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[Dinosaucers] JL-01: The Magic Ring

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    [Dinosaucers] JL-01: The Magic Ring

    [Dinosaucers] JL-01: The Magic Ring

    Despite the Dinosaucers living at Lava Dome in Northern California and the Secret Scouts helping to cover up their exploits and even going so far as to debunk the existence of the Tyrannos, life in a nearby small town is about to get completely out of claw as the Reptilon saying goes. A young man finds a magic ring and decides to wear it completely unaware that the ring is a Reptilon artifact (created by the Dinosorcerer) that the Tyrannos had stolen and lost en route to using it in a plot against the Dinosaucers.

    When the magic ring is activated, it enables Jerry Lakes to transform into various members of the Dinosaucers team but always male. He can use their abilities while transformed and his voice is similar as well completely disguising him from others who might discover who he is. But when the artifact breaks while in use, Jerry absorbs the ring's powers and gains the ability permanently. Wearing a non-powered replica of the Magic Ring and a simple eye mask, Jerry calls himself Secret Scout. Later when he befriends Dimetro, the science minded member of the Dinosaucers attempts to find out why Jerry absorbed the powers of the ring when it broke.

    a Dinosaucers universe fan fiction
    The Dinosaucers, The Secret Scouts, the Tyrannos, the Dinosorcerer and the Dinosorceress, and all other canon characters of the genre are owned by DIC Entertainment. They are used here as guest stars only. I am not challenging the copyrights of stated characters in any way, shape nor form. All rights are reserved.

    Secret Scout

    [Dinosaucers] The Jerry Lakes story
    [Dinosaucers] JL-01: The Magic Ring
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    March 25th, 2018

    Jerry Lakes, Secret Scout (14)

    Edward Lakes, father (34) Small Town Mayor
    Samantha Danvers-Lakes, mother (29) Fabric Factory Worker

    Guest Starring:
    Bronto Thunder
    Ryan Spencer
    Sara Spencer
    Paul Yearwood
    David Toth

    Guest Villains:
    Genghis Rex
    Princess Dei
    Terrible Dactyl

    Chapter One

    Jerry Lakes was an average sized male teenager with light brown hair and hazel eyes. His skin was as fair as Ryan Spencer's skin the blond haired boy from down the street. Jerry was enjoying a hot dog on a bun in his back yard when he happened to see what looked like a comet like light shoot across the sky and hit the hills just past Pine Ridge. "Wow! Its too late to go out tonight to check that out due to my curfew with mom and dad. So I'll go check that out in the morning. I know there won't be anything to see by morning. There never is. I miss all the fun things." He finished his hot dog and he headed back inside. "Dad? Mom? I'm heading to bed now, I have a bike trip planned in the morning. I am going to ride up to Pine Ridge along the bike trail and I will be back before sundown tomorrow night." Informing his parents was a smart thing to do since his father was the mayor of this small town in Northern California. Within his bedroom, Jerry sent a text message to Ryan Spencer which read: bright light landed just beyond Pine Ridge; will ride my bike up there in the morning to look at the strike zone. I would love to see a meteorite someday. Jerry. Jerry then undressed and got into bed to get some sleep completely unaware of what tomorrow would bring. The start of an adventure he would never forget.

    "We used to be four ordinary teenagers! Until one day; we met some new friends, from out of town! They were called Dinosaucers! My friends and I became the Secret Scouts as we teamed up with these Dinosaucers from outer space! And joined their battles against Genghis Rex and the evil Tyrannos!

    /The Dinosaucers are leaving, Bossasaur!/ /Well! Follow them!/


    The next morning, Jerry was up early and he waved to his parents as they left the house to go to work. And then after putting on his bicycle safety gear and helmet, he began pedaling out of town up the trails toward Pine Ridge. He almost expected to run into Ryan, Sara, Paul or David. They always seemed to show up near a place they for some reason didn't want people to go to. But since Jerry had told Ryan where he was going the night before, perhaps he would not encounter anyone on Pine Ridge today and then Jerry could do some exploring.

    As he rode over the top of Pine Ridge, he heard what sounded like a fight coming from just ahead. Splintering trees and shattering boulders. "Are two bears fighting it out up here. Well, that would be more than nothing. Lets see if I can catch a glimpse of what is fighting." Jerry parked his bike and he carefully made his way toward 'The Bowl' which was a an almost bowl-shaped indentation in the nearby mountain top just ahead. Strangely it never held water after a rain. Jerry was almost to the safe entrance to the Bowl when a small sparkling item nearly missed him as it flew over his head. He went to pick up the item which seemed to be a strange gold ring which had an earth like gem embedded within top of the ring's surface instead of a normal shiny stone. He tried on the ring to see how it looked and it was a perfect fit. It actually had the appearance of the rings that Ryan, Sara, Paul and David all wore. Like club rings. Then he crept on ahead and peaked through the opening that led into the Bowl where he saw Brachio and Quackpot fighting against Dimetro, Stego, Tricero and Paul. Jerry was amazed. That brainy boy Paul was up here with these dinosaur people.

    "We'll be fossilized if Genghis Rex finds out that we lost it!" exclaimed Brachio. "What do you mean by 'we'? You dropped it, lame-brain!" exclaimed Quackpot as he was backing away from the fight scene. "If you had let me carry it, this wouldn't have happened! We'll just have to find it later when the Dinosaucers are not around."

    Jerry then wisely moved off to the side and squatted down behind a bush just as Brachio and Quackpot ran out of the 'Bowl' with laser fire shots just missing them. Then he heard the others talking, "What do you think they were here to retrieve, Dimetro?" asked Paul. Dimetro replied, "Whatever it was, We cannot let Rex get his claws on it. You guys go report in and I will look for the item they supposedly lost." Once Paul left with the other two Dinosaucers, Jerry got up and moved around to get a good look at the one called Dimetro. As he stepped into the bowl through the entrance, he slowly stopped when he saw a humanoid aqua green Dimetrodon wearing Brown and Red armor with a blue helm.

    "Wow. A real Dimetrodon. That must be where he gets his name."

    When Dimetro heard the voice of the human just behind him, he turned around slowly and said, "You must be Jerry. If you had arrived any sooner, you might have gotten hurt from the Tyrannos. I am sorry you saw any of us, Jerry. Please keep our existence a secret. I'll ask Allo to see about getting you a Secret Scout ring of your own."

    "I won't tell a soul. I don't think anyone would believe me, anyway." Jerry said, "You sound like the scientist of your group. Maybe you can tell me what this thing is. It flew out of the fight as I was arriving and I picked it up. It is a bit heavy for a ring." And he showed Dimetro the slightly glowing Reptilon ring on his finger.

    Dimetro said, "Take it off, Jerry. The ring is glowing."

