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[KLAW] PQ-02 Fox Trek; The Next Generation

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    [KLAW] PQ-02 Fox Trek; The Next Generation

    Peter William Quincy
    [KLAW] PQ-02 Fox Trek; The Next Generation.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    October 28th, 2021

    Peter William Quincy, male human teenager (16,) protagonist (hero)
    Roger Paul Quincy, male human teenager (14,) younger brother (cadet/Were-Rabbit)
    Marilyn Louise Quincy, female human teenager (12,) younger sister
    Adam Lee Quincy, male human adult (32,) father (architect (80K per year))
    Amanda Karen Prince-Quincy, female human adult (31,) mother (chiropractor (65K per year))
    Werner, male German Shepherd
    Trekkie, male Golden Retriever
    Victoria, female British Shorthair

    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Tails the Two-tailed Fox

    Chapter One: A Month Without Shadow.

    Starfleet Knothole, Mobian Tropics

    Ogma then continued by saying, "Their greed got the better of them and they lost out on being allied with the Freedom Fighters." Sonic nodded his head. "Yes, the rat bandits did that. Knuckles wanted to shave them bald. I agree with Ogma on this, Peter. Just keep the fox, please."

    Peter then outlined a description of a tall muscular sexy fox man much like Throttle of the Biker Mice from Mars but with no antennae on the head. A design to match the Star Trek uniform that he had possession of. Since he didn't have his normal clothes with him anymore, he had to work with what he had. While Ogma modified the Siara body into the new fox body, Peter placed a call to Admiral Whitehorn to let him know what the crooked doctor had done to him and that resulted in everyone sniffing him thinking that he was very sexy. They were about to correct this oversight themselves using Celestial Magic. Then Peter informed Whitehorn of the new fox species with two-tails in Throttle's colors that would be him wearing the body since his human body had still not been located. Whitehorn's reply was that Peter should inform all of his allies that he was about to do this so no one would accidentally think that the new fox had stolen Peter's uniform. After ending the call with Whitehorn, calls were placed to the donkeys on the next island, to Jet and his surfer friends, to Princess Sally back on the mainland, and to other allies that had attended the opening ceremonies of the new base. Fennex was sad that Peter was having a bad experience with foxes, but he said that he understood and he hoped that Peter would still consider them as allies afterward. Then Peter turned to Ogma. "All allies informed, sir. I am ready for the new body. What will become of the Vulpine IV body, out of curiosity only?"

    Ogma grinned as he replied, "Since the smugglers want a three tailed Kitsune body so badly, I will alter the Vulpine IV body once you are out of it and then that will be placed into the delivery wrapper and then... hee hee... that will be sent to the smuggler world to the address of delivery that is shown on this label. When they get a whiff of that scent, they won't be playing this game anymore."

    Everyone laughed at how that sounded and then, it was off to the medical detox chamber where Peter would finally be getting out of the old fox body of seduction and into the new Mobian fox Biker Mouse look-alike body which would end up with two tails due to his mutant defect. Peter only hoped that Shadow would still want to be around him after the latest fox body swap. But all of this sexual fox nonsense had run its course. Peter was tired of it.

    Shadow was undergoing his own detox but he made no mention of the latest choice that Peter had made. Only time would tell if they would stay together.

    Captain's Star Date: Eleven-Nineteen; Nine; Four; Twenty-Twelve. It was nearly a week after Ogma had undid the nasty plot the Galactic Doctor had done to me to get Shadow in trouble with Fennex's people. I currently appeared to be a Biker Mouse version of a Mobian Fox in Throttle's colors. My new fox body was covered in golden tan fur although I had two fluffy fox tails as long as Throttle's one tail. I was wearing my formal star trek captain's uniform since I still didn't have any access to my normal clothes. Shadow supposedly got called by the Mobian jungle Kitsune tribes to help them with something and he had been gone longer than a week.

    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walked into the quiet base where they found Peter working out in the gym by himself. Shadow was nowhere to be seen at all. Sonic remarked, "Did you finally kill him?"

