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    APAW-FK-02 Recruited

    Mystic Glen - Anime World

    APAW-FK-02 Recruited
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 11/18/2015

    Chapter One

    Knotsburydeep Realm, Pack Place, Underworld Pocket Plane

    Deposited into the Omega Quarter's pens, Moonfire lay there quite pregnant and unconscious at least for now. He had never felt this way before and it was a heavy feeling. When he did wake up, true to the Alpha's statement, Moonfire attempted to teleport back home. This of course failed miserably. He next struggled to his Hell Hound feet and made the second predicted maneuver which was to try to flat leave the realm. When he reached the border, he could clearly see across to an open field but try as he might, something unseen prevented him from passing through the border itself to the field just beyond. Unlike the other Hell Hounds before him who had also done this, Moonfire just sat down right at the border and waited for a moment before an idea struck him in the head. He suddenly recalled that Warfang had taught him how to mentally communicate with the other pizza hounds whenever needed.

    And this was certainly an emergency.


    Lightfang's mental voice came in loud and clear. "I hear you, Moonfire. This is Lightfang. I shouldn't be able to hear you in the Outer Planes. Where are you?"

    "I'm in a realm belonging to someone called Knotsburydeep. His recruiter tricked me and he mounted me. I cannot get out of the realm now. What do I do?"

    "Oh shit! A recruiter got to you! We were going to warn you about those untrustworthy curs. In order to get you out of there, you will first have to give birth because the alpha got you pregnant. And before you complain, listen to everything I am telling you. In the underworld, Hell Hounds and other planar species can get pregnant no matter if they are male or female. Since you can change into one yourself, you were open game to recruiters. Since you are pregnant right now, the pregnancy itself is preventing you from crossing the border. Same goes for teleporting. When you are pregnant with a lord's pups, you cannot leave until they are birthed because otherwise you are attempting to kidnap his sons. After you give birth in three months of Underworld time, which is different from Earth time, there are two ways to get you away from that bastard. One, I buy you from him which is not the best method since it places a price tag on you for life. It makes it so any lord can outbid the former lord who bought you and then they would own you. And you never see a cent of this money yourself. The second way is to just obey his orders until you earn Captain Rank and on that day, you simply walk out of the realm and head over to Pack Place where there is an Arden's Pizza outlet. I'm there right now. When you get there, you have a new Alpha mount and claim you, preferably me since I am an Alpha, and then once you are part of my pack, I clean you up and take you home to your parents. I would give you pack permission to live with your parents even though you would belong to my pack. I am so sorry you are stuck in this situation, Felix. Warfang was going to have me mount you this coming Friday to give you the anti-recruiting protection. But you were nabbed the moment you were sent home by Warfang. What scum did this to you?"

    "His human name was Christian Brown, but his hound name was Crispy. He said he worked for Deepfang. And I stupidly believed him. I feel so dumb."

    "Crispy used to be part of Deepfang's pack until he went missing last year. I guess you managed to find him in the worst possible way. Don't worry, Felix. I'll contact our lawyers and get them on this case. You still have a contract with Arden which is why these rogue packs are treading on very thin ice. I would suggest you head back to Omega Quarter and just do as the stupid Alpha asks you to do. After you give birth, strive to work your way through the ranks until you reach Captain status. Then come to me as fast as you can. I will let Arden know what has happened to you. We do care very much about you, Felix. And I do love you myself."

    Moonfire stopped the mental communication as he slowly stood up. He was about to turn around when one of the border guardian Hell Hounds came upon him.

    "I guess you found out what happens when pregnant. I do feel sorry for you Moonfire but my paws are tied. A lot of us are stuck in this situation. We would love to get out ourselves but as long as Alpha Knotsburydeep is alive we are as stuck as you are. Now for the utmost warning of them all and I could get in trouble for telling you this... after you give birth you have only nine months to reach Captain status before the Alpha knocks you up the next time. Therefore, if you want free of this mess reach Captain status before a year passes or else you become a citizen of this realm. And then your leaving will be super complicated unless another alpha mounts and claims you. I've been here for the last four years myself."

    "Will I have to ween the pups myself?" asked Moonfire trying to get more important information regarding the mess he was now in.

    The border guardian Hell Hound replied, "No, all new pups are sent to the creche to be raised by the professional mothers there in. You give birth then you immediately get started on earning your ranks. The Alpha won't try to mount you again for the rest of the year. Meaning nine months."

    Moonfire was glad for the information although he now wanted to help out the others who were also stuck in this mess. And as the border patrol hound had already said, as long as the alpha lived. If killing this alpha was the only way to free the rest of the pack, then Moonfire might have to resort to his mother's knowledge which obviously seemed to scare Hell Hounds to death. And if a scare could do it, then think of what the real thing would do.

    He began to head back to the Hell Hound central camp but he stepped behind the Alpha's kennel where he closed his eyes and focused as hard as he could. "Mom? This is Felix. I think I am in a bit of trouble. How do I defeat a demon?"

    It took a slow moment of waiting but his effort was suddenly awarded. "Felix? I never expected you to contact me this way. Do you have the demon in sight?"

    "Yes. And worse, I got tricked into going inside their lair. There are several others here who are also stuck and they asked me for help. I know you retired from the business but this is important if I am to get out of this. How do I defeat a demon?"

    "This may actually hurt you more than your opponent, honey, because you were born with a demon inside of your body. He is part of the stupid mistake the clan made when they tried to banish him way back in the past. But if you succeed in this, you might defeat him yourself at the same time you defeat the demon you are facing."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    "The first thing you need to do is to recite the Lord's Prayer while facing the demon; they hate that. Then you need to bless a living flame and use that holy flame on the demon. It removes their powers rather quickly. After the flame finishes them, you can collect anyone who asked you for help and you get them out of the lair as fast as possible. This flame can even hurt the demon who resides inside of your body. If you are successful, I will help cleanse you when you return home."

    After his mother recited the Lord's Prayer to him mentally, Moonfire felt all of the fluids that had been forced into his backside ooze out of his tail hole and form a puddle on the ground just behind him. He now believed that he was ready to go confront the stupid Alpha.

    "Talk about the ultimate abortion," remarked Moonfire with a relieved smile. "Now to deal with Knotsburydeep." He then stepped back out into the open as he walked out into the center of the camp. "Where's the Alpha?" he asked of a nearby captain who wasn't expecting anything. That Hell Hound Captain pointed a paw toward the Alpha who was busy with another Hell Hound whom was just recruited. "Knotsburydeep? This ends now."

    Knotsburydeep exclaimed, "Just wait your damned turn! Can't you see that I am busy?"

    Moonfire then silently asked God to bless his fire powers as he began to speak the prayer out loud and directly at the Alpha's rear end. "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. [For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.] Amen." And then as he watched the Alpha look violently sick to his stomach, Moonfire focused his blessed living moon flame and then he released it toward the Alpha. The moment the holy flames appeared, all of the Hell Hounds jumped away from Moonfire and just watched to see what was going on. The Alpha's body was ignited on fire as he began howling as if his life force was being ripped out of his body by God himself. While the flame burned, Moonfire felt his own insides burning intensely at the same time.

