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[AWT-04] BTv2-02 Here Comes the Rain Again

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    [AWT-04] BTv2-02 Here Comes the Rain Again

    Hells Canyon; Taur Valley - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BTv2-02 Here Comes the Rain Again.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Oval Q Ranch; Jaded Chance; Westaurn Ho Game World.

    Cowboy Lukas was having a meal with his town friends during the Town Meeting from the last episode, Bert was in the room to the side secretly watching the Town Meeting since he was sure he would hear cheering from the players that Bert wasn't going to be in their beloved game. And then he heard what nearly all of the female database said in regards to Bert himself. No Bert; no female taurs. Orion commented that he thought that Bert was off on a date with Gawain according to the boy's own words and if he was actually in a game, then he didn't know which one since Bert had so many.

    Lukas said, "You could just call Orion and tell him that you went West. That is plenty a clue to use."

    Bert said, "I could, but no. Gawain was letting Timefrost plow his field earlier and I didn't want to join the programmers pack so I came here to spend time with my lovely retrievertaur only to find you having dinner with the entire town. I guess I need to grow up and stop being twelve."

    Lukas came over sat in Bert's lap. "Now don't get all mopey again! I know you feel hated; but I am your partner and don't you forget it!"

    Bert looked over his shoulder up his partner's chest fur. "Then love me tonight. Make me feel wanted."

    Lukas smiled. "If that's what you want, how can I say no?"

    Bert then sent Orion a text message: Letting Cowboy Lukas Show me the Stars of Love Tonight. Won't Be Available Until Tomorrow.

    Lukas grinned when he saw the text message. "That was more than a hint. But you belong to me tonight. A shame that Clan stopped being the Clan Single we thought we knew."

    Bert said, "I know... he's the reason I feel so unloved currently. When we thought he was a character, he wanted down my pants something fierce; but after his player side emerged, he converted almost entirely into this prude whom could care less about sex. He never made a single pass at me once the real him was back to health."

    Lukas picked up the cellphone device and he sent Orion a text: Don't say this out loud, but has Clan been sexual in game with anyone since his final rescue?

    When the reply came back, he read it aloud for Bert. "Not even a blip of activity even in the games where it would be expected to be normal."

    Bert said, "I have an idea on where our version of Clan Single might be. Remember the last time we were messing around with Clan and my friend whom suggested the Adoption System? We were in S'taurrior MMO on the Emeralda worlds at Clan's personal base. King Kazma and his red rabbits popped in on us there and we had a pow-wow in regards to the Imperials newest plans. After that day, the only interaction we had through Clan was when Linus was in charge. The new Clan became more and more distant until he supposedly got captured and had to be rescued from the Imperial Prison in the old game. Then Linus learned that Orion had authorized me to start my own game company and his activity as Clan grew less and less until the day he attempted to request a character purge of all of his characters expecting the system to be like it was in the old days: you make a purge request and the characters are forever gone. Then Linus staged that phony suicide and after being rescued, I got him to talking not realizing that I had Kazma and the heroes on standby as the stupid imperial revealed all."

    Lukas grinned. "He was pissed when you suckered him into talking especially when he thought all evidence was gone. He thought Nighthawk was a carbon copy of Orion's company."

    Bert said, "The Imperials were always so stupid for thinking that we simply copied Orion's work. When they couldn't figure out how to invade Nighthawk games, they would only target me either personally or when I was in Orion's games. That is why I stopped participating in Orion's games as a player is because of them."

    Lukas said, "Tonight is nookie and tomorrow we go find the real Clan."

    Bert smiled. "You're so on."

    The rest of the night in the ranch house's rumpus room for sex involved Lukas claiming his human partner in all the right ways to convey his love for the boy.

    The next morning... Bert and Lukas were taking a necessary bath in preparation for the search for the real Clan Single not whomever that prude in the real world was. Then the call came in over Bert's communicator device except it was in text message format. It read as - Clan Single: "Hey Bert! Where are you at this morning. I just asked Gawain about you and he said you left looking depressed."

    Bert typed in his reply a test message to see how Clan would react - Esteban Nighthawk: "Hey Linus. Lukas and I are bathing this morning before a special outing we have planned. We had sex last night at my request."

    Clan's reply was, "Is sex the only thing on your mind? You used to be a lot more decent of a young man. Now it seems like you are nothing more than the valley's fuck toy." He never contradicted that Bert had called him Linus.

    Bert then showed the messages to Lukas whom in turn uttered a dirty word. "I thought we handled these fakes. That was a wise suspicion on your behalf. They are looking for you again."

