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[KLAW] RQ-01 Legal Academic Ways

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  • [KLAW] RQ-01 Legal Academic Ways

    Roger Paul Quincy
    [KLAW] RQ-01 Legal Academic Ways.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 21st, 2018

    Roger Paul Quincy, male human teenager (14,) protagonist (hero)
    Peter William Quincy, male human teenager (16,) older brother
    Marilyn Louise Quincy, female human teenager (12,) younger sister
    Adam Lee Quincy, male human adult (32,) father (architect (80K per year))
    Amanda Karen Prince-Quincy, female human adult (31,) mother (chiropractor (65K per year))
    Werner, male German Shepherd
    Trekkie, male Golden Retriever
    Victoria, female British Shorthair

    Also Starring:
    Augustus Veci Foalik, male human teenager (16,) older brother
    MaŽlle Merci Foalik, female human teenager (14,) younger sister
    Marcus Velenci Foalik, male human adult (32; looks 25,) father (marina concierge (40K per year))
    Maxene Varas Trevis-Foalik, female human adult (34; look 23,) mother (marina concierge (40K per year))
    Agua, female Black Labrador
    Kendra, female Black Labrador

    Chapter One: Design Me A City.

    South Hartford, Connecticut; Quincy Home; Mid 2012; Planet Earth.

    Normally a quiet day on Shoreline Drive in Southern Connecticut wouldn't have resulted in such an exciting event. But when King Kazma arrived to speak to Mr. Quincy about designing him a futuristic city for his upcoming new animation world project, the entire family were on their best behavior. Even the family pets were behaving themselves more than usual.

    Several of the Red Rabbit soldiers spent time with the varied members of the family while King Kazma spoke to the head of the family. The Red Rabbit who was spending time with Roger was honored that the boy wanted to sketch him into his sketch book after seeing the other high quality anime like sketches in the book. So he posed with his laser rifle at the ready while the boy sketched the lapine with the rifle in excruciating detail. After the sketch portion of the art was done, Roger was then applying color to the lapine soldier in pose. Since he didn't have to hold the pose anymore, he was directly watching the human boy render his best portions in color within the anime sketch. "You are good at this, Roger."

    Roger smiled. "Thank you. I entered a contest once to render something in anime and I placed fourth out of the top ten entrants. I got a certificate for my effort and it is framed on the wall over there along with the entry photo I rendered. They at the time said that if my work was in better form I might have placed higher."

    The Red Rabbit Soldier looked at the contest entry photo and his eyes almost popped out of his head. "They said THIS wasn't good enough?! Are they blind?! I think that contest must have been rigged if they didn't give you full credit for your work. I believe King Kazma should see this contest entry for himself."

    "You don't have to make a big fuss over it," said Roger. "What name should I put under your anime sketch in the sketch book?"

    "Mazda," he said. "Like the car. Second place scorer in the Red Rabbit Soldier Army. I am a Lieutenant."

    Roger signed the name with the title before he stood up and went over to hug the rabbit from behind rubbing on him gently. "Thanks for posing for my sketch book, Lt. Mazda. If you would like to do anything else with me, I am very open minded."

    Mazda smiled thinking how he could be punished for pursuing such thoughts, but the boy did offer and said he had an open mind. "If you want to try something fun, I promise not to hurt you when we do it."

    One hour later, the boy and the anime soldier rabbit were taking a necessary shower together in the bathroom. Leave it to a buck rabbit to introduce a human boy to sex and make it fun at the same time. When they were both dried as much as Roger thought they could get, Mazda put back on his soldier uniform before he turned and gave Roger a deep kiss on the mouth. "You were as good as your anime art, love. I want to give you a Red Rabbit Cadet uniform to wear later. The next time we meet, if you want to return it, you can give it back to me then. This outfit can be worn under your regular clothes and can actually protect you from extra-ordinary strikes to your body as if you were a real Red Rabbit Cadet yourself."

    He summoned a vacuum packed uniform and handed it to Roger. "Go ahead and try this on. the groin area has an opening for those times when you need to take a piss in the bathroom."

    Roger slipped into the skin tight cadet uniform which felt lighter than undergarments and then he placed his underwear and tee-shirt on over the top of the uniform before pulling on the rest of his clothes over that. Again, he couldn't even tell that he himself was even wearing the special cadet uniform. "Man, this feels super light weight, Mazda. I almost cannot feel it against my skin." He gave the rabbit buck a return kiss on the muzzle. "Thanks again."

    Mazda then gave Roger a wrist band that had a communicator built into it. "When you want to talk to me again after hours, press this circle and I will answer you. I am so glad you agreed to be my friend, Roger. I don't have a lot of outside friends in the Red Rabbit Army. Ever since I became an officer, a lot of my old friends broke ties with me citing that I had changed when I became an officer."

    Roger hugged Mazda once again. "I'm glad I got to meet you now instead of before. We can be friends for as long as you like, Mazda. And thanks for the sex education and the cadet uniform. You won't get in trouble for giving me these things, will you?"

    Mazda smiled. "If I do get into trouble, you can speak up for me to Kazma and he would likely give me to you as a result."

    Roger smiled as well. "What would I do with you if Kazma gave you to me?"

    Mazda replied, "I suppose that depends upon what he has to say about the cadet uniform. Normally a new cadet has to buy their own; but when I got promoted to officer status, I cleaned my old cadet uniform and vacuum packed it for safe keeping. I'm not sure what he will say about my giving you my old uniform. One size fits all, of course."

    Roger then said, "Was there anything special you had to say or do when you joined up for the Red Rabbit Army, Mazda?"

    Mazda dug into his belt pouch and he pulled out a checklist index card and he handed it to Roger. "This details the entire process, love."

    Roger lifted the card up close to his eyes so he could read the fine print. "An officer must have consensual sex with the cadet to be. After a shared bathing and a deep kiss, the cadet to be must be fitted with the cadet uniform of choice. Next, the cadet to be must recite the following in the presence of two officers..." And just as he started to read off the card, his bedroom door opened and a red rabbit army captain stepped into the room. In the hallway directly behind him was King Kazma. "...To the best of my ability as a cadet, I hereby agree to uphold the code of the Red Rabbit Army as an official member of the warren to the officer who claimed me... That doesn't sound too hard, Mazda." And just behind the boy, the captain said, "His lordship is ready to go, Lt. Mazda..." When he realized that Roger was reading the joining card out loud, he inquired, "You didn't..."

    End of Chapter One.

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    Chapter Two: Welcome to the Army, Roger.

    Mazda was blushing at that point as Kazma himself and Roger's father, Adam Quincy, came into the room.

    Kazma looked at his son, Mazda, as he sniffed the Lieutenant one time. "You did... What have you done, Mazda?! You know full well we didn't come to Earth for this purpose!" He snatched the index card out of Roger's hands and he turned to look at Adam. "My son accidentally recruited your son through the activities detailed on this Army Checklist Card. Stupidly... When the Captain entered the room, the last part of the card's instructions was fulfilled. Reciting the phrase in the presence of two officers. We can void this joining if you insist, Mr. Quincy. As you know, my being here was to commission you to design and oversee the construction of a new city on my project world. Now that Mazda has recruited your son, should you give your consent on Roger's draft, then he will be trained as if he were a Red Rabbit Army Cadet in our best academy directly under Lt. Mazda's guidance."

    As Adam read over the index card carefully to himself, Kazma met Mazda nose-to-nose. "Again I am disappointed in you, son. Why did you have to go into the gutter during a mission? No one else in the officers core does what you do. I know you are lonely after all the other Cadets dumped their friendships with you, but... Roger is in a spot now. Since you caused this, I will expect you to oversee his training... if Mr. Quincy gives his consent. Roger is under aged according to Earth standards, Mazda. If we had been on the animated world project, then no parental consent would have been necessary. But this is Earth, son. They have rules and laws here."

    Adam then pulled Roger to one side although the Red Rabbit Captain was still close enough to monitor what they said.

    "Son, did he ask before you both had sex or did he force himself on you?"

    Roger sighed. "He asked first after I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him (just after I sketched him) to just ask because I had an open mind. The topic became sex although I shouldn't have been surprised since rabbits are so well-versed in the activity. He was gentle and loving before we both went the bathroom to get showered and dried properly. He was so happy that I wanted to be his friend, he gave me his own cadet uniform to wear under my clothes. He said it would protect me from damages I might sustain in life. When I asked what all he had to do and say to join the Red Rabbits, he pulled out that index card and handed it to me. Since he was the only officer in the room as I started reading it out loud, it seemed a safe enough thing to read aloud. But when the Captain entered my bedroom without knocking on the door first, he just as easily caused the fault to make the joining legal by having two officers present when I recited the joining phrase. Dad... I am not sorry I agreed to be Mazda's friend. He said I should have placed higher in the contest that I had entered. Are you mad at us for this accident?"

    Adam hugged his son before saying, "Since this happened, do you want to join the Red Rabbit academy to learn what your new friend, Mazda, learned? If you want to go through with this, I will smooth things over with your mother and the rest of the family. Although Werner is your responsibility. He is the son of a police dog and that could be useful to King Kazma. But if you want out of this, I will veto your joining to King Kazma and then your friend will likely get punished severely for recruiting you in an accident that wasn't his fault."

    Roger smiled at his father. "I don't want Mazda to get in more trouble, dad. I really like him. I will go through with my obligation if it is truly all right with you."

    Adam grinned. "He is a dashing young buck, isn't he? The family and I will be on planet in two weeks; it will take me that long to draw up the full city blueprints that Kazma wants done. The Foalik family from the marina will be joining us at that time. Do you think you will be able to get the basics learned by the time we arrive to check on you?"

    Roger said, "I will do my best, dad."

    The humans then approached Kazma once again. "My son and his dog, Werner, will be fulfilling the obligation of joining, King Kazma. Werner is the German Shepherd you saw downstairs. He is the son of a police dog. He was Roger's responsibility. My son really likes Mazda and does not want him to be in trouble he has not earned. Since his bedroom door was opened without the polite knock on the door first, Mazda can not be held responsible for another officer walking in just in time to overhear the joining phrase. Had he knocked first, I think Roger would have stopped speaking to answer the door."

    Roger said, "What kind of clothes should I bring along with me to the academy?"

    Kazma said, "Strip out of everything you are wearing except for the cadet uniform, then pack up your art supplies and the goods for your dog. After that, we will take you as is. Since you are committing to the agreement of the recruitment requirement, you are not allowed to bring personal clothes since you will only be wearing the cadet uniform or nothing at all during most training events. I just hope you don't regret going through with this. But I commend you on showing more honor than most people show. We will return to fetch your family and the Foalik family in two weeks. When we do return, you won't be coming along; for you will be busy at the academy."

    The young man began stripping out of his Earth clothing and then he packed up all of his Earthly art supplies along with his contest entry and certificate. While he was doing this, Adam went downstairs and packed up dog food, medicine and doggy cleaning goods for Werner.

    Only wearing Mazda's cadet uniform, Roger got the once over from Kazma to make sure he was fit enough to undergo the training to come. His socks and shoes were left along with his normal clothes. Not long after, The rabbits and Roger along with Werner exited the house and they boarded Kazma's transport shuttle for its trip back to his project world where Roger's training would be conducted at.

    On board the shuttle, Mazda said to Roger, "You will be the first human the academy has ever processed, love. I am not sure what they are going to do to you."

    The Red Rabbit Captain then said, "To be fair, Roger, I didn't knock on the door because I mistakeningly got a signal on my comm unit to come on into the room to witness something. But apparently my comm unit was set to watch actual recruiters for the academy at other locations. So my witnessing your recital of the joining phrase was an unfortunate accident. That is why I have chosen to assist Mazda with this situation in regards to your joining the academy as a cadet. Perhaps all will be well. You will be the only human among Frontier rabbits."

    End of Chapter Two.


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      Chapter Three: Ranks and Regulations.

      RRA Processing Center, Aussieland Continent; Kazma's Live Anime World

      At the Red Rabbit Academy Processing Center, King Kazma escorted Roger along a medical corridor to the Academy Physician's office. "I need to explain something important to you, Roger; Normal officers are not supposed to conduct recruitment drives. My son Mazda has only been a Lieutenant for a little over a month. The succession of officer ranks goes like this: Sargent, Lieutenant, Lieutenant-Captain, Captain, Lieutenant-Colonnel, Colonnel, Lieutenant-Major, Major, Recruiter, General Division One, General Division Two, General Division Three, General Division Four, General Division Five, Admiral Division One, Admiral Division Two, Admiral Division Three, Admiral Division Four, Admiral Division Five, Lieutenant-Champion, Champion, Lieutenant Hero, Hero, Lieutenant Commander, Commander and finally King, my rank. The Cadet ranks go like this: Cadet First Year, Cadet Second Year, Cadet Third Year and Cadet Fouth Year. After the fourth year, your choices are Academy Liaison or Sargent. An Academy Liaison is the highest non-officer rank you can obtain. Once you choose it, you cannot become an officer until you re-enroll at a new Academy and start all over again with new training. Also, Generally, a new recruit is sent to the Red Rabbit Boot Camp for the first four to six weeks. If they deem you worthy and ready for Academy training, then you will be transferred to the Academy proper for your regular training. The Boot Camp is usually ran by a General, an Admiral, or even a Commander. Champions and Heroes are always sent to the front lines which I am sure you don't want yourself."

      He then stopped Roger just outside the Physician Rabbit's door. "Had you opted out of this accident, Mazda's punishment would have been to conduct advanced officer training so he could obtain Recruiter rank. As you can tell from the accident, he is only a Lieutenant and thus, his recruiting you without the presence of an actual recruiter was illegal."