    Peter glanced over from where he was lifting weights by himself as he placed the bar and weights back into their holder before sitting up. "The Kitsune tribes from the Mobian Jungles supposedly called him in to assist them with something and he left to go do that. Before he left, he said if we were lucky he could be back in a few days otherwise it might take a few weeks. That was nine days ago. I've been here in Starfleet Knothole by myself ever since. I get the feeling that as long as I looked like either a human boy or a multi-tailed fox, Shadow had a huge interest in me. When I got fed up with the alien fox tricks, and no offense to Tails when I say this, I requested of Ogma to be a Mobian Biker Mouse in body; Shadow's interest dwindled even though I am sexier now than I had been as a dirty space fox in rut. And still no reply from King Kazma. I am beginning to wonder if my emails are being received."

    Knuckles smiled. "I am always pleased when I hear that someone is working out to keep themselves in shape. That statement is not an invitation for me to be your boyfriend; mind you. It is an honest statement that I love it when people stay in shape through training. I've had a few human students whom were lazier than fuck. And I am glad to see you staying in shape."

    Sonic glanced at his friends before making the obvious statement about Shadow. "I think you nailed it in regards to that black hedgehog, Peter. He was once interested in Tails' human friend Andrew, but once Andrew became an Al'Miraj in species, bunny with a unicorn horn, Shadow lost interest in the boy. So it is not the first time he has done this."

    Peter came over and hugged each Mobian. "So you're saying that he invented an excuse to leave and dumped me since I dumped the original fox and was not choosing to be human."

    Tails said, "It certainly sounds that way. It is your personality that I like, Peter. I think you're an okay person. But even I was turned off by that space fox rutting scent."

    Knuckles hugged Peter once again. "We still care about you, Peter. And if you need company out here at Starfleet Knothole, we can make the effort to be here. I know Sonic hates all this water, but even he cares about you."

    Tails went over into the galactic communication chamber and he booted up the planet to planet video communicator. "This is Miles Prower of Planet Mobius called King Kazma of Live Anime World! Come in please!" The video screen showed the wavy lines of connection before the image came into focus.

    "This is King Kazma, Tails! What is your inquiry?"

    Tails then began to outline everything that had happened to Peter Quincy since he came into space to deliver the Star Fleet Captain's Uniform to a buyer.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two: Finding My Body.

    Tails then continued to explain how Peter had been form-swapped by a body stealing vampire whom was back on Earth using his body. Then he detailed everything Peter Quincy had been suffering through before he managed to get into a two-tailed Mobian fox in Throttle's colors. Peter had walked in at the point as proof of the statement.

    Tails then mentioned how Peter had sent several emails to Kazma of which none were ever replied to, which in truth sounded suspicious.

    Kazma said, "Pardon me for asking this, Peter, but I want to verify whom you are! Simply answer these questions to the best of your ability! What is the full name of your father and mother in that order?"

    Peter replied, "I hope you don't shit your pants when I say this, sir... but here goes... My father is Adam Lee Quincy, a high profile architect whom you were going to hire to design and build a resort locale on your new world. My mother is Amanda Karen Prince-Quincy, a high profile chiropractor as well as the sister to Leon Arthur Prince, whom is the father to my cousin, Gerard Klayton Prince, he whom was formerly Captain Rabbit but is currently American Rabbit on your world. Leon is a C.I.A. agent, the best of the best. Is there anything else you wish to know?"

    Kazma looked paler than normal when he heard the extra details in regards to how American Rabbit was involved with this family. "We just helped your brother, Roger, ditch a fake whom was pretending to be me! I was never told that one of the officers took you into space to deliver a sale to a customer! A form-stealing space vampire stole your body and left you stranded in space and you eventually ended up on Planet Mobius! The deal with your brother is as follows; he has to be in rabbit form during boot camp training! But when his cadet training ends, he will be granted his human form back to him! We do not need to be at odds with your family nor the Prince family! Um; you look hot in that Starfleet uniform!"

    Peter sighed; as usual, everyone thought he was hot! "Sir, try to find my original body if you can. I cannot be restored to my human form without it. Even a Celestial Hunter known as Ogma told me that I would need my original body in order to be restored to it. He further went on to say that while they could alter the body I was currently in, eventually I would end up in the base form once again, although it took one whole year. So I only look like a Biker Mouse look alike Mobian fox for now."

    Captain's Star Date: Eleven-Thirty-Two; Nine; Four; Twenty-Twelve. Tails managed to contact King Kazma over the Galactic Communicator and now we are seeking my human body.

