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APAW-FK-01 Fire Moon Rising

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    APAW-FK-01 Fire Moon Rising

    Mystic Glen - Anime World

    APAW-FK-01 Fire Moon Rising
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    Written on 07/23/2015

    Chapter One

    Lost at summer camp. Not the best thing to have happen to the boy as he trudged hungrily through the back woods trying to at least find the lake. If Felix Kornel could at least find the lake, then he could skirt the shoreline and find his way back to camp at Wonder Lake Super Summer Camp in Northern Georgia just north of where the old Japanopolis used to stand when the area was known as the Quad Counties. "I knew I should have listened to Mikey Hamilton when he said to always tote around a compass. He has probably already had the counselors call my parents when I didn't come in on time." Then the boy stopped when a familiar smell reached his nose. "I smell fresh pizza. Fresh pizza has to mean people. Someone can help me find my way back to the summer camp." And he set off toward the source of the pizza scent.

    When the old clean tree stump with an Arden's Pizza box on top of it came into view, Felix noticed that no one was near the box nor were there any tents nor vehicles near the pizza box at all. There was a hiking trail leading down out of the area. He had seen pizza boxes before, but the ones he recalled from the local outlets all had green security tape around their borders. This was the first one he had ever seen that had a red security tape around the base of the box. There was also additional words on the box lid which he had never seen in the local outlets. "Special Test Reward Menu. Never heard of that on their public menu before." He then called out. "HELLO! ANYONE NEAR THIS PIZZA BOX? I'M LOST AND HUNGRY! MAY I HAVE SOME OF YOUR PIZZA?" When no reply came not even an animal call nor the flutter of birds, Felix sat down near the stump and opened the lid of the box where he saw a single slice of a specialty order pizza that had a single bite taken out of it. Usually, a bite mark in food meant you shouldn't eat someone's claimed food, but he was hungry something fierce. He dug through his pockets and produced a dollar bill and laid it out inside the pizza box as he took the pizza slice and proceeded to eat it as he closed the box lid.

    It had an odd taste that he had never had before and there was a juicy sauce flavor that he could not identify at all. The multiple meats blended throughout the pizza were interesting only a few of which he could identify and there seemed to be three types of grain in the crust as well as four types of cheese perfectly blended. All in all, it actually tasted pretty good although the moment he finished eating the slice, he felt a stomach pain that nearly bowled him over. His ears were also beginning to itch like mad and his clothing felt tight in some places and loose in other places. He also felt like he needed to use the bathroom and get something to drink. Since the hiking trail was right there, he clamored up and ran down the trail looking for a hiker's toilet or even a stream of water. However, when he felt as if his bladder was about to give way down his pants, he jumped off of the trail and yanked his pants and undershorts down and squatted behind a tree as he held on to the tree for support.

    "I would find an laxative laced pizza. I'll bet those bullies are laughing their asses off. Ungh!" And the rest was not fit for speech as he released what felt like everything he had ever eaten in the last few weeks in manure form. However, as he held on to the tree, he began to notice something strange happening to his tree holding hand. It was slowly becoming covered in short fur much like you might see on a dog's paw. And his hands were slowly pulsing and shrinking as they changed into said dog paws. His ears also changed into dog ears which killed the itching sensation he had been feeling. When his arms and legs also changed, he lost his balance and thankfully he pushed himself sideways so he didn't land in his own pile of crap. His arms and legs became canine in form and his feet changed into the equivalent of what his hands had changed into. Then he felt his tail growth from his tail bone as the rest of his body made the transformation from human to some sort of mastiff sized hound although his coloration overall wasn't that bad to look upon.

    Felix's new lean body was mainly orange and gold in coloration with red highlights while his eyes were now lunar blue much like the light from the moon at night. As he lay there panting trying to catch his breath, his fore paws were out in front of him which gave him the first look at his new feet. He could also see down his new muzzle on both sides to know that he had become a hound of some sort. "What in the universe happened to me?" He stopped with a smile when he realized that he could still talk. "Oh thank god. If I had lost my voice, I really would be in trouble." Glancing back at the remains of his clothes which looked like they had gone through a shredder, save for the pants and undershorts which he had lowered to his ankles before the traumatizing experience occurred. His shoes had simply fallen off while his socks looked as if a werewolf had tried to escape from them. The shirt was completely shredded. "Great, no hands... how do I carry my belongings now?" Rising to his new paws, he slowly made his way to the pants and bit into the waistband of the pants and lifted them up and made his way back to the hiking trail. Then he proceeded to traverse down the trail to hopefully an open roadway.

    At the bottom of the trail, he saw in an open field what looked like a line up of large mastiff hounds much like he had become while another hound walked up and down the front of their line up. Felix could overhear the pacing hound as he spoke. "As you all know, Arden's success depends upon good delivery hounds such as those acquired from Lord Saberfang's training pack. That is who all of you are. You are here to learn how to be good delivery hounds and if there are going to be any screw ups, they should be confined out here so mistakes are not made in front of customers. We are Hell Hound Freelancers who will someday be Arden's Delivery Hounds." At that moment, Felix dropped his pants from his mouth as he shouted, "Help! I had an accident up on the hiking trail!" He then grabbed his pants in his mouth again.

    The lead pacing hound obviously a devilishly good looking hell hound perked his head up as he glanced over the top of the other hounds and then he jumped over the line and walked padded over to look over the newest hell hound. "Oh my... how did this happen to you? I can smell the traces of human on you, kid."

    "I got lost in the woods from the summer camp near Wonder Lake and I came upon an Arden's pizza box with a single slice inside. I was hungry, so I pulled out a dollar and left that in the box as I ate the slice of pizza. Suddenly I felt pain all over as I barely made it off the trail to use the bathroom behind a tree. And then... this happened to me. What exactly is a Special Test Reward Menu pizza?"

    The lead hell hound glanced over his shoulder at the others in the line up. "Which one of you clowns left part of your non-human safe lunch up on the hiking trail. You know what an unsafe pizza for non-humans can do to a human. Fess up or else I will go sniff the box and see whose scent is on the it."

    One of the hounds turned and said somberly, "I'm sorry, Elite Lord Warfang. During our lunch break, I ordered one of those pizzas and I had my lunch up there. I was almost done with the last slice when I heard you give the line up call. Show up or be demerited, you said. I left the slice in the box before returning to the line up for your lecture. Yes, I thought I had heard someone shout back up the trail after I left, but your orders were clear. Show up or else. So I ignored his initial shout so as to obey your orders."

    Warfang shook his head as he turned to look at the boy turned hell hound once again. "What was your human name, rookie?" Replying although a little miffed at being called a rookie, he said, "Felix Kornel from Dalton, Georgia. My dad is a wharf master down at the gulf." Warfang looked back at the other hell hound once again. "Lightfang, thanks to your pizza slice, you are now responsible for Felix Kornel. But that will have to wait until after today's training session. As sad as this will sound, Felix Kornel, we can't take you back to Wonder Lake until after the training session ends. Of course you could participate although we will have to give you a hell hound sounding name."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Warfang continued. "You have to earn the -fang suffix, but for now we can come up with a simple name for you to use. Then we can take you to restoration services before returning you to Wonder Lake. How much of your clothes are intact, Felix?"