    Bert then said, "I would contact Kazma about this, but I am suspecting that he might be in on this. He never liked it for my father and I to be on planet; even though Orion hired us."
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02
    Some time later, avoiding Taur Valley entirely, Bert and Lukas arrived at the space port terminal located just behind the S'taurrion Knights Academy. No one was manning the place at that time of the morning and Bert had VIP access anyway. "If I am right, we are going to find the Millennium Quadcon stuck in mid-flight within MMO space-time. Once we are aboard Clan's ship, we need to change course so we can land the Millennium Quadcon at the S'taurrion Knights Academy."

    Lukas then said, "Correct me if I am not remembering this correctly, Bert, but isn't the SKA home world location in its own version of the Quadrant universe? And if it was, couldn't we just land the Quadcon back at Emeralda I for its own safety?"

    Bert replied, "In a way you are right, but the only catch is that none of Clan's secret base is set up in the SKA universe. We would have to copy it over. Not to mention, I need to data-cleanse former TSG/OFE characters and locales to make them safe for habitation in the NGE specific game universe locations. I am tired of the way the Imperials continue to get into our role-playing zones."

    Lukas nodded his head. "Then lets make it so, partner! Do the honors!"

    Bert shouted, "Millennium Quadcon! On!"

    And the shortcut portal opened to the ship's cargo hold where Bert and Lukas began to make their way through the quiet ship as they made their way up to the piloting chamber and sure enough, they saw Clan Single trapped in shut down. Pulling out his portable data-cleansing scanner, Bert hooked up the device to Clan's console and activated it to convert all ship programming over into DonkOS programming code. Then the device was unhooked from the ship and attached to Clan's neck where his personal cleansing session got underway. Once the ship was under their control, they flew the Quadcon back to Emeralda I where a cleansed copy of Clan's secret Base was copied into Bert's portable back up system and then they piloted the ship to a point near the edge of ShutDown Space.

    Bert said, "The moment we make the crossing from ShutDown Space into SKA Space, Clan is likely going to wake up and hopefully he isn't pissed that we took control of his ship. We will try to pilot his ship back to Emeralda I and get his camp set up again from the data bank."

    As they piloted the ship through the star gate between universes, Clan did indeed begin to snap out of his ShutDown Sleep status. When he saw Lukas aboard the bridge with Bert, instead of being angry, he said, "Thank the Taur Gods you guys came and found me! Someone claiming to be Linus had me pilot my ship to a fixed point away from Emeralda I just as the entire Quadrant MMO was shut down and the fink logged out leaving me stuck there! I think they also attempted to set off the Purge Universe Staff Function which would have worked in Orion's servers, but I knew that such a request here had to go through Bert first!"

    Bert said, "Good thing I had you on protected character status."

    Lukas asked, "What can you tell us about Linus Ligrotaur from as far back as you can recall?"

    Clan said, "Linus was initially not from the Animated World at all. He hailed from some planet off in Taur space which was controlled by an Empire whom was in charge at the time. Linus always claimed to be an Empire loyalist as well as a professional recruiter. He had a silver glib tongue which he could use to convince victims of giving him anything he wanted. Linus initially convinced Thunder Rails into joining the Empire in S'taurrior. He also convinced him that it was okay to use two collars since that was the only way you could play more than one character. Linus was in deep with the imperials. He was literally their back door into the world whenever he chose to help them get back in. No one would ever suspect Bert's best friend in Taur Valley especially since Orion was constantly getting the shit end of the public stick every time an Imperial fiasco came up. But then Bert was made an honorary member of the Justice Patrol and the Imperials felt threatened. When they couldn't figure out how to breech Bert's coding, they focused on removing Bert's allies."

    Bert said, "So they think I have the means of locking them out, is that it?"

    Clan said, "I'm not sure about that, but your pure honesty in not wanting others to feel like crap was unheard of in the S'taurrior universe itself. I believe this was explained to you once in narration."

    Lukas said, "I had a theory on how to lock the Imperials out; it might not succeed, but its something we haven't tried yet."

    Bert looked to his partner. "Oh go ahead and lay it on us, Lukas. At least if it gets said we cannot say later that someone didn't think of it. What's on your mind?"

