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[APQC] LAP-01 Rabbit on the Run

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    [APQC] LAP-01 Rabbit on the Run

    Primopolis - QC Planet

    Longshot & Photon
    David & Cassidy Makarios

    [APQC] LAP-01 Rabbit on the Run
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 07/17/2015

    Chapter One

    TOP SECRET DOSSIER: PROJECT SNIPER [Authorized eyes only]

    TEST SUBJECT: David Makarios
    AGE: Approximately 23
    NATIONALITY: American White
    SERVICE RECORD: Army Boot Camp in Virginia
    DESCRIPTION [before]: Human male, Brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin albeit tanned. Standing roughly six feet two inches tall; weighing roughly one hundred fifty three pounds. Siblings: one older brother - Cassidy Makarios, aspiring actor; Parents: Government security engineer operative, Stoddard Makarios - father; Mother deceased - no records on her death. Standard army uniform.
    DESCRIPTION [after]: Rabbit humanoid male, Grey and White fur, Piercing silver-blue eyes. Standing roughly six feet five inches tall; weighing roughly one hundred seventy five pounds. Sysops black uniform; trained in all firearm usage. Basic understanding of the martial arts as well as kick boxing. Powerful legs and feet enable superhuman leaping and landing capabilities. Improved eye sight provides near perfect sniper vision.

    First week: test subject responded well to the injection of the extraterrestrial hero serum. He only complained of a minor migraine headache which was resolve by our doctors with the administration of a simple aspirin.

    Second Week: Superhuman abilities have started to emerge as we were led to believe. He can run faster, jump higher, and has improved eye sight and acute hearing. Responding well to his arms training also as expected.

    Third Week: Enhanced strength and advanced engineering expertise emerging thanks to his superior intelligence boost. We were not expecting this as he has already broken the simplest of pad locks. We have upgraded the locks to the industrial strength locks to secure our tanks and battle ships.

    Fourth Week: Subject restricted from using the project's computer system after we caught him sending his brother an email over what we thought was a closed and secure line connection. Security was disabled by test subject to allow outside access.

    Fifth Week: First signs of resistance have emerged when told he could not go out for morning exercise. Several soldiers injured from the enhanced strikes from test subject before stun gas was used.

    Sixth Week: Test subject's body began changing into its extraterrestrial source form. Test subject screamed for hours before rendering himself unconscious. The remaining changes continued and completed themselves throughout the week.

    Seventh Week: Test subject saw himself in the bathroom mirror and is currently making Bugs Bunny jokes. His mind seems to be taking the transformation well. We were not told he would changing into another species. We are suspecting many things we were told were in fact bald faced lies.

    Eighth Week: The Big Brass Boys came in to check on the project. They have asked if subject is ready for a field mission. Again, we were never told that they were going to have the test subject do these things. Test subject was returned to us after a few days and we were instructed to clean him up and continue the test.

    Ninth Week: Test subject confided in one of our doctors of the details of that mission the week before. He told us that the Brass had code named him as Sniper. He had been sent over to the Mid-East where he had to do an assassination strike on an important military leader. He was told that it was a suicide mission and no one would suspect Bugs Bunny of committing an action like that. Test subject is no longer as enthusiastic about the project as he once had been. He has asked us to lie to the Brass if they asked if the subject was ready for another mission.

    Tenth Week: Brass returned exactly as Test Subject predicted. We chose to try to lie about his progress. We told the Brass that the test subject had a small relapse and had lost some of the power he had been exhibiting previously. However, when asked to see the test subject for themselves, test subject exhibited second signs of resistance as he fired a warning shot from the rafters of the main hangar at the Generals gathered there. He told the Brass that if they wanted him for another assassination mission then one of them had to die first. When they tried to reach for their weapons, Test subject threw a throwing knife and struck one general in the hand and repeated that he was deadly serious. One of the Brass Boys who hadn't entered as yet surprised the test subject in the rafters as he knocked out the test subject. Test subject was then loaded into a military moving van in chains for shipment out on his mission. We should have ended the log when they took him since we figured that we would never see the test subject again.

    Twelfth Week: Project alarm sounded briefly before dying rather suddenly. It was the middle of the night. Suddenly on top of me in my bed, the test subject dressed all in black rubber smiled down at me. He told me that he wanted to go home but he needed someone to drive the vehicle so he wouldn't be seen. He swore that if I did this, he wouldn't kill me. Must be nice to be the only scientist that the test subject likes enough to swear off killing. I drove the delivery van down to his hometown and after making a brief inquiry, we learned that the Makarios family no longer lived in the test subject's home town. The brother had gone off to Lord Albert Atticus' QC Planet project for television animation characters and prime time stars to pursue his acting career. The father was on assignment somewhere in the Northwest. Test subject instructed me to drive to the QC Planet transportal at Animation Park so he could locate and join his brother. Going AWOL to another world was surely not going to sit well with the Big Brass Boys.

    We had barely arrived at Animation Park when I saw the Army jeep and the two soldiers parked in the parking lot. They were watching the transportal and I quietly told the test subject what I was seeing. He instructed me to Drive through the transportal and only tell the cat lord guards that I was making a science supplies delivery to Mayor Andrea Thomas in Forest River. I did as test subject instructed and the cat lord guards opened the redirect transportal aimed for Forest River before allowing me to drive through it.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Once we had passed through, they closed the transportal. I would learn later that the two soldiers had recognized the government plates on the van and had called it in before approaching the transportal to ask where my delivery was being made to. I could just imagine their shocked faces to learn we were going to Almighty Isis in Forest River. Upon arriving at the mayor's office in Forest River, test subject told me to unload a package from the back of the van that he had loaded before we departed and have Ms. Thomas sign for it to make the delivery seem authentic. Then I was to drive test subject to a used car lot where we would exchange the vehicle for a localized ride. As I was haggling for a good used car, test subject removed the license plates from the van and unbeknown to me, he destroyed them before tossing the metal shavings into a dumpster. He then produced a different set of license plates with the word LONGSHOT on them in bold letters. I don't know when he made those plates. But he had apparently planned ahead. We were soon driving toward Primopolis where his brother was working.

    Arriving in Primopolis is almost like arriving in New York City for the first time. It is like they stuck four separate Earth cities together with a major highway along the separation boundary. Test subject continues to surprise me. He is no longer wearing the black rubber suit opting instead for a regular set of clothes tailored to fit an alien rabbit. The ensemble is quite futuristic. It even has the flaps in the front and back to cover his tail and hide any modesty in the front. He looks like he stepped out of a Science Fiction TV show so I guess he looks normal on this planet; I am the oddball at the moment. But I suppose that will change since I am responsible for the test subject.

    We got more information regarding the test subject's brother and where he was reportedly living. The estate referred to seemed way too large for a single aspiring actor in my opinion. As we approached the front gates, I noticed that they had one of those invite only intercoms at the driveway. I pushed the button and waited for a reply. When the familiar voice asked me what I wanted, I replied, "David wants to see his brother Cassidy. May we please come in?" The reply was, "One moment. Smile for visual identification." I smartly held up both my Identification and the test subject's which I thankfully remembered to bring with us. I strongly do not think they would have recognized David in his new rabbit form. Then there was a buzzing sound as the gates started to open and the voice said, "You are being allowed in but no funny business. This is Makarios Territory." Once the gate was entirely open, I drove the used car into the estate as the electronic gates closed behind us. I then said to the test subject, "Surely an aspiring actor isn't doing this good, is he?" Then I noticed that the test subject was smiling. He had recognized the voice as someone he personally knew. "Northwest on assignment, my ass. My father is here."

    We parked the car inside of the three-car garage as the garage doors closed behind us. Just like an old action spy TV series. All of this was starting to remind me of Maxwell Smart's show. When test subject and I got out of the car, we were confronted by the Road Rovers whose show was in hiatus and had been for several years. They frisked the both of us although when the gun was found on test subject, a fight broke out and the Cano-Sapiens lost. Just as he had done to the soldiers back at the base. "Heel, Rovers. I used to like your show. Take us to either my father, Stoddard, or to my brother, Cassidy. The gun and the professor stay with me." They had no choice but to lead our group into the elevator where Colleen pressed the down button and after a short elevator ride down to some sub level, the doors opened to reveal a large laboratory complex underground. The test subject then asked, "Exile, how come you didn't use your Super Frozen Sight on me during the fight? You would have won had you done that." The Siberian husky replied, "I don't actually have those powers, Rabbit boy. In our old show, that was just special effects. We all thought we should have had real powers in the show, but the director and producers said otherwise. Budgeting. Even though they did give that weirdo Freakazoid real powers; the scum who got renewed when we got cancelled. Our show wasn't supposed to have had all of that lame humor either. That was another producer decision that killed our chances at a multi season run. Now we hire out as security for those people who need people like us. People like your father. If your brother hadn't been in a filming accident, your father wouldn't be here now."

    A filming accident. The United Nations and even the safe tourism bureau were well aware of those words. It meant that one of those so-called staged transformations that Lord Albert said was being cracked down on had occurred and this time it happened to the test subject's brother. I just hoped we were not about to see a rampaging project out of control again.

    Then a side door opened and Dr. Stoddard Makarios exited the room closing the door behind him. When he saw me, he looked mildly upset. "Professor Alexandros. Where is my son David? And why are you with Bugs Bunny? He should be in Terryville council. Lola will have a cow."

    "Stoddard, please... I know we're not on such good terms, but for your sons' sake, calm down. This isn't Bugs Bunny. He is your son David. The Brass project transformed him into this extraterrestrial rabbit form. The project was supposed to be a simple enhanced abilities program for existing soldiers. We later learned that the Brass had renamed the whole program as Project Sniper, an effort to create super powered hit and run sysops agents. I was shocked when your son transformed into this rabbit form. Here, I will let you read over my personal journal so I don't have to repeat everything that has happened." And I handed him the book.

    After browsing over my private and honestly written entries regarding the project, he handed the book back to me and ushered us into the lab chamber he had emerged from. Laying on an examination table was what looked like a humanoid version of Pepe Le Pew man-sized rather than toon sized. He was undressed although a space age ensemble uniform was laid out neatly nearby. Much like the ensemble test subject was wearing. "Cassidy was wearing a live-for-effect costume for use in a made-for-TV movie and the costume somehow grafted itself to my son's skin inside the fur. I was called in afterward to see about safely removing my son from the costume. However, after one examination by QC Planet's two best doctors they told me that the outer skin and fur are not just grafted anymore. Cassidy became the species through the changing properties of the costume. So I have Bugs Bunny and Pepe Le Pew for sons now. I was trying one last ditch effort to restore Cassidy when you showed up. It frustratingly failed. I am tempted to go find a costume and join them in the masquerade just to fit in. But someone has to stay sane around here."

    Test subject then said, "I call myself Longshot, dad. It sounds better than Project Sniper. What will Cassidy be called?"

    Stoddard replied, "His movie was being called Photon Five. It was about a space age secret agent skunk named Photon along with his operation team of professional experts. Yes, there is a rabbit in the movie; ironic that you became a rabbit yourself. Almost as if they are trying to make this movie into a real life situation. Why is Professor Alexandros here, David?" The Test subject then said, "I kidnapped him as my designated driver. Plus, he's the only project scientist slash doctor who was nice to me in the program. I liked him so that is why he gets to live." Stoddard then said, "Under house arrest. Well... you can't keep him. His wife will wonder what happened to him." I then interrupted their conversation. "My wife passed away two years ago, Stoddard."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      I then continued to explain. "You simply didn't know. I had confined myself to government programs after she died and I rarely came out for anyone. Your son forced me to leave the base. He wanted to come see his brother. We didn't know you would be here. Last reports on you were that you were working on Gordon Net's new security program. The Brass are still upset that Gordon Knight chose to transform the new government security program into a new satellite television broadcasting network."

      Stoddard patted me on the shoulder. "Like with my wife, the Brass arranged for his wife a similar fate. The only bad part was that Gordon's son was caught in the explosion and he was rendered into paraplegic stasis. That is why the government lost their security program. Currently Gordon is here at the estate himself along with his son. Pulling off a miracle for Terry would make Gordon like you a lot."

      I then asked, "What are the other details regarding Photon Five? Your assessment that they were trying to make the movie into real life gave me an idea."

      From the examination table, Cassidy who wasn't unconscious replied, "I play Photon since they needed a skunk badly and no other skunk wanted the role. I desperately wanted into any opening in television so I agreed to wear the costume so I could play the role of Photon. The accident occurred when a boiler full of hot star ship oil burst unexpectedly and I was doused and saturated in the shower. The costume stopped being a costume after that. Then they called my father. The rest of Photon Five consists of the rabbit marksman, so yes, it is coincidence that my brother is literally in the same role, a lion helmsman who can pilot anything whom is also good with a gun, an Egyptian Falcon Warrior as head arms man, a male silver wolf as the team's guardian soldier, a male gold war antler reindeer as the team's communication officer, a female Persian Cat with white fur as the team's mage, and a Spacer Unicorn referred to as Xtreme as the one whom assigns our missions."

      I commented, "Transformation could reset all of Terry's bone structure which would restore his mobility. An anthropomorphic lion helmsman to join up with Photon and Longshot might be the ticket that Gordon would approve of since the end result would be the restoration of his son's spinal and leg bone structure. Has this been attempted as yet?"

      "Gordon doesn't want his son to convert over into a toon with no memory of his former life. Toonium causes a mind-wipe in the victims at the same time during the transformation. Cassidy's accident thankfully didn't involve Toonium." Stoddard then asked, "Don't you have a son yourself, Alexandros?"

      "Freddy Stevens," I replied. "He is currently staying with my parents in Philadelphia in a neighborhood full of what he and his friend call icky girls. His local friend, a boy named Joseph Marxis, has a mother whom wanted a daughter so she makes her son wear pink and carry a pink My Little Pony cellphone complete with the My Little Pony ring tone."

      Longshot then said, "We should rescue them from that nightmare."

      "I can call my parents and see if they can have the boys brought over to the Philadelphia transportal Station that connects to Japanopolis," I replied. "As for the friend, his parents would call the authorities. And we are trying to avoid that."

      Longshot then said, "His parents could be told that he has developed an interest in Sailor Moon and is looking for pink Sailor Scout clothes."

      Just then, the paraplegic son of Gordon, Terry Knight, rolled his wheelchair into the room. "I couldn't help but to overhear your conversation as I was coming in, Mr. Makarios, but I think I have a solution for getting that poor boy out of the pink girl curse his parents so desperately want. QC Planet has a special adoption program that permits lucky people to live with their favorite toons. It is called Sponsor a Prince and it is supported by Cheer Bear's Sponsor Family program. The winner who must be at least 13 years of age as well as their parents are usually met up with by the Pink Panther and then the winner is brought to QC Planet to live. My idea is this: There is a little known protocol involved in the program that hasn't ever come up before and we could use it to get that boy here. We could make a deal with Mr. Pink to say that the chosen winner this year lied about their age and is no longer eligible for the prize. Their son's name was on the alternate winners list and his name was randomly selected as the new winner. Just getting to meet Mr. Pink would probably thrill the boy's mother to no end since she loves the color pink so much. Once the parental consent was given, the boy would be escorted by Mr. Pink directly to us here in Primopolis. As for his friend, Mr. Stevens could call his parents to make sure Freddy got packed up for the trip to join his father here on QC Planet. That way the best friends would still be together."

      I then commented. "I just thought of a possible problem in calling my parents. If the government is tapping my parents' phone line to see if I try to make contact with them at some point and time in hopes of catching me trying to reach my son, they would be on to us. What should we do about that?"

      Longshot then asked, "Would it be okay if I borrowed your father's Black Owl, Terry? If he gave his consent for this emergency trip, the government might be fooled into thinking that Gordon is actually delivering the security program and then they wouldn't blink twice at Bugs Bunny nabbing Stevens' son. He's good looking, isn't he?"

      I smiled as I replied. "Blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin; a fairly athletic and good looking teenager. He might go for someone like you, Longshot. He loves to read fantasy adventure books. His current favorite is a series called Adventures in the World of Rale."

      Gordon then walked in and said, "No one flies the owl but me. I could fly you on this mission, Rabbit, but the owl is my bird. I built it myself."

      Longshot smiled. "New plan... Mr. Gordon, how much of the security program did you get done before you stopped work on it?"

      Gordon chuckled. "It was about half finished. What's on your devious mind?"

      Longshot grinned in return. "About how long would it take you to finish the project using corrupted short cuts and installing a fault which would make the system critically fail after three months of operation?"

      End of Chapter Three