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[Furry Tales-S2] FS-19 Apprentice 101

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    [Furry Tales-S2] FS-19 Apprentice 101

    Ever wished on a fuzzy mail?
    That's what started Furry Tales...
    Around the room the plushies flew,
    Our young heroes knew what to do...
    They joined up with their furry friends,
    And now their adventures never end.

    [Furry Tales-S2] FS-19 Apprentice 101.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    July 12th, 2021


    The Boys:
    1. Freddy Gabriel Stevens, 14, (M Sun Archon Rabbit) Ranger
    2. Joseph Marxis, 14, (M Guardian Wolf) Clue Seeker
    3. Bender Drake Fagin, 14, (M Gaeon Raccoon) Craftsman
    4. Calvin Atticus, 14, (M Panthodrak) Eldritch Knight
    5. James "Jimmy" Malone, Jr., 14, (M Human) Archer
    6. Lukas Walker, 14, (M Human) Psion
    7. Vincent Maguire, 19, (M Usagi) Ronin; Solar Sentai Red
    8. Sie Alamont, 19, (M Kitsune) Martial Artist; Solar Sentai Gold

    The Fellowship Furries of Level 19:
    1. Hart, 24, male reindeer, fighter
    2. Lucinda, 19, female fully loaded skunk, priest of Taolama
    3. Rayne, 21, male lizard, acquirer
    4. Naidra, 18, male? very beautiful ocelot, tower mage

    The Order of the Bighorn Furries of Level 19:
    1. Ruben (M Winged Minotaur) Paladin of Harmony
    2. Wilbur (M Rat) Druid/Ranger of Gaeon
    3. Alorn (M Ferret) Cleric of the Dragon Deity, Arakoth
    4. Khan (M Elephant) Barbarian

    The Sentai Dynasty Furries @ Level 19:
    1. Sugi Gowa (M Imperial Rabbit) Samurai General
    2. Kai Tao Chi (M Dynasty Turtle) Yakuza
    3. Gotaki Riverclaw (F Shadow Wolf) Ninja; Solar Sentai Shadow
    4. Mamori Akari (M Kitsune) Master
    5. Kai-Ni Chi (M Dynasty Turtle) Student; Solar Sentai Green
    6. Tausagi Gowa (M Dynasty Rabbit) Junior Merchant; Solar Sentai Blue
    7. Bamboo Willow (F Wetlands Crane) Student; Solar Sentai White

    A. King Bighorn of Bighorn City (the fellowship's and the order's current lord)
    B. Elarea of Fain Roresta (the Sentai's current sponsor)
    C. Daniel (M Archon Lion) High Priest of Harmony

    Chapter One:

    Hollywood, North of Philadelphia, Planet Earth
    Fox Chase Keep

    Freddy and Joseph returned home from school, did the typical routine before heading up to their room for an adventure in Elarea Utopia. Freddy got bags of cookies and fruit.

    Bighorn City; South Continent, World of Elarea Utopia
    Unity Hall

    Emerging from Frith's temple, the two boys went and found where the Fellowship and the Order were both gathered meeting with King Bighorn within Unity Hall for a change to discuss the South Continent. King Bighorn didn't know much about the South Continent and the Order had been there before. Freddy came in and shared cookies with everyone except Khan whom he gave a bag of apples to. The elephant was into fruit. Freddy got a kiss from Bighorn's daughter for sharing the cookies.

    Joseph grinned. "Freddy's got a girlfriend, Freddy's got a girlfriend."

    Freddy smirked back at Joseph. "You do too and she's fully loaded."

    Joseph blushed since he had forgotten that the skunk liked him.

    Freddy smiled when he saw Bender and Lukas with the order members. "I just saw you guys at school. Are we ready for an adventure on Elarea Utopia with our furry friends? Where is Jimmy? It's not like him to not be right next to you, Lukas."

    Lukas grinned. "He went to visit his furry friends in Circarnicus. Traveling alone is safer on this world. The entertainer town of carnivals isn't that far from Bighorn City."

    Bender stated, "It resides at the former location of the mirror trap dungeon. Which makes sense what with the carnival having a house of mirrors. Not a place for an elephant."

    Lukas grinned again. "Jimmy told me that he has two boyfriends now. He is catching up to you, Freddy."

    Freddy said with a smile, "When he gets an apprentice like I have whom he is not dating, then he can say he's caught up with me. I need to go find Trip since I don't see him at the gathering with the Fellowship. I hope he's not in trouble already. Or maybe he's with Windhearth. I know Hart is free of the hippo god of lust finally. So I owe him some private time if he allows it. I know he's busy right now being point blank in front of the king." And he headed off to find Trip the Wererat Warden Inspector.

    The Carnival Town of Circarnicus, Northeast of Bighorn City

    Jimmy was spending time with his Black Hellhound boyfriend at the moment while wearing the clasp the hound had given him. The clasp restored all of Jimmy's formerly granted skills and training memories. The Black Hellhound was called Tradesfang, a merchant of his people and thus an Alpha without a pack currently. He was truly in love with Jimmy but was willing to share as Jimmy found out when he got to play with Moonwise the Donkey Elf and Tradesfang wasn't mad over it.

    Jimmy asked, "How does it feel to not have to hide your community anymore?"

    Tradesfang replied, "Feels pretty good, in truth. We've had several visitors to the carnival whom have played the games and watched the shows. It's all quite profitable."

    Jimmy then asked, "I don't see Moonwise topside, is he still at the underground stables? He is missing out on a nice day."

    Tradesfang replied, "We have a couple of citizens whom are still in rut down there so Moonwise is catering to their food needs. If you would like to go spend some time with him, I won't be bothered by your wanting to make sure he knows you came. I have some merchant business to attend to. But if you and he are to get involved again down there..." He handed Jimmy a bottle of lubricant. "Apply this to your tail hole so you aren't limping again. We don't want to get you in trouble with your parents, do we?"

    Jimmy gave the black Hellhound a kiss on the muzzle. "Thanks for letting me go see him. He seems to be always working. I just feel sorry for him."

    Jimmy was then allowed to go off to meet up with his donkey elf lover in the underground rut stables. "Moonwise? I came to visit with you. I'm heading to your quarters."