    "My undershorts and shoes are still back where I transformed at, but I brought my pants with me since they have my identification in them. My socks and shirt are history."

    "Okay, Felix," explained Warfang. "Hold still, and we'll fit you with the training blue backpack. We can store your shoes and intact clothes inside the backpack. I am sorry you joined the species in this particular way. To answer your original question, a Special Test Reward Menu pizza is a not for human consumption specialty pizza specifically for hell hounds. We sometimes use that version of the pizza as a reward for those in training when they do well. But more so toward hell hounds. As you found out, when a human eats one of these pizzas they transform into a hell hound. And I am sorry you had that experience yourself." At that point, they hell hounds assisted in getting the blue backpack fitted unto Felix's back and secured around his neck st his new collar and around his torso near his fore legs. Then Warfang loaded the backpack with the pants and had Felix lead him back to where the undershorts and shoes were at. Once they found those items, then\y also went into the backpack. As Felix admitted before, the shirt and the socks were a total loss. But thankfully he had a change of clothes back at summer camp. "We salvaged what we could, Felix. From now on, you will be called Moonfire. Your coat looks like a fire and your eyes look like moonlight. Moonfire, get it."

    Felix as Moonfire replied, "Got it."

    Warfang smiled. "Good. now lets get back down to the field and see about working you in as a delivery hound. You might have a lot of fun today."

    Moonfire said, "I'll do my best, sir."

    The two were soon back down among the other hounds in the line up where Lightfang looked at the new hound and commented, "I am sorry this happened to you, Felix. I'll make it up to you."

    "Warfang and I decided that my hound name will be Moonfire. And you'll get your chance to repair what damage this experience caused."

    Then Lightfang quietly said, "This can be fun although Warfang can be tough as well, so I hope you don't get frustrated."

    Then the hounds were given instructions and then they each had a single slice pizza mini-box stuck in their mouths and told to follow the forest trail and pay attention to the red flags. There were fourteen red flags in total.One at a time, each hound was sent up the trail with their pizza boxes. "Remember boys, that slice is not for you; and don't drop those boxes. Go!"

    After the first three hounds, Lightfang was sent up the trail then another two hounds and then it was Moonfire's turn and he took off. The first few red flags were easy to see along the trail, then it got harder he soon saw a few hounds ahead of him who were just standing there, seemingly confused. Moonfire stepped past the hounds and pointed one paw at the almost hidden red flag in the greenery. Then the Hounds took off up the trail once again. When the hounds got stuck, Moonfire seemed to be able to spot the flags where Warfang had hidden them.

    Moonfire didn't know it, but every time he was helping the others, the big boss saw everything he did. When the hounds returned to the field, Warfang was standing there with a human man in a business suit. Sitting on a small table top was a laptop which was showing live video of the forest trail. "That new hound is a team player, Warfang. What did you say his name was?"

    Warfang said, "Actually, David, that new hound isn't a hound at all. he is a transformation victim. We were going to take him to restoration services after the training session. We were calling him Moonfire, but his human name is Felix Kornel. He got lost from Wonder Lake's summer camp."

    David went over and knelt down to look over Moonfire. "This must be a shock to you, Felix. I am David Arden, the owner of Arden's Pizza franchise. However, I have been in your situation myself. Therefore, because you are a team player and you were a good sport about all this, I want to offer you the same kind of deal I got that allowed me to become human again. Of course make no mistake, I can become my hound form at will. My clothes are dedicated to me specifically so when I transform, my clothing also makes the transformation as well. Are you interested in this offer, Felix? This means you could still have this hound form as a bonus whenever you wanted to change into it. Also, to make it up to you for enduring any of this in the first place, I will grant you a life time benefit of eating Arden's Pizza for free, the same as any of my delivery hounds would get. The choice is yours."

    Moonfire remarked, "I would like to see you make the change back and forth at least once."

    "I think that is a fair question." He then stepped away from the table and set himself down on all fours before he initiated his personal transformation. As told, David's clothes merged into the forming hell hound body leaving him looking quite hot to behold. And then after he padded around the pack of training hounds one time, he returned to his starting position and slowly made the transformation back into his human identity. "See? It is as easy as Pizza pie. What do you say, Felix?"

    "I would like to accept your kind offer, Mr. Arden, sir. Although I did lose a shirt and my socks when I transformed originally."

    "The clothing dedication trick will work with any clothing you happen to be wearing. That way, you don't lose any more clothes. However, I would like to give you a part time job at one of my outlets in Dalton, if you think your parents would allow it. You can even use your discount to treat friends and family to pizza."

    At Restoration Services, Felix learned that the cost of a full restoration was an amount he would never be able to afford by himself let alone the two way transformation ability and clothing dedication magic that Mr. Arden had offered him in exchange for a part-time job at one of his outlets. When all was said and done, Felix realized that the amount was in the thousands although Mr. Arden footed the bill personally. What actually surprised Felix the most was the addition of the hell hound collar to his Moonfire form and a complimentary blue backpack ensemble that would always appear when he was in his hound form. The collar's ID plate had his hound's name on it along with his Arden's claim code. Back in his human form, Lightfang escorted Felix back over the mountain and under the cover of darkness back to his summer camp cabin where Felix could get a change of clothes before settling down for bed.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      The next morning, Felix got up and put on his change of clothes wondering if the previous day's event had happened at all. As he set foot out of his camp cabin he saw his best friend, Michael Hamilton speaking to a camp counselor. "Good morning, Mikey," he said as he walked over to join the others.

      "When did you get back to camp, Felix?" Mikey exclaimed aloud when he saw his friend looking okay. "The rangers combed nearly all of the woods for you yesterday and now you simply walk out of your cabin as if nothing happened."

      The camp counselor leaned back against a tree to listen to the exchange since he was also curious as to when Felix returned. He recalled checking Felix's cabin before going to bed and he wasn't in there then.

      "I accidentally went to the other side of the mountain," said Felix. "and I tore up a good shirt over there when I got caught in briers and thorns. Then when it was getting late, a big dog or a wolf or something of that nature led me back to the lake and from there I was able to skirt the shore and get back to my cabin well after dark. I was so tired when I got back that I just went straight to bed and slept until a few moments ago."

      The camp counselor then spoke up, "David Arden trains his delivery hounds over on the other side of the mountain. You might have gotten lucky and had one of those hounds escort you back to the lake. They are supposed to be super loyal and very well trained. I wish I had one at home for the wife and kids."

      Felix was thankful for the admitted statement as the counselor went to call off the rangers and then Felix and Mikey went to have breakfast. When they finished, they went out to try to earn some boy scout badges. Except Mikey was in a competitive mood. "I'll pitch my tent over here and you pitch yours over there. We will then prepare separate fire pits and then using only flint and steel or a bow string method, we get our campfires started. When you get your fire started, give a shout." And Mikey went over to start setting up his tent in the clearing he indicated. Felix proceeded to do the same thing. Although he chose to set up his tent so the tent opening faced the mountain rather than toward Mikey's tent. Then he cleared a spot of leaves and gathered stones to make the borders of his fire pit. Then he fetched the kindling. At first he tried flint and steel, with no luck at all. he was about to let out a sigh, when he heard Lightfang say, "That's not the way to light a pizza oven, Moonfire. Do it like Warfang taught you." Felix looked around when he heard the distinct voice but no one was around. At least not where he could see the hell hounds.

