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[AWT-08] QK-01 Five Golden Horns

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    [AWT-08] QK-01 Five Golden Horns

    Mystic Glen - Anime World

    APAW-QK-01 Five Golden Horns
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 04/15/2017

    Chapter One

    Dalton, Georgia; United States; Planet Earth

    It was Summer and his little brother, Felix Septimus Kornel, was off at the Wonder Lake Super Summer Camp. It was an apt reward for his little brother since he managed to graduate from the 8th grade finally. As for himself, his birth certificate had him named as Quentin Aurelius Kornel but his grandparents who were Latin often called him in a mispronounced manner by his middle name: Le Aurelius or shortened to Laura, Lari, or at best, Larry. But he actually hated being called Larry or even Lawrence as his grandparents often misnamed him. So at the start of the Summer, he asked his mom if it was okay to start calling him Quinn which was a shortened play off of his given first name. And she agreed that it was okay. So his name from then on would be Quinn.

    Through a school related work program, Quinn found himself earlier one morning pitching hay for horses in Farmer Antonio's horse stables some miles outside of Dalton. No one else in his class wanted to participate in the work program. Therefore, he spent the morning by himself making sure the stallions had fresh hay for their stalls. By that afternoon, Quinn was given some time to explore the back fields of the farm near the woods in the back. It was while he was talking to himself in regards to why no one else seemed interested in participating in this school program that he volunteered for when he heard that no one else wanted to try it when he noticed what looked like a pair of unicorns in the woods looking his way.

    "Are those unicorns?" He asked as he tried to see them better without approaching the handsome bucks. "Or did someone put some unicorn statues out there to trick me? I wouldn't put it past some of those jocks from the mayor's family. But... they just moved their heads. They are watching me. I have to take a closer look. But I am sure they will bolt the moment they see me approach them. Lets try it." And Quinn then slowly walked over in their direction. When he got close to the open back gate where he could make out their features, he stopped for a moment since they had not moved. "What are they interested in?"

    Then one of the two deliberately moved his head to look directly at Quinn closely. When he spoke, it was like silk and hand lotion mixed with a light melody. "Human, our favorite ball fell into a patch of unicorn pudding and our herd leader told us to stay clean so we cannot retrieve our ball ourselves. If you would help us, we can give you a reward for your kind effort. Would you please assist us?"

    Quinn had to shake himself out of an almost hypnotic trance simply from hearing the buck's voice. "Wait here. I'll be right back. I do want to help." As he turned to head back to the stables, he was heard saying, "I don't know what unicorn pudding is, but mom said we should always help people who use the word 'please'." And he ran back to the stables building and went inside. He soon emerged with a coil of rope shouldered up over one arm near his neck as he ran back over to where the unicorn bucks were still awaiting him. "Okay, guys. Show me where your ball is and we will see about getting it out of whatever this pudding is."

    Following the two unicorns wasn't all that hard as they made their way across the back woods to the edge of what looked like a gooey black patch of what seemed to be bog land. Except it didn't smell like mud to Quinn. It had the smell of tar and some kind of scented grease. Out in the middle of the bog lay the beach ball sized round toy. "It doesn't look too bad, guys. You are calling this stuff unicorn pudding. It doesn't smell like mud and it isn't any kind of pudding I've ever seen before."

    Quinn got to work on tying one end of the rope around a tree on one side of the bog and then he carefully uncoiled the rope as he skirted the bog so he could tie the other end of the rope to a tree on the other side of he bog with the ball in near to where the rope crossed the bog. After making sure the rope was securely tied on both ends, he smiled at the two unicorn bucks. "You will soon have your ball once again," he said as he straddled the rope slowly made his way out to where the ball was laying in the bog mud. As he approached where the rubber ball lay in the bog goop or mud or whatever this was, it dawned a little too late upon him that had this balled rolled out to where it currently sat that it would have muddy smears all around the circumference of the perimeter of the ball itself; except this wall looked as if it had been carefully levitated out to that spot and gently set upon that very position. "Something's not right about the way this ball is just sitting here." Then he realized that he would have to let go of the rope to pick up the ball itself. "My plan seemed so easy when I began. Looks like I didn't plan ahead for this. But they asked so nicely and I am not going to give up so easily. Maybe if I..." An idea formed in his mind as he positioned himself while continuing to hold on to the rope with both hands.

