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[CAMP-01] BFA-08 Weekend Arrangements

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  • [CAMP-01] BFA-08 Weekend Arrangements

    Freedom Forest - Camp World

    [CAMP-01] BFA-08 Weekend Arrangements
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters; Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

    There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

    With Sony's assistance on the homework, Brand was done in record time. After Sony went home, Brand chose to use his time wisely. He went and fetched Zecma to accompany him to Alpha Stealthmon's quarters for the two-hour game talk and to vouch for him that the phony Zecma was one of the look-alike cousins and the punishment on Brand was not approved by the real Zecma at all. Then came the two-hour species talk for the game. When the talk ended for the evening. Brand went back to the bunkhouse and had dinner with Eclipse where the topic of the evening was the plans for moving out of the bunkhouse in preparation for Eclipse's Senior graduation. After Eclipse graduated, he wouldn't be able to give the guys a ride to school anymore especially if he was planning on attending college. Brand explained how he had acquired a guaranteed home directly behind the Back Alley Games Shop and within walking distance of the High School. Agreeing with Brand's assessment and plans for still being able to access the school after Eclipse's Senior year, Eclipse and Zecma assisted Brand with moving the boy's belongings and shortcuts to the new duplex style two-story home with full basement where the shortcuts were re-installed into the home at the appropriate locations. The Stealthmon shortcut was placed in the basement and within the house itself within one corner was the Hero Transporter shortcut which saw the most usage in getting everyone to school on rainy days. A selection of Aston Jackson's donkey boys lived in the connecting house next door to the North of the home that Brand and his brother Jason would be living within. They even had a few guest rooms for when sleepovers would occur. Although one bedroom closest to Brand's room was designated for Deryk Drake since that was the young man's wish to join Brand on his adventures. Once the full move had been completed, Brand stripped down and made the trip to his Demon Donkey Resort on the Donkey Continent in Oceanus. He hadn't visited with his friends in a while and he wanted to make it up to them. When the visit ended, Brand got cleaned up and he went home to his new house.

    With Friday morning came a rarely heard sound: thunder, lightning and loads of rain.

    Brand got ready for school anyway. Eating breakfast with his new housemate, Deryk Drake, was a little different. Having another human boy around you weren't used to took some getting used to. Brand magically fetched the transcripts from Deryk's old school and then he showed Deryk the shortcut to school. He then took Deryk to Principal Agumon's office where he introduced the boy to Agumon as he dropped off the needed Transcripts before heading off to his first hour class. A bit later, he noticed the riders from Eclipse's car entering the school building looking a little wet for wear. Brand felt sorry for them since riding in the Jalopy in the rain was not the best experience. Utilizing his new Devil Mouse powers, he cast a remove rain wetness spell on his friends and then he waved at them with a smile. "How was the ride to school?"

    Junior said, "My family don't mind the rain, but the others did get wet since Eclipse couldn't get the convertible hood to unload properly. I guess he found out that a build is not perfect. He is still out there trying to get it to unpack so his car doesn't get ruined from the rain."

    Brand went to the front door and peeked out to see how bad it was. Eclipse was really struggling with the convertible hood looking as if he might lose his classic car to the elements. Brand felt really sorry for Eclipse. The Black Hedgehog didn't deserve this kind of treatment. It was time to use his magical Devil Mouse powers again. Making it seem that Eclipse's efforts finally paid off, he caused the hood to unpack and cover the interior of the Jalopy. Then a follow up magic to dry the insides of the car entirely so no moisture ruined the car at all. As if luck was on Eclipse's side. Backing away from the front door, Brand watched Eclipse come inside and stand directly over a heat vent dripping from being soaked in the rain. Brand still felt sorry for Eclipse as he took the Hedgehog a dry towel and helped him to get dry. "Seeing you wet made me feel bad for you, Eclipse. Are you going to be okay?"

    Eclipse turned to Brand and gave him a hug. "Thanks to your caring about me, I will. That car means everything to me. Rain would ruin the seats and make the wiring fail. I paid a lot for those plans and the kit. I was so proud when I was able to get mine to work properly. But for now, I should get myself to my first class. Thanks for drying my soaked fur. Hedgehogs generally don't like getting super soaked in water. Sony is an exception to the rule. I'll talk to you at lunch, Brand." And he headed off to class.

    Brand felt good that he could help his friends get dry as he turned to head to his first hour class himself.

    End of Chapter 01

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    Chapter 02

    Within Principal Agumon's office, Deryk gave Agumon a hug and a kiss on his snout. "Brand promised me that I could join him in his adventures, sir. May I have a few classes he is in; if he is having trouble with homework, I can provide him with necessary help since I do have a high IQ and I am living at his new house with him. How is Tai doing these days? Or do you keep him tied down?"

    Principal Agumon laughed at the last suggestion. "If only it were that easy to keep a council member tied down. He and I do live together in town but we do not have sex. That would ruin our reputation among the fans. What are your favorite animals and your favorite number between 1 and 100, Deryk?"

    Deryk replied, "Dragons, Donkeys, Houndimon, Skunks and Kangaroos of all varieties. I was born in Australia but moved to the states before I could develop the Outback accent. I also like the Care Bear Cousins, Tenderheart Bear and Nobleheart Horse. My favorite number is Seventeen."

    Principal Agumon then gathered up Deryk as they left the school via then shortcut transporter, going to Back Alley Games up the street. Once they were in the shop, Agumon said to the Red Rabbit, "Hello Bosco. This is Deryk Drake, another friend of Brand's; he will need a multi-card launcher wrist unit. I am going to pay for his getting a few partners so he can enjoy the Team Fighting class during the last hour."

    The Red Rabbit clerk chuckled, "A lot of students are hugging you, aren't they?" And Agumon replied, "He made me laugh with a suggestion about Tai; he asked me if I had Tai tied down." Bosco smiled. "Good one, Deryk! This is the place to get nice partners or even naughty partners if you are into that sort of thing."

    Agumon told the clerk what Deryk's favorite animals were and then Bosco led Deryk to the card acquisition booths. It took the young man a few minutes before finding the first choice of a partner card he wanted. The name of the game was Cowboys and Corrals, the Noble Edition. Deryk spent some time creating an anthropomorphic Hunkaroo which had the male pouch and head of a Devi-Kangaroo, the body and legs of a Hellhoundimon as well as the tail and feet of a sexy skunk; he then gave the Hunkaroo cowboy a real western outfit along with a lasso and a standard cowboy hat. A Care Bear styled belly badge adorned his tummy upon the pouch itself and was given the name of Tenderstripe. Then Deryk did a search for his second partner of choice. This time, he found himself in a game booth called Build It And Win where he spent some time creating an anthropomorphic dirty white furred donkey carpenter who wore a leather apron as well as the tools (weapons) of a carpenter. Deryk then named him Repairhoof. Finally it was off to find his third partner. Deryk located a game booth called Nightmare Boys Are Made of These where he created an anthropomorphic hybrid Hell Dragon warrior which had the armor and appearance of a sexy Nightmare Stallion stud of combat and defense; he had a wicked jagged sword made to look like a metallic flame which rested on his back and not within any scabbard. His hoofs had the reddish black flames appearance around their bases and he was super muscular to give him strength as well as having a biggest fear inducing breath weapon which he himself was immune to in case an opponent tried to send it back upon the warrior. Deryk then named him Doomgate. He then returned to the front of the shop and presented his partner card choices to Bosco and Principal Agumon. "All done."

    Bosco said, "Interesting choices, Deryk. You made choices as if you dealt with bullies back home." Agumon said, "You are now set for your last hour class in Arena Seventeen. Normally Brand trains in there alone with a few friends watching but he will have to share with you. He was Zecma's build a game prize winner. They are developing an awesome game in there."

    Returning to the school, Deryk was sent to his classes which he shared with Brand. Then Lunch hour was upon them and Deryk ended up in a discussion with a few donkey students and dragon like students at their shared table. "So you are living at Brand and Jason's new house? That's pretty cool. Most of us live pretty close to your new location. The back of the duplex has its own private training arena. Perhaps Brand could have Zecma reinforce it so as to do training sessions at home rather than having to rely on the school arenas. During the Summer, the school arenas are not open; so a private one just makes sense." A dragon student then said, "An arena at home is a great idea. I think the whole region should utilize that aspect. Too often do players take over a public place for a grudge fight that causes property damage while Zecma doesn't seem to notice at all. I mean, I can understand that he is busy on most days and cannot be everywhere while the silly card police only seem to hang out over at Japanopolis. But we need local moderators here in Montropolis."

    Deryk then said, "I will be seeing Zecma in Arena Seventeen which I share with Brand this afternoon; I can bring up your suggestions and ideas to him then. Perhaps he will find it wise to implement the suggestion before someone else sets up something to police over his games without his consent."

    The other students all laughed at that aspect of the suggestion.

    That afternoon as Brand was about to head to his card launcher dynamics class, he got a phone call from the local Yuskay Groomers. "Brand? We have good news for you; your brother Jason will be able to come home this evening rather than on Monday. His extreme cleansing is complete. Perhaps you and your friends could arrange a Welcome Home party for him; I know your time is precious to you. But this is for your brother. I know you love him very much. He is cleared for release at the seven o'clock hour. We also heard you had a new home for yourself and Jason. We need the coordinates so we know where to send Jason when the time comes. We don't want to send him to Eclipse's bunkhouse only for him to find that all of his belongings are gone. What do you say?"

    Brand was ecstatic and he knew that Raluta and Shire would be as well. He then gave the Groomers his new transport coordinates before sending a quick text to all of Jason's friends in regards to the good news and the party plans at their new house. He also asked Jake to assist with catering since this was for Jason and they were all worried about him.

    In the Dynamics class, Mr. Mendelssohn said, "Jason's release is great news, Brand. I will be there myself. We all miss having him here in class."

    Within the arena class, Zecma was pleased with the news of Jason's release and then he received the message idea from Deryk in regards to the good players' request for local moderators.

    Zecma said, "I have been considering the idea since the changes in the challenge rules are not working. It seems that the players keep finding loopholes to exploit."

    Deryk grinned. "Then I suppose Doomgate and I will have to make a bunch of rule breakers pee all over themselves later."

    End of Chapter 02


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      Chapter 03

      Brand was apparently using his head for a change as he said, "Zecma... remember how the Groomers originally told us that Jason would be released on Monday?" After Zecma nodded his head, Brand continued, "Don't you think it is kind of strange that they called me instead of calling mom and dad to authorize his release? I think we should call the Groomers to verify the phone call and see if they actually called me. And if they didn't, try to figure out who is setting us up for a trick trap. After dealing with Jinx and the more recent Devil Mouse fibs, I think I am entitled to be a little suspicious."

      Zecma smiled. "It is good to see you using your head for a change." He then pulled out his new cellphone and he typed in the number for the Groomers. "Number One? this is Zecma. Did anyone at the Groomers call Brand here at School about an hour ago. The call was to tell Brand that you guys were releasing Jason tonight at seven P.M."

      Number One Groomer replied, "That's information to me, Zecma. We detected some leftover fluid in the bottom of Jason's bladder that was hiding in a side layer. We need to keep him until Monday to make sure he is clean. I am sorry if someone told you guys news that got you all excited. But if you guys want to come over to the Groomers and visit to cheer him up over the weekend, that would be great. Jason only sees Shire pretty often. Shire says he is going crazy without Jason's company."

      Zecma hung up the phone. "Good call, Brand. Jason isn't ready to be released yet. So what's next?"

      Brand swept a hand through his hair. "Send word to PATHS to verify whether or not that Jinx Volteroy is still in her punishment in the tortures division. Remember how easily your cousins escaped only recently. We need to make sure she is still down there. If she is on the loose once again. Then life will be as chaotic as Limbo for the entire family."

      Deryk then said, "How possible would it be to trap someone like that within a partner card and then to banish the card to the void making escape improbable?"

      Brand slyly grinned at Zecma. "Power Rangers Time Force used to do that to their enemies. Containment cards they were called. Portable Jail Cells."

      Zecma hummed. "Perhaps we should set a trap at the Hero Transporter making it so that anyone who looks like Jason who tries to use it to gain entry to the house between now and Monday is placed within a containment card. If it turns out to be Jinx using a loophole to get back in, I'll send her ass to the bottom of the Abyss; has anyone told you what lies at the bottom of the abyss?"

      Brand and Deryk shook their heads. "No."

      Zecma grinned. "It contains the foulest smelling liquid flypaper fluids mixed with sewage, manure and tar as well as rubber cement like glue. You fall into the stuff, you don't get out. Ever! It is worse than David Bowie's Land of Eternal Stench from Labyrinth. And if you do manage to get out magically, you smell like the place for a decade and the shit has to wear off. No amount of washing, magic, nor perfume will cover nor remove that odor. Remember how Sexma made you smell the other day, Brand?" Once the boy nodded, Zecma continued. "That is pleasant in comparison!"

      Deryk looked to Brand. "He's kidding, right?"

