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[CAMP-01] BFA-07 Collar Caller

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    [CAMP-01] BFA-07 Collar Caller

    Freedom Forest - Camp World

    [CAMP-01] BFA-07 Collar Caller
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters; Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

    There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

    Brand was glad when Zecma showed up to check on him only to find that his body and tail hole had shrank around the metallic dildo and knot. Brand was stuck and almost looked drugged as well as being as high as a kite. Zecma said to Alpha, "How long did you say he's been like this? It will be hard to get him to school if we cannot get him off of this and mentally cleaned up. Brand looks like he is enjoying this too much. We found Reynard who as expected came up with a clever way to get back to normal although his new digimon form was saved as a transformation trigger. He likewise made a bunch of friends among the scaly hound species. The Houndramon tribe."

    Alpha said, "Brand's data download ended around Midnight and then his body slimmed down to the Stealthmon standard. After we saw that Brand was stuck, I considered Digiporting him off of the punishment dildo and knot; except that would have digitized him and made him willing to let one of us fuck him. Again, that would not be a punishment. I did place the check-in collar around his neck as you instructed me to do when his data download ended."

    Zecma then held Brand's hand and teleported him out of the punishment seat and then once freed, Zecma said, "I am going to take Brand to get cleaned up. I will make sure you get the punishment costume back. And after school, Brand will be back for the interview for the partner game."

    Alpha then said, "Remember, Zecma, Cold water wash to make the costume let go of Brand or else he will bind to the costume."

    Zecma grinned. "So I get to freeze his ass now. That does sound like a punishment."

    One hour later, Brand yelped loudly when he was dipped in what felt like the arctic waters of the North pole! And then the costume was removed from his body and teleported back to Alpha. Zecma grinned. "Cold isn't it? Unless you forgot, this is a school day, Brand. Do you want the insta-cure to the drug you ate or would you rather my just giving you the magical zap? Both are going to hurt."

    Brand was shivering. "Magical zap has to be warmer than the temperature here. Where ever here is..."

    Zecma then affixed a glare on the boy. "If you ever skip school again to visit donkey boys make damned sure you tell me to my face that's what you want to do. Otherwise, it is back to the Arctic Dip. Do I have your word that you will be honest with me? You are still going to be in trouble later with your parents. When you skipped my arena class, I popped back to your parents home and I told them that you skipped out on the last class. And then I waited with them. They know about your stunt."

    Brand was glad to be back in his warm clothes with his backpack. "Zecma... I sent you a text message yesterday afternoon. Lets verify that I have the right number." He recited off the number one digit at a time and Zecma nodded affirmation. Then the boy said, "Now I will send you a test message. If you don't receive it, then you will know what happened yesterday." He held his phone at the angle so Zecma could watch him type it and send it. "I sent you a message yesterday regarding my plans for Buddyshift Research. I am sorry I missed the arena class. Signed, Brand. And now, I am going to press the send button." And he did yet nothing arrived on Zecma's phone. "Did you get it?"

    Zecma was checking out his phone. "Strange. I am floating right next to you and I did not receive the message."

    Brand then said, "I have an idea; you're an Imperial Council Lord, right?" Zecma nodded his head. "You grant me a free wish and I'll wish to get transported to right next to where the message is being sent. Then you home in on me and we will see who is misdirecting your incoming text messages. You used to grant free wishes all the time to see people get in trouble."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Zecma nodded his head. "I do want to see where these messages are going but I do not want to lose you to a mysterious part of the Underworld. You get in enough trouble down there. Besides, this could be another Jinx trick."

    Brand replied, "What if a Council member tries to send you a text and because they don't get a reply, they think wrongly that you approve of an idea they have. Then you are cleaning up one of their messes again. We need to get this resolved. I just spent a night of punishment in the Stealthmon pack lair because of a lost text sent to you."

    Zecma made a face because that was a scenario that he really did not want to be involved in. "Okay, Brand. Make the wish. But if I grant this, then you are stuck in the unrecorded contract with me for three wishes. I will laugh my ass off when you mess up."

    Brand took a breath as removed his backpack before looking Zecma in the eye and saying, "I wish to be teleported directly beside the safest location of where these text messages to Zecma are being sent to." Zecma smiled since it was apparent that Brand did not want to join someone in their punishment. Brand was then magically sent via wish directly into the Underworld to the safest location near where the messages were being sent. Upon arriving, Brand got a nose full of strong cheese scent, powerful chocolate scent and intoxicating wine scent. He had no idea where he had arrived at and the smells were nearly making him lower himself to the floor. He quickly and mentally sent toward Zecma, Big Z! Gas Mask before teleport! Help! And that was all the time he had for sending a message as he passed out on the floor.

    When Brand was next conscious enough to see his surroundings, he noted that he was naked and laying on his back within what smelled and felt like a sticky pool of chocolate and melted cheese dip with a molasses under layer. He could not move at all and something else seemed to be completely off as well. Floating in mid air directly over the pool he was stuck in was an off-colored version of Zecma who was wearing a faded version of the Imperial Council Jacket. "I was expecting my cousin Zecma to pop into my trap, kid; but you were a nice treat to nab in his place. I should molest you before I change you into a Devil Mouse like my cousin and I; then he would never be able to find you ever again."

    Brand growled a little before smiling sweetly and saying, "I wish you were teleported over to the Hellhoundramon pack where you held yourself still to be fucked front and back by their pack members."

    The Zecma look-alike said, "That is a wasted wish, Brandy boy; I would never grant-" and the Devil Mouse was quickly teleported out of the zone.

    Brand sighed. "Wasted my ass; I showed him. And number three... I wish to be teleported out of this sticky stuff and into a pool of the ultimate solvent where I can get myself clean of this gunk." He was then transported off to a pool of the ultimate solvent although he couldn't tell where this pool was located although he knew he wasn't near the sticky pool anymore. As he was finishing the cleaning of his naked body, he swam over to the side of the vat he was in and carefully climbed up the side of the metallic edge and as he reached the top, he now saw why everything looked completely off. The fucking little Devil mouse turd had shrank him to Devil Mouse size. And unlike the species, he couldn't fly nor use magic.

    "Oh shit! The little puke shrank me!" He finished his trip out of the vat before he raised his voice as much as he could. "LAW IMP! MACK ROO LAWYER! I NEED SOME HELP HERE! PLEASE!"

    Two poofs later produced a normal sized Law Imp and a normal sized Mack Roo lawyer who both looked around at the obvious empty scene where they had arrived. "If this is a joke, someone will end up in jail or stretched on a Dildo Tree," said the Law Imp before Brand reached up and yanked on the Law Imp's ankle. "Down here!" The Imp exclaimed, "Brand Andrews?! How did this happen to you?" Brand then explained how one of Zecma's evil cousins had set a trap for Zecma and when the boy had fallen into the trap, the cousin shrank Brand to Devil Mouse size before getting teleported off to let a few Hellhoundramon pack members fuck him. "Zecma and I were investigating to find out who was redirecting his cellphone messages."