    Turning to aim toward the two unicorns, Quinn held on to the rope as he swung his legs and feet back before kicking the rubber ball through the air where it landed on solid ground before rolling over to rest beside a tree. But over-estimating the momentum of his body swing and kick caused the young man to lose his balance as he accidentally let go of the rope and landed butt first into the very spot where the ball had been sitting moments before; he landed with a wet sounding spluck as it felt like his entire body broke through the surface of the gooey black bog fluids. In the next hair raising few moments, Quinn felt himself go completely under the the thick oily lubricant fluids which did feel like pudding as he sank through it in a rapid motion.

    Then he felt himself breaking through a thin membrane in the bottom side of the bog as he fell and landed butt naked in something that held his hands and feet in place in a bent over position. "Man, I cannot get my hands nor feet free of this stuff. Did I fall into a cave under the bog? And where did my clothes go?"

    The next sensation Quinn had was something he had never felt before as it felt like a deer had come up behind him and mounted him from behind; but instead of pain, the boy felt as if he was simply stretched like a rubber balloon as he experienced the full weight of the unicorn buck on top of him and up his rear end. But then the buck spoke. "I hope you won't be too upset with the boys for tricking you into falling into Trappers Bog like this. I expected them to bring in a human maiden; not a nice young man like you. But sadly, now that I have started on you, I cannot pull out until I am done. A human female would have been more ideal; but I will take what I can get."

    The young man said, "I am Quinn Kornel. Why were you needing a human female, if I may ask? I halfway expected what you are doing to hurt, but it feels surprisingly pleasant, despite my not being able to move my hands and feet. And I am getting an erection for some reason."

    The breeding unicorn buck stallion replied, "Have you ever heard of a fighting partner card game called Hellbound?"

    Quinn replied as he felt the penile shaft within him beginning to release hot sticky fluids deeply inside of his body. "No; but I would be willing to learn it if you are part of it."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    "Sadly, you are about to experience the laying of two eggs. One will be male and the other will be female. Our herd lost two members recently when they were kidnapped by another realm's herd. Since we don't stand a chance against another tribal herd of the planes, we are simply making two new herd members to replace the ones we lost. My manners, Quinn... My name is Goldrameitomon. I am a Hell Alpha Buck for Infernal Testing And Training (HABITAT for short.) A Leader Unicorn Stallion Trainer (LUST for short) for my tribe. I apologize for getting the drop on you after you arrived in our breeding cavern. Once I pull out of you, you will feel the formation of the two eggs and then I will help you lay them. Because you were a boy to start with, you may experience some side effects of my mating with you like this. Like I said earlier, our getting a human female would have been more ideal. But you will be rewarded for the activity you participated in. As for your clothes, I will see to it that you get comfortable replacements before you are returned to Earth."

    Quinn asked, "So we're not just underground in the woods? And what kind of side effects?" But before the buck could reply to those questions, Quinn's hair grew out and most of it fell down over his face as he felt a sharp pain in his forehead and his ears felt as if someone had gently stretched them upwards to the top of his head. Behind him, the Buck stallion noticed Quinn's unicorn tail growing out of his tail bone muck like a thick lion's tail with a flourish of fur and hair much like the mane of hair that Quinn was getting in the front. And then both his face and his genitals experienced their transformation into their unicorn equivalents. Then his feet became cloven hoofs like that his host had, while his hands became alien and three fingered like the buck stallion had. His spiraled horn and his cloven hoofs were gold in coloration while the rest of his body was like the old Macrosoftmon Hound Beasts (from Digimon AC, DAC for short) in Blue overall with a Black mane and a Black tail and his pupil vacant eyes were as Gold as his horn and hoofs were.