    When Moonwise didn't answer, Jimmy figured that he was in the rut enclosures helping the guests. He was already loosening his shirt as he walked into the donkey elf quarters. It was dimly lit in there when he entered, but he knew where the table and the seats were. He removed his clothes entirely and placed them on the table and then he applied the lubricant into his anus applying a bit too much and then he sat within one of the donkey elf seats only to realize that he wasn't alone in the chamber. "Um, sorry for sitting in your lap."

    He added, "I am one of Moonwise's friends. How do you know him?"

    The new donkey elf smiled as he kissed Jimmy on the mouth. "We are all cousins to each other. All donkey elves are related to each other by birth unless someone is changed into one of us. When that person has been one of our species for six months, then you are related to us for the rest of your life even if you are able to become your own species again. The benefit of this is that you will be able to teleport back to the home realm we all come from at will round trip with these quarters included as a landing zone. We do love to have sex."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    Bighorn City; South Continent; World of Elarea Utopia
    Unity Hall

    Calvin Atticus came in from the front gates having come through the order's shortcut at Bender's tree house on Earth. he then walked over to the slender Wilbur and hugged him. "We have a three day weekend coming up at the school. One of those stupid national holidays that falls on a Monday is giving all of us an extra day to do with as we see fit. I told my parents I was going to spend that time with my all-natural friend whom helped me to get cleaned out. How are you, Wilbur? I really owe you for your help, despite being a manure making bovine."

    Wilbur whom had been waiting to see what the next quest outing would be, hugged Calvin and sniffed him. "Been staying out of the artificial sugar products?"

    Calvin nodded his head. "The other students keep trying to tempt me to backslide. I think they should have to wear horse hair manes or tails under their arms that won't shave off."

    Wilbur laughed. "How about we just make them pass wind as if they were a gassy Barbarian horse. Khan is more careful with his diet; that's why we almost never smell an elephant poot."

    Calvin then said, "Speaking of smell, the air is a lot cleaner in this new city we are in, Wilbur. Why is that?"

    Wilbur said, " The original Fain Roresta was reestablished on the West Continent and in its place here at the South Continent is Bighorn City. The Order and the Fellowship serve the same guy now. That's him over in front of Hart and Ruben. As for myself, I am eligible to switch religions and possibly switch classes as well. I know that would make Khan happy if I wasn't just another useless religious icon anymore. I don't want to give up my nature based spell casting abilities so I am stumped over a profession to switch to."

    Calvin smiled. "I might be able to help you with that. Is there a profession like Battlemage of Earth; where Earth includes natural forces? I think you would be awesome as one of those types. The only catch would be instead of praying for your spells, you'd have to study your spell book. And you're not used to doing it that way. What are some of the profession advancements in the druid tree of class changes at Dharma?"

    Bender walked over and said, "Giving up your druid would be like giving up being a rat and you said that you'd rather be dead if you couldn't be a rat."

    He then looked to Calvin, "Did you get Wilbur's help when he was a god or after he got free of it with Elarea's assistance?"

    Calvin wondered what the issue was as he replied, "Before. Is there something going on that I don't know about? Wilbur said he would help me in exchange for my helping him with something for an entire weekend. He was very pregnant then and he said it was through you. I was about to die from the artificial sugar and I needed Wilbur's Druidic help so I could survive the ordeal. The family doctor wanted to perform an expensive surgery on me to clean me out. Wilbur helped me with a green pill and a transformation into a bull so I made shit."

    Wilbur said, "The community garden for the order got some of the freshest fertilizer from Calvin during his cleansing phase. When it was over, I changed him back into his human self."

    Bender said, "Wilbur isn't used to the rules on when deities grant a favor to someone even if it is for a good cause, Calvin. Since Wilbur is no longer a god, your debt to the divine version of him is now owed to the religion he represented while he was a god. And I don't know how you're going to repay a bunch of elemental spirits whom make up the Gaeon religion. Hart had to buy his way out of the religion himself and it wasn't easy. They had to sell magical treasures to raise the gold. You don't have that kind of wealth."

    Wilbur then said, "Wrong, Bender... While I was a god, I did what Freddy did when he was under the Cometpaw Geas. I created a new nature based religion and I presented the idea to Elarea for her approval and she said she could see nothing wrong with it. So Calvin doesn't own Gaeon anything; he owes Dreamfield of the Flowering Harvest and since I created the new Druidic religion, that makes me Wilbur of Dreamfield. I would say that Gaeon is about to fade out of the world entirely since it was a tainted religion."

    Bender asked, "Then why were you thinking about quitting being a druid if you made this new religion? If you bale, Elarea will find out."

    Wilbur said, "I don't like the Druid class itself. It hardly stands for what it is proposed to be in the hierarchy of other classes. In truth, it is rather weak; when you run out of spells, you have to retreat like a coward. I'm all powerful, I'm all powerful, Run Away! Remember the battle at Rublakov we participated in and I ran out of spells and your praises went to others whom did far less than I was doing? That's exactly why I say the Druid is WEAK. I know I sound like I am whining but until you've been a Druid, you have no right to complain."

    Bender remarked, "Why not combine the best features of the Ranger, the Farmer, and the Druid and call the combined class the Solstice. A Solstice could be a nature based fighter, combined with a cultivator and have the nature spells of the Druid but not as limited as those provided to the Druid. I made this suggestion based off of what you called the new religion, a fighting farmer with nature spells gained through simple rest instead of praying or spell book studying. What do you think, Wilbur?"

    Wilbur hummed. "Wilbur the Solstice. It has a nice sound to it. What else can I give it?"

    Bender said, "How about this? At certain ranks of experience, the Solstice gets reusable powers that are always available to the class. The powers start at a minor importance and get greater and greater as more ranks are gained. The reusable powers can be based off of former Druid spells; weaker at lower ranks and more powerful at higher ranks. The run out of spells thing would no longer happen."

    Wilbur said, "I like it. I want this to be part of the new Solstice class. The decision has been made, Elarea! The Solstice class with the powers and abilities we discussed!"

    Instantly Wilbur's uniform and armors were divinely changed; he had new weapons and he was now receiving his spell abilities and powers as he stood at rest!

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      Bender and Calvin blinked their eyes at how much more important Wilbur looked in his new gear. Wilbur posed with a slinky stance and a kind smile. "Am I hot or what? Wilbur the Solstice of Dreamfield. 19th Rank and capable of further advancement."

      Bender smirked. "You had this arranged with Elarea to occur once you named and streamlined the class, didn't you?"