    Lukas smiled. "Anime World and Camp World are not the only animated worlds out there that can support taur-kind. Suppose we were to contact one of the other worlds and barter to have Taur Valley ported into their animated world. A new world would mean new frequencies that the Imperials don't have automatic access to. We could agree to have every citizen scanned to make sure their minds are stable enough for the transfer to a new setting. A Good test of this would be to arrange for every Taur to have a moment of alone time with Bert to see whom reacts badly to his even being there. Those whom fail will need further re-evaluation before being permitted to head to Greener pastures. The new area can be Terra-formed from the start to support the Taur Villages and nearby swamp and farm land environments. Get rid of segregation from the beginning. I often got tired of hearing how Taurs compliment Bert publicly but then they would back attack him in game if they found that they had to speak to him at all."

    Bert said, "I agreed to stay out of their game that they love so much. I just hate it when they try to get me to come back into game with Lukas."

    Clan said, "In my opinion, if we perform Lukas' idea with having Taur Valley leave Anime World, we do not tell Kazma that we are pulling out. I don't know, but I get the feeling that Bert may be right about Kazma being in cahoots with the Empire. You know its bad when the owner of the planet cannot keep these people out."
    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03
      Clan then continued. "Bert nailed something else, too. Kazma never approved of Ricky and Bert being on Anime World at all even though Orion hired the man to work for him. When Kazma first learned of these two humans living in Taur Valley, his facial expression was something like: What are they doing here?"

      Bert then asked, "What other animated worlds can we look into to protect the Taurs from the Imperials?

      Lukas reached into his satchel and pulled out a full color brochure. "I was asking Big Z about this topic before he left to go focus on his other game companies in other worlds and he handed me this brochure that details every Animated World. The description of Anime World doesn't match what we know of the world we are currently on."

      Bert and Clan then moved over to look at the brochure. Bert said, "I think we should ask DonkOS which worlds are DonkOS friendly before we plan a move to any of these places. I am sure the Taurs would hate to move to a world where the game collars wouldn't even work anymore."

      Clan remarked, "That is a good point."

      Bert opened up his portable lap top and tapped the donkey on screen. "We have an inquiry for the donkey brothers, if you don't mind."

      The three planar donkey brothers then appeared on the laptop screen. Daniel Donkey, the oldest brother of Donkey Brothers Programming; Donovan Donkey, the guy in charge of legal issues in the OS as well as government support; and the youngest brother, Duncan Donkey, the main guy whom converts other programs into DONK.OS code. "Go ahead, Bert. You Cutie Patootie."

      Bert then explained Lukas' idea in its entirety before showing them the copy of the Animated Worlds brochure. "My question was, what other worlds are DonkOS friendly to dwell upon?"

      Donovan said, "Your brochure expired some months ago. This newest one for Tourism purposes is the more recent one. The government makes sure we get an up to date copy of the brochure so we can find our customers. I am going to go a step further by saying this next part, but any player whom has embraced war gaming will not prove to be stable enough to make that kind of move. Splitting the community will result in the majority kissing Orion's Royal ass so they can stay in his war games. The promise he made to his father will fall flat. My overall suggestion is to move anyone you can absolutely trust and get them out of both Taur Valley as well as Anime World or the moment you turn your back it will all revert to how things were before you had anything to do with S'taurrior in the first place. I would also suggest rescuing the Justice Patrol since it seems that they are nothing more than Kazma's empowered pets."

      Donovan then said, "I can put in a good word for Nighthawk Games Entertainment on the best Animated World currently open. They want game programmers and you could be those coders. They also have one of the best Star Watcher Societies available. Meaning your father would have work. Are you interested?"

      Bert said, "The Imperials keep getting in to Anime World, despite Kazma's efforts so I call that a failure to run a good world. So yes, I am interested."

      Donovan said, "My brothers and I have been super interested in the world known as Free Anime Reactive Media, or Farm for short. That actually translates to animations and games. In fact, we have personal offices there which we use during the planar shuffle. We are there right now. We are near a nice a quiet farming community where they grow carrots, turnips and apples."

      Without warning, an incoming message arrived over the communications console and by using caller ID, Clan whispered, "It's Orion, Bert. Damned if he doesn't always seem to be able to sense when you are up to something behind his back. What do we do?"

      Bert turned the DonkOS laptop so the call in monitor could not see whom was on the other open line. And then the boy had Clan hide before he activated the answer call feature. "Go ahead, Orion. Lukas and I are looking for Clan Single. What do you need?"

      Orion on the other end looked pale that Bert had not only answered but answered with his name. "Um... S'taurrior Generations encountered a glitch that I need you to look over. Since you programmed the entire game, you know it better than I do. As for Clan Single, he had come over to my place this morning to ask me what was wrong with you. He said you called him Linus. Supposedly by accident; Linus was locked up, Remember?"