    Goldrameitomon said, "You asked and now you know. You have transformed into Kinkameitomon, the Golden Katana Hell Unicorn Warrior for the HABITAT tribe. Our entire tribe are one of the few bases for the Hellbound partner card game. Laying Digital Eggs in this form will be tons easier than it would be in your human form. I will help you to acquire a transformation trigger so you can return to your rightful human form. Afterward, your Hellbound partner will be yet another Kinkameitomon. When you are in your own Kinkameitomon body, you can choose to call yourself Quinn if you would prefer. Now that you have changed into a HABITAT unicorn, legally, you joined our tribe. But since I want to do right by you, after I help you get back to normal, we will get you some replacement clothing and get you back to Earth. You will always be able to return to the tribal realm via teleport at will. And you will also be able to mentally call us whenever you like. Further, HABITAT Hell Unicorns are capable of learning tribal magic. This ability carries over into your human life as well."

    "You're saying that I will be able to use the herd magic in my human form?" remarked Quinn. "That sounds pretty cool. Bullies won't be bothering me in school anymore." And then his stomach felt as if it twisted itself into a knot as the two eggs formed within his body and they seemed to get slowly bigger. "Oh boy... I don't think I am enjoying this part of my experience with your breeding session, Goldra. My stomach is hurting something fierce and I can feel the eggs inflating within my body. And you haven't pulled out of me yet."

    Goldrameitomon replied, "I have to stay plugged into you until the eggs stop growing; otherwise the session will have to be repeated until we can do it right. Just hang in there until you no longer feel the eggs inflating. Most first timers once completing a session ask me to do it again. But you don't have to, Quinn. I thank you for enduring this even once like in this particular way. Had you been a girl, you would have stayed human; but as you are likely guessing by now, the entire tribe are omnisexual although we prefer same gender when we are having sex with one another. You seem to have calmed down, Quinn. Are the eggs still inflating?"

    Quinn had taken a deep breath and was holding it because his penis had pulled itself back up into his sheathe and had moved aside to permit the two eggs access to his now open sheathe. He was in the process of laying the two large eggs despite Goldrameitomon still being plugged into him from behind. The male eggs emerged first and rolled to the side and then the female egg emerged and it too rolled off to the side. Only then did Quinn exhale. "I just laid the two eggs, Goldra. Will you please pull out of me now. I am starting to feel weird having you in me back there." And then he felt more hot sticky fluids fill his insides as the second session began.

    Goldrameitomon remarked, "Those two are duds, Quinn. I have to stay in until you make and lay the eggs correctly. I apologize if you thought the session was over since this is your first time."

    Quinn had to endure a total of five sessions before he eventually laid the golden spiky eggs correctly out of his anus. Eggs that emerged from the sheathe were effectively stillborn duds, according to the HABITAT LUST breeder. The five sessions lasted about twenty nine hours. When it had finally ended, the breeder said, "Why don't you take a walk around the herd grounds and get some fresh air, Quinn. Should you encounter my Beta, meaning direct mate, just tell him what I had offered you and he will help you get started on your transformation trigger and your clothing replacements as well as to instruct you on herd buck powers. You will know him because he is sheer white in coloration; devoid of all colors. One of my main captains is entirely black with shining blue eyes. I will make sure the eggs are properly removed from the breeding cave."

    After Quinn had departed to get some fresh air, the breeder gathered up the extra eggs that he had tricked Quinn into laying and he took them to a planar unicorn whom had been waiting for his arrival. "As we agreed upon, eight freshly laid Hell Unicorn eggs from a virgin recruit in exchange for the two herd members that you were holding captive. The spiky eggs reveal that the recruit was indeed virgin."

    The planar unicorn looked over the eight spiky eggs and once he was satisfied, he had the male and female herd members brought forward and they were returned to the breeder/recruiter.

    On the way back, the breeder explained to the two rescued unicorns, "When you meet up with Quinn who is currently a Kinkameitomon, do not reveal to him that Spiky eggs are generally sterile which is why they must be laid through the anus. Only the first two he laid through his sheathe were fully and sexually capable herd members. The rightful two he had to lay. It took us twenty nine hours to make those extra eggs. But Quinn has joined our herd and I find him to be a lot of fun to have sex with. He was virgin before I mounted him but he currently smells like the rest of the herd thanks to my marking him with the herd link."