    "stupid boy." It was that demon that Felix had been born with and he was trying to make him stop his attack. "turn off the flame before you kill us both. You demon hunters are so foolish and stupid."

    "If I stop this attack, idiot, then this fool will forever be your master and you will be the master of nothing. Or... you can step out of my body and kill this fool yourself."

    "If that is what it takes, Felix Septimus Skeeter Kornel, then I, Lucerica, the Radiant Ruler of the Flaming Fang, will have to show you how to defeat an idiot Hell Hound Alpha without invoking the holy powers."

    And in the next instant, an infernal demonic form began to reshape within the flames that Felix had created as the part Phoenix and part Demonic Hound hybrid solidified between Moonfire and Knotsburydeep. Moonfire stopped exhaling the flames for a moment to see if Lucerica was actually going to keep his word and get rid of this Hell Hound Alpha for him although his own body was still glowing with the Lord's light which no Hell Hound could touch without betting burned. Moonfire watched Lucerica dive directly into Knotsburydeep's body and vanish.

    Then Felix heard his mother's voice in his mind. "Now that he is out of your body, turn the holy fireworks back on; create a holy cross out of two sticks or two blades and press it directly to the demon's body and shout the words, 'Signed, Sealed and Delivered. Amen.' This will trap Lucerica inside the demon's dying body and then, finish the job on them both."

    Moonfire picked up two short swords from beside the fire pit and crossed them to create the holy cross which he then rushed forth with and pressed against Knotsburydeep's Hell Hound body. "Signed, Sealed and Delivered! Amen!" Moonfire then leaped clear and resumed exhaling the holy moon flames from his muzzle directly on top of Knotsburydeep's body which glowed brightly briefly before the entire body turned to ash and fell to the ground. The moment the Alpha died, the border barrier simply disintegrated and at the same time, every Hell Hound in the realm felt the former Alpha's control over them vanish.

    "Moonfire freed us! All hail Alpha Lord Moonfire! Hail! Hail! Hail!"

    Felix blushed fiercely because that wasn't the result he was expecting to get from performing this action. As Moonfire, he looked to the Captains and asked, "What do you mean by 'Lord'?"

    The Hell Hound Captain bowed to Moonfire and replied, "The pack rules of challenge against a former leader always results in the victor becoming the new leader of the pack. Since you defeated the bastard who trapped us all as well as destroying the ancient demon lord who was hiding inside of you... Winning the challenge gives you the reward of becoming the new leader of this entire pack as well as gaining ownership of the realm itself. That means you have become the new Alpha Lord of this pack. As long as you never act like he had in the past, we will follow you for the rest of your life, Moonfire. You saved us; is it a crime to want to thank you?"

    Crispy presented himself to Moonfire. "He is right, Moonfire. I was only doing my job when I met with you. If you want to kill me for tricking you, I will hold still for the strike." And he held his neck out to await Moonfire's justified strike.

    Moonfire felt disgusted by all of this obedience. "Crispy... Deepfang is worried about you. But for now, I would like for all of this realm's Hell Hounds to gather before me in the center of the realm. Put the call out and have everyone come back right now. As the new leader, there is something I want to say to everyone. Officers, Omegas and anyone associated with this realm. I will await the gathering right here." He then leaped up and landed on top of the Alpha's kennel building as he turned to face the center of the camp.

    Once every Hell Hound, Hell Horse and Hell Donkey in the realm were gathered in front of the Alpha's kennel, Moonfire addressed the throng of those gathered. "If you want me as your lord, then recite after me... Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. [For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.] Amen." As he watched the throng repeat those words, he watched them also undergo the same cleansing he had experienced when his mother recited the prayer to him.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      What followed was the absolute cleaning of the realm. This would take some time, although while he and the others were doing this, a law imp suddenly teleported in and landed on Moonfire's shoulder. "Felix Kornel, I presume?"

      "That's me. I assume that Lightfang contacted you guys finally. The situation here has changed. I defeated and destroyed the demons controlling this realm and those freed have chosen to follow me as part of the winnings from successfully winning the challenge against the former Alpha. The captains told me that I also won ownership of this realm. We are in the process of cleaning it up to remove all of the former filth the old Alpha may have left behind. Although I do need an instructional on how to govern a realm. I've never had the experience before."

      The law imp smiled. "I will inform Lightfang of your request. He owns a Pack Place realm himself, and if you are willing to accept his instructional assistance, a grand alliance you can have here. The governing of your realm also includes knowledge on how to change and regulate time in your realm. I will go inform him right now that you have won lordship over this realm. Lord Arden will be able to help you with the education since you still have a contract with him as well." And the law imp then teleported away to fulfill his mission.

      After a brief lesson in how to regulate realm time, Moonfire knew then that he could arrange it so he would not be missing from home for longer than he needed to be. He also kept in contact with his mother to fess up as to why he even had a hell hound body himself at the moment. He was afraid his mother would be angry; but instead, she showed an enormous amount of support.

      "Your friend Michael is wondering where you are, Felix. What should I tell him?"

      "Tell him that I will be home soon with an Ardens Pizza for everyone. Mom, I am so sorry; I should have told you from the start how I got changed into the pizza hound called Moonfire. I have a contract with Lord Arden himself as well as with Lightfang of whom I consider my mentor in learning how to be a good Hell Hound. We about have my realm cleaned up and I will be home soon. I am lucky that I can change between my Hell Hound form and my human form at will. I have to speak to my citizens here in a bit. I am their Alpha lord now."

      "Ask Lightfang and Arden if it is possible to set up a short cut between your realm and our backyard, say within a barn like building. That way you could easily have access to home for those emergency moments. And don't forget that you and Michael will be starting school in September. I know Arden owns this town; I just don't want your grades to slip simply because you became a pizza hound."

      "I'll ask them. Thanks for being supportive in this mess, mom. Your instructions worked wonders when I needed them. Turns out that Moonfire's flame breath is blessed holy fire."

      After that mental conversation with his mother, a law imp and one of those really sexy law devil kangaroos both teleported in at the same time. The law roos belonged to Lord Mack Roo who was once human himself until he got Roo-Cruited into a devil kangaroo mob. These law roos also doubled as recruiters since a former imperial law almost destroyed their legal way to work as recruiters. The former law making Hell Hound, Lord Yuskay, sold the entire law business to Lord Mack for a single credit; that is the equivalent of selling the supreme court of a country to a citizen for one dollar. The Roo-Cruiters become Law Roos overnight after that sale became complete. *giggle* Which is a good thing since they are so sexy. *giggle*

      The law imp and the law roo then showed me a legal form that would officially permit me to employ the law roo as my personal legal representative for life. And these sexy lawyers were both immortal and eternal. They never aged and never died. And they stayed as sexy as the first day you employed them. What a package deal! *grin* I was required by law to read over the form twice before placing my paw print on the dotted line at the bottom. The law imp would then notarize the form as the official legal witness; the whole process was extremely legally binding beyond the call of lordly duty. They were not trying to trick anyone and they explained that I needed an official lawyer of my own and this law roo was chosen to be that lawyer.

      "I am still a young teenager in human terms, guys. I'm just also a pizza hound albeit by accident. I accidentally ate a red lined Arden's pizza slice without knowing what the special marking meant. And then I changed into a pizza Hell Hound like the others. Arden was called in to help me gain my human form back and to repay him for the restoration services, I had to sign an agreement to deliver Arden's Pizzas in my pizza hound form. It is a wonder Roo-Cruiters didn't catch wind of this accident and come up with something similar for their line of work. It would have made nabbing a cutie far easier, you would have to agree. Right?"

      "Dis'onest, yes," replied the law roo. "but easier. We may be Roo-Cruiters but we prefer to work the 'onest sexy path. Only sleaze bucket roos go for trickery."

      The Law Imp giggled. "Food trickery sort of takes away the earned skill of the Roo-Cruiter since the food is doing the recruiting instead of these devil kangaroos who have a college degree in recruiting. Gaining a promotion doesn't sound as nice when you tell yer lord that yas used transformation food to change a cute boy into a devil roo instead of employing the red king method. You see, law roo, I know the lingo of your people, too."

      Felix finished reading over the legal form for the third time so he was sure he understood it before carefully placing his paw into the available dotted line. "Felix Septimus Skeeter Kornel also known as Pizza Hound Alpha Lord Moonfire." The rules declared that he had to speak his true name in full along with the name of the form he was currently stuck in. After placing his paw in the available space, an imprint of his paw appeared on the paper along with hieroglyphs which as the law imp explained was Felix's name. Try forging a paw print.

      The form was then triplicated and a copy was given to Mack Roo, a copy ended up in Mrs. Kornel's hands, while the final copy was given to Davyd Arden himself. Following that, it was time for Felix as Moonfire to meet up with the highest ranking officers in his realm to discuss the political structure. This was not something that Felix was looking forward toward doing since he wasn't all that good with politics. Perhaps worse, he was also going to have to instate all new realm laws for his realm and those who lived there. He was hoping he could be both fair and kind to his new citizens. They were treated badly before and he wanted to be far nicer than Knotsburydeep had been.

      One realm law he was going to replace involved the 'getting mounted by the lord before you could leave' rule. Since he didn't want to be having to have sex with every visitor, he was thinking of changing it to 'show the lord how sexy you can pose to earn the right to leave.' Felix thought that was far more fair.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        With both Lightfang's and Arden's assistance, a legalized realm shortcut was installed on the property directly behind the Kornel property in Mystic Glen. An access door/gate was installed into the security fence separating the two properties making it easier for Felix to go between his parent's home and his new personal realm extension property. The next order of business was to take a detox bath to get the nasty scent off of his body. After that, he got back into his normal clothes and then using his Ardens Pizza discount, he got some human safe pizzas to take to both his family as well as the Hamilton family. Sitting outside at one of the picnic tables in the yard, Felix and his best friend Michael enjoyed one of the pizzas and pitchers of cola that Felix had purchased with his discount.

        "How come you never told me that you got changed into a pizza hound while we were at Summer Camp?" asked Michael as he looked at his friend with a thoughtful gaze. "I thought you and I shared everything. Buddies to the end. I found out about your unfortunate accident when a few of Ardens security hounds came around yesterday looking for you and they flat asked me if I had seen you. I almost fell over when I heard them speaking in English."

        Felix replied, "They are not speaking in English despite how it may sound to your human ears. They speak in an auto-translatable language that sounds like your base language depending upon who is hearing the hound speak. I should know; I get to train with them part time. That was one of the first lessons I learned. It also explains why they are so good at their pizza delivering jobs. Being multi-lingual helps in the business world. As for why I didn't tell you at first, General Warfang suggested that I didn't because he was afraid you would react badly to my being a hellhound like them."

        Michael then asked, "And you have a realm of your own now? What is that like?"

        Felix replied, "It wasn't any fun at all at first. I had to defeat a real asshole to gain ownership of the realm and then I had to clean it up and change the realm laws for the better. And then I set up the VIP Visitation chart. The first ones added to the list were my own family as well as all of yours, Michael. After that, I had to add those who I had allied with. Because if you are not on the VIP list, then you cannot leave the realm within striking a sexy pose in front of me when I return to the realm. The old realm law was that you couldn't leave the realm unless mounted by the realm lord and he always went for male pregnancy when he mounted people. I thought that was a shitty rule."

        "So I can visit your realm safely whenever I like?"

        Felix affixed a serious look at his friend. "For the most part yes, but let me stress this added information and please listen to me: when you visit my realm, please keep your pants on. Just because I do not want to mount you doesn't mean that someone else in my realm won't. But as long as you are clothed, they won't attempt anything. If you get pregnant for any reason while in the realm, you won't be able to go home until after you give birth. I left the anti-kidnap law in place because it makes sense to me. Also do not wander out of my realm to go exploring or else you might have trouble finding your way back. Only my realm has the new laws, the rest enjoy the old laws."

        "Doesn't it hurt when an animal mounts a human?"

        "They can magically make it fit pleasingly. One size through magic fits all. The bad part is that while you are getting it, you slowly start to enjoy it. And your mind tells you that it is your own idea; even when it isn't. You are my friend and I don't want to lose you through a dumb realm accident."

        At that moment, a donkey having the horns of a baby goat poked his head through the security door in the back fence and called out, "Alpha Lord Moonfire? Where are you?"

        Felix smiled. "And that is one of my realm citizens, Mikey." he got up from the picnic table and said, "It's time to summon Moonfire."

        Felix lowered himself on all fours and he focused on summoning his sexy other self. His hands slowly became covered in short dog fur and his hands were slowly pulsing and shrinking as they changed into a dog's fore paws. His ears also changed into dog ears. His arms and legs changed next becoming that of a large hound's legs while his feet changed into his back paws. Then he felt his tail grow from his tail bone as the rest of his body made the transformation from human to Hell Hound. His lean though strong body was mainly orange and gold in coloration with red highlights while his eyes were lunar blue much like the light from the moon at night. As he took a short breath and released it, he refocused to get used to seeing a muzzle sticking out from under his eyes. "Transformation done, let's go."

        As Moonfire, he led his friend over to the donkey and said, "At ease, citizen. I was just having lunch with my best friend. This is Michael "Mikey" Hamilton. What brought you out of the realm to find me?"

        The Devil Donkey replied, "A merchant arrived in the realm saying that he brought the goods that Knotsburydeep had on order. And the merchant wants the delivery fee for these... less than appropriate items. I came to fetch you because we are not sure of what to tell him and you are the realm alpha now."

        "SHIT!" exclaimed Moonfire in disgust. "It is always something! You can come along, Mikey, since you wanted to see my new realm. But before we go..." He then called out, "LAW IMP! FINANCIAL IMP! Please show up!" Two poofs later and the two imps were floating in mid air in front of Moonfire. "A sexual items merchant showed up in the realm with an order for the old realm lord who doesn't exist anymore and he wants a delivery fee. I need you both to come with me to handle this guy as well as his sex toys which I wonder if I can trust."

        Mikey looked at the two imps. "Cool! They are cute, Moonfire!"

        The Financial Imp smiled and said, "I would be cuter if you were naked, my boy."

        Mikey then said, "Sorry, Moonfire already warned me to keep my pants on if I wanted to stay safe." The Financial Imp giggled. "Darn it. Well, your friend is more on the ball than most new realm lords usually are. But I'll bet you would still look good. I have Saturday nights free." Mikey then said, "I only have permission to be with my friend Moonfire. Sorry."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Moments later, the group were back in the realm standing just out front of the Alpha's quarters as the Law Imp and the Financial Imp helped Moonfire to placate the merchant and to discern what he had brought especially since they couldn't send it back; it had been paid for in advance.

          In the meantime, The devil donkey played escort for Mikey as he showed the boy around the realm while Moonfire was busy with the merchant. "My donkey name is Donnie. But the head donkey I live with calls me Beta. Most of us devil donkeys live in the lands behind Moonfire's realm. I can show you the place after we finish the tour of your friend's realm."

          Mikey then said, "Moonfire said that I shouldn't step outside of his realm or else I might have trouble finding my way back."

          Donnie stated, "Good advice although the devil donkeys place is actually within this realm; just on the backside near the mud flats. When we get to my place, I will let you pet and rub on my body in exchange for a present that you can take home for your yard. Do you like apples and carrots?"

          Mikey smiled. "I sure do."

          Donnie said, "I can give you an apple and a carrot which you can plant in your backyard which will grow into an apple tree and a carrot bush overnight and these will produce human safe apples and human safe carrots for your enjoyment. All for letting me be your friend. Sound good?"

          "It sure does!" exclaimed Mikey with a continued smile. "You are really nice, Donnie!"

          Donnie smiled slyly. "I am a good kisser too. I would much rather kiss a boy than an icky girl. If you let me give you a kiss on your mouth, I will give you a magic ring that will permit you to teleport directly between your home and my place whenever you like. I really like being around you, Mikey. I'd even let you ride on my back if I could see you naked just once. But I do not mean in public since Moonfire warned you to keep your pants on when in public. But you would be safe in private."

          Mikey said, "Do you promise to give me the magic ring for a kiss on the mouth and promise that I'll be safe in private at your place?" Mikey thought he was covering all the bases by asking Donnie to make a promise. "I think you nailed it with the icky girl statement. I don't like them either."

          Donnie slyly said with a smile, "If you will promise to sit in my lap while naked at my place and rub on my tummy, then I will promise to the things you are asking me to promise within the privacy of my home in devil donkey land. Do we have a deal?"

          Mikey stepped around in front of Donnie and knelt down to look him in the eye. "It is a deal, Donnie. I promise to your terms." And then he kissed the devil donkey on the mouth very deeply; of course as he did this, Donnie kissed the boy back just as deeply as he sensed Mikey's penis bulge within his summer shorts.

          When the kiss ended, Donnie said, "Come on, Mikey. My place is over in this direction. And I was right... boys kiss a lot more fun than icky girls do." And he began to guide the boy off toward the backside of the realm where not many of the realms' citizens dwelt. It was an area that Moonfire didn't know too much about. Eventually, Donnie and Mikey descended a hill in the back of the realm where what appeared to be a damp looking mud flat extended around what looked like an island in the middle of the muddy lake. "Walk where I walk, Mikey; and try not to slip in this stuff. If you do get muddy, I will try to help get you cleaned up before we have to return to Moonfire later."

          As the boy followed the devil donkey, a sudden movement to one side made Mikey turn his head to look to see what the movement was and he briefly saw what looked like a sexy mud covered pony as it dove into the mud off to the side. When the boy turned his head back forward, he saw Donnie a good distance ahead of where he had accidentally stopped to look at the pony creature diving into the mud. Thinking that Donnie simply walked straight ahead, Mikey attempted to walk directly over to where the devil donkey was still walking and in a flash, the boy stepped into a softer than usual patch of the mud and he vanished beneath the mud briefly. When Mikey surfaced, he felt the sticky mud all over his body which made his penis feel very aroused and hard; and perhaps worse, it felt as if he wasn't wearing any of his clothes at all. As if the mud eroded his clothes the moment he fell into the gooey stuff. When he looked to see where if Donnie had waited for him, he couldn't see the devil donkey anywhere at all.

          "Where did Donnie go? Why did I fall into the mud like that? And where did my clothes go?" Mikey thought to himself not expecting an answer. He couldn't turn around in this stuff so he attempted to move forward toward where he last saw Donnie walking but this was not as easy as it may have seemed before Mikey tried it. He unknowingly veered off to the side and without knowing, he was about to miss the island entirely. And then he felt smooth scaly like paws around his waist as something began moving the boy forward toward what looked like a secluded slough spill off from the realm next to the mud flats. And then Mikey felt himself pass through a misty ripple like curtain between the two realms as the creature, the pony looking creature carried Mikey out of the mud holding him on his own shoulders although he was still wading along the slough mud toward what looked like a camp which had a clean spring fed pool of water. "Um... thanks for pulling me out of the mud. Er, who and what are you? And where did my clothes go?"

          The furred/scaled web-pawed creature said with a smile. "I am Ludrasinon, or as the merchants prefer to say, Lou, that is... L-O-U, Drasinon, that is... D-R-A-S-I-N-O-N. Lou Drasinon. As for what I am, I am a mutant hybrid between a slough otter, a donkey and a mud dragon. I was hatched this way and I have never known my parents. I have very few friends save for Lord Donk of Donkey Island where Donnie Beta was taking you as well as Alpha Lord Knotsburydeep whom helped me acquire my realm for me a long time ago. You are currently in my camp in the Hybrid Shores portion of the Middle Lands, which is just outside of Pack Place. This means you are no longer in Hell Proper at the moment. As for what happened to your clothes, there is a substance called Enzyme within the mud flats and if you get this stuff all over your entire body, including your clothes, it will dissolve your surface world clothing into nothing leaving you entirely butt naked. This is not your fault and Donnie likely doesn't know about it. Or if he does know, then he was hoping you would lose your clothes. I will help you get cleaned up and then after you have a moment to rest, we can call anyone you need to call so they know what happened to you. But if you would like to thank me for pulling you out of the mud, you can rub all over my entire body and I can help you take care of that erection you currently have."

          "My best friend Felix Kornel, now known as Alpha Lord Moonfire, got into a fight with Knotsburydeep and the latter was defeated by my friend. Moonfire acquired the realm legally."
          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Mikey noted that Lou didn't seem all that concerned that Knotsburydeep had been defeated. "Aren't you concerned over your friend being bathed in holy flame and being dead?"

            Lou then said, "He isn't dead. Has Moonfire ever defeated another alpha before fighting Knotsburydeep?"