      Bert said, "Orion? Is Clan still at your place?"

      Orion replied, "He's off in the kitchen making an all vegetable vitamin drink in my mixer."

      Bert reached off screen and grabbed their version of Clan by the arm and pulled him into view. "Funny..." he sniffed Clan's muzzle. " don't smell like a vegetable drink."

      Orion's complexion drained rapidly when he saw that Bert had set him up.

      Then Bert reached over and he turned his laptop around to reveal all three donkey brothers in their suits on the open laptop line. Bert said, "Do you boys detect any glitches over the S'taurrior Generations gaming interface?" Donovan checked something on their end. "Not a glitch; but it looks like a player tried to hack the game from the inside." Bert looked to Orion once again. "Now you know why I use Code Lock and DonkOS. Make it good, Orion. You are treading on thin ice."

      Orion said, "A player reported seeing old code data flashing over his interface monitor and I thought that meant a glitch. As for Clan... if you have him, then whom is in my kitchen?"

      Bert said, "Linus Ligrotaur is in your kitchen..."
      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04
        Bert then continued. "...The guy whom you initially told me that you couldn't trust. The guy whom Kazma supposedly placed into lock up. The guy whom just happens to be back as if he was released on a technicality. The guy whom said he wanted to teach me about Taur sex on the first day he was teaching me Village Basics. Later the same guy whom asked me if sex was all I ever thought about as if the subject turned him off. When I was off with Lukas last night, the next morning, he sent me a message to ask where I was and I decided to test him to make sure it was Clan and not an Imperial. I called him Linus and he never corrected me over the private text device. Instead he went to you to complain about my mistake. But had he been thinking, he would have remembered that you and I severed ties from each other and never made up. So fess up, or else I close Anime World for good!"

        Orion, still carrying his call device, left his house and said, "I'll be ruined without your help, Bert."

        Bert said, "I don't know if I can trust you anymore, Orion. When I first arrived in the valley my heart was on my sleeve and I tried to help everyone; and got back-stabbed, shot down, and as much told that every Taur in the Valley hated me. Over time and even in front of the law, you so often changed your story, I had to wonder if you were even aware of the lies you were telling or if you were the real Orion Foxtaur. But the Answer to that is, No, you have never been the real Orion Foxtaur. Instead, even according to your ugly Tinkerbell mate, you are Crown Prince Nebulan Epsilon Foxtaur the Second of Taurvaelis IV. But even with that name, I noticed that your father doesn't have the same name as you. You are the second, but he is not the first. Instead, he had a different name. Princess Primrose used his real name before they departed. King Freydolf Foxtaur. Doesn't sound anything like your old name."

        Orion said, "Bert. I am begging you... I need your help. Whatever you are planning, just tell me what to do. Don't let me fall by myself."

        Bert said, "Remember the story you told about your home planet and how it got established. We are about to do that very thing by leaving Imperial Anime World for Greener pastures. My family and friends will be coming with me. We think Kazma may be in on the Imperial invasions since he has been acting funny lately. I have to resort to a trick to rescue the Justice Patrol before we officially leave. The Hellhounds, a few taurs, my family and friends and possibly others of stable minded ability will be making the trip with us. My instructions to you is this, Orion... tell no one. Especially not Linus. We know we cannot trust him. He originated from an imperial world before moving to Anime World. Another thing, remember that story Kazma told us of how Linus had lived in Taur Valley for two hundred years before you arrived to squat for a year?"

        Orion nodded his muzzle. "I take it the story is not the truth, is it?"

        Bert replied, "Anime World according to Earth Reckoning has only been open for the last decade. It opened the day after QC Planet closed. How could Linus had lived on a non-existent planet that Kazma was Terra-forming to make into his Anime World? Someone is lying. As for those we are taking with us, Taurs whom actually like me will get the invite aboard the rescue ark. All of the selfish war gamers must be left behind. What I want you to do is post an Admin Inquiry into S'taurrior and let them know that you are considering hiring me back on staff and you want player input to let you know if you should or should not make that decision. When you place the vote for the players, make it so you can see whom votes how. No anonymous vote this time. But you tell them the vote will be anonymous. You are so good at lying, surely you can do it this one more time. If I am right, there will be very few whom agree to let me back in. On the yes vote choice, let it stand as that; on the no vote choice, have a field where the player can explain why they are vetoing Bert's re-hiring. Those whom vote yes, will likely get on the list of those to be rescued for the trip. Otherwise, let the bad players think that they won. I will give you further instructions later."

