort to the East to Fort Houston. After which, you may go on whatever path you choose. Just make sure you do not travel this way again for a year. The West may be a little too civilized for a rugged band of adventurers like yourselves. As for you, Ratseye... normally back-talking a king would have you incarcerated in my dungeons... but since you are Sorcerer Mickey's apprentice and you know of the Keyblade Rangers, I am letting you leave with your friends. Please do not speak to the Keybladers; they want to murder me. As you said earlier, everyone has free will; I didn't make them go on my quest; they chose to and now they are angry with me. Good journey to you. When a month has passed, this bandit will be released to make whatever journey he wishes. If he chooses to follow you people, do not bring your squabbles back to our kingdom. Farewell..." and with that... Northpaw and his friends were escorted out to an awaiting stagecoach which was being driven by what looked like Cowboy Goofy and Sharpshooter Donald Duck. Once they were aboard, the stagecoach departed Disney Village heading East.

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Easy Gambling and Festive Flight.