            Mikey shook his head. "Not to my knowledge, Lou. You are talking like Moonfire was lied to about his being an alpha. What are we missing?"

            Lou smiled. "Let's get you cleaned up and get your erection taken care of so you aren't tempting your best friend. Then we will call for Moonfire and a law representative to come here so I don't have to repeat myself. By the way, what is your name?"

            "Michael Hamilton, but my friends call me Mikey, which I prefer over the other name. Donnie was being really nice to me so I consider him to be a friend, too. A shame I lost my clothes, but mud happens, I guess."

            While Lou helped Mikey get all the mud washed off of his body and he sucked off the human erection causing it to return to its normal size, he next played with the boy under the water by showing him a good time without live birth pregnancy. When the playtime ended, Lou assisted Mikey in laying the smooth hybrid egg. After getting out of the water, Lou wrapped Mikey up in a fur blanket before calling for a Law Imp and an Alpha union representative. Once these two were in the camp, Lou placed a call to Moonfire, the legal imps, the Mack Roo Lawyer and to both Lord Donk and Donnie Beta to explain where Mikey had ended up. Moonfire and his reps were asked to come over to camp for a pow-wow.

            Once the donkeys, Moonfire and his legal reps arrived in camp, Lou introduced himself and then he vouched for what happened to Mikey's clothes in the mud flats. With that out of the way, Lou then began to explain the problem situation in question. "Felix Kornel also known as Moonfire. Please look the legal reps and the union official in the eyes and explain to them whom granted you alpha status before your challenge to Knotsburydeep of whom is an established alpha with the Hellhound Alpha Union."

            Felix as Moonfire now began to realize that he likely was up to his waist in some kind of Underworld legal shit that no one had explained to him. "After my transformation into a Hell Hound of the Arden's Pizza variety, Arden footed the bill for my restoration citing that I could pay him back by learning how to be a pizza delivery hound. There was to an arrangement for the benefactor of my initial transformation to claim me into his pack so I didn't end up getting nabbed by a sleaze bucket trapper, which is what one of Knotsburydeep's trappers, Crispy, did to get me stuck in his realm where he blissed me with secret ingredient and made me pregnant. I was angry that I had been captured in that particular way and I mentally contacted Lightfang to get the law imps and Mack Roo lawyer on the case. But before the law imp could get around to checking on me, I contacted my mother and I asked her about defeating a demon whom had captured me and how I had wanted to free the others whom were stuck there as well. She taught me the process for cleansing myself, the Lords Prayer, and that ended my pregnancy. Then I used my holy flame that my Hell Hound variety can somehow make and as I was using it to attack Knotsburydeep, Lucerica popped out of my body and he leaped into Knotsburydeep's body. At that point, my mother mentally told me how to finish the banishing on the demon. And in a final flame flare, Knotsburydeep vanished from the spot leaving behind a pile of smouldering ash. I thought I had killed him. Then everyone in the realm started calling me Alpha Lord Moonfire and they wouldn't shut up about it. If I got tricked into believing that I was made an alpha when Knotsburydeep was defeated, then I have likely gotten myself into more legal trouble with the union."

            Lou then said, "So according to your own story, Lightfang had not claimed you into his pack which would have included a breeding mounting and you giving birth to his pups. Thus when Knotsburydeep claimed you and got you pregnant, you wanted out of that immediately. By causing the magical abortion, you cancelled the claiming rite. Sadly, by doing that very act, no Hell Hound will ever want to claim you according to Pack Union rules, unless those laws have changed." He looked to the Union rep at that point. "What of it, sir?"

            The Hellhound Union Rep fixed a disgusted gaze on Moonfire when he learned of the abortion. "Performing a magical abortion is regarded as a demonic act. You have not misquoted the laws yet, Lou. And likewise according to Moonfire's own story, no one has granted him alpha status. He simply attacked an established alpha to steal from him. So not only is Moonfire a murderer, he is a thief. By what method did you get transformed initially Moonfire? Were you recruited by Arden directly or was trappers food utilized? If you don't know what Trappers Food is, I will describe it to you. Generally called a not-for-human consumption pizza, the box is clearly recognizable by the red security tape and the words, Special Test Reward Menu Pizza clearly written upon it."

            Moonfire sighed when the union rep nailed the kind of pizza he had gotten stuck with. After that, he recited everything that had occurred to him as told in Episode One, Chapter Two of Fire Moon Rising.. "I placed a dollar of what little money I had into the pizza box before eating the half-eaten slice of pizza. I asked several times if the owner of the pizza would share the pizza with me but Lightfang did not reply because he was in a hurry to return to Warfang to avoid getting demerits. No one tricked me into taking or eating the pizza slice. A good shirt and my socks were ripped to shreds when I transformed. Arden made the restoration and employment offers to me after I trained with the others and showed that I was a team player."

            The union rep placed a paw over his eyes when he learned the last part. "I always thought Arden and his boys were smarter than this. They broke the law before your restoration, Felix. Normally, they can only train new recruits who have willingly joined the Arden Pack. Since your transformation was by accident, you did try to pay for the pizza slice and they did not recruit you before having you train with the others... you were in the process of entrapment by Arden when he pitched that offer to you at the end." He removed his paw from his eyes as he looked to Felix closely once again. "What Hellhound mounted you first of all Hell Hounds you have ever met?"

            Moonfire replied, "Before Knotsburydeep did it, Christian "Crispy" Brown of Deepfang Pack taught me how to take and receive as a Hellhound should. Then when Knotsburydeep mounted me, I was angry. The other Hellhounds lined up all tried to warn me to run away. But Knotsburydeep plowed my bottom deeply. But he was second; not first."

            The union rep Hellhound then said, "In order for you to become a legal Alpha, Felix, you must be part of someone's pack of your own free will for at least a year; you must have given birth to the Alpha's pups freely; and most importantly, you must have earned at least Captain rank in that Hellhound's pack without cheating. Since you never willingly joined either Arden nor Knotsburydeep before this mess of an event occurred, everything you thought you legally gained is currently forfeited. Your shortcuts between the surface world and the realm will be unhooked until you can make a new deal with the lords of your choice."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              The union rep Hellhound continued at this point. "If anyone in the current realm wishes to depart before Knotsburydeep is restored to his realm, they may apply to whatever lord you choose to make a deal with that is if they want to stay with you. As for Mikey, he made a deal with Lord Donk, Donnie Beta and Lou and therefore, he may gain his reward from them once he completes their contract he agreed to."

              Moonfire said, "When trying to free myself before and during the fight, I was never doing it to become an Alpha, sir. I just wanted to get out of there. Lou... am I wrong in assuming that the Knotsburydeep you originally met was actually good and nice to you?"

