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[CAMP-01] BFA-02 Virtual Adventure

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    [CAMP-01] BFA-02 Virtual Adventure

    Freedom Forest - Camp World

    [CAMP-01] BFA-02 Virtual Adventure
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters; Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

    There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

    Brand was up getting ready for school. Although he was already finished in the bathroom, he hadn't seen his brother Jason as yet. So he stepped into Jason's bedroom and said, "Where are you, bro? We need to go to school in an hour. Strange... he isn't in here. Maybe Eclipse knows where he is." And he exited to go talk to Shadow's son downstairs.

    Within the Card World, Silvadra woke up when he heard Brand's voice. "Wake up, Jason. I overslept and you need to take your shower so we don't get in trouble by making you late for school. Your brother was just looking into your room. Thank the makers we are not stuck. Now back out to your bedroom. Make sure you take a shower and clean your anus."

    Jason appeared within his bedroom where he grabbed a change of clothes before leaving his room to use the bathroom.

    Inside the kitchen of the main farmhouse, Zecma sat on the kitchen table talking to Lewis and Jinx Andrews about the Welfare incident. "...and from what little I was able to find out, apparently the Welfare agents lied to the Star Gate guardians and used that lie to come to the school to capture Athena to take her back to Earth. And since we now have them on a breach of a promise; our Mack Roo lawyer spent the day at the school, so he was there to see the idiots; The authorities back on Earth came by this morning to pick these people up from Talbot's jail on the East Coast. Thankfully nothing horrible happened with the boys that afternoon. Although I was called in to make an adjustment in Brand's new partner card."

    Jinx said, "And what about Jason? I find it hard to believe that he was staying out of trouble on the first day."

    Zecma said, "He had befriended a couple of programmer students that I trust. So they were helping Jason to avoid trouble."

    Lewis hummed. "Nothing like what the boys are going through ever happened to me back when I was a boy. But still... Jason's new friends really like him, yes? Perhaps Jason could plan a sleepover with the two sometime. Jason was really into programming until I ran out of money to send him to the Summer Programming school he was attending periodically."

    Zecma commented, "I am sure Squire and Raluta would love to have a sleepover with Jason, if you folk are to be permitting it. The last time I was associated with human boys on QC Planet, an incident occurred which the school there tried to imply was caused by sibling rivalry, where the idea was that the other son 'caused' the one boy's accident in school."

    Jinx placed her hands on her hips and curled her bottom lip. "No wonder you are so professional in dealing with this bull crap. They need my famous 'look'."

    Lewis shuddered. "Heaven forbid, they don't want that." Then he focused on Zecma again. "What did you find out about the leathery monster that was looking in Athena's window last night?"

    Zecma replied, "It wasn't a monster, per say... it was one of Brand's classmates wanting to talk to him after hours and he didn't know which bedroom belonged to him. So when he looked in and got barked at by Zeta, you caught him at the window and... you blacked his eyes. He told his parents that he ran into the door in the middle of the night while trying to find the bathroom. For the record, it was Slick."

    Jinx arched an eye. "His school mate peeps in people's windows in the middle of the night and he looks like a gruesome monster? And you expect us to not be worried about our children?"

    Zecma said, "Look... you probably hurt and scared him more than he scared you last night. I had been keeping Brand company last night so he would feel better by morning. He was checking on his brother when I was heading over here. But if they don't get their clothes on this morning, Raluta will shadow gate them to school."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Lewis smiled. "Oh yes... Digimon Powers. I always wanted a Digimon partner back when I was a boy."

    "Come on, Jason," shouted Eclipse from downstairs. "I'm about to go get the car out of the garage. You were up earlier yesterday morning. A whole hour early, actually. Your sister is already here waiting as well. Don't make me call my dad to come and get you."

    Brand grinned. "I hear him finishing up in the shower." Then he raised his voice. "Perhaps you would like mom to come and take your rectal temperature?"

    Jason shouted downstairs, "Fuck you, Brand! You leave mom out of this!" And with that, Jason slowly came downstairs slowly fastening his clothes and barely wearing his shoes.

    Lewis grinned, "Sounds like the boys slept in this morning. But they are making the attempt to go to school. Perhaps today will be a better day for the children."

    At that moment, Lord Albert Talbot and the rest of Founder Core arrived in the room as Albert focused on Zecma. "Since you are the Watch guardian of this region, Zecma, we need a detailed report in regards to the breach the Welfare people performed when they invaded the high school without our permission."

    Zecma replied, "Our lawyer and I are about done with the report, Lord Albert." He then sipped on his tea. "Have you people had breakfast yet?"

    Lord Albert replied, "We had breakfast four hours ago. We are also looking to seal up any back door portals here in the West. We detected an open one last night from this region. But it vanished sometime this morning. I hope you are cracking down on these events, Zecma."

    Zecma glanced at Jinx before replying, "The newer partner cards have an internal space that duplicates the back door signature. Usually it only opens when a combat challenge has been accepted. But it could open sooner if the partner asks his or her partner to emerge to help them with something."

    Jinx said, "Lord Albert, as per our agreement, I have been staying retired although if someone needs my magical expertise, I can only oblige their request politely. As for Zecma, he has been on top of every ball in the West as much as possible." She then looked back at Zecma. "I have been invited into town today by some local mothers to discuss political things."

    Lewis remarked, "You just want to give new people that 'look' of yours."

    Zecma giggled quietly, then turned to Lord Albert again. "If you believe that I am not keeping up on all events in the West, then ban me from CAMP; I have an open invitation to go to Kazma's Live Anime World to assist him in tourist activities."

    Lord Albert exclaimed, "Nice try, Zecma. I will never ban you from Camp; at least not while you have thousands of gamers in residence here in the West. We are not stupid, Zecma."

    Zecma giggled again as he looked to Lewis. "Albert's on to me; but at least I am keeping my tail clean while at CAMP."

    Lewis grinned as he got up. "I should be getting ready for my docks job. You people try to have some fun while I am off doing real work." And then he left the room.

    Zecma grinned back with a wink then turned to Lord Albert and Founder Core. "Once our lawyer brings in the typed up report, you will get it ASAP."

    And at that moment, The Mack Roo lawyer hopped into the room and said, "Took some doing and spell checking; but the report is ready, mates." He then handed it over to Founder Core.

    Lord Albert frowned as he accepted the report. "Darn, now we will have to return to the East Coast. Let's go, my friends. Thank you, Zecma."