      Wilbur stopped posing as he said, "Yes, that is what we arranged. As for Calvin, he simply has to help me for one weekend. He offered an 'anything' contract deal."

      Bender looked a Calvin. "Good luck with Wilbur. I need to go inform Alorn and the others what Wilbur went and did. They were used to him as a Druid." and he walked off.

      After making his rounds, Bender departed Unity Hall by himself. He was disgusted by what Wilbur had went and did. He need to find and talk to Jimmy.

      Before long, Alorn, Khan and Ruben all approached Wilbur. The Fellowship kept their distance to watch to see what the Order were doing.

      Ruben examined Wilbur all over and then he waited for the others do the same. Khan now realized why Bender was disgusted as he simply turned and walked away without saying anything. That showed control. Otherwise, he might have backhanded the rat for being so stupid. Alorn wasn't going to be so quiet. "Wilbur the Druid had honestly earned 18 ranks by traveling and adventuring with the Order! You are Rank Zero! This new rat before us has no experience with the Order! I am going to go to keep an eye Khan now! How could you be so stupid?!"

      Ruben remarked, "The Order has spoken. The Druid earned a fair amount of trust with us. Now you are this thief whom stole Bender's ideas and then strutted around as if you created this class without assistance on your own. Bender hates you now. He thinks you are a demon in disguise tainted by Actaeon the Second. We barely got along with you before and now you did this. I guess you got tired of being neutral." He then turned to look at Calvin as he lifted the boy up in his arms. "You owned the Druid for your cure. He isn't a druid anymore. You owe Wilbur absolutely nothing at this point since he threw the debt away by changing his class. Had he collected from you before he changed his class, he would have gained something out of this. Bender fixed the Gaeon religion and it was working. Even the old Wilbur said it was working. Now he's thrown it all away."

      Ruben began to walk away holding Calvin in a protective grip. "I hope he can find a new low ranked adventuring group to spend time with whom will listen to his lies about how he came up with this class on his own and didn't just trick a former friend into doing all the work for him and then smearing it in his face after he got his upgrade. His new religion is a joke since it is based on a liar whom uses his associates to get what he wants... just like a member of the forces of evil."

      He then glanced back at the rat. "Wilbur, go pack your things. I want you out of Order Keep by nightfall. Within the hour if possible. You have overstayed your welcome." He walked off.

      Wilbur stated, "Ruben, I changed my class to be more useful to the order! You can't just kick me out!"

      Ruben stopped and he replied with, "The honest Wilbur was useful to the order. He was a Druid whom suffered through hardships and arguments to earn our trust to be an honored member of the order. By using Bender and stealing his ideas... You had a golden ticket. You had a golden light to light your way... and you threw it all away... Dumb Ass! You have proven that you have no honor, Wilbur. Bender hates you now. He wants to destroy the shortcut and never come to our nice world ever again. Was it all for nothing, Wilbur? Get out."

      Ruben walked over to where Khan and Alorn were waiting for him. And then the examination on Calvin commenced to make sure he was cured or to see if that was another lie too.

      Wilbur turned and quietly returned to his quarters. When he got inside, he began to sob as he too late realized how foolish he had been to celebrate too soon.

      The Carnival Town of Circarnicus, Northeast of Bighorn City

      Bender had located Tradesfang whom asked him what had happened to make Bender come to their quiet little carnival. Bender explained it all and how Wilbur seemed to gloat at the end when he got all pompous about his success in being so sneaky. "He's acting like one of the former demons, Tradesfang. He makes me want to destroy the shortcut between worlds. I wanted to talk to Jimmy to get advice on what to do since I trust jimmy's insight and wisdom."

      Tradesfang hummed as he cast a Detect Artifact spell on Bender. "I think you've been tricked, Bender. Check your pockets and you will see what I am talking about. And please for the love of friendship don't take our nice new town away from us. Being free of being demons has made us publicly acceptable. That was the only good thing your request accomplished. The rest has been wrecking havoc across every adventuring group. We've heard many complaints since the move. Now Wilbur is acting funny and likely to be kicked out of the Order."

      Bender remembered the last time someone asked him to check his pockets. He did a search and he pulled out the questionable artifact. He was livid when he saw it. "This isn't what I've been told it is, is it? Be honest with me, Tradesfang, or else I'll make sure you never see Jimmy again."

      Tradesfang remarked, "It isn't the artifact that Arakoth gave you. He didn't lie when he said that his would only help one person. The Ultimate cure-all only works for one person. That thing is a demon trick crafted to make you do their bidding to cause dissension among the good so they can get back in. It's like a ring of three wishes with one wish left over."

      Bender muttered, "Elarea isn't the goddess Rale at all, is she? She's some sort of super demon, r-"

      Before he could finish the word 'right?', Bender and the entire town (along with the Underground Stables) was thrown through space where it collided with another planet in a wooded locale. As they arrived there, Bender could feel a furry transformation effect trying to restore him to Gaeon and he fought back versus the unwanted form. "I get what I want! Lord Frith! I need your help! I have a character in the Furlough RPG back in my tree house; change me into that form, please!" And that seemed to do it since they were standing in sunlight.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        Bender was currently a human sized Raccoon instead of becoming the unwanted Horse god. The artifact he had been holding was gone. However, he could still feel the divine link in his new body. He was still a damned god. He felt he would never get out of this. "Thank you, Frith. Please inform the others that Elarea kicked me off of the fake new world and where we are."

        Frith's voice then said, "She sent you to War Torn Furth II. Luckily, you landed in allied territory. Otherwise, I am sure she would have made sure you landed behind enemy lines."

        Jimmy came out of the Underground stables with his clothes on and walking with Moonwise. "What the hell happened, Bender? We got thrown into the walls and Moonwise cannot restore me."

        Jimmy looked like an ugly donkey elf since humans and elves could not exist on Furth.

        Bender said, "Frith? Please grant Jimmy his species of choice so he isn't stuck as an ugly misshapen donkey. I just noticed that Moonwise is entirely a donkey boy now."

        Yes, it was the Lampwick effect for natural born Donkey Elves. Internally they were still donkey elves, but they shifted all the way into Donkey Boys by being born as their species.

        Bender said to Jimmy. "We're on the same world as Furlough, Jimmy. Elarea is some sort of demon bitch and she kicked me and this town off of the planet when I started to publicly reveal her true identity. All we did was give the demons another world to play with. But never again. Frith! Send the good adventurers and the good temples not associated with the demons to the Medieval Furth; it's the only one the adventurers would ever feel comfortable on! Warn Freddy, Joseph and Lukas to be in their furry forms or else the transformation is random!"

