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[CAMP-04] BS: CR-02 Earning a Ship

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    [CAMP-04] BS: CR-02 Earning a Ship

    Bunny Smuggler - Captain Rabbit

    This is the adventure of Benjamin "Bugs" Bonny and his story of how he became Captain Rabbit.

    [CAMP-04] BS: CR-02 Earning a Ship.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    It was a few weeks later and Bugs had just completed a successful market sales of his bumper crop of fruits and vegetables to interested buyers. This meant that he had manually learned the Merchant skill the hard way. Learning a skill that way had more meaning for Bugs since it permitted him to practice with his new abilities. His Gardening skill had also increased as had his Cooking skill. He was becoming quite a chef on the Hub World. Silverpaw when not raising their leveret children checked on Captain Goldovar periodically out of curiosity to see if the captain was finished recuperating. Laying in bed for that length of time had to be giving the lapine star ship captain cabin fever something fierce.

    "So how was the old captain, hon?" asked Bugs as he bottle fed one of the young does some warmed coconut milk.

    Silverpaw replied, "He said another week or two and he might be feeling up to checking out the ship. He is driving me crazy by staying in bed for this length of time. A Helms Rabbit who cannot do his job is an idle and stir-crazy lapine indeed."

    Bugs said, "The goddess informed me that Red-Ears returned the artifact bracers after we saved the Hub Port from the Super Nova explosions. I also learned that Galactic Base has a radio station somewhere close to the Bunny Smuggler Hub World. I was listening to some of their music earlier today while making my sales at the market."

    Silverpaw fed one of their sons some mashed carrots saturated with coconut milk. "I don't know what you put into these mashed carrots to make our children love them so much. My first batch of bunny sons were super finicky when it came to eating their dinner."

    Bugs grinned. "As strange as this will sound, I add a teaspoon of powdered sugar to the mashed carrots to make it taste sweet. And all children love sweets."

    Silverpaw grinned back. "You sneaky cheater. But if it works, hon, I won't complain."

    Bugs then said, "I was thinking about acquiring my own ship, love. Supply trips back to Earth are not so easy in a small merchant trader. I know I married you, hon, but the goddess did give me permission to return to Earth periodically to check in with my family there and so far, I'm still stuck here on Bunny Smuggler Hub World."

    Silverpaw lifted his head. "Good ships are not cheap, love. Do you really need something the size of my captain's ship or do you want something comfortable with a fair cargo hold?"

    Bugs said, "The bridge needs to be large enough for four adult lapines, minimum, while the rest of the ship should have space for possible other passengers and goods. Not to mention, the ship needs a decent toilet/wash room. I do not want to get the runs in deep space." He winked with a small laugh.

    Silverpaw giggled. "You are always making me laugh, hon. But that is part of what makes me love you. Tomorrow, after having my mother watch the children, I will take you down to the ship yard and show you the possible ships we can construct here on Hub World. As long as the ship isn't terribly ridiculous in design, our ship builders can build anything."

    Bugs said, "Tomorrow it is then, love. Your captain really is driving you crazy with staying grounded for this long."

    Silverpaw remarked, "He says he still needs to reward you for which you haven't gone to see him as yet. I don't know what this reward is; but he has been insistent about this since you saved his life."

    Bugs said, "Perhaps I should go see him tonight and find out what he has in mind. That way our outing tomorrow is not interrupted."

    Silverpaw nodded his lapine head. "You go do that; then return and sleep with me like a good husband should."

    Later that evening, Bugs arrived at the VIP hospital where Captain Goldovar was recuperating. after gaining access to his room, Bugs smiled at the resting captain and said, "Hello Goldovar. Silverpaw said you were insistent upon rewarding me for saving your life. He and I have an outing planned for tomorrow, but I have time to find out what reward you have in mind tonight. Since you were recovering, I did marry Silverpaw and we have several leveret children we are raising. Silverpaw is starting to go a little crazy with being grounded when you and your crew should be doing missions."

    Goldovar pulled back the blanket on his bed and he got up and he turned Bugs around before he pulled down Bugs' pants and mounted him holding himself within the heroic lapine for an hour before releasing the skill serum into Bugs' insides before pulling out of him and pulling his trousers back up over his waist. "Reward given, Bugs. Since you saved my life, I wanted to give you a copy of my skills. I know not to impregnate you as a reward. The goddess might kill me if I did. You are her holy warrior after all. I will be up in two more days."

    Bugs sighed. "Thank you for foregoing the pregnancy. But why share your skills with a dumb old Scottish Earth human like me?"

    Goldovar smirked. "So you are a human with a lapine form like I figured you were. I sort of owe you for bringing my ship back to the Hub World and making sure that I got a chance to be revived after you accidentally took a bath in my liquidated lapine essence which was all over the bridge. I owe you for putting you through a transformation that you had not asked for and getting you stuck as one of us. Falling in love with Silverpaw was likely not part of your plan; but he is a good soul to be partnered with."

    Bugs straightened his uniform and said, "Silverpaw wants to resume doing missions. Your laying here is driving him crazy."

    Goldovar nodded his muzzle a little as he laid back down and covered up. "I know. But tell him that I will be up and about the day after tomorrow."

    Bugs smiled. "Will do, Captain. Rest well. I have to go now before the goddess gives me another task to do." And he departed to go home to Silverpaw.

    End of Chapter One.