    The rescued female hell unicorn then asked, "Did you offer him the human restoration and return to Earth clause if he agreed to help make the eggs?"

    Once the breeder nodded his head, the male hell unicorn remarked, "Oh he is really going to be mad when he learns that he cannot leave the underworld herd pocket realm unless rescued or captured by outsiders. Especially since you explained that you had recruited him in the first place. Recruiting is still illegal in mainstream Hell while trapping is still permissible providing the victim trapped is not joining the herd or pride he is molested by. If you told him that he had joined the herd, then you broke the law and he is stuck."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      It was about a full week and so many days later (of underworld Hell Unicorn pocket realm time,) when a still transformed Quinn got his first chance to 'get out of trap' free, as the Monopoly saying goes... when, while he was spending a moment with the border patrol unicorn captain, the Imperial army got the drop on them both by surprise which prevented their teleporting away to warn the rest of the herd. The Imperial army had a Yuskay Lawyer as well as a Council representative in the form of a bored looking devil mouse whom was wearing a gaming jacket with his company logo upon it; ZecCorp Games. Quinn chose to say something at that point. "You, the mouse in the gaming jacket! Are you familiar with the battlecard partner game called Hellbound? The herd breeder and his two recruitment boys trapped me here by offering me a reward partner in this game if I did something for them. I have been stuck here ever since. The captain here is the only herd member who was treating me with respect in the pocket realm. I used to be a human boy named Quinn Kornel."

      The captain being no dummy also spoke up at this point since Quinn was providing him the access means of finally getting away from this herd. "I too used to be human, sir. My human name was Justin Calhoun. I was from Ireland but since Quinn arrived, I would rather stay with him since he volunteered to keep me company during my assigned border patrols. I think I am in love with him, a feeling quite alien to this faction of Hell Unicorns whom are almost always in lust."

      Quinn smiled at the border patrol captain. "I like you too, Justin. Anyway, Mister mouse, that is how they got me originally. I lost my clothes in some sort of lubricating oil and grease portal connecting Earth to the breeding cave where I was asked to lay two eggs for the herd and I eventually made ten eggs. Only the first two were smooth having come out of the sheathe; the remaining eight were lain from my anus and they were spiky in appearance. Further, after the breeder mounted me and upon the initial injection of his breeding fluids is when I transformed into this species body. I was offered a transformation trigger to return to being human, which for some reason will not work when I try to use it, a partner card for Hellbound in the same species that I had changed into, new clothes to replace the ones I had lost and the learning of the herd's abilities, powers and magical spells that I would be able to use in my human form. I somehow think that the breeder recruiter lied once he had me where he wanted me in order to get me to join the herd and lay the eggs for him."

      The Council Devil Mouse in the gaming jacket looked to Justin. "Were you recruited in a similar fashion? As in the same gaming partner card offer?"

      Justin nodded his head. "Yes, but like Quinn, those days have come and gone; I am still here awaiting the awarding of my card partner and the ability to resume my human form as well as the ability to teleport between Earth and the Underworld. While I can teleport anywhere in the herd realm, I cannot make the trip to Earth. Quinn is in the same boat as I."

      The Council mouse pivoted his muzzle at the Yuskay Lawyer Hell Hound humanoid and said, "As you just heard, my friend... the law breakers left Hell when the Anti-Recruiting Law went into effect and they have integrated Trapping as a means of Recruiting for their tribes. Only the Draft is legal during times of war; recruiting to sexually fill your realms number is illegal at any given time. Using a partner card game offer is atrocious." He turn to look at the two captured Hell Unicorns once again. "I am Zecma, a direct representative to the Imperial Seat when I am not making social games on Earth, the Animation Retirement Community park (ARC; formerly QC) and Anime World itself. I am going to speak up on behalf of the two of you so you are not simply pressed into the Imperial Draft Army. Although you may have to serve a little bit of time with the army to earn the rewards that were offered to you. But rest assured, time spent in the Imperial Army's training realm is eternal and in no way reflects what is occurring on Earth right now. Since we are waiting for the Drafters to return, why don't you both give me some more details on this Hellbound battle card game that I have never heard of. If you give it a good explanation, I may make it into a real game just so its existence becomes factual."