        Orion said, "We'll be in touch, Bert. Just don't abandon me with the others. How can I make a new start if an honest programmer isn't around to guide me? Talk to you later." And he ended the call to go make the admin inquiry. He hoped that Bert was wrong this time.

        Within S'taurrior, Orion took a moment to make the Admin Inquiry available exactly as Bert was requesting it. Those whom voted to Hire Him didn't have to explain their vote; but those whom voted otherwise had to explain why they were so negative about it. Even though the Inquiry said that voting would be anonymous, this one time, Orion would get to see whom voted how. He was really praying that Bert was wrong; but the boy was hardly wrong in the more recent days. He knew these players perhaps better than anyone.

        As much as Orion was hoping otherwise, out of the 9,629 Taur players whom played S'taurrior at current, only 1,733 voted to hire Bert. The remaining votes were not surprisingly negative and when they weren't giving outrageously fake reasons as for why, they were being very vulgar about it. Close to 7,900 players hated Bert and as much said so in the vote. Orion sighed when he saw the results and he began to send Bert the list of the good players whom opted to agree to accept Bert. He also apologized for being wrong.

        That night, Bert saw Orion create an account in S'taurrion Knights and make a character. It was nothing over the top but Bert knew it was Orion. And then Nebulan Darkstar, a foxtaur in exile, arrived at the academy as a cadet. he spent time in the tutorial which had a sufficient amount of fighting in it despite what Bert had mentioned before the game ever opened. Soon, Nebulan Darkstar stood before Lukas Quadwalker and Clan Single. "I arranged a trick in S'taurrior just before logging out for the night and coming here. At midnight, all of S'taurrior's coding within the game collars will be replaced with a game called S'taurrior Tiddlywinks. All normal game play will be suspended since a player reported the exceptional error and then the players voted against having the only person whom could fix it join the staff."

        Lukas and Clan started laughing as they patted Nebulan on the shoulder and took him back to Clan's ship, the Millennium Quadcon, for the trip to go see Bert. At Emeralda I, Bert whom had been monitoring game play across the two game companies was fighting hard to keep a straight face. "S'taurrior Tiddlywinks? Oh my Taur gods!" And then the Millennium Quadcon came in for a landing and the three passengers got out. Nebulan walked over to Bert and he hugged him. "Orion wants to join the winning team. Will you accept him?"

        Bert asked, "Where is he at right now?"

        Nebulan replied, "He cleaned out his house and he moved everything up to the observatory to await your answer. He didn't want the players to find him at home too easily."

        Bert said, "And what happened to Linus?"

        Nebulan stated, "He headed off to the game shop in town to get a new game collar so he could resume playing the game. He will be disappointed when he finds that he no longer owns Clan."
        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05
          Bert activated a device that looked like a teleporter and he typed in Orion Foxtaur - Observatory before hitting transfer. When Orion arrived on the teleporter holding his laptop and one small suitcase, he looked as it he had been hiding within a closet. "Orion? Why do you look as if you were all crouched up in a small space?"

          Orion replied, "Stupid Linus came up to the Observatory not long after I had Nebulan ask you if I could join you guys; and I hid myself within the service corridor."

          Bert then used a scanning device to examine all of Orion's belongings very cautiously. It was as if he had gotten tired of nasty surprises over time. There was only one questionable blip within the suitcase which turned out to be the finance card that Orion's father had given him; but everything else checked out cleanly. And then Orion himself was scanned and X-rayed to make sure he was the real deal this time. "Sorry for being so thorough, Orion. We are sick and tired of the empire."

          Orion said, "When are you going to tell me the plan for saving all of us?"

          Bert smiled. "We're doing it right now. There isn't a lot to tell, in truth. Those on the good list are being checked out exactly as I just did with you. They are not allowed to bring more than one suitcase with them. All old game collars will have to be replaced before the trip. What did you think of the S'taurrion Knights tutorial?"

          Orion asked, "When did you add in all the fighting? I remember back when you first told me the concept of being a cadet at the academy and you said that there was little fighting and then all of a sudden, the tutorial takes me off guard and I am in the thick of a character fight against the ugly Spidertaurs."

          Bert chuckled. "The fighting portion was advanced when LucasArts suggested that the academy was a little too tame for a Star Wars related game. So in with the extra fights."

          Lukas said, "Since you weren't playing the academy game, Bert chose not to tell you when he had to change the game to suit the LucasArts criteria."

          Bert added. "But when you reach Level 20, Orion, Nebulan will get to experience Rebel One. And I think you will agree it was worth the wait."

          Clan was still giggling. "S'taurrior Tiddlywinks... I wonder how many war gamers will try it anyway thinking it is a holiday prank?"

          Bert said, "I went one further for the old game collars. After learning what Orion did, I programmed in a company removal program making it so when you log out for the night for any reason, the only game you can access when logging back in is S'taurrior Tiddlywinks. All of the other game choices will be gone. Now you know why I said that everyone will need new game collars. The old ones will only permit the playing of Tiddlywinks. This has no affect on the PC and Laptop users."

          Orion said, "I remembered that you had a back-up of S'taurrior Generations in your personal archive which I wasn't worried about punishing the hateful war gaming players."

          Bert grinned. "I imagine that after ten minutes of being stuck with Tiddlywinks, those players will be throwing whiny crybaby tantrums the way they said I used to do when things didn't go my way." Lukas smirked. "If even that long." Clan remarked, "On the spy monitor we have set up in the valley, I see several of the war gamers converging on both Orion's house as well as Bert's former headquarters. Those whom went to Orion's place are now running toward the Observatory. Those at Nighthawk's former locale are seeing the crater we staged."

          Bert smiled at Orion. "Long live the Empire, eh hot stuff? They wanted me out of Taur Valley and now they are looking for me again."

          Orion said, "They probably think that you can reverse what the glitch did. And with my being missing as well, they will likely mob Linus."

          Bert chuckled again. "Linus can handle the war gaming players. He was a former imperial recruiter with a glib tongue."

          Then Bert's laptop rang and when he looked to see whom was calling he saw the cute donkey on screen. "The Donkey Brothers are ready for the transfer, Bert. Do you need to collect and gather anyone else?" Bert replied, "Just the Justice Patrol. I had Time Shaman and Styx on standby to nab the rest of the team for their deprogramming and detox the moment their team were aboard our rescue ark. Orion willingly joined us a few minutes ago after he arranged for S'taurrior to become S'taurrior Tiddlywinks. Try not to laugh too much, guys."

          All three donkey brothers couldn't help but to laugh at how silly the game replacement sounded.

          Bert then sent the all-clear signal to Time Shaman and Styx to nab the team for detox and rescue. No Red Rabbits unless they were on the trust list.

          Moments later, the rescue ark departed the Anime World system via Quadrant Speed with only good people and their families on board while the bad and questionable people were left on Kazma's Imperial Anime World. Nearly every Taur left behind was reverted to their original species and returned to their homes of origin. The former Taur Valley in Anime Oregon was a little less than a ghost town. Then the rescue ark came up on the Star Gate between animated Solar Systems. The Millennium Quadcon passed through it and as it did, anyone not fully cured of the mind-control fell over on the floor with partial amnesia, forgetting anything they had done in the empire's name. Most of the Justice Patrol were unconscious in the hold where Time Shaman and Styx were watching over them. Even Archivist fell over which was strange in itself. The horse was often immune to everything.

          Getting directions from Sentinel One, Clan piloted his ship toward the planet in question within the new FARM system. And then they slowly passed through the cloud cover over their new Free Anime Reactive Media island home. Unloading Taur, Human and Hellhound citizens into their new island home went smoothly. There was a rail service that circled the island from the main docks all around to all three major towns on the island. The main port town would have a building to house the former Justice Patrol. It also had a radio station for Styx.

          Once everyone was in their zone specific towns on the island, with the Taurs in front, Clan piloted his ship back into S'taurrion Knights space to await the call.
          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06
            Gaming Nexus Offices, Nighthawk Foxtaur Island, Free Anime Reactive Media World.

            Bert and Orion worked on re-issuing the new game collars to all of the good players. A new message had been added to the DonkOS web pages regarding NGE and OFE games; it now said that new game collars could no longer be issued to players on Anime World due to unsafe visitation reasons. In order to get a new collar, the user would have to temporarily go back to Earth and order their new game collars from there. On the S'taurrior Generations page for Anime World users only, a message read that the game had crashed due to an exceptional programming error involving classic code from the old game which was attempted to be added to the current game. A blatant cheat code. Other users not at Anime World never got to see that message.

            S'taurrior Generations had been banned from Anime World... at least that is what the Anime World players would find out from the web page and game moderators. The other games were still available. Anyone trying to force their new collar to play the game in question would see the return of S'taurrior Tiddlywinks on their new collar. Yes, this was a side mission. Oh how the circle turns for some people.

            Bert smiled. "How many Anime World requests arrived for a new collar?"

