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[Dinosaucers] JL-02: Miracle of the Mallard

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    [Dinosaucers] JL-02: Miracle of the Mallard

    [Dinosaucers] The Jerry Lakes story

    [Dinosaucers] JL-02: Miracle of the Mallard
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    January 22nd, 2021

    Chapter One

    The next few weeks consisted of more Tyranno plots and each of the Dinosaucer males going through their rutting periods. Then came the day when a minor earthquake shook up the region North and South with Pine Ridge at the Northernmost point. Allo thought that this would be the ideal time to travel down to San Francisco to assist Mallard with rescues and clean-up duties to earn his assistance with the plan they had come up with to revive the Smilodon species of Reptilon.

    "We used to be four ordinary teenagers! Until one day. We met some new friends; from out of town! They were called Dinosaucers! My friends and I became the Secret Scouts; allies to these Dinosaucers from outer space! And joined in their battles against Genghis Rex and the evil Tyrannos!

    /The Dinosaucers are leaving, Bossasaur!/ /Well! Follow them!/


    Mallard assisted Ace Kannis by looking for trapped people and using his levitation power to move debris out of the way. "I am so glad the Mighty Ducks strengthened the Angel Island base for us a few weeks ago or else our home would have been a big mess."

    While the clean up and rescue effort was going on, Duke L'Orange arrived with Grin Hardwing to lend assistance. When Duke laid his eyes on Falcone, he tensed up. "Why are you out of lock-up?"

    Falcone replied, "Way back when Mallard was getting New Puck City arranged, he agreed to my parole offer to assist him with his Puck Police and city building exercises. I have been sworn in and everything so I am out legally. Not to mention... Mallard is a lot of fun. Why are you and Grin up here?"

    Duke replied, "The others took Casey shopping for school supplies and Grin and I agreed that shopping was not the job for a Resistance fighter so we told Wildwing that we would come up here and help with rescue and clean-up. How crazy has your adventures with Mallard been so far? He can certainly twist Dragaunus around his little finger."

    Falcone grinned slyly. "With that X-Ray vision of his, he often sees more than he cares to. He was getting some fencing lessons from me earlier today. And the kid is good. I am glad he isn't Canard, although Canard is helping Drake 2 with a few projects."

    Nearby, on a motor scooter, Aramus Quincy was toting around bottled water and Zero was talking to the the video game fanatic. "We haven't seen you around in a while, Aramus. How was the Mario marathon going before today's earthquake?"

    Aramus smiled with a grin. "I was actually done; I was just searching for Easter Eggs in the game. So when Mother Nature had enough of my being a perfectionist, she shook the power off and I chose to bring bottled water to the boys in blue. Sigmund once said that he saw me as a hero; so I am hopefully performing like one by bringing fresh water to the police force. And how have you been, Zero? You and I were getting along great before Sigmund bought me the newest Mario games."

    Zero sighed. "Lonely at times. Mallard permits me to sleep in the same bed with him when Nosedive has to be off in Anaheim, but I have missed your company, Aramus. I know you don't like ducks all that much, but would you take a second chance with me?"

    Aramus hated to see Zero looking and feeling all alone so he gave the pilot duck a hug as he whispered, "For you, Zero, I would. You are the nicest thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since Sigmund married Carol, I've been afraid to come over and spend any time at his place. Carol scares me; James was okay, but Carol can be creepy... like the She-Hulk from the comics."

    Mallard grabbed a hold of a broken section of roadway that had fallen on motorists just beneath on the roads below and he used his super strength and flight to lift the section of roadway up and out of the way to give paramedics easier access to those whom needed treatment. When he heard that a car door would not open, he flicked part of his levitation power in that direction which made the door POP open as you would a perforated soda can... as the car door bounced along the ground and out of the way.

    Ace said, "Good exercise of multi-tasking, Mallard. Make sure that section of roadway gets back to the highway department so they can repair the roads here later."

    While dropping off the section of roadway at the highway department, for the second time in his life, he distinctively heard what sounded like someone pulling back the hammer on a rifle like gun and he immediately homed in on the individual holding the space age rifle which was being aimed at a group of five teenagers. Four males and one female. The brute with the gun was none other than Brachio of the Tyrannos and he was aiming at the Secret Scouts or more to the point, at the newest Secret Scout, Jerry Lakes. Very quickly, Mallard fired off his Frozen Sight power which encased Brachio in that ice that not even Mallard himself could break once it was on someone. "Ice Age, anyone?" he exclaimed as the Tyranno froze solid in the super cold glacial block of Puckworldian Ice. And then as Mallard flew over to check on the teenagers, he saw Allo and the other Dinosaucers stepping out from their defensive positions to speak to the Secret Scouts. Mallard then landed in their midst. "I never expected to see the Dinosaucers so close to the Bay area. I am Mallard Thunderbeak of the local Puck Police; a former human. Are you teenagers okay?"

