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[CAMP-01] BFA-01 Buddy Daze

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    [CAMP-01] BFA-01 Buddy Daze

    Freedom Forest - Camp World

    [CAMP-01] BFA-01 Buddy Daze
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

    "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is opening soon. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

    Upon the new North American continent, the East coast from North to South consisted of Coolsville which was a port town in Maine, Bunny Town which enveloped the Boston, Massachusetts area, The Consortium of Magic was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts, Christmas Junction which resided in the Hartford, Connecticut zone, Meta Star City resided in mainland New York City, Marvel City encompassed Manhattan Island and Long Island, New York, A.I.R.S. Depot HQ occupied Ellis Island, Mythopolis was the new Actionberg which occupied the former locale for Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rainbow Land occupied the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, while Canterlot occupied the Chicago land region, Angel City occupied the locale where Washington D.C. would have been. Just South of the river lay Wonderland in the Northern Virginia region and Classic Care-a-lot in the Southern Virginia region, Clementine lay in the South Carolina zone, further South was Terryville in the coastal Georgia region. The Land of Wuz had won the bid for the Bermuda Islands region. Donkeyote resided in the Daytona, Florida area while Bounty Bay (the bounty hunter mecca) occupied the Tampa Bay region, Mouse City which occupied the Miami region was one of many Disney owned zones. Forest River occupied the Kansas City region while Primopolis occupied the Oklahoma City region to the Southwest. Heartstone City (the Digimon zone) occupied the Seattle, Washington locale; Poketropolis (the Pokemon zone) had won the Portland, Oregon locale; Heroes Reach and Japanopolis both resided in the San Francisco zone; Oak View in the Oakland area was the home of Puck Police Headquarters; Montropolis was on the North side of San Pablo Bay, California. South of Japanopolis was Studio City, Sea Spray Hills, Anaheim and Los Angeleos as well as Otterside to the East. Stampede City (located just outside of Moo Mesa) occupied the Dallas / Fort Worth zone.

    There were several colleges and universities spread over the continent for toon, anime and human students alike. Ace the Bat Hound's Maverick Young Talented Hero School (MYTHS) was located just outside of Mythopolis. Dalis Haley's Powered Academy of Costumed Experience (PACE) was located in Angel City. (Joshua Knight's) Stellar The Bat Hound's Wonder University for Freedom Fighters (WUFF) was located between Montropolis and Oak View. Stellar had the right hand assistance of both the Bat Hound Legion as well as Richard Prince (Star Rabbit.)

    Brand Farrell Andrews was naturally excited. Lord Albert Talbot (the Cat Lord of CAMP World) as well as the rest of the new Founder Core were permitting the Andrews family to move into the Freedom Forest region (which was just North of Montropolis) into a small farmhouse located just outside of the city, as per Lewis Andrews' request. Brand's mom, Jinx Andrews, and his brother, Jayce, though he preferred to be called Jason, and his near perfect though quiet and gosh darn beautiful and drop dead gorgeous sister, Athena Andrews, were all taking this move in stride.

    When Lewis was laid off from his job, he never expected to be offered a new job in the Freedom Forest region doing nearly the same thing he had done before, only as a docking manager, and for better pay to boot. But their fortune was all due to the game contest Brand had entered just before Christmas which was hosted by the Devil Mouse named Zecma of ZecCorp, whom had selected his contest submission over all other entrants.

    The Andrews family were in their motor home as it drove down the highway. They had already lost their old house due to a mortgage foreclosure and now they truly felt as if they were leaving nothing behind. The family dog, Zeta, a large friendly Great Dane, quietly rested in his doggy bed while the family focused on the road ahead.

    "It was awfully nice of Sonic to make the arrangements for my new job and our new home, Jinx," said Lewis. "We should be there in another few minutes."

    Jinx smiled. "Our own farm like I grew up on when I was a girl. We can grow our own food and maybe have a cow for fresh milk. And come chickens for eggs. And pigs for bacon and ham."

    Jason said, "I just hope we get there before this motor home breaks down. It is an old vehicle."

    Brand exclaimed, "There's the Transporter Star Gate leading into the Freedom Forest region of CAMP World!"

    Lewis nodded his head and turned the motor home off through the quiet Transporter Star Gate from the main roadway. Then they made a left and got into the correct lane, as they drove onward as they approached the citizen entry gate into Freedom Forest.

    Standing in the check booth was Amy Rose of Sonic X fame. "Hello folks. This is the citizen entry to Freedom Forest. You people don't look like locals. May I see your passes please?"

    Brand quickly said, "You're Amy Rose, right? Sonic told us to have you call in a check on Line #4 on the arrival of the Andrews family who were given a farm just south of Freedom Forest."

    Amy Rose hummed. "Andrews, you said?" She then looked through some private messages that she had posted on her wall. Then she saw the name Andrews on one note. She read the information, then turned and smiled to the family. "The Andrews family! Yes, we have orders to give you VIP clearance. I'm sorry I held you up. Please go right on in. Drive onward for 2 miles to the edge of the city, then turn off on the Valley Bypass South. When you reach Crop Circle Road, hang a right and drive onward for about a mile and a half and you will find a mailbox with your name on it. Simply turn into the driveway and you're there."

    Lewis smiled at Amy Rose as he drove on through the gate. Following Amy Rose's directions, they soon turned on to the Valley Bypass South and continued on until they saw Crop Circle Road, which seemed to be a paved county road. They turned right on that and drove on until they saw their donated mailbox with their name on it. At that point, they turned into the south driveway and got their first look at the absolutely beautiful farm house, barn, stables, a like new tractor, a new lawn mower, and crop fields. The farm was surrounded by a wooden white fence.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Jinx exclaimed, "Oh my. I thought Sonic said this was a little farm."

    Jason giggled. "Sonic is a hot shot Hedgehog, so to him maybe it did seem little. I like it."