        Frith giggled. "Bender, you're talking to Freddy; I had to re-merge with him to save his life after casting the super miracle twice in one hour back to back. He almost died. I love him."

        He then added, "I also need to save the boys in the oriental setting since they were on their way to Fain Roresta due to a fallout with the Tao Temple of Martial Arts."

        "Custom Hopper? This is Lord Frith!"

        "I read you, Frith! Man, you are coming in so clearly! What do you need?"

        "Bender and Jimmy along with a town they were in got sent to Furth II where you are. What I need to know is this... Which of the other Furths is the one with the medieval setting?"

        "You may not want to go to that Furth. The monsters have nearly taken it over. In fact, visitation to that Furth was sealed off when it was determined that demons were helping the monsters to win. It might be a better idea to create an all new Medieval Furth since it sounds like you are about to conduct an Exodus to save people. I'll get my cousin Cosmic Liberty to perform a Retcon to make the new world and partially populate it so the adventurers have something to do after arriving. Give me a list of place names they are familiar with."

        Lord Frith shared the entire South Continent as well as the original East Continent before the move to Elarea Utopia, a demon trap. And the kangaroo continent on the other side of the Southern ocean. Various other place names and the species that dwelt there were also given so Hart would have a home to return to some day. Khan's home city would also be rescued since they didn't deserve to be in that trap. Freddy knew of some nice pirates and their home island would also be rescued. Bender and the Carnival town would also be be restored.

        "I got the list, Frith! I'll send you word when the world is ready and I'll tell you the name and nickname of the world as well. Talk to you later. Man, this connection is so clear."

        Frith then said to Bender and Tradesfang, "Business in the Carnival town is closed for now. When the new world is created by trusted methods, you will be moved there if you want to go there. I would advise that Bender make the trip as well since if he doesn't, he will have no access to Earth to return to school since the shortcut is in Order Keep. Wait a minute... Bender... I am detecting divine power in that raccoon body of yours; you could arrange a new shortcut. Was that your plan?"

        Bender replied, "Scan me to make sure the divine powers are not demon granted. And if they are, remove them. I would love to have access to Furlough City but only through clean methods."

        Bender then felt as if he was being forced to swallow something chalky and then he ran out of the town and squatted in the woods where he crapped out as much manure that Calvin had made as a bull. He also vomited a few times. When it was over, a cleansing light shined all over Bender and cleaned him up as he felt clean and fresh divine powers entered his body. Bender the Raccoon soon returned to the town looking partially dehydrated. "I need some water... Damn you Frith or did Freddy do that to me?"

        Frith said, "I won't lie to you, Bender. I did it. But I also hit Wilbur and Calvin with the same thing since they both seemed to still be tainted. They are both back to thinking straight and Wilbur is a Druid once again. He was sobbing when he realized what he did to make you hate him. The Order was on the verge of kicking him out for changing classes and stealing your ideas. They said he had no honor by doing that. But I just informed Ruben that Wilbur had been under a curse which I just cured him of. Freddy is training his apprentice."

        Bender ran through his divine powers in his mind and he smiled. "I will establish a second shortcut in my tree house to give me access to Furlough City. I will instate a new clean shortcut between my tree house and the Order so Jimmy and Lukas have access to the furries they love. However... I feel that demons may have infiltrated the divine alliances which is why we can't seem to be rid of them no matter how many times we move to a new world. Clean up the pantheons first or else the new world will have demons on it."

        Tradesfang was giving Bender some purified water. "I have to concur with Bender on his assessment, Frith. There are demons pretending to be gods. They usually embrace dark aspects, but that doesn't apply to Night Dragons since they are a real surface world dragon species. Bodience is clean. I am not sure about Solaris. I would have him scanned. Everyone in the Lords of Harmony need to be scanned to make sure they are both clean and actually gods. I know Arakoth would be angry if he found out that he joined an alliance being ran by a lying demon."

        Bender said, "As I found out when I was a member of their group, they have a tendency to lie to new members as well as to trusted followers."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Three days later of furry time, Frith got the call from Custom. "I hope you conducted that scan on all of the gods, Frith! The new world is ready and there is an anti-demon holy barrier around the entire planet and moons. When anyone associated with demons tries to pass through this holy barrier, they are banished to the Abyss, one-way."

          he then added, "All former Ralean worlds will also be sent there after you perform your Exodus. Demons cannot pass through the new holy barrier - period."

          Custom said, "The Rank II enlightened citizens will be permitted as long as they don't revert to their old ways. If they revert, it's off to the Abyss, one-way. No exceptions to the new world; exceptions is what continued to mess up the original Planet Rale. The new world is officially called Furth IV. Even numbers keep the the holy from being penetrated. The unofficial nickname of the world is Medieval Rale. Backdoor shortcuts like the ones Bender and Freddy make use of will also be covered by the anti-demon holy barrier. Directions are..."

          Frith smiled as he got directions to the new world. "This ought to be fun. I did the mandatory scan and the gods hated it. But this barrier will catch any that I missed or resisted the scan thereof. I am not going to warn anyone of this Holy Barrier. Solaris nor Harmony were available for the mandatory scan, but Solaris did make a complaint when I redirected the Sentai team to my temple for their own protection from demons. So if Solaris is not a demon when we pass through that barrier, I will be surprised."

          Frith then told Bender that the new world was made and the Carnival town was about to be moved. They would be able to reopen for business very soon.

          And then a golden corridor of Sunlight shined down on the entire town and the Underground Stables as they lifted up into the sky and as they flew through the corridor, they heard the 'Golden Ticket' song from Willie Wonka. But if anyone got banished going through the holy barrier, then they would hear the 'Golden Ticket Dumb Ass' song instead. Fortunately for everyone on the South Continent, no one got banished going through the Holy Barrier. And then other places on the approved list made the journey and most arrived safely.

          After all of the scanned and approved made it in, the fake world of Elarea Utopia along with Drale and Trale were all sent to the Abyss where they took up residence revolving around a glob of sticky stinky energy that looked like tar and smelled like fresh shitty sewage. Anyone falling into the stuff were stuck for an eternity while being pulled down to the core to be absorbed. It was a gruesome way to go but necessary since the demons would not leave the furs alone.