    Of course, Jinx laughed as the Founder Core departed.

    Eclipse was driving his jalopy as he picked up the varied students for the ride to school, where everyone would perhaps have a better day in classes.

    Most of the day went by without a hitch, unlike the first day. A lot of the students were a lot more sympathetic about what happened to the Andrews siblings the previous day and told them as much. Finally, the boys were about to head to his fifth hour class, when Rentamon caught Brand and pulled him into a side hallway and... hugged him briefly before giving him a soft kiss on the mouth. "About yesterday..." she said. "I know you were upset about Zecma's insensitive interference with your partner. But please.... We see cranky boys all the time. Besides... you actually care about what we think about you and your siblings. And what I think is..." she softly kissed him again. " that you are a really good friend who cares about people. If you need any help at all, let me know. I am on your side, Brand. Now, we better get to class. And I think Slick gave up trying to be your friend. And what that tells me is that he might be ready for you to make the first move toward him now. Slick, however, has two black eyes. I know a door cannot do that."

    Brand said, "I sure hope he doesn't hurt himself again. Anyway, lets get to class. Maybe I can talk to Slick later and see about patching things up with him."

    The two proceeded to class and took their positions at their desks. Sony came in next, followed by Mr. Mendelssohn.

    "Where is Slick this afternoon?"

    Sony replied, "He's in the bathroom, sir. He said he was feeling really sick. Maybe if someone went to check on him..."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      To Sony's surprise, Rentamon said, "Mr. Mendelssohn and I can go check on Slick. Come on, sir." And she dragged the teacher out of the classroom, leaving Sony, Brand and Jason alone.

      Brand walked over to Sony and gave him a hug. "Sony, I heard that Slick was giving up on trying to make friends with me. That makes me sad, actually. If anything, I was waiting for him to simply be himself so I could learn what the real him was like. We can all still be friends."

      Sony smiled at Brand and hugged him back. "Thanks, Brand. Slick is an idiot. He thinks he has to do something major to make you like him. He actually thinks... that you hate him."

      Brand petted on Sony's head fur. "I don't hate him; he simply needs to stop trying so hard to be a friend. Is he really sick in the bathroom or was that just a ruse to get me to come check on him?"

      Sony grinned and winked. "You are too smart for him, says I."

      Brand smiled again. "If you can ditch Sick, I mean Slick, this weekend, maybe you and me can go to your favorite playing spot. Glitter told me that you have a really muddy place where you like to play at."

      Sony grinned again. "I didn't know you would be interested in that, Brand. But if you want to spend a day out there with me, I can come home with you on Friday afternoon and ask your parents for permission to let you spend Friday and Saturday nights at my place, and then, we can just head on over to my favorite place and play all day Saturday there. Then I could help you get cleaned up and bring you home on Sunday. What do you say?"

      Jason then said, "Wait a minute, guys... you can't do it this weekend. I overheard one of the teachers talking about a surprise the teachers are going to conduct for the students here at Freedom Forest High this weekend. The school is taking all of the students to the Digimon Fairgrounds to spend a whole day of fun at the circus and carnival. But please don't tell anyone I told you their secret. It is supposed to be a surprise."

      Sony looked excited but he calmed himself pretty fast. "That's even better then, Brand. All of next week are the Regional Teachers Meetings in Japanopolis. We will have a whole week off from school. So why don't I come home with you on Friday night to spend the night with you, then I can tell your mom about the week off and ask her for permission to have you over to my place all of the week and then I would bring you home the following weekend?"

      Brand was the one excited now. "A whole week with you, Sony? Junior was right about you all along! You are special! I would LOVE to spend the week with you!"

      Sony giggled. "You better calm down then. We don't want to give Slick the wrong idea about us, do we?"

      Jason added, "As for me, mom and dad suggested to Zecma that I perhaps do a sleepover with Raluta and Squire. If I could spend a week with them, then all of us boys would be busy with something of our own."

      Brand then hugged Sony and gave the hedgehog a kiss on the muzzle. "You're okay, Sony. Friends."

      Sony nodded his head. "Friends." And then he planted a kiss on Brand's mouth in return. "Back to your desk. I hear them returning."

      Brand returned to his desk and pretended to be reading his notebook, when Mr. Mendelssohn, Rentamon, and Slick came into the classroom. He put down his notebook and looked toward Mr. Mendelssohn. "What are we going to learn today, sir?"

      Mr. Mendelssohn replied, "Glad to see you back in our class, Brand. And eager to continue the lessons. Okay everyone, open your text books to page twenty-three and follow along with me as I read this set of paragraphs to you." As he began reading the paragraph and was not looking at the students, Slick suddenly became aware of a note on his desktop. He slowly opened it and saw the following words: You still have a chance to be my friend. But you need to stop trying so hard. The harder you try, the more you drive me away. Stop trying and be yourself. Brand.

      When fifth hour class ended, Jason met up with Squire at one of the training arenas while Zecma personally joined Brand at the other arena. Zecma said, "I have enough of the Buddyshift game created so you can get in some decent practice sessions. Your friends will be watching from behind the safety force shields."

      Brand glanced over at Slick. "For future reference; my brother and I are staying at Eclipse's bunkhouse. That way you don't meet any more doors in the dark when going to the bathroom."

      Slick blushed since Brand seemed to know what had happened to him.

      Brand then took his position as he raised his card launcher and said, "Okay Vortex! Lets Shift it into Sonic Speed! There is always time for Chaos!" And in the blink of an eye, the new Vortex emerged from the card and took a pose directly beside Brand. "Bring 'em on, partner! That's why we're here!"

      Zecma then activate a virtual Dr. Eggman hologram. "Knothole will finally be mine!"

      Just as Brand was about to begin his attack on Dr. Eggman, he noticed that Sony had joined him on the field. "You won't take Knothole while I draw breath, Egg-Butt!" exclaimed Sony. And just as quickly, Brand whispered, "Sony... it is a hologram; it is part of the Buddyshift practice simulation. Was it really that realistic?"

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Zecma exclaimed, "Sony! You have no protection for being on the field! Please return to your seat or else I will have no choice but to close down Brand's practice simulation!"

        Sony's fur was raise on end as he growled, "But its Eggman..."

        And in a blink, Zecma shut off the simulation as he appeared directly in front of Sony. "If you cannot control yourself, Sony, then I will have to ban you from Brand's training sessions. This simulation isn't about you."