    Lewis smiled. "I can see me working that field on the weekends."

    Athena sat there with a smile while casually petting on Zeta's head fur. And Zeta was licking her leg, as usual.

    Jinx suddenly pointed toward a neighboring fence and said, "What is that?"

    The Andrews all looked in that direction and what they saw was a brown and white dragon like being that was the size of Jason and Brand. It wasn't looking their way but seemed to be paying attention to its own farm land.

    Brand said, "I'll go find out what it is. Be right back." And he started for the motor home door.

    Lewis said, "Brand! Be careful!"

    Brand grinned at his father. "Dad... this is cartoon land. Duh." And he was out the door and heading across the farm toward the fence where the dragon like creature stood.

    From the motor home, they saw Brand and the dragon like being shake hands before talking at length about a few things. Finally, the Andrews saw Brand returning with a smile. He opened the door and said, "You aren't going to believe this! Our neighbors are Digimon! They grow corn in their field and pop the excess amount, coat it in caramel, and sell the result to the markets! The adult I spoke to was called Myrdramon Prime! His son goes to school at Freedom Forest High School!"

    Jinx smiled. "Sounds like you learned the name of a possible school friend, Brand. Okay everyone... lets get this motor home unpacked and see about claiming our bedrooms."

    Once they were unpacked and Zeta stationed in his doggy bed in the mud room, the family were looking over the bedroom arrangement. Lewis said, "According to the floor plan of the farm house, this is the master bedroom. And this is the daughter's bedroom... And..." He paused, as he looked over the rest of the floor plan. "Ah, there they are. The final bedrooms are... there." He paused again. "No, that can't be right. The last two bedrooms aren't even in the main farmhouse."

    Brand and his brother looked over the page of the map of the house. "So where are our bedrooms located, dad?" asked Brand.

    Lewis said, "Believe it or not, boys, you head out the back door of the farm house follow this raised walkway along this crop field to this two-story building which has an outside deck patio. The ground floor contains homework stations, a kitchen and a downstairs bathroom while the stairs within lead upstairs to the bedrooms and a shared bathroom. You won't be staying there alone, boys. Shadow's son Eclipse has the third bedroom."

    Jinx arched an eye. "Are you serious? That sounds like a long trip for Brand and Jason to take every day to get to the school bus stop in front of the farmhouse. Are you sure that's where the boys will be stationed."

    Lewis replied, "According to the layout of the property, there is a roadway along the back side of our property which is the official school bus route. Although Eclipse has his own vehicle which he can use to help the boys get to school. He often gives rides to several of the locals out this way. There is also a note that Eclipse can also cook."

    Brand never complained at all, honestly. Zecma did promise that he would personally come out to congratulate him after they got moved in, so Brand was willing to endure anything. Not to mention, he had learned of a Digimon friend their first day on the farm. His father was going to be checking in at the new work place in the morning for a briefing with the dock personnel, while his mother was going to be in contact with Freedom Forest High School, mainly to check to see if the children's school records had arrived as yet. Little did Brand know what Saturday morning was to bring. December 26th on the new farm was like the best Christmas present ever given. His dad had a new job; the family had a new home; and every sibling had their own bedroom.

    And the best part was that Sonic and Zecma sicced the Mack Roo lawyers on the Real World welfare people. They had agreed to leave Athena alone as long as she lived on CAMP World.

    Brand had finished his dinner and helped his mom wash the dishes earlier, and now, he was out for a walk on the huge farm land, mainly following the fence line. Back near the woods in the far back of the farm, he saw a good looking 2-tailed brown fox gathering shiny rocks. Brand couldn't help but to say hello. "Konnichi wa, fox boy."

    The brown Kitsune glanced over toward the opposite property's fence across the road then smiled. "You must be one of the Andrews. My name is Glitter Prower." He walked across the road to the fence where upon he shook Brand's hand. "And what is your name?"

    Brand smiled. "I'm Brand Farrell Andrews, the youngest member of the family. What are you doing?"

    Glitter grinned slyly. "I am gathering shiny stones for my father. Its a punishment. I would rather be romping in the mud flats with Slick, Myrdramon Jr, and Sony. They really know how to have fun." Brand grinned back. "I met Myrdramon Prime already. He was pretty nice. He said his son was a great boy." Glitter nodded his head as he continued to pick up shiny stones. "Junior helps me with my homework."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Then Glitter stood up again. "Thanks for stopping to talk to me, Brand. I really hope you end up going to school at FFHS. You're okay. I have to get going now or my father will invent something else for me to do. Bye." And with that, he began spinning his two tails like a rotary helicopter and flew off through the woods to the south.

      Brand smiled. "Prower, he said. I'll bet his dad is Tails. He even flies like him. I better get back to the house now. At least I learned some more local names." And he headed off and back toward the farmhouse.

      At the kitchen table, Brand sat down after washing his hands and he saw his mother with that rare "look" on her face that no one ever wanted to get. "Um, mom... you have that... look... on your face... did someone do something bad again?"

      Jinx looked at Brand and said, "I just spoke with the Freedom Forest School Board. They misplaced the school transcripts from the original school back home. You and Jason will be going to Freedom Forest High while Athena will be attending the Anime Artists Finishing School."

      Brand was actually happy about getting to go to FFHS but he didn't dare show any happiness about it while his mom had that "look" on her face. "How could they lose school records? Did they wipe their ass on the wrong papers. Maybe we should ask Zecma to look into this; it sounds mighty suspicious to me, mom."

      Jinx replied, "That is a fine idea, Brand. I remember when Zecma and Sonic said that all legal paperwork would be handled properly. They told us that Princess Sally could acquire records in the blink of an eye with her computer systems. For now, you and your bother have to go to school with Eclipse and Myrdramon's son."

      Saturday morning brought the educational side of the locals from Freedom Forest. And that in itself was pretty strange in itself. Princess Sally was in a conversation with Mrs. Andrews in regards to the lost school records. Jason and Brand were getting to meet with the teachers from Freedom Forest High School which was a mix of Digimon personalities, Pokemon personalities and Mobian legacies.

      As for Athena, she was serving refreshments to the visitors. Although she was glad to be doing that since she was glad that she could take a break for a change. She knew that her father had gone off to check in with the wharf master at the docks.

      "Mom?" Brand said. "Jason and I are going to take our teachers back over to our quarters. Let us know if the missing records get found. Athena should be in our school with us."

      Jinx hugged her son and said, "Okay, Brand. Princess Sally and I are still going over this digital wall that seems to be blocking her from getting the records."

      Jason then said, "If there is a blockage, then perhaps the welfare board is responsible to prevent us from getting Athena settled locally. They really wanted to take her away from our family. Remember, mom?"

      Soon afterward, the boys and their teachers arrived at the boys' quarters where Eclipse glanced at those entering from the kitchen. "Really...? I see you guys daily at school. As long as you are not here to pester me, you can stay."

      At that moment, Ashley Ketchum of Pokemon fame said, "Eclipse; we are familiar with your schedule so you do not have to worry about us. This is simply the day we were to meet with Brand and Jason. Orientation Day."

      Eclipse smiled as he grinned. "Oh yeah, I about forgot all about that. I'm making cookies for the boys."

      Ashley smiled back as he replied, "Mrs. Andrews is working with Princess Sally to track down the missing school records on Athena Andrews. We really hope to get all three Andrews children into our school. It seems suspicious as Jason suggested that these records seem to be off limits to the educational system."

      Miles Prower, Guilmon, Knuckles and Pikachu all nodded their heads in complete agreement.

      Miles came over with a glass of milk and a cookie as he said, "I am looking forward to see what classes you take in Montropolis, Brand."

      Brand smiled at the two-tailed fox. "I saw your son last night gathering shiny stones."

      Miles grinned. "He was naughty so that was his punishment. He chose that over cleaning Sonic's toilet with a single paper towel." He winked.

      Brand and Jason both laughed out loud.

      Pikachu then spoke in English, but with an Japanese accent. "Your family has a nice Great Dane, I assume?"

      Jason looked at the yellow Pokemon. "You can speak English? In the TV cartoon, you can only say your name."

      Pikachu replied, "Human producers tend to only want the human stars to speak English or Japanese. If everything spoke fluently in the show, then the importance of the humans would be undermined. Therefore I choose to only speak fluently off camera. And in the High School System." Jason looked to Ashley. "How do you feel about Pikachu talking?" Ashley replied, "Oh he's a pro. A great actor. He's helped me many a time with my lines." Jason nodded his head gently.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        That evening at the dinner table, the Andrews family was gathered for a meal and Lewis was telling the others what his job was to be like on the coast.

        "I don't see how they got anything done before I hired on there," Lewis remarked, as he spread some butter on his corn bread. "Ghosts, skeletons and Skeletor himself roaming around the docks. And most interestingly, I'm Skeletor's superior on the job site itself. He walked me through the routine there. He was nothing like he is in the cartoons."

        Jinx said, "We met the teachers today, dear. They are a pretty okay bunch and we can trust the boys teachers to take care of them in school. Princess Sally is following up on the snafu that is preventing us from getting our hands on Athena's school records."

        At that moment, the Devil Mouse known as Zecma in his gaming jacket appeared on the dining room table, as he set a folder into the space between Lewis and Jinx. "I had to get Mr. Arden to help me to acquire this, Mrs. Andrews. Jason nailed it; the Welfare people on Earth had placed a lock-down on the access to Athena's school records."

        Jason grinned like the Cheshire Cat saying, "I knew it! Thanks for looking into this, Zecma. If you need someone to help with clean up around your gaming business, just ask."

        Zecma said, "I don't have anything at the moment but I will keep your offer in mind since you are making this offer in front of your parents."

        Brand was eating quietly with a big smile on his face. He was kind of wondering who Slick and Sony were; the two others that Glitter had mentioned as being his and Myrdramon Junior's buddies. Then he noticed everyone looking at him. "What?"

        Lewis said, "Your mind was in the clouds, Brand. Athena just said that your winning the contest was the best thing that ever happened to us."

        Brand chuckled. "I just got lucky, that's all. Besides, if my mind was in the clouds, the Superheroes of Heroes Reach would be splatting into it as they flew over on their patrols. Could you just imagine...?"

        Jinx cleared her throat. "Ahem. Not at the dinner table. Or do you want that... 'look'... tonight?"

        Brand kept quiet after that.

        Athena finished her dinner. "I will go take Zeta his dinner before getting ready for bed." She then stood up and headed up toward the mud room with Zeta happily following her.

        Jason then said, "Zeta and Athena, sitting in a tree..."

        Lewis wanted to warn his older son that their mother was right there but it was too late as Jason became the beholder of that special 'look' that no one wanted to get. Followed by that special 'scolding' that no one deserved to get.

        Later that night, Lewis and Brand were seated in deck chairs on the patio deck of Brand and Jason's shared quarters near the back access road. "This is a pretty quiet spot, Brand," said Lewis as he munched on a cookie that Eclipse had given him earlier. "You boys have a nice arrangement out here."

        Brand grinned. "I'm still surprised that our bedrooms are actually out here with our own bathroom and away from the main house. It is almost like VIP quarters. And its a lot quieter out here than you might think, dad. I slept beautifully last night. Especially with my not having to hear Zeta's snoring. He is worse than grandpa ever was."

        Lewis chuckled. "We used to think the snoring was coming from Jason."

        Brand chuckled as well. "I tracked down the snoring that one night and I was surprised to see the dog snoring."

        Lewis said, "I think Zeta is worse than your mother."

        Brand giggled quietly. "You better watch your mouth, dad... you have to sleep with her tonight."

