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[KLAW] RQ-02 Love and Warren

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    [KLAW] RQ-02 Love and Warren

    Roger Paul Quincy
    [KLAW] RQ-02 Love and Warren.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 12th, 2020

    Chapter One: Clearing Up The Details.

    Charlie and Itchy liked how American Rabbit thought in regards to naked boys. They raised their paws to their holy icons on their collars and as the Heavenly tones were heard, Lt. Mazda arrived laying prone on the ground, but there were two rabbit men holding on to him tightly. One was the captain that had entered Roger's bedroom. The other looked to be King Kazma himself with ripped clothes and a bloody lip. Lt Mazda opened his eyes as he said, "I'm alive... how did your lip get bloodied, father?"

    American Rabbit brought Dark Witch over to the Kazma whom had been standing nearby but now looked as if he was preparing to flee. Justice Patrol Number 1 reached up and he unlatched Dark Witch's porcelain mask as he said, "Deal with this dupe, beautiful. I have to tend to King Kazma and Lt. Mazda." He then returned to the real Kazma as he opened his first aid kit from his hero belt as he and Medina tended to King Kazma's lip injury.

    Roger was explaining to Mazda, the captain and the real King Kazma what all had been occurring with the fake Kazma and the weird rules he had in place that contradicted the joining card's instructions. Reed Huxley confirmed Roger's telling when he said, "As sworn on by the 'oly Pouch, what Roger is saying is true. The fake kept insisting that Roger be polymorphed permanently into a rabbit and made pregnant with Digital Eggs before being sponsored by a warren and getting sent off to a training camp in space. My Aussie 'earing detected the bloke telling lies several times, which is why Ah chose to summon my brother and later defend Roger personally until 'e got the Justice Patrol's attention by mimicking Gerard Prince's voice."

    American Rabbit then looked over to Charlie and Itchy. "Guys, check Roger and make sure he isn't digitized. Scan him to make sure there are no sneaky hidden dangers lurking inside of his body. He came into this human and he should be human before our team head back to Heroes Reach. I swear... between helping the Red Rabbits with law enforcement and having to pop up to S'taur View about once a week, someone surely wants Anime World to fail."

    The Angel Dogs got right to work checking out the naked boy.

    At that moment, Dark Witch said, "Guys, you should see this. When I went to grab this fool by his ears, hie entire head came off in my hands and I have no idea what kind of Lapine this is anymore." She held up the costume head in one hand. Laying on the ground was a Frontier Were-Hare looking as if he was about to lose his appetite as well as his lunch. The team were used to Dark Witch's ugliness, but new people still couldn't handle it.

    American Rabbit said, "I think he originates from a tribe of Frontier Were-Lapines whom hate humans immensely. They recently tried to infiltrate the Red Rabbit Academies to cause a revolt to overthrow King Kazma and take over his world. They were found out and escorted off to prison by Commander Epona of the Galactic Patrol."

    King Kazma got to his feet as he looked over at the Were-Hare. "I believe you are right, son. I think one of their newest plots was to groom a new human to be your replacement so they could get the Justice Patrol disbanded. That may be why they were targeting Roger."

    American Rabbit said, "Where had the three of you been before I had the angel dogs summon Mazda to us?"

    King Kazma replied, "I had been in my office when I got a call from one of our punitive training facilities saying that Mazda had arrived there drunk and was attacking people. I grabbed the Captain and we went there immediately. We had barely cleared the doors at the training facility when we were ambushed and I saw the rotten scoundrels shoot and kill my son."

    American Rabbit said, "What day this ambush occur on, father?"

    King Kazma rattled off a date and a time in detail. "I had made plans to go hire your aunt's husband for that resort building project. Sadly, I never got to go speak to the man."

    American Rabbit then set up Roger's life video disc once again and he played it for King Kazma's viewing displeasure. And he watched as King Kazma looked mad enough to fry an egg on his white fur. He had only seen his father get this mad once before.

    Medina was making sure Mazda and the Captain were getting a proper physical at this point.

    Kazma finally said, "So they went in my place to ask your uncle-in-law to design the resort city but the real purpose of the trip was to recruit a fresh boy for their plot."

    Roger was upset now. "I got taught about rabbit sex from a fake Mazda? I thought I was getting to meet the real Mazda and had agreed to be his friend. Now I really want to make sure I am clean of that fake's germs, Charlie. There is no telling what the crumb bum did to me while wearing that disguise back when he lied to me and set me up to make the offer to join the Red Rabbit Academy."

    Mazda said, "If you thought you were going to be my friend, Roger, I can give you a chance to learn about the real me. But don't expect me to have sex with you on a whim. I am supposed to be more mature these days since I graduated from the academy. I had been working on my captain authorization when I got the call to go to that punitive training academy. They used a portable form copier device to place my likeness over a Blue Hare Spy whom was well versed in human interaction as well as being a champion at sexual conduct."

    Roger sighed. "So when the fake Kazma said that the other Mazda had raped me, he was telling a partial truth. All according to his sleazy plan. And I didn't believe him. But despite being a fake Mazda, he was good at the activity; I cannot hate him for that. He was gentle and he used a proper lube so my colon didn't receive any damage. He refrained from causing pregnancy on Earth, which is strange since their plan was to get me pregnant and stuck as a Lapine."

    King Kazma then said, "According to your life disc, it says that you agreed to join the academy even after they offered you a way out of the joining phrase. Do you still want to attend."

    Roger said, "As long as the real captain and the real Mazda oversee my training, I want to do as I offered since I gave my word to go through with the academy training."

    End of Chapter One