        Vortex growled at that point. "May I kick the Hedgehog's rainbow ass? He ruined the entire simulation! Well back in the card I go. Doesn't Sony have a class of his own to attend?" And Vortex leaped back into Brand's card where a final "Do not bring me back out unless the rainbow homosexual is no longer attending."

        Slick entered the field and put an arm around Sony as he escorted him out of the training Arena. "Geez, Sony... I am usually the one that screws up. You are not Brand's partner in the arena. I hope your dad doesn't find out what you did in front of Zecma."

        Sony was still riled. "But it was... Eggman... All Mobians react this way. To say we don't is a farce."

        The two then came upon a conversation that they perhaps were not meant to overhear. It was between Principal Agumon and Athena Andrews. The Mack Roo lawyer was present as well.

        Principal Agumon said, "We got this typed letter from your father saying that he was going to have to pull you out of school because he didn't think our institution was appropriate for a lady like you."

        The Mack Roo lawyer was studying the letter in detail as he glowed somewhat in disgust. "I just saw Lewis Andrews in front of Founder Core this morning, Agumon. And he did not indicate that this was an issue at the breakfast table. This whole letter is as fishy as Dr. Eggman."

        Sony was suddenly right beside the lawyer as he looked over the letter before sniffing it. "Eggman did not write this letter. His scent is not on the ink. The scent is of five humans of whom I cannot identify. Two males and three females." He then blushed as he realized that he just invaded a private conversation. "Sorry, Principal Agumon. I lost my temper earlier."

        Athena had her cellphone out once again. "I think my mother should see this letter; she is still in town." She pushed the button and told Jinx what was going down, how Agumon was taking this seriously and what fellow classmate Sony the Hedgehog had said about the letter's scent. The very audible reply was, "I AM JUST RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! HERE I COME!" and once again, the music of the Wicked Witch of the West was heard as Jinx arrived in Agumon's office along with an entire contingent of the city's ladies auxiliary division.

        The Mack Roo lawyer handed the letter to Mrs. Andrews. "Could we please not throw around nasty spells, ma'am? Founder Core was on the West Coast just this morning."

        Jinx looked over the letter as she shared it with the ladies auxiliary she had been meeting with. "My husband did not type this letter. And even if he had, he would have written out his signature at the bottom in his own hand writing. And this signature is typed. I swear to you, Agumon. One more incident where you try to get my daughter kicked out of this school... just one... and I come out of retirement and level your school into a pile of rubble. Always verify letters like this with the parents. If you are afraid of me, then contact my husband Lewis Andrews. His personal cellphone number is..." and she recited off the number for Principal Agumon to write down.

        Agumon was scared and with good reason. Jinx Volteroy Andrews' eyes were glowing bright purple.

        "I am going back across the street now, kiddies," she said. "Be warned; we are in the middle of a meeting in regards to the local political structure of Freedom Forest which in name is starting to sound like a lie." And then the group departed as the wicked witch music played from nowhere as she vacated the school building.

        Athena looked to the lawyer. "Send word to Founder Core what the Welfare people tried as a follow up plan. They are fast becoming a pin in the pin cushion."

        And moments later, Lady Amaterasu and Lord Paul were in the office looking at the scene before them. The Mack Roo lawyer handed over the letter to the Founder Core members. "Please put a stop to the Welfare blokes, mates. Mrs. Andrews is getting scarier every time the Sheila comes to the school."

        Lord Paul looked to Principal Agumon. "Always report letters of this nature to Founder Core, Agumon. No action should be taken without verification from the parents. They just barely got Athena's school records freed up recently and then you had the balls to deny her a class she had signed up for the day prior in which you said had openings. And now a bogus letter asking for Athena to be pulled out of the school. You are on the verge of losing your license, Agumon. Unless the parents come in with Athena to personally tell you something, then you are to ignore any request. Wait... have you ever met Lewis Andrews yourself?"

        "Not as yet."

        Lord Paul grabbed Principal Agumon and teleported with him in tow off to the docks in the West where an introduction between father and principal would be occurring. Agumon found that Mr. Andrews was far nicer to deal with and very calming to speak to in regards to his children. "Athena has shown no aptitude for using my wife's magical abilities; Jason has shown the most promise in someday becoming a magician. Brand sadly... seems to be magic-dead. Our children were tested for magical capability and while Athena scored a forty-five percent rating and Jason scored an eighty-nine percent rating... Brand barely scored a point two three percent on the meter. Even I scored a fifty-five percent rating and my wife scored a maximum score... and then some, exact words from the tester. Nothing easy has ever come across for Brand. Until he won the partner card creation contest being run by ZecCorp. We were ecstatic that Brand's luck seemed to be changing for the better. And then the incident where Zecma tampered with Brand's partner card occurred; his luck seemed to run out once again."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Permitting Lewis to resume working, Paul and Agumon returned to the school. Principal Agumon said, "Poor Brand... no wonder he was excited over being at a school like this. He has no luck at all. Or... since his magical scores are so low, perhaps his digital score would be high."

          Lord Paul replied, "That is something you can look into. As for Athena, just let her stay in school until the year ends. Once she has her diploma, you will likely never have to deal with her ever again."

          Principal Agumon then said, "One of the Von Hammer legacies is attending Montrocol right now. And his magical capabilities are off the scale... Dennis Thane."

          Lord Paul grinned. "He is the one with the parrot. I remember reading the report. He is friendly and gets along with his dorm mates. He even gave Dean Tigromon a body massage the first week he was attending the college. You go set up a Digital Test for Brand. If that fails, then there is still the Planar test."

          Principal Agumon said, "Doesn't it take time to set up for a Planar test?"

          Lord Paul replied, "A month's worth of time minimum. I would be ready for Brand in February. When will you be giving Brand the Digital Test?"

          Principal Agumon remarked, "I was thinking to give it to him on Thursday in place of his Digicard Dynamics and Team Fighting classes. It is a two-hour test." He then turned to look at Sony. "Where is Brand right now?"

          Sony sighed. "Since I messed up his training session, he and Zecma are in Training Arena Seventeen. I just made friends with the boy and now he will never want me to ever be around him again. Maybe I should just go back to Mobius and hand myself over to Robotnik."

          Lord Paul patted Sony on the top of his head. "A Zecma sponsored training session is serious business, Sony. He was permitting you to watch as long as you stayed in the safety of the bleachers. When you entered the arena without protection, Zecma had to end the simulation to protect your life. Don't do anything drastic, okay? If you suddenly just disappeared, you might hurt Brand's feelings and then he would fail his upcoming tests for sure."