              Lou replied, "No, you would not be wrong in making that statement. He was the one who helped me to acquire this realm here in the Middle Lands legally at no cost whatsoever. He only asked me if I would be his friend and agree to patrol the mud flats now and then. There are only two times when he might come across as being an ass hole, Felix... one is during the breeding season when he is in heat. And the other was during recruiting season back when it was legal to recruit whenever you liked. After the Hell Law changed, it almost bankrupted the Devi-Roo Roo-Cruiters whom had just acquired college degrees in Recruiting, meaning they could do it legally. Then the law changed and Lord Yuskay whom felt sorry for the roos sold the entire law business to Mack Roo for one credit. He stated that one credit was more than the law business was worth since the Hell Emperors were constantly changing the laws on a whim whenever they liked whether it helped others or not."

              Moonfire now asked the question that Mikey had been thinking, "If Knotsburydeep is still alive, then where did he disappear to after I defeated him in the realm?"

              Lou replied, "In the Middle Planes at a secluded location, there is a forest consisting of nothing but living rubber penises sticking out of the ground, crudely called the Dildo Tree Forest, lords can punish people who are not judged for death to be shafted and stretched upon one of these trees for a set length of time. If you ever experience one of these trees, you are not hurt by the experience yet you do not age and you cannot be killed while you are there. The minimum length of a stay is a whole day, followed by thirty days, three months, six months, nine months, one year, ten years, twenty five years, fifty years, a hundred years and worst case scenario, the longest stay... one thousand years. When you defeated Knotsburydeep, Lucerica was sent to Paths for a thousand years, otherwise known as the Ninth Hell, while Knotsburydeep willed himself to a dildo tree for a twenty-four hour stay. He set the time himself since you failed to name a punishment time. However, law officials and union reps can retrieve him at will whenever they like. And I know what you are likely thinking, if he set it for the minimum time, then why hasn't he come back to his realm by now? The reason is simple, Felix... he is letting you experience realm politics before he comes back to rescue you from the mess that you are not ready to handle by yourself."

              Felix hung his head. "Sounds like I should be stretched on one of those trees; not him. I feel so stupid."

              At that moment, the Union Rep Hellhound summoned Knotsburydeep to the camp to get his statement. Once he explained what all had been stated before his arrival, the rep said, "We now need your statement in this case. Since both Arden and you are in the wrong in this mess of an accident and Felix/Moonfire was given faulty information, he naturally feels like shit."

              Felix glanced up at Knotsburydeep whom didn't even look singed. "If you had not tried to breed me when we first met, we could have been friends."

              Knotsburydeep replied, "I was in heat upon the day of your arrival and I usually prefer to have sex with someone I've never been with before. Did I mess up? Yes. Did you turn around and mess up right after that? Again yes. How disgusted was the union rep when he learned that you magically aborted children?"

              The union rep growled, "There is nothing funny about abortion."

              Knotsburydeep then said, "I will show that I can be very mature about this; I will forgive Felix/Moonfire for his mistake and for not having correct information. Although Arden's boys were just as much in the wrong as anyone. Forcing a transformation victim to train as a recruit is not a forgivable crime. However... if Felix still likes Lightfang, perhaps he alone could help Felix to resolve the Alpha claim situation. After you join Lightfang's pack, I would request that you assist me in running my realm since my people have already accepted your presence. How does sheriff sound as a job, Felix?"

              Felix replied, "As long as you promise that it will only be a one time thing, I will undo the abortion I caused. just don't make this a recurring thing. But even your border patrol Hellhound said that he had been stuck in your realm for four years and he wanted out of there. Unless your heat was magically never-ending, then a monthly heat isn't a true statement."

              The union rep looked to Felix and said, "You are willing to undergo the former pregnancy you aborted due to false information?"

              Felix nodded his head in a defeated manner. "What else can I do? I lose no matter what happens. I don't want to be pregnant all year long and I don't want to be missing from home for longer than a year."

              Knotsburydeep replied, "There may be a way to set this so you aren't missing for longer than a day Earth time. And that is to use a rare Imperial Decree Scroll to grant the repairs on this whole mess. If we do it this way, I get my sons, you get to be with Lightfang and you will have access to my realm citizens whenever you like and Mikey will have open permission to come and go to Donk, Donnie and Lou whenever he likes. We can even replace the clothes Mikey lost in the mud. Would you agree to this, Felix?"

              Felix perked up at the mention of restoring Mikey's clothes. "With the legal reps as my witness, I will agree to these conditions. I still want to learn about delivering pizzas and other things, if permitted."

              The Mack Roo lawyer produced one of the rare scrolls. "Your education is between you and Lightfang, Moonfire."

              And then the scroll was opened and all deals agreed upon were granted in an amazing flash of empowered light.

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                When Moonfire was able to see once again, he found himself within the ceremony of getting claimed by Lightfang into the Alpha's Moon Light Pack. Pregnancy was not required to join Lightfang's pack unless Felix simply volunteered to undergo that part of the joining; which he did and he wouldn't be missing for any longer than an Earth day as per the agreement. He created six pups for Lightfang and he had birthed six pups for Knotsburydeep as well. Once the in-realm year had passed which granted citizenship for Moonfire to Lightfang's realm, they proceeded to get Felix cleaned up and returned to his parent's backyard in Mystic Glen. Felix and Mikey arrived back home at the same time.

                "Did you have fun with Donnie, Mikey?" asked Felix whom was once again in his human form.

                Mikey replied with a smile as he showed off his magic ring. "I sure did. Donnie gave me this magic ring so I can teleport straight to him whenever I like. He came up with a cool idea we can put into use here in our barn. We can designate a stable stall to lead directly between their realms and our barn. How many pups did you make in total, Felix?"

                Felix blushed. "One dozen pups exactly; six for Knotsburydeep and six for Lightfang. I am an official citizen of Lightfang's pack realm legally now. And if the decree scroll worked right, then we have both only have been gone for one day only here on Earth; and don't forget, we start school locally in a few weeks."

                At that moment, Knotsburydeep's head image appeared in front of the two boys. "Felix? According to a review of the pack challenge you and I had as well as a review of the Hellhound laws, revealed that you honestly were not trying to win an alpha status. However, according to a Hellhound union rule, you could attain an honorary lordship right for defeating an entity more powerful than yourself. As long as you did you by yourself, then this would be the case."

                Felix at that point out of sheer fairness and not wanting to get stuck in more Underworld political bull shit said, "During the fight, I was receiving mental instruction from my retired demon hunter mother on how to banish a demon. In total truth, sir... the method would have banished Lucerica but since you are not a demon yourself, a normal defeat would have been the result for you and not a perma-banishment like what Lucerica got. Therefore, based on the instruction I was getting, to be fair to you as well as the union, I will forfeit any earned titles and land rights as for those who wanted to be rescued from your realm, if they want to join me as my friend, we can still accept that. Although since you moved your realm out of Hell to avoid the anti-recruitment laws, how is it that you still have union rights since you were breaking the anti-recruitment laws anyway? Do answer carefully, sir; we have a law imp and a Mack Roo lawyer listening in on this discussion."

                Knotsburydeep replied, "I had joined the union before the passing of that stupid law. As long as a pack pays their union dues, then you have union support regardless of what is going on in Hell. The Imperial Council tried to have the union rules repealed once upon a time but overall, the judge in charge at the time saw in favor of the union. Therefore, there are only two times when unionized recruiting is legalized if the alpha in charge of the pack is a paying union member. Otherwise, the normal law stands as written. Those two times are as follows. First of all, during war time, drafting through sexual mounting to increase the size of your Hellhound army to use against the established enemy of the war itself. Second, to replenish the numbers of your nearly decimated pack through sexual breeding. This is considered to be an emergency method that most Alphas choose not to do if it can be avoided. Those are the only exceptions. If you will recall when Crispy brought you to my realm when you were already in your Hellhound body and the day you arrived, I was in heat and you got mounted and impregnated. As Crispy and Lightfang both told you before and after you thought you were stuck, when being impregnated, only the form you are wearing is getting pregnant; your human form is still virgin unless you permit someone to mount that form. Also remember that Crispy while an established recruiter for Pack Deepfang was only bringing you to my realm to show you where the other Hellhounds he had made friends with hung out. He was not recruiting that day despite what it may have sounded like he may have said to me in front of you."

                Then he said, "He cannot recruit for another Alpha; only for the one for whom whose pack he was a member of. So again, despite his being a recruiter and what little I said to him during my bout of heat, neither one of us were recruiting although if you were willing, then yes, I would have asked you to join my pack. You will also notice that I did not prevent you from going to Lightfang to join his pack. Crispy gave you a friendship mounting only. I mounted you when I was blinded by my own heat. Heat times are not fun at all."

                Just then, the Hellhound union rep's head came into view directly in front of Knotsburydeep's facial visage. "Felix, the next time you claim you have legal reps listening, you better really have them online. I haven't left yet and I called the Mack Roo services the moment you said you had some listening. They said they knew nothing about this. You need to work on your honesty if you want to retain your ability to change back into a human being. Lying to get the upper hand can have you permanently reverted back into Moonfire until you serve out your punishment time for the lords you are fibbing about. Mack Roo could use a sexy doggy like you. So do be careful next time."

                And then the planar call ended which permitted Felix and Mikey to head back into their own homes for a while.

                During the night, Felix mentally heard Warfang in a discussion with Lightfang and Lord Arden. Sir, I would imagine that I am in some deep trouble in regards to the law and Felix's initial arrival in our training valley during his disastrous Summer camp outing. We had every intention to take him to restoration services but since none of us were heading hat way during the training day. I told him that he could participate in the pizza training exercise until we could take him to restoration services to restore him to his human form. He could have said no; but he didn't. The law is trying to make it sound like that I forced Felix into training with us after his transformation accident.

                Felix mentally replied before he could stop himself, The law is full of shit, Warfang; you are telling the truth. You said I 'could' not that I had to. I didn't have to participate, but I chose to after Lightfang said that it could be fun for me. And I like fun things.

                Arden then mentally said, Felix? It is generally rude to eavesdrop on an officers meeting. Are you saying that you will testify on Warfang's behalf?

                Felix mentally replied, I feel that I must, sir. The Law Imp and Mack Roo along with the Hellhound Union seem too eager to pounce on a Hellhound whom seems to have acted outside the rules. And I am involved in this case. As for eavesdropping, I wasn't trying, sir. I was almost asleep and all of a sudden I heard all three of you in my mind.

                Davyd Arden and Warfang glared right at Lightfang as Arden said, "Lightfang, you left your channel open." Lightfang blushed looking apologetic as he closed down the channel and Felix could hear nothing more that night.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  The next morning, Felix Kornel got up early and he placed a special order to Space Master to get a video copy of the afternoon conversation Felix had with Warfang after the accidental transformation. In hardly no time at all, a delivery agent handed the video disc over to Felix and then, Felix changed into Moonfire and he quickly called for his Mack Roo Lawyer before they teleported out to meet up with Arden, Warfang and the rest. After arriving, every Pizza Hellhound got to watch the day that Felix arrived after his transformation. The video covered everything he said from the moment he found the pizza slice (including his pulling out a dollar to pay for the slice) as well as his transformation trip down the trail and his initial encounter with Warfang and the others.

                  Arden could hear several of his pizza hounds remarking, "Yes, that is exactly what happened." as well as, "No doubt about it."

                  The Mack Roo patted Moonfire on his back. "Wise move contacting Space Master to get this video disk, Felix. Ah think with this, yas just cleared Warfang and explained yer own actions as well. Man, Yas really are a team player! The whole pack likes yas! And everyone can clearly 'ear Warfang in this video saying that yer participation in the training was yer choice!"

                  Arden came over to Felix where upon he knelt down and hugged him. "Thank you for bringing this video to my attention. I like the disclaimer at the beginning explaining from Space Master himself that this is a video from his life recording services. That disclaimer makes this video completely authentic. Perhaps we can get Warfang cleared of this bogus charge."

                  One hour later, Arden, Warfang, Lightfang, Moonfire and the Mack Roo lawyer were meeting with the Kisume Hellhound judge of Rotunda City as well as the Hellhound Union official whom chose to press the charge against Warfang and Arden. But his confidence slowly drained out of his muzzle when the Space Master video was replayed for those present. The truth was clearly audible with the visual proof to clear Arden's boys. "Bu-bu-bu-but...."

                  The Kisume judge smirked. "I have warned you about throwing accusations without a defined way to prove your accusation. This video kills the case even before it can get rolling. If there are no other dockets of business, then I will take my leave." And when no one said anything, the judge departed from the podium to return to his personal quarters.

                  And then Arden took his boys as well as Felix/Moonfire and his Mack Roo lawyer via teleport back to the Arden estate. "Moonfire, the union are not going to be a happy lot now that we have humiliated them in front of the judge. Having that video was the only reason we won. The union head is not likely to be too fond of you from now on. So stay out of the union for as long as you can."

                  Moonfire lowered his head. "I am sorry, Davyd. We wouldn't even had been in court had I kept my muzzle shut when he was trying to milk information out of me in regards to my first meeting with Warfang and the others. What kind of gripe does he have against Warfang?"

                  Warfang turned to face Moonfire at that point. "The union Hellhound is my brother, Moonfire. He is pissed with me because I rejected his offer to join his union with him opting instead to retain my pizza hound trainer position with Mr. Arden. If I were to quit Arden now, it would be like saying that I no longer like clean food anymore."

                  Moonfire smiled. "I should head down to Montrocol and get my delivery job started."

                  Arden then said, "Felix, I am going to assign Lightfang to assist you at Montrocol for today. He is still your responsibility as well as your alpha."

                  Lightfang nodded his muzzle. "I will keep an eye on him, sir."

                  And with that, the two Hellhounds teleported to Montrocol campus to the new Arden's outlet at that location. Lightfang then said, "Moonfire... as your friend, I never wanted to mount you and claim you into my pack. But since Arden instructed me to do this, please do not think badly of me. I really want to be your friend."

                  Moonfire smiled. "I know that, Lightfang. I still like you."

                  Lightfang smiled in return as he gave Moonfire a kiss on the muzzle. "I love you, Felix. Shall we get some work done today?"

                  Moonfire kissed Lightfang in return. "I am ready when you are, love."