        After their father had returned to the main farmhouse, Brand joined Jason and Eclipse inside the bunkhouse where Zecma was getting things ready for Brand's contest prize. "Have a seat, prize winner," said Zecma with a smile. "Since your gaming idea won the contest, you get the first custom Buddyshift partner card for the new Mobian combat card game."

        Brand went over and sat down at the game preparation table where Zecma was getting the creator set up and launched. "The new house and getting to see you again is the best prizes of all, Zecma. I think you are cute. And I get a new partner card as well. You deserve a big deep kiss on the muzzle for this." And before Zecma could move out of the way, the boy smooched his muzzle in front of everyone. "Hey, you taste like Nacho Cheese. We didn't have any of that at dinner. I would have remembered that." Jason chuckled. "Zecma likely ate before bringing over Athena's school records, Brand. He certainly didn't eat any of what mom prepared."

        Zecma grinned. "Kissing me with an audience will get you a punishment later, Brand. But lets get your partner card designed first. What species or species combination would you like as the base? Be creative, Brand; this is to be your custom partner."

        Brand thought it over before saying, "Sonic's power core in the body of a devil mouse the size of Knuckles in Shadow's color with two fox tails and Bugs Bunny length donkey ears."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Zecma grinned as Brand recited off the almost ridiculous sounding partner.

          Brand said, "Sonic's power core would mean that the partner would be as fast as Sonic or nearly so. The ears should be both perky and prehensile meaning that if need be, they can grab a hold of an item to move it aside. The tails should also be prehensile and durable enough to sustain flight like Tails and Glitter Prower. Throw in some minor magical ability that could be developed over time spent with the partner in adventures or in combat matches. Being a devil mouse yourself, Zecma, surely you would know what beginning magics to give a partner like this. Is there anything else I need to explain?"

          Zecma giggled. "What would he smell like?"

          Brand slyly grinned. "He should smell like Rich dark chocolate and Sharp Cheese with maybe a splash of blood wine around his paws and rump. Please remember: I do not know what blood wine smells like. I just remembered that it is something you said you liked, Zecma. Oh, and give him minty breath."

          Zecma then asked, "What should his base strength be?"

          Brand grinned. "Strong enough to pin down a boy my size and weight. That way, if he ever needs to get his non-magical point across to me, he can make me listen to him."

          Zecma didn't ask for anything more as he began to formulate the partner exactly as Brand had described him. "As soon as the image comes into focus, Brand, you get to name him. And please do not give him a dumb name. As for you others, try to control your erections."

          When the sexy two-tailed donkey-eared devil mouse the size of Knuckles with Shadow's coloration came into focus on the partner creation screen, Brand smiled and said, "Fort-X which can be pronounced in battles as Vortex. The name would mean, Wind Voyager of Renown. The card name would be Fort-X while in the description it should mention the rest. He should permit me to call him Vortex since I am his partner. But if he wanted to give me a nickname later, he should be reserved to have that privilege."

          Before Zecma could lock down the partner into a card, the being leaped out of the screen and pinned Brand down on the floor as he planted a minty kiss on the boy's mouth. "So I have you to thank for making me into a sex-driven stud! I am going to have such big fun with you, partner! Lets fuck!"

          Zecma try as he might to aim the card capturing camera at the partner, couldn't get a clear shot of the horny partner as Brand ended up both naked and sticky as Vortex emptied himself into the boy. "Naughty Vortex! Brand will play with you later! I hope you didn't hurt him!"

          Vortex grinned. "Brand... nice name. I thought he would resist me more than that. I guess I touched the right spots. You know how Devil Mice are when released, Zecma; or have you forgotten the Underworld rules?"

          Zecma made a look of disgust. "Those rules are why I left the Underworld in the first place. Now get into your card. Now!" And the horny partner was sucked into the partner card which then was surrounded by a gold border. Like a Mobian Power Ring. He then looked to Brand. "Go upstairs and take a long shower and remember to wash out your anus. I don't want any weird accidents happening to you, Brand."

          The boy grabbed his clothes and he headed upstairs.

          Jason said, "Do all custom partners go wild like Vortex did?"

          Zecma said, "Only when the base form is a Devil Mouse. I will be here all night putting the rest of the game together, so if you want to spend a day with me, Jason, get some sleep."

          Sunday morning was upon them before they knew it. And Brand heard someone knocking on his bedroom door. He got out of bed completely naked since he forgot to get dressed after his shower. He got to the door and opened it sleepily. Standing in the bedroom hallway was Myrdramon Junior, the Digimon boy from next door. "Morning Brand. May I come in? Your mom told me you were out here at Eclipse's bunkhouse." Brand yawned and stepped out of the way allowing the Digimon boy to come in. Then he closed the door and headed back toward his bed sleepily. Apparently, Brand was used to sleeping in on Sunday morning.

          "Nice erection, Brand. I am glad I came today. I normally don't get to see a naked boy."

          Brand stopped and blushed as he came awake immediately and looked over his shoulder at Myrdramon Junior. "Um; how did you get in here?" Having already forgot that he let the boy in.

          Myrdramon chuckled. "You opened the door for me, silly. Glitter told me last night that you met him. He said you were really REALLY nice. Thanks for being polite to him. He is a good friend. Anyway, I came by today to help you with choosing your Freedom Forest High classes. I brought the schedule book, forms and everything. Your mom said it was a good idea so you and your brother wouldn't waste a lot of time with this stuff on Monday morning. I just finished with Jason before coming to your room. He thinks I am sexy."

          Brand yawned again and sat on his bed almost missing it. "Jason likes dragons. Come on over and sit down with me. Lets see these things. I normally sleep in on Sunday morning. Why are you up so early?" Myrdramon came over and sat very close to Brand. "Mischief," he whispered. "Don't tell anyone..." Then aloud he said, "So... let's get your classes figured out."