    And that was when Jerry found that the ring would not come off his finger. "Ungh... It went on easy... its stuck. What do I do, Dimetro?"

    Dimetro said, "I'll just have to take you back to Lava Dome and get help from Allo and the others."

    Jerry said, "I parked my bicycle back on Pine Ridge before I came up here."

    Dimetro said, "Then we will pick it up so no one steals it. I am worried that this ring must be the item the Tyrannos were after. We need to let Allo see this."

    Dimetro picked up Jerry in his arms and charged out of 'the Bowl' and down the trail to where they found Jerry's bicycle mashed flat. From the looks of it, Brachio was the one who destroyed it. "We will make it up to you, Jerry. As I said, The Tyrannos are just flat evil." And then he went over to where his own personal transport was parked and he got on board, fired it up, lifted up and flew off in the direction of Lava Dome. "I'll contact Ryan and the others and let them know what Brachio did to your nice bicycle. They can help you to replace it. Uh oh..." He then noticed that the closer they got to Lava Dome the more the ring glowed. "That cannot be good, Jerry."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Within Lava Dome, Ryan and Sara along with Allo and the other Dinosaucers awaited Dimetro's arrival in the landing bay. When the hatch opened, Dimetro carried out both Jerry as well as the flattened bicycle. "Brachio flattened Jerry's bicycle. And Jerry has a glowing ring on his finger that won't come off. We are afraid that this ring is what the Tyrannos are after that Brachio lost at 'the Bowl'."

    Sara walked over to Jerry and said, "Don't worry, Jerry, Allo and the others will think of a way to get the ring off your finger. Ryan and I will get Tricero to help us to straighten out and repair your bicycle. Come on, Ryan. Remember the time the Tyrannos decimated our bicycles?"

    Dimetro said, "Wait a moment, Sara... Allo, I offered Secret Scout membership to Jerry. He gave his word he wouldn't reveal us to the public. However, we have a time limit. We need to get this ring off of his finger and get his bike fixed before sundown when he has to be walking back in the door of his home. His parents have him under an unfair curfew."

    Allo walked over and he held Jerry's hand steady as he gently held the ring and tried to remove it from Jerry's finger; this only caused Jerry to cry out as tears ran down his face. "Sorry, We won't try that again, Jerry."

    David walked in with Bonehead and said, "Allo, why don't you call Dinosorcerer and ask him if he has seen anything like this thing?"

    Allo replied, "That's a good idea, David. Jerry will be joining the Secret Scouts; Dimetro already swore him in."

    David approached Jerry and said, "You could have been with us that first night had the dumb curfew not been in effect. You deserve to be in the club. Sorry this ring thing is hurting you, Jerry. I've done some lame brain things since our team up with the Dinosaucers. And if they let me stay a member then your being one just makes sense. Aw man, your bicycle looks like a Tyranno did some break dancing on top of it. But don't worry, we Secret Scouts will repair this for you. Paul and Stego will be up here shortly."

    Allo pushed a few buttons on the big monitor and said, "Come in Dinosorcerer on Reptilon. We have an odd dilemma that your wisdom might be able to assist us with. Are you missing any jewelry, like a ring?"

    Dinosorcerer's image appeared on the screen. "Yes, the Camouflage Ring is missing, we found a Tyranno Scale inside the broken window so we knew they had stolen the artifact. I assume you people found it?"

    Allo then said, "Out of curiosity, sir, what would happen if a human put on this ring and never activated it, then later could not remove the ring?"

    Dinosorcerer said, "It has never happened before, but if a human is wearing this ring, then you will have to destroy the ring to get it off of his finger."

    Jerry then held up his hand toward the monitor. "Is this it? And what exactly is this ring supposed to do?"

    Dinosorcerer replied, "Every time a good hearted member of Reptilon touches it, the ring makes a perfect copy of them within its storage cell. Then when the ring is activated, you would say, Dinovolve Name, replacing Name with the name of the Reptilon citizen you are transforming into. While transformed, you will look, smell, and sound just like the original. You will even know how good their heart is while transformed. You will be able to use all of their abilities but you will not know their secrets. Private memories do not get recorded. To return to normal, You would say Devolve Jerry, meaning your own name."

    Jerry then asked, "How would I find out who all has been stored in the ring's memory cell?"

    Dinosorcerer stated, "Hold out your ring and say, Dinovolve List. This will show all of the profiles of those people in your ring's memory. A word of warning. I myself have a profile in the ring's memory. My powers can be very dangerous so use them sparingly. As in... when all else fails."

    Jerry then held out his hand and said, "Dinovolve List!" And hovering in a line-up over the ring were profile pictures of those in memory along with a list of their abilities and powers. Those in the list were Dinosorcerer, Dimetro and Allo. No one else was shown. However, Jerry had a profile display at the end explaining who he was and what abilities he had in his human life. "Can this list be downloaded into the Dinosaucer mainframe for safe keeping, say, just in case of emergencies?"

    Dinosorcerer said, "Touch the ring to the Mainframe scanner and say, Dinovolve Transfer." After that, Allo and Dimetro should work on breaking the ring so it comes off of your finger. NO ONE ELSE TOUCH IT! Dinosorcerer out!" And his image was gone.

    Jerry touched the ring to the mainframe scanner and said, "Dinovolve Transfer." Instantly, the profiles were on the mainframe screen for the Dinosaucers to study whenever they liked.

    Allo said, "Now to free you of this ring, Jerry. Teryx hand me a fine laser for cutting Reptilon metal."

    Teryx handed over the laser and said, "Steady hand, Allo. One slip and you might cut Jerry's finger off."

    Jerry then said, "I am sorry you have to destroy Dinosorcerer's artifact ring to get it off of me. He sounded like a nice guy. Kind of Fatherly."

    Allo said, "We think of him like that as well. Now hold still, this should only take a minute; close your eyes and think about the nicest thing that has ever happened to you." And as Jerry did as asked, Allo completed the cut in the band and then he applied a vice grip to the sides of the ring which caused it to explode into a flash of light which merged into Jerry.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Jerry had walked into the workshop to see how the Secret Scouts were doing in regards to his totaled bicycle. "Hey guys, Allo got the ring off my finger. How is my bike doing?" And he came to a halt when he saw that it had been disassembled all the way down into its component parts. Most of which were beyond repair. "What have you done? We have a time limit, guys!"

      Sara said, "We're sorry, Jerry. Dinosorcerer could use his magic to restore this in a flash if he were here."

      Jerry asked, "How would he do it?"

      Sara said, "He would point his claw finger at the collection of parts of say the word restore while picturing the restored bike in his mind. The other Secret Scouts went to see if they could locate a bike that looked identical to your original bike. I offered to stay here and brace you for the inevitable. We blew it for you, Jerry." She then leaned in and she gave the young man a kiss on his cheek. "We haven't given up and neither should you."