      Felix peeked around the edge of the tent and saw that Mikey was having the same amount of trouble with the flint and steel. Then he pulled back and he got down on all fours and... he fluidly transformed into Moonfire before focusing on the fire pit and... he exhaled a flame directly onto the kindling and brushwood. Then he changed back to his normal human identity as he blew on the flames and added more kindling to the fire. "Hey Mikey! I got my campfire lit!" True, he had cheated, but since he had a fire-based hell hound form now, he had to use it occasionally or else it might decide to use him.

      Mikey came over with a cooler and sat down at Felix's fire pit. "Since you got the fire started, we can now roast hot dogs and marshmallows."

      Several hot dogs and marshmallows later, the boys were relaxing just inside Felix's tent. "I dried the wood pieces with a dry cloth before starting my fire. it seemed to help a lot," said Felix in response to a question Michael had asked about making the fire.

      "I wish I had thought of that," Mikey replied as he suddenly noticed a large canine with his head stuck inside the flap of the tent. "F-F-Felix... w-w-wolf..."

      Felix slowly sat up to look at the so-called wolf. "Oh, relax, Mikey. generally, wolves won't bother humans unless you threaten them. Besides, this isn't a wolf. It's one of Arden's hounds." He opened the cooler and fished out one of the hot dogs. "Want a dog, Warfang?"

      Warfang quietly took the hot dog eating it as he pointed one paw directly at Felix as he indicated with his head that he wanted to speak to Felix in private.

      Felix then said, "I'm going to escort this hound back to the trail leading to the mountain where Arden trains his hounds, Mikey. I'll be back in a bit."

      Mikey remarked, "Don't get lost this time, okay?"

      "Right. This shouldn't take too long." And Felix headed off with Warfang. Once they were a good way along and away from the tent, Felix asked, "So what's the word, Warfang, that you need to speak with me in private?"

      Warfang stopped walking and said, "There is a dilly of a storm headed toward Wonder Lake and the Super Summer Camp. Head back to your camp, put out that fire, take down the tents and get your gear back to the cabins. Also make sure the counselors know that a storm is coming. If they choose not to believe you, then make sure your friend is taken to the storm shelter cave north of camp. If you don't know the way, I'll send you a sounding from the cavern entrance. Just follow my howl. Now get going!" And with that, he loped off to the north in preparation for Felix's arrival later at the cave.

      Felix darted back to camp in a run and upon arriving, he started shouting, "Mikey, Pack up everything! Quick! There's a storm coming!" He then grabbed a cup of water from their cooler and he douse the campfire and stirred the coals to make sure they were out. Then he began taking down his tent as fast as he could. He had to help Mikey get his tent packed up and then the two picked up their gear and ran back toward the cabins. As they arrived, two of the counselors saw them barreling in as if a demonic beast was chasing them.

      Felix quickly explained that he was told by Mr. Arden that a nasty storm was heading for Wonder Lake and everyone needed to take cover in the storm shelter cave to the north. Naturally, the counselors didn't believe Felix on his word alone. They said that they would have to verify whether there was bad weather coming or not. "No sense in worrying the campers if it is a false alarm." But Felix tagged Mikey as they headed into their cabin and quickly threw all of their belongings into their backpacks.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Sneaking out of the cabin a little while later, Felix and Mikey began heading up through the woods toward the northern forest where the cave was supposed to be. Felix listened intently before he heard Warfang's howl just ahead. "This way, Mikey." And he led the way uphill through the woods until they came upon the cavern entrance which had a door upon it. Felix could see more hounds laying around within the cavern remaining as quiet as possible, primarily because Felix wasn't alone.

        Felix then lit his Coleman Lantern and he hung it up on an available hook to illuminate the forward space in the cavern. They had their sleeping bags unrolled on both sides of the entrance. Then the dark clouds moved in covering the sky rather fast and the wind began to pick up. Then the air turned a pea soup green. At that moment, Felix began pushing the door closed on the cavern. He had seen enough. He was sad that the camp counselors didn't listen to his warning.

        Then came the sound of what seemed to be a freight train roaring directly overhead as trees were heard uprooting and being thrown in all directions. Several were heard piling up against the storm shelter door then the train sound moved down the hill toward the summer camp itself. More destructive sounds were heard which accompanied what sounded like exploding cabins.

        Mikey then said, "I hope the others are okay, Felix. You were right about the storm. When do you think it will be over with?"

        Some hours later, a power saw was heard just outside of the shelter door sawing up the fallen trees. At that moment, Mr. Arden's voice called out, "Felix! Remove the bar on the door and open it up! I brought some help to get you guys to safety over in my valley!"

        Hopping out of his sleeping bag, Felix removed the bar from the door and pulled the door open to reveal how the trees blocking the door had been chain sawed out from the front of the door. David Arden was there with a few of his human employees. Felix and Mikey packed up their sleeping bags and once everything was packed away, they emerged from the cavern where as it was still dark outside. All of the hellhounds poured out of the cavern after the boys emerged and then David asked, "You two were the only ones who came to the shelter, Felix?"

        "The counselors wouldn't believe my story about the coming storm. They said they didn't want to panic the kids in case I was wrong after I told them that you were the one who told me."

        David glanced off into the darkness toward the summer camp. "Those poor kids." He sounded sincere in his words. "Okay guys, let us get these boys back over to my side of the mountain where we can see about calling their parents. Stay close, Felix." And they headed out. From how destroyed the forest was in the surrounding darkness, it was obvious to Felix just how bad this storm truly was. When they came upon a few trees and bushes which had the roof of the head counselor's building directly on top of them, the direness of the situation hit home pretty hard. Felix and Mikey were lucky to be alive. If the others stayed in camp, they simply didn't make it.

        Once they were in Arden's camp on the other side of the mountains, both the Kornel family and the Hamilton families were called by Arden himself and then he ended the calls before seeing to it that the boys got a meal. "Your parents will be by in the morning to pick you up."

        Then solely to Felix, he mentally heard David say, "You will continue to hear from me and the other hounds in the months to come."

        By the following morning, Felix and Mikey were back in their homes in Dalton. However, their stay there wasn't to last as long as they thought. The kids were at the department store with their mothers doing some early back to school shopping. Their fathers were off at the gulf side wharf where they worked at loading and unloading ships.

        At the Kornel house which was right beside the Hamilton house in their neighborhood Ahab the sheepdog started growling at the same time that Plymouth the cat started meowing up a storm. Salty the Hamilton's family parrot called out, "Fire in the hole!" just seconds before twin blasts rocked the neighborhood damaging both houses in an attempted and deliberate bombing of the Kornel house. One of the neighbors called 911 and the fire marshal soon arrived on the scene with the Dalton city bomb squad.