    Kazma then said, "If you had access to a magical source, you could magically summon your body back to you followed by magically placing yourself back into your original body! If the Form-Vampire was still with the body, then you would have to deal with the bastard upon his arrival! But if he jumps bodies as often as I suspect, he might have dumped your body when he arrived on Earth using the most convenient body that would come near you normally! Do you have any ideas on that?"

    Peter growled, "My dog Trekkie would have come straight to my body since he would have thought the crumb was me! If he possessed my dog's body, then my dog is stuck in my human body! And I would want my dog to get his original body back so he could enjoy being a golden retriever once again!"

    King Kazma then said, "I will contact the Arch Magi on Earth to assist in locating everyone whom has befallen this slimy vampire! It will likely be a lot of people! When we are ready to restore you to normal, would you want to be brought back to Earth or are you involved in something on Planet Mobius?"

    Peter replied, "When I was stuck in a Vulpine IV fox body, I had made a deal with Admiral Whitehorn in regards toward running Starfleet Knothole here in the Mobian Tropics, so I cannot just bail on my deal with him. I also have a deal with the nice donkeys on the next island. I think they might be some of Lampwick's Mobian Space Cousins since they run a tropical amusement park. Although I would love to have Trekkie up here with me on Mobius since I miss him."

    Kazma said, "When we are ready to bring your body back to you, we can bring your dog at the same time as well as your clothes and other personal belongings! Body swapping is a pain in the tail! You must have gotten fed up with that really fast!"

    Peter replied, "If the original body had not been in their species rut and emitting that Gotta Have Sex scent that nearly drove me out of my mind, then I wouldn't have minded being in the fox body. But the rut never seemed to subside no matter what I did to make it go away. The Vulpine IV ship captain told me that their species only makes that scent once a year but it lasts for several months until someone mounts the fox in question, whether through homosexual means or by simply suffering through the period of rut. But I couldn't stand even a day of the stuff, sir. I don't know how the vampire resisted for as long as he did. We need to let you get started with this project, sir. And I hope your animated world is a huge success. Peter Quincy out." And the call ended. Peter looked to Tails and hugged him. "Thank you so much for directly calling King Kazma so we could get this mess straightened out." Tails hugged the sexy fox in return. "What are friends for, Peter. I am miffed that Shadow bailed on you. He said he loved you and then the moment you are in this body, he fled with likely a phony summons."

    Peter then asked, "How long are you going to be out here, Tails?"

    He replied, "I'm not going to lie to you, Peter... I'm not the original Tails. My Uncle is off helping Princess Sally in Knothole. So I can be here for as long as you need a Tails for companionship. I am identical to the others except for a birthmark on my left foot, but aside from that, I am very open-minded to Earth people whom like to hug while sleeping. But if you want to do more than that, just ask."

    Peter said, "So if I want sex, you'd do it?"

    Tails replied, "As long as you let me return the favor, then sure. I'll go through with it, if you will as well."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three: Where There Are Cures.

      A galactic Patrol shuttle came in and landed at Starfleet Knothole. Peter and Tails had been informed by Admiral Whitehorn that this shuttle contained the last of the vampire victim restorations. So the landing area was flooded by natural sunlight generators at every given angle. When the hatch opened...

      ...they saw Shadow the Hedgehog emerge pulling platforms on wheels. Each platform contained either humans or Earth animals of different varieties. Oddly the final platform contained a stoned Gargoyle. Peter located the platform with his body in it and asked, "What do we need to do restore everyone?" But before the answer could be given, several Galactic Patrol SWAT officers brought out a sarcophagus which contained the mummified remains of the original vampire's body.

      Shadow said, "You can thank me for this later. First of all, you need to be back in the Vulpine IV body. I know you hate it because of it's scent, but the season has passed. You are number two in line, Peter. I have temporarily borrowed Sally's magic wand for this. As soon as you are back in the body with your new fox body on standby, we then have everyone in line make the touch connection from the Gargoyle back along the line in the order the vampire jumped between bodies and then you touch the mummified corpse."

      He then said, "At that moment, I will cast the reverse jump spell which will force body swaps between those in line from the Gargoyle all the way back along the line instantaneously to the sarcophagus. As soon as everyone feels themselves back inside their proper bodies, you may break the touch connection. Captain Fennex is awaiting in the wings just in case his Lieutenant's rutting scent returns after the body transfer."