      Jerry said, "I am going to try something but please do not tell the other Secret Scouts you saw me do this. If it works, then I should inform Allo of my success so he can make plans on how to use it later. When they got the ring off of my finger, the power of the ring flared up before entering my chest. I don't think Allo saw where it went. If this works, then my bike will be repaired. I will need a Secret Scout ring so I can keep in touch with you guys and the team jacket. I noticed that the rest of you all had similar jackets."

      Sara said, "Okay Jerry, I will help you with this project. Do you still have that lone ranger mask at home? You dressed up as the Lone ranger on one Halloween and you won a prize for being so believable while wearing it."

      Jerry smiled. "Dad keeps the trophy in his office to remind him that I am not a loser. If my son can succeed then so can I. What of it?"

      Sara said, "If your new power works like a superhero power, then in your human form, you should wear the mask so when you power down, normal people don't see that the former Dinosaucer was actually Jerry Lakes."

      Jerry smiled and hugged Sara in return. "That is a genius idea, Sara! Thank you! Well, here goes... You told me how Dinosorcerer would do this, so lets see if I can do it myself." He struck his pose and he said, "Dinovolve Dinosorcerer!" The flash of light returned and Jerry was transformed into a humanoid Megalosaurus who was identical to Dinosorcerer. He then pointed his claw finger at the wreck of a bike and he pictured the restored like-new bike in his mind from the catalog that he had kept and he said, "Restore!"

      The bike was instantly back in its original condition pre-destruction condition.

      Jerry-Dinosorcerer then trembled as he said, "Devolve Jerry!" And the flash of light returned as he changed back into his human self. Jerry said, "Good thing I powered down, Sara. It felt like Dinosorcerer was on the verge of taking over my body. Now I understand why he said I should use his powers as a last resort. I could get stuck as him. I need to go tell Allo about this power."

      Sara said, "I'll come with you for support. And I will bring the bicycle."

      The two wheeled the bike into the command center where Jerry struck his pose and he said, "Dinovolve Allo!" The flash of light returned and Jerry was transformed into a humanoid Allosaurus who was identical to Allo. "Hey Allo! The ring's power went into my body! I can use the ring's Camouflage ability to change into you and Dimetro! I wanted you to know for those just in case moments."

      Allo walked over and examined Jerry-Allo all over before he gave him a huge hug. "I've always wanted a brother! We will find a good use for your power, Jerry. And I see you guys got the bike repaired as well. What is left to do?"

      Jerry smiled. "I will need a Secret Scout ring which Sara tells me that you are the only one who has them. Sara and Ryan can help me to get the team jacket." He irked when he realized that Allo had not let go as yet. "Allo! You can let go now! I am still Jerry under the transformation!"

      Allo blushed as he released Jerry. "I'm sorry, its just that it is so good to see another one of my species. Here, let me get you a Secret Scout ring. Where are the other Secret Scouts?" And he went over to where he kept the spare Secret Scout rings and he unlocked it with his password before reaching in and retrieving a new Secret Scout ring. "Sara will teach you how to use the communicator part of the ring. Later, we will make sure you get access to some cool Dinosaucer gear. You are an ally now."

      Jerry-Allo struck his pose and said, "Devolve Jerry!" And the flash of light returned as he changed back into his human self. Jerry said, "When I have time, I will see to it that you get to spend time with my Jerry-Allo form. Like you, I have no brothers either." He took the Secret Scout ring and he slid it on his middle finger.

      Sara said, "Welcome to the Secret Scouts, Jerry. And I have another idea; when you are wearing the mask, you can call yourself Secret Scout whose secret identity is Jerry Lakes."

      Jerry smiled. "You are full of good ideas, Sara. Thank you. So when will I get my team jacket?"

      Sara said, "Ryan should be on his way back now. I think he will be surprised when he sees the restored bicycle."

      Ryan, David and Paul then came in and saw the restored bike with Jerry wearing the new Secret Scout ring. "Wow! How did you get your bike fixed, Jerry? We sadly made a mess of it when we tried to fix it."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Jerry smiled. "Sara helped me; but Ryan, I will need the official team jacket for the Secret Scouts. The story will be that you bought it for me for my birthday a few months ago and the delivery guy only delivered it recently. Do you think this story will work if my dad asks about the jacket."

        Ryan shook Jerry's hand. "It sure will. Having our stories straight will really be helpful."

        Jerry struck his pose and said, "Exit Jerry Lakes and enter Secret Scout, Dinosaucer Ally for hire!" He then said, "Dinovolve Dimetro!" The flash of light returned and Jerry was transformed into a humanoid Dimetrodon who was identical to Dimetro along with his voice. "What do you say, Paul? Think we can get some science projects done?"

        Paul was blown away since Jerry-Dimetro was spot on. "Oh wow! Its like having Dimetro available whenever we need him and if he is busy elsewhere, we could have you. What forms do you have, Jerry?"

        Jerry-Dimetro said, "I can become Allo, Dimetro and Dinosorcerer which is dangerous because when I am in his body, it feels like it tries to take over. I do not want to get stuck as Dinosorcerer by accident. I don't seem to have any other forms." Jerry-Dimetro struck his pose and said, "Devolve Jerry!" And the flash of light returned as he changed back into his human self. He then said, "I still need the team Jacket."

        Ryan hugged Jerry. "That is an amazing power. I know you will be useful to the Dinosaucers."

        Paul said, "Since you absorbed the Camouflage Ring's power, it is possible for you to learn other forms simply by touching other Dinosaucers while in your human form. But we shouldn't overload your ability just in case it has a limit of so many forms per day. As you said, you don't want to get stuck."

        Jerry said, "I recall now that Dinosorcerer told the Dinosaucers not to touch the ring while I was wearing it. Therefore, there is likely a limit to the forms I can learn per day."

        Paul said, "I think you should learn Tricero's form and Ichy's form since that should be plenty for a useful package. Tricero comes from law enforcers and Ichy can swim."

        David asked, "Do you want to try it, Jerry?"

        Jerry replied, "I don't want to get too many Dinosaucers in trouble. They seem like a fun group of evolved Dinosaurs."

        Suddenly and without warning, Dinosorcerer was standing within the Command Center. "Jerry, it dawned on me that with the destruction of the ring, you might gain the powers of the ring so I brought you a sample of an extinct Reptilon citizen. I want you to touch this fur sample and learn his form. His nickname would have been Smiley for social interaction. He used to be an evolved Smilodon, saber-toothed tiger of our people. I think this would be a good way to honor him by your being able to use his form in Allo's team. The original was killed in action doing his job. He was a Special Systems Operative who used the ancient Martial Arts of our ancestors on Reptilon. You Earth people might have called his occupation a Secret Agent or a Ninja. Please honor his passing."