    The Mack Roo lawyer said, "Zecma was trying to find yas just after 'e teleported yas away with the first wish. Did yas use the other two wishes already?" Brand sighed as he nodded his head. "I sorta had to. The stupid cousin mentioned changing me entirely into a Devil Mouse like himself and his cousin Zecma and then Zecma would never be able to find me. So I used the second wish to make the evil little turd go play with the Hellhoundramon pack. Once he was gone, I used the third wish to transport myself from the sticky vat he had me in to this nearby pool of ultimate solvent. When I climbed out of the vat, I noticed that the little puke had shrank me. That's when I knew to call you two for help."

    The Mack Roo lawyer and the Law Imp then performed a scan of Brand's shrunken body. "Yas are going to be kicking yerself, Brand. The evil shit set yas up with a three wishes protocol the same as Zecma 'ad granted yas. Wish number one was from Zecma which sent yas to the underworld and into the rotten blighter's trap; The second wish granted by the rotten puke was 'is first wish to shrink yas; Wish number three was Zecma's second wish which yas used to send the evil cousin off to a fitting punishment; Wish number four was the evil turd's second wish to send yerself here to get cleaned up. Yas 'ave one more wish from both Devil Mice. The problem is that they 'ave to be their original species to grant the wish. When yas sent yerself to get cleaned up, 'e was still a Devil Mouse; 'e currently isn't a Devil Mouse anymore. What this means is that yas could use Zecma's last wish to restore yerself to yer rightful size. But then the problem becomes the last wish... if the former Devil Mouse cannot grant yas the wish within twenty-four 'ours of yer last wish, then yas will gain all of 'is powers which will include the ability to change yerself into a Devil Mouse and to use Devil Mouse powers. And before yas think that is a good thing, it isn't... all of 'is debts and earned punishments become yers to pay off. 'is crimes and legal problems are transferred to yas."

    Brand said, "Then there is only one way to resolve this... Grade me, guys!" Brand then lifted his head and said, "I wish for Zecma's cousin to be restored to his Devil Mouse species right where he is!" And then he paused before saying, "I wish to be restored to my regular human size which will be exempt from any further wish powers granted from the evil cousin!"

    The young man still naked was restored to his normal human size for all of a minute before he changed in a flash into a Devil Mouse in a twinkling flash of light. "Hey! What just happened? It started to work and then it was like someone altered the last wish! I cannot go to school like this!"

    The two law individuals performed a scan of Brand's new body to look to see what the new cause of interference was. The Law Imp said, "Clever thinking wasn't clever enough, Brand."

    The Mack Roo lawyer said, "When the little shit first shrank yas, 'e set it so that if yas tried to use one of 'is wishes to restore yerself, yas would get this form as well as..."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      The Mack Roo lawyer then continued. "...a pre-set timer making it so yas 'ad to grant 99 wishes to 33 'uman young people on Earth. Zecma would be familiar with this protocol. Ah can detect an alternative to granting wishes and if yas use it then yas will be breaking the Underworld law yerself. Yas can reduce the number of wishes by three for each human yas recruit to the Devil Mouse tribe in the Underworld. And as yas know, this is peacetime. There is no war going on."

      Brand said, "I think I know how to get this accomplished. The little turdish mouse probably didn't think he would be dealing with a new age human. Mack Roo lawyer, sir, summon your laptop please preferably with access to Earth." And when the lawyer did this, Brand used the Internet link to log into a role player's web site forum where he joined the forum under his Pyrohoof name and then he typed up a new thread. The Subject was Three Wishes For Real! In the description box he typed, If wishes were real, what are three things or events you would wish for in real life? Please respond and remember: humor me because anything goes. As they waited, the thread received well over 33 replies from role playing young humans. Repeat responders were ignored and only the first 33 original responders were accepted before Brand closed the thread himself. "Now to get busy." And he began granting wishes to each of the young people regardless of how silly the wishes sounded. The Law Imp was giggling as he read over a few of the silly sounding wishes. "Every time this boy's dad calls a female a stupid cow, the woman changes into a producing milk cow! That one is wild!" laughed the Law Imp.

      The Mack Roo lawyer remarked, "Ah wonder 'ow often the boy's father says that phrase?" Then he paused as he read ahead to a particular response. "In my opinion, someone who offers wishes to everyone else really needs one for 'imself. And seeing as 'ow everyone else is making some, in my opinion, pretty selfish or stupid wishes; some are even laughable; Ah would wish for my parents to be set financially for life since they are both laid off from their jobs and Ah would wish to join yas in yer adventures. And lastly, Ah would wish for yas to take the last wish for yerself. Yas seem to need it more than anyone. My real name is Deryk Drake of Centerville, Iowa. Ah like Donkeys and Dragons. D&D is a lot of fun when Ah get to role play one or the other. In arcade games, Ah am good at Nintendo's Kangaroo. My parents said that we might lose our Internet soon. If that 'appens, Ah might as well leave 'ome and find a dragon to surrender myself to. 'e sounds like a nice joey. If any dragons 'ear about 'is statement, the joey will need 'elp to get free. We gotta 'elp 'im."

      Brand said, "I will save him for last; these others should be more careful what they wish for. They might regret it. As for joining me on my adventures, I cannot say my adventures have been all that great so far. As for giving myself one of the boy's wishes... Is that even possible? Or does it go against wish granting rules?"

      The Law Imp patted Brand on his mousy shoulder. "Generally, you can tell Deryk what you would like and then he would have to wish for it for you. But he cannot give you the chance to make your own wish. If he wishes for the thing you want, then you can grant it even if it affects yourself. But strictly, you cannot claim someone else's wishes. You can tell him what you want and let him make the wish that will give you what you would really like. It is a pretty crappy system; but it keeps Devil Mice from becoming too powerful."

      Brand replied, "It actually makes sense to me to preserve underworld balance. Otherwise that rotten cousin of Zecma's might have changed everyone in the Underworld into Devil Mice."

      Typing up a private message to Deryk, Brand explained how he could not claim Deryk's last wish unless Deryk himself wished for it. Then he told Deryk what it was he would wish for if the rules were different. He followed it up by explaining where he was having his adventures at in the CAMP World. If Deryk still wanted to join him on the adventure, he would make the legal arrangements for bringing Deryk into his circle of donkey friends. Deryk's reply was written as "I wish for Brand Andrews and his brother to be granted the house they wish to own immediately instead of having to wait a year to get it. I wish for my parents to be set financially for life since they were both laid off from their jobs. And I wish to join Brand in his adventures while getting to live in his new house with his brother and their friends. You sound like a really nice guy, Brand. I knew you needed something special and I don't have a lot friends anymore. My home town is about dried up, which is why we had to move to Centerville and now we are about to cut off of a lot of stuff. Please save me from total boredom. I'll do anything for you."

      The Mack Roo lawyer sighed. "'e shouldn't 'ave typed that, Brand. Now 'e is locked into an anything contract with yas. Until 'e fulfills the anything agreement, yas own the joey and 'is services. But 'e likely doesn't know any better."

      Brand sighed. "These underworld rules and laws get more and more confusing and difficult for me to balance out. I just hope I am able to fulfill my wish granting quota so I can get my original species and size back. I am starting to get a craving for cheese, wine and chocolate; I am trying to resist summoning some to nibble on. Not to mention, just thinking about the stuff is making me horny. How do Devil Mice deal with this? That was a rhetorical question. Please don't give me the answer."