          Brand grinned. "Our bedrooms are sound proof, silly. Your whisper isn't going anywhere." He then looked in the schedule book at the classes for each hour. "Is this right, Junior? Three classes in the morning and three in the afternoon?"

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Junior looked and grinned back. "Sure is. The last hour class is called Team Fighting. Its where you and your partner work out for grades and improvements. Because Zecma just assigned you with a new partner, you have to take that class. Your brother could have a study hall hour if he wanted or he could go to the Ice Cream Arcade, have a snack or play some games."

            Brand nodded his head quietly. He knew how his brother would be about wanting to watch dragon partners practicing in their sport.

            Junior said, "See anything you want to take?"

            Brand began filling out his classes form. "I think I want Digimon History the first hour; Manga Literature the second hour; Anime Math for the third hour; then its lunch; Toon Physics in the forth hour; and Digicard Dynamics in the fifth hour. And because I have a partner, He and I will go to Team Fighting where I hope he doesn't rape me again."

            Junior grinned as he licked Brand's face. "You got that out of the way pretty fast."

            Brand made a face. "Ewwwww!!! Don't do that, Junior!"

            While Brand spent his morning with Junior, Jason spent his time with Zecma and looking over partner cards in the partner catalog for a lot of games produced by ZecCorp and other battle card companies.

            Zecma said, "See anything that interests you, Jason?"

            "There are a few base forms that look nice but I get disappointed when I read over their stats and abilities. How much does it cost to custom build a partner like you permitted with my brother Brand?"

            Zecma glanced over his shoulder at Jason for a moment before focusing on his new game project. "For the base form, five hundred dollars. For each additional species added in, a hundred and fifty dollars. Then it costs seventy five dollars per power and/or ability you want to add to the partner in question. Although some card companies permit you to deduct costs if you install reasonable weaknesses into a partner."

            Jason turned off the catalog screen at that point. "Then I will have to do without. I cannot afford that kind of partner. You saw how our family was before Brand won the contest. Dad just got started in his new job and the money earned has to be used on the family as a whole. I cannot just ask him to front me with money just so I can buy a card game. He would tell me to go get a job." He then grabbed his jacket as he headed for the door leading out toward the road. "I think I will go into town for a bit and see if there is anything that will perk me up."

            Zecma said, "Do you have any money on you right now, Jason?"

            "No. Why are you asking?"

            Zecma floated over to Jason and he handed the boy something that looked like a redeemable ticket. "This is a soda voucher ticket. You might want to get a soda later. Most of the soda machines in town can take either real world money or soda vouchers. You insert the ticket into the slot and then make your soda selection. This ticket will permit you to get one soda. It has the value of twenty five cents. So you can pay me back the next time you have a quarter. Have a good time in town, Jason. I am sorry if I popped your bubble by reciting off those prices; but you did ask for the cost of a customized partner. I need to get back to work." He returned to his work bench.

            In town, Jason came upon a studio office which had a sign out front which read, Earn a Custom Made Partner Card for any Combat Game; Inquire Within. Jason entered the studio office and saw a raccoon-wolf-fox hybrid being sitting behind a desk. "Excuse me? I saw your sign out front. Is the offer still open or have I arrived too late?"

            The hybrid Digimon said, "Are you allergic to wearing costumes?"

            Jason replied, "No. A costume sounds like fun."

            The hybrid then said, "Are you easily embarrassed over nudity?"

            "No. But if I am wearing a costume, what does nudity have anything to do with it?"

            The hybrid grinned. "Because you have to remove everything before you get into one of these costumes. That means you would be naked under the costume. All you got to do is pose in front of a game card company sign and pose seductively. I will take the pictures and once you pose eight times, you will have earned your custom partner card. That is, IF you are interested in doing this. Most people once hearing the details decline and walk away. You will earn a hundred dollars for each advertising pose you allow a picture to be taken for."

            Jason arched an eye. "Eight hundred bucks for eight pictures AND a custom partner card. You got a deal. Where is this costume? By the way, I love Dragons and Canines."

            The hybrid said, "You are in luck because that is the costume we have for this gig. I really cannot wait to see you in this costume." Too bad the kid didn't lawyer up before agreeing to this offer. He is kinda sexy. After leading the boy into the dressing room and helping him into the black and blue dragon fox-wolf costume, the hybrid had the costumed boy posing in front of eight game card company signs; none of which were ZecCorp. When it was all over with, Jason got dressed and was allowed to custom make a new partner.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Monday brought forth the first day of school for the boys and Athena. Jinx was staying at the farmhouse while Lewis had already left for work on the coast. The Andrews siblings were watching Eclipse back his custom hot rod out of the garage into the driveway. Eclipse smiled. "Okay you three; get in. We have to pick up Junior, Glitter, Sony, Slick and Rentamon."

              Athena said, "Where did you get this old jalopy anyway? And why does it seem so familiar to me?" Eclipse grinned. "It is an Archie's remake vehicle from the Custom Auto Makers Company. I am one of the only people whom have ever gotten the product built correctly and gotten it to run properly." Athena smiled. "That's why it looks familiar!"

              After everyone was in and buckled up, they went next door and picked up Junior and Glitter. Then it is off to Sony's house where Sony and Rentamon climbed aboard and buckled up as well.

              Sony said, "Slick went on to school before dawn, Eclipse. I don't know what he was thinking."

              Brand grinned. "I guess I will have to meet him later in school. I am Brand Andrews; This is my brother Jason and my sister Athena."

              Sony's ears perked and his tongue lolled out when he saw Athena. "Forgive me, beautiful, but you are very attractive. I am so sorry for making a bad impression." Rentamon said, "Slick would have made a far worse impression, Sony. I hope you will forgive the boys, Athena. They tend to get like that in front of gorgeous women."

              Jason was quietly waiting for the last hour class even though school had not begun yet. He had talked to his new partner last night; currently the partner was keeping quiet. He had told Jason not to mention him to Zecma.