        Jerry then asked, "Did he have an original uniform for his job. I do not want to change into a naked version of his form."

        Dinosorcerer said, "Yes, I brought along his working uniform and options tools."

        Jerry reached into the bag containing the fur sample and smiled when he felt how soft it was. "This is amazing. I am surprised the Reptilonian people had beings like this." He then closed his eyes and he saw the new profile appear in his mind. "Okay," he opened his eyes. "I got his profile. Hand me his uniform and tools and I will get him dressed in the next room. Sorry, Sara... modesty and all."

        Sara said, "No, its okay. I would probably feel the same way. I cannot wait to see that fur. You know how we girls are with fur coats."

        Jerry, Dinosorcerer, Allo, and the male Secret Scouts all entered the next room where the ladies could not see the experiment. Tricero and Ichy had arrived upon Paul's request since that was the original idea. Jerry said, "Dinosorcerer is having me revive a replica of an extinct Reptilon citizen which I will be able to use here on Earth for Allo's team. Just remember, Tricero, I will not be him reborn; I will still be Jerry Lakes."

        Tricero nodded his head. "Thank you for that information, Jerry. Paul told Ichy and I that you wanted to learn our forms so you had a well rounded out package." He glanced aside at Dinosorcerer. "This is okay, isn't it?"

        Dinosorcerer said, "The ring could originally only hold six forms. He has Allo, myself and Dimetro. With the addition of Smiley, yourself and Ichy, that would make six."

        Ichy said, "A one-man Dinosaucer. I like that idea."

        Tricero then exclaimed, "Smiley! He was working undercover for my brothers back home before he was killed! Whatever information he had discovered, died with him."

        Jerry walked out to center stage, "Now remember, when I make the change for Smiley, he will initially be naked until I put on his gear. I hope you can help me with this." He then struck his pose and said, "Dinovolve Smiley!" And the flash of light returned and Jerry was transformed into a humanoid Smilodon who was identical to Smiley, albeit in the nude. "The uniform and gear, if you please. I feel a draft like this." He then noticed that Ryan, Paul and David had a shocked appearance on their faces. "Guys... What's wrong?"

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          At that point Jerry-Smiley looked down at his body and saw that he had well defined abs with a rather large sheath and sac package that would make anyone jealous. "Tricero... a little help please."

          Tricero came over and helped Jerry put on the Special Sys-Ops uniform and gear within their appropriate belt holding locations. "That should do it, Jerry. And since the clothes makes the change with the form, you shouldn't have to get dressed next time. But take a moment, Jerry... see if there is some information about anything Smiley was working on within your residual memory."

          Jerry-Smiley closed his eyes and focused. Soon he said, "Record this, Tricero. This is what is in Smiley's mind." And he began reciting off a complicated array of data that caused Dinosorcerer to gasp as he recognized what someone had been attempting to do.

          Dinosorcerer said, "The enemy was attempting to create their own version of my wife and I with magical powers they would be able to use for their side. And if Smiley learned how to use these powers, it was no wonder the enemy thought they had to silence him. Do you sense any magical powers within Smiley, Jerry?"

          Jerry-Smiley replied, "Yes, but they are minor at the basic level at best. He learned how to make use of the powers except it would not recreate you and your wife perfectly. At best, it gave Reptilons the ability to learn magic. Not to instantly have everything you know at their disposal for them to use."

          Dinosorcerer remarked, "Then Smiley's sacrifice was pointless since starting at the basic level of magic would not be enough to merit their killing him."

          Jerry-Smiley stated, "There is more... Smiley saw the face of their backer. Genghis Rex was funding these schmucks to duplicate your powers. Smiley was killed because Rex was identified and he couldn't afford to be associated with this group. They only meant to Fossilize him. But since he wasn't scaly like you guys, the Fossilizer killed him."

          Allo said, "That would explain why Rex is all the time trying to steal your artifacts since they could not figure out how to duplicate your powers, Uncle."

          Tricero frowned. "A Shame he was killed in that manner. He didn't deserve to be treated that way. The new Fossilizer ray guns are more careful about preserving frozen Reptilons."

          Jerry-Smiley struck his pose and said, "Devolve Jerry!" And the flash of light returned as he changed back into his human self. He then said, "Smiley is awesome but I shouldn't stay in people's bodies for too long. Okay, Tricero; you are up first. Simply hold my human hand until I see your profile in my mind." Jerry closed his eyes as Tricero held Jerry's hand. It took a few more minutes longer than normal as the detailed profile appeared in Jerry's mind. "Man... you have a lot of skills, Tricero. Okay, you're up next, Ichy. Same process." It didn't take as long for Jerry to receive Ichy's profile although he was reading how cool Ichy really was. "You have some tubular skills, Ichy. All done."

          Jerry then tried out the new forms just so everyone could see him change into the forms. And finally, Jerry told Dinosorcerer, "When I am wearing your form, it feels like you are trying to take over and lock me in the form. That scares me so I change back to normal after only using one power."

          Dinosorcerer said, "As long as you are careful, you should not have any problems with this power. However, I have been keeping track of the time, I think you Secret Scouts need to escort Jerry home so he doesn't get in trouble with his parents. Swing by Ryan and Sara's house so Jerry can pick up his new jacket."

          Some time later, Jerry was receiving the team jacket in his size as he waved goodbye to the Secret Scouts and he rode his bicycle down to the street toward his home.

          That night after dinner, Jerry asked his father to accompany him out to the garage behind the house for an important talk. Once they were inside, Jerry closed the door and locked it before turning to face his father. "Dad... I acquired superhero powers today... wait!" His father almost left the garage at that point thinking this was just a trick to get him out of the house. "I can prove it, dad. I have a mentor and everything. This could be useful in protecting the town from some of those crazy things that happen just outside of the township borders. Wait! Will you let me show you before you leave? Or do I have to confide in mom?"

          The mayor turned and looked at Jerry. "Make it good, Jerry. Comic book fantasies are a waste of my time. I have important city business to think about."

          Jerry struck his pose and said, "Dinovolve Allo!" The flash of light returned and Jerry was transformed into a humanoid Allosaurus who was identical to Allo. "Dad, this is what my mentor, Allo, looks like! Now think this over in a mature manner... surely you can think of some ideas where this would be useful in your job. I am showing you this power so we can lift my curfew so I can do things for the town after hours. And this isn't the only form I have access to, Dad. I have a few of these that are equally useful."

          The mayor said, "Show me the other forms, son."

          Allo to Dimetro to Tricero to Ichy to Smiley to DinoSorcerer and finally back to Jerry. "Ryan and Sara Spencer also know that I can do this. They let me join their neighborhood watch group, Dad. That is where I got this jacket from. They had it on order for me for my birthday and it just arrived yesterday so it was a late gift. So... can I get the curfew lifted?"

          The mayor said with a smile. "Don't let your mom see that fur coat of Smiley's or we will never hear the end of it. I actually like how Smiley looks. I was a cat loving person when I was younger. I will talk to your mom about lifting the curfew. I think she will go for it since you will be with Ryan and Sara. They are very trustworthy local youngsters, like you."

          Jerry hugged his father. "Thanks dad. I promise to be careful. And remember... secret identity... Tell no one. When I am out doing things, I will send you texts about events."

          The mayor said, "And when I learn of things that you would handy for, I can send you a mission over your cellphone. Just remember to set it to vibrate."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            The next morning, Jerry's father gave him the good news. "Your mother agreed that you were a little old for a curfew since you were going to be with Sara and Ryan."

            Jerry smiled. "Thanks dad. I plan on spending a day with Ryan, Sara and my new mentor Allo. Remember, when any trouble crops up, send me a text and I will see what we can do about it."

            The mayor nodded his head. "Your mother and I have work to do now. Have fun with your friends." And he went out and got into the car with Jerry's mother.

            An hour later found Jerry teaming up with Sara and Ryan at Lava Dome. Ryan and Sara were surprised that Jerry had confided in his father about the new power. Allo tapped his foot and waited until Jerry was finished explaining why he had done it to get the curfew lifted. Then Allo said, "Keeping our secret was supposed to mean something, Jerry. But since your father took it well and he is assuming this is like a superhero power with me as your mentor, then perhaps it will be okay this one time. You did get out of the curfew; that is a good thing."

            Jerry said, "I didn't mention that David and Paul were part of this. Dad said that as long as I was with Sara and Ryan that I would be okay because they were trustworthy loyal youngsters. When dad finds something out, he will send me a text which I can show to you, Allo. And if we need to keep people away from a certain area during a Tyranno attack, I can send word to dad and he can pull some strings to keep the public away from the danger zone. I told dad that Sara and Ryan were in on this neighborhood watch group for teenagers since it helped to keep people like us out of trouble."

            Sara smiled. "I think we can pull off a neighborhood watch act; we sort of do that anyway."

            Allo then said, "Quackpot returned to the Bowl early this morning apparently looking for the ring you accidentally got the powers of. Dimetro had a sensor set up at the location and our cameras recorded him searching the Bowl." Allo turned on a monitor to show Jerry the recorded video of what Quackpot was doing.

            Jerry remarked, "Perhaps we could have Dinosorcerer fabricate a look-a-like ring that could change a Tyranno into an unattractive human, then we make sure Quackpot gets the ring to take back to Genghis Rex. If Genghis Rex had to be stuck as a human for a while, he would destroy the fake ring himself."

            Ryan, Sara, and Allo started laughing at the idea. Sara then suggested, "How about this? When the Tyranno trap version of the ring was activated, it would make a blanket effect so all Tyrannos within range would take on an ugly human appearance. Genghis would destroy it for sure then." This suggestion produced more laughter from all present. Allo smiled as he wiped the tears or mirth off of his muzzle. "I'll call Dinosorcerer about this and give him a reason to laugh as we did." And then the call was made back to Reptilon in regards to the plan to fool Quackpot and Genghis Rex into thinking that the ring didn't work. And yes, Dinosorcerer and his wife both did laugh quite a bit at the idea. "I will make the fake ring, Allo; as the plan suggests, it won't effect Dinosaucers with a good heart. Only the Tyrannos. I will bring it to you personally when it is ready. Dinosorcerer out. Oh what an idea..." And the call ended, although it looked as if Dinosorcerer was on the verge of laughing once again.

            Jerry asked, "Where are David and Paul today?"

            Ryan replied, "They are both at the Scout Dome today. it is actually located closer to town; we can show it to you later. It is like a clubhouse headquarters for the Secret Scouts. Paul has a full lab in there and David's gym is set up in another section of the base. Sara and I prefer to hang out with Allo and the other Dinosaucers."

            Jerry smiled. "I think it is time I kept a promise. Dinovolve Allo!" And he transformed into his Allo form where upon he gave Allo a hug. "I promised to let you spend time with my Allo form."

            Allo smiled and Jerry got the brotherly hug once again. "Thanks, but the moment you feel like you need to change back into your human form, do it. Don't get stuck as my brother."

            Jerry-Allo then got a facial lick from the Dinosaucers leader before being pulled over through a door leading into Allo's personal chambers.

            Sara said to her brother, "Allo is acting like a kid in a candy store."

            Ryan replied, "He did say that he never had any brothers and Jerry being able to become the same species as Allo is making him feel happy. Just let him have his fun. I imagine that we would do the same thing if we didn't have each other."

            The two hugged each other before heading off to check on the other Dinosaucers.

            Within Allo's chambers, Jerry watched Allo get out of his armor and then he picked up a jar of something that looked and smelled like white oil before he handed it to Jerry. "I have trouble coating my scales in my body lubricant. Would you be a friend and work this oil all over my body? And you might want to remove your armor so as to keep it clean. I would really appreciate your help in this. And if any gets on yourself, don't worry; it is actually good for anyone with scales. And your version of me has scales. When I do this myself, I often miss spots on my body and tail."

            Jerry wasn't sure what to think of this behavior, but since the Secret Scouts trusted the Dinosaucers, Jerry removed his Allosaurus armor, then he opened the oil jar, and proceeded to work the nice smelling oil into Allo's body. As he did this, Allo was moaning in abject pleasure. The oil's smell was causing Jerry to be aroused, but he tried to ignore that since he was sure male-on-male action with the Dinosaucers leader would be frowned upon. Sadly, Allo looked as if he was about to go into rut as Jerry continued to apply the oil to his mentor. "Are you okay, Allo? Your parts are flying at high mast, to be polite about it."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Thankfully, Dinosorcerer and Tricero came into Allo's personal chambers at that moment and Jerry got a quick rescue from Allo's unfortunate inappropriate behavior. Jerry was cleaned up properly and helped back into his armor. Jerry explained, "Every time I am in my Allo form, Allo himself becomes over amorous and there seems to be no explanation for this. Thanks for the rescue, by the way... you guys showed up just in time."

              Dinosorcerer said, "You and Tricero take this trap ring up to the Bowl and throw it so that it hits Quackpot in the back of the head. I will deal with Allo's medical problem."

              Tricero took Jerry with him as they left Lava Dome to head to the Bowl at Pine Ridge.