      The next few hours was spent primarily by Justin explaining every detail of this game that he had weaseled out of the breeder and others whom all swore the game existed. Utilizing his PDA device, Zecma was finally able to confirm where Hellbound as a card game was referred back to as it was a variation of an underworld favorite originally called Spellbound and the local gamers had changed the SP into the letter H to make it more centralized for their game play usage. The original was not a battle card partner game but again the locals had custom written partner rules into Spellbound to make it playable to suit their needs. And then Zecma found a listing explaining that Hellbound was for sale. "You boys are about to become business partners with me in a game that was promised to you when they recruited you. I just came across an ad listing where the custom card creators are selling Hellbound to help pay for their debt removal fees. Since you boys were promised this game, you will both become co-owners of the game when I purchase it and re-customize it into the modern standards which makes ZecCorp Games what is today." Zecma paused when a second search listing popped up on his Council screen. "You said your last name was Kornel with a 'K', correct?"

      Quinn nodded his head. "That's right. What did you find?"

      Zecma began reading the news article right off of his PDA. "Effective as of a week ago, Earth time, Felix Kornel was registered by Davyd Arden to effect the young man's human restoration after the boy accidentally ate a slice of a non-human safe Special Test Reward Menu pizza which had transformed him into a Hell Hound of the Pizza Hound variety. Due to Felix's ordeal, he has an agreement with Arden so that he and his family and friends can have Arden's Pizza for free for life."

      Quinn chuckled. "I wonder how much of his clothes were lost during his initial transformation. I lost all of my clothes in that greasy oil goop that covered the trappers gate portal."

      Just then the Imperial General stepped into view; he was an elephant sized Hell Hound wearing Imperial Battle Armor. "Zecma, report!"

      Zecma almost jumped to Heaven when the General surprised him like that. "Yes sir, Diablo sir!" And Zecma detailed the report to Imperial General Diablo in regards to the information provided by the recruits (Quinn and Justin) and how he was going to vouch for them so they could earn the rewards they had been offered in the initial lie to get them to join the herd. "They will still serve some time with the Draft Army, sir; but they have loved ones in their human lives to return to. Furthermore, Quinn's brother Felix Kornel was claimed by Pizza Lord Davyd Arden and Alpha Lord Warfang just a few days ago in an unrelated incident."

      Diablo smiled as he said with a tint of jealousy, "Davyd nabs all the cuties. All I ever seem to get are the left-overs." Then he leveled his gaze at both Quinn and Justin. "Do well in Draft Training and I will personally authorize Zecma's offer to give you boys everything that was offered to you. Effectively, You are both going to be marked as being from the same herd tribe which will be called Hellbound; the same name as the game you were both promised. Alpha Kangaroo Lord Boomerpaw is an expert in Hellbound and he will be your tribe contact after you earn your freedom from Draft Training. You will get further Draft instructions from Boomerpaw in regards to tribal activities that I may need to have you boys do. In the meantime, you will be helping Zecma in the development of the Hellbound Battle Card partner game. I expect to be able to play this game eventually once it is available to the public."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Imperial Draft Training Realm; Hell

        Quinn and Justin whom were both still in their Hell Unicorn Kinkameitomon forms as they began getting their basic training under both Alpha Lord Razorfang and Stallion Lord Cometmane, whom were also training several other fresh herd recruits from all tribal species. Quinn, like his brother, was a team player and the others instantly bonded with him as they received their training at boot camp. In effect, the Hellbound tribe continuously gained more herd members shortly after someone had the opportunity to work with Quinn.

