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ADQC-FF-01 Mythical Walkabout

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    ADQC-FF-01 Mythical Walkabout

    Mythos City - Mythical Earth

    ADQC-FF-01 Mythical Walkabout
    By James Ghaleon (Aragh Darktalon)
    May 10th, 2016

    Chapter One: A New Project.

    After Q.C. Planet's latest fiasco involving adult visitors vanishing, young people becoming localized into toons, and yet another outbreak of Roo Flu (this one worse than previous ones,) Lord Albert was standing before a public relations committee in Animation Park on Earth. "...and while we are doing everything in our power to locate those persons missing and to restore those young people who can be restored, I can assure you that Quad Counties Planet is trying very hard to remain as clean and as sterile as possible. However, and I hate to bring this to light in front of the press... most of the accidents have occurred with humans who had issues regarding their own humanity. They purposely sought out transformation methods on my project planet to involve themselves in through no fault of our citizens. And further, while we do our damnedest to screen out unstable human visitors, we still receive humans through deliberate falsehoods to get past the portal checkpoints."

    "Now see here," started the head chairman. "We have heard you tell these stories and give these self same explanations before, Albert. And even then, you swore with the installation of A.I.R.S., these things would not occur again. Yet they continued to occur. In fact, according to our resources... they have gotten worse; not better. You have more integration now than you did before the installment of A.I.R.S. Because you cannot seem to prevent these things from occurring, we the committee of fair visitation rights must declare a closure and quarantine of all humans seeking to go to QC Planet. Your borders must be closed until you can find those missing and guarantee a fail-safe method of preventing these things from occurring again."

    The cat lord sighed. "Of course. I will do as you decree. Although..."

    "Yes, Albert?" inquired the chairman when he saw that Albert was about to suggest something.

    "Another Cat Lord is in the process of creating another project amusement park world that would run separately from my own with no connections to my project at all. He calls the project... Mythical Earth. He plans on detoxing visitors as well as those animated people who wish to live on his new world. However, he needs a human work force to come in and assist in building the first city. If you were to give clearance to his project, then you could involve yourselves in a new sterile environment world and help him in the task of how to screen human visitors from the beginning. Then if something went wrong, you would have to admit that not even you, yourselves, could do what you keep harping on that I cannot seem to accomplish on my own project world."

    The chairman hummed. "An interesting prospect, Albert. What is this Cat Lord's name?"

    Albert smiled. "His name is Jules. I must caution you however... he dislikes the usage of the Lord title. Just warning you up front. Aside from that, he is a younger Cat Lord with new ideas and a fresh outlook on how things could be done."

    "I think this idea may pan out for the best," replied the chairman. "You get busy on closing your borders and to the finding of the missing people, while we assist Jules in his project. We will convene again to learn of your progress one year from now. Of course, if you happen to find all of the missing people before then, please let us know as soon as possible."

    Of course that was about three months ago. Which brings us up to the building of Mythos City here on Mythical Earth. The human, cartoon and anime work forces and their families live on one side of the city in a gated community while the rest of the city is businesses and tourist stations as well as shopping centers. And right in the middle of the south side of the city bordering open meadows and beautiful forests is the city's only school... the Mythos Educational Trade School. And yes, both animated and human young people attend this school. Which brings us up to my family's introduction.

    My dad, Thane Rogan Fantasy, is second in command on the city building work force. Jules almost got mad at my dad for supposedly having a noble title, but he settled down when dad showed him his Earth ID card. Thane, which is sometimes used as an alternative for the title Baron, is actually my dad's first name. It simply means landholder. It's not even really a title at all.

    Then we have my mom. Margaret Estella Lancelot. The first time the Cat Lord got mouthy around mom... he got beaned with the skillet. He doesn't come near mom anymore.

    My older sister Rosina Islantha Fantasy is old enough to be out of school, the lucky dog. She has a convenience store clerk job at the local all in one station. She gets to meet the weirdest characters. And then she comes home and tells us about her day. I actually wish she would just shut up. I'd like to have my own encounters some day and not have them ruined by her.