              At the bowl, Tricero and Jerry peeked inside and saw Quackpot and Brachio looking for the magic ring. Jerry quietly said, "This ought to do it." And he took the ring in one hand and he threw it major league baseball style into the bowl where as it hit Quackpot in the back of his head although the only one behind him was Brachio himself. Tricero and Jerry hid once again out of the way so they could watch the chaos.

              Quackpot shouted, "Ouch! What did you hit me for, you moron!"

              Brachio quickly said, "I didn't do it, but look... its the ring that Genghis wants!"

              Jerry mouthed to Tricero. 'Play along.' And then Jerry mimicked David's voice as he said out loud, "I saw some sort of light crash into the bowl, Tricero! Do you think that its the thing that Brachio lost the other day?"

              Tricero said out loud in reply, "I'm glad Allo asked us to keep watch over the Bowl just in case."

              Jerry then motioned to a boulder sitting on the edge of a cliff ledge. "Watch it, Tricero, the rocks are loose here! Ahhh! I'm falling!"

              Tricero exclaimed, "Grab my hand, David!" Then he paused as he and Jerry began pushing the boulder over the edge. "I got you! Oh no! I'm falling too!" And they shoved the boulder over the edge as they quickly moved back to watch to see what Quackpot and Brachio would do.

              Quackpot said, "Hear that? Sounds like Tricero and that stupid human fell off the mountain! Lets get this ring back to Genghis Rex and tell him what stupid thing happened to Tricero!"

              Brachio said, "It couldn't have happened to a lousier Dinosaucer! Let's get out of here!"

              And the two dashed passed where Tricero and Jerry were hiding. Tricero came over to Jerry and hugged him. "That boulder was a good idea, Jerry. But how can you mimic the other Secret Scouts like that?"

              Jerry smiled as he kissed Tricero on his cheek. "Drama class. It is called acting. I can do Ryan, David and Paul. I cannot mimic Sarah since I don't have the vocal chords for pushing my voice into her range of speech. But for the others, as long as they weren't seen, I could talk as all three of them. Ryan and I had Sarah freaking out one Halloween night when she was looking for him and I mimicked his voice just as she was about to find him. Later, she almost creamed Ryan for pulling such a dirty trick on her. She never hit me at all; she laid the whole blame on him. We haven't done anything like that since. Although I did it today to make the Tyrannos think you were up here with David. Let's head back to Lava Dome."

              As they were leaving the Bowl and were beginning to head down toward Tricero's vehicle, Jerry's pager vibrated. "Hold up a moment, Tricero. Feels like dad is sending me a test message." He dug out his pager and he looked at the screen. "Yeah, its from dad all right. He says that a news report came in that a miniature Godzilla was attacking the Dam in the next valley. He goes on to say that we get our electricity from that dam." He then looked to Tricero. "If the dam goes, then all of Pine Ridge loses power."

              Moments later in Lava Dome, Dinosorcerer was still present although Allo was under house arrest recovering from his allurement illness. Ryan and the other Secret Scouts were present along with the other Dinosaucers as they watched the live report coming in from the next valley. Jerry said, "My dad just sent me a text about this situation, guys! What's the plan?"

              Stego said, "As strange as this will sound, Jerry, we Dinosaucers cannot go over there because there are live cameras broadcasting the disaster as we speak. Therefore, the plan is that the Secret Scouts will go in and while Ryan and the others perform crowd control, you use your superhero power to stop Ankylo from breaking the dam. If the cameras were not recording the event, we could all go in."

              Jerry said, "I think I know how to make Ankylo stop in his tracks. Since the Tyrannos think that Smiley is dead, his ghost can spook the crap out of the stupid Tyranno." He then stuck his pose and said, "Dinovolve Smiley!" And Jerry instantly changed into the Smilodon furry feline with saber teeth sticking out of his mouth and wearing his black ops uniform. Sarah was automatically hugging Jerry-Smiley's furry body. "Sarah...? You're embarrassing me," he said as Ryan unwrapped his sister from Jerry's transformed body. "Good thing she didn't see you undressed like we did." Jerry said, "Secret Scouts! Go!"

              Dimetro said, "We will monitor your outing from the Lava Dome monitor. Good luck out there."

              As Jerry and the others reached the hangar where their secret scout vehicles were parked, Jerry-Smiley came into the hangar with a knowing grin on his muzzle. He had made a magical arrangement with Dinosorcerer to give Smiley that ghostly glow as well as feather falling ability for a day and gliding ability in addition to passing through solid objects at will. Just like a ghost or a true ninja. He then got on board Paul's vehicle and said, "When we get to the dam fly over Ankylo and I'll jump off and make him retreat. I made a deal with Dinosorcerer so these extra magical powers will only last a day and only in Smiley's form."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                Flying over the dam, Jerry-Smiley was placed into position where he made his jump and he began his act. "Hi Ankylo! Remember me? I came back to invite you to the Underworld! It was awfully lonely down there in the lake of fire!" Ankylo of course freaked out immediately and began running away from Smiley's ghost, exactly as Jerry had planned. Ankylo ran until he reached his Tyranno flying machine and then he got on and flew out of the area.

                Human repair crews then swarmed in and began to repair the damages that the miniature Godzilla had performed on the dam.

                In the meantime, Jerry found a quiet and private spot near Ryan to power down and join him in doing crowd control. "Mission accomplished, Ryan."

                Ryan said, "I've never seen Ankylo run so fast ever. He will really be running if Rex learns that he ran from Smiley."

                Jerry grinned. "We can work on my helping the scouts later back at Scout base. Allo is under medical watch due to his unexpected rut that he entered when he got too close to me. I really hope I didn't cause it."

                Ryan remarked, "Paul learned from Dimetro that Reptilon citizens go through the rut at about the same time every year. I guess Allo was close to his when you joined us."

                Sara then came over and said, "The crowds are dispersing now, guys. We need to head back."

                Jerry pulled out his pager and he sent his father the all-clear text message along with an explanation of which enemy caused the trouble. After hitting send, he put his pager away and then he went with Sara and Ryan back to the Scout vehicles. "So far, so good. My deal with my dad resulted in exactly what I promised him. And no one got hurt."

                Ryan grinned at Jerry. "Having a contact in the city hall certainly helps. I knew your new abilities would be really helpful in our line of work. And it kept the Dinosaucers from being seen in the public spotlight."

                Arriving back at the Secret Scouts base, Dimetro and Tricero greeted the incoming scouts. Dimetro said, "Word from the Tar Pits listening devices is that Genghis Rex exploded when Ankylo reported what he ran away from. Genghis was heard to shout, "Ghosts cannot hurt you, idiot! But I can!"."

