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[KLAW] PQ-01 Adventure Engage

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    [KLAW] PQ-01 Adventure Engage

    Peter William Quincy
    [KLAW] PQ-01 Adventure Engage.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    August 21st, 2018

    Peter William Quincy, male human teenager (16,) protagonist (hero)
    Roger Paul Quincy, male human teenager (14,) younger brother (cadet/Were-Rabbit)
    Marilyn Louise Quincy, female human teenager (12,) younger sister
    Adam Lee Quincy, male human adult (32,) father (architect (80K per year))
    Amanda Karen Prince-Quincy, female human adult (31,) mother (chiropractor (65K per year))
    Werner, male German Shepherd
    Trekkie, male Golden Retriever
    Victoria, female British Shorthair

    Chapter One: Design Me A City.

    South Hartford, Connecticut; Quincy Home; Mid 2012; Planet Earth.

    Normally a quiet day on Shoreline Drive in Southern Connecticut wouldn't have resulted in such an exciting event. But when King Kazma arrived to speak to Mr. Quincy about designing him a futuristic city for his upcoming new animation world project, the entire family were on their best behavior. Even the family pets were behaving themselves more than usual.

    Several of the Red Rabbit soldiers spent time with the varied members of the family while King Kazma spoke to the head of the family. The Red Rabbit who was spending time with Peter was mildly disgusted over how much fan paraphernalia for Star Trek that the boy had within his bedroom which included a Star Trek Season One Star Ship Captain's uniform. "You are a total nut, Peter. This room is crazier than anything I ever had back home on my home world."

    Peter smirked. "Thank you. You wouldn't be the first to say that. I collect the gear and comic books. Although I have only been to one Star Trek convention and those people there were worse than I was. I don't live the life the way they do, but I have quite the collection."

    The Red Rabbit Soldier looked at the fan collection for a short amount of time before he said, "Star Trek would never cut it in Frontier. There are warriors out there who would attack the Enterprise without a second thought. You do know that the TV show was scripted, don't you?"

    "Yes. As I said, I don't live the life the way the convention crazies do," said Peter. "Maybe I should get a better hobby. I am way too old to be living in Star Trek. But what kind of hobby should I migrate into?"

    The Red Rabbit Soldier remarked, "I can help you to sell off your collection and then from the proceeds you would have enough to pay for college when you chose to go. And we can get you a Direct Investments account for the money you make when you sell off these items. As for the Starfleet Captain's uniform, you pose with the uniform front and back and I will take pictures of it with my hand-held camera phone to be uploaded to the auction site. If you are lucky, you could get some nice offers for such a uniform in the excellent condition that it is in. I can see that you take good care of everything you collect. The whole collection is likely worth thousands."

    Peter then began to categorize everything in his collection, while the Red Rabbit Soldier made contact with Direct Investments on behalf of the human boy. Moments later, there was a three foot tall imp in a business suit within the bedroom with the two people. "Greetings. I am Darrek Imp Kisume but I prefer being called D.I. for short. Which one of you needs the new Direct Investments bank account?"

    Peter smiled at the snappy dressing clean imp. "That would be me, handsome. I am Peter William Quincy. I am about to sell off my entire Star Trek collection to raise the money for eventual college funds and perhaps more. How do these Direct Investment accounts work?"

    D.I. explained, "We take a DNA sample from you as well as a Soul Reading from your current aura and both are locked into a new account that only you have access to. The old way involving eye retina and finger print scans was proving to be faulty. So we changed the security recently to be more advanced. We do constant Audits on your account to look for suspicious and illegal spending without your authorization. At midnight every night Universal Coordinated Time, we add ten percent interest of your account back to your account to give it the new total for the coming day. Ten percent of a dollar would grant the account with a new point ten cent deposit, thus giving you a total of one dollar and ten cents. Of course if you have hundreds of dollar in your account, the interest can really build up fast. We front your new account with a hundred dollars, when your account accumulates an additional hundred dollars to cover the fee of creating your account, the original hundred is automatically deducted from your account. Any time you need to know the new total of your Direct Investments bank account, you call out for a financial imp. When one shows up and you state your name, then you can ask for the account balance. You can also ask the financial Imp for the latest copy of the Direct Investments Product Catalog. Yes, I know that spells DIP but our customers think it is funny and easy to remember."

    Peter then said, "Sounds great to me, sir. By the way, the rest of my family could likely benefit from these accounts if you ask them if they want one. King Kazma is currently in the house to hire my father the architect to draft something major. Just an added business opportunity for your nice company. My father is Adam Quincy and my mother the chiropractor is Amanda Quincy. My brother Roger is likely in his bedroom with his sketch book and my sister Marilyn is likely with Victoria, her British Shorthair cat."

    D.I. then used a scanner to take a DNA sample from Peter before using it to scan Peter's aura for the Soul Reading. "Later on, you will be issued a Black Card for Direct Investments. It is like a Debit Card but very secure. You can auto-deposit earnings into your account by telling the person that you are doing business with that you have a Direct Investments account. Or you can hold the payment up over your head and say D.I. Deposit. The money will instantly vanish from your hand and appear in your account. When you want to make a tangible purchase, tell the merchant that you are paying with a Direct Investments account or a D.I. account. Most merchants go pale when you tell them this and they usually go down both legs in a familiar aroma that cannot be mistaken. This reduces dishonest merchants who think they can screw you over with unheard of taxes and hidden fees."

    Peter then said, "That explanation will likely make my mother laugh when you explain that to her. It was nice meeting you, D.I."

    After setting up the new financial account, D.I. departed the bedroom where he got greetings from every Red Rabbit Soldier he saw; it seemed that everyone knew this Imp.

    Utilizing an Internet auction and product delivery service that the Red Rabbit Army trusted, Peter's collection was soon entirely emptied out save for the Starfleet Captain's uniform, which there was a hot and heavy bidding war occurring in regards to those who really wanted that uniform since it was in such pristine condition. When the totals reached well over twenty thousand for the uniform itself, Peter said, "This is getting ridiculous, sir. You said Starfleet wouldn't stand a chance in Frontier. Why would anyone want this uniform?"

    The Red Rabbit Soldier remarked, "I cannot understand it, Peter. But look, the bidding has slowed to those two bidders and the total is close to fifty thousand."

    The bidding finally stopped when one of the bidders typed in a bid of a hundred thousand Frontier Credits along with a private note to have the owner personally deliver the uniform.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Personal Delivery.

    Peter arched an eye. "I have to personally deliver the uniform to the buyer? How will I do that? You're going to help me, aren't you?"

    The Red Rabbit Soldier replied, "I will escort you to the delivery address and then I will make sure you make it home. We just have to let King Kazma know that we are going to be doing this so he won't worry about us while we are gone. You will certainly have your college tuition now."

    While the Red Rabbit Soldier was off informing King Kazma what he and Peter were about to do, Peter sent a private note to the buyer asking for exact directions to the delivery address. He about freaked out when he learned that the address was a planet in a distant solar system at a small back water star port for shady operators. He wrote out the exact directions to the delivery address within the shady port although one part of the instructions mentioned that he should come alone even if he had an escort to the star port. Peter chose not to mention that part to the Red Rabbit Soldier since he figured that he could do this delivery himself. How hard could it be?