      Shadow said, "After restoration, those from Earth whose families are awaiting your return will be returned to Earth. Peter Quincy is opting to stay here."

      Peter used his magical collar to change between the golden tan fox body and the Vulpine IV fox body. There was no scent at the moment, but he was wary nonetheless.

      "MAKE THE CONNECTION!" shouted the black Mobian Hedgehog. When everyone in line did so, Shadow used the wand to cast the spell. Everyone in line lit up magically at the same time. The Stone Gargoyle didn't even twitch; but all along the line from there back toward Peter and the Vulpine IV fox broke contact and fell to the floor in a stupor. When Peter felt himself back in his own body once again, he broke contact but remained standing. The Vulpine IV fox was also still upright as he released touch with the mummy.

      "So that's what an Earth human boy looks like. Impressive."

      Everyone in line were asked questions to verify that they had gotten back into their real bodies and then everyone was herded back aboard the shuttle for the trip back to Earth, except for the Lieutenant, Peter Quincy and his Golden Retriever, Trekkie. The dog's collar had been fitted with an universal translator so he could be understood in Galactic Common. Peter fuzzled his dog's ears and petted his head. "Together again on Mobius, old chum. Now give me a moment to do something with this fox body I earned."

      Remembering how his cousin Gerard had described the transformation wheel and chamber within his mental space, Peter put on the magical collar and he magically recreated a smaller duplicate of the transformation wheel and form alcoves within his own mental piloting area. Position one was the human form; position two was the golden tan two-tailed fox; position three was a golden tan two-tailed Mobian Donkey Boy form; position four was a golden tan two-tailed Biker Mouse mechanic that looked a lot like Throttle; position five was a golden tan two-tailed Mobian Hedgehog whom had lightning powers; and position six was an awesomely sexy two-tailed Unicorn-horned Dragon-Foxtaur. Peter then set the transformation ability and/or phrase to both mental or verbal with the words, "Mobian Legacy Arise" for the first four non-human forms and "Mobian Legends Arise" for the myth.

      Reverting to human was of the standard 'Power Down' ability. Every 'body' would wear a modified Starfleet Captain's uniform for his forms and a partial uniform for the myth form.

      Peter then said, "Let's see how this turned out! I hope I've made Gerard proud! Mobian Legacy Arise!" And he changed from his human form into his two-tailed fox form. "Now I can be human and fox whenever I like as well as the other forms on the Wheel of Mobian Identities." And he then cycled through each form one at a time before returning to his two-tailed fox form at the end. Tails and Shadow both hugged him as expected. "I'm glad to see you guys too. I wanted to keep the forms I got to try out."

      He sheepishly grinned afterward. "Although the Lightning Hedgehog and the Uni-Dragon Foxtaur were both fantasies."

      Shadow grinned in return. "I was wondering when you had become those. I guess a fantasy is permissible since they are so hot."

      Peter said, "Everyone was so sure you had abandoned me after the summons to the Kitsune Jungle homelands."

      Shadow sighed. "Story of my life... I love you, Peter, and that's that. When I told Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus what the vampire had done to you, he helped to make the arrangements to track down the vampire so we could attempt the restoration on you and all other victims. And now you have not only your human form back, but your dog as well. You need to send your mom a contact message in your human form to show her that we succeeded. She had me bring you a few suitcases containing your human clothes and other belongings."

      Peter powered down and he opened up one of his suitcases and he selected one of his favorite shirts and under clothes and from another suitcase he selected a pair of his favorite jeans and track shoes and he got dressed. "Even if she wants me to return home, I have a deal with Whitehorn. So I cannot abandoned a promise I willingly made. Plus, I have made a few friends locally."

      One call-in to my mother later, she was understanding that I was keeping a promise that I had made to the head of Galactic Patrol. She was more pleased that I was getting a chance to be a hero like my cousin Gerard. I showed her the multiple forms and even my own mother said that I looked hot. Shadow and the others all giggled when my mom said that, since they all agreed that I was too hot to trot.

      As Peter ended the call, he turned to his friends. "I am glad we got all that worked out. And Shadow, thank you the most for making it happen. Everyone was so sure you dumped me and they gave references to when you did it to others last." Shadow smiled. "I am sure they did, Peter. But remember when I reminded Tails that he had Andrew Starknight? That was the other boy in love with Tails."

      End of Chapter Three