      The Law Imp grinned. "Its a good thing you redacted the question just in time, because you almost got stuck in a finders fee debt."

      It took a few more minutes before Brand was granting the last three wishes. And the moment the last wish was granted... nothing happened. He was still a Devil Mouse. "Okay guys, why am I not being restored to my original species and size. Didn't I fulfill the agreement to the letter of the magical arrangement? Scan me again, please."

      Both law individuals performed their scans on Brand the Devil Mouse but this time, they could not discern what the hold up problem was. The Law Imp then called out, "Information Devil Mouse, please! We have a magical inquiry for legal purposes!"


      An information Devil Mouse appeared next to those gathered at that location. "Okay gents. What seems to be the problem? I need exact details before I can assist with this problem."

      Brand introduced himself to the IDM before explaining the sorry mess he was stuck within, in regards to what the little shit set him up for and how he had just fulfilled the quota so he could be back to normal and how his restoration didn't work. The Law Imp said, "The Mack Roo and I watched him perform these wishes and we are witnesses to him doing it."

      The IDM checked the magical records before reading the spell aura that was keeping Brand in Devil Mouse form. Finally, the IDM said, "Man, when a rotten puke does something mean, he goes all out. He set up the quota effect so that he personally has to coherently watch you do it or else all your efforts are for nothing...."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        The Information Devil Mouse then said, "...and since you caused him to get changed into a Hellhoundramon, he is no longer coherent. Therefore, this IS your current species until he is restored and can watch you fulfill your quota. I am sorry, Brand. On the plus side, you turned out to be one of the sexier Devil Mice that has ever been created."

        Brand sighed. "I am going to miss so much school. Please tell me there is an alternate way for me to get out of this."

        The IDM replied, "Go to the Devil Mouse King in the Devil Mouse home realm and petition for a restoration. Of course, he might ask you to perform some deed to earn the restoration."

        Brand said, "Give me some examples of what he might ask for in order for me to get what I want..."

        The IDM grinned. "He might ask you to produce a hundred Devil Mice children through breeding and sex with him. He might ask you to eat and drink the most intoxicating Devil Mouse temptations until you are no longer able to float in mid air. He might ask you to swear your total allegiance and soul to him. It all depends upon how he feels when you visit him."

        Brand asked, "Is this spell preventing Zecma from being able to find me?"

        The IDM replied, "Sadly yes. As long as you are in Devil Mouse form, he cannot detect you at all."

        At that moment without warning, Brand mentally heard the puke's voice within his mind. Interesting that Zecma had you under three wishes before I did it to you, Brandy Boy. If you want to be human again, grant me a new body to occupy. Otherwise, get used to me talking to you from within your head. When I saw what you had set me up for, I transported my mentality from my old body directly into your head. And you might not want to just let me stay in here for long. If I don't get a new body in 3 months, your body becomes my body and you will end up in the Hellhoundramon body because that was my old body. It is up to you, Brandy Boy. Besides... I see that you like Donkeys, Mobians and Devil Mice. I know where a herd of the hybrids live if that interests you... Extra warning, you won't be able to tell the law guys that I am now in your head; you have to do this on your own.

        Brand tested that warning and found he could not verbally tell the law guys about the puke's newest trick. So, he reached a hand into the Mack Roo lawyer's pouch and grabbed a small notepad and pencil, opened it and without looking at the note himself, he wrote out, 'quietly contact a contract imp as well as a debts and tribulations union representative. They need to come here invisibly and mentally read my mind in the next few moments.' He then showed the notepad message to the Mack Roo lawyer before laying it flat down against the laptop before focusing once again on the devil mouse in his head. You would want my body and all the punishments and debts that goes along with it? Are you insane or just bored?

        The little puke replied, Your punishments and debts have to be tamer than the ones I had in my body. I would much rather have yours than to endure my own.

        Brand grinned. Would you mind repeating your desire with conviction please? I might just let you have this body since you want it so badly.

        The little puke thought the boy was about to give it all up and resign himself to the underworld. If that is all it takes, I will repeat it three times. I want your current body and the debts and punishments connected to it. I want your current body and the debts and punishments connected to it. I want your current body and the debts and punishments connected to it. Satisfied? And now if you don't mind, move over and let me take command of my new body.

        Brand grinned. Give me just a moment... and your wish will be granted. He then used his Devil Mouse powers to magically create a new Firebrand Farrell Andrews body invisibly just inside the Mack Roo lawyer's pouch where the Devil Mouse puke could not see it. He then granted himself a power copy as well as a soul and memories transference from the old body to the new body. Finally, Brand said mentally, Its all yours. Have fun. And then he felt himself transfer out of the old body and directly into his new human body albeit Devil Mouse sized as he woke up in his lawyer's pouch.

        The puke in his new Devil Mouse body felt a wave of temporary joy at winning over the stupid human seconds before Underworld shackles and a debtors collar were both affixed to his wrists and neck. The Contract Imp and the Debts and Tribulations union representative both appeared in the visual fur at that point. "Sexma the Devil Mouse Felon! You are hereby under arrest for recruiting during peacetime and for stealing from Imperial Warehouses as well as body swapping. Although in this latest case, I feel that you will be punished enough for claiming Brand Andrews' debts as your own. He only had sixty hours of freedom left in his personal worth which you just freed him of. ZECMA! We found your missing boy!"

        POOF! Zecma appeared in his council outfit and he looked lividly angry. "Brand, where are you?"

        Brand then climbed up out of the Mack Roo lawyer's pouch. "Over here, Zecma! Could you restore me to my normal size, please? That fucking little shit shrank me before gloating that he was going to change me into a Devil Mouse forever so you would never be able to find me ever again! He outfoxed himself at the end by claiming my personal worth and debts for himself! He said mine had to be far more tame than his!"

        Zecma was no longer angry as he laughed and laughed. "Yours more tame? In what reality? Did he repeat the request three times as per the rules?"

        Brand nodded his head as he pointed to the Contract Imp and the Union Rep. "Am I wrong, guys?"

        The Contract Imp then showed Zecma the mental contract record exactly as Sexma had stated it. "He probably thought he was about to win at the end. Your boy is smarter than the puke thought. But he did make a new human friend from Earth via the wishes he was granting to earn his humanity back which the little shit reneged on."

        Zecma said, "For the official record, let me verbalize what Brand's old debt was in total... As a prize winner, his custom battle card partner and the new game to go with it was free. For each of the few Yuskay Groomer visits in regards to Brand being in his own body, the costs were waived."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Zecma then continued. "...but since Brand is no longer in the body, Sexma owes the Groomers 20,000 credits with an increasing daily interest rate. Getting rescued from a metallic data rod dildo whose knots inflated inside of himself and to remove him from a species costume, as long as he was in the body, waived; but Sexma owes another 20,000 to me with an increasing daily interest rate. And finally, The creation of an entire donkey continent which is part of the Stampede Advanced continental system is a million credits, waived as long as Brand was in his own body. Sexma claimed it so the debt with increasing daily interest rates is now owed. Thus in closing, Sexma now owes over 1,040,000 credits with the usual daily interest rate increasing the amount as we speak starting from the day the debts were incurred. Tame? Don't make me laugh, cousin! You screwed yourself over claiming Brand's debts as your own! You are going to be the biggest laughing stock in the Underworld for this stunt!"