          Bighorn City; South Continent, World of Furth IV (Medieval Rale)
          Unity Hall

          Freddy was still training Trip the Wererat Ranger albeit within the Frith Mini-Temple now. Windhearth was in there with them. Wilbur was sitting with Frith and Arakoth as he rethought out the Dreamfield religion. If Bender wasn't going to be in Gaeon, then why should he stick with it. He was going to stay a Druid as long as the religion permitted the rank powers.

          Wilbur apologized to the good gods for sounding like he was whining but when he ran out of spells and having nothing to fall back on, he felt weak and ignored especially when Daniel came in at the end and cast that one spell to make him look like a useless pud of an adventurer. Daniel got high praise and everyone ignored the rat. "Anyone whom thinks being a Druid is awesome should try being one for a while before changing their mind when they see how hard it really is."

          He added, "Priests have it off easy in comparison. I guess that's why you never see any Dragon Druids." He winked at Arakoth hoping the dragon knew that it was a joke.

          Arakoth then said, "There are Dragon Druids but they assign themselves to wildernesses which they protect with their lives. They never join adventurers. What would be the purpose?"

          Frith said, "Dreamfield is as follows... Rank powers acquired every second rank. A change to the allowed weapons now include Bows of any variety with wooden arrows; no metal arrows allowed. Wooden swords. Wooden Shields. Whips as long as the material to make them come from natural resources. Boomerangs, Bolas, Spears and Farming Tools used as weapons. Rank 10 grants you Elemental Strike: Fire. Rank 12 grants you Elemental Strike: Ice. Rank 14 grants you Elemental Strike: Lightning. Rank 16 grants you Mudslide. Rank 18 grants you Meteors."

          He then added, "After that every second rank increases the damage the power attacks cause as well as granting you additional uses of the powers per day. Two through Eight is once per day. Ten through Eighteen is Twice per day. Twenty through Twenty-Eight is three times per day. After Rank Thirty, you get unlimited usage of the powers. But don't forget your other skills and abilities. Powers are not everything. Powers usage also includes how many times you can cast your Druid spells per day."

          He finished by saying, "Resting for one minute per spell rank will grant you your spells back. Powers will always work unless you've used them all for the day until after Rank Thirty."

          Arakoth said, "Sounds fair to me. I like the low ranked power to make crops and fruit trees grow per field. That is sure to make a certain Elephant we know happy."

          Frith looked to Wilbur. "Is this acceptable, Wilbur? If you agree, then close your eyes and imagine flowers blooming, a summer wind blowing over you, crops being harvested and the snows placing a blanket over the land to help the soil to remain healthy. When you open your eyes afterward, you will see what your new god looks like for he will have been born. Dreamfield awaits, Wilbur. Do as asked and embrace your new religion. Arakoth and I will move out of your way. We need to attend to Ruben. He has no god at all currently. He feels abandoned."

          Wilbur felt sorry of the leader of the Order at that point; but he had a religion to create first before going to show his support for an equal. he close his eyes and he imagined the flowers blooming. Then he felt the Summer wind. Next he saw the crops being harvested. And finally, he saw and felt the cold snows covering the land. When he open his eyes, he couldn't believe his eyes. A sexy very colorful phoenix stood there in regal robes. "Greetings, Wilbur. I am Dreamfield. Thanks to you, I have joined the world. Let's make it grow."

          Wilbur then said it with Dreamfield, "I live again!" Dreamfield then said, "My colors change with the seasons. But I will always be a phoenix. I will be watching you, Wilbur." He was then alone as the phoenix faded away like the an illusion being dispelled. He got up and he walked over to where the rest of the Order were sitting. "Wilbur the Druid is back. I live again." And then he sat with his friends as they were watching the gods work with a depressed winged Minotaur.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Both Harmony and Starshine turned out to be demons. The Lords of Seven fell in numbers to the Lords of Five. It was a heavy blow to the gods whom thought the alliance was a good idea. Daniel was still missing but since his god turned out to be fake, he was likely in a deeper depression somewhere, if he was still alive at all.

            Ruben muttered, "I've been living a lie and I didn't even know. Some leader I am."

            Khan would have said that he told Ruben so, but he didn't want to be dragon tail slapped for making Ruben feel worse. So he kept his mouth full of fruit. The ones that Freddy brought were so delicious. He still had the bag of them.

            Frith said, "Seeing the Light cannot be called a lie, Ruben. Do you still want to serve an alliance of good gods and goddesses? My Solar Alliance also failed when it turned out that Solaris was a demon himself. But he got banished like all the rest. I had to replace the Sentai bracers for the Oriental heroes. Not an easy task but necessary. My alliance will me merging with the Alliance that Arakoth is part of and the alliance names are to change. We will collectively be called The Lords of Light. Demons hate the light so it makes sense."

            Ruben sighed. "I am not worthy. Forget about me. I should never have left Minotaur land. Me a paladin? My brothers were right. I'm a failure."

            Wilbur could see that this wasn't going to be easy for the group. He stood up and approached Ruben. "When I was in trouble, the Order came down on me and I deserved it. But just to show you that there are no hard feelings... I forgive you, Ruben. I am back and I live again. I am still a Druid and I have Dreamfield in my life now."

            He then added, "Gaeon was such a failure until Bender fixed it. But even after the fix, he left the religion. That told me that I should have listened to your advice early on. I forgive you for not realizing the demons in your midst. But we all make mistakes, Ruben. No one is better than the other. But we still have Khan to remind us of when we forget what's important. Where we be without his steady head to guide us back on to the right path?"

            Ruben glanced up at Wilbur and then he wrapped his wings around the rat and hugged him. Sobbing was something that Minotaurs did not do. But they could still make tears. Wilbur cleaned the tears off of Ruben's muzzle. "Can't let the troops see you looking all mopey can we?" he whispered. "It isn't too late for you to rise again, old chum. Please make the effort." Ruben smiled slowly. "I don't deserve friends like you guys. But... I'll try."

            He unwrapped his wings from the Rat and then he turned to Frith and Arakoth. "I want to join the Lords of Light. I will need new gear. Everything I have has the old alliance marking on it. I was such a fool. But I am sure the gods feel that way too. Let's help each other rise above this set-back. We do need to find Daniel. Lukas liked him." Frith said, "Kin Albion went looking for him. The White Tiger never said much but when we said that we need to find Daniel, he volunteered to go find him. I think he may have overheard where Harmony had him."

