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[Animos-08] AZC-01 Starting Over

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    [Animos-08] AZC-01 Starting Over

    Animos Universe Tales

    Amazing Zoo Crew
    [Animos-08] AZC-01 Starting Over.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    July 27th, 2021

    Rodney Rabbit, Captain Lapine
    Chester Cheese, Reducing Rodent
    Johnny Jingo, The American Eagle

    Donatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Government Research Ambassador)

    None Yet

    Chapter One: Plothole to Salvation.

    Final Hour on Earth C.

    Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew were suited up saving lives although the situation seemed bleak for doing so as some mysterious force from space was lashing destructive energy at their world destroying buildings and vehicles with each strike. Little Cheese ran up Captain Carrot's leg and inside his costume shirt as he said, "We need a different plan, Captain! We get one of those destructive strikes every few minutes and they are getting stronger!

    Captain Carrot said, "You stay with me, Cheese! I am going to try something! Someone should make it through this! With the team spread out like this, it would be hard to do a group rescue!" And as he said that, a energy strike hit a transformer which caused an anomaly to open in mid-air just under the power lines. It actually looked like a portal to another place. Captain Carrot then opened his communicator and said, "Fastback! Get as many of the team as you can grab over to my location as fast as possible! We have a portal to get out of here!"

    He then added, "But I'm not sure how long it will stay open!"

    Fastback started grabbing the lighter weight team members first which included The American Eagle, Yankee Poodle, Rubberduck and Alley-Kat-Abra. As he arrived where Captain Carrot was standing, the rabbit said, "Abra! Use your magic to pull Pig-Iron over here as fast as possible! We need to get through that Portal and I don't want to leave anyone behind!"

    Pig-Iron was seen flailing backwards toward their group at high speed.

    Captain Carrot exclaimed, "Everyone! Through that portal and try not to get separated! We need to regroup!"

    But as they turned to run through the portal, then entire team got struck in their backs by the next destruction wave energy which sent them flailing through the portal at high speed... And within the plot hole beyond, still wearing their costumes, the team found themselves without any of their powers as they fell down through the swirling multi-colored rings of the dimensional portal to a destination unknown.

    Research Basement; Wombat Communications, New Hamsterdam, Animos;
    World Anime Rescue Headquarters.

    Donatello was monitoring his new DimGate Rescue Transportal device with several government representatives watching from behind a blast screen. The last DimGate Transportal had been destroyed by a street gang member in Otterside, Califurnia. The Roller Rovers had made sure the surviving technology was handed over to Donatello from one of their teammates' homes. An alarm sounded on the transportal as a de-powered group of animal people in costumes along with a normal sized pig boy flew out of the portal and landed on the floor.

    The Former Pig-Iron said, "Hey! I've been changed back into my original self, Cap!"

    Little Cheese crawled out of Captain Carrot's shirt and resumed his usual size. "That's weird, I still have my powers. But then again, I didn't gain mine the way you guys did."

    The American Eagle grinned. "I never had powers to begin with. I tried to tell you guys not to completely rely on a gift-horse style of empowerment. Now you have none at all."

    The Former Fastback remarked, "Back to lil old slow me again. What a way to end our careers."

    Donatello stepped out from behind the blast shield as he said, "Welcome to the Animos dimension, former heroes. I am Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, albeit science advisor for the local government currently. I don't recognize any of your costumes. Whom did you used to be?"

    Captain Carrot stood up in his loose costume since he didn't have his muscles anymore although he did still have a stock of glowing carrots with him in his backpack along with a portable version of his window box. "We are originally from Earth-C which was in the process of being destroyed by energy waves from space. Nothing we did could stop the destruction of our world. As for whom we were... We were the sole superhero team of Earth-C, the Amazing Zoo Crew. I am Captain Carrot. This is Little Cheese, The American Eagle, Alley-Kat-Abra, Yankee Poodle, Rubberduck and Fastback. An adopted son of mine liquefied one of my Cosmic Carrots and infused it into his blood stream before leaving Earth-C find adventures elsewhere. He is all white; not brown like myself. The last word I had on the little puke was that he was using my name in his adventures. Maybe it is time I developed a new identity."

    Donatello then asked, "How did most of you gain your powers originally?"

    Captain Carrot replied, "Superman held on to a chunk of Meteor that made it through a space barrier and when he reversed it's direction to go back through the barrier, he hung on to it and in the middle of the barrier, the meteor exploded and the meteor chunks fell down to Earth-C where each of us were hit by the meteors except for myself where my chunk landed in my window box containing my carrot garden. Whenever I would eat a glowing carrot, I would end up with muscles and powers for twenty four hours. A pain in the ass when the charge wore off."

    Donatello asked, "Do any of you still have a shielded piece of the meteorite so I could study it. I could re-activate your powers in our world if you wanted to try the scientific method or by magic if you wanted a more secure way to regain your powers. I am a mutant myself and thus my powers were caused by Mutagen. Not the best solution if you want familiar results."

    Captain Carrot said, "Yankee Poodle's is somewhere in her curly hair fur. Fastback's is embedded in his shell somewhere. Pig-Iron's melted into the molten steel he was working with which he had fallen into. Rubberduck's merged with the pool water that he was resting in. Mine is within my portable lead-lined window box which I have within my backpack. Alley-Kat-Abra's chunk landed in her incense burner when she was meditating and when she inhaled the altered vapors, she gained her powers that way. Otherwise, she had been an established Martial Artist back in Mew Orleans whom studied magic on the side. I can let you study my meteorite if you want since I will likely never get my powers back anyway. I'm just a comic artist."

    End of Chapter One.