          Sony asked, "Why does Brand need tests?"

          Principal Agumon replied, "Because we learned from his father that Brand is magic-dead. He has a point two three magical aptitude score. A normal human requires at least a whole one percent to stay healthy. So we are not sure why he even exists at this point. Something is sustaining his life and we need to find out what that something is."

          Sony's hand was over his mouth when he heard the bad news. "Then that means his luck quotient is below zero. I see now why you want me to retain my friendship with him. If I left, he might fall over dead."

          Lord Paul and Principal Agumon both nodded their heads.

          Sony said, "There is an easier way to find out but I will need to speak to Zecma first... after I go retrieve something from Princess Sally. Be right back!" And in a flash, he sped out of the school. Five minutes later, he was standing in their presence with Princess Sally and Rouge the Bat. "Now to go speak to Zecma. I really hope he doesn't say what we suspect in regards to Brand. That boy is my friend. Come on ladies, its this way." And he led them off to Training Arena Seventeen. At the entrance, Sony waved at Zecma. "Come over here please! I just found something out that you need to know!"

          Zecma teleported over to the entrance and once he was pulled outside, he saw the Mobian ladies standing there. "Make it good; Brand is making good progress in his training session."

          Sony took a deep breath and said, "Lord Paul and Principal Agumon told me that Brand has a magical aptitude score of point two three percent. This may indicate that he is barely alive. I went and got Princess Sally because she has an Ectoplasm Detection Unit."

          Princess Sally said, "In other words, Zecma, it detects the Undead. We hope it has no effect on Brand. But if he registers as less than a human, then the family know more than they are letting on. Please permit us to run a scan on Brand and stay close just in case."

          Zecma said, "Can it detect my devil energies, Sally?"

          Princess Sally pointed the device at Zecma and the light bulb never even flickered. "You're clear, Zecma. Shall we?"

          Sony stayed near Princess Sally and Rouge the Bat as they and Zecma approached Brand's training platform.

          Zecma said, "Brand. Store your partner away for a moment. Princess Sally wants to give you a medical scan."

          Brand recalled Vortex into the card launcher as he turned to look at Princess Sally before sitting down on the edge of the training platform. "Let 'er rip, Sally."

          As Sally began the scan, Zecma was surprised when the lights on the device came on at first in the green for minor infection; then into the orange for serious infection and finally into the red for extreme infection. And then the EDU's alarm began to sound. "Good gosh; Brand's soul isn't even in his body, Zecma. He is barely with us."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Sony suddenly hugged Brand. "I'll save you, Brand!" And before anyone could react, Sony vanished seemingly into Brand's body as if Brand's body was an open doorway.

            Zecma said, "Okay, this got super serious! Lord Paul! I can sense that you are in the school! Come here, NOW!" Lord Paul and Principal Agumon appeared instantly. Zecma then explained what just happened in detail. "Sony vanished into Brand's body!"

            Lord Paul hovered one paw hand over Brand's eyes as he said with power, "Explain how you lost your soul, Brand."

            Brand spoke in a monotone voice as he said, "Mom had taken Athena out to private wilderness area on Earth to teach her the family craft. While she was gone, Jason managed to unlock the door to mom's sanctum and he went inside to look around. After a moment, he called for me to come look at something he had found. When I entered the room, there was what seemed like a glowing mirror and I fell into it. I fell a long way. I recall Jason freaking out as he tried every magic word he knew to bring me out of the mirror. When I crashed at the bottom of my fall, I recall seeing a red Mobian Hedgehog with horns on his head and a red Mobian Two-tailed Fox with horns on his head. They told me that I fell into the Volteroy magical prison where enemies of the family were sent to be rid of them. Since I was family, I should be able to leave. But before I could make the attempt, I was hit by lightning and I fell against the two devil Mobians where it felt like their horns had penetrated my scalp. I know I was bleeding and then... I woke up in the morgue of the local hospital. I know the doctors got freaked out when I asked to go home to my parents. Later, I learned that Jason had broken the mirror to get me out of there, but upon emerging from the magic prison, I was declared dead at the site. The authorities were saying that our mother was the sorriest excuse of a parent to permit something like that to occur. Her response was that the boys shouldn't have broken into a locked storage room where dangerous chemicals were stored. She was more concerned over Athena than in her own sons. Welfare decided that Jinx was incapable of raising children. That she was insane and needed psychiatric help. She lawyered up and got a court order to prevent Welfare from coming near the family home regardless of where the family was living. Then she took us to get tested for Magical Aptitude which the others all passed with flying colors. When she saw my score, she said, No child of mine has a score that low. Dad almost filed for a divorce on that day, but he let it drop after mom seduced him with some sort of apology. She tried to convince him to have me hospitalized for life. He threatened to murder Athena if she ever brought up that topic again. So with a standoff, time passed. And eventually, I met Zecma. The rest you know."

            Zecma then said, "Lord Paul, I have heard of things like this before. It was a long time ago back when I was evil. Someone broke a magical prison to free a loved one from the prison. The loved one was transformed into a living gateway into the prison since the original gate entrance no longer existed. The transformed person had little Soul readings which would normally contain magic such as Magical Aptitude. However, since the breaking of the prison mirror is what caused the lightning to puncture his scalp on the two devil resident guards within the prison, Brand temporarily died and while in the morgue, the Devil energies of the guards regenerated him to life. To an Ectoplasm Detection Unit, the test subject might read as an Undead, like a Zombie. First, we need to get Sony out of the prison as well as to free anyone else with a kind soul. Then we prepare a new mirror to transfer the prison from the boy into the new prison mirror." He then looked to Principal Agumon, "As for Athena... doesn't it seem odd that the lawyer only stays with her and never has anything to do with the boys when they get into a situation?"

            Lord Paul said, "Therefore, Brand's telling is completely true. His mother is incapable of raising boys and could care less if they got destroyed or not as long as her precious daughter came out smelling like roses at the end. I am going to call the rest of Founder Core to come in and help out with this situation and then, I am going to have a little talk with Athena.... one she won't soon forget."

            Slick stepped up and said, "If Brand is a magical living prison, then his partner card title makes more sense now. Fort-X. In ancient times, a fortress was also used as a prison. Fortress. Fort-X. Sounds similar."