        Moments later, Mrs. Kornel and Mrs. Hamilton arrived in their cars just as Arden's limousine arrived in the neighborhood. As the fire marshal looked over the crudely constructed super pipe bomb Davyd Arden walked up and knelt beside him. "George... I know the Kornels. Tell me the truth; does this look deliberate to you?"

        'George' the fire marshal had orders to make a statement contrary to what he had found, but with Mr. Arden on the scene, he was stuck in a spot he did not want to earn an Arden's Pizza banning from for saying the wrong thing. In a hushed statement to Arden alone he replied, "Yes, but the mayor told me to make a false statement regarding the bomb. I didn't know you were involved with the Kornels. Please don't ban my family from Ardens. My little girl likes your food."

        Davyd then said, "Then make two reports, one for the mayor and the other for me. I want you to write out the truth on the one to me. Do this and no ban. But if I find out that you were dishonest, the whole city gets the ban." He got up and returned to the ladies of the houses to explain about the bomb.

        "Ladies, As you may not be aware of," started Davyd. "I own fine homes around my estate in Mystic Glen, Florida. Since your homes are no longer safe to live within, please accept my hospitality to dwell in my estate homes. Felix offered to work for me part time anyway and this would place him closer to the workplace. You can choose to lease to own the homes you live in if you wish. I can even relocate your husbands into dock positions at the port in Mystic Glen. The unofficial truth, ladies is that your homes were deliberately bombed and the mayor for some reason knows about this. I will contact your husbands and then you may discuss with them on whether to accept my kind offer or not."

        After two brief phone calls as well as brief explanations on what had occurred that afternoon, Anthony Kornel and Jay Hamilton arrived in front of their homes with a U-Haul truck as well as some hired men from the Zamak Corporation to pack up what belongings they did own. Child Welfare were parked just outside of the neighborhood laying in wait to pounce on the mute Eunice Kornel. As if they were also in on whatever plot was going down. But like most smart people, they did not want to let Arden see them, for that man was one of the heads of the Restaurant and Grocer Association in the Dalton zone. Davyd Arden had the power to close down the city with one phone call.

        By the end of the day, all rented furniture was returned to the rental agencies and then the U-Haul Van, the Kornel Mobile Home, the family cars and the Arden limousine departed Dalton.

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Mystic Glen, Florida

          Near the gulf side lay the Arden estate just outside of Mystic Glen. This was a city that David Arden owned and operated himself. He led them to the estate houses on the same street corners of a fine neighborhood that they could not afford to be able to live within otherwise. Down one cul-de-sac street at the end was one of those transportation transportals like the one in Animation Park. The new Kornel house was on one side of the street on a corner connecting to the transportal cul-de-sac. The Hamilton's were given the house directly across the street on the opposite street corner and facing the Kornel House. David handed the keys to the homes to both fathers before he told them, "The entrance to my estate is up this street and through a security gate in a 12-foot brick wall. Felix is welcome to come in whenever he likes. A few of my delivery hounds really like Felix. Get settled in and I'll be by in the morning to help you get jobs at the Mystic Glen docks for better pay." And then David drove off toward his own home.

          The families spent some time getting used to their new homes and getting settled into their new bedrooms. Although once Felix was done arranging his bedroom, he distinctly heard Lightfang mentally speaking toward him. "Felix, this is Lightfang, head down to the transportal and step through. Time for some more Hell Hound training."

          After letting his mother know that he was going exploring, Felix left the house and headed down the street toward the transportal at the end. When he got to the swirling portal of light, he paused as he looked back over his shoulder and seeing no one looking, he turned and stepped through the transportal.

          Mystic Glen, QC Planet's Washington state

          Lightfang smiled when he saw Felix arrive. "You're here. Now change into your Hell Hound form and we'll go join Warfang and the others for a pizza training session."

          "It's time to summon Moonfire." Felix lowered himself on all fours like David had taught him earlier that Summer and he focused on summoning his sexy other self. His hands slowly became covered in short dog fur and his hands were slowly pulsing and shrinking as they changed into a dog's fore paws. His ears also changed into dog ears. His arms and legs changed next becoming that of a large hound's legs while his feet changed into his back paws. Then he felt his tail grow from his tail bone as the rest of his body made the transformation from human to Hell Hound. His lean though strong body was mainly orange and gold in coloration with red highlights while his eyes were lunar blue much like the light from the moon at night. As he took a short breath and released it, he refocused to get used to seeing a muzzle sticking out from under his eyes. "Transformation done, let's go."

          Lightfang then led the way and the two soon arrived at a field just outside of an Arden's Pizza Parlor where Warfang was indeed waiting on them. "Sir, I have brought Moonfire as requested." said Lightfang to his superior.

          Warfang smiled as he nosed Moonfire and licked his muzzle. "Due to the construction going on around Wonder Lake, Arden is permitting us to conduct our training exercises here in the QC version of Mystic Glen. He still owns the area and therefore that means no known or deliberate interruptions. Today however, for Moonfire's benefit, we are going to perform a refresher lesson in how to use one's Hell Hound powers, which will include teleportation. Moonfire does not know how to teleport as yet. Therefore, to make his personal life more fun we are going to teach him how to use this power as well as the telepathy power the rest of us abuse oh so often even during training sessions. And you know who you are when I say that."

          The next few hours were spent learning how to teleport and how to use telepathy. All in all, it was actually fun. The real training would resume the following day. However, Moonfire could now teleport and speak mentally. And the reward for his hard work was a pack pizza provided by Warfang. Yummy, Pizza.

          Warfang came over to Moonfire and laid a paw over his neck. "Think you can find a way to join us tomorrow for some delivery training fun, Moonfire?"

          Moonfire replied, "I'll certainly try, sir."

          Warfang chuckled. "It is supposed to be raining in Florida tomorrow on Earth. That is why I needed to teach you how to teleport using your Hell Hound power. Tomorrow in your room, lock your bedroom door then change into Moonfire and after that, teleport here to the training field. There will be an important training session starting tomorrow."

          Moonfire smiled. "I'll be here if my mom isn't watching me like a hawk. She has those horrid eyes when someone in the household gets in trouble."

          Lightfang came up alongside Moonfire and rubbed on his neck. "Time to get back to the transportal. Change back to human when we get there and then you step through the portal to Florida on Earth. And for the record, we're on QC Planet in the animated version of Washington state at the moment.

          Heading back to the transportal, Moonfire felt a bit heavy due to the pack pizza he had shared with the others. "I think I am putting on weight, Lightfang."

          Looking his friend over, Lightfang patted Moonfire's stomach with a paw for a moment. "It shouldn't stay with you once you transform back into your human form. Because if it does, then we will need to report this to Arden because it might be something serious. Your parents might think you are sick with something and we cannot have that."

          Moonfire lifted his head to the sky and belched out a fireball which dissipated into the air. Then he reverted back to his human form and slowly rose back to his feet. Once this was done, he felt of his stomach. "I guess that need to belch was causing the heavy feeling cause I don't feel full now. Any idea on what Warfang is going to have us do tomorrow?"

          "I think it is the start of delivery training," replied Lightfang. "You'll learn how to make deliveries to designated targets and not be tempted by what you are carrying. You better get going on home so your mom doesn't think the worst if you aren't in for dinner."