    When the Red Rabbit returned, Peter had the uniform packaged up in a transport ready plastic container. It wasn't vacuum-packed like the Red Rabbit Soldiers preferred to do with their cadet uniforms; but all in all, it was okay for transporting the new owner's goods. Peter then showed the lapine soldier the directions before they both left the house to get aboard the soldier's personal transport space fighter made for two.

    Mercenary Star Port, Taursus VII; Taursus Star System.

    When the star fighter landed at the landing field just outside of the star port village, Peter noticed that the locals all seemed to be naked young Taurs built in all the right ways. "Are you sure this is the right place, Major? No one is wearing anything here. I cannot imagine these people wearing a Captain's uniform. I know the directions say to take the delivery into the village and to a place near the back. This shouldn't take too long. I'll be right back."

    The Major said, "I followed your directions exactly, Peter. This is the place. Maybe if you are friendly to a few of these Taurs, they will help you to find the buyer."

    Carefully getting out of the star fighter, Peter held the packaged uniform close to himself as he walked over to what looked like a male Goat-Taur kid and a male miniature Pony-Taur teenager. "Excuse me, guys... Where can I find Cabin 89-Z at Tail-Lift Lane? An Internet Auction buyer wanted me to personally deliver his purchase to him... except he never mentioned that he lived at a nudist colony for sexy Taurs. You guys are both hot."

    The Goat Taur said, "We can show you where the street is, handsome boy... but we need to warn you about our community's laws before we take you into the colony. As long as you are delivering something somewhere into the colony, you can keep your clothes on; but on the way back, you have to be carrying your clothes and shoes in your hands. Otherwise, the adults here will arrest you under the charges of concealing unknown weapons. Once you are in jail, someone else has to meet your bail otherwise, you are going to be here for a while. Also, we have heard a rumor that bad guys use our port to recruit strangers into serving aboard their ships. I hope you were not tricked into coming here for that purpose. I mean, you said we were sexy and we don't get to hear that very often."

    Peter then said, "Give me a moment to leave my clothes with my Red Rabbit escort and then you can take me to the law authorities here at your colony. If bad people are using your wonderful place to nab new crew mates the local law should be informed that I was asked to come here to deliver an auction item. Maybe after they register that I am on planet and I deliver this Starfleet Uniform, I can come and play with you two and your friends for a while."

    The Pony-Taur smiled. "We will wait right here, handsome."

    Back aboard the star fighter, Peter began removing his clothes as he explained to the Major about the laws of this star port. "I have to be nude so they can see that I don't have any hidden weapons and since I don't own any, I think it is kind of silly. Although the young Taurs turn me on for some reason."

    The Major said, "The only hidden weapon I can think of is the one between your legs. All males have them, Peter. I'll remove my clothes and come with you to vouch for you on behalf of King Kazma. That way the local police can see that you are sincere. I will wear a necklace displaying my rank around my neck. However, the volunteered information that bad guys use this port to capture people off guard to recruit them for their ships leads me to want to make sure you are going to be safe. I will place a tracking chip just under your hair and just above the back of your neck. That way, if any baddies do nab you, I can track them down no matter where they attempt to take you." And he then brought out a tracking chip implantation device and he carefully inserted the needle into the spot he told Peter it would be going. "There... all done. Now we can find you no matter what they may try to do to you. I tried to make the insertion as painless as possible. It can be removed by King Kazma later when we return to Earth. Now lets go check in with the local police."

    Peter and the Major then left the ship once again while Peter carried the uniform still within its see-through transport plastic.

    When Peter walked back up to the sexy young taurs, he said, "The Major and I need to be shown the way to your police department so we can check in with your law enforcers. Will you show us the way, please?"

    The Goat-Taur smiled. "So that is what you look like without your clothes on. You are still as handsome as we imagined. Follow us, we will take you there."

    The Pony-Taur said, "I cannot wait to get to know you better later before you leave once the delivery is over with."

    Peter remarked, "I am sure I am just an ordinary guy, sexy. Not like you and your friend."

    The Goat-Taur smiled. "We're not trying to be sexy and hot; the adults are hotter than we are, but they are rather stuffy and uptight."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Not As It Seems.

      Captain's Star Date: Fourteen-Thirty-Eight; Seven; Twenty-Two; Twenty-Twelve. Why am I keeping a Star Trek styled Star Date? It is one of the only ways I can keep my sanity with what is currently happening to me here in Frontier. I hope the Major saw through that faker's facade after the furry bum switched bodies with me and left me stranded here in space as his old life. We had barely entered the jail to check in with the local law authority and as the Major explained to the two Lion-Taurs on duty about why we were on planet, I was given permission to walk around the jail as it were. As I was looking over what appeared to be a medical lab in the back of the jail, an anthropomorphic naked fox man pulled me into the labs and closed the door.

      "Good, you came. Now strike the pose you had while holding the uniform before the auction. I would rather you had come to the meeting spot, but this will work. I am going to assume you took your normal clothes off in the transport you arrived in."

      Peter held the packaged uniform in one hand as he struck the pose he had been in when the Major took his picture before the auction. He wasn't sure what this had to do with the delivery but it seemed quite suspicious over all.

      As he was displaying the rear pose, the fox man came up behind Peter and injected something into the boy's body which immobilized him temporarily as the fox whispered, "I am sorry, friend, but you were my best ticket for getting away from the crew of that star ship which I was a member of. I didn't need the uniform; you will need it yourself later once you modify the pants for the comfort of... your new tail." And that was the last conscious thought Peter had before he later awoke in a prone position on a cot in the medical lab with the folded up still packaged Starfleet uniform laying over his mid-section.

      As Peter slowly came to his senses, he noted that he seemed to have a fox's muzzle and nose jutting out of his face. As he raised his arms up to feel his new muzzle, he saw that his arms were covered in golden brown fur and he had furry hands with the appropriate paw pads instead of bare palms. "What in the Hell did he do to me?" Then he swung his new legs over the side of the cot to get up and he saw that he had a fur covered fox sheath and sac as well as long digitigrade fox legs along with not one but two tails. The original fox man only had one tail but Peter's new body had two tails. "Great... he changed me into Tails! That fucking bastard! Does this mean I will need Princess Sally's help in getting back to normal?"

      Peter then got up to test his body's new balance. "Man... why do I suddenly feel so horny? I'll bet this body is gay or some stupid shit like that."

      Folding the packaged uniform over one arm, Peter emerged from the medical lab in what he thought was the jail only to find that the entire back water star port was gone and he had been unconscious within an abandoned outpost. Walking back through the now empty nudist colony, he reached where he remembered the docks to be when they arrived. Searching the ruins of the docks, Peter eventually uncovered an escape pod skiff just big enough for him if he chose to use it. Getting aboard, he then explored the cockpit until he found a sewing kit where upon he began to modify the pants to accompany his tails and to make the legs of the pants fit his new legs. "There is no way I am going to walk around with my bottom exposed."