            Zecma nodded his head. "Too similar. I think you nailed it, Slick. Now lets see about getting your friend Sony out of this prison."

            Within the prison world, Sony was standing before the two guards. "I am looking for my friend, Brand Andrews. You would have met him at least once." He then gave off a description of the boy to the two Mobian devil guards.

            The guards led Sony off to a chamber that looked like it had been scorched with lightning. Laying on a slab in the center of the chamber was what looked like a naked version of Brand's body. He was still charred from the lightning strikes and he had puncture wounds on his head. These wounds had dried blood of a mixture of his own and the guards over the scabs.

            Sony said, "That's him. But if he is here, then whom is the boy outside the prison that looks like Brand?"

            Devil Tails said, "Replacement Transference. When the prison gate was destroyed, the energy created a duplicate of the boy to become the new prison gateway. All while leaving the original boy unconscious here in the prison. He must be important to you for you to come in here to rescue him."

            Devil Sonic said, " If you can revive him while still inside the prison, then it is possible for you both to be able to leave the prison once and for all."

            Sony looked to the two guards. "If you help me, then maybe you can come with us. I can tell you both like this boy as much as I do. Unless you both like being in here."

            Devil Tails said, "We don't like being in here, Sony. But we don't have bodies of our own anymore. If we were to leave the prison, we would cease to exist. And we do like Brand a lot."

            Sony thought about this dilemma before saying, "There might be a way to get you both new bodies and free you from the prison at the same time." He then opened a pouch on his utility belt and he pulled out a couple of blank 'Raluta Special' containment cards. He held one in each hand as he turned them toward each guard. "Devil Sonic! Into the Card! Now!" And Devil Sonic vanished into the containment card. Sony then looked to the other guard. "Devil Tails! Into the Card! Now!" And Devil Tails vanished into the containment card. The moment both guards were stored away safely, Sony heard Brand moan in pain from the slab. He quickly stored the containment cards into his belt storage pouch before going over to Brand and gently laying his lips to the boy's lips and said, "Sleeping Beauty... awaken!" And he then proceeded to give Brand the deepest of kisses he could muster.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              In the Training Arena, Brand's body began fluctuating until it became transparent. Lord Albert and Lord Purzo had just barely gotten the new prison gate mirror prepared to receive the transfer of the artifact prison back into an actual magical item. Lady Amaterasu barely got the prison transferred into the new magical mirror artifact just as Sony came flying out of the energy version of Brand's body as it was beginning to fade out of existence. Albert and Zecma both smiled when they saw that Sony was holding on tightly to a naked version of Brand and it seemed that he was alive.

              With the prison artifact separated from Brand, Lord Purzo pulled a black gunny sack over the top of the prison mirror before securing it for transport off to the Founder Storage Facility. A place where criminal goods were often stored for court cases against masterminds whom tried to cause damages to the animated tourist worlds.

              Lord Paul was meeting with Athena privately after removing the emergency cellphone from the girl's possession and banishing the lawyer back to his boss in the Underworld. "Okay, Athena, in order to retain your rights in CAMP World, answer my questions as honestly as possible. If you take the fifth, we will remove all of your powers and teleport your ass back to the Welfare agents on Earth. Your brother Brand almost died an hour ago! Now, let's get started..."

              During this interview, Lord Paul noted that several times Athena fidgeted as if she was trying to get a message to her mother in regards to this interrogation. Finally Lord Paul had enough of her attempts to call for help and he hit her with a powerful Underworld Lord power strike that removed all of the girl's powers. "Since you chose to resist me, Athena, you can be an ordinary girl for the rest of this interview. I lowered your magical aptitude to one percent." After that, Athena exploded as she verbally and physically let Lord Paul have it endlessly. "I see that mental illness runs on the female side of the family." Athena tried to deck Lord Paul at that point before attempting to get the exit door open. "I have the key, Athena. Just answer my questions and you will be permitted to leave. Otherwise, enjoy life back on Earth." Athena tackled Lord Paul at that point in a desperate attempt to find the key to the door so she could escape. Grabbing the key, she went to the door and unlocked it to... SLAP! Lady Amaterasu floored the teen age girl with a godly slap to her face.

              "Are you okay, Lord Paul?" she asked.

              The demon panther grinned. "If she hadn't been so blinded at the end, she might have noticed that I let her get the key to open the door. I knew you were standing on the other side. Athena will never be able to use magic ever again. I removed her asinine abilities; although I should not insult donkeys. She was so used to getting her way, she fought back every given second. When she was told that I removed her powers, she went crazy. Attacking a Founder Core member is grounds for removal from CAMP World. Quite a work out but I'll be fine."

              Lord Paul cleaned himself and then he faced Amaterasu. "The spell Jinx placed on Lewis Andrews needs to be removed. The moment the man gets his free will back, I think he will realize what she was doing to him. He and the boys will remain on CAMP World. Jinx will have her powers removed from her and then she will be exiled to a Planar prison since she is so fond of prisons in regards to her enemies."

              Lady Amaterasu said, "Is it possible that Jinx is simply possessed by an evil Volteroy spirit? I would hate to exile someone just to learn that we made a mistake."

              Lord Mack Roo suddenly said, "Banishing one of my boys away from 'is client is grounds for a day in court, Lord Paul."

              Lord Paul Pardusius glared at Mack Roo and said, "Attacking a Founder Core member during an interview is grounds for prison exile, Lord Mack. Besides, in the contract for which the hiring party hired your boomer boy, is Athena Andrews name on the contract as the hirer? Or is the hirer the mother whom has proven to be still up to her evil ways. Jinx Volteroy."

              Lord Mack summoned the contract in question along with a Records Imp and a Law Imp and after digging through the records, the Records Imp made a statement. "Jinx chose not to record the hiring contract to keep this job off of the official records."

              Lady Amaterasu then asked as she poked the Law Imp in the chest. "Isn't that illegal, Mr. Imp."

              The Law Imp then said, "The goddess is correct, Lord Mack. She keeps up on the laws so when cases like this emerge she knows more than the lords do in regards to these events."

              Lord Paul then said, "Therefore, with no legal contract to back up your case, Lord Mack; you have no client. Your boy was tricked into working for free. The contract you personally recorded for your own records was never officiated by the Underworld Legal Department so if or when you wanted to use it in a case, you would've had undeniable rights. You fucked up."