        When not in the midst of extremely hard troop training, Quinn often found himself in the middle of several draft training mates all wanting to earn the right to join Quinn's herd in any way possible. From offering to let him mount them to agreeing to suck him off so he could get non-parental release. It was all in good fun until the day a visiting Major chose to test Quinn to see if he was just like all of the other lying recruiters and trappers out there when he offered the 'Boy turned Hell Unicorn' his soul in exchange for permitting him to join Quinn's herd. What the Major probably wasn't expecting was when Quinn reported what had occurred right under the noses of the head brass of the Draft Training camp to both Razorfang and Cometmane. "I don't mind a little harmless sex in exchange for herd brother membership," he said to his superiors. "But I draw the line on accepting someone's soul. Do I look like Lord Lucifer? Did the collection of souls make it back into the law books while I was enrolled in the draft camp?"

        Needless to say the Major was brought to the forefront soon after as he was forced to reveal that he was in fact one of Lord Diablo's testing division officers in charge of ferreting evil and lying sacks of shit out from new draftees or volunteers. "Reporting me to your superiors is exactly what you should always do when someone goes so far as to break a law in the manner that I had offered to you. Some unit brothers in training don't get this lesson until months or years into the draft. When I saw the others all offering themselves to let you mate with them or they were offering to suck your cock fluids in order to join your herd, I knew I had to test you, Quinn. Sadly, all of those who offered to suck you will have to get a medical detox and here is why: the Alphas and Betas of a herd or pack all have the ability to produce an illegal substance through their cock fluids called 'Secret Ingredient'. It resides in your semen and once it enters a victim's stomach and bloodstream, the victim is almost mind-wiped into being nothing more than your ass kissing slave who is willing to throw their lives away in your name, if you ask them to. I know this may disgust you since you were once human yourself and this is not something you would want to experience personally. Also remember that you are not here to recruit joiners into your new herd. I was told that you were here to earn your humanity back. So again, no matter how harmless it may seem to play with your draftee herd mates, please pay attention to what you are doing here in the Underworld. Or else you will never get your humanity back because you will have accidentally localized yourself into becoming a permanent resident down here. It is a good thing that no time passes here in the training realm. And I hope you have learned something from this."

        There were no more incidents after that and eventually, Quinn and Justin finished their Draft Camp training. On that day, Zecma and a Yuskay Groomer from Restoration Services returned to fulfill the boys' rewards and powers that they were offered before entering the Underworld. Alpha Lord Boomerpaw was also on hand as he spoke to the boys in regards to their being members of the Hellbound realm which he owned. "Your Underworld home link will be reattached to the Hellbound realm so when you teleport between Earth and the Underworld, your arrival zone will always be there and not back in the former trappers pocket realm. The Yuskay Groomer will be gifting you with everything you were promised. When you are returned to Earth, Quinn, you will arrive at the farmer's property you had been working at on the same day you were nabbed from there. After you finish your job there, you should return home to Dalton."

        Dalton Georgia; Planet Earth

        By the following morning, Quinn was back in his home in Dalton while Justin stayed with Zecma on Anime World. However, the stay there wasn't to last as long as thought. Quinn and the boys were at the department store with their moms doing some back to school shopping. Their fathers were off at the gulf side wharf where they worked at loading and unloading ships.

        At the Kornel house which was right beside the Hamilton house in their neighborhood, Ahab the sheepdog started growling at the same time that Plymouth the cat started meowing up a storm. Salty the Hamilton's family parrot called out, "Fire in the hole!" just seconds before twin blasts rocked the neighborhood damaging both houses in an attempted and deliberate bombing of the Kornel house. One of the neighbors called 911 and the fire marshal soon arrived on the scene with the Dalton city bomb squad.

        Moments later, Mrs. Kornel and Mrs. Hamilton arrived in their cars just as Arden's limousine arrived in the neighborhood. As the fire marshal looked over the crudely constructed super pipe bomb Davyd Arden walked up and knelt beside him. "George... I know the Kornels. Tell me the truth; does this look deliberate to you?"

        'George' the fire marshal had orders to make a statement contrary to what he had found, but with Mr. Arden on the scene, he was stuck in a spot he did not want to earn an Arden's Pizza banning from for saying the wrong thing. In a hushed statement to Arden alone he replied, "Yes, but the mayor told me to make a false statement regarding the bomb. I didn't know you were involved with the Kornels. Please don't ban my family from Ardens. My little girl likes your food."

        Davyd then said, "Then make two reports, one for the mayor and the other for me. I want you to write out the truth on the one to me. Do this and no ban. But if I find out that you were dishonest, the whole city gets the ban." He got up and returned to the ladies of the houses to explain about the bomb. Zecma waited patiently in Arden's limousine.

        "Ladies, As you may not be aware of," started Davyd. "I own fine homes around my estate in Mystic Glen, Florida. Since your homes are no longer safe to live within, please accept my hospitality to dwell in my estate homes. Felix offered to work for me part time anyway and this would place him closer to the workplace. You can choose to lease to own the homes you live in if you wish. I can even relocate your husbands into dock positions at the port in Mystic Glen. The unofficial truth, ladies is that your homes were deliberately bombed and the mayor for some reason knows about this. I will contact your husbands and then you may discuss with them on whether to accept my kind offer or not."

        After two brief phone calls as well as brief explanations on what had occurred that afternoon, Anthony Kornel and Jay Hamilton arrived in front of their homes with a U-Haul truck as well as some hired men from the Zamak Corporation to pack up what belongings they did own. Child Welfare were parked just outside of the neighborhood laying in wait to pounce on the mute Eunice Kornel. As if they were also in on whatever plot was going down. But like most smart people, they did not want to let Arden see them, for that man was one of the heads of the Restaurant and Grocer Association in the Dalton zone. Davyd Arden had the power to close down the city with one phone call.

        By the end of the day, all rented furniture was returned to the rental agencies and then the U-Haul Van, the Kornel Mobile Home, the family cars and the Arden limousine departed Dalton.

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Mystic Glen, Florida

          Near the gulf side lay the Arden estate just outside of Mystic Glen. This was a city that Davyd Arden owned and operated himself. He led them to the estate houses on the same street corners of a fine neighborhood that they could not afford to be able to live within otherwise. Down one dead end street at the end was one of those transportation transportals like the one in Animation Park. The new Kornel house was on one side of the street on a corner connecting to the transportal dead end. The Hamilton's were given the house directly across the street on the opposite street corner and facing the Kornel House. Davyd handed the keys to the homes to both fathers before he told them, "The entrance to my estate is up this street and through a security gate in a 12-foot brick wall. Felix is welcome to come in whenever he likes. A few of my delivery hounds really like him. Get settled in and I'll be by in the morning to help you get jobs at the Mystic Glen docks for better pay." And then Davyd drove off toward his own home.

          The families spent some time getting used to their new homes and getting settled into their new bedrooms. Although once Quinn was finished helping his parents to arrange the household furniture, he mentally heard Justin specifically speaking to him. "Quinn, head on out to the barn behind your house. Boomerpaw and I need your help out here. We think you will like the arrangement the Devil Kangaroo came up with for us."

          After letting his parents know that he was heading out to check out the space within the barn, Quinn headed out the back door and headed across the back yard where he entered the barn quietly and saw a fully stocked gym space taking the place of one of the side stalls. Also within the barn were Justin and Boomerpaw where the Boomer Lord was putting the final enchantment on what looked like a door in the back of the gym space. "What is all this, guys?"

          Justin hugged Quinn and replied, "Boomerpaw thought your new barn should have not only a personal gym, but a shortcut door that leads back to Hellbound Realm and to Zecma's game shop. Zecma got Mr. Arden's permission to set all this up for your purposes once it was explained to him why you needed it. You see, Davyd Arden is a Hellhound who can resume his human form."

          Quinn smiled. "And with my brother having accidentally joined the Pizza Hounds through his own incident, it makes more sense how we got access to these homes. What's up next?"

          Boomerpaw grinned. "Now we 'ead over to 'ellbound realm and get yas two boys into training with the card game that yas both partially own."

          Boomerpaw's Devil Kangaroo Realm, Hell; Home of the Hellbound Unicorn Herd

          Once they had arrived in Boomerpaw's realm, the Boomer Lord said, "Okay, mates, get yer sexy butts back into yer unicorn forms. We got to get yer game training started."