            To one side, Kin Albion reappeared looking as if he had been in a horrible fight. He had scars and was bleeding. Polara, a female polar bear goddess, was with him as she laid out a huge rock that had Daniel's lion body chained to it. "Arakoth? We cannot get these chains off of Daniel. He's been chained to this rock since just after the Rublakov fight when he voiced wanting to learn the Light of the um, that number." Polara stopped herself because it could be cast even if the gods said the words.

            Arakoth called Rayne to come over. "Time to earn your keep, Acquirer. Unlock these locks to the best of your ability." He then turned to tend to Kin Albion's injuries. "Demons?"

            Kin Albion replied, "Yeah. A lot of them. Good thing I took Polara with me. She exhaled a blast of frost breath all over them and most vanished after the fight they had with me."

            Polara then said, "I have two other goddess friends whom are interested in the Alliance you guys are putting together. Sumera the Elephant of Memory. And Sad the Crocodile of Recovery. They come from a warmer climate, however, a cold loving friend of mine is also interested in the alliance. He is called Glaciermelt the Reindeer of Freezing Cold Delights. So if you accept, you could have four more deities from extreme climates to join the Lords of Light. What do you say, Arakoth?"

            Rayne remarked, "Looks like I get to add Planar Locks to my list of accomplishments. All done. By the way... this lion smells like the demons were urinating on him constantly."

            He backed off to let the gods do their work.

            Freddy walked into view and when he saw the condition Daniel was in, he walked over and pointed a finger at the lion and said, "SUNLIGHT CLEANSE!" When Frith heard Freddy's voice, he went over to him and said, "Don't overdue it, my friend. As a mortal, you can't do two miracles back to back. You almost killed yourself the last time. Let me give you a recharge in case you forgot." And he hugged his follower and the two glowed like a paradox for a few minutes before Frith let go of the rabbit and said, "Be on your way. I am sure Daniel will appreciate not smelling like Demon piss. You are the very reason for my existence, Freddy. I mean it... don't kill yourself. Trip is counting on you to train him. He is your apprentice after all. If you want to play with him as your human self, it's either Earth or my anti-Furth chamber within my temple. The door is well marked for you." Freddy Rabbit said, "Thanks."

            Daniel weakly rasped, "Water..." Anyone nearby brought him some fresh water immediately. When he had his drink, Daniel said, "I saw Harmony and Starshine without their disguises on and when I went to shout the name of the miracle I was never allowed to learn, nothing happened, because in that moment, I had forgotten that I didn't know it. I was captured afterward and chained to the rock where demons would come by and use my body as a toilet. I have failed the alliance as a High Priest to a fake god."

            Ruben knelt close to the lion and said, "I felt like this earlier and my friends brought me back up and convinced me to try again. I expect the same of you. You can be great again."

            Wilbur said, "I was always jealous of the fantastic priest things you could do which would make me look like a novice pud. But when I tried to make myself better through dishonest means, it only made my position worse and then I almost lost it all. I was ready to end it all like Freddy often wanted to. But Frith stepped in to stop me; he and Arakoth helped me to iron out my misgivings. Then I saw Ruben in dire depression and I knew that I had to help him rise again, like I did. And now you are feeling this way. You only lose if you give up."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Daniel said, "Choosing a new god for me means that even though I may have the knowledge of High Priest, I have to start all over again from the bottom. You Druids are lucky that switching deities don't remove all of your ranks of experience. Priests don't have that luxury, so if you thought I was so great... how the mighty have fallen."

              Wilbur looked to Frith and Arakoth. "Were there ever a real Harmony and a real Starshine before the demons railroaded the Alliance."

              He added, "Arakoth, you are one of the first members, surely you would know, right?"

              Arakoth hummed. "When I had the idea for bringing gods of a like mind together, safety in numbers... I wasn't sure where to turn to. An entity called Harmony was already shielding the Oracle Queen of Fain Roresta. And Daniel was his High Priest. But every time I looked at this high priest, I didn't see what you would normally see in other high priests. An aura that would burn the unfaithful. Thus, Harmony was not the first I considered for an alliance. Nor was Starshine whom was rarely ever seen nor felt by his followers."

              He then said, "One of the earliest gods I considered for membership in the alliance was a god called Ratstalker. When I told him whom I was considering, he dissected my list painfully. he said, quote, if you plan on having Harmony or Starshine in this alliance then count me out. When their religions first started, they would have been prime choices. But like many gods, their paths have grown dark. Include them at your own risk. the are not picky about whom worships them these days. When Harmony first started, it was Lions only. That's how he acquired Daniel. But over time, Harmony seemed to grow darker and is a shade of his former lion self, unquote. I haven't thought about him until today. He said we could seek him out for advice when we were confused, but as long as Harmony and Starshine were there, he wanted nothing to do with the alliance. It was as if he knew they were demons."

              Bender in his raccoon form was suddenly standing there wearing odd looking combat clothes and holding a weird metal stick in one hand. "Where can Ratstalker be found these days?"

              Arakoth arched an eye when Bender just popped in like that although he recognized the clothes and the rifle. "How did you just pop in just now, Bender?"

              Bender grinned. "Your son taught me how to do this. And it's a lot of fun. Now answer my question, please."

              Arakoth replied, "Figures... I hope he is staying out of trouble. After Harmony and Starshine joined the alliance, I mentioned needing to speak to Ratstalker once and how he mentioned that these two gods were not to be trusted. After that day, Ratstalker's temples were disappearing all over Rale. His followers were often found dead and dismembered. I never saw Ratstalker again. Nor could I find him. He must have fled when someone declared war on his religion. It was a sad day for me. He was a good god."

              He added, "He represented Insight and Sagely Wisdom. I never knew that second part until I was doing research in some old books and scrolls. I lost a good friend, despite being a rat."

              Bender said, "I have an idea on where he might be. But I don't have the means to find out. I need to get back to my workshop. It is my cover story for being in their world."

              And he disappeared quietly again.

              Wilbur asked, "Where is Bender hiding out, Arakoth?"

              Arakoth said, "Do the math; he mentioned my son Custom. He's in Furlough. As you just saw, he still comes here. But the old Rale ruined his idea for adventure. So he stays in Furlough."

              Wilbur inquired, "What is his profession now. I know he was formerly a bard in our world."

