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[AWT-04] BTv2-02 Here Comes the Rain Again

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    [AWT-04] BTv2-02 Here Comes the Rain Again

    Hells Canyon; Taur Valley - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BTv2-02 Here Comes the Rain Again.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Oval Q Ranch; Jaded Chance; Westaurn Ho Game World.

    Cowboy Lukas was having a meal with his town friends during the Town Meeting from the last episode, Bert was in the room to the side secretly watching the Town Meeting since he was sure he would hear cheering from the players that Bert wasn't going to be in their beloved game. And then he heard what nearly all of the female database said in regards to Bert himself. No Bert; no female taurs. Orion commented that he thought that Bert was off on a date with Gawain according to the boy's own words and if he was actually in a game, then he didn't know which one since Bert had so many.

    Lukas said, "You could just call Orion and tell him that you went West. That is plenty a clue to use."

    Bert said, "I could, but no. Gawain was letting Timefrost plow his field earlier and I didn't want to join the programmers pack so I came here to spend time with my lovely retrievertaur only to find you having dinner with the entire town. I guess I need to grow up and stop being twelve."

    Lukas came over sat in Bert's lap. "Now don't get all mopey again! I know you feel hated; but I am your partner and don't you forget it!"

    Bert looked over his shoulder up his partner's chest fur. "Then love me tonight. Make me feel wanted."

    Lukas smiled. "If that's what you want, how can I say no?"

    Bert then sent Orion a text message: Letting Cowboy Lukas Show me the Stars of Love Tonight. Won't Be Available Until Tomorrow.

    Lukas grinned when he saw the text message. "That was more than a hint. But you belong to me tonight. A shame that Clan stopped being the Clan Single we thought we knew."

    Bert said, "I know... he's the reason I feel so unloved currently. When we thought he was a character, he wanted down my pants something fierce; but after his player side emerged, he converted almost entirely into this prude whom could care less about sex. He never made a single pass at me once the real him was back to health."

    Lukas picked up the cellphone device and he sent Orion a text: Don't say this out loud, but has Clan been sexual in game with anyone since his final rescue?

    When the reply came back, he read it aloud for Bert. "Not even a blip of activity even in the games where it would be expected to be normal."

    Bert said, "I have an idea on where our version of Clan Single might be. Remember the last time we were messing around with Clan and my friend whom suggested the Adoption System? We were in S'taurrior MMO on the Emeralda worlds at Clan's personal base. King Kazma and his red rabbits popped in on us there and we had a pow-wow in regards to the Imperials newest plans. After that day, the only interaction we had through Clan was when Linus was in charge. The new Clan became more and more distant until he supposedly got captured and had to be rescued from the Imperial Prison in the old game. Then Linus learned that Orion had authorized me to start my own game company and his activity as Clan grew less and less until the day he attempted to request a character purge of all of his characters expecting the system to be like it was in the old days: you make a purge request and the characters are forever gone. Then Linus staged that phony suicide and after being rescued, I got him to talking not realizing that I had Kazma and the heroes on standby as the stupid imperial revealed all."

    Lukas grinned. "He was pissed when you suckered him into talking especially when he thought all evidence was gone. He thought Nighthawk was a carbon copy of Orion's company."

    Bert said, "The Imperials were always so stupid for thinking that we simply copied Orion's work. When they couldn't figure out how to invade Nighthawk games, they would only target me either personally or when I was in Orion's games. That is why I stopped participating in Orion's games as a player is because of them."

    Lukas said, "Tonight is nookie and tomorrow we go find the real Clan."

    Bert smiled. "You're so on."

    The rest of the night in the ranch house's rumpus room for sex involved Lukas claiming his human partner in all the right ways to convey his love for the boy.

    The next morning... Bert and Lukas were taking a necessary bath in preparation for the search for the real Clan Single not whomever that prude in the real world was. Then the call came in over Bert's communicator device except it was in text message format. It read as - Clan Single: "Hey Bert! Where are you at this morning. I just asked Gawain about you and he said you left looking depressed."

    Bert typed in his reply a test message to see how Clan would react - Esteban Nighthawk: "Hey Linus. Lukas and I are bathing this morning before a special outing we have planned. We had sex last night at my request."

    Clan's reply was, "Is sex the only thing on your mind? You used to be a lot more decent of a young man. Now it seems like you are nothing more than the valley's fuck toy." He never contradicted that Bert had called him Linus.

    Bert then showed the messages to Lukas whom in turn uttered a dirty word. "I thought we handled these fakes. That was a wise suspicion on your behalf. They are looking for you again."

    Bert then said, "I would contact Kazma about this, but I am suspecting that he might be in on this. He never liked it for my father and I to be on planet; even though Orion hired us."
    End of Chapter 01