                The Secret Scouts all laughed as Tricero looked to Jerry and said, "How about your changing into my duplicate so I can give you some Reptilon police training?"

                Jerry struck his pose and he said, "Dinovolve Tricero!" The flash of light returned and Jerry was transformed into a humanoid Triceratops who was identical to Tricero. "All set, buddy. Just no dirty stuff like what happened with Allo and we should have a good training session."

                Tricero grinned. "Just keep your uniform on; Allo had you get undressed if you will recall. Anyway, let's head down to David's gym. David can monitor us just in case."

                The next few hours with witnesses went as expected. Even though he had the skills he had learned by learning the form, he couldn't use them until he was taught how to do them. Jerry figured out fast that it would be the same with the rest of the skills in everyone's packages. That meant a training session with Dimetro would also be in order or else he might mess up one of Paul's science experiments as a result. And a swimming lesson from Ichy. He knew how to cast spells thanks to Sara's suggestion the previous day.

                After Jerry resumed his human identity, he said using David's voice. "That was some workout guys."

                David arched an eye as one hand lifted up to cover his own mouth. "How did I throw my voice?"

                Jerry went over and he hugged David. "While I cannot change myself into the other secret scouts, I can mimic the guys' voices. I am sorry if I surprised you with that drama skill. I used it at the Bowl the other day to make the Tyrannos think that Tricero and you fell off the mountain. Ryan knows that I have this extra ability. We used it on Sara last year during Halloween and she slapped Ryan silly for tricking her. She never got mad at me, though."

                David smirked. "That's because she is sweet on you, Jerry. You are her main interest but you cannot let her know that you were told that or else she might hurt me."

                Jerry said, "I need to go find Dimetro and see about getting a science lesson." And he headed out of the gym.

                David looked to Tricero. "So how did he really do, in your own professional opinion?"

                Tricero replied, "It was like he said, he knows the skills, but until he uses them one time, he can't figure out how to make them work. So as our duplicates, these training sessions are completely necessary if he is to be our one-man Dinosaucer team member. As soon as Allo is over his rut, he will want to apologize to Jerry and help him to learn his own skills so he can pull off being Allo during those just in case moments. As for Smiley, I may have a way to help Jerry to learn those skills. Smiley arranged something on video."

                David then asked, "Would it be possible for all of us scouts to watch Smiley's video and on occasion we could remind Jerry of the things he might be rusty on?"

                Tricero smiled. "I think that could be arranged. It is like a mini-movie he made one time in his own training gym. Sara will go ga-ga over that fur of his."

                David smiled as well. "All right... Movie night!"

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Later that afternoon with all five Secret Scouts wearing virtual reality goggles and headphone head sets and Jerry seated up front in his Jerry-Smiley form, Tricero and Dimetro activated the Smiley training mini-movie.

                  Sitting in nothing but his shorts on a weight bench within a padded training facility was Secret Agent Smiley as he slowly turned to face the camera. "If you are watching this video with Tricero's permission then I must no longer be with the good fight. If you have friends watching this video for support, allow me first to explain something to them... especially if they are not Reptilon citizens. Most of my people are no longer with us due to the wealthy desiring to wear our luxurious fur coats in their fashion extravaganza parties. You don't see my people skinning Reptilon citizens to wear their scaly hides, do you? Anyone believing that they would look awesome wearing our fur coats should have to be grafted into a fur hide all over their bodies for the rest of their lives. As of the filming of this video as far as my knowledge goes, there are only ten of us left. Eight males and two females. Some years ago, there was a movement among our people when there were more of us to migrate to a world of our own and attempt to re-multiply our numbers to prevent our extinction. Sadly, there were several foolish non-believers whom scoffed at the idea that we were about to perish. I was one of those whom thought that safety in numbers would protect us. I had allied myself with the Triceratops police officials and had proved invaluable to their people due to my stealth and agility in getting them evidence. I was listed under a protection status. Killing me would result in the people doing it to be placed on Extinction Row for a fatal purge from society. But since I am gone, perhaps someone decided to challenge the system and they won."

                  He then slowly stood up and he did some body stretches to prepare for the training session itself. "But back to you, my student. I am a stubborn Smilodon but not so stubborn that I refused to prepare a training video for a future Smilodon whom wanted to learn my craft and skills. I want you to follow my every move on the training mat that Tricero has prepared for you at the front of the video chamber. For you will be put through the motions as if I was with you in body. How I wish I could be with you in body. Dinosorcerer often said that such a feat was beyond his abilities when I asked him about reviving a female I actually liked whom had been killed so someone could wear her fur coat. Remember, I have no respect for any female whom thinks they have to wear the fur of another to look good. If any of your friends are like that, then request that they shave themselves so you can make a fur coat out of their hides and fur for others to wear. When in training, I have two methods: one is clothed training which I will perform first and then second is naked training for which if any of your supporters have a problem with nudity, then they should stop watching the video since they will likely be embarrassed as a result of how awesome my body is. Meaning, when you see me make the motions to remove my shorts, stop watching the video." He made a deliberate sly grin.

                  Ryan remarked, "He isn't kidding, Sara. In case you forgot, us boys got to see Jerry-Smiley naked when he first assumed the form; and his abs and manly package about paralyzed us where we stood. He was well defined and as embarrassing as this will be for me to say, I almost wanted to strip down and present myself to Jerry for some fun. I am glad Tricero helped Jerry into Smiley's uniform or else, I might be fat on Jerry-Smiley's breeding fluids."

                  Sara stated, "That's disgusting, Ryan. But thanks for the warning. But I am watching to support Jerry. That message about fur hunters really hits home. Our people were doing that to Minks, Stoats, Foxes and Angora Rabbits originally."

                  Jerry-Smiley was then on the mat to receive the up-close and personal Ninja training skills from Smiley in the virtual training video. As the training session heated up, Jerry-Smiley was thrown to the mat several times and only when he was able to get the upper claw once did Smiley stop and say, "I believe you are finally starting to get it, student. This is Smilodon survival after all. And now for that part for which you were warned about earlier..." And he grabbed a hold of his shorts by the sides and he removed them in the fashion of a burlesque show stripper. Once the shorts were off, he tackled Jerry-Smiley and part two of the training commenced.

                  Sara watched for as long as her body permitted her to stay put to watch, but then she pulled off the goggles and headset and whispered to Tricero and Dimetro, "I wanted to last longer than that. But if I don't go use the restroom right now, I will make a mess in my seat. But I would like to watch the rest of the video later." And she headed off to do her business.

                  Paul and David lasted a little longer before they too had to leave to do as Sara was doing.

                  Ryan solely remained forcing himself to stay for Jerry since the Jerry-Smiley form made him feel for Jerry as Jerry-Allo had made Allo feel for the human in Dinosaucer form.