              Arakoth smiled. "In Furlough, he is a Craftsman, his specialty is being a repair specialist within the city. He never goes out on missions like the Zoo Stars do. That's the main fellowship over there. The Tiger Corp Order are allied with the Zoo Stars. Furlough is not only the allies main city, but it is also the nickname for the planet, which is Furth II. If he hadn't been screwed over by Gaeon and later the Alliance, he might have stayed with us longer. As you could see, he is still a god, but he chooses not to be one on our world."

              Wilbur asked one more question, "Bender said he might have an idea on where Ratstalker was but he didn't have the means to find out. Wouldn't that imply that your son would?"

              Arakoth said, "Bender is good at laying out clues and the stupid dragon let it go over his head. But since you are used to Bender, you caught on to what he was saying. I'll contact my son right now. I mean, the whole idea for contacting Ratstalker is to try to find the real Harmony and the real Starshine. Give me a moment... my son is having sex with his boyfriend, a rabbit. I swear, they can think of nothing else... No offense, Frith." Frith commented, "But we're so good at it. We get lots of practice." Arakoth snorts as he focuses on his son.

              "Son? You don't have to stop your session with David Mallory, but I need you to get a message to Cosmic to do us another favor. Ask him to create three character sheets for Medieval Rale. On the first, the name is Ratstalker; gender and species, Male Rat. Make sure there is a line marked as Current location. For the second sheet, the name is Harmony, gender and species, Male Lion. For the third sheet, the name is Starshine, gender and species, Male Pegasus. Have him use his retcon power so we can learn where their real versions are."

              "Forwarding that message right away, dad. I assume Harmony and Starshine turned out to be demons, didn't they?"

              "Sadly, yes. The Holy Barrier did it's job and banished them. Solaris, too. The demons had several of their number in the god ranks and no one knew. Daniel is suffering."

              "Poor Daniel. I always thought he was hot for a lion. Dad? What about that other boy in the future whom will go to Rale eventually. Now that we have changed the past, where will he end up? Comet really likes that boy. He's honest for a Hollywood director's son. Calls himself Dasher, his nickname from his school's sports department. Track and Field. Do you think we can get him an honest Seeker god this time around?"

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                "Comet and the others eventually arrive sometime after Hart reaches Rank 20. And form their own fellowship. Diamondfang is my paladin. A fresh start will be good for all of them. We will make sure Dustin Montgomery arrives in Medieval Rale for his adventure. I hope he is smarter this time around. Defending your friends by standing up to their gods..."

                "That isn't healthy. I know you so well. But it keeps a god on their toes. I need to focus on David... damn he's horny tonight. Incoming character sheets. Hold out your claw."

                Arakoth held out his claw hand and he received the character sheets with full color art. Arakoth hummed as he looked at the information he had now. "Sneaky assed demons! We never would have figured that out! The demons trapped the missing gods of the Alliance within paintings inside their own temples. As for Ratstalker, he seems to be on Earth disguised as a young human man nicknamed as Radar, whom is an electronics genius and a programming wizard. The original is in a coma after nearly electrocuting himself Panthagoyle style."

                Frith remarked, "If demons sealed them into paintings, shouldn't the two gods be free right now? We did pass through the Holy barrier, after all. Demon magic should have been undone. Or did they use a mundane painting entrapment spell?"

                Arakoth said, "That is a good point." He picked up Daniel in his arms. "Let's go to the Temple of Harmony on Harmony mountain. Let's see how messed up it is. Since you are the High Priest, Daniel, you're going to be our excuse for being in there. We may need to cast the Twelfth Light miracle while we're in there, so any god whom is coming along tag up and follow."

                Frith said, "A few of us need to go hit Starshine's main temple and free him there. I am sure the Pegasus priests will be thrilled to see us invading the temple to look for their god."

                Right after the gods all departed to do their jobs. Hart and Ruben noticed Freddy and Joseph arriving from the Frith temple shortcut as if they were just arriving. They both had their arms loaded down with groceries, meaning dry goods in paper sacks. "This should replace the spices that were used in the kitchen, Joseph. I don't understand how the fellowship keeps running out. I know you don't use that many when you are cooking in there."

                Lucinda and Alorn went over to the boys and they cast the Detect Evil spell on the two. The results came up as both being extremely good. Another tip off that something was up was the fact that they were both in their human forms. Lucinda then asked, "Um, Freddy? When did you and Joseph head back to Earth. We never saw you walk by us earlier?"

                Joseph arched an eye. "We left yesterday to go back home until new time because we had school in the morning. Why? What happened while we were gone? You saw us leave and you wished us luck in school. Think back."

                Lucinda thought about it and straightened up as he tail went on defense. "You're right. There is a Joseph in the kitchen right now and a Freddy spending time with Trip to train him."

                At that moment, Kin Albion reappeared in the courtyard as he exclaimed, "How did the demons get back in here?"

                Freddy handed his bag off to Alorn and struck his full pose. "A demon cannot use this Archon miracle... LIGHT OF THE TWELVE!" The holy light went off and Kin Albion's disguise fell all to pieces revealing three demons whom were standing on top of each other but were currently sprawled out on their backs on the ground! Freddy exclaimed, "We're not on a safe world at all, Ruben. This is another demon trap! They tricked not only us but the gods as well! Frith! Return to base! We have an emergency!"

                Lord Frith and those whom had gone with him reappeared and when he saw Freddy in his Archon clothes glowing as if he had cast that one miracle, he said, "How many have you cast, Freddy?"

                Freddy replied, "As your Archon, I have only cast it once, Frith. The once a day rule as you explained to me. I had to use it after a god accused Joseph and I of being demons."

                Hart confirmed what Freddy was saying and what he had said just before Frith was called back. "Freddy? What was the major tip off that we were in a trap?"

                Freddy said, "The so-called holy barrier is even covering the shortcut openings and when Joseph and I arrived, Lucinda and Alorn both cast Detect Evil on both of us. As an Archon to a god, I exude good energy; it's a wonder they weren't blinded when they cast that clerical spell. If there are fake versions of myself and Joseph here, then the Holy Barrier failed to keep them out. This leads me to believe that Retcon had nothing to do with making this world. He supposedly made this world in three weeks, but it only takes him three hours to Retcon a character with full art. That seems mighty suspicious to me. I think we need to contact Retcon ourselves. The Human called Cosmo Hunter is a fair artist. But it always takes him three hours to render a character artwork. Drawing a world at a distance wouldn't take any time at all. Even I could do it."