              Eclipse rolled his eyes. "I cannot believe Slick went to school at the crack of dawn. What an imbecile!" And then they were on their way once again.

              At Freedom Forest High School Eclipse pulled into his paid parking spot and he permitted everyone to get out of the jalopy before he set the alarm on the car. Brand, Jason and Athena all walked into the otherwise normal looking school building; but on the inside, the hallways was anything BUT normal. There were male and female versions of young anime humans, Pokemon and Digimon all milling around to and from their lockers and their class rooms. Many were chatting in the main hallway and the rest simply hanging out with their friends. "This," said Brand. "is," said Jason. "bonkers," said Athena as they got over their shock of the school before heading off toward the principals office where they were slated to receive their locker assignments and the finalization of their chosen classes.

              "What do you mean that I can't take Digital Sciences in my fourth hour?" asked Athena. "This had better not be another Welfare delay trick or else my mother will be staring you down with the 'look' that no one wants to get!"

              Principal Agumon replied, "Digital Sciences is filled to capacity in the forth hour, Athena. You'll have to take Toon Physics in your forth hour and take Digital Sciences next year-"

              Before the principal could finish, Athena shouted, "This is my senior year, you fucking bastard! I won't be here next year! I am calling my mother!" And she pulled out her cellphone and pushed one button and told Jinx what she was just told. Over the phone came the shout, "I'M ON MY WAY!" and then the phone went dead. And in the distance nearly everyone in Freedom Forest could swear they heard the Wicked Witch of the West music playing as Mrs. Andrews rode a bicycle toward the school at top speed.

              Suddenly the principals officer door exploded open as Jinx Andrews, a Mack Roo Lawyer and Zecma were pulled into the office by an obviously angry mother. "My daughter was told on Sunday that her class choices were open when she made her decisions! So you fulfill her request or have your fucking school closed down by one of my family curses! Andrews is my married name; I am a retired Volteroy Witch!"

              Principal Agumon trembled since he had heard of the Volteroy clan from Earth. "Mrs. Andrews, please. Her inclusion into Digital Sciences would be standing room only at current. She could still attend, but without a desk. The only other available class during the forth hour is Anime Sewing which is about filled and it is mainly females."

              Jinx pulled out her spell book and said, "Lets see... Dragon to Polliwog..." Principal Agumon cried out, "We will move a desk in for her! I swear it! This is not a trick!" Jinx put her spell book away. "Mister cute lawyer, make sure this school fulfills their promise or else. Let's go, Zecma. I'll drop you off at your factory."

              And the theme music from the Wicked Witch of the West was heard departing the school.

              Brand shivered. "I never knew what mom did for a living before she married dad. I always thought evil witches lived in castles. Except castles don't have phones."

              When the lunch hour finally arrived, Jason noticed the hybrid Digimon from the day before sitting at a table having a meal. Grabbing his food and a drink, he went over to say hello to the hybrid student. "Hi there. I'm the guy from the photo shoot you were doing. How's it going? I just wanted to say hello since I recognized you over here."

              The hybrid student glance sideways at Jason before saying, "You look different in better lighting. I am Raluta, a Racolupotamon programming major. I create MMO games for major game companies when I am not here in school. I didn't get your name yesterday."

              "I am Jason Carroll Andrews; just call me Jason. I think you are one of the coolest guys around. I guess I better see about eating my lunch. Thanks for saying hello."

              Raluta moved over and said, "Climb on in, Jason. You can sit here with Squire and I. Normally, this is where the programmers in school sit. Most people think we are nerdy."

              Jason accepted the seat before admitting, "I've had some junior Summer courses in minor programming; probably nothing as nice as what you guys do."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Brand and Jason were soon walking into their fifth hour class. They thought it was kind of exciting that they got to take this class as a precursor to Team Fighting. And so far, the day had several fun encounters especially since the sexy Mack Roo lawyer was still on the property. Things would soon get completely out of paw, as the saying goes.

                Inside the classroom was a tall slender male drakogoyle (Slick), a rainbow colored male hedgehog with green eyes (Sony), and a random female "Rentamon" wearing red gloves instead of the standard purple.

                Brand said, "Huh? Now I know this will be a strange class. We're overdressed."

                Jason grinned. "If the teacher or Raluta asks me to get naked, I might do it for them."

                Slick grinned at the human boys. "Hey look guys! We got new classmates!"

                Sony made a remark, "Behave Slick. These are the boys whom are living with Eclipse. You would have met them had you not gone to school early this morning."

                Rentamon stepped over and patted the boys on the back. "Ignore the clueless drakogoyle. Slick is in the class because he flunked it last year. I'm here because this class is required for my upcoming degree."

                Brand looked at the others. "You are Slick? Junior, Glitter and Sony spoke pretty highly about you, but now that I've met you, I don't get that sensation at all."

                Slick was abashed now. This was obviously the boy that his friends had mentioned and he just blew his first impression to the boy. But Slick was aiming to make up for it.

                A few moments later, their teacher, Mr. Mendelssohn, came in and handed out prototype card launchers to the five students. "These were the original prototypes to the more popular card launcher devices. The prototypes are, of course, disabled from the Digicard challenge grid, therefore... they are safe to use in our teaching lessons. Let me demonstrate." And he pointed his prototype at Rentamon and pushed the button. Nothing happened, of course. "As you can see, they are without their power sources. Now, I would like you to practice pointing your prototype card launchers at each other, call out the classmate's name and the words I Challenge You. I will grade you based on the realism of your conviction in this exercise."

                Brand and Jason were doing exactly as they were told, pointing at each of the others and flawlessly shouting out the correct phrase each time. Rentamon and Sony were also each doing as told, though Slick noticed that the two non-humans were not pointing at Brand and Jason which he decided to remedy right away so the boys wouldn't feel left out.