          Felix knelt down and gave Lightfang a firm hug as he scratched the Hell Hound between his ears. "I'll see you tomorrow. I hope Warfang is right about the rain." He headed through the portal.

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            One of the side effects of the pack pizza he had the day before had been the loss of his dinner appetite that night and it lasted until breakfast the next morning, by which time he was ready for a good breakfast. He had just barely finished having breakfast and his father had departed to go check on the job with Mr. Arden when the sky opened up and the forewarned rain started falling in torrents. "I'm going to spend the day in my room, mom. If I don't answer when or if you check on me, it is either because I can't hear you through the music headphones or I am totally asleep. So if there is anything you want before I head back in there, now is the time to bring it up." Fortunately she had nothing to ask of Felix, so he headed into his bedroom and quietly closed the door and locked it behind him. "Now to turn on the music to a radio station just in case." He reached over and turned on his bed stand radio.

            "It's time to summon Moonfire." Felix lowered himself on all fours and he focused on summoning his sexy other self. His hands slowly became covered in short dog fur and his hands were slowly pulsing and shrinking as they changed into a dog's fore paws. His ears also changed into dog ears. His arms and legs changed next becoming that of a large hound's legs while his feet changed into his back paws. Then he felt his tail grow from his tail bone as the rest of his body made the transformation from human to Hell Hound. His lean though strong body was mainly orange and gold in coloration with red highlights while his eyes were lunar blue much like the light from the moon at night. As he took a short breath and released it, he refocused to get used to seeing a muzzle sticking out from under his eyes. "Transformation done."

            Once he was in his Hell Hound body he initiated the teleport exactly as Warfang had taught him and in the blink of an eye, he was standing with the other training pack members in the field next to the Arden's family restaurant. Upon arriving, he was greeted like the brother they all considered him to be and then Lightfang and Warfang arrived in the field, a bit later than expected. Warfang smiled when he saw that Moonfire had already arrived. "I told you that the use of teleport was fun. And you didn't get wet."

            "And its raining back home just like you said," he replied to Warfang with a smile.

            Warfang said, "Today, all of you get to begin your pizza delivery training to real customers near Mystic Glen." After announcing this, he began assigning Hell Hounds to various towns and cities within the area. When he got to Moonfire, he placed a paw over and around his neck. "You will be assigned to Montrocol Campus. Those kids are all the time ordering pizzas and stuff. And to get you started, Moonfire," Unexpectedly in the blink of an eye, Warfang and Moonfire were standing at the entrance to Montrocol campus. "Okay Moonfire... memorize this teleport location exactly as I instructed you to do yesterday when I taught you how to teleport."

            Moonfire spent the next few moments sniffing around the arrival location followed by marking the nearby bushes, which he still found to be embarrassing to do in public. He then looked to Warfang. "All done."

            Warfang smiled. "Now prove it. Teleport back to the others and then teleport back to me here."

            Moonfire smiled back at his superior. Teleportation was the funnest part of the job. He vanished from the campus and reappeared next to the others in the original field. Looking around to make sure it was the right pack of hounds, he then vanished once again and reappeared next to Warfang at the entrance to the campus. "I did it."

            Warfang then teleported with Moonfire back to the field where he had the Hell Hounds line up next to the Arden's delivery outlet. Now for Moonfire it was the waiting game as Warfang instructed those gathered what was to be expected of them. Ordered pizzas would be prepaid by credit card and the only thing the Hell Hounds had to do was deliver the pizzas to those who had ordered them. Confirm the customer by their ID or by reciting the last four digits of the credit card number. Then and only then permit them to take their pizza.

            Finally, Moonfire was receiving his pizza delivery instructions. "This human-safe pizza is to be delivered to Kappa Alpha Delta Frat House at Montrocol," said Warfang as he loaded up the Hell Hound's blue backpack. "Try not to let any of the frat boys mess with your ass while you're there. Once you deliver the pizza, leave campus and then pull out these human-safe pizza breads and enjoy a nice reward for yourself. Good luck, Moonfire. We'll see you when you return."

            Making the initial teleport was as fun as he had been told it was. Once back on campus, he now had to locate the frat house. This was not a fun part of the job. Learning the campus layout to make a delivery. Instead, Moonfire chose to go to the Dean's office and ask him where the place was. Once in the Dean's office, he saw a really good looking humanoid Tiger Digimon behind the main desk. "Excuse me, sir... I am looking for the Kappa Alpha Delta frat house. One of their residents ordered a pizza from Arden's and I don't know where the place is."

            Tigromon leaned over his desk to get a look at the owner of the voice. "Well well... you're a new face on campus. I guess it was time to switch out the Arden's hounds again. What do you call yourself, son?"

            "Moonfire, sir."

            Tigromon stood up and came around the desk before kneeling down to pet and rub on Moonfire's head. "Kappa Alpha Delta... my oh my... we haven't called it that in four years. You are looking for the CAD Dormitory. Some of the most brilliant minds on campus are housed there. I'll show you where it is on my map."

            Moonfire enjoyed the pets from this digimon and was glad he made a friend by going to the dean first. He looked at the map of the campus and then he said, "Could I get a copy of this updated map for the Arden's delivery station? The one they have is outdated."

            Tigromon pulled a fresh new map out of his desk and opened the blue backpack and slid the map into the side of the pack before closing the pack once again. "You're in training, aren't you, Moonfire?"

            "Yes sir."

            "Deliver a message to Mr. Arden for me when you return to base. Let him know that we would like to commission the building of an Arden's Pizza outlet on Montrocol Campus ASAP."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              After making the pizza delivery, Moonfire walked outside of the campus to the sidewalk where he unpacked his human safe pizza breads to enjoy a well earned reward for completing his training mission. He was about to take a bite when he noticed what looked like a homeless man wearing an old hat and the faded worn clothes of a tramp. The man looked as if he was starving. Moonfire padded over to the man and said, "You need this food more than I do, sir. Please, Enjoy. Compliments of Arden's Pizza." After handing over the pizza bread sticks, he turned and walked away from the homeless man unaware of how his good deed was not to go unnoticed in Montropolis.

              One teleport later, Moonfire was checking in with Warfang for the debriefing. When he explained how the old maps were out of date and he had procured an updated map of the campus for their outlet, he got some nice praise. When he made the report of Dean Tigromon's request, he was again given praise. The delivery of the pizza was also awarded with praise. But when he explained how he had given his reward to a homeless man in a Montropolis alleyway, Warfang growled at Moonfire. "You gave away Arden's food for free? What were you thinking?"

              "He looked like he was starving! You said it was human safe and-" but Warfang cut him off as he shouted, "That isn't the point, Moonfire! Never ever give away delivery food for free! It sets up a bad message to the riff raff in various cities that you are a push-over! And I thought you could handle a job a like this! What was Arden thinking when he hired you?"

              At that embarrassing moment, Davyd Arden stepped out of the outlet and looked at the two Hell Hounds. "Getting a mite loud, aren't we? Were you going to forward that question at me, Warfang? Or was that rant simply for Moonfire's benefit alone?" He then opened his belt pouch carrying case and he pulled out a homeless man's cap and showed it to Moonfire. "Do you recognize this, Moonfire?"

