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[Dinosaucers] JL-03: Paul Yearwood and the Little People

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    [Dinosaucers] JL-03: Paul Yearwood and the Little People

    [Dinosaucers] The Jerry Lakes story

    [Dinosaucers] JL-03: Paul Yearwood and the Little People.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    March 15th, 2021

    Chapter One

    Paul had just created a reduction machine with Jerry's Wererat assistance and then after a testing of the device, and it worked to reduce a pencil in size, Paul locked up the device in his project cabinet. Going home for the night feeling good about himself, he forgot to remove a custom rat-fur collar that he had the Wererat to assist him in creating to keep a person warm during cold nights. During the night, the Tyrannos broke into Paul's lab to see what the human nerd had been working on and they took the reduction machine that would lead to chaos.

    "We used to be four ordinary teenagers! Until one day. We met some new friends; from out of town! They were called Dinosaucers! My friends and I became the Secret Scouts; allies to these Dinosaucers from outer space! And joined in their battles against Genghis Rex and the evil Tyrannos!

    /The Dinosaucers are leaving, Bossasaur!/ /Well! Follow them!/


    The next morning, Jerry woke up in his bed to an unusual silence. There would normally be the sounds of his mother making breakfast or his father watching the morning news before his trip to work at city hall. But this morning, those sounds were missing. Then when he went to get out of bed, he noted that he was in his Wererat form albeit still wearing his human pajamas. "What the? I know I changed back to normal before going to bed. So what gives? I can undo this... Moonrise Jerry." And nothing happened. He was still in his human sized Wererat Guardian form. He grabbed his Secret Scout ring and put it on before activating it. "Come in Secret Scouts. Ryan? Sara? Paul? David? Dinosaucers answer please! Something is wrong this morning! I woke up in one of my Guardian forms and I cannot power down to my normal human form!"

    After a few moments of silence, he was glad to hear Paul's voice coming over the secret Scout Ring. "Jerry? This is Paul. I cannot find my parents anywhere in the house. I found their clothes laid out for a day of work, as well as their car keys, wallets and purses as well as my father's itinerary from last night. Both cars are still parked in the driveway. I'll come on over as soon as I get my shoes on. Paul out."

    Jerry walked around the house and as he entered his parents bedroom, he saw his shrunken mother and father sitting on the bed waving frantically at him. Jerry knelt down and said, "Paul and I are working on undoing this mess right now, Dad. Perhaps the safest place to be for you and mom is right here in your bed. I don't know why I didn't shrink like the others. Ryan, Sara and David never answered their scout rings. Do you want me to bring you guys some food and water in a small container? I don't think we have glasses in action figure sizes."

    Edward Lakes said, "Son, your mom and I will be fine. Just do everything you can with Paul to undo this horrible nightmare."

    Jerry said, "Now that I know you and mom are safe, I can focus on saving the rest of the town. Time to go meet up with Paul. I am sorry this happened to you guys." And he left the room.

    Waiting on his front porch, he managed a smile when he saw Paul arrive on his Scout Cycle. "Paul. Your parents are not missing; they have been shrunk like the whole town. I found my shrunken parents in their bed; you and I are the only ones full size at the moment. And I think I know why... I added a fail-safe into our reduction machine making it so no one of the Guardian variety would be reduced if the device was used on them. And before that, when I made your Keep Warm Collar for you, I made it out of my own fur. That is why you didn't shrink."

    Paul reached up and he touched the collar. "I often forget that I have this on. Good thing, this time. So where do you think the Tyrannos took our reduction machine? It only had the power to shrink objects the size of a large pencil. They had to have taken the device to an amplifier and linked it up before turning it on to cause this wide spread affect over the entire Pine Ridge county valley. Three other towns are in the same trouble we are."