                Windhearth and Trip came out of Frith's temple dragging a bag which they dumped with the other demons on the ground. Trip said, "The fake Freddy was giving me some verbal lessons and he started talking about his having sex with me and I reminded him that I was a contagious Wererat. Then that light filled the chamber and the fake had his disguise stripped off of him and it was a minor demon wearing a clerical power duplicator."

                Freddy said, "If I recall correctly, Frith, Demons are terrified by prime numbers such as 1 and 7. What was it that the fake Retcon and Custom said about even numbers? That even numbers would help the holy barrier to work better And then we learn that we are on Furth IV. I think allying with the Lords of Harmony in any form should be avoided. If we're going to have a clean world, we need to do it ourselves. We need to investigate Furth I to see if it is available; otherwise, we need to have a new adventuring world outside of the usual furry avenues."

                Frith said, "Do we wait for Arakoth to come back?"

                Freddy replied, "Why should we? If the gods can fall for a demon trap that often, then we should keep those in the know to a minimum."

                Freddy and Joseph went into the kitchen, were soon dragging the fake Joseph by a rope around his neck to drop him into the pile of other demons and they dumped a Holy Water on them.

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  Utilizing a snow globe style of transport magic, Frith had all three allied adventuring groups that had human teammates part of them within a safety orb which he had around his neck and then Frith activated a sunlight protection sphere around his entire body and he flew up into the upper atmosphere and right off of Furth IV.

                  Although the fake Holy Barrier did try to prevent Frith from exiting the planet's upper atmosphere, he cast Light of the Twelve on a small portion of the barrier and it let him out.

                  Talk about a hole in the Ozone Layer. When Frith wants out, you let him leave. As he flew over Furth III, he noted that the tech level there looked to be set in the latter 21st century. Meaning, the Anthro Justice time period. Then, as he flew over Furth II, he noted that the entire world seemed to be at war on two sides in the early 20th century. Meaning the Furlough City Zoo Stars Time period. And finally as Frith approached Furth I, the planet didn't have the feel of a world sealed off to visitation. There was no barrier and the planet was clearly viewable from space. The tech level looked to be early 12th century with castles and walled cities in most locations. There were no demons detected from this high vantage point. Just loads of monsters; an adventurers paradise. Frith then determined that two continents were not even populated by adventurers or cities nor castles at all. Conveniently, they were the East Continent and the South Continent. Now he knew why the demons didn't want the adventurers to come here. It was ideal for them. Setting up his own version of the Anti-Demon Barrier (The ADB) all around the planet, Frith giggled as he imagined a demon getting bounced to the opposite side of the Aniverse when trying to get through it. BOING!

                  Using some clever Terraforming, the two available continents were remodeled to become the lands that the Adventurers were familiar with. The Lep-Sheng Dynasty was set up on the East Continent exactly as Vincent and Sie had originally first encountered it. The tiger emperor was in charge of the Imperial rabbit army. The former South Continent kingdoms along with Blacksail Keep was arranged on the current South Continent. Recreating Bighorn City and placing Circarnicus were done next.

                  Offshore, monsters watched as constant sunlight shined down on the previously unpopulated continents as walled cities, kingdoms and empires appeared out of nowhere. When the event ended, fireworks exploded in the sky over both continents as the adventurers and allies were released from the snow globe necklace to populate their new planetary home. Furth I, otherwise known as 12th Century Medieval Furth. As Freddy once mentioned, Retconning an available planet only took three hours; screw this three weeks shit.

                  Bighorn City; South Continent, World of Furth I (Medieval Furth)
                  Unity Hall

                  Shortcuts back to Earth were cleansed of all demon taint and their own version of the ADB were applied to them. Traveling through the shortcuts automatically cast Sunlight Cleanse and Light of the Twelve on those passing through it. If you were human or furry, no problem, but if you were a demon, the bounce would land them on the opposite side of the Milky Way Galaxy.

                  Frith was now contacting the other gods to let them know where they went and how they had new security in place on the new world which they arranged themselves. No demons were present.

                  As Arakoth flew through Frith's all new ADB, he felt Sunlight Cleanse all over his body as well as the Light of the Twelve washing over him. Since he was holding 'Daniel', the lion was bounced right out of Arakoth's grip as it changed into a demon and flew backwards toward the opposite side of the galaxy. Arakoth shook his head as he flew on in to have a talk with Frith. The new Anti-Demon Barrier worked far better than the old Holy Barrier. The so-called humans forced into furry species was also a demon effect. It was NOT native to Furth.

                  Arakoth landed in Divine Corridor where Frith was waiting for him. "Frith... the Daniel I was carrying turned out to be a demon. But I'd still like to know what happened to the original. He was a nice lion."

                  Frith replied, "As you know, it is nearly impossible to wipe a god out of existence. But they can abdicate to a mortal when the emergency situation requires it. It took some doing, but I located Daniel/Harmony. When Harmony saw that the demons were about to kill him, he abdicated his powers to Daniel before teleporting the lion back to his tribal homeland."

                  Frith then added, "Daniel is currently a god; but I've chosen not to call them gods. Inheritors of god powers are now referred to as Descendants. Harmony was the name of the Religion."

                  Arakoth said, "So where is Daniel right now?"

                  Frith said, "He is evaluating his followers to see whom best matches for the available trusted priest position. Not an easy task."

                  Arakoth asked, "Anything else to report?"

                  Frith said, "I am contacting other gods carefully to see whom is stable minded enough to make the crossing to this world. With the ADB up and functional, demons not on the approved list are bounced the moment they try to get in. That means the Rank II guys are exempt from this anti-demon protection. They don't want to go back to their old ways. Also, the humans forced into being furries was a demon spell to make it so humans could not exist on Rale nor Furth. I undid that spell and now we get to have Freddy and the others as humans, if we want."

                  Arakoth hummed. "Too bad we cannot restore Rale to how it was before the demons took over. They ruined everything for us."

                  Frith said, "There might be a way. But we cannot call it Rale when we do it. Rale is connected to a demon spell that permits them access to any world with that name linked to it."

                  He then added, "Since the demons told us not to come here, I chose to check this world out to see if there was any truth to their warning. And so far... it seems to be false."

                  Arakoth arched an eye. "Not a single monster has attempted to attack you guys for coming here?"

                  Frith remarked, "They have been watching from off shore from the continent, but they so far have been staying away."

                  End of Chapter Nine.