    Allo shook Mallard's hand. "My friends and I were coming down this way to offer our help to the earthquake victims. The Tyrannos are angry over our newest secret weapon, Jerry, whom can change into various Dinosaucers from our team. We didn't know about the local Puck Police."

    Mallard grinned. "I'll clear you people with my law enforcement sponsor and then we can get twice the clean up work done. Aside from that, if you would like an alliance with the Puck Police, it is being offered. Our home base is on Angel Island."

    Allo remarked, "Our home base is at Lava Dome in Northern California, just outside of Pine Ridge. And an alliance sounds like a fine idea."

    Moments later, Mallard had the Dinosaucers lined up in front of Ace Kannis where upon he explained why Allo and his friends came to the Bay Area. Ace said, "If my boy, Mallard, is vouching for you, I will accept your offer of assistance. We could use all the help we can get. Thankfully there isn't as much damage as what had occurred a few years ago."

    Following that, clean up progressed a lot faster than usual including up to the point when Dragaunus appeared and assisted Mallard with a job he had been working on. "Fancy seeing you up here by yourself assisting with a humanitarian effort. What's up, Godzilla-Red?" Dragaunus replied, "My minions are acting asinine again."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Near the end of the Dinosaucer's visit to the bay area, Allo revealed to Mallard what real reason they had come to him in regards to.

    Mallard said, "Saving lives from oblivion is something that I have done before and most times it does not done with a magic spell. Come back to Angel Island with me and I will show you what I do to save lives. However, I will mention that there might be a chance that the Smiley and his people that I find won't be the ones that you are familiar with if I take passengers with me. That is why I have to make the trip alone. But how will I know Smiley when I see him?"

    Jerry Lakes smiled at Mallard. "Pay close attention, Mallard. As the one-man Dinosaucer, I can change into his exact likeness. Behold... Dinovolve Smiley!" And he changed into Jerry-Smiley. "I am still Jerry under this transformation; I am not Smiley reborn. So examine me entirely in this form and then you will know what to look for. I even have his voice and scent when in this form." Then he held still for Mallard to examine him in detail. After a color identification, test sniffs and a brief measurement of the height and saber tooth length, Mallard nodded his head. "Now I need the coordinates for Planet Reptilon. And remember... do not follow me through the time portal or else bad things could happen."

    Dinosorcerer provided the coordinates for the home world.

    Mallard turned to face a solid wall and he programmed in the coordinates for Reptilon into his portable Gate between worlds before he activated the portal on the wall. When the time portal opened, He leaped through the opening and was gone.

    But then out of curiosity, Sara stuck her head into the opening to see what it looked like in there, before Jerry yanked her back. "Sara! He said not to go in there with him! There is no telling where he will arrive now! Where did your intelligence go?"

    Sara said, "I'm sorry, but my curiosity got the better of me. I got distracted by your fur coat."

    Jerry devolved himself back into his human form.

    But the damage was done as Mallard arrived in an alternate version of Reptilon where he found that the Tyrannos were completely in charge of the planet. Sneaking around using his powers led him by scent and sound to locate where Smiley and the other Smilodons were being held prisoner within what seemed to be a prison cell near the bottom of a mine shaft. Two Tyranno armed guards stood guard over the cell door as if they thought that the Dinosaucers might arrive for the rescue. As Mallard got a clear shot of the guards, he focused in their direction and he fired off his Frozen Sight power and both Guards were caught off guard as they were frozen into a block of ice. Then he approached the door and he said without appearing, "Is Smiley the Special Agent in there?"

    Smiley stepped forward looking as if they had roughed him up for not revealing what he knew about allies." "I am Smiley the Ninja. Whom are you that you must remain hidden?"

    Mallard said, "I am not from Planet Reptilon myself and Dinosorcerer asked me to rescue you and as many of your people as I could find. Why did they rough you up?"

    Smiley replied, "The Tyrannos wanted me to tell them where the Dinosaucer rebels locked themselves up at. I promised Tricero that I wouldn't reveal their hiding place to the enemy. But I am worried about them since I consider Tricero to be a brother. I don't want to leave him behind. Promise me that you will rescue him and his friends and I will tell you where they are hiding. Please?"

    Mallard allowed himself to seen at that point. "I am called Mallard Thunderbeak. I promise to rescue your brother and his friends if you promise to come with me when we leave Reptilon. It is not safe here for any of you."

    All of the Smilodons made the promise since this duck was their ticket out of Reptilon. Smiley then told their rescuer where the Dinosaucer rebels were hold up at in the mountains where they were attempting to build a rocket ship to escape from Reptilon. Then Mallard bagged up the Smilodons in a leather tote sack with air holes within it as he hefted the sack over his shoulder, turned invisible and took flight back the way he had come from to enter this prison mine at all. Then he located the nearly hidden entrance to the Dinosaucer Rebels mountain base well outside of Reptilon City. Letting himself inside using Smiley's pass code, he soon located the rebels looking as if they were in the worst shape of their lives. Not cleaned up and presentable as the main stream Dinosaucers had been and the escape ship was barely ship shape. As Mallard floated near the one that looked like Dimetro, he whispered to him, "Smiley sent me to rescue all of you. Get everyone together near the main hall's main wall and load yourselves into that crate that saw in there. Or ignore my voice and be found by the Tyrannos eventually. This is your one chance to get out of this alive. I had to make a promise to Smiley to make this attempt."

    Rebel-Dimetro went and told Rebel-Allo and Rebel-Tricero what he had heard a moment ago along with the message from Smiley. Along with Rebel-Dinosorcerer and Rebel-Dinosorceress the Rebel-Dinosaucers piled into the cargo crate and hunkered down to make space as Rebel-Tricero and Rebel-Stego came in last closing the crate behind them. "I sure hope Smiley can get us out of here. The Tyranno Tyrants have locked down all fuel depots; we couldn't get any fuel for our escape ship at all. I hope that voice you heard is for real, Dimetro. We're stuck if it was just your imagination."

    Wrapping the crate up in a role of duct tape that he always carried with him, Mallard then audibly said, "Time to get you guys and Smiley as well as his people to safety. Here we go."

    All rebels within the crate felt the entire crate lift up and start gliding in a direction they knew had been a solid wall in their secret base. But when the inevitable crash into the wall didn't happen, they felt the crate setting itself down on what felt like solid tarmac coated concrete.

    Mallard activated his communicator, "Falcone, lead the Dinosaucers and the Secret Scouts down to the launch hangar. And I would like to know whom failed to obey my orders. I ended up on the wrong Reptilon, although the journey was not a total loss. I got a Smiley."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Falcone replied, "The scout called Sara stuck her head through after you went into the portal tunnel; Jerry pulled her back, but I assume it was too late. I'm bringing them down now." He looked at their guests. "Come with me... Mallard succeeded in his mission on an alternate version of Reptilon."

      Allo and the others gave Sara that disappointed look but what was done, was done.

      Mallard then said, "Did Dinosorcerer bring Smiley's original fur hide with him? If he did, then I can attempt to revive him with the magical method; I don't like using that method because playing God scares me. I may have to contact our ally Victor Devlin for help."

      Dinosorcerer pulled out the fur and showed it to Falcone for a moment before he put it away.

      Falcone said, "He has the goods, boss duck, we're on our way."

      Soon within the Launch bay of the base, Mallard set the bag down and then he opened the crate up at one end. "Come on out, rebels. I need to make sure Smiley and his people are okay. They take up less space than you guys do." He then began to untie the cord on top of the bag.

      The Dinosaucer heroes then got to meet their Rebel counterparts. Instead of being mad, Allo looked as happy as he had been when he got to meet Jerry-Allo. "I have a brother finally!"

      The two Dinosorcerers greeted each other and spoke at length in that magical Reptilon language of theirs.

      Mallard soon stepped over to a new wall and he used his magic to open it. "Ally Devlin; this is Mallard. I am going to need your help with a magical species revival. I am afraid that I am not up to the skill necessary to revive a fallen being."

      The Medicinal Were-Kangaroo boomer known as Victor hopped out of the Backstage door as he hugged Mallard before looking at him funny. "Yas are cleaner this time. But yas still smell the same to me, mate. Now where is this patient?"

      Retrieving the fur pelt of the original Smiley and borrowing Tricero, Jerry, Rebel-Tricero and Rebel-Smiley, the group went into another room since after being revived, the original Smiley would be naked. Mallard said, "Jerry, change into the Smiley form and this time I am going to magically make a duplicate of your uniform to give to the original Smiley so he has something wear once he is brought back to life. I will still need to contact Chester on Planet Stallos II to see about acquiring an alternate home continent for the Rebel-Dinosaucers and Rebel-Smiley's people. That was the plan I believe."

      Jerry struck his pose and said, "Dinovolve Smiley!" And he changed into Jerry-Smiley where upon he held still while Mallard duplicated the uniform for the soon to be revived Smiley original. Victor examined Jerry-Smiley for a moment and then he took the Smiley pelt-hide and laid it out as if Smiley was in a stealth position on the floor.

      Victor smiled at Mallard, "Pay attention ally and student," and then he wove msystical lines above Smiley's fur-pelt as he said, "Good Lord above... permit me to revive this poor soul whom did not deserve to perish before his time. He is not of your flock but good people care for him and his revival can assist the one-man Dinosaucer in perfecting his skills." And this was followed by the sprinkling of an almost clear mist like powder all over the fur pelt and at the end, the remaining dust was blown into Jerry-Smiley's muzzle and nostrils.

      This made Jerry sneeze in Smiley's fur-pelt direction just as Victor activated the Breath of Life spell on the fallen Smilodon. As the sneeze interacted with the dust around the fur-pelt and the spell in question, the fur-pelt seemed to inflate slowly as if to fill out with bones, muscle, and other bodily organs as well as the brain, heart, and nerves last. Then his more prominent bodily features settled into place which included the well-defined abs and the more than awesome male package and ball sac.

      Jerry said, "It dawns on me that Original Smiley may still want his original Lady Love and not simply a duplicate from another dimension. Could you see about fetching her, Mallard? And do it where the other scouts cannot mess it up the second time."

      Mallard smiled. "For you and your training mentor, I will do it."

      Tricero then came around to where the original Smiley was regaining consciousness. "Feels like someone removed my uniform... it is cold without my gear," said Smiley. Tricero said, "His girlfriend is named Mila. Aim for her quarters the night after we learned that Smiley had fallen. Bring her whole bed if she will not listen to reason."

      Smiley grinned slyly. "No stealing my girl's bed, Tricero. Horny as usual, aren't you?"

      Tricero chuckled. "Mainly for you, old friend. I have your uniform right here and... you are even going to have a new student. A human gained the ability to become a one-man Dinosaucer and one of his forms is a copy of your sexy body. The young man's name is Jerry Lakes. We all like him a lot. He and another human male watched your entire training video. the other humans had to bail at the half-way point." He winked as he helped Smiley into his uniform.

      Mallard departed to make the quick trip to retrieve Smiley's girlfriend Mila. He would use the same story as before, Dinosorcerer had asked him to bring Mila to where Smiley was at.

      Arriving back within the private recovery chamber, Mallard pointed Mila over to Smiley whom was sitting up and sipping on a citrus juice drink through a straw.

      Mila dropped all of her luggage as she pounced Smiley and hugged and kissed him all over. Victor Devlin gave Mallard a hug and planted a deep kiss on his duck beak at the same time.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Later Mallard Thunderbeak contacted Chester on Stallos II and made the continent inquiry for a bunch of law-minded Reptilon Dinosaucer refuges from their home dimension.

        It didn't take long to manage an ever-warm continent on the equator for the Reptilon citizens. They named their continent as New Reptilon. Rebel-Smiley and his people were permitted to take up residence on the Law Jaguar's nearby warm continent.

        Mila was greeting Jerry in his human form and then she got to meet Jerry-Smiley after an explanation that he was not changing into her boyfriend. He would only have the appearance, voice, scent and skills. He still got the enthusiastic hug from Smiley's girlfriend indicating that Sara's reaction was completely normal for this species.

        Soon Mallard approached Allo and the other Dinosaucers as he said, "My team and I have a media appointment so I can update my image and answer a few questions about the Puck Police. This may be the best time for you guys to return to Pine Ridge. We can give you a lift if you like. I also wanted to let you see what my new image will look like in advance so when you saw me later in my new colors you would still know that it was me." He showed the Dinosaucers two image files that he had on his mainframe at that point. The first was only wearing shorts where the webbed feet were orange while the beak was yellow. The eyes were a light blue-green. The head feathers or hood were a dark blue-black which extended down to the neck where a brown ring separated the head feathers from the neck and shoulder feathers which then became an off-white color. This covered the shoulders, upper arms, and the entirety of the chest and stomach while the rest of the body, back, and legs were covered in denim blue feathers. The forearms from the wrists up to the elbows were of a light blue coloration that all Mallards had, while his hands were covered in fine off-white feathers. The second was colored like the first except it was wearing the fully modded Puck Police uniform with badge and ID with a name plate just above the star itself. The end result was obviously going to look awesome and according to Mallard, a necessary upgrade to show maturity so no one thought he was Canard Thunderbeak anymore on sight.