                  The two Hellhounds then went and clocked in where upon they started their day for delivering Ardens Pizzas to various places all over and around campus. Despite it being a slow morning, the afternoon would see an increase in pizza delivery business activity. People around Montrocol really loved their pizza.

                  "Hey Moonfire!" exclaimed a teen age human boy who was about Felix's age. "You are one awesome pizza hound! Thanks for bringing Ringo's pizza and drinks! He is celebrating completing his advanced Trig course! He and his other college friends are all going to head out to catch a movie later! I'll be attending high school in Mystic Glen in a few weeks. I sure wish I could know someone in the area before attending classes there."

                  Moonfire smiled. "I know a couple of boys who will be starting classes there this fall. Felix Kornel and Mikey Hamilton. Their fathers work at Ardens' docks. I have met the two boys myself and I think they are pretty nice. Why don't you tell me your name and I will mention you to the two of them when I next see them."

                  The teen age boy said as he gave Moonfire a firm hug. "Daniel Fagan, although my nickname is Bender. I like dogs and horses. So if you have any horse friends, let them know about me. I can groom a horse's coat pretty well. Over the Summer, I got to spend time at my grandparent's horse farm where I got to take care of a horse during my stay. They had dogs too. I wish I was like you, Moonfire. You are the sexiest pizza hound ever." And then Daniel gave Moonfire a kiss directly on his muzzle before getting up to his feet and heading off to prepare to head back home to Mystic Glen. He was smiling because Moonfire had mentioned new boys he could make friends with.

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    The same morning Felix headed out to join Arden and the others, Mikey put on a pair of old swimming trunks before he headed out into their own barn behind their property and he utilized his magic power to transport himself directly to Donnie and Donk in the backside Devi-Donk realm. Upon arriving, Mikey gave every donkey standing in role call a nice hug and a kiss before turning to Donk himself and giving him the same treatment. "Good morning, Donk. The transport magic worked just as you said it would. What fun is planned for today?"

                    Donk turned and he opened up a nearby crate and he said, "Get out of those swim trunks and get into one of these Devi-Donk costumes. You promised you would wear one the next time you came to play with us. Then you can participate in the morning activities with the rest of us."

                    Mikey dropped his trunks revealing that he wasn't wearing any underwear and then he began to shimmy himself feet first into the Devi-Donk full body costume with assistance from a few of the other male Devi-Donks in role call.

                    Once the others gave the all clear signal, Lord Donk said, "Now to turn on the safety protection magic on the costume so you won't be hurt by anything we do while you are in that costume. Once turned on, the costume will feel like it is part of your body. But don't worry, Mikey, it will only feel that way. The magic will also help you to be able to walk like we do while you are wearing the costume." Once the magic was turned on, Donk said, "Okay, Mikey, join the line up with the others and I will finish morning inspection."

                    The others made space for Mikey in the line up as if he belonged there. The entire herd liked Mikey being among them in the herd. They had a preference that he simply stayed with them instead of having to go home every night. One Devi-Donk stole a kiss on the side of Mikey's muzzle once Mikey was in the line with them.

                    That was when Mikey learned that the morning activity was that each and every Devi-Donk was getting their daily mounting and filling. And now that he was wearing the costume and he had joined them in the line up, he was also getting it as well. He released a small gasp when he was mounted and his eyes glazed over when he felt himself getting filled. It was like experiencing a drug of the euphoric variety for the first time. Like the others in role call, Mikey was high on sex and felt so doped up, he only wanted to do as the officers said.

                    Donnie who was an officer said, "Donk, we only have Mikey for twelve Earth hours unless you alter the realm's time so we can have him longer. The rest of the herd want him to stay on as one of the herd. They like him so much they don't like it when he has to go home."

                    Donk smiled at Donnie. "I was going to wait until you headed out to do some out of realm advertising" (recruiting) "and then while you were gone, I would alter the realm's time. That way Mikey doesn't get into any trouble. I am sending you to Southern Missouri this time. You are to meet up with Darnel Jansen Van Winfield; he is a man who has agreed to bring us a load of donkey feed; grains. And afterward, he will be joining our herd as a young devi-donk like the rest of us. You only need to help him import the grain sacks and get him here. The feed is his way of paying his way into the realm. He really likes donkeys. A bonus for us. And he hates his name, so we get to rename him as well."

                    Donnie replied, "With a name like that, it almost already sounds like Donovan. That would be a good devi-donk name and he would likely accept it without question."

                    Donk chuckled. "That's what I was thinking as well. You head on out, Donnie. Donovan will be joining your sector when he becomes one of us, so when you bring him in, take him to your sector's processing division and once he is a devi-donk, give him the hypnotic mounting, get him pregnant, and make sure he is settled in before you come back to report in to me."

                    Donnie smiled. "Hopefully this won't take too long. I'm on my way, sir." And he ran into the transporter between worlds and teleported between Herdland and Earth where he arrived on location where he met up with the human man who was standing next to a wagon full of donkey feed. "Are you Darnel whom hates his name and is ready to start a new life?"

                    The brown haired Caucasian man glanced over to look at the talking donkey. "Yes. Did Lord Donk send you?"

                    Donnie nodded his head. "He sure did. How does the new name of Donovan sound to you?"

                    "A lot better and more simple than the mouthful my parents saddled me with," said the now re-named Donovan. "I'm not sure how long this donkey feed will last in the Devi-Donk realm. I tried to get as much as I could afford. It has a nice scent and a good flavor; I sampled a morsel earlier. I could get used to this. What do I call you, handsome. You are one good looking Devi-Donk. With looks like yours, you must have all the boys coming out to the yard."

                    Donnie blushed somewhat. "You are too kind, Donovan. Come on, lets get this wagon back to Herdland. I am Captain Donnie. Lord Donk told me that you would be joining my home division. By the way, are you still a virgin?"

                    Donovan stopped for a moment as he said in return. "I suppose I am. My life has been pretty crappy up until now. Aside from when I got lucky in being contacted by Lord Donk that one night when I was walking home from the role playing game. Although the guys will probably wonder where I went when I don't attend the next game."

                    Donnie asked, "How many other players are there?"

                    Donovan replied, "Three. One guy likes horses, another guy likes deer, and the last guy is into otters and dogs."

                    Donnie smiled. "We have all three of those types as neighbors in the home realm. Maybe we can arrange for your friends to vacation in those places soon." And then he handled the recall power for the teleport back to Devi-Donk Realm in the Herdlands. Upon arriving, Donnie had Donovan remove his clothes and then get himself into a Devi-Donk Costume before helping the new recruit to get mounted and transformed into a teenage Devi-Donk like all the others living in that realm. Once Donovan was pregnant and braying in his new body, the magical costume was removed and packed away once again before Donnie headed off to report in to Lord Donk. Not long after Donnie went to check in, from the wagon, the three stow-away human role player boys got out of the wagon and proceeded off to locate their favorite animals that Donnie said were neighbors to their realm not suspecting what they were about to get into.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode Two

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Mystic High Rumble.