      When the modifications on his Starfleet pants were completed, he put them on before pulling his tails through the small tail flap in the back and then he pulled on the Starfleet boots over his fox feet which thankfully fit only barely. Finally, he pulled on the Starfleet shirt and put on the Starfleet Jacket over the top of that. "Too bad the Star Trek gear on this uniform are only for display purposes. I hope this skiff has enough fuel to get me to a decent world." He was surprised to find that the skiff had a full solar charge for setting in a course for the world of his choice, although there was already one world in the navigation memory. Some place called Vulpine IV. Peter really didn't want to be in the middle of a bunch of foxes while wearing one of their bodies, so he searched the world navigation list and laid in a course for Planet Mobius instead. Since he looked like a tall Tails, he figured the Mobians might be able to help him to possibly return to his human form.

      He had just lifted off of the planetoid and got the skiff sailing off in the right direction when he noticed a Vulpine IV star ship with the name V.S.S. Surprise arriving over the small planetoid. Apparently they were there to pick up the guy who had swapped his human body for the fox body. Peter chose to stay on radio silence until he got to Mobius. He really did not want to be with the other foxes, especially if they acted like this body was making him feel. I hope the stupid bastard makes a mistake around the Major and my parents.

      Over the next few hours, Peter rested quietly.. that is until a warning sounded on his escape pod console that alerted him that he only had enough solar battery power for another hour's worth of flight in space before he would have to land and conduct a recharge. And he was still an hour and a half away from Mobius. Doing some quick calculations, he determined that if he gunned the remaining energy cells, he could reach Mobius and pop the emergency chute for the landing. So that is exactly what Peter chose to do. He really didn't want to chance landing the pod on a strange world other than where he wanted to get to. And so it went...

      Soon, Peter saw Planet Mobius coming into view just as the warning on his console flashed a message announcing that the solar cells would lose their charge in thirty seconds. As the countdown number reached twenty seconds, the escape pod broke through the Mobian atmosphere. Every citizen on the planet could see the falling pod skiff as it fell out of the sky. Peter waited until the countdown reached ten seconds before he attempted to pop the chute... only to learn too late that the previous owner had not packed up the chute after using the pod the first time. Peter secured himself into his seat with the seat belts and harness as the pod just barely missed striking Robotnik's fortress as it began to crash through the Great Mobian Jungle's tree tops before splash-landing into a lake within the middle of the jungle. Thankfully the forward momentum of the pod caused the pod skiff to bounce up the opposite shore before skidding to a halt within ancient ruins within the Mobian Jungle itself. Peter was glad when the pod skiff came to a halt on dry land.

      A black blur with a blue blur both arrived at the crash site almost immediately. "Let's get this thing open and get the occupant away from here before Robotnik shows up to see who tried to wipe out his labs," said the blue hedgehog.

      The black hedgehog tinkered with the release mechanism next to the hatch and when they popped it open, they saw the taller and older looking Tails look-a-like freeing himself from the harness and seat belts. "Who stretched Tails?"

      It was Sonic and Shadow. Sonic said, "I know he cannot be Tails. I saw my little buddy fine tuning the Tornado in the hangar this morning." He then helped Shadow to force open the hatch and then they helped the new fox boy out of the escape pod. "Now let's pick him up and zoom him back to Knothole."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Brief Stop on the Way To a Cure.

        Within Knothole itself, Princess Sally listened to Peter's story about how he ended up as a Vulpine IV fox man and had just barely avoided meeting up with a star ship full of the species who had come to check on their outpost. After the preliminary scans were complete, Sally Acorn said, "Sadly, our one and only solution is only a partial solution. As Andrew Knight found out when he used it, the method can restore you to your human form for eight hours per Mobian day... period. Meaning that we cannot make a full restoration on you as things currently stand. However, there is a place in Frontier that might be able to assist you with getting yourself back to your human self, fully, in one shot. Providing that there is no magical interference. If magical interference resides upon you, then their method might have similar side effect results to our method." She then activated a communicator on the computer console. "Come in, Tails; This is Princess Sally."

        Tails' voice responded, This is Tails, Sally, Whatcha need?

        Sally said, "Prepare the F.F.M. for a trip to Galactic Base. We have to transport a passenger there for a restoration back to their original species and this time, Ogma is not involved. How soon will the Star Ship be ready for launch?"

        Tails' voice responded, E.T.L. will be about one hour and ten minutes. Its a shame we cannot help Andrew this way. But I understand the rules. Tails out.

        Sally then looked to Sonic and Shadow. "Which one of you wants to be the escort for Peter while he seeks his cure. On the bright side, it is a short vacation away from the Robotnik clan. Besides, you might make a friend out of Peter."

        Shadow then said, "If Robotnik was targeting Galactic Base, I would say Sonic; but since the rotund villain might do something while we are gone, Sonic should remain here on Mobius and I will make the trip with Peter."

        Sonic folded his arms over his chest as he said, "Any other time, I might argue with you, Shadow; but you have a valid point. I should stay behind to be a thorn in Robotnik's backside. Therefore, you are the best choice as a chaperon for Peter on this trip. But I do want to find out how it goes for Peter. I mean, his current form is arousing me for some stupid reason. It is starting to drive me crazy; I am not like this normally... any idea what is causing this, Sally?"

        Sally activated another device as she waved it around Peter and Sonic... as Peter said, "I think I know what might be causing it, Sally. When I first woke up in this body, there was a light scent coming from my fur that made me want to have sex with myself. I forced myself to ignore it; therefore, it is likely a pheromone originating from the Vulpine IV species that I am currently stuck as at the moment. When other males smell this scent, it makes them want to have gay sex. And I am also not like that. Hence why I want to return to my normal species. If it weren't for that smell, I might try this out more fully for a while."

        Sally looked at the read-out on her device and said, "Peter nailed it, Sonic. It is a species specific gay mating scent. When this Vulpine body is around other nearly naked males, it starts making this scent."

        Peter then said, "What are we going to do, Sally. I don't want Shadow to lose control while he is escorting me to Galactic Base. I like you guys, but have a heart please... My human form was a virgin in male terminology. Meaning, I haven't had sex of any kind with anyone as yet."

        Shadow said, "Planet Mobius produces an aloe-based fur shampoo that reduces the mating scent from a fur covered being's body. I would suggest you bathe in the stuff before we make this trip. I don't want to say that you are dirty, Peter; but your concern on the journey is a valid one since all Mobians can get pregnant whether we are male or female. I am not sure why Mobians are able to reproduce that way, but this plant is widely used in several tribes when warriors need to focus on serious matters."

        Peter nodded his head. "I agree, Shadow; someone draw up this aloe bath for me and I will bathe in it thoroughly. Sonic should not be in there with me since he caught a full blast of the mating scent unintentionally... I mean, Shadow doesn't seem to be suffering from the effects that Sonic is mentioning that are affecting him."

        Shadow grinned. "Meaning that Sonic stuck his nose into Peter's fur while we were carrying him back to Knothole."

        Sonic said, "If I did, I didn't mean to. However, the inside of that escape pod skiff is going to be thick with Peter's fur scent. If anyone gets a blast of that scent, they are going to undergo a need to have gay sex. If Robotnik goes after that escape pod, he is on his own; I am not going to save him."

        Everyone in the lab room laughed at how funny Robotnik being trouble sounded.