            Orion smirked. "Half of the ones whom admitted they hated you made the requests. Even though it says on the page that we cannot deliver to Anime World. They still made the stupid requests. What should we do about people requesting from Anime World?"

            Bert replied, "I suppose I could add the phrase to expect up to a year to make the delivery due to the unsafe conditions for being on Anime World." He grinned. "I already gave alternate ordering instructions. I think they are just being whiny crybabies if they think their tantrum will sway our decision on giving them their game collars."

            Orion smirked. "All the times they called you a whiny crybaby involved when they were helping to test features in your sandbox world. Then they would pitch a fit when you'd pull out."

            Gawain and Timefrost then came in as Gawain said, "You aren't gonna believe this, Bert... There were almost 7900 S'taurrior Generations downloads for laptops stemming from Anime World. Thankfully, Duncan Donkey was on alert and he put a stop to those downloads citing to the downloading user that S'taurrior Generations had been banned from Anime World. Further attempts to acquire the game while on Anime World would result in a Planet Ban."

            Bert said, "I know how to thwart the cheaters. I'll place a planet ID code on the download link and if the origin point is Anime World, then they download and install S'taurrior Tiddlywinks instead of the game they think they are getting. Then it won't matter how many downloads they make because they will get the same game every time. I am willing to let them play the full game except they have to go to Earth to order a new collar for delivery to Earth. Otherwise, they can enjoy their side mission."

            Gawain and Timefrost glanced at each other. "Is that what the big joke is for the bad players? We were wondering."

            Bert's laptop then beeped and the donkey on screen said, "Due to the excessive overload coming in from Anime World, the Donkey Brothers are placing Anime World on the Planet ban list for dishonest practices. This means that DonkOS laptops and PCs will no longer work anywhere on Anime World. They hate to do it that way, but they are also informing the big three that Anime World are going to be needing new computers very soon since they earned the DonkOS ban."

            Bert said, "They rarely do that to a region or planet. I guess the addicts are going to have to go order collars from Earth."

            The On-Screen Donkey then said, "Kazma is pitching a fit over the Justice Patrol disappearing again. He recently went to Taur Valley and got told about the game ban."

            Bert commented. "Then he also knows that the entire Rails family is also gone. I imagine that he is pissed."

            Orion said, "Then we got out of there just in time. I am sure the Imperials pulled the biggest hissy fit when all they could access from S'taurrior was the Tiddlywinks game."

            Bert said, "I just got an idea for how to handle future S'taurrior requests. I make changes to the game and the DonkOS page so the game listing reads as Classic S'taurrion. We remove all mentions of S'taurrior from the game by changing the last letter from an 'r' to an 'n'. So the DonkOS game listing would become OFE_CS. Then the game collars would be updated automatically. If they cannot find the S'taurrior game, then they will stop searching for it when they think DonkOS removed it due to the ban."

            Orion smiled. "Go for it, Bert. I know now that you were right about how stupid a war game based on my home world was. Besides, I want to try to get to Level 20 in S'taurrion Knights so I can finally play Rebel One. You once said that it would be worth my time and effort to do this. You are a life saver, Bert. Thanks for giving me another chance. Its a shame Linus was not savable. But if he was an Imperial from the beginning, then I am lucky he didn't kill me before you met me."

            Clan said from one side, "Perhaps a new Linus could be bio-engineered without the Imperial taint. Maybe the Angel Dogs could make it happen. But I know how much of a memory having him around would cause all of us. So perhaps it is better that we just allow him to fade from memory gracefully."

            Bert then walked over to Clan and hugged him. "I need to talk to you later, so don't up and leave before we can talk." he then whispered, "It's about Linus." He then winked before he stepped back over to his workstation to get the fix started for S'taurrior Generations into Classic S'taurrion.

            Clan was intrigued now since he knew Bert once liked the former player before he proved to be bad.

            Bert said, "Either work on a game or go find something to do. I have programming to get to."
            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07
              Oswald "Ozzie" Aylward was a former graduate human player of S'taurrion Knights before the enforced LucasArts changes to add in more combat. Not only did he finish the old game, but he finished it at Level 32, the highest on record. Since there were no more quests to do, he left the game to focus on other things. While Bert was programming in the Classic S'taurrion changes, he got an email from Ozzie. "Dear Bert! When were you going to tell me that you added more quests to S'taurrion Knights. My Pyro-Rataur is getting bored on the sidelines. And this crystal necklace you gave me during my graduation started glowing recently. It is a nice pretty color that my rat likes. Signed, Ozzie Aylward, Highborn Divine Guardian of S'taurrion Knights. Be a P.A.L., Bert... don't hog the new game all to yourself!"