              Lord Mack then said, "Ah want to make good for those slighted by this trick, Founder Core. Jinx owes me for services when Ah confronted the Welfare people on 'er be'alf. 'owever, they also 'ad a Mack Roo lawyer working for them; Ah was surprised. That is why Ah could not prevent them from laying off. My boy working for them 'ad all of 'is records up to date."

              Lord Paul said, "The Andrews boys of the family could use a good set of lawyers. Jason has already been tricked by Raluta once when a lawyer would really have been useful. And Brand as ZecCorp's prize winner really needs a lawyer of his own. If it weren't for Brand, the family would not be in CAMP World right now. I will let you choose which boy you want to personally help, Lord Mack. I know how you like human boys. Their father is a cutie, too. Principal Agumon almost had a restored erection when we met Lewis earlier today."

              Lady Amaterasu said, "Lets move this party over to an empty combat training arena. It is time to catch us an evil witch. This will be a Hell of a fight. I'll play the decoy since it takes a goddess to combat against a witch whom uses artifacts."

              Moments later, Founder Core had the trick/trap set up within Training Arena Thirteen. With Athena encased in a glass coffin like Snow White, Amaterasu took Athena's cellphone and she changed her appearance to resemble Athena along with her voice. Then she activated the one-touch dialing to Mrs. Andrews. "Mom, They are trying to remove my powers. I am hiding in Training Arena Thirteen. Come quick. Hurry." And then Lady Amaterasu ended the call as if the signal was cut off. She then resumed her normal appearance. "When Jinx surges through the arena entrance, if she is possessed by a spirit, the evil spirit will be transported into that holding capsule over there to the side and that should leave the woman's body intact."
              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                When Founder Core heard the Wicked Witch of the West music playing, they steeled up for the fight to come and then Jinx surged through the trick/trap power removal barrier which covered the entrance to the arena... her body glowed briefly as the glow left the body and shot across the arena and was stored within the holding capsule where the wicked form of Jinx Volteroy took shape within the capsule beating on the insides and screaming! "Let me out! This isn't fair! I possessed that stupid cow fair and square! She's mine! She stole my man! Lewis is mine! I will get my revenge of you stupid Founder Core wannabe bums!" After a pause, she realized that she wasn't just removed from the body, her powers had also been drained from her as well. "You cannot do this me! I am the all-powerful Lady Volteroy!" Lord Paul grinned in through the transparent capsule. "You mean the all-powerless betrothed Lady Volteroy whom was sold to Demon Lord Fauxtine of the Abyss. The Demon Fox of desires. Your father had sold you off to the demon lord and during transport to your new husband, you escaped to Earth where you possessed a young lady whom was dating a man you took a liking to. See, I found out your back story, Witch. When I spoke to Fauxtine and I asked him if he still wanted you back, he said, He didn't buy you for himself. He was buying you for Lord Baphomet, of whom was having a birthday and he wanted a new cow to replace the last one. So guess whom your husband is going to be." Jinx was ranting and screaming worse than ever when she learned the truth! Lord Paul wasn't finished as he said, "When Athena was going to graduate from high school, you were going to possess her body as your own and then you would dump the lady's body of whom Lewis truly loved. Another reason you never really liked Brand is because he was to have been your second daughter when you convinced Lewis to make another child with you but you didn't know that he had been taking masculinity hormones to help buff up his body for his work place on the docks. So when he got you pregnant, you got a load of male genetics and instead of another girl, you gave birth to another boy. You were infuriated. Would you like me to go on? The reason you placed a spell on Lewis at the end was because he was about to divorce you when you suggested to have Brand locked up in a mental hospital. You were going to use Lewis until he was able to produce a girl with a Magical Aptitude rating nearly as close to your original rating as possible so you could claim her body as your new body. You see, I figured it all out. I am a Demon Panther Lord and a Founder Core member."

                Lady Amaterasu helped the young lady over to a bench close to the glass coffin. "Easy there. What is your name, miss?"

                The dazed young lady said, "I am Jennifer Gwynne Cale. Where did the carnival magic show go. My boyfriend, Lewis Tokala Andrews, and I were seeing the shows during one of our dates. The magician was using a silver pocket watch on his assistant and the next thing I knew I was lying on the ground in this arena."

                Lady Amaterasu replied, "You had been possessed by an evil spirit called Lady Volteroy whom fell in love with your boyfriend and she convinced him to marry her in your body. Then during the honeymoon, she revealed to him that she wanted to be referred to as her real name, Jinx. Lewis went along with it since he truly loved you, Jennifer. He thought it was a pet name you might have used when you were younger since it sort of sounds similar to your given name. Through you, Lewis fathered one daughter and two sons. The daughter was spoiled rotten by the evil spirit whom only cared for her and none of the others. The boys had to get their love through Lewis. Legally, you are married to Lewis. Founder Core will assist you in smoothing things over with Lewis so he knows what was truly going on with you. You are free of the wicked spirit now."

                Jennifer said, "Is the daughter able to be deprogrammed so she can live a non-polluted every day life? Or is she too far gone?"

                Lady Amaterasu replied, "The Yuskay Groomers claim they can straighten out anyone. We will see to it that Athena Andrews gets the chance at a clean untainted restart in the Andrews family. We can get your ID and marriage records straightened out as well. Now that we know whom you really are, we will do what we can to get you both together once again. The boys' names are Jayce although he prefers to be called Jason; and Brand, his birth certificate listing says that he was named Firebrand; but he chooses to drop the fire part and just call himself Brand. Athena, Jason and Brand. One girl and two boys. We will make sure you get cleaned up and to make sure the farmhouse is also detoxed of any evil magic that might still be around."

                Lord Albert deactivated the trick/trap barrier as he brought Lewis into the arena and let him go over to his lady love. Lady Amaterasu quietly said to Lewis, "Jennifer doesn't recall anything the evil spirit was doing through her body; so take it easy with her, sir. In the meantime, we are going to take Athena over to the Yuskay Groomers for her necessary detox. We will also make sure Jason and Brand get a necessary cleansing just in case. I told her that you are both married; she took it well."

                Sometime later at the Yuskay Groomers hospital station in Freedom Forest, Jason was getting his detox at the same time the professionals worked on Athena. In the meantime, Brand and Sony lay on examination tables in another room awaiting their turn.

                Brand whom had been keeping his eyes closed on purpose whispered to Sony, "Best friends forever, Sony. Thanks for sticking through this with me."

                Sony who had the same idea as Brand whispered back, "We still going to do next week together, bro?"