          Sexma growled at Brand. "You tricked me, human! You were leading me along the whole time! I may be powerless for now; but watch your back! I won't be gone forever! I will get revenge!"

          Once the felon was led away to get his punishment employment started... Zecma focused on Brand as he restored the boy to his normal size. "Now to re-bond your card launcher to you so only you can use it."

          Brand said, "Sexma said that he was redirecting your cellphone messages so that when you personally teleported in to find where they were going, you would fall into his trap he had set for you. But when I landed in the trap, he caused me to pass out and then he shrank me and cast the three wishes spell on me, so he could see how badly I would mess it up. But since I was still under the effects of your three wishes contract and I had used the first one to get there, he said he was going to change me into a Devil Mouse so you would never be able to find me ever again. I growled but then I remembered that I still had wishes from you and I wished for him to go hold himself still to be mounted by the Hellhoundramon pack. He said that I wasted a wish and how he would never grant that kind of wish seconds before he disappeared from my sight. And then I wished for myself to be transported to a pool of ultimate solvent. The little shit had me in a sticky pool of chocolate, melted cheese and molasses. I was stuck and I wanted to get cleaned up. When I climbed out of the solvent vat, that's when I saw that I had been shrank. I called for the law guys at that point. After scanning me, they determined that I had two wishes left. One from you and one from him. But his could not be granted while he was not in his Devil Mouse body. At that point, I chose to plan out the last two wishes so I could be rid of the wishes and still get restored at the end. I used your wish to restore him to his Devil Mouse body right where he was and then I quickly spoke the second wish to get restored to normal. I was normal for all of a few seconds before I was changed into a Devil Mouse myself. The law guys determined that he placed a failsafe upon me so if I tried to use one of his wishes to restore myself to normal, I would change into a Devil Mouse like you guys. And to get out of it, I had to grant three wishes to 33 young human males on Earth. But his nasty tricks didn't stop there. He had also preset another failsafe making it so he had to be coherent and watching me grant these wishes for it to count. I was pissed when I realized I granted all those wishes for nothing."

          Zecma hugged Brand. "Remember when I said that you could get in a lot of trouble in the Underworld especially in those mysterious zones that I am not familiar with? You just got a crash course in what I was talking about. Most of my cousins are pure assholes; and none of them are cute donkeys either."

          Brand said, "Just before he tricked himself into claiming my debts, he had read my mind and when he saw my species likes, he was telling me that he knew where an entire herd of Donkey, Mobian and Devil Mouse hybrids were located. I don't know if he was lying or not, but he got me interested since Vortex was a combination of those types. Can you help to find out if the herd exists or not. If they do, they should not be someone's prisoner or just part of another trap in the Underworld. His stupid spell almost had me getting high on Devil Mouse temptation foods as well as having an erection that I could not control. That really was out of control."

          Zecma nodded his head. "I will help you look into this and then we need to get you back up topside so you don't miss any school. You are lucky that there is a time displacement in the Underworld so you don't miss out on Surface World stuff."

          Brand hugged Zecma fondly. "Thank you, sexy. Is the messages part of your phone working correctly now? Or do you need time to fix that?"

          Zecma opened his phone and saw all manner of missed messages from where people had tried to send him messages including those from Brand. "Got them all back. Now lets find that herd."

          An hour later of displaced time, Zecma and Brand were within a Devil Mouse realm for which Sexma had owned a cottage home near the rear of the realm and there were several herds in a mini-realm just behind his cottage. While Zecma was checking ownership records on the property with the records department, Brand walked out behind the cottage to the edge of the mini-realm to admire the herds that dwelt there. It didn't take long after noticing Brand standing in the nude at the edge of their realm for all of the herds to come over to take a closer look at him. "Excuse me, guys..." started Brand with a smile. "I am looking for Donkey, Devil Mouse, Mobian hybrid herd members. Do any of you know anything about them and where they might be located? I would really like to see them."

          One herd alpha said, "Permit all of us to give you a blow job and I will carry you out to where they dwell at in the mini-realm. Deal?"

          Brand didn't see any problems with permitting that action with the herds so he nodded his head. "Deal. You may do this. I might even make some new friends out of this agreement."

          After emptying himself down the throats of all of the herd members, the herd alpha helped Brand get on to his back as the young man got a ride to the back side of the mini-realm where upon he was let off and pointed down a small hill to where the miniature Mobian donkey boy/devil mouse hybrids whom all seemed to be just sitting within small depressions in the ground rather close to each other. "Those you seek dwell down there. Do be careful, ally. If you make it out, we will be in touch with you often. You have a unique taste." And he departed to return to his own herd.

          Brand slowly made his way down the small hill and he walked out into the miniature herd's midst. "Excuse me, studs... are you the Mobian/Donkey/Devil Mouse herd who knew Sexma probably more than you cared to?"

          The closest herd member smiled as he said, "We are the only herd in this area with that misfortune. But if you are looking for the herd who are not miniature like we ended up, then you need to follow the directions we have. But I would like you to rub over my legs before I give out that information. Will you do this for me?"

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Brand was still feeling a little giddy and high from the blow jobs he had gotten as he said, "Sure, you look like you might be a nice new friend to make friends with. I just have to rub over your legs?"

            The herd member said, "Front and back. I'll move over a little so you can get into my depression with me." Although he was thinking, And when you do, the master will do the rest. He will reward me for bringing in a sexy naked cute human boy. I didn't even have to strip this one. I wonder where he lost his clothes?

            After it looked as if the donkey shaped herd member moved aside a little, Brand stepped into the space he had provided and he noticed perhaps too late that the donkey boy was up to his waist in what appeared to be a fleshy slit instead of simply sitting within a depression. The moment Brand's feet stepped into the slit directly beside the lubricated and slippery donkey boy creature, he felt himself falling directly into the hole as he felt a familiar feeling score a bulls eye into his anus. Thank the powers for his Anime Physics class as he was stretched on top of what felt like a dragon knotted donkey cock. Looking back up toward the opening he had slipped through to get in, he could see that the donkey boy was also stretched over something similar. In fact, all of the miniature herd members were equally stuck on these things. And then he felt the shaft and knots pulling him down deeper into the warm oily cavity of the environment that he had fallen in. "Hey! I cannot reach your legs from down here!" It seemed that he was more interested in fulfilling his promise to the friendly donkey boy than in the plight he was soon to be stuck in himself.

            When it seemed that Brand had stopped falling or being pulled down, he was quite stretched over the fleshy phallic shaft and he could feel the knots or ridges inside of his anus holding him in place. "Excuse me... are you a dragon? My name is Brand Andrews. I try to be a friend to all donkeys and when the donkey top side asked me to rub his legs front and back, I felt I should do that in order to earn the information he wanted to give me. But now that I am down here with you, I cannot reach his legs, sir. I also try to keep my word once given. Why did you bring me down here? Zecma will be looking for me yet again if I just disappear like last time."