        Some time later, Antoine the French-accented Coyote stood guard outside the bathing chamber having orders not to go in and to not let any other male inside, aside from Peter himself. Even Antoine noted that Peter looked like a taller version of Tails. Since the scent didn't affect females, Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot were inside helping to scrub the unwanted pheromone smell out of Peter's fur. Peter's uniform was being washed in a detergent version of the aloe lotion soap. It would be pointless to bathe the body just to put the uniform back on and the uniform still be coated in the unwanted scent.

        Peter said, "I want to thank you ladies for helping me out with this. I have never been in an animal body before and I wouldn't know where to wash myself otherwise. You guys won't be mad at me if I accidentally get Shadow in trouble during this trip, will you?"

        Sally grinned. "Just remember this one extra detail, Peter; with the Mobians, the male-pregnancy is possible both ways. So if you don't want to get Shadow in trouble, then stay away from his tail and groin during the trip; otherwise, either one of you could be the one pregnant. Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Antoine and even Geoffrey St. John have all been pregnant through accidental interaction on several occasions. We females just laugh it off. Again, we don't know why all Mobians are capable of doing this with our partners."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Galactic Solution.

          At Galactic Base, Peter walked along with Shadow who was pulling along what looked like a luggage rack on hover treads. "What is that, Shadow? I don't recall your having whatever that is when we left Mobius."

          Shadow replied, "Princess Sally asked me to bring this along in case the doctor needed it to effect your restoration away from Vulpine IV Fox species. Even with the bath you got, your pheromones are starting to return and that is why we need to get you out of that body as soon as possible."

          Peter sighed. "I am sorry, Shadow... I was wondering why Tails was wearing the gas mask on the flight here. If it is because of the pheromones, then I guess it makes sense for the pilot to protect himself from my silly ass who got tricked initially."

          Shadow said, "Now don't be like that, Peter. Anyway, we're here... Right in that door. The Doctor is waiting for us."

          Peter and Shadow entered the doctor's chamber where the humanoid rhino physician awaited the two along with a set of three empty medical booths were awaiting the patients.

          The doctor said, "Princess Sally called ahead so I could set up the body swapping chambers. Sadly, we do not have any human bodies in storage so hopefully we can get you into a body you can use for a while until we can find your original body to get you back into." He then looked to Shadow. "Bring that case around to the booth in the back and we will get it hooked up. Peter, you remove your uniform and then step into the booth on the far left and close the hatch."

          As the doctor and Shadow took the carrying case around to the back, the Starfleet uniform came off and Peter stepped into the booth and he closed the hatch. Within the booth, he noticed that the pheromones smelled stronger than they had been before he had gotten into the escape pod. "Oh man... the smell is stronger than ever. I really want to get out of this body before I make the doctor mount me without control."

          At the back of the booths, within the open booth there seemed to be what looked like a slip of paper laying on the floor of the booth and Shadow stepped in to pick it up to get it out of there. He had just barely wadded up the scrap of paper and tossed it out behind him when he heard the booth door close behind him. Outside of the booth, Shadow could no longer see the doctor standing there and the body case transport was also no longer out there. Shadow yelled to get free; but the booths were sound-proof. On the wall within full view of Shadow's booth, he could see a timer ticking down. Less than ten minutes and counting.

          Back in the front, the doctor was loading up the new body into the far right booth before closing the booth hatch. The doctor then glanced over at the handsome two-tailed Vulpine IV fox man who was Peter Quincy. He picked up the Starfleet Uniform and placed it within a detoxification and cleaning unit so the uniform could get cleaned and have the unwanted scent removed from it. The doctor then hooked the now empty spare body case up to the drainage system of the multi-booth medical system. The rhino now looked at Peter once again and he gave the thumbs up motion. Peter then mouthed, 'The pheromones are getting stronger! I hate this! Hurry!' He made the 'hold his nose' motion and the doctor nodded his head and he walked over to the main control panel and he got the process started.

          Peter then saw the rhino doctor hold up a white sign which read 'GENTLY CLOSE YOUR EYES AND HOLD YOUR BREATH'. He did as he was instructed and he felt his entire body jolt as if the doctor had sent a bolt of electricity through his system. Instinctively he opened his eyes and he noted that he was no longer in the same booth that he had been in when the process had started. From the angle of his vision, he was now in the far right booth instead of within the far left booth. An eerie blackish and grayish brown mist was filling the booth from his feet upward. He quickly took another deep breath and held it while he gently closed his eyes again. He then felt another jolt of energy course through his body as he opened his eyes once again. Now Peter found himself within the central booth looking down a soft rounded muzzle of a color that reminded him of Shadow the Hedgehog's color scheme. he seemed to be humanoid still but something felt way off from how he thought he should have ended up being. It wasn't a Hedgehog muzzle yet it seemed more equinish and he felt as if his hair was longer than it had been before. Then his tails moved instinctively; he still had two tails instead of one. But this wasn't a fox or hedgehog body. So what had Princess Sally given him? He wanted to see how the Mobian Chipmunk had messed this up. And then the final part happened; his entire body lit up as if someone had given him a Chaos Emerald of his own.

          Fortunately, he felt his Starfleet uniform transport in and cover his body in all the right ways. Although his two tails were sticking out through a tail-flap in the back of the uniform. However, it didn't feel as if he was wearing any boots yet something affixed themselves around his ankles to cover his feet. Or whatever his feet ended up looking like. He tried to wiggle his toes and didn't feel any response from the action. Equinish muzzle. Longer hair. And now his toes unresponsive. He had hoofs. He wanted to strangle the chipmunk princess for doing this to him. At least as a fox, he had a certain charm. No one would like him as a horse or whatever species he had become. Especially not one in Shadow's colors.

          The doctor shut off the transfer device as he walked over and opened Peter's booth before he stepped behind the booths to open Shadow's booth. When the hedgehog's booth opened, the rhino doctor got slammed to the floor by an angry Shadow! "Why did you lock me into that booth, you lousy bastard?! What did you do to Peter that you didn't want me to see?!" Shadow stepped over the doctor and rushed around to the front where he looked into the open central booth at the new Mobian Donkey Boy in HIS colors wearing the Starfleet uniform. "Peter! Are you okay? Speak to me. Why did Sally do this? I'll help you to get to Knuckles and the Master Emerald. Maybe it can fix this."

          Peter sighed. "I'm hideous now, aren't I?"

          Shadow was helping Peter out of the booth as he replied, "I think you looked better as a fox, Peter. I know Tails won't think much of this result. But at least you don't have that over-powering pheromone scent anymore. How can a species put up with that?"

          The rhino doctor finally came out from behind the machines rubbing his chin from where Shadow punched him. "Ow... glad you didn't dislocate my jaw. Peter would have ended up with white fur if you hadn't replaced the color sample with your own body, Shadow. That is why he ended up with your colors. As for the donkey body, that is what was in the transport case."

          Peter growled a little. "I should have looked at the body before you made the transfer. What was that stupid Chipmunk thinking? Too late now, I suppose."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six: Alternate Suggestion.

            Shadow then said, "Maybe it isn't too late. Doc, are there any patients in the medical facility who might like to have a donkey body? Especially if they are not happy with their original species."

