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[AWT-04] BT-08 Back To Taur Valley

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    [AWT-04] BT-08 Back To Taur Valley

    When Bert Thomas and his father Ricky move into an Quadraen community on King Kazma's Live Anime World, Bert must learn to associate with the local Quadraen society as he participates in the local game of choice S'taurrior where he learns to work with a Quadraen S'taurrior partner.

    S'taur View - Anime World

    [AWT-04] BT-08 Back To Taur Valley.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01
    During a time when Saberfang was out making his rounds, S'taurrion Knight Bert entered Saberfang's office and located the Debtors contract folders, including his own contract folder and he packed them all into a Quadi-Knight shoulder Satchel, then he replaced everything else back as they were before he came in and then he pulled out a local newspaper for that morning and he laid it on Saberfang's desk. This was to be the official reason he was in Saber's office at all. Then he pulled out and he went to the Freelancers hospital ward where he located Felpaw's Grammy whom was a former tap dancing instructor in New York. Bert waited there all day until Felpaw came in and nearly shouted a nasty warning before Bert pointed his laser pistol at Grammy's head. "You shout, she dies. Sit down and shut up." Felpaw was instantly silent at that point as if Bert found the young man's self control switch.

    Sometime later, Gawain came in with a throng of Officers and other debtors. After they were all inside, and Gawain had closed the door, Bert said, "When I call your name, raise a paw hand. Otherwise, keep quiet unless you know where they are." Bert then started reciting off former debtor's names from the official Saber List he found in the boss dog's office. Nearly all of the debtors on the list were present except for a minor few whom were sold off to the underworld or to other species in the planes. At that point, Bert said, "We are gathered here tonight to join the rebellion with a cause. West Side Story has nothing on us."

    At that moment, a Hellhound officer, whom was choosing not to use the Hellhoundtaur body, asked, "What if you-know-who catches us?"

    Bert grinned. "That would be hard for him to do if he started reading that newspaper that I left on his desk. Thanks to Funnyboner, I doused the printing ink with a healthy dose of the Underworld variety of Nitrous Oxide or as it is more commonly known as Sleeping Gas. By the time he wakes up, he won't know what day it is. But it won't kill him. The law will likely do that when they raid the place to shut down the recruiting operation. Now everyone grab a hold of Grammy's bed and medical gear because we are going on a Magic Carpet Ride."

    Once everyone in the room did as Bert asked, including Felpaw, Bert pulled out his Quadi Light Saber and held it up above everyone's heads. "Oh... If I could turn back time... I would find a way... To make its too heavenly here... today... When the Moon is in the seventh house... and Jupiter aligns with Mars... From somewhere up in the sky... Flying fast and as bright as a Super S'taurrion Knights, Recall!" And everything and everyone in the room was suddenly falling through a rainbow vortex of spiraling colors as Bert guided his guests and himself back to his own time period at the Two-Rivers Base in Taur Valley.

    Within the receiving courtyard at Two Rivers, King Kazma as well as a medical contingent of his Red Rabbit Army officers were surprised when the vortex opened up as Bert Foxtaur and all of the Hellhounds, along with a hospital bed with an old lady in it, as well as a woman and a cute young boy was suddenly dropped into their midst. Before Kazma could ask what was going on, Bert exclaimed, "Saving lives, Sir. Everyone here needs an anti-recruitment medical detox, including myself, sir. The lady in the bed needs an Anti-Cancer treatment. The rest of us need the Anti-Recruitment detox. And I have evidence in regards to most of these Hellhounds whom begged for my help. A few of them were once human, sir. But also a few might like their new lives. Give them the choice on whether to be restored or not. I really hope Lord Diablo caught Studpaw at MULE."

    Bert then looked at the resting young lady whom was holding the young pre-teen boy as he looked at Gawain and asked, "I don't recall these two during role call, Gawain. Where did they come from?"

    Gawain replied, "She is my mother Gwen Arthon and the boy is my little brother Gavin Arthon. After dad divorced mom during my court trial against Straus Capital, mom was homeless so I was spending part of my income to give them lodging in Happy Corner. Otherwise, they would have been done for. Since you were rescuing us, I had to bring them with us. Besides, mom has a skill the Taurs might enjoy, she knits wool goods and makes some pretty good cookies and cakes. Not Arthur Lupin style, but still good. Gavin has the ability to make friends with anyone. That might make the younger Taurs really happy. Sadly, I lost my humanity after Saberfang destroyed my Transhounder during a time when I was hounded and at a training camp. I've been stuck for over a year or so, past time, before you came along. I saw you as my only hope for any salvation."

    One all-white Hellhound officer stepped up beside Gawain and hugged him. "My Hellhound name is Timefrost. I am a game programmer. I was once the head programmer for Dark Castle Online, a game where I first met Gawain at. We have plenty of funny stories to tell about DCO. Maybe we can make you laugh some night. As for the detox, I have accepted my current species. I want to stay as a Hellhound, but I did like the idea of a Hellhoundtaur as long as Saberfang was not controlling it. As a programmer, I could help out your game master friend, if he would like another set of paws. Otherwise I can start my own company."

    Most of the Hellhound officers all said as one, "Where Gawain goes, we follow. We always felt sorry for him when he first arrived. Like Timefrost, we have accepted what we are. Ditto on the Hellhoundtaur idea. It is nice to have hands, but we do like being full Hellhounds too."

    Bert then spoke to King Kazma. "I have an idea on where to house the Hellhounds whom also want the ability to become Hellhoundtaurs. I have noticed a lone area just East of here in Taur Valley near the Hells Canyon Wilderness on the Nexus River. Suppose we were to build them their own community there where they could live peacefully and also perform roles as National Park Guides in that area. You could assign a Red Rabbit to keep an eye on them occasionally to prevent back-sliding toward recruiting. People get lost in that wilderness all the time anyway. I know the tourist Rail Train goes over there, but the only station over there is a single depot where the rail train has a loop for turning around to make the return trip. If a town were to be placed there for these guys, then the visitors could see something worthwhile there. Orion would permit them in the Valley as