    Jerry said as he flicked his tail, "I suspect they took the device to the County Weather tower which has viewing access of the entire county. They would have brought the amplifier there to make use of it fully there. Lava Dome is just inside the county which explains why the Dinosaucers didn't answer. And the Tar Pits to the South are also just inside the county line. The Tyrannos couldn't know that they would end up shrinking themselves when they did this. Boy, are they going to be embarrassed when they have to be rescued."

    Paul said, "Good thing you put the fail-safe in without my knowledge, Jerry. I probably would have removed it if I had known about it. You are still my favorite Techie."

    Jerry grinned at his human friend. "Thankfully, I'm the only one you know. Now let's go find our device and put it into reverse."

    At that moment over the Scout Rings, they both heard Genghis Rex's angry voice. "Secret Scouts, This is Genghis Rex! Terrible-Dactyl is unaccounted for at our base! The rest of us have been shrunk to the size of toys! If you find his worthless tail, feel free to yank it out of his body along with every single scale he has! I don't know what dumb thought crossed his feeble mind! Just undo this horrible event! Rex out!"

    Jerry and Paul looked at each other and laughed for a bit before heading out. Paul said, "When it comes to desperation, Rex finds a way to get the message out."

    When the boys arrived at the Weather Tower, they saw a jury-rigged amplifier hooked up to their device as it was pointed straight up toward a four way mirror at the top of the tower. But Terrible-Dactyl was no where to be seen at all. Jerry said, "Scenario... Terrible-Dactyl set all this up, turned on the device and began to fly back to the Tar Pits just as the shrink ray began shrinking everything. When he realized that it was affecting him, he either tried to return here or else he crash landed in the tar pits and is stuck." Paul said, "That sounds like something brilliant he would have done. Good thing Rex contacted us about him. So if he is still around," he raised his voice and shouted, "REX KNOWS YOU DID THIS, TERRIBLE-DACTYL! HE IS VERY ANGRY!" Then he smiled at Jerry as he quietly said, "Do the honors, Jerry. I don't know where you put the reverse switch."

    Jerry opened up what looked like a battery pack opening and he stuck a claw tip in and flicked a switch inside which caused the blue shrink ray to change to a pink growth ray.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    With the device safely dismantled, Paul and Jerry-Rat returned to Lava Dome to report in to Allo and the others. Allo listened to Jerry give the report and then he turned to Paul and said, "This makes twice you have created a device which almost had everyone at the mercy of the Tyrannos. What have you to say for yourself, Paul? If Jerry hadn't installed those emergency fail-safes in case of this very thing happening, then we would still be stuck as toy dinosaurs. As for Jerry himself, I just got off the horn with Rex and I told him that the newest scout was responsible for getting all of the Tyrannos back to normal size; something he couldn't have done if they had killed him weeks ago. Rex has agreed to drop the ultimatum against you if you stop using the Smiley form when dealing with his people. I mean, now that we have two real Smileys we don't need the copy as much as before." He turned to look at the black boy once again. "I'm waiting for an explanation, Paul."

    Paul finally said, "There is no excuse for the lack of security on where I locked the device up at, Allo. I had forgotten how easy Rex's goons could get into my labs behind his back and do stupid things that would often result in landing me on the hot seat. Saying I'm sorry isn't enough. Perhaps I should stop being a Secret Scout for a while since I am a liability to the team. Perhaps a good two-week punishment would do me a world of good."

    Jerry-Rat reached over and removed the Keep Warm Collar from around Paul's neck and he pocketed it. "I have an idea on how you can repay society for this stunt, Paul; but make no mistake; this will not be a cake walk. Allo will keep your secret scout ring here while you are doing this two-week exercise. I've been in contact with the Guardians and they agree with my idea. If you are sure you want to undergo this punishment, we can get this started. If at anytime after a week, you are ready to return to active status, simply find your way back to me and we can get you back into the right shape. But as I said, this will NOT be a cake walk. Look how many times I've suffered since getting these powers before you complain about how I shouldn't lay a punishment on you. Allo just wanted an explanation; you started talking about punishments. So if you are serious, then hand over your ring to Allo so we can start."