                Brand quietly replied, "Just you, me and all that mud." Sony quietly said, "Awesome."

                That night, the Andrews family were back together again at their farmhouse. Athena had really opened up since she gotten detoxed of the evil programming. Jason was being surprisingly polite to the point of suspicion. The infection he had gotten from the costume had been located and removed from him which seemed to improve his manners. Brand was quietly smiling as he ate dinner with the family and Zecma. Lewis said, "Maybe now life can get back to normal for this family. What did you do with our real family, Zecma?" And of course, Lewis earned a look from the Devil Mouse that suggested playfulness since nothing bad was meant by his statement.

                Later, while Lewis and Jennifer were enjoying some private time on the deck outside of Eclipse's bunkhouse, from the farmhouse they heard Jason raising his voice to Zecma. "What do you mean that my partner crossed the line?! He hasn't asked to have sex with me once!" Zecma replied, "According to my spy network in which that I had watching you for the last few days and nights, Jason, you permitted Silvadra out of his card to sleep with you and then he convinced you to enter his pocket dimension card space where he had sex with you there, where he thought no one would notice the activity occurring. When I verified this activity through Space Masters recording services, it clearly shows that you had no control over your partner taking advantage of you. I have contacted Raluta in regards to this slight and I shared the Founder Core warning with him in regards to partner card back doors. You are to have your partner card desensitized toward sex. No partner should ever have an out of control Devil Mouse libido at their disposal." Jason shouted, "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT EVEN YOUR GAME! YOU SAID AS MUCH!!" Then there came a pause. "OUT OF CONTROL?!"

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Wednesday was a strange day in Freedom Forest. The Earth Welfare board was once again being allowed in the zone where they could re-evaluate both Jennifer Cale and Athena Andrews. They had been informed of what the evil spirit was in the process of doing to establish absolute control. While the ladies were in the process of undergoing their re-evaluation, the boys were both part of a field trip to Racolupotamon Studios just South of the City. Since having his partner card pretty much destroyed, Jason had not been talkative to anyone. Brand was waiting for Zecma to re-assign him with a new custom made partner. This was necessary since Fort-X was a creation of Prison-Brand and not Freedom-Brand.

                  During a bathroom break, Jason vanished into a stall in the men's room while Brand used one of the standing basins out front before washing his hands and then leaving the bathroom to walk on down the hallway. Eventually, Brand felt a furry hand on his shoulder as a voice said, "Don't wander too far away from the field trip class or you might end up pregnant, handsome." Brand smiled since he recognized the voice. He reached behind him and rubbed his hands over the groin of the Racolupotamon standing there. "And where is your cranky brother, Aro?" He fully turned to Aro the Racolupotamon and gave the Digimon that wonderful kiss on the muzzle. "You kiss just like I imagined you would from the TV show."

                  Aro grinned. "I could have been Rao. How did you figure it was me just from touching me?"

                  Brand grinned as well. "On TV, your package is bigger than Rao's and it trembles when a boy rubs over it. Rao's doesn't do that."

                  Aro grinned as he planted a kiss on the boy's mouth. "Uh oh, you know my secret. What do you think of our studios?"

                  Brand kissed back deeply once again. "Looks like a great place for a Summer job; that is... if you and your brother are hiring."

                  Aro smirked. "If I hired you, there would be gay sex every day. If Rao hired you, you would doing some hard labor."

                  Brand said, "I suppose I should wait for the field trip to come and find us; unless I went the wrong way."

                  Aro grinned. "I will be glad to take you back to the others. You did go the wrong way. If I hadn't stopped you, you would have ended up in my mate's quarters where he would have had you pregnant with Digimon eggs." And the Racolupotamon led the human boy back up the hallway.

                  Jason was watching from the bathroom as he saw Aro escorting Brand back toward where the class went. He couldn't believe how Brand's luck seemed to do a complete flip from how it used to be. Emerging from the bathroom and heading back down the hallway in the direction those two had come from. Jason soon found a door marked as Aro's Labs and the door just beyond that door was marked as 'Stealthmon Costume Storage'. Jason reached the door and he noticed the door had one of those alphabet keypad locks on it. He typed in R-A-L-U-T-A and was surprised when the door opened for him. Too easy. I'll bet Aro and Rao don't even know that Raluta simplified the combination on the costume storage lock. Now lets see about finding the costume that I wore on Sunday. I really liked that costume. He entered the storage room and began walking down between the shelves of what appeared to be dog kennels which contained what appeared to be large black-blue dragon dog creatures with slightly glowing blue claw tips on their paws. As Jason reached the end of the row of shelves he stepped off to one side toward what appeared to be an empty dog kennel enclosure. "How hard can it be to find the costume Raluta gave me to wear on Sunday?"

                  Suddenly within the previously empty kennel enclosure, one of those dragon dog creatures lifted himself up so he was propped up on the kennel gate as he said, "So you are in here looking for the Stealthmon Costume that Raluta checked out last Sunday, yes?"

                  Jason almost jumped out of his clothes. "Um, yes I am. I was the one whom got to wear the costume and I really liked it. I am looking for that costume so I can possibly wear it again. I recently had my custom partner card taken away from me and I remembered how much I liked the costume I got to wear. Would you happen to know where it is?"

                  The wearable Dragon Dog creature said, "Sure. He's on a shelf in my enclosure. I was cleaning a selection of them when I heard you ask your question. These studs don't often get to have a nice person wear them so you were likely the best experience he got to have last Sunday. Would you like to come in and try him on again?"

                  Jason smiled. "Oh thank goodness. I have been looking for that black and blue dragon fox-wolf costume everywhere. I suppose the rules are still the same that I have to get complete naked before I put on one of these costumes, yes?"

                  The wearable Dragon Dog smiled. "Yes, that is still the rule. Come on in and I will show you where his shelf is. I don't get a lot of visitors during the week. Raluta comes by on Sunday to chat with us. How did you figure out the thirteen letter combination password on the door lock coming in here?"

                  Jason grinned as he hopped over the kennel fence and he began to walk with the dragon dog creature. "Raluta told me what it was. He said if I had the chance, I should really come by and show the costume dogs a good time. I assume he mean you and your brothers. The others didn't seem to be awake."

                  The wearable Dragon Dog said, "They were in sensory mode. Had you stepped into their foyers, their eyes would have opened and they would have spoken to you. If I hadn't been cleaning the costumes, I also would have been in sensory mode."

                  Jason asked, "Is there a partner game connected with you and your brothers?"