            The rhino doctor said, "As a matter of fact, there are a few patients who have been waiting for a donkey body transfer. But I need to warn you, Peter. Once you are transferred out of the body, you won't be able to reclaim it. So if you end up unhappy with the new body, you have to choose a different species for a transfer."

            Peter remarked, "So you're saying I cannot go back into the Vulpine IV fox body now that I am out of it?"

            "Utilizing our medical machines," the doctor replied. "that would be correct."

            At that point, Tails walked into the chamber. "I overheard that last part, guys. Sally just called me and said that someone replaced the body she was sending for the process with a donkey body. I would have to surmise that Ogma had something to do with this. And if not him, then one of the Robotnik robots did it. However, it isn't the end of the world... I have another body residing inside of my body that I can donate to Peter. Ever since Dr. Siara got transferred into a living Mobian chicken by accident, his old Kitsune body has been left unoccupied. Peter could have that body."

            The doctor said to Peter, "Tails' solution is a possibility unless you want to chance the other patients' bodies in the hospital."

            Peter replied, "I really hated the pheromone scent that was making nice people want to have sex with me. Was the Kitsune clean of scents when you stored him away, Tails?"

            Tails nodded his head. "Yes, he was. Concerning a color sample, what color fur would you like to have?"

            Peter said, "Do you have anything in a Golden Retriever color for the body fur. The black fur on my head is a lot like my original human body's original hair color minus the red highlights, so I would like to keep the donation from Shadow for the black hair on my head. What of it, guys?"

            Tails smiled. "I carry around a lock of Sonic's Gold Super Sonic fur as a souvenir the one time he had to power all the way up to fight Robotnik. It is like a Golden Retriever. I can let you use a small part of it but I want to keep the majority of it for myself." He pulled it out of his tool belt pouch and showed it to everyone. It was slightly glowing yet it did look like the fur of a Golden Retriever.

            Shadow used some clippers to clip off a fresh sample of his own head fur since Peter mentioned liking the coloration. The doctor took the fur color samples and went to the color sample booth in the back and placed them within before closing the booth. In the meantime, Tails was using his magic to retrieve the Mobian Kitsune body of Dr. Siara out of the storage pocket he had it within. Once it was out, Tails showed it to Peter. "So, what do you think?"

            Peter remarked, "Cool! I like how his hair is separate from the rest of his overall body fur! But was he originally naked of clothes like this?"

            Tails said, "Scratch took the original clothes since he had earned having them. But since you have your Starfleet captain's uniform, you shouldn't need Kitsune clothing. When Kitsune are first born, they only have one tail. When they achieve circles of power, they grow a new tail to socially reflect their power level. Scratch's Kitsune abilities made the transfer into his new Chicken body when he accidentally became a Mobian rooster. Scratch is currently staying with Geoffrey St. John in Mobo Springs."

            When the doctor returned he helped Tails place the powerless Mobian Kitsune body into booth number three. Then the detox of the first booth completed its cleaning process and Peter the donkey boy got out of his uniform once again and he got into the awaiting booth for the second ride. A new awaiting transfer case was brought in to receive the donkey body once it was vacated. And then with Tails and Shadow watching as witnesses, the doctor started the process again.

            After the expected jolts, Tails whispered to Shadow, "The donkey's tails returned to a single tail when Peter vacated the body. And now the Kitsune body has two tails like my own. I think the two tail defect is part of Peter's genetics and not part of the species like Peter first thought."

            Shadow whispered back, "That would be a good explanation if you are right. And now he is being transferred to the central booth where the transfer is finalizing the choices. His head hair ended up black with red highlights like the sample I donated and his body fur is slightly glowing gold like the sample you donated. although his chest and tummy fur as well as his muzzle are white like our own. The donkey body returned to its original coloration."

            When the process ended, the rhino doctor stated, "I just got a warning on my console which displays that Peter will not be able to make another body swap attempt for an entire year. So I hope you are satisfied with the current results. I knew there was a limit but I wasn't sure what it was. I think Peter got lucky. He looks hot."

            Peter was then released from the booth where he got a hug from both Shadow and Tails. "Hey guys! What's the hug for?"

            Shadow said, "The doctor told us that your genetic physiology can only handle three body swaps per year. Human to Vulpine IV Fox; Fox to Donkey; and Donkey to Kitsune. You cannot make another attempt for an entire year. So how you are right now is how you are going to be for an entire year. I really like you, Peter. Tails, you have Andrew. Remember?"

            Tails smiled. "I haven't forgotten. I will find a way to restore him to his human form someday."

            Peter hugged the two in return. "I think we need to go back to Mobius and check in. And I hope you let me hang out with you, Shadow."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven: Negotiations.

              Captain's Star Date: Ten-Twenty-Four; Seven; Twenty-Nine; Twenty-Twelve. We had just returned to the outer orbit of Mobius and I saw something that I had avoided once in the last week's worth of time. It was the V.S.S. Surprise parked in orbit over Mobius. I knew I had to do something or else they would have the whole planet fornicating.

              Peter said to Shadow and Tails, "Open a communication channel to the V.S.S. Surprise. I have an idea on how to make them leave Mobius." And when the communication channel was on screen, Peter saw that the Vulpine IV crew were wearing hot looking Officer uniforms.

              "We read you, F.F.M. Freedom. What is your inquiry?"

              "I am temporary acting Captain Peter Quincy formerly of Planet Earth now serving the Freedom Fighters. May I ask why your ship is in orbit over Planet Mobius?"

              The Vulpine IV Captain said, "I am Captain Fennex Oslo of Vulpine IV. One of our officers on leave was body swapped by a form-jumping vampire. We have our officer back in our custody but he really wants his body back. We detected the Vulpine IV escape pod on Planet Mobius but after retrieving it, we found it to be empty. If you could help us to get our officer's body back, we would gladly swear an alliance with you, Captain Peter. And let me say that you are the hottest Mobian Fox I have seen in a long time."

              Peter at that point felt that the truth was in order since the Vulpine IV captain was proving to be reasonable. And the story was retold of how Peter had ran afoul of the vampire himself and ended up getting the officer's body in exchange for his human form. Then he explained that they had just returned from Galactic Base where they had the body medically transferred into storage as he got a replacement body. "I might have continued to use the Vulpine IV body myself except your people's pheromone scent was starting to drive me crazy. If you go to Galactic Base, please have the decency not to overwhelm the people there with your species scent. You will find that I had the body cleaned before I vacated it. I have to assume that the vampire is on Earth making my former life a living Hell. And you don't have to keep calling me a Captain. I don't deserve to be one."

              Fennex said, "As long as your information about our officer's body is correct, then as far as we are concerned, Peter... you are a Captain and our alliance with you will be registered as forever permanent. We are a decent people for the most part except when we go into rut and we cannot help how we act when we are making the pheromone. Thankfully we are not in rut all at the same time or else we wouldn't get anything done. Captain Fennex out. And Peter... I'll bet you were a sexy boy in your human form. Talk to you later, if you permit it."

              And the call ended as the V.S.S. Surprise pulled out of orbit and it warped off to go to Galactic Base.

              Shadow smiled at Peter. "Sounds like you made a friend, Peter. Way to go. A lot better than Sonic can do most of the time."

              Peter blushed since Fennex was a hottie for a fox man in uniform. "Honesty is what made Fennex agreeable. Now we know that the Pheromone is a rutting scent. Let us go report in to Sally. I hope Sonic isn't pregnant since he got the full brunt of the rutting scent."

              Shadow grinned. "I hope he IS pregnant with someone new. He has been with me, Tails, Antoine, Knuckles and Vector. He hasn't been with Geoffrey St. John yet. Of course the police skunk might spray him back to his senses."

              Tails made a nasty face. "If Sonic smells like that, I am going to avoid him until well after the tomato juice bath."

              Once the three were back in Knothole, the story was told to Sally who smiled and shook Peter's furry hand. "I am so glad you patched things up with the Vulpine IV fox people. As for Sonic, he did get into some trouble with Geoffrey and not only is he pregnant but he is unconscious in the Mobo Springs jail once Amy Rose beaned him with her Pika-Pika hammer for choosing the skunk over her. In fact, Amy is still mad about the whole thing."

              Peter asked, "Did Geoffrey spray Sonic?"

              Sally slyly grinned and nodded her head quietly.

              Tails said, "I get to avoid Sonic while he smells like that."

              Shadow then asked, "Sally? Is Tropical Knothole still in need of repair like you said last month?"

              Sally replied, "Yes. But you said at the time that you were not interested in helping to repair the place. Why the sudden interest in it now?"

              Shadow explained, "It might get a little squirrelly around the common Knothole for Peter; so I was thinking that Tails and I could help Peter get settled into our alternate Knothole location in the Mobian tropics. And since Sonic hates getting wet... Tropical Knothole may be ideal for Peter while he figures out what to do with his new life. Of course, I want to stay around to help Peter with supplies and repairs. Unless you have other plans for Tropical Knothole..."

              Sally then said, "Jet and his friends are surfing in that area; they said they would keep an eye on the place in case one of the Robotnik doctors got any funny ideas about setting up a base on the island. I will send word to Jet that you and Tails along with a new friend are on your way there to repair Tropical Knothole. Any questions or requests, guys?"

              Peter stepped forward and said, "I recall from one of the SatAM Sonic shows on TV back home that you have a magic wand in storage, Sally. May I borrow it to makeover the base?"

              Sally smiled. "When you get to the island and are safely standing on the ground, then you can open the case and make with the magical repairs. Let me know how it goes."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight: Starfleet Knothole.

                Captain's Star Date: Seventeen-Eighteen; Seven; Thirty-One; Twenty-Twelve. Riding aboard the Tornado, the airplane built by Tails; we got our first view of Tropical Knothole. And from the condition of the storm battered island, it would take some heavy repairs without magic to make this place as secure as the Great Forest version of Knothole. But that is why I asked Sally for this magic wand. I had plans for modernizing this home away from home Knothole base. Since I was wearing a Starfleet Captain uniform, the Starfleet theme was still in my mind. The new base was to be modeled after a Star Trek Universe styled base with docking ports around the perimeter. We would even have a detox chamber for removing unwanted toxins and species pheromones that visitors may accidentally bring in with them. Yes, I was still thinking about Fennex. Of course the Mobian donkey boy body wasn't that bad looking.

                Peter said, "Land on that plateau, Tails."

                Tails said, "I was going to anyway since there is too much debris on the island to make a beach landing."

                Shadow who was standing on the spot where Sonic would usually stand said, "I am still surprised that you knew about Sally's magic wand, Peter. That will make the repairs go a lot faster. I cannot wait to see what ideas you have for this place."

                Peter remarked, "I think even Jet and his body will like the ideas I got planned since it will not take away the jungle trees out here at all."

                And then Tails landed the plane on the plateau where they all got out of the plane and then Shadow showed Peter where the secret entrance into the old base was located on the roof (plateau's surface) under a false flat rock which led to a set of stairs going down inside the plateau itself. Choosing not to go inside just yet; Peter unpacked the magic wand and he used it to repair the island to how it had been before the tropical storm had wrecked it. Then it was time for the real makeover. This would take the next few weeks. Peter wanted the makeover to be just right.

                Captain's Star Date: Four-Eleven; Eight; Nineteen; Twenty-Twelve. Starfleet Knothole was taking shape quickly. Establishing contact with Fennex to let him know about the new project base in the Mobian Tropics, the good Vulpine IV fox captain delivered supplies and secure communication codes for our new computers. Starfleet Medical Labs were also in place along with a star ship construction platform which was also used for emergency repairs. The detox station and clothing/uniform replicator was duplicated at every entrance point. Anti-robot scanners/detection corridors were in place to prevent invasions from the Robotnik clan. And a base wide demon detection system was active throughout Tropical Knothole. If old Ogma even so much as appeared anywhere on the island or within the base, he would find himself in our detainment sector and a magical call would be sent to the Celestial Bureaucracy to let them know where their collector had chosen to go to. During the last week, Sally and Bunnie Rabbot were given clearance to be at the new base to help set living quarters up properly. Sonic and Knuckles were given orders to distract the Robotnik boys so they didn't detect what our team were doing in the Tropics.

                Sally wearing her new Mobian styled Starfleet Science Officer's uniform and holding an upgraded version of Nicole was going through and finalizing the organic looking and feeling SciFi like Knothole base. Starfleet Knothole had something for everyone. And as Peter had said, anyone who wanted to run around in their fur back in the commonplace Knothole was free to do so. But in the new Knothole, decency was a high factor since Peter would be based there. It was a battle star combined with Babylon Five as well as a grounded star base version of the modernized Star Ship Enterprise. Even Galactic Patrol became interested in Peter's re-imagining of the Tropical island base combined with a decent and space friendly version of Galactic Base itself. Unbeknown to Sally, Peter had magically duplicated the wand into a collar worn version specifically keyed for Peter's personal usage. No one else could ever use it. In the end, the magic wand was returned to Princess Sally to be safely stored away back in the original Knothole.

                Captain's Star Date: Fifteen-Oh Six; Eight; Twenty-Six; Twenty-Twelve. Starfleet Knothole's grand opening occurred drawing local and galactic interest of many variant species. Fennex and his officers who were not in rut were present; Donkey Boys from a nearby amusement park island had arrived to welcome their new neighbors to the Tropics; Sonic and Knuckles were both present although Sonic found himself twitching and wanting to scratch from his wearing the nearly full body uniform; Knuckles took it more in stride since he was more used to wearing clothes than Sonic was; Humanoid Galactic Patrol Officers were present; I was surprised to see what looked like real Frontier versions of Braveheart Lion, Cheer Bear, Brightheart Raccoon, Grumpy Bear and Treat Heart Pig of the S.S. Friendship. However, their uniforms were more akin to Galactic Patrol than the Starfleet variety. What probably made this collection of the adorable familiar versions of the originals more unique was that there were more than one of their species standing within their collected groups. Almost as if the extras were academy students. And then the collection of male and female skunks, wolves, tigers, jaguars, and horse people rounded out the weird factor for the group.

                Admiral Whitehorn, a white Frontier unicorn man, presented Peter with a framed certificate authorizing Starfleet Knothole as an official and legal Galactic Patrol training station as well as Ship Yard before he shook Peter's hand with a smile. "Well done on such a fantastic upgrade to a base that seemed impossible to repair let alone modernize. As for getting your human body back, we sent word to King Kazma to keep an eye out for this form-swapping vampire who had stolen your body initially. Although you do look hot as a Mobian Kitsune, Peter."

                Peter blushed once again. He didn't know why everyone thought he was so hot-looking.

                Sally then said, "During Tropical Storms to the region, we can close the anti-weather dome to protect the base from being wrecked by nature itself. We have even outfitted the amusement park island with their own anti-weather dome to protect their holdings from bad weather."

                Peter said, "The domes are not a replacement for defense shields from attacks. We have other means of dealing with that."

                Admiral Whitehorn then shook Peter's hand as he said, "I am glad you have planned ahead, Peter. Just as I am glad that you were open to planetary ambassador relationships. You performed a class act by befriending the people of Vulpine IV."

                Peter smiled in return as he shook the unicorn's hand. "Fennex turned out to be a nice fox. I am glad I was wrong about him. He has offered supply deliveries to my new island base here on Mobius. As for King Kazma, he was, from what I last knew of him, in the process of getting his world project ready for its grand opening. Live Anime World is more of a tourist friendly Digital World than a world sized amusement park full of cartoon characters. He cares about the project and even went so far as to hire my parents to help design one of the resort hotel complexes. My little brother joined the Red Rabbit Army and is off getting training in learning how to perform as if he was one of them. I have to wonder how Roger is doing, in truth."

                The unicorn admiral remarked, "I had always heard that anyone joining the Red Rabbit Army had be changed into a rabbit for the length of the boot camp training course. Chances are good that your brother is as lapine as Kazma is currently."

                Peter growled a little at that thought. "If that is true, then Kazma better hope that my parents don't find out that little recruiting snafu; they are going to be mad enough when they learn that I got body swapped and raped by a form-stealing vampire. And I am currently stuck in a Mobian Kitsune body."

                Peter calmed himself before continuing. "I am just glad that Shadow and Tails want to assist me with the new tropical base during my ordeal of two-tailed forms."

                Whitehorn then said, "I must be returning to Galactic Base now. We will be watching from afar to see how your project fares."

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine: No News is Good News.

                  Captain's Star Date: Seven-Fifteen; Eight; Twenty-Seven; Twenty-Twelve. It was the day after Starfleet Knothole's grand opening. I was laying in my bed completely undressed. I just cannot get comfortable in clothes when I am trying to sleep what with this fur coat and all. Since I looked like a nervous wreck, Shadow came in and began to give me a full body rub all over to help calm me down. I don't know what's gotten into me lately; I keep looking at Shadow's groin and butt. I know I am normally not like this but for some reason, I am attracted to the black hedgehog and that bothers me for some reason. I know he is also straight like I thought I was. But as with me, he is spending more and more time around me. We actually share this command bedroom together. When I am trying to sleep, he lets me sleep; but when I am awake and looking distressed, he lays with me and rubs me all over. And his touch is making me as yiffy as Fennex's people obviously get. I am so afraid that I am going to mount Shadow and then we will be parents as I have been warned about. Thankfully no one else was around that morning. We had all the privacy we wanted. Princess Sally had the rest of the Freedom Fighters off at Knothole to deal with Robotnik's latest ultimatum.

                  Peter glanced back over his shoulder at Shadow while the black hedgehog was giving him a body rub. "How often do Kitsune and Mobians enter their sexual stages? I ask because recently I've caught myself admiring your groin and butt. And I know we are both straight. This is confusing me since I feel like I am starting to act like Fennex's people. As a human I had more control but since getting into this Vulpine body, we have gotten pretty close together."

                  Shadow smiled at Peter as he said, "As the least liked Mobian on Planet Mobius, I rarely have any action with the other Freedom Fighters unless one of their human friends want to come see me. I have helped young Kitsune boys in the Great Mobian Jungle. I am accustomed toward helping them whenever they ask me for that assistance. And most of the time, it is a sexual issue. Kitsune males have some strange mating habits which is why I don't mind helping them when they are truly needy. For them, I can be a bottom, but the more open minded the partner is, the more likely both parties will end up pregnant. I won't try that with you, Peter, unless your body starts driving you crazy and you beg me to help you. And if that happens, please forgive me if anything parental occurs. I will help you to raise any children if it happens to us. For the record, I really like you a lot, Peter."

                  Peter lay back down and permitted Shadow to resume rubbing his legs and back. "I suppose there has been no word on the form-swapping vampire whom stole my human body."

                  Shadow arched an eye. "Perhaps we should send a second report to King Kazma just in case he didn't get the first message. He was busy trying to build a new amusement world."

                  Peter opened up his nearby laptop and he pulled up the original email to King Kazma and copy and pasted it into a new email with a modification in the subject line: "Roger's brother (Peter) in trouble on Planet Mobius; Body Swapping Vampire issue; Please Read; 2nd attempt to reach you!" He then checked the Anime World email link and he noted that the direct to Kazma email was now reading as one letter different. Despite this change in the email address, he hit send and he then he closed the laptop as he reached down and he pulled Shadow closer to himself and he planted a deep smooch on the black Mobian hedgehog's muzzle as he found himself trying to pin Shadow down into the bed.

                  Shadow realizing that Peter's willpower just switched off, returned the favor and said, "Peter... if you fill me, I will return the favor and then we will both be parents. I know this body you are in is driving you crazy but you got to fight this or you will lose it all. But... I do love you."

                  A few hours later, Kitsune and Hedgehog had managed to drag themselves into the bathing chamber and into the shower after putting the bed sheets and their pajamas into the washing machine. Both males were pregnant and Peter looked pathetically apologetic that he lost control on Shadow. "At least Tails didn't get nailed by me. He will never want to be close to me again. I don't know what made my control turn off like that, Shadow. Now we are both pregnant which was the very thing we were trying to avoid. What do you think set it off?"

                  Shadow replied, "I might have accidentally rubbed over your pleasure center which would have made your Kitsune body want to pounce me. I know the last thing you did was to hit send and close the laptop. Did you send the email to Kazma as you were planning or did you accidentally do something else?"

                  Peter thought over the last few hours as he then realized what he had actually done. "Oh gosh. You are right. I carbon copied the email to both Kazma as well as to my mother. If Kazma doesn't do something to the vampire, my mom -whom is a Prince offspring- will. I am a first cousin to Gerard Prince as my brother Roger and my sister Marilyn is as well. I sure hope my sister is staying out of trouble. She is the youngest of the family. I am the oldest sibling. And now I am a boy-mom. I want to raise our children ourselves, if that is okay."

                  Shadow smiled. "I am so glad to hear you say that, Peter. You just scored another point in my respect book for making me love you. Too often does pregnant Freedom Fighters send their children off to the creche to be raised by the female Mobians and then they never get to know their real parents. I will help you with the parenting task. It will be good experience."

                  Peter hugged the pregnant black hedgehog close to himself in the shower. "Thanks for sticking this out with me. I couldn't cope with this by myself."

                  Shadow hugged the former human in return. "On the bright side, the magical Mobian gestation time is only three months. Then we will give birth. I think even Princess Sally will be impressed that you want to raise your own children. We will need her to help us midwife the children for us. Thankfully, we only have one child each within us. At least I hope it is only one this first time for you. I don't want you to get scared and accidentally throw the child without meaning to. We might be able to get Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus to help educate you in Kitsune parenting. He is Tails' father. A really nice 9-tailed guy. He had helped Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi back when he wore that body you are now within."