    Allo held out his hand palm-side up and said, "I think Jerry is within his rights, Paul; I only asked you to explain yourself. I would have dropped it after that; you volunteered to be punished. I don't know what Jerry has planned for you, but he did tell you how you could get out of it after a week." He glanced at the Guardian Rat that was Jerry before looking back to Paul once again. "The ring, if you please. The story we will tell your parents is that you are off on a two-week sabbatical to study something sciency. They should believe that."

    Jerry-Rat said, "This must be Secret Scouts on P.M.S. month or something. First, Sara nearly blinds her own brother with that powered up scout ring falcon-punch to his visual center. Its a good thing I examined Ryan or else he would have lost his eye sight entirely. Now Paul arranges by accident for a Tyranno to shrink the entire county down to Troll toy action figures. Even Rex referred to the size as Toys. I suspect David will be next to do something outrageous. I want to keep an eye on Ryan, Allo. I am still concerned over his health."

    Paul removed his Scout Ring and he placed it into Allo's hand. "I am sorry, Allo. Hopefully in a week, I will make this up to you guys."

    He turned to look at Jerry-Rat Guardian. "Now what happens?"

    Jerry-Rat asked, "Do you know where the farming community of Graygrove lies? And of the rich fertile lands of Golden Harvest?"

    Paul nodded his head. "Yeah, Graygrove is overrun with rats and Golden Harvest is cut off from the human access routes thanks to the recent earthquake we had a few weeks ago."

    Jerry-Rat said, "The State is about to send in a force of fumigation experts to kill all the rats with poison in a week and a half. Your mission is to go to Graygrove and convince as many rats as you can to travel with you to Golden Harvest where loads of abandoned clean food is awaiting them. There will be know-it-all rats whom will not listen to you; so target the younger rats so they have the best possible chance to live through the kill strike. You must not tell them that you are a human under a punishment; For this mission, you will always know where Harvest Grove and Lava Dome is located no matter where you are either underground or on the surface. Avoid the surface when you can or we may not get you back alive. For the duration of this mission, Paul, you will be joining the Little People Tribe of Rats. Your name will be Paul Scouting-tail. And now... may Heaven save your soul, Paul... I am sorry..."

    "Good luck." And as Jerry-Rat said those last two words, Paul felt as if he was falling through a vortex of vertigo and nausea until he landed on all fours in the form of a common Rat at the entrance to a network of tunnels directly under the farming community of Graygrove. Now he just had to find the other rats. Even if he found a know-it-all, he knew how to temporarily get on their good sides; tell them what the humans were planning to do to Graygrove.

    Back at Lava Dome, Allo blinked his eyes as Paul vanished through a shadow hole in the floor which closed up once again as if it had never been there. "What exactly was that, Jerry?" Jerry-Rat said, "That was a direct access planned Backstage trapdoor effect leading directly to Graygrove's tunnel networks. I changed Paul into a common Rat. He will be able to speak only rat while on the mission. Should he return to me in a week, and since I can also speak Rat, I will restore him to his human form and then we will see if he has learned his lesson."

    Jerry-Rat then changed back into his human form. "Besides, he is going to have another problem when he returns to his labs after the mission."

    Allo arched an eye. "What problem will that be?"

    Jerry made a dopey grin (that he had learned from the Were-Kangaroos) at Allo. "Paul and I test shrank a common graphite pencil and after it was small, he placed it into his desk drawer. When the growth ray was activated, the pencil grew to four times its original size. It destroyed his desk and is currently stuck in both walls of the lab building with the destroyed desk in the middle of it."

    Allo started laughing at how silly that sounded.

    Jerry then said, "With a pencil that size, he will never run out of graphite."

    Allo was laughing again and rolling on the floor as well.

    End of Chapter Two