    My younger brother, Arnoux Dietrich Fantasy, plays in his room and boy can he come up with some whoppers. An active imagination, I guess. He has a slew of action figures. That keeps him busy.

    The family parrot is a mouthy female named Maid Marian. Dad named her and the dog... Robin Hood. Or rather... You Robbing Hood. And the family calico cat is called Tuck. He is kind of fat.

    And then there is me, Finian Cornelius Fantasy. The hero of this series. Well, not so much as a hero; but this series is about me and what all I do. But we had to go through all the other boring shit first, right? And now that we are past all of that garbage, we can focus on what is really important. And I think you can guess what that will involve. That's right, my getting together with my school friends and what misadventures we have in Mythos City, here on Mythical Earth. Although I can't help but to feel sorry for Lord Albert and his world. Oh well...

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon

    Chapter Two: A trip to a Unicorn.

    "Hurry up, Finian!" exclaimed the taller toon ferret. "The guy this hay is for will really love it!"

    I was pushing a wheelbarrow with a bale of hay in it trying to keep up with the excited ferret. By the way, his name is Feasel and I've learned to watch myself around him. He has a trouble streak a mile long. I don't know how I always let him talk me into coming along with him on his outings. But this time he said it was for someone else; a good deed, he said. The fact we were already outside of the legal bounds of the city left me nervous anyway since no one was supposed to go outside of the city without adult supervision.

    "Where are we going anyway, Feasel?" I asked as I hurried to keep up with the toon ferret.

    "You'll see!" came the obvious response. It is an obvious response because he likes to drop surprises on people. Or rather... he likes to drop people like me into a surprise's lap. Fortunately for me, our progress was about to be interrupted. By the legal representative of the city.

    "Feasel?" It was that Cat Lord named Jules. "Why are you and this boy outside of the city's border?"

    "We're taking a bale of hay to Cornelius. You know..." and he secretly made a finger from head motion to the cat as he whispered, "I don't want to ruin the surprise for Finian."

    Jules blinked his eyes as he peered around the hay bale at the human. "It is you. Surely you know that this ferret is trouble."

    "He said we would be doing a good deed for someone," replied the teenager. "In truth, he stringed me in with the good deed mention. After I gave my word that I would help, I was stuck. I can't break my word once I have given it. Is this Cornelius guy bad to visit?"

    The cat lord replied, "Not at all. He fortunately lives in the open meadows. Were you heading for the forest, however, I would arrest you both and escort you back to your homes, one way." He then departed, leaving his final words as a warning.

    Except I wasn't quite finished talking. "But if you arrested us, then you would be acting just like Lord Albert. And you told the committee that you would never do what Albert does. Right?"

    You could just hear the sizzling sound above Jules' head as he departed even faster. Apparently he hated getting caught by his own words. Personally, I thought it was funny.

    Feasel on the other paw was very impressed with how I stood up to the cat lord. "You were awesome, Finian! I never would have said that to him!"

    I just grinned. "My mom hit him in the head with a skillet when they first met. Now let's get going before he changes his diapers. I mean his mind."

    Feasel led the way once again and I pushed the wheelbarrow onward. The toon ferret was ecstatic over my putting one over on the cat lord. He obviously didn't think I had that kind of spunk.

    About an hour later, we arrived on the back edge of the open meadows where we saw our quarry. It was a white unicorn buck wearing a visor like cap on his head. And he quickly noticed the two of us as he pivoted his head sharply at us and the hay bale. Then he got a slow smile on his lips. "You brought me some hay."

    Feasel nodded his head with a smile. "That's right, Cornelius. And someone new for you to meet. His middle name is the same as your first name. Meet Finian Fantasy."

    I was of course blown away by seeing a real honest to goodness unicorn. "Um, hi sir." Yes, that was about all I could muster at that moment. Feasel's surprise this time was a good one.

    Cornelius smiled back as he held out a cloven hoof to me and I shook it. "A well trained boy. Are you training him, Feasel? Or is he training you?" He winked giggling openly.

    "Hey!" exclaimed the toon ferret. "Cut me some slack here, Cornelius! I brought him to you, didn't I?"

    "And a very nice boy he is, too," replied the nice unicorn.

    End of Chapter Two.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon