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APAW-FK-03 Mystic High Rumble

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    APAW-FK-03 Mystic High Rumble

    Mystic Glen - Anime World

    APAW-FK-03 Mystic High Rumble
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 06/28/2017

    Chapter One

    Mystic Glen, Anime World's Washington state

    The next few weeks passed without much incident. Then the day before school was to convene, Davyd Arden informed the Kornels and Hamiltons that the school building was located through the Anime World transportal in the Anime World version of Mystic Glen. He also mentioned that most students either teleported to school or required limo escort to the school in question.

    By now, Felix knew that his brother Quinn could teleport the same as he could due to his misadventure with Hell Unicorns. As for the Hamilton children, they would be getting escorted by Felix and Quinn. Mikey's twin sister, Katie, would be coming with them each day to school. From the Hamilton home, Salty the family parrot cried out, "Powder the gun!" a reference to when Mrs. Hamilton was applying too much make-up to her face and body.

    Felix and Quinn were getting along better than they had ever had before moving into Mystic Glen. Having planar powers sure seemed to have improved family life for the boys of the Kornel family. Shortly after arriving at high school, Felix dislodged himself from his brother and his friends where he transformed into Moonfire and he belched a holy fireball into the sky which formed into a flaming cross... before he changed himself back into his human form and entering the school building with the others.

    Quinn smiled. "Breakfast makes you belch, eh bro?"

    Felix smirked. "Its the cooking oils that causes me to have that reaction. How are things going with you and Zecma?"

    Quinn smiled. "We are closer to getting the Hellbound card game ready for public release. Zecma surprised us the other day when he ordered an Arden's pizza and you showed up to deliver the food."

    Felix smirked once again. "I think the surprise was on him when Arden enforced the family discount when it was learned that you were one of the ones getting a pizza. The Family and Friends discount that I automatically get simply for being an Ardens employee."

    Quinn chuckled. "I enjoy getting to beta test the game on the weekends and all Summer long. My boyfriend and I work very hard at getting this game closer to the release date. Are you dating anyone, bro?"

    Felix giggled. "Lightfang told me that we pizza hounds can date anyone we want. Lightfang is my alpha and training friend whose pack I am part of. As for an actual boyfriend, I am not too sure as yet. I am trying to keep an open mind. I think Mikey is dating Captain Donnie the Devi-Donk Advertising Consultant. What do you think our classes will be like in school?"

    "Zecma told me that the teen age sons and daughters of a lot of Underworld Lords and royalty attend Mystic Valley Educational Complex. That's what they call the High School locally."

    Felix had that look of someone who was rolling the title of the school around in their head. "I think I will just call it a high school. Hold that thought, bro..." And he then turned and said toward the front doors. "Hey Bender! Moonfire told me to be on the lookout for you!"

    The arriving human boy smiled widely when he saw Felix, Quinn, Mikey and Katie standing just outside of the principal's office. "Felix Kornel? Moonfire said he would mention me to you. I am supposed to report in to the principal to get my class schedule. Is that what you guys are about to do?"

    Felix shook Daniel's hand. "Yep, that's what we are about to do. His secretary told us that he wasn't in his office yet, so we were waiting out here for him to arrive. I wonder if the principal will need a tardy slip."

    Suddenly from a door marked as faculty, a digimon called Kahidomon Silver emerged with Pepe Le Fume and the magician known as Carolinus. The digimon coughed before saying, "I doubt I need a tardy slip, young man. I am the principal here at the Mystic Valley Educational Complex. I am called Kahidomon Silver. I was a stunt double in the DAC series. Davyd hired me to be a principal here at the school since he said I was so trustworthy; unlike Kahidomon Gold, whom would mate with anything that moved. The only DAC actor worst than my cousin was Karal Heartstone. He was sex crazy. If you young people are here to enroll, then follow us into my office so we can give you a brief questionnaire to see if you will need these two instructor's classes at all. If you manage to pass the test, then you can forgo taking their classes and then your schedule will likely be your own. Pepe teaches Animation Physics while Carolinus teaches Magic 101. Which one of you is Felix Kornel? I have special instructions from Arden in regards to you."

    Felix stepped forth and he shook Kahidomon Silver's hand as he leaned in and whispered, "Only my direct family knows that I am also Moonfire."

    Kahidomon Silver whispered back, "Thank you for that candid information." And then aloud, he said, "Follow us into my office please." And he turned and led the human teenagers into his office where the questionnaire would be given out to them in regards to what they possibly knew. Each teenager were given their own test paper and a pencil to use to fill out the questionnaire. When Felix finished his questionnaire, he noticed that his brother was likewise also finished with his and the two Kornel boys turned in their tests at the same time.

    Not surprisingly, Felix and Quinn passed the tests and they were handed a class schedule work form and a booklet for choosing the rest of their classes that they wanted to take while in school. Felix's work form had some special instructions listed upon it; his last hour class was off campus at the Pizza Hound training field with Warfang and Lightfang. Quinn's last hour class was at one of the battle card arenas. Felix went over to Pepe Le Fume and gave him a kiss on the muzzle. "Sorry my scores are too high for me to take your class, sir."

    Pepe kissed Felix back very deeply. "T'is alright, Felix. You can always come by my place after hours if you would like extra education in Animation Physics. You kiss divinely."

    Felix smiled as he rubbed a hand over the tail base of Le Fume's stunt double. "Lightfang taught me how to lay a great smooch on someone."

    End of Chapter One