        Allo said, "You can give us a lift to where we stashed our flying vehicles at before you saw us walking into the area. Equipment like ours would be hard to replace. Good luck with your media appointment. We cannot afford to be seen in public like you can. During the rescue and clean-up emergency, the locals might have assumed that we were Saurians since we are similar in appearance."

        Mallard said, "One lift to your vehicles, although I would like to see Lava Dome someday. Just remember that I can fly under my own power. I really don't need the shuttle craft but since my whole team needs to make the trip with me to the media appointment we have no choice but to use it. As a former human, I make mistakes at times. I wouldn't have been in a coma initially had I been wearing proper head gear that one day long ago. Time to get out of here. To the shuttle, everyone!"

        One short trip out of San Francisco later permitted the Dinosaucers to get out at their vehicles. Before letting Jerry off the shuttle, Mallard held him close and whispered, "I don't know what's causing it, Jerry, but something about you is arousing me something fierce. Take care of yourself. Your powers are more predictable than mine."

        Jerry whispered back. "I am a little jealous of your flight power, in truth. Aside from that, I am open-minded and you definitely turn me on. Tell your kangaroo friend that he also got me aroused. See you around maybe." He gave the boss duck a kiss and a wink before joining the others at their vehicles. As he got on with Ryan, Sara had a look on her face that showed that she wanted to stick her nose into Jerry's business again. Jerry was starting hate it when Sara got too nosy.

        Jerry said aloud, "Mila really pounced me when she first saw me as Jerry-Smiley. I think she was faster than Sara." And the expected happened when Sara turned her attention toward Mila. Jerry then whispered to Ryan, "Your sister is starting to get on my nerves. I like you, Ryan, but she is acting like a possessive Tyranno. And that turns me off."

        Ryan whispered back, "I can run interference occasionally; although I really like hanging out with you, Jerry. Remember our shower together after the training video?"

        That brought a smile to Jerry's face. "Let's head home."

        As they flew over Pine Ridge, Ryan and the other Secret Scouts swooped down to dock at Scout Dome where Jerry said, "I think I should go check in with mom and let her know that I'm okay. She is so afraid that I am going to join some street gang somewhere." Although, what he was thinking was, If that street gang contained Mallard, Falcone or Smiley, then she would be completely right. Those guys give me a hard on. And he headed off across the meadow toward the back portion of the neighborhood where his family lived. As he was coming into the back yard, he saw his mother placing leaves into a yard bag. "Let me help you with that, mom!"

        Samantha Danvers-Lakes was a fabric factory worker for a place across town. She smiled when she saw her only son coming in through the back gate to lend a hand with the yard work. "How did the good deeds outing go, son?"

        Jerry helped to load the leaf bag as he said, "It went very well and I even got to meet that Police Duck from San Francisco while we were helping people. He told me that he was into Quad Hockey as his hobby and he respected the assistance young people like myself and Ryan were giving him and the others in trhe Bay area. Yes, we ended up going that far in making sure the roads were stable enough to handle goods traffic so we wouldn't have supply delays here in Pine Ridge. I also managed to get you a present during this last outing. A luxury retailer was so appreciative of the help we gave him, that he wanted to offer us a reward. Ryan and the others didn't want to accept but when I saw what the guy was offering and I knew that you had always wanted one, how could I say no. I told him that I would accept it on behalf of my mother and he handed this gift over to me with a smile saying that more young people should respect their parents like I obviously did." Jerry then opened his backpack and he unloaded something that he had asked Mallard to help him acquire, a spotted leopard fur coat based off of a copy of his own Jerry-Smiley's furry hide. He handed the brown paper bag with the gift over to his mother and waited for her reaction to the gift.

        Samantha slowly unwrapped the short coat and tried it on rubbing her hands over the fur. "Oh my! This is an exotic gift indeed, Jerry! I am so glad we lifted your curfew now! The other ladies will be so jealous when I make outings in this! But you deserve a reward yourself, Jerry! What would you really like for yourself!"

        Jerry replied, "I would like to someday get police cadet training from Mallard Thunderbeak, himself. He really impressed me today, mom. He's as open-minded as I am. I like him."

        End of Chapter Four