      Brand sighed. "NO! Remember how you were wanting to join me on my adventures? He isn't kidding. The Underworld groomers gave me this sample to make proof with if anyone got too curious for their own good. Take this and go into the bathroom over there and once you get inside, barely pop this open and close it once again. Once you get through vomiting, activate the air suction fan so no one else dies when they go into the bathroom." He handed over what looked like a compact make up container and then he pointed toward the bathroom door. Once Deryk went over and into the bathroom, he said to Zecma, "I am sorry he was the one to get too curious. Place your call to PATHS while he is sampling the odor that killed the Yuskay Groomers."

      Zecma chuckled since he figured he would be growling in a moment as he closed his eyes and placed the Imperial Council Call to PATHS. Head Balrog! This is Imperial Council Lord Zecma! Please tell me that Jinx Volteroy is still in PATHS! We had her in an anthropomorphic cow body at Lord Baphomet's request!

      The Head Balrog's reply was something like... Lord Zecma! Baphomet himself along with a huge contingent of his Abysmal guard came and claimed her just the other day! Sadly we would like to have kept her longer because she was fun to torture!

      Zecma then verbally said, "SHIT!"

      Brand went over and hugged Zecma. "She's not there, is she? I didn't want to be right; but I started wising up after the last crap I got to deal with."

      Brand then released Zecma as he said, "It seemed too coincidental that your two cousins who were supposed to be in a punishment themselves just happened to be encountered somewhere other than where they were supposed to me. Secxo said that he came across them, but he never mentioned the spiked dildo trees. He looked genuinely surprised when you mentioned where they were supposed to be."

      Zecma thought back to the Secxo confrontation. "That's right, Brand. It is a good thing you were on the ball to remember that. I've been distracted. And the Balrog said she was collected by Baphomet the other day; not yesterday during your misadventure. That means she's been out for a few days. But without her powers, how is she doing these things?"

      Brand snapped his fingers. "Since Baphomet acquired her to be his newest cow originally through a friend from her own father, wouldn't that indicate that she was an Underworld citizen?"

      Zecma seemed to figure out what Brand's suggestion was about to be. "Oh fuck... she had an ATM Empowerment Services account! Once free, she downloaded a copy of her old powers!"

      End of Chapter 03


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        Chapter 04

        Deryk then returned at that moment, still cleaning his mouth and face of the vomit he had been induced to produce in a toilet. He handed the closed sample back to Brand. "What did I miss, guys? I want to be up to date on your adventures or else Brand hasn't kept his word to me."

        After a brief re-cap, Brand then said, "I was about to ask Zecma what these accounts were and how they worked."

        Zecma then retold a private part of his distant past first archived between the original Gerard Prince Prime's QCP-BG-08 The Back Way Out and QCP-BG-11 Twelve Wishes of Christmas. "Back in those days, I was an evil little turd... but after my involvement with the Prince boy, he convinced me that better rewards awaited people who led the honest and truthful track. I had temporarily lost my powers and I had to earn them back from him by doing tasks for him. It was through his efforts that the Sponsor a Prince program got started in the Animated Worlds. Anyway, the ATM-ES machines exist in every marketplace around the Underworld. At any given time, you can register an account and make a copy of all of your current powers for pan-global access from any Underworld you happen to be in. All she had to do was to approach one of these machines, register her new body and then input her correct password to download a copy of her powers into her current body. The Yuskay Lawyers installed a wanted felon detection protocol into these machines so an alarm would sound when an escaped criminal tried to download a copy of their powers. This happened once while I was serving Gerard Prince. The stupid shit had body swapped himself for the boy's body and was in the process of registering Gerard's body so he could download a copy of his powers. The alarm sounded and the bastard was transported to the Imperial Council where we nabbed him and forced him to give the boy's body back to him. Gerard ended up owning the fucker's account and eventually got a download of the account by accident which made him into a verifiable Underworld Lord himself. It took Lord Paul's direct assistance in helping him to get his new life cleaned up so the powers were not simply running his life for him."

        He then slyly grinned. "Before the Yuskays got out of the lawyer business, they had lawyers so hot that they took Mr. Masculinity to the next level! Pant-pant! Awroo!"

        Deryk asked, "So where is Lord Prince these days?"