                Slick pointed his prototype at the Brand and shouted, "Brand, I challenge you!" and he pressed the button! And suddenly, the unexpected happened, as Brand's shirt pocket which contained his partner card suddenly exploded as Fort-X erupted into view as he leaped across the room and tackled Slick to the floor in a digital burst of chocolate scented light which almost made everyone in the room pass out from the underworld chocolate euphoria! Slick was pinned down under Brand's partner as Vortex said with a grin. "Lets fuck, weakling!"

                Jason quickly leaped over to the window and cranked them open while he held a handkerchief over his nose and mouth.

                Brand grabbed a hold of his partner card and he shouted with conviction, "VORTEX! Back in your card! Now!!"

                Fort-X lifted his head. "Spoilsport." And in a flash, the partner was back in his card.

                Brand shouted, "Slick! Are you okay?"

                Slick turned his head to one side, "Did anyone get the number of that chocolate truck?"

                Rentamon grinned. "He is fine."

                Mr. Mendelssohn turned on the ventilation fans to suck the scent out of the classroom. "Is there something you would like to tell the class, Brand?"

                Brand signed, "Zecma must of forgotten to set the no-challenge override into my custom made partner card. I am sure it was an honest mistake. Can we call him to come in and do a repair on this issue without having my scary mother show up again."

                Jason added, "Mom is a retired Volteroy Witch. She told Principal Agumon that herself this morning."

                The Mack Roo lawyer and Zecma were both in the classroom within a few minutes. "Just fix it so Ah don't 'ave to report this to Mrs. Andrews," said the devil roo lawyer. Not even he liked that he had been hired by the scary witch.

                Just then, Raluta walked into the classroom. "Okay, Zecma, Junior just told me about the punishment you were conducting on Brand. Enough is enough. Either undo this or I will call Jinx myself. She may be scary; but my dad has seen worse back in the DAC days. You used to like getting a kiss from a nice boy."

                As Zecma worked on the partner card, he said, "Earlier in the night before he kissed me, I had just finished a not-for-human-consumption Nacho Cheese meal. He said he could taste it in my muzzle. I didn't want him to suddenly lose his human form, so I arranged for his partner to produce a cure laced semen instead of the usual Devil Mouse cum shot."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Zecma then continued, "I would have returned the partner to normal after the first time he pounced Brand; but I got distracted by Jason whom reminded me that the family was broke. I gave him a soda voucher so he could get a soft drink in town. After that, I was working on Buddyshift, the Mobian Partner Combat Card Game. Brand's winning entry."

                  Junior had quickly gotten Principal Agumon and together they rushed to the fifth hour classroom. Therein, Slick looked unusually calm in his seat while the others were watching Zecma repair the punishment gone too far.

                  Jason spoke to Mr. Mendelssohn while the repair programming was going on. "Are there any dangers we may not have been told about in regards to custom made partners for combat card games, sir?"

                  Mr. Mendelssohn replied, "The biggest danger in regards to custom partners is that you have to be careful in what species abilities or base forms you apply to the partner. Naturally, a horny sex-driven partner is likely the most dangerous type of partner you can have especially if the base form is a dragon."

                  Jason released a sigh as he pulled out his custom dragon partner card. "Then I have a problem. I did a photo shoot yesterday afternoon and the reward was a custom made partner card. I gave him a silver dragon base form with a Devil Mouse sex drive. I thought that with a Gentile mentality, he could override any sexual desires toward opponents. Did I make a mistake?"

                  Zecma glanced over at the exotically designed custom card with the Celtic designs on the back as he asked, "Whom offered you that custom made card as a reward?"

                  Raluta chose to fess up at that point. "I gave it to him, Zecma. I was working one of my side jobs and I needed a model for the posing part of the assignment. Jason came along and agreed to do the job for me. I gave him eight hundred dollars and the partner card just for his assisting me with this task."

                  The Mack Roo lawyer then asked, "Were yas using 'uman safe costumes, Raluta; and please do not lie."

                  "No. I was using a few from my Uncle Aro's reserve stock. I needed a dragon dog costume that could pose seductively. Jason agreed to my terms without lawyering up. I felt sorry for him after I had lunch with him today. If Jason is infected, then he hasn't displayed any symptoms as yet."

                  Zecma suddenly said, "In order to remove the horny rape mentality from this partner, I will have to remove the Devil Mouse species base."

                  Brand stood up and said, "Then I don't want him anymore. You said the species was my choice. If I cannot have what I chose then rip the card in two. I'm out of here." And he left the room closing the door behind him.

                  Zecma said, "Raluta, go after him. Please." Raluta then departed to go catch the upset boy.

                  Jason said, "So what is to become of the partner card that Raluta awarded for me?"

                  Zecma took the card and looked it over. "Has the partner asked you to have sex with him, Jason?"


                  Zecma then said, "Until he crosses the line to do that, then there is nothing I can do. This is a 'Raluta special' Partner Card for the Dragon Bash Card Game. ZecCorp doesn't make this game. Only Raluta can change the parameters of one of his partner card games."

                  Jason said, "Silvadra said that I shouldn't tell you about him. Doesn't that imply that he thinks you can perform an override on him?"

                  Zecma grinned. "Perhaps it is better if he thinks that." He handed the card back to Jason.

                  It took some time for Raluta to find where Brand had vacated himself off to. But he finally located him in a movie house theater where a showing of Devi-Sonic and Devi-Tails was playing during school hours. Raluta sat down next to Brand as he whispered, "Devi-Sonic gets banished back to the Underworld and Devi-Tails escapes. Brand, look... Wait!" He grabbed the boy whom was about to get up and leave as he held him down in his seat. "Zecma tampered with your partner card to teach you a lesson. But all is not lost. I can also make custom made partner cards if you missed Jason saying that he also had a card that I made for him. All I have to do is program in the parameters to a new card using your original choices and you will end up with a clean card that will be a great friend to have. Zecma ate a non-human safe meal the other night and then you kissed him on the muzzle and you got some of the taste from the meal via transfer into your body. Zecma was afraid that your would change into a Devil Mouse if he didn't attempt a cure on you. Had you changed into a Devil Mouse, your parents would never see you again. The first thing that happens is a mind wipe before you are teleported one-way to the Devil mouse training realm where you are taught how to be a naughty devil mouse; just as Zecma was before he straightened out his life. During training all remaining memories of ever being a human are removed from you -- permanently. Gone forever. You never get them back. It takes nothing short of a divine wish to restore a victim once they lose their memories. Zecma has had to do this once before."