          Quinn lowered himself to his hands and feet as he said, "Five Star Golden Horn! Time to get Hellbound!" As Quinn's hair grew out and most of it fell down over his face, he felt a sharp pain in his forehead and his ears felt as if someone had gently stretched them upwards to the top of his head. Behind him, his Hell unicorn tail grew out of his tail bone muck like a thick lion's tail with a flourish of fur and hair much like the mane of hair that Quinn was getting in the front. And then both his face and his genitals experienced their transformation into their unicorn equivalents as his entire body then grew larger to accommodate the arrival of his magical Cervine like unicorn body. Then his feet became cloven hoofs like the buck species he had inherited, while his hands became alien and three fingered. His spiraled horn and his cloven hoofs were gold in coloration while the rest of his body was like the old Macrosoftmon Hound Beasts (from Digimon AC, DAC for short) in Blue overall with a Black mane and a Black tail and his pupil vacant eyes were as Gold as his horn and hoofs were. "Gorou-Hoshi Kinko-Ichikujumon! Five Star Gold Unicorn!"

          Boomerpaw then said, "Ah know yas were on all fours initially when yas were transformed the first time, mate, but getting back on all fours is not necessary to invoke yer transformation since yer rescue. Try to remember that. Yer up next, Justin."

          Justin partially bent over in preparation for his transformation as he said, "Justice Honor Silver Horn! Time to get Hellbound!" As Justin's hair grew out and most of it fell down over his face, he felt a sharp pain in his forehead and his ears felt as if someone had gently stretched them upwards to the top of his head. Behind him, his Hell unicorn tail grew out of his tail bone muck like a thick lion's tail with a flourish of fur and hair much like the mane of hair that Justin had gotten in the front. And then both his face and his genitals experienced their transformation into their unicorn equivalents as his entire body then grew larger to accommodate the arrival of his magical Cervine like unicorn body. Then his feet became cloven hoofs like the buck species he had inherited, while his hands became alien and three fingered. His spiraled horn and his cloven hoofs were silver in coloration while the rest of his body was like the old Macrosoftmon Hound Beasts (from Digimon AC, DAC for short) in Blue overall with a Red mane and a Red tail and his pupil vacant eyes were as Silver as his horn and hoofs were. "Seigi-Masa Gin-Ichikujumon! Justice Honor Silver Unicorn!"

          Boomerpaw said, "Today yas are to 'ave yer battlecard armor dedicated to yer unicorn forms. And for future reference, the shortcut method of changing into yer 'ellbound forms is to simply say the words, 'ellbound Shift. Old Zecma came up with that one. Using the shortcut will transform yas in a flash instead of the slow way." Leading the two Hell Unimon herd members over to a blacksmith which had the markings of ZecCorp on the walls, Boomerpaw had the gaming blacksmith get started on armoring the two former boys into their gaming armor and dedicating said armor to them and them alone. This process took an hour for each herd buck. Boomerpaw watched from the side as legal witness for Zecma's official personal records. "Looking good, boys. Now that yer armor is dedicated to yer forms, use the shortcut to resume yer 'uman forms and then again to assume yer Unimon-V forms. After that, the real training."

          Quinn held his head and horn up on high as he said, "Hellbound Shift!" And in a flash, his unicorn body transformed back into his human form. "Lawrence Quincy Kornel! Just call me Quinn! My mother gave me permission to use the shortened name since I hate my first name." Justin held his head and horn up on high as he said, "Hellbound Shift!" And in a flash, his unicorn body transformed back into his human form. "Justin Calhoun!"

          Quinn then hugged Boomerpaw and gave him a kiss on his fuzzy muzzle. "Just giving you a reward for being so nice to us. I wasn't told what Zecma was giving you otherwise."

          Boomerpaw grinned and pulled Quinn close to himself as he planted an even deeper kiss on the boy's mouth while groping the boy's rump in his powerful paws. "Yer gonna end up getting me so aroused that Ah will want to breed with yas, Mate. We're wasting time and Zecma is waiting."

          End of Chapter Five