              "That's the cap that the homeless man was wearing. Where did you get that?"

              David then also pulled out the two pizza breads with a smile. "I was wearing it earlier in Montropolis where I gave you a test, Moonfire. Warfang is right to get upset when he isn't let in on the gist of a test, as was the case this time. Normally, you do not give away free Arden's food. But this time, I wanted to see if you would show compassion for a starving man on sight. Normally you are human yourself, Moonfire, but when in Hell Hound form, some hounds just don't get what it means to know and to show a little caring. You paid attention to the words 'human safe' pizza breads this time and that is what you gave me in the alleyway. Had the instructions been non-human safe, would you have still given me the food? We may never know. But you a human in Hell Hound form passed the test I laid out for you." He then handed the pizza breads back to Moonfire. "Eat up, kiddo. Your reward for passing my test is the permanent assignment to Montrocol campus. And once the new outlet is open on their campus, you will get your pizzas from there to deliver to the students and faculty."

              He then looked to Warfang as he knelt down and gave the gruff angry war general a hand scratching around his head and ears. "I apologize for not letting you know that I was going to be testing Moonfire today. But a good test is performed when few people know about it. Your reaction was part of that test, Warfang. You remembered the rules and you let Moonfire have it when you thought he broke them. A lot of hounds fail this one simple test which is why they are switched out of serving Montrocol campus every four years. New recruits will still be assigned there once in a while, but Moonfire will be the now permanent Hell Hound delivery agent for the campus. Not to mention, he made friends with the Dean down there."

              Warfang looked admonished and embarrassed for falling for one of Arden's surprise tests on a rookie. "I'm sorry, Davyd. I just don't want our agents to think that I won't chew them out for breaking the rules when I catch them doing it. I hope Moonfire forgives me for my growling at him."

              Davyd said, "Now that Moonfire has the experience of one of your administrative growls, he should not ever befall the breaking of an Arden's rule. The next time you have to issue a growl at him, it will be the real thing and not just a test. But hopefully, there won't ever be a next time. By the way, where is Lightfang?"

              Warfang replied, "He is making a delivery of his own; he should be back soon. Has he done something wrong, sir?"

              Mr. Arden remarked in Pure Hound-Speak, "Not at all. It's just that since Moonfire got his form through Lightfang's genetic saliva on that pizza slice, we need Lightfang to officially induct Moonfire into his pack so that no other Hell Hound pack gets any funny ideas over an unmarked or unclaimed nice guy of a Hell Hound."

              Apparently, Davyd and Warfang had shifted their conversation from English into Pure Hound-Speak since Moonfire seemed clueless over what they were saying in his presence. Warfang replied, "I get the feeling that Moonfire might not be too thrilled over getting it from another hound even if it is to save him from later recruitment."

              "The poor boy is an open invitation at the moment and if we don't change that," started Mr. Arden. "then one of the more sleazy Underworld packs might get their mitts on him. Then it would be our fault for not making the protection effort when we had the chance. And it has to be Lightfang or it won't be legal."

              "I get the feeling that Lightfang may not be so up to making the effort, sir," stated Warfang. "He already feels more than responsible for getting Felix transformed in the first place with a pizza he personally ordered. And unlike your personal situation, Davyd, you didn't become a Hell Hound through eating a saliva covered food item. You were recruited by a war Alpha who was putting an army together to defend Hell from the angelic war forces. A recruitment involving the very thing you are asking Lightfang to do to Moonfire."

              "Are you suggesting that we do nothing, Warfang?" asked Davyd under some annoyance that his general was defending Lightfang's feelings regardless of the situation with the boy. "I really don't want to see Moonfire have to be dragged through the cesspool of underworld politics like the rest of us have had to do."

              "All I am saying is that Lightfang may not want to be the one to soil his friendship with Felix, sir. He likes the boy."

              "We all like the boy, Warfang," stated Davyd. "That is why we need to get this done; so we don't lose him to the wiles of another pack recruiter. All it takes is one dropped guard moment and Felix would be stuck in a pack he doesn't want to be in."

              Warfang released a sigh. "Then permit me to go prepare Lightfang for what he will have to do. But please, don't make it be today. Friday night would be better. A backyard camp out."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                Having sent Moonfire home for the rest of the day, Felix was surprised when his mom knocked on his door saying the following words. "I am sure Felix will be surprised to be meeting another one of the locals albeit on a rainy day. Felix! You have a visitor!"

                Quickly changing back into his human form and standing up, Felix went over and unlocked the door before he opened it up to see for whom his mother was referring to. Standing in the hallway still wearing his raincoat was a young man with reddish brown hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes. beneath the rain coat, he wore a brown and white western shirt, blue jeans, and rubber boots over his sneakers. He was also holding two umbrellas. "I'm Felix Kornel. Who are you?"

                "You can call me Christian Brown, but my street name is Crispy. Street names around here are what Arden's boys assign to the nice boys and girls who live in Mystic Glen." Apparently that information was meant for Mrs. Kornel's ears alone so she wouldn't think there were gangs in the neighborhood. "What cool hound like name did the Arden's boys give you, Felix?"

                "Moonfire." Felix replied thinking that if his mom thought that Arden's sons had already spoken to him and gave him a nickname she wouldn't ask about it later. "But you can call me Felix. What's up with having two umbrellas?"

                Crispy replied, "I was hoping you might come with me so I can show you where a few of the local teen hangouts are. I asked your mom if it was okay and she said you might be asleep. It isn't even three P.M. yet so I cannot figure out why you would be asleep on a nice day like today. So how about it, Felix. Get on your rain gear, come see the teen spots with me and I will treat you to homemade ice cream afterward at my house. My parents are at work right now so we'll have the whole house to ourselves. I even have some video games and comic books you might like."

                Dea said, "Oh go on, Felix. You've been in your room all day. At least make an effort to make a new friend."

                Not long after that, Felix in his rain gear and using the spare umbrella, darted along the sidewalk with Crispy down along the street pausing beneath store awnings here and there to take a break from the onslaught downpour of rain until they reached an arcade called The Baying Inferno. Stepping inside and side stepping into the cloak room, the two began to disrobe out of their rain gear. It was while Felix was doing this that he chose to sneakily memorize this location for a Hell Hound teleportation arrival zone just like Warfang had taught him to do. Learning more friendly teleportation arrival zones was ideal according to Warfang and knowing this one just inside the arcade was an important one to learn. Especially on a rainy day like today. He was about done when he noticed Crispy watching his actions and it seemed as if Crispy had been doing the same thing.

                "Do I have some dirt or mud on me?" Felix chose to ask hoping to distract Crispy's notice from what he had been doing.

                "Glad I was right about you, Felix," he stated with a smile. "I also have a Hell Hound form and from what I just saw you do, someone has taught you how to memorize a teleportation location. I cannot wait to teach you all of the teleport spots I know of. As for what I was doing here... I was making sure this location had not been changed since the last time I memorized it. I cannot wait to see what you look like in your canine form. But we won't do it here. I promise I won't tell anyone about your special form. I cannot wait to show you my hound form so you can give me a good sniffing all over. Sniffing all over is how you memorize a friend."