              Clan and Orion giggled as they read over the email over Bert's shoulder. "Ozzie sounds like a fun guy," Orion remarked. "I suppose we are going to have to send him a new collar so he can get back in, right?" Clan said, "I am curious, Bert. Why did he choose Pyro-Rataur as his species? I am sure with a name like his there is some reason for it."

              Bert actually sighed at that question. "I was still getting over the implied Taur rape of a Kangataur from the evil Sorcerer's magically controlled fake brother to Orion. Epsilon arranged for me to get molested by the horniest Kangataur that S'taurrior had ever experienced. Skyruroo's libido never went down until I altered his character later. Now that I am over it, I may permit Ozzie to change his species if he wants to. But I never want to be on the receiving end of a sex craved Rootaur ever again."

              Orion said, "Then you owe him an explanation about what the evil sorcerer did to make you initially reject Kangataurs and how you are over it now."

              Bert smiled. "Ozzie would sympathize... his uncle raped him when he was five years old. The old fucker is off in prison currently."

              Bert then said, "There, now to save this work and add the new OFE_CS page while deleting the old OFE_SG page. This will take a few minutes despite the donkeys having their own T-1 line. They have it, we don't." And he saved the altered game and prepared the new page off-line to describe the 'new' game. One major change he installed into the game was that when you reached maximum level for a Part you were playing in the game would advance you to the next part immediately and you were not allowed to go back until you finished the game."

              There would be no more of this idling in one part just because you like it better than the other parts. A player whom finished the game would be given a chance to go back to previous parts to look for missed quests so they could earn the [Completionist] Title reward which would award +5% experience for all new characters used in the game itself. No matter whom was sitting on the DonkOS SG page trying to get the old game in any way possible; without warning a 404 Error message popped up on the page stating the game page was no longer available and there was no forwarding link except to OFE's main page. Bert purposely kept NGE out of this fiasco. Then the new game page got uploaded with a timer over the game link for when it would go live. The timer was not really necessary but Bert figured it would create a lull in download times for DonkOS. The game was live for the new collar users.

              Bert said, "Your altered game is on-line, Orion. As a throwback joke at fueling depots, there is a mini-game in place where if you win one round of the mini-game, you get free fuel one time only. The mini-game is called... S'taurrior Tiddlywinks! Otherwise, you gotta pay for your fuel. If you win 400 games of Tiddlywinks no matter how long it takes, you receive the [Tiddlywinks Champion] Title award. This rewards free fueling throughout the game no matter where you are."

              Everyone in the programming room laughed at the fueling joke.

              Bert then spent a moment to send Ozzie a replacement game collar along with the opportunity to change species one time if he chose to. Or he could just make a new character since multi-characters were permissible now. After he did this along with an explanation on what the evil sorcerer did to try to make him hate roos... Bert got up and placed an arm around Clan. "Time to go check on the Linus project, old chum."

              Entering a private chamber where a globe of energy contained a rather cute young male Ligrotaur, Clan saw Charley and Itchy, the two Angel Dogs, as they worked their Heavenly powers over the patient within the energy sphere. Charley said, "We were age-regressing him to the age when he started getting the Imperial training. And as you can see from the current results, he is quite young for a Taur. Barely old enough to be away from his mother."

              Clan said, "The original Linus was a 200 year old Liger whom had few friends in his old life before he became a Taur. He always assumed that it was his species which turned people off. And I know now from my association with Bert that this is simply not true. Linus' overall dislike was because he was a royal brat from a royal family and he never learned how to associate with common people."

              Charley said, "So we need to give him common knowledge of a peasant so he can associate with others his age and learn how to be a real friend."

              Bert said, "You two work on that. Remember don't leave anything Imperial in him at all. Politeness, common etiquette and friendship skills along with compassion are okay."

              Charley said, "If we keep working on him over the next week, it will be done right. Thank you for not being kill crazy on the Imperials."

              Bert hugged Charley. "How is American Rabbit's recovery coming along?"

              Charley grinned. "He is getting the casino ready for the Spacers and other allies. If Linus is recovered by then then you could bring him to the grand opening of the Poker Palace."

              Itchy said, "There will be food and drink as well as prizes to win."

              Bert said, "Sounds like quite the spread. I'll see what I can do to arrange time to go to this thing."

              Clan remarked, "Thanks for rescuing him, Bert. I know he hasn't done anything to earn the rescue; but his life sucked before."
              End of Chapter 07