                  Dimetro whispered to Tricero, "Ryan is showing an increase in sexual arousal for Jerry-Smiley. Just letting you know what I am getting on my vitals monitor. It is similar to what happened to Allo when he met Jerry-Allo."

                  Tricero said, "I am glad the others resisted. Watching humans do it is not high on my bucket list of knowledgeable desires."

                  Dimetro smiled. "How many times did you watch Smiley do it?"

                  Tricero playfully slapped Dimetro. "That's different. He was one of us."

                  Smiley smiled at his student at the end of the training video as he said, "It is not polite to walk around smelling like an invitation to your friends, student. Any time you need another lesson, just re-watch this video to make yourself better; so you may someday surpass my abilities as a Special Systems Operation Agent. Go hit the showers!" The video ended.

                  Jerry-Smiley removed his goggles and headphones as he took a test sniff of himself and promptly over-acted the dead horse maneuver on the training mat. He then got up with a smile.

                  "Smiley said I needed to go take a long shower if I wanted to retain my friendships."

                  Ryan said, "I'll escort you there and help you get clean, Jerry. We need to talk anyway."

                  Jerry-Smiley grinned at Ryan. "Your pants are tented, Ryan. Maybe you need a shower too."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Sometime later at Allo's Lava Dome quarters, Sara entered the chamber where Allo was recovering under Dinosorcerer's watch. "Allo? I hope you are up toward having a visitor because I need to ask you a question in regards to Smiley."

                    Allo sat up in his bed while Dinosorcerer watched from one side. "What is the inquiry, Sara?"

                    Sara folded her arms across her chest as she looked Allo in the eye. "In Smiley's training video, he mentioned that Dinosorcerer had as much admitted that he didn't have the magical means for reviving fallen species. I had a wild idea as I often do. Do you know of anyone here on Earth whom might have that ability that you have been keeping quiet about since there was no reason for the Dinosaucers to go meet with the guy or lady? This is important if we are to revive the real Smiley and his species from extinction."

                    Dinosorcerer was interested at that point since it was a concept that had not come up with the Dinosaucers before.

                    Allo said, "Yes, there is an entity we have been privately monitoring down in San Francisco; the story is that he was once human and that Saurian Sorcerer called Wraith changed the young man whom had been in a coma into a Puckworldian Duck for some plot against the Mighty Ducks. He calls himself Mallard Thunderbeak and he is heading up a police force of ducks whom are called the Puck Police. Last reports was that he had acquired magical powers and he was amassing the strangest assortment of allies from across the dimensions and the galaxy."

                    Sara smiled. "Then he might be our ticket toward reviving Smiley and possibly another female of the species so they have a chance to multiply. When would be our best bet on making contact with him, Allo? I know the Dinosaucers don't want too much public spotlight but some humans have agreed to keep your existence a secret."

                    Allo replied, "Best wait until all Dinosaucers are over our rut. Otherwise the best time for approaching him would be when he is out and about saving lives publicly. Before the coma, he was a Quad Hockey player. He claims that he hates ice skating. Even though he married his childhood sweetheart, a figure skating Junior Olympic hopeful, Carol Mason."

                    Sara smiled. "I remember seeing some of her performances. She was indeed awesome to watch on the ice."

                    Allo reached over to his nearby mainframe console and he tapped in a few keys to bring up a profile for the group in question. "This is Mallard Thunderbeak and his puck Police team: Nosedive Flashblade, kid brother to Wildwing of the Mighty Ducks; Stefano Webster, an electronics and mechanics specialist; Caesar O' Donald nicknamed as Zero, ace pilot and weapons specialist; Eira Swanson, communications specialist; Fiona Ducaine, SWAT operative and tactician; and Falcone of the Raptrin Brotherhood of the Blade, customs agent. The four humans are friends of Mallard's. Captain Ace Kannis of the Oakland Police; Carol Mason Wyndtrough, Mallard's wife; James Talbot, practicing magician and direct friend of Carol's; and Aramus E. Quincy, Mallard's best friend and video game enthusiast. He formerly hated ducks but once his fear was learned and why it happened, the Mighty Ducks promised Aramus that they would never do any harm to him at all and they returned to Anaheim to prepare for a Hockey game. I am showing you their profile so you will know whom we need to speak to."

                    Mallard Thunderbeak (formerly known as Sigmund Wyndtrough) looked like a younger version of Canard Thunderbeak albeit with a lighter colored golden tan feathered appearance. Over that he wore boots over his webbed feet along with the Puck Police uniform which had his duck name on a plate positioned just above a police star on the right side of his chest.

                    Allo said, "When we meet with Mallard we cannot make like we knew about him and his team or else he might not want to help us. He is all the time dealing with the Saurians which are nothing more than a shoot-off of the Reptilon race albeit living on their own world. They act a lot like the Tyrannos. Except their leader makes an effort to be civil with Mallard."

                    Sara smiled. "Makes an effort because they hate ducks, I am assuming?"

                    Allo grinned again. "Exactly."

                    Dinosorcerer said, "If Mallard would help us with this issue, then perhaps I could learn the spell from him so I could continue to do this back on Reptilon. We could save so many Smilodons in that eventuality. We might even be able to relocate the Smilodon people to Stallos II since they have available continents that are uninhabited."

                    Sara said, "In that case, We should focus on handling any other idiot plans the Tyrannos launch during the Dinosaucers rut period. I find it hard to believe that you guys are suffering from this and they aren't. Aren't they supposedly from the same planet as you guys? It just seems mighty suspicious that nearly all of the male Dinosaucers are going to be out of commission and the Tyrannos are completely unaffected at all. Am I wrong, Dinosorcerer?"

                    Dinosorcerer hummed. "I need to look into this claim, Sara. For now, you should head back and check on the other Secret Scouts. As in, make sure they aren't also suffering from this affect. It seems that females are immune to whatever this is as well as Reptilon citizens whom are very married and/or can resist whatever this effect is. Thank you for noting this instance, Sara."

                    Sara departed the chamber where she encountered Teryx. "Females are immune to whatever this epidemic is, Teryx. I need to go check on the other Secret Scouts." And she left to do that.

                    Teryx entered the chamber and she handed Dinosorcerer the apparatus for steaming Allo's nasal passages. "Why didn't we tell Sara that Allo was almost over his rut?"

                    Allo remarked, "Leaders always suffer ours before the others so we can help the others deal with theirs. Not to mention, I need to apologize to Jerry later when I train him."

                    Dinosorcerer said, "We believe the male Secret Scouts might need immediate help because Jerry's aura is overwhelming to anyone in his presence."

                    Teryx remarked, "The Tyrannos will eventually learn about Jerry and then they will target him."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Miracle of the Mallard.