                "Is verifying a teleportation location important, Crispy?" asked Felix since it seemed like his new friend had just revealed some important information that Warfang had not mentioned.

                "It sure is," he replied. "A location's contents can change and it is good to know if the space is occupied by a new permanent obstacle so you don't get hurt by merging into said object. That could hurt a lot. Scent marking a location with dog urine is supposed to only be done if you know the location is not supposed to ever publicly change. The pizza hounds are often marking work locations so they have short cuts to and from work. For a human, it can be embarrassing to do in public and from your facial expression, someone has had you do this at least once. I won't ever make you do it. But I would like to teach you some of the more fun Hell Hound activities young hounds like us can participate in. We can try some out later when we go to get some ice cream at my house."

                Felix smiled. "I'm glad I got to meet you now, Crispy. And you are right... I have been getting some training in how to be a Hell Hound ever since I got changed into one by accident. My mom doesn't know about this and I don't want her to find out either. I didn't even tell my best friend who lives across the street from me. We will show each other our forms later at your house. For now, let's go play some video games."

                Crispy had the cash for buying the arcade plays as a good friend should and then after a good hour of video game playing, they got their rain gear back on and then Crispy directed Felix on how to find where he lived from The Baying Inferno. The walled home had tarp awnings covering most of the yard and there was an arousing scent in the air which was starting to make Felix feel hard within his pants. Heading inside the gate, Crispy had Felix learn a certain yard teleport location before inviting him on into the fortress like house bypassing the main living areas, Crispy took Felix down to his bedroom where he again prompted his new friend to feel free to memorize a corner of the bedroom as a teleportation arrival location. Once Felix had done this, the rain gear came off and was laid over a drying rack near the room's heater. At this point, Crispy motioned for Felix to get on all fours. "As promised, Moonfire."

                "Let's get Crispy," exclaimed the young man as he focused on summoning his sexy Hell Hound body. His hands slowly became covered in short dog fur and his hands were slowly pulsed as they shrank slightly as they changed into a large dog's fore paws. His ears also changed into dog ears. His arms and legs changed next, becoming that of a large hound's legs while his feet changed into his back paws. Then his tail grew from his tail bone as the rest of his body made the transformation from human to Hell Hound. His muscularly strong body was mainly reddish brown in coloration with white highlights while his eyes were piercing red much like a laser from a pen light measuring device. He took a short breath and released it as he lifted his head confidently with a smile. "My parents haven't explained to me why I get so big when I transform, Moonfire. But it doesn't cause any problems for me. It's your turn now."

                "It's time to summon Moonfire." Felix lowered himself on all fours and he focused on summoning his sexy other self. His hands slowly became covered in short dog fur and his hands were slowly pulsing and shrinking as they changed into a dog's fore paws. His ears also changed into dog ears. His arms and legs changed next becoming that of a large hound's legs while his feet changed into his back paws. Then he felt his tail grow from his tail bone as the rest of his body made the transformation from human to Hell Hound. His lean though strong body was mainly orange and gold in coloration with red highlights while his eyes were lunar blue much like the light from the moon at night. He took a short breath and released it now getting used to seeing the muzzle sticking out from under his eyes. "Transformation done. This is what I look like as Moonfire. Do we sniff each other now?"

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  "I will demonstrate how you do a sniff over on a potential friend and then you simply mimic what I do in return," started Crispy as he proceeded to do exactly as he said he was going to do. As he closed the distance between them both, he pressed his nose to Moonfire's muzzle and neck while snuffling the others scent before saying, "Although there is a sure fire way for performing a friendship bonding between two Hell Hounds, if you are more interested in forging a lasting friendship rather than to rely on scenting alone. I am sure the others would have taught you this themselves later on once they felt you were more comfortable with it. You could surprise them by already being prepared before they think you are ready." He continued to nose and sniff down along Moonfire's underbelly and around his groin and tail base. As he nose the sheath, Crispy licked the opening of Moonfire's sheath, French kissing it with his Hell Hound tongue. "You have a unique taste, Moonfire. You are special among Hell Hounds. I even know a few Aussie Hell Hounds whom I have made friends with and I would be honored to introduce you to them whenever you liked." Crispy then nosed Moonfire's anus and also licked the pucker with a smile. "Okay, Moonfire. Do what I did. And then, if you would like to cement the friendship with the sure fire way, I'll teach you how to do that. Just give the word and I'll instruct you on how to make it work. You are one of the good ones."

                  Moonfire proved to be a quick study for the sniff over as he did exactly as Crispy had done and it didn't taste bad at all despite how he thought it might taste when he licked over the certain spots where Crispy had licked him. Of course, Moonfire was even more aroused now. "I am very interested in the sure fire way, Crispy. How does it work?"

                  Crispy smiled as he moved himself around to the position directly behind Moonfire. "Once I start, Moonfire, I won't be able to just kill off the performance even if you think it hurts. But I promise you... any pain is not intentional. I really like you. Besides, Hounds do this all the time in the Underworld." And so saying that, he mounted up on Moonfire and slowly sank his shaft and knot deeply within his new friend's tail hole. Once he was fully within Moonfire, he paused for a moment. "I know this feels weird to you, Moonfire, but I assure you... only your Hell Hound body is getting fucked, not your human body. Once we finish, you will be able to mentally speak to me and my pack mates whenever you like. And when you are doing so, no other Hell Hound will be able to listen in. We are setting up a private Hell Hound communication channel which you will be able to use in your human form. This will allow you to privately speak to allied pack mates without causing a public scene." And then he resumed the deep and wet plundering of his friend's glory hole.

                  Moonfire was gasping and panting hard; his own canine penis was hanging out of his sheath and was just as hard and erect as it felt Crispy was within his back side. "I think I am dripping... If I am, I will help clean it up, Crispy..."

                  "As I said," explained Crispy. "you are one of the good ones, Moonfire, Don't worry about the drip. I will help you suck it off when I finish with your back side. On the better side, we are forming a pack bond. In effect, you are joining a pack that I belong to. If you want to think of it as a street gang, you can. For some people, street gang is the term that helps them cope with this experience. As I said earlier... Hell Hounds in the underworld do this very thing all the time."

                  Moonfire moaned and accidentally released a howl when Crispy began to empty himself into his insides. "If you are part of someone's pack or street gang, then who is the alpha of this bunch?"

                  Crispy held himself flesh tight with Moonfire's rump as he finished emptying his bonding fluids into the new friend. "The guys' name is Deepfang. He is one of Arden's top recruiting trainers. He is usually working the delivery assignment station. You have likely already met him if you have been training with Warfang and the others. He is my alpha while I am his pack recruiter. But when I am not recruiting for the pack, I just like to make friends with the new Hell Hound talent in Mystic Glen. And that was you, Moonfire. When I am done in you, it will be your turn to do it to me in return. Share and share alike. Did it hurt at all?"

                  Moonfire panted as he felt the fluids seeping into his body. "Only upon first entry. And when you popped your knot inside of me. When will you be free?"