                  Standing at the bedroom door was Sonic the Hedgehog along with Ogma and Mylanus. "When Tails told me that this Kitsune body was making Peter act weird, I knew something was amiss. So I asked Ogma and Mylanus about this problem in detail."

                  Ogma said, "Since I made Siara's Kitsune body myself, I can tell you if you are indeed wearing it or not. Someone has been monkeying around with stored stasis bodies in the last few months. If in the event that you are not wearing Siara's body, would you want a restart, Peter? I know you and Shadow are both pregnant at the moment and I am sure Shadow wouldn't want to be the parent to a fake child."

                  Peter glanced over at the open door and said, "A form-stealing vampire has my human body at the moment so even if I wanted to go back to normal, I don't have a body of my own to resume being, Ogma. I sure hope I am not affected by the rutting scent that Fennex's people generate. That could have resulted in making me want to mate with Shadow with no control at all."

                  Ogma was then examining Peter in detail while the others watched. After a while, Ogma said, "

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten: The Final Verdict.

                    Captain's Star Date: Ten-Ten; Eight; Twenty-Seven; Twenty-Twelve. It was the still the morning that Shadow and I got pregnant as Boy-Moms. Sonic brought Ogma and Mylanus to solve the current problem that I was suffering from. Ogma was examining me to see if the Kitsune body I was wearing was indeed Siara's old body or not. I am suspecting that it isn't.

                    Ogma was then examining Peter in detail while the others watched. After a while, Ogma said, "Do you want to make a prediction, Peter?"

                    Peter replied, "I suspect that this body is not the Siara body that you helped to create originally. Am I right?"

                    Ogma smiled. "Someone at Galactic Base pulled a fast one, Peter. It is similar to Siara's original body except that body had three tails and with your duplicity gene that is part of your human genetics, a human has a single tail bone so when you end up in an animal's body that has a single tail, your mutant gene doubles the number so you always end up with two tails. Had this been Siara's body, and with the gene's effect in play, you would have had six tails, but none of the power that went with those tails. I am going to summon Siara's body to me no matter where it is stored or whom is wearing it. The species you are wearing is yet another one of Fennex's people's bodies albeit without the full rut scent maker as if someone had tried to surgically remove that part and did a poor job of it since it has been regenerating. When Tails smelled that scent this morning, he returned to Knothole to tell Sally and Sonic what was going on down here."

                    Peter sighed. "Then Shadow and I need an emergency detox. I do not want to suffer through what Fennex's people deal with a second time. It almost overwhelmed me the first time. I knew it was too good to be true. We were set up, Shadow!"

                    Shadow got out of bed and muttered a few less than savory things as he prepared himself for detox. "As much as I hate to abort a pregnancy, I likewise do not want to be the parent to a sexual stink bomb. It would be worse than dealing with Nitro. Sorry, Peter, but we have to play it safe. Neither of us wanted to become parents and the scent made us mate with each other. I respect you and I still love you. But I don't want my love to be forced."

                    Peter snapped his fingers at that moment. "Ogma, could you rewind time on our bodies by a few hours to undo the pregnancies that we accidentally ended up with? Admiral Whitehorn gifted us with a universal detox chamber that was installed in the medical labs. I wasn't sure why he brought it to us, but we need to use it now. I also need to detox my uniform as well as Shadow's shoes to remove the mating scent off of them."

                    Ogma had just summoned the Siara body which was still in some sort of storage wrapper marked with a delivery address to some sort of smuggler's world. "Yes, I can do that for you. Although I can also wind time back for you personally to match the day the crooked doctor did the multiple swaps on your body before telling you that you wouldn't be able to switch again for a year. That way, we can do a swap for you into a body you really don't mind dealing with for a year with no hidden surprises. Sadly, the mutant gene will always double the number of tails so you will always have two tails while wearing an animal's body."

                    Peter said, "Even I think six tails would be too many to deal with, sir. Not to mention, I don't want to give other Kitsune the wrong idea about me. They might challenge me if I had that many tails. Are there any Mobian Mice in my height on Mobius, Ogma? I don't mind the multiple tails as long as the base species only had one to start with."

                    Ogma nodded his head but then he said, "If you are going to switch species, I think you should inform Admiral Whitehorn that you are about to do that since he last met you as a two-tailed fox. He might react the wrong way about a mouse claiming to be Peter Quincy. Not to mention mice and rats on Mobius are often considered to be pirates and bandits in the Mobian Wilds. Yes, it is a bad rap, but they don't try to clean up the image. Sonic tried to work with them one time until they attempted to back stab him by turning him over to Robotnik for the bounty reward that Robotnik had placed on the blue hedgehog. Their greed got the better of them and they lost out on being allied with the Freedom Fighters."

                    Sonic nodded his head. "Yes, the rat bandits did that. Knuckles wanted to shave them bald. As long as you didn't go for an ugly or deformed mouse, I could work with the result, Peter."

                    Peter then outlined a description of a tall muscular sexy mouse man much like Throttle of the Biker Mice from Mars but with no antennae on the head. A design to match the Star Trek uniform that he had possession of. Since he didn't have his normal clothes with him anymore, he had to work with what he had. While Ogma modified the Siara body into the new mouse body, Peter placed a call to Admiral Whitehorn to let him know what the crooked doctor had done to him and that resulted in everyone sniffing him thinking that he was very sexy. They were about to correct this oversight themselves using Celestial Magic. Then Peter informed Whitehorn of the new species with two-tails that would be him wearing the body since his human body had still not been located. Whitehorn's reply was that Peter should inform all of his allies that he was about to do this so no one would accidentally think that a mouse had stolen Peter's uniform. After ending the call with Whitehorn, calls were placed to the donkeys on the next island, to Jet and his surfer friends, to Princess Sally back on the mainland, and to other allies that had attended the opening ceremonies of the new base. Fennex was sad that Peter was having a bad experience with foxes, but he said that he understood and he hoped that Peter would still consider them as allies afterward. Then Peter turned to Ogma. "All allies informed, sir. I am ready for the new body. What will become of the Vulpine IV body, out of curiosity only?"

                    Ogma grinned as he replied, "Since the smugglers want a three tailed Kitsune body so badly, I will alter the Vulpine IV body once you are out of it and then that will be placed into the delivery wrapper and then... hee hee... that will be sent to the smuggler world to the address of delivery that is shown on this label. When they get a whiff of that scent, they won't be playing this game anymore."

                    Everyone laughed at how that sounded and then, it was off to the medical detox chamber where Peter would finally be getting out of the fox body of seduction and into the new Mobian Biker Mouse body which would end up with two tails due to his mutant defect. But at least his two tails would be prehensile like the Biker Mice had control over.

                    Peter only hoped that Shadow would still want to be around him after the latest body swap. But all of this fox nonsense had run its course. Peter was tired of it.

                    Shadow was undergoing his own detox but he made no mention of the latest choice that Peter had made. Only time would tell if they would stay together.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Mouse Trek; The Next Generation.