            A very large scaly donkey head connected to what seemed to be a scaly donkey body the size of a dragon with a set of long scaled dragon tails rose up to look down his body at Brand who was stretched over one of the many penis shafts sticking out of the donkey dragon's slit. "So your name is Brand Andrews. And you apparently have manners. I don't get to meet a boy with manners very often. My name is Brady Moontime. I am the Lunar Donkey Dragon of Devil Mice. I own all of these few realms you and Zecma are within right now. The Greeter herds you met up front all work for me. When they give a blow job to someone, it permits me to know who is coming and to know what your favorite animals are so I can cast the right illusion over my trapper cocks. The offer my trapper made was made from me directly through the illusion. Because you have manners, Brand, I am going to offer you a special deal. You can either choose to stay on my cock and join my other Samates within my slit getting the ultimate education that way... OR you can rub over my large legs as you agreed to do with what you thought was a donkey boy topside. If you rub over the fronts and backs of my four legs on my main body, I will permit you the ability to teleport back to see me whenever you like AND... I will gift you with the cabin in the realm in front of the mini-realm to use as a Summer residence when you are not attending school at Freedom Forest High school. Again, you will be able to teleport with passengers directly into the cabin whenever you like. Just make sure you warn visitors against walking in the back fields for their own safety unless they simply want to meet me for some reason. I will let you think about the full offer while I fill your bottom a few times. You feel super on my shaft. As for Zecma missing you, my realms are time displaced separately from the rest of Hell. One minute CAMP World time is one hour Hell time. One hour Hell time is one day Cabin Realm time. One day Cabin Realm time is one week Greeter herd realm time. One week Greeter Herd realm time is one month Trapper Cock realm time. One month Trapper Cock realm time is one year Brady Lair time. One year Brady Lair time is ten years Internal Slit time. You could be in my lair for about three months before Zecma realizes that you have been gone for ten minutes Cabin Realm time."

            Brand felt a wash of cum flowing directly up inside his body at that point. "Do your Samates all look like the illusions you used on the Trapper Cocks topside?"

            Brady smiled. "Yes they do. I take good care of my lovers. And if you joined them, I would take good care of you as well."

            Brand giggled. "So I can be in your lair for three months before ten minutes passes for Zecma at the Cabin. You may not have been aware of this, but his rotten cousin Sexma had been squatting illegally within your cabin in the front and claiming that the cabin and realm were his. I bested the stupid shit at his own game and before the law took him away, he swore to get revenge on me. Because of his vow to get revenge on me, I should not place you and your sexy cute Samates in harm's way should Sexma come to find me. And he would try if I was inside of your slit. I think I should rub on your legs as I promised I would do. Although I would like to meet your Samates temporarily. Not so long that I become one myself, you understand. But I do want to make new friends if permitted. Heck, you and I could be friends. You said that you don't get to meet too many people with manners. So I must have been refreshing for you to meet this time."

            Brady sighed. "Sexma is a terrible shit. I knew he was hanging out in the realm in front, but I did not know that he was claiming to be the owner. I suppose I will have to place a ban-bounce spell upon my realms so if anyone with his name tries to get back in, he is bounced all the way back to the Imperial Palace's dungeons. The Dungeons are not a nice place for anyone, manners or not. The guards will take advantage of a prisoner, if they are horny enough as in rut or in heat. After I place the spell of protection on my realms, you and Zecma and any of your friends could get in as long as they did not have Sexma's name. Since you want to meet my Samates for a bit, I will lower you down inside and leave the slit open so the time remains constant. The rule for any dragon is... you can be in there safely for 23 hours, 59 minutes and and 59 seconds. If you go over the limit, you become a Samate whether you chose not to be one originally or not. Like you, I like to keep my word. When your visit with them ends, I will lift you out of the slit and help you off my cock so you can get started on rubbing on all four of my legs, front and back. It might take you a while to do this, but the reward is what I have offered you. Extra note, my Greeters tell me that they really like you. They also said that they saw Zecma peek around the corner of the cabin but he didn't come back to the back edge. He seemed to be checking his Council PDA device in regards to who the owner of my realm really is. Boy will he be surprised."

            Getting safely lowered down into the open slit, Brand got to spend the next 23 hours with the Samates who all were happy to have even a temporary visitor inside the slit with them. Hugs and kisses all around were had and Brand was offered a mental network link that not even Zecma could remove if Brand wanted it. This meant that he could speak to the Samates any time he wanted from any where even as far away as CAMP World. They all wanted to be Brand's new friends. Brand chose to accept the network link. When the visit ended, Brand was brought up out of the slit and helped off of the Donkey Dragon's shaft. He was then given dragon oil soaked sponges and he was presented with Brady's legs to get to work on.

            When he finished with all four legs, he managed to also give the same service to both of Brady's tails before being gifted with the reward that was offered to him.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Utilizing his new teleport power, Brand reappeared inside the Cabin where he got to work cleaning the place to get rid of Sexma's garbage. He found a few books which seemed interesting enough to keep since they covered the species that Brand liked. Making new friends was awesome! He then emerged from the Cabin where he gave Zecma a hug before bringing the Devil Mouse inside the cabin and proceeding to explain how he had been gifted ownership of the Cabin and how the realm it sat on belonged to Brady Moontime. Sexma had been living there without permission. Brand then explained the time difference to Zecma just in case he was getting a Time Displacement warning over his PDA device.

              Zecma smiled. "That explains the time slip warning I was getting. So you oiled Brady's legs and tails. And he gave you the Cabin as a reward. He has big legs and long tails. That must have been a huge job. I take it that you made friends with him and the herds on his property?"

              Brand nodded his head. "Yes I did. However, I was able to get information from them about the herd we were looking for. They are based a few realms away from here near a realm belonging to a Donkey Lord named Elysudon. Have you heard of him, Zecma? I really want to go see the herd if we can get permission to be in his realm without befalling a dumb law."

              Zecma grinned. "Most Hell Realms have a dumb realm law requiring visitors to allow the realm lord to fuck them in order to earn the right to leave the realm. Imperial Council members are exempt from this stupid law. If Brady had sex with you, then you earned his permission to come and go from his realm at will. You did say it was a reward. As for Elysudon, I do know him. He is fun in bed, if you know what I mean... however, he goes into heat and rut every few weeks. And apparently so does the herd he governs over. If you visit and they are in heat/rut, then you better expect to get it from the whole herd if you want to leave later. Do you want me to call ahead?"

              Brand sighed. "Yes please. I cannot miss too many of my school classes if I get caught in a herd orgy that operates at normal time. Especially if they are the male pregnancy types. And I am guessing that they would be since this is Hell."

              Zecma smiled. "I am glad you are finally getting it, Brand. I really like you and going to the Underworld nearly every few days could get you stuck in some pretty nasty sticky situations. As you found out when you were stuck in the Devil Mouse Temptations vat. Had you eaten any of that stuff, you would have forgotten all about Brand Andrews entirely. That is why I choose not to spend my time in the Underworld so much anymore. Cleaning up my act and helping others makes me a special Devil Mouse. Lord Albert once said I had over a thousand gamer fans on the West Coast. This means that the fans expect me to keep my nose clean and to keep their favorite games running. One moment..." And Zecma placed the call to Donkey Lord Elysudon. "That's right, old friend. I have a human boy who wants to meet the herd that lives in your realm. He is a donkey, devil mouse and Mobian fan. He was the contest winner for the Create a Game contest I was running. He is working with me to make Buddyshift, the Mobian Combat card game. Is it safe to visit the realm today, Elysudon?" And there came another explanatory pause. "When would it be safe, my friend? He really wants to meet that herd." Another pause and then Zecma said, "Okay, Elysudon. I will let him know and see how he wants to do this. He cannot be gone for too long. We have him away from school at the moment. My rotten cousin Sexma almost killed him a few hours earlier."