        Zecma said, "For all of his careful planning, fate finally caught up with him. He had just finished attending college and he chose to return to Earth to visit an orphanage to grant a Christmas Wish for deserving young people. He knew that I had done it once and he thought, 'How hard can it be?' Unlike me, he didn't have to find people at first. He knew where he was going. All was going well with the orphans until one orphan who was actually a lost planar child when offered the wish asked for a heroic adventure with a younger version of Gerard Prince. It seemed innocent enough; the moment the wish was cast, only those in the Underworld were spared what happened next. A complete time rewrite hit the Earth as well as QC Planet unmaking and undoing everything Gerard had done up until that time. The wish sent Gerard and his family back several years to a time when he wasn't empowered and he had no memory of the former life at all. The wish event went so far as to make his father into the best CIA agent who had ever lived. They were calling him the best of the best. Before the wish, his father Leon had simply been a city councilman. His mother Rianne had become a former secretary with High Command, an organization that governs over were-beasts. Before, she was simply a housewife. And his sister Lupa-Vega was originally a motorcycle mechanic and nothing more. After the wish, she was an aspiring rocket scientist."

        Zecma then said, "Gerard's life was a complete mess from the beginning of the new life. And then the empowerment event almost killed him. It was like the entire universe was completely against him. Even villains from both the future and ancient times were hunting him down for no good reasons whatsoever. The Orphan who had made the wish became a Sh'maukin hero known as Eagle Lord. The Sh'maukin tribe were planar bird warriors."

        Brand then asked, "Is there no way to save and rescue Gerard Prince from the past before he granted the wish? I have rescued lost items before, Zecma, there must be a way to do this."

        Deryk smiled. "You're the super smart gamer mouse, Zecma! Channel your old ways for a moment and think... is there a loophole that everyone has overlooked?"

        Zecma's face took on a frighteningly scary appearance for a moment as he grinned evilly. But then he was back to his good lovable self once again. "Thank you for triggering my ancient sealed memories, Deryk. There is one loophole in the rules and the event occurred on the pre-wish QC Planet. Lord Atticus had an entry protocol set up at the time so tourists and other visitors had to agree to submit a back-up of their bodies just in case of a restoration necessary accident so the humans in question could be brought back to life from the saved files. The process was a little weird even according to Underworld trickery standards. Each family member had to strip naked and enter a back-up booth where a copy of their current bodies would be made just in case. In other words, they were being cloned. However, the clones were imperfect and if used, they would result in faulty versions of the original human; meaning that they would slowly become toon or anime versions of their former lives. It would start when the family were to drive their car through AIRS Depot. They would be caught in a time suspension field and then they would each be removed from the car where their clones were made and then placed back in the suspended car before releasing the car as if it had never been stopped. Here in is the possible loophole: I use one of my Imperial Decree Scrolls to snag their car as they approach Animation Park and replace the car and the family with imperfect clones to continue their way into QC Planet. The captured family would end up in our current time period's past where they would eventually arrive in CAMP World's Terryville. However, I need to inform Lord Albert Talbot and the rest of Founder Core that I am about to do this. Their past selves would greet the Prince family and certain events would still occur that they had done the first time. And then, when Gerard's college training ends, I will recontact him and let him know where I have set up shop. The only change I will have to prevent is the accidental download of that account into his rescued body. And for that, I will initiate the Angel Hound protocol. What that means is that Angel Hounds are positive material energy sources and the clone that would download the evil lord power account is negative material energy. Receiving a download of that nature would cause the clone as well as the old account to explode and disintegrate thus removing it from the time line altogether. During the rescue mission to save the past time line family, I will also make it so that one orphan is granted friendship and joining rights with the Prince family. He can have a heroic adventure without rewriting the entire world's existence. Remember how I said the powers would try to run your life for you if you didn't use them the way they were originally made to be used. They were evil powers and Gerard was a good boy. I can even do the same thing for the All-Stars of Terryville as well. That way, Times Heart Tiger's cloud lands' Dar-Shanian horse friend gets to join him here in CAMP World. Although a lot of us cannot stand that horse. He is such a pain in the ass; no offense to cute donkeys. His father is a very nice Guardian stallion and is well loved among girls and boys alike. The Young Prince colt's mother is where he gets all of his mischief and attitude from. He at times acts nothing like his father."

        Brand said, "Make it so, Zecma; I will back you up to Founder Core and then we can focus on putting a stop to Jinx's latest shit."

        Zecma mentally called for Founder Core and they arrived at that moment as a group. Zecma laid out what he was about to do to save the original family from the Toonium Trap.

        End of Chapter 04


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          Chapter 05

          Lord Paul Pardusius wearing dark sunglasses then explained one extra issue in regards to the Prince family that Zecma had overlooked. "The Williams family of Dawsonville Georgia are intertwined with the Prince family. So when you save one, you will also be saving the other(s). The Williams family had the mouthy parrot, remember?" Lord Albert Talbot said, "I will permit this rescue, Zecma, as long as the those intertwined with the Prince family are included with the rescue attempt. Just because the Prince boy has no powers doesn't mean the same for the Williams boy who becomes Supermouse and leads the Protectors, a division of Teen Force." Lord Paul then produced the original Underworld records in regards to those involved in the intertwining situation. The Prince family; The original Kornel family and their neighbors the Hamilton family; The Covington family; The Knight family siblings; and Casey Glendon who won the first official Sponsor a Prince contest originally. "Felix Kornel's mother was the original woman with the look which no one wanted to get."

          Having the permissions in place, the Imperial Decree scroll was produced and after a carefully worded decree was placed for all in the Arena to hear, Zecma slapped the scroll to the ground which caused a massive fiery poof which dissipated quickly but no apparent alterations in reality seemed to occur at all. Everyone was still standing right where they were before the scroll was used.

          Now Zecma informed Founder Core what they had learned about Jinx's latest escape from PATHS and how she had planned on getting back into Freedom Forest.

          Lady Amaterasu said, "If it isn't one pile of shit; its another! I thought we dealt with her!"

          Zecma smiled. "The new plan is that at seven o'clock tonight, the entire Founder Core will be at the planned party for Jason's supposed return. Founder Core will be wearing magical disguises so they look like local teenagers who came because it was a party. When Jinx reveals herself, Founder Core will do the same and then you get to dispose of her all over again."

          Brand then said, "Remember... it won't be Jason arriving; the Yuskay Groomers informed us that they are keeping him until Monday. Jinx doesn't know this."

          Purzo smirked. "We will be there to catch a criminal and if we have to drain her powers down to less than one percent, we will do that. What a bleep she is!"

          Lord Paul then said, "Ah... I just received a memory update in regards to the families in the past. We were successful, my friends. Look in your memories under the mental file of the Toonium Trap Fiasco. There is an addendum."

          Brand asked, "How often do the Founder Core get invited to a party?"

          The four all exclaimed, "Not very often!"

          Zecma said, "My Prince boy is local at the moment. He is helping a group to defend Heroes Reach."

          Deryk said, "You mean he is empowered? But I thought you undid that."

          Zecma grinned. "It is more like the Dial "H" protocol for him. He is wearing a card launcher that has heroic partners. When he activates his launcher, like Brand, he transforms into the partner selected."

          Brand smiled widely. "Looks like I am not the only one. The game his partners are with must be a grand one. Did you make the game, Zecma? Or did one of your allies have something to do with making that game?"

          Zecma grinned. "Raluta created it by Gerard's request. Gerard didn't want to get a new empowerment after the Dream Boy attempt failed, so he asked Raluta to make the Young Fury battle card game instead. In this game, you play a superhero of your own design who can participate in actual superhero activities as if they were the actual hero instead of the partner card. When suited up, you are the custom hero; when powered down, you are back to normal."

          Brand remarked, "Sounds a lot safer than having a power you aren't used to."

          The rest of Brand's arena class went without any issues.

          Friday evening at the new home, Brand decided to have Zecma move and replace the hero transporter out of the home and move the old one to an arrival location more convenient to the trap arrival location. Founder Core would still be invited to the Friday night party afterward. Brand intended to keep his word. Instead of a Welcome Home party, it would become a housewarming party instead. The new plan would be to go to the Yuskay Groomers as a group on Saturday to personally visit with Jason so he knew that everyone missed him.

          At the new preselected trap arrival location, it wasn't just Founder Core wearing disguises, it was a whole throng of Imperial Law officers from Imperial City. When the transporter hummed to life and the obviously phony Jason arrived smiling at first. The trap location looked just like Eclipse's Bunkhouse primarily. Jason still smiling said how it was good to be home and how he could now get back to business. That was when everyone's disguises melted away and phony Jason saw Zecma wearing his Imperial Council outfit as well as all of Founder Core as well as the real Baphomet as well as a huge throng of Imperial Law officers. Zecma said, "The real Jason is still at the Yuskay Groomers getting a last minute treatment. We have you, Jinx. I don't know where you got this simulacrum look-alike of Jason at but the gig is up. The real Jason would never have said he could get back to business since he asked Agumon to send his homework to the Groomers so he didn't fall behind. If Brand hadn't gotten suspicious of how your call came to him instead of to the parents, you might have gotten away with this."

          Phony Jason then said, "Where is Athena at? She should have been at this party?"

          End of Chapter 05