      Roger then said, "But since you are the highest Rank in the Red Rabbit Army, sir... doesn't that make you the official recruiter and therefore when the Captain had the door open where you and my father in the hallway could see and hear me give the joining phrase, no illegal recruiting took place since you out-rank all officers who heard me give the joining phrase?"

      Someone was paying attention perhaps better than most rabbit recruits.

      "Unless you are simply looking for an excuse to punish your son, sir," finished Roger.

      King Kazma then placed a hand on Roger's shoulder and looked him in the eye. "It is common place for the new recruit to get pregnant from the recruiter. Are you saying that you want this process to be done the legal way, Roger. Anime Gestation time for Digital Frontier Rabbits is four hours and the result is always a Digital Egg; not a live-birth. When an Anime Rabbit breeds with a non-lapine, the result is one egg; but when playing with each other, the result is four to six eggs. This is the reason I offered you a guaranteed out from the accidental recruiting when we were back on Earth; now that we are here in the Animated Pocket Universe where my world is located, the recruitment must be conducted correctly; meaning that you must get pregnant from a recruiter. As you just said a moment ago, Roger, I out-rank the other officers and I would rather not be the one to mount and impregnate you. Since you honorably defended Mazda, you cannot back out now. If you will recall back on Earth, we also said that since the accident occurred on Earth, you had a legal out; but in the animated universe, no parental consent would be necessary due to the anime adult law. On Earth, you must be twenty-one to be an adult who is capable of making your own decisions. But here in the Animated World, anyone thirteen to fourteen years of age is considered to be an adult as long as you have already experienced your age of puberty, which for humans, usually occurs at eleven to twelve years of age and you are fourteen. And males can get pregnant in the Animated Worlds. So you're stuck since you were given more than one chance to back out of this and I normally am not that lenient. But since you are the son of the man I hired, I was giving you that option; too late now... you incited the 'My Rank' ruling to my muzzle. I have a Recruiter Rabbit waiting in the Physician's office. Your breeding will be witnessed for the official record. Had Mazda been the right rank... he could have been the father to your soon to be laid Digital Rabbit egg or eggs. You will not be required to raise the new rabbit or rabbits."

      "Please also keep in mind that normally the recruiting process is normally only given to Frontier Rabbits. Since you are human, you might not be human after the recruitment breeding. Recruiters can polymorph the person they mount so they become the right species. If you become a rabbit, you will make more than one egg. And I apologize in advance for that. I know you like Mazda... but we have rules. Without rules, there is only chaos. Are you ready to be processed?"

      Roger inquired, "May I resume being a human after I complete academy training or will my species be gone forever? I appreciate that you were being lenient, sir; but everyone made it sound like Mazda was going to be severely punished if I backed out of the accidental recruiting. In order to save Mazda, I felt as if I had no choice but to agree to the recruitment obligation. I did not want Mazda to be punished for something the Captain caused by opening that bedroom door without knocking. That would be like his walking in on you when you were sowing your wild oats with a chosen partner in your bedroom. Oops, I meant to knock, sir. I didn't know you were with someone. Like you said, without rules there is only chaos."

      King Kazma replied, "There is a way to guarantee your being able to be human at the end of the training... that is if you want to be restored by the time you reach that moment."

      Roger smiled. "If there is a guarantee, then I will do it. Otherwise, you and your rabbits would be doing what the Cat Lords did in the Quad Counties and I am sure you don't want that on your conscious."

      The anime Summer Wars digital rabbit had an almost angry and disgusted look on his muzzle when the Q.C. reference was brought up to his muzzle... especially in regards to what the Cat Lords had been doing in the Counties with their digusting recruitment drive to make familiar cats out of human victims. "The Quad Counties, while a nice idea at first, was sheer chaos. Lord Paul the demon panther costumer lord had extreme trouble trying to keep Albert's paws off of visitors. And with the dragons and Pleasure Island donkeys having free reign all over the counties, you never knew where anyone was when someone disappeared. I do not want KLAW to end up like that. KLAW is the abbreviation for Kazma's Live Anime World."

      Roger said, "I followed the news reports on the Quad Counties fiasco when people disappeared in the so-called amusement park. It seemed rather suspicious that law enforcement often also disappeared while in the park trying to find missing people or runaways. These people simply vanished. Not even their clothes nor ID could be found afterward."

      King Kazma said, "That was one of the reasons I made plans to start my own anime park world with heavy restrictions. And then Mazda had sex with you and handed you the recruitment card to read. Had you read it silently then none of this would have come to pass. But verbalizing the card in front of two officers was the main issue. If I could say that he missed a step from the index card, then you would be off the hook. But you both confirmed that every step had been done."

      End of Chapter Three.