                  The wearable Dragon Dog smiled. "Do you think there should be one?"

                  Jason smiled in return. "I would buy it. So yes, I think there should be one. Are we almost to the costume? Boy, it is really warm inside your kennel; I think I am starting to sweat. I can feel the moisture dripping down my legs. I don't want to mess up your costumes since you just cleaned them."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    The wearable Dragon Dog said, "Why don't you go ahead and remove your clothes so they don't get soaked from your sweat? If you get sick from wearing soaked clothes it would make it seem like we cannot take care of our visitors. Besides, once you are in the costume, I'll let you play with me as if you were one of us. What is it about the costume that excited you the most about it?"

                    Jason smiled as he remembered the experience from Sunday. "The costume got me so aroused while I was wearing it. I guess I am lucky I didn't unload myself inside the costume. I really didn't want to mess up the costume." He began to remove his clothes bit by bit. Shirt, shoes, socks, pants and his underwear last.

                    The boy's naked scent was starting to turn his host on. The wearable Dragon Dog said, "You look like you are about to unload right now, friend. If you would like, I can give you a fellatio so you don't mess up the costume later."

                    Jason said, "What is a fellatio? And my manners... I forgot to tell you my name. Just call me Jason."

                    The wearable Dragon Dog said, "A fellatio is a blow job. Thanks for telling me your name, Jason. You can call me Rec. That is short for Recreation. I am the one that organizes the Stealthmon sports and games here in the storage area so we don't get bored. As I told you earlier, we don't see a lot of visitation. There was a time when the DAC studios were requesting our assistance in every episode. Sometimes we only had to run through a scene. Other times, we were asked to pounce a teenager and rip their clothes off of them in front of the camera. We were told that the fans loved it."

                    Jason held still while Rec took his shaft into his muzzle and he sucked it professionally. Jason was blown away by how great this felt. "Oh wow... you are good, Rec. I want to come and see you again later. How can I get back in without using the front doors? I get the feeling that the Raccoon boys lock everything up tight each night. And I would love to come back and show you a much longer good time."

                    Rec continued the session until the boys emptied himself down the wearable Dragon Dog's throat into his analysis holding tank. Then he cleaned up the boy's penis, sac and anus. "There is a way you can get in without permission, although I really shouldn't be telling people this since someone could get into trouble."

                    Jason looked Rec in the eyes and said, "Pretty please, Rec. I have all of next week off because of the teachers meetings in Japanopolis. I would rather spend that time with you. We could play for several days instead of just for a few hours."

                    Rec sighed as he nuzzled the boy. "Okay, but you didn't hear this from me." He took Jason inside the kennel building and into the back where there was a grate on a hinge with handles on both sides. "Climb into the sewers up at Espionage Street and then follow the blue arrows on the walls until you reach the metal rungs where the arrows point up. Climb up and you will emerge from this trap door grating. Once you are up here, you can remove your clothes and get into the costume of choice before you come find me so we can have a good time. Now follow me so I can give you the costume you were asking about earlier. I really want to see how you look in the costume. I can even help you to get your tools and rump lined up properly." He led Jason back to a shelf where he saw the very costume he had been asking about just sitting there with an attractive scent that he had not noticed before. "The easiest way to get into these costumes is to lift the tail and shimmy yourself in through the hole in the back. As you are going in, place your feet into the back feet slots in the floor in the back of the costume and then slide your hands into the front paw holes in the floor to the front. Then push your head up into the costume head where I will help you to align your mouth and nose and eyes. Once you are ready, I will make sure your paws are all aligned properly then I will line up your anus and penis into the proper spots. After that, you should slowly walk around as you get used to the costume while wearing it."

                    Obeying Rec's instructions, Jason found it a lot of fun to shimmy into the back side of the costume as he pressed his feet and hands into the proper holes. Then he pushed his head up into the costume's head where Rec made sure everything was lined up properly. Then came the alignment of the important features. After walking around the kennel for a bit, Jason found the dragon fox-wolf costume suddenly turn around backward and slowly back up toward a back wall in what appeared to be a runway chute for rodeo bulls. "What is going on with this costume? It won't let me move around in it anymore. Rec? The costume is acting on its own."

                    He could hear Rec in the neighboring chute. "Its okay, Jason. It is just going to teach you how to use the bathroom without removing the costume." Rec hated to lie to the boy; but since the boy put on the costume of his own free will, he was at the whim of the costume's programming. The costume was only safe if worn anywhere other than in the Stealthmon Kennels.

                    When the costume body reached the back wall, instead of a toilet chute opening up, a circle in the rear wall slid open as an electronic shaft in the shape of a dragon's shaft complete with knots began to insert itself up into Jason's tail hole and deeply within his anus. Jason wanted to cry out; but a flavored dragon-dog biscuit was pushed into his mouth to prevent screaming. The flavor made Jason become as high as a kite on the alpha semen drug that saturated the biscuit. And then when the shaft was completely holding Jason in place, that is when the programming data began to flow directly into the newest recruit to the pack.

                    While this was occurring, a digital version of naked Jason was being birthed out by Rec whose name was not short for Recreation; it was short for Recruiter. The Digital Jason was instructed to put his clothes on and go join the field trip class. The new Jason even had Jason's smell and voice.

                    Brand was walking with Rao as they looked for Jason. "This is the hallway where Aro turned me around so I didn't meet with his mate. But what is that door just beyond Aro's Labs?" Rao said, "Stealthmon Kennels. If Jason got in there, then he isn't human any more. Those hounds will fuck anyone as they recruit you into the pack." Brand stopped at the door and said, "Rao, the sign doesn't say Kennels. It says Costume Storage." Rao growled. "I told Raluta not to monkey around with the signs. The Stealthmon hounds are wearable living costumes." Brand asked, "Could we ask them if they sensed a human boy enter their area." Rao nodded his head as he tapped in the long password only to have an electronic voice tell Rao that he made a mistake and to try again. "What in the Hell. Damn that son of mine." Brand walked up and tapped in Raluta's name on a whim and the door unlocked. "He changed the password to his own name, Rao." Rao was livid that Raluta had changed the password. "Stay close, Brand; and do not let any hound mount you." They went inside where Rao flicked on the main light grid. "Alpha! This is Rao! We are looking for a missing human boy whom disappeared away from the field trip class. Has any hound smelled the boy in here?" Alpha opened his eyes. "No."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Digi Shift.