              Zecma then looked to Brand. "He said that he and most of the adult herd members are currently pregnant although the teen age herd members may still be in some minor heat and you would be visiting at your own risk. But he said the adults were over the heat for now. He said the absolute all clear would be in two weeks. But if you want to meet the herd now, you can visit. I know you want to make new friends, Brand, but you said yourself that male pregnancy is not fun."

              Brand smiled. "It may not be fun, Zecma, but if it is the herd norm, then I have to oblige if it happens. I could make some lasting friends and possible card partner mates by visiting them. I am glad Vortex and Fauxtinos do not go into heat every two weeks or else I would be getting it all the time." he paused before looking Zecma in the eye. "I want to take the chance and see the herd, Zecma. After I finish my visit with them you can take me to a cleaner to get all the sex scent off of me and then get me back into my clothes so I can resume school hopefully on time. Sexma didn't really claim my personal worth, did he? As the law guys said, I only had sixty hours left of my free time and Sexma supposedly claimed it."

              Zecma said, "I cleared that up with the Contract Imp and the Union Rep. Sexma only claimed your debts and punishments. Your personal worth is connected to your soul which you smartly removed from your old body along with your memories and schedule. Had he gotten that, he would be bored off his ass in high school and forbidden to use his powers nor have the free time to trick anyone. He thought he was being smart but you bested him. That's why he vowed revenge, Brand. No one beats him at his own game and you did it. Now lets get you over to Elysudon's place. The herd teen agers also want to meet you." He lifted the phone up. "Its a go, Elysudon. Brand still wants to meet the herd. I am bringing him to the border. Once he goes in, I will wait at Brand's new Cabin. I have some gaming shit to see about fixing."

              At the border, Zecma said, "Now remember, Brand. The time displacement here is Hell normal time. You probably have about 120 hell hours to play with the herd before your first hour class starts at Freedom Forest High School. That is roughly two surface world hours (or five Hell days.) So don't get too involved with the herd or you will miss your first hour class either in giving birth or getting cleaned up and dressed in your clothes. Also remember that you cannot leave the realm unless Elysudon fucks you, himself. If you cannot find him, the border will not permit you to pass even if you try to use your new teleport power."

              Brand hugged Zecma once again. "Thanks for the update, Zecma. Good luck on the game programming." And he headed into the realm to meet up with the herd members who were available.

              Zecma teleported back to the Cabin where he knew he would have privacy to work on the latest gaming problem.

              Brand was soon meeting up with the teen age Mobian Donkey Devil Mouse hybrids. They looked like five foot high donkeys with Mobian devil mouse features although they had bulging slits instead of outward sheaths and sacs. "Hi guys. Lord Elysudon said I could visit with you guys for the next five days. I'm Brand Andrews. I really want to learn about you guys for the Mobian combat partner card game that Zecma is helping me to create."

              The teen age donkey hybrids all introduced themselves to Brand before they pulled him down and proceeded to mount him in full sexual pleasures. Eventually, Brand found himself sitting inside of one of the hybrids stretched over a shaft within the slit of the teen aged Mobian Donkey Devil Mouse hybrid as he felt himself filling up with hybrid eggs which made him feel as if these guys were actually crossed with dragons. Which he was actually enjoying. Perhaps a bit too much. "Man, I am getting fat on this guys' eggs. I know Zecma said that these guys were still in heat and rut but stupid me wanted to meet them and get to know them to make friends. I hope I don't have to be rescued again."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                It took twenty hours for Brand to free himself from the slit made harder since he was still pregnant with the eggs he had been filled with. And then it took him another eight hours to lay all of the eggs that the teen aged herd member had plumped him up with. After resting for about eight more hours, Brand got up and went to a nearby stream to wash himself thoroughly which included a careful cleaning of his anus as well as his arm pits and his head hair. Then he set off to find Donkey Lord Elysudon. By this time, Brand, although he had made a few friends, was ready to resume his day at school. He just hoped that Elysudon didn't do the same thing to him that the teenagers had done to him.

                "So, Brand..." said Elysudon once the human boy found him. "How were the teenagers?"

                "Randy as fuck, sir. One almost got me samated inside his slit. I ended up laying about thirty-two eggs of varying sizes. If some of my dragon friends hadn't taught me how to lay eggs, then I'd still be stuck with the teenagers. Please don't do that to me, Elysudon; I like donkeys but that was a bit over the top. I am ready to go back to school."

                Elysudon prepared to mount Brand but then he stopped. "Promise me that you will visit us again during a safer time and I will permit you to leave after I mount you. What do you say?"

                Brand nodded his head tiredly. "I promise, sir. And may I add that you are much better looking than the herd themselves look in appearance. Mount up so we can get this done. I have about three Hell Days left before I absolutely must return to school so I don't miss my first hour class."

                Elysudon then continued his entry into Brand's bottom as he said, "As the Lord of this realm, Brand, I am going to slow time so you can help me with one more bit of business. But I swear that you will not miss your classes in school. Sound good?"

                Brand nodded his head once again. "Sounds like a good deal to me. Why do I get the feeling that I may regret agreeing to this offer?"

                Elysudon grinned. "Because I am personally still in rut, my boy. Once you help me to make a son, you will be given permission to return whenever you like at will. I always treat my allies very well. Gestation rate would take longer than three days which is why I have to alter the realm time so you do not miss any school. Zecma can be a little turd sometimes."

                Brand said, "From your statement, I am still under some punishment that he devised to make me not want to skip a class again. He was probably pissed that I was starting to enjoy the last punishment he had arranged for me to undergo. And if that is the case, then you are right, he CAN be a turd more than sometimes. But since you're a donkey, sir... and I gave my word to help you with this, I cannot be too angry with these results. Lets do this."

                A time displaced eight weeks later (eight hours for Zecma) passed for Brand as he gave live birth to Elysudon's newest son, Brysudon Donkey. All in all, it was not a bad experience. Brand was treated well during his stay with the lord of the realm. Exactly as promised. In the end, Elysudon said to Brand, "Time to get you back to Zecma at the Cabin. Thanks to Time Displaced Realms, You have sixty-four Hell Hours left before your first hour class. If Zecma wastes any more of your time for something then he is making you miss school; not you. I am now opening the border and restoring time so you can teleport back to the Cabin."

                Brand gave a deep kiss on the muzzle to both Elysudon and to Brysudon as well before he stepped back and tried teleporting back to the Cabin where Zecma was supposed to be waiting on him. Upon arriving at the Cabin, there was no sign of Zecma having been there for several days. Even his gaming repair kit was gone. Brand summoned a piece of paper and a pencil as he wrote out the following message to leave on the table top for Zecma. "Dear Asshole! Elysudon finally finished with me with sixty-four Hell Hours to spare. I returned to the Cabin only to find that you were not here waiting for me. Since you abandoned me in Hell, I am leaving you a written note and I will be teleporting to Paddock's realm where I can walk over to Saul's factory where I can use the Hero transporter to return topside and I can hopefully bathe in the scent removal soap and put on fresh clean clothes before I use the transporter to go to school. Signed, a disgruntled Brand. PS: I had to live birth a son for Elysudon. Even he said you were sometimes a turd. Your punishments suck!"