                  "Just like with real world canines," he further explained. "It takes thirty minutes for the bulbous knot to deflate and then you get to show me how you can do the same thing. And don't worry about hurting me. I've had far larger than yours."

                  "As long as I don't end up smelling like fresh sex in my human form," remarked Moonfire worriedly. "Then we won't have to worry about my mom dragging out the family trade tools which she is retired from using."

                  "And what was the family trade before she retired?"

                  "Demon hunting."

                  Crispy nearly came to a halt when Moonfire spoke those two words. Neither Hell Hound was saying anything after that. When thirty minutes passed and Crispy pulled out of Moonfire, it seemed he was about to leave the room before Moonfire caught him by his back side.

                  "Not so fast, Crispy. I get my turn, right?" And that was when Moonfire proceeded to do the exact same thing to Crispy that he had just received. "I'm no Indian giver; share and share alike, you said. Besides, as I told you before we started... she doesn't know and I don't want her to know. Besides, you are teaching me a lot of fun things. You have been far more fun than Warfang and the others have been. I like you."

                  As mentioned before, Moonfire was a quick study and he soon had Crispy in the self same filling position he had been in himself earlier. "Are you sure I didn't hurt you or something?"

                  "You did scare me with that demon hunting statement," he replied. "You are sure she is retired?"

                  "She had a falling out with the clan after they revealed that they had done something stupid that involved her directly," explained Moonfire. "When she married dad, she promised him that she would not be taking up the family business once she and he were to start a family. My brother and my sister were planned children. I wasn't planned; when I was born some pretty weird things happened around the hospital. There was a six car pile up just outside of the hospital and six people died. And a bird was found dead just outside the hospital window."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    After the session in sexual education, the two Hell Hounds spent some time getting cleaned up in Crispy's bathroom shower where he made damned sure there was no lingering scent of sex on Moonfire nor Felix anywhere. And then the two dried off and went to the kitchen where homemade ice cream was served as was also promised before they went to Crispy's house.

                    "This flavor is sorta strange, Crispy," stated Moonfire as he ate the ice cream.

                    Crispy replied, "You are probably not used to the natural milk substitute my dad uses in the homemade ice cream. All homemade ice cream types are made differently and so no two are alike even if they boast the same general flavor. One vanilla may not match someone's recipe. Once we finish the ice cream, we can go read some comic books if you want, or I can take you to where the other pack members hang out so you can meet the others you will definitely meet when you start school in a few weeks."

                    Moonfire replied, "Not just me; my brother and my best friend and his sister will all be starting school at the same time. My older sister is out of school. She helps mom around the house. Our dads work over at the docks."

                    "My father works over at the docks himself. He will likely meet your dad and then we will have a common ground between us. I am really glad you were so open to everything we did today."

                    "You made it a lot of fun, Crispy. I cannot wait to play with you again on another day. But I would like to meet the others in the pack street gang. You said there were a few Aussies. What kind of Hell Hounds do they make?"

                    "The most romantic kind naturally. Of course, Moonfire, hounds are not the only Hell species in Mystic Glen. When school starts you will likely get to meet the rest of them. Ungulates, canines, rodents, and rabbits primarily. There are even a few skunks in town. But they do not stink." He then tagged Moonfire with a paw and said, "Come on, We'll go to where the rest of the pack hang out. We can swing back by later to pick up your rain gear on the way back. Unlike dragons, Hell Hounds can stand to get a little wet." And he headed off with Moonfire following close behind him.

                    Going out the back door, Crispy led Moonfire to an opening through what looked like a culvert pipe. "Right through there, Moonfire. It is dry on the other side." And Moonfire darted into the culvert pipe and padded down the dry tunnel closer to what felt like a heated environment. He couldn't even hear it raining anymore. When he emerged from the other side he came to an almost immediate stop as he was nose to nose with several other Hell Hounds who all looked exhausted and concerned. "What the-?"

                    "Get away! Quick!" were all that the new Hell Hounds could say to him in warning. But the warning came a little too late as the Alpha Hell Hound was suddenly behind Moonfire and he was grabbed from behind and hilted with a strong slick shaft deeply into his Hell Hound back side... getting tied instantly as the Alpha's fluids flowed the moment the knot was felt. And that was all Moonfire was able to feel and do as he felt euphoric waves of chloroform like exhaustion wash over him as he passed out on the ground under the pack alpha.

                    Crispy poked his head out of the gateway tunnel between dimensions saying, "I did good this time, sir. His name is Moonfire. He was one of Warfang's newest training recruits whom they hadn't even given the protection mounting to as yet. I don't know what they were waiting for."

                    The Alpha looked over his shoulder at Crispy. "That's a good pack recruiter. You did an excellent job this time swiping a hound right out from under Arden himself. Moonfire will be enrolled into the Omega quarter like most of these schmucks and if he ever wants to be free, he will progress to Captain ranking."

                    Crispy smiled. "Are you going to knock him up, Alpha Knotsburydeep? I actually like this one. I was almost sorry to have to recruit him. But a recruiter has to do their job."

                    Knotsburydeep chuckled as he continued to fill Moonfire's body with his pregnancy seed. "All new recruits get knocked up so they cannot teleport out of the home realm. If Hell hadn't passed that stupid anti-recruiting law, I wouldn't have had to move the pack to a pocket plane just outside of Hell itself. At least here, we can make our own pack laws and run things the way we have always run them during the last few centuries. Damn, this Hell Hound is a good fuck. He takes it almost too well. I wonder if there is something unspoken about this hound."

                    Crispy said, "The ice cream laced with your Alpha semen was almost detected by him, but he ate it any way after I explained that all homemade ice cream recipes tasted differently."

                    Knotsburydeep gave Crispy a loving muzzle lick. "Excellent. A good job as always. He will be upset when he wakes up and finds that his teleportation ability is being blocked. Probably even more upset when he tries to cross the border and is stopped by the anti-kidnapping barrier. More likely further upset when he learns that a Hell Hound pregnancy in the home realm takes three months. Is there anything special about this catch you haven't told me as yet?"

                    Crispy now looked more worried than the other pregnant Omega prisoners who were watching from nearby. "Um... he is the legacy of a retired demon hunting clan."

                    Knotsburydeep almost cursed when those two words were mentioned. "Demon hunters?! Did you make sure they were retired?"

                    Crispy said, "I made damned sure to ask Moonfire if the retirement was definite and he said his mother had a falling out with the clan over a mistake the clan made in regards to her directly. The exact wording was... She had a falling out with the clan after they revealed that they had done something stupid that involved her directly. When she married dad, she promised him that she would not be taking up the family business once they were to start a family. His older brother and sister were planned children. He wasn't; when he was born some weird things happened around the hospital. There was a six car pile up just outside and six people died. And a bird also died just outside of the hospital window of his room."

                    Knotsburydeep said, "Did he mention who the clan was?"

                    Crispy said, "He never mentioned the clan name but his human name was Felix Kornel. His father works at the Arden Corporate docks in Mystic Glen. They used to live in Dalton. With some research, I can find out what the maiden name was, sir. But as of right now, I don't have that information."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Recruited.