                  Brand sighed, "So Zecma is not the norm for Devil Mice?"

                  Raluta replied, "Hardly. He is one of a few that saw the light of goodness. The norm for Devil Mice is exactly what your partner was programmed to do the first time. Rape people."

                  Brand sighed again. "Then I need to speak to Zecma about my partner. I chose Devil Mouse as a base form when I thought Zecma's type was the norm for his species."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    It was late that evening at the farm. Brand was glad to be back in his bedroom in his own bed, though he felt like a complete stupid boob. Of course when Jinx found out what had happened, a good many teachers and students at the school were getting that 'look' that no one ever wanted to get.

                    "Zecma will never want to see me again. Maybe I deserve to lose myself. I should never have entered that contest. I wish I was in Hell..."

                    Just then, a voice made an unexpected comment. "You don't really want that. Believe me." It was Zecma. And he was in Brand's room having dinner on a floating platter. "Raluta told me about the conversation you both had at the theater. He told you the truth; I am far from the norm for Devil Mice. Although the type I have become is fast becoming a set trend for Devil Mice seeking permission to visit the upper world. My friend Maatz Areli on Earth runs Triple I where they investigate missing children cases. He is also a Devil Mouse."

                    Brand sighed. "I need to change my partner card's base species since your type is not the norm. I guess I made a lousy card trainer. Fort-X probably hates me now."

                    Zecma floated over and hugged the boy gently. "Fort-X was the name of the card, Brand. Don't get me wrong, I only had to remove the corrupted Devil Mouse from the base form and replace it with a clean non-tainted version. Aside from replacing the polluted base form, Vortex is still your partner. The corrupted Devil Mouse was sent to the Devil Mouse training grounds where he is reported to have tried to pounce and fuck all of the trainers in the realm. Would you like me to spend the night with you, Brand? I brought your partner card back to you along with a secure Card Launcher."

                    Brand nodded his head. "Would you please? I want to hold you closely tonight."

                    Zecma nodded and hugged Brand again. "Of course I will, Brand. We're friends, after all. Just let me finish my dinner."

                    Inside the main house, Jinx and Lewis were having a talk about the day's events, as they rested in their shared bed.

                    "...and the school is still investigating the incident where Athena had to beat the Hell out of the Welfare People whom somehow showed up in the school while the instructors simply looked onward. Some of the other students assisted Athena against the bums," said Jinx.

                    Lewis said, "They had no immediate explanation whatsoever?"

                    Jinx shook her head. "I couldn't get them to tell me anything. That's when I used my 'look' on them. They earned it. They humiliated Athena and made her feel completely vulnerable."

                    Later that night, Jinx and Lewis were awoken to the sound of Zeta barking and howling loudly.

                    Lewis sat up. "What in the Hell can be up with that dog at this hour?" He immediately got out of bed, stepping into his slippers and housecoat, and left the bedroom to find where Zeta was barking and howling from. As Lewis walked into Athena's bedroom, he saw an ugly looking anime creature glaring in the window at the sleeping Athena.

                    And that was as far as the glaring stare got, as Lewis surged forth and power punched the ugly creature in both eyes, sending it flailing down to the driveway just out front of the house with a sickening splat!

                    Lewis smiled back at the Great Dane. "Good job, Zeta. Protect Athena."

                    Zeta nodded his head and barked once, then got back on the bed and curled up quietly to protect his mistress.

                    Lewis pulled the shutters closed, locked them, then closed and locked the window, as well. He then left the bedroom.

                    Within Eclipse's bungalow bunkhouse, Jason was having a partner discussion with his dragon partner, Silvadra. "...And Zecma admitted that only Raluta could alter your programming since the hybrid made your card for me. So you have nothing to fear from Zecma."

                    Silvadra grinned. "So I was worried over nothing. Um... may I come out of my card and lay under the blankets with you, Jason? You are my partner and we should try to get along as a team. And no, I am not wanting to fuck you; not like the old Fort-X was wanting to do to everyone. But if you did permit sex, I would let you control when and how far. Have you ever dreamed of getting it from a dragon?"

                    Jason blushed. "Yes. I guess I have a dirty mind, Silvadra. Come on out of the card and lay with me. Just do not get me stuck inside of you; I have school in the morning and being stuck would be embarrassing for both of us. We do not want my mom to come out here to get us apart." Silvadra emerged from the card and slid under the blankets with the boy whom was his partner. "Slide your hand inside my slit and please rub on my shaft, partner. That is permissible, isn't it? We cannot get stuck that way, right?" Jason embarrassingly found himself obeying the request as he slid his hand inside the dragon slit to pleasure his dragon partner's penis. "I mean it, Silvadra. Even though I really want to show you a better time than this, I am not sure how we can get away with it." Silvadra grinned. "I know a way, partner. But you have to give me permission to make it possible. Yes or no." Jason sighed once before saying. "Very well, I will give you permission to make it possible. Yes."

                    In the blink of of eye, Jason found himself butt naked next to Silvadra in an open field under a night time sky where a rectangular window floating in mid-air nearby showed a view of Jason's bedroom. But that was all Jason got to see before his partner mounted him deeply and lovingly in the open field. "Welcome to my home inside the card, love. Time will move slower herein and we will have time to get apart before you have to go to school."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Virtual Adventure.