                Summoning a weight to hold the note to the table, Brand then transported himself off to Lord Paddock's realm so he could get his clean up and school day back on track. Arriving in front of Lord Paddock, the Elysium Donkey Lord took one sniff of Brand and made a retching God's awful wrinkled nose face as he coughed and almost vomited. "Oh lords... Whoever made you smell like this needs to be killed. Please tell me that your mentors know where you are." Brand proceeded to tell Lord Paddock how Zecma himself arranged this little misadventure for him as a punishment in the Underworld and of what all he has been through in the last two Hell Weeks worth of time even with Time Displacement.

                Lord Paddock groaned. "Zecma would never go this far, Brand. Ordinary scent removal soap will not get this stench off of you. We will have to take you to the Yuskay Groomers for an Emergency Detox. If you try to wash this off the normal way, not even a skunk will want to be near you, Heaven, Hell nor even the Abyss not withstanding. It is about all I can do to even be this close to you, Brand. Lets get you a professional detox right away."

                At the Yuskay Groomers, a repeat reaction was performed as most of the Groomers had the same facial reaction that Paddock had in regards to Brand's scent. Brand soon realized just how bad this was when the Yuskay Groomers broke out the Hazardous Material suits and Gas Masks as they rapidly put them on before escorting Brand into the extreme cleansing chamber for his emergency dip and rinse session. This would include an induced vomiting session to get the species fluid out of his stomach and out from his lungs. Everything he thought wasn't so bad had to be pumped out of him as well has cleansing out his lungs, anal and even his urinary tracts. Anywhere the fluids could have gotten into had to be cleaned out. The fluids that was coming out of Brand looked and smelled worse than anything he had smelled and seen up to the current time. Bathing in a sewer ditch didn't even smell like this shit.

                The final dip was in a vat of Hydrogen Peroxide which caused his entire body to produce a vast variety of fizzing bubbles to remove excess filth from his entire body as well as to loosen left over body odor producing germs and pheromones. The final part of his treatment was the hot oil rinse that would remove the rust off of a footlocker. Being dipped in hot oil caused Brand to scream in unholy agony! Afterward, he was sprayed with a healing cream mist which would help him to regenerate feeling to his entire body.

                The Head Groomer then said, "And this is why you should be careful with what species you have sex with. Since you said Zecma caused you to have this disgust, the bill for this service will be charged to the Imperial Council. If they complain, they can speak to our lawyers or even our father."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  The Head Groomer opened up a call on his communication screen to the Imperial Council Hall. "Come in Zecma; this is the Yuskay Groomers! Answer me or we will incite a war on Hell for what we just had to put up with!"

                  On the screen appeared a full council meeting with Zecma sitting in the Watcher position. "Thank the Lords of decency for a break in the meeting! What can we do for you, Head Groomer?"

                  The Head Groomer asked, "How long have you been stuck in the Council Meeting, Lord Zecma?"

                  Zecma replied, "This is the annual End of Year Fund Allocation meeting. We do this once a year and all of Hell know that we do this. These meetings last a full four weeks. What is going on topside? I see Brand in the background. And he looks pissed. The last time I saw Brand was during the rescue of David Arden just after the truth was learned about Saul's brother Keith and the clean up of the chocolate factory occurred. After that I got summoned to Council Hall for this four week long End of Year meeting. So what happened, Brand? In detail please."

                  Brand laid it on the line explaining every appearance that Zecma supposedly made and of the punishments that Zecma supposedly had been putting Brand through. When the Groomers checked the records data in Brand's aura, they were able to verify every single encounter.

                  Naturally, Zecma looked livid enough to destroy Council Hall. "Sexma and Acmez again?! I thought they were stretched over trees in the Metal-Hellhound torture realms! Brand, they are the only ones who are nearly my twins! But they are lousy dressers and wickedly evil! If you meet them again, feel free to kick their asses!"

                  Brand then said, "Sexma was captured. Acmez made good his escape after he dumped me off at Donkey Lord Elysudon's realm. And I got involved in a bunch of teenagers in heat and rut. And then Elysudon had me give live birth to his new son, Brysudon. When I got back to the Cabin, Acmez was gone and I chose to teleport to Lord Paddock's realm so I could get back to school. Paddock almost gagged from my rotten scent. And he took me to the Yuskay Groomers and they put on Hazmat Suits and gas masks before they almost scalded my hide off of my body. That hurt more than any of the punishments that Acmez put me through. His current appearance is identical to yours, Zecma."

                  Zecma muttered an extremely filthy word. "I know how to put a crimp into his plans. I will have a collection of the Kisume Law Investigators accompany me where ever I go for a while. And then if Mr. Fake Zecma turns up without the law with him, then you will know he isn't me."

                  Brand said, "If he was planning on making me dislike donkeys, then he failed. I still like them despite what he did to me."

                  Without warning, another Zecma wearing his gaming jacket appeared in the chamber with Lord Paddock, the Groomers and Brand. "About time I found you, Brand... wait a minute! Why aren't you in your body? How come you are wearing my cousin Sexma's body?"

                  Brand gently reached out and turned Zecma so he could see the screen they were looking at.

                  Zecma exploded when he saw what was on the screen. "Secxo! Why are you dressed as me and wearing my cousin Acmez's body?! What did you do with my rotten evil cousins? Why did you punish Brand? He is a nice boy!"

                  Having been found out, Secxo grinned. "I was testing my abilities and powers since I graduated from Devil Mouse School. I came across your cousins where they were in their punishment on the metal-spiked dildo trees. They told me that fully educated Devil Mice could grant wishes. They asked me to find a human teenager to change into a Devil Mouse so he could grant three wishes for thirty-three young human boys and if I did that, I would earn my wish granting diploma after I arranged for the boy to make make three wishes that I would be granting. But I didn't know that you already had the protocol set on him and he wished my body off to the Hellhoundramon pack where I would hold myself still to be fucked front and back by their pack members. In order to save myself from being lost to them, I transported my mind directly into Brand's head. I only intended to stay in long enough for him to restore me to my rightful species, but then the dumbest thing happened. In his attempt to gain the upper hand, he assumed Sexma's body as he created himself a new body and hid it within his Mack Roo lawyer's pouch. Unbeknown to him, when he transported his mind and a copy of his powers over to the new body, I went with him. Sexma was then arrested and taken away by the law officials who had shown up to take Sexma back to his punishment. Not long after that, I exerted a little control to make Brand use the copy of the Devil Mouse powers he had made a copy of from the Devil Mouse body in order to rescue restore me to a body a nearby location. Instead of getting my old body back, I ended up in Acmez's body and I could not hear Acmez within the body's head at all. Thinking that Brand had forced the restoration to deliberately foul up, I escorted him to the two pack realms so he would get in some sexual trouble with the locals and then not be around afterward while I found a way to repair this mess that he placed me in with the wishes that you granted him."

                  Zecma sighed. "My cousins tricked you! That is an old recipe for body swapping! It was likely an attempt to free themselves from their punishment trees! Acmez was likely mind-swapped with your old body which is why you ended up in a copy of his body while he lost his memory to that sludge hound pack!" Zecma then looked at the council members near Secxo. "Who said you guys could meet on a Friday morning? You know full well that we hold Council Meetings on Saturday! Do you want me to call Emperor Kisume to storm Council Hall? Go home and don't come back until next Saturday!" And all of the Hell Council members then vacated the Council Hall as Zecma summoned Secxo to their location. "As for you... Since you were tricked, I will help you clear up any wrong doings those assholes had you doing for them. But please apologize to Brand. He is my prize winner."

                  Secxo looked to Brand and said, "I apologize, Brand. Will you also apologize for sending my body off to the sludge hounds?"

                  Brand said, "Why did my human body end up stinking after sex with Lord Elysudon? He didn't seem to notice my odor when I was with him but when Paddock smelled me, He about vomited in his own home. Anyway, since they tricked you, I apologize as well."

                  Zecma replied, "The reason you ended up with that stench is because when Sexma's gets any sex fluids from any Mobian ungulate all over his body, he develops a nasty body odor..."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Zecma then continued, "This is why we need to get you back into your rightful human body or this will happen again later. The Mobian Donkeys didn't cause this; Sexma's personal body oils did. And with you in his body, it will continue to happen. And before I forget, I came looking for you because Agumon asked me where you were."

                    Brand sighed. "How many days of school did I miss? A few lords supposedly time displaced their personal realms for me separately from Hell time itself."

                    Zecma rolled his eyes for a moment. "What was the ratio you were told?"

                    Brand replied, "I was told that eight displaced weeks would only be eight Hell Hours. And how one minute CAMP World time was one hour of Hell time. A Donkey Dragon convinced me to stay with him for a set length of time and then Lord Elysudon worked me over. I supposedly had two hours of CAMP World time to get back topside, clean up and get dressed before I missed my first class of school. So if you do the math, I had about five Hell Days free before I absolutely had to get back to school. But something tells me that someone lied somewhere. So please, Zecma... how much time did I miss topside?"

                    Zecma looked to Secxo. "Did you fib to Brand while you were under the trickery from my cousins?"

                    Secxo replied, "Yes and I am sorry. I wanted to earn my wish granting diploma." He then looked to Brand. "You originally had two CAMP World hours to spare before the chaos started to find Zecma's redirected cellphone calls. The true ratio was one minute CAMP World time for every ten minutes of Hell Time. This means the so called five Hell Days you thought you had was actually 1200 minutes of CAMP World time originally before you missed a class. Doing the math, you only had about 12,000 Hell minutes which only equals out to eight and a third days of Hell Time. When the Donkey Dragon quoted his personal time displacement to you, he lied. You spent seven Hell days with the Donkey Dragon. Had you actually been human while you were there, you would be a Samate right now. One benefit toward being in Sexma's body is that it protected you from being samated. Later Lord Elysudon told you the truth; but he is used to the scent that you were making after your sex play with the Mobian Donkey Devil Mouse teenagers. So he never made mention of the bad scent you were making. You didn't learn about it until you returned to Paddock. If you recall, it took us about a one and a third days of Hell Time to reach the borders of Lord Elysudon's realm. Then you spent thirty hours with the teenagers, and then Elysudon altered time so you could help him to make a son. Ergo... You spent several Hell hours sorting out and capturing Sexma into your old body. Not to mention the several hours you were unconscious after you landed in Acmez's trap which I rescued you from. His trap is what shrank you to Devil Mouse size. So before going to the Donkey Dragon, you spent Eight Hell hours in the Underworld. Then you spent nearly two hours of Hell Time granting all those wishes to the young humans. It took us an hour to reach the Donkey Dragon's realm. Then you let the Greeters suck your Devil Mouse cock, so it wasn't even your own cock they sucked. That took about two hours. You were zoomed to the Donkey Dragon and then you spent seven days with him. We traveled a day and a third to reach Elysudon's realm. Then you were with the teenagers 30 hours and another eight Hell Hours with Elysudon. You then likely teleported back to the Cabin. Instant travel; before teleporting to Paddock; more instant travel. He quickly got you over to the Groomers for an extreme detox session. Which was likely a four hour session, give or take."

                    Zecma was using his calculator to puzzle out this sorry mess so he could know what he was going to have to do to fix this whole pile of excrement. Restoring Brand's original body would take time. "Well, shit happens, Brand... the total comes up to... 247 and a third Hell hours... Which means you went over the two hour time limit by two and three quarters CAMP World hours. Sadly you are going to miss the entire day of school by the time we retrieve your true human body and get you restored to it. I hope you learned something from this outing, Brand. I am not going to punish you for something that you thought you had plenty of time to do. Like Secxo, you got tricked. But this entire day is gone and ruined for you. I will make sure the homework for today is gathered for you to do at home. Body Swapping is such a pain in the ass. Now hold still, Brand... Remember what I did for Arden?"

                    Brand watched as Zecma pulled out an Imperial Decree scroll from where ever he stored them and he pointed it at Brand. "I DECREE THAT BRAND, SEXMA, SECXO and ACMEZ TO BE RESTORED HERE AT THIS LOCATION WITH LAW OFFICIALS PRECIDING TO THEIR RIGHTFUL ORIGINAL BODIES!" He then slapped the scroll to the floor of the Groomers studio and Brand was once again back in his rightful human form although he still seemed to have a copy of the Devil Mouse powers he had arranged for himself. The other Devil Mice were likewise restored to their normal identities as Devil Mice as Sexma and Acmez were re-arrested to be taken back to their punishment locations.

                    Secxo said, "I will make this up to you, Brand. At least I apologized for this whole mess. Thank you for not pressing charges against me. I don't need a prison record this early in my young life."

                    Brand said, "I think we both learned a lesson from this, Secxo. If it were only so easy to free up my personal worth. But that was my own fault."

                    Zecma smiled. "Good; you are learning, Brand. Lets get you back topside for a decent bath so we can take you to Agumon so you can apologize to him for missing school."

                    Brand nodded his head before Zecma took him back up to the bunkhouse for his bath and so he could fetch a clean set of clothes and shoes before heading to the school to check in. As they arrived in Agumon's office, Brand saw by the clock on the wall that he had missed the entire day of school. Although Arena class was still in session, it was too late for him to attend to it. Explaining his absence and the cause for it to Agumon wasn't going to be easy; but with Zecma covering for Brand, Agumon was actually quite forgiving. Then it was the visit to all of his classes to pick up his homework for Friday and to turn in the previous day's homework. Brand made good with apologize to each teacher. As he was coming out of the last class with Zecma, Sony zoomed up and hugged Brand tightly.

                    Sony sobbed. "I am so sorry I wasn't there for you, Brand! Please don't hate me!"

                    Brand grinned. "I won't hate you if you help me with my homework back at the bunkhouse tonight. I fell way behind and I could use the help."

                    Sony smiled. "I'll do it! Best buds forever!"

                    Brand smiled as well. "Best buds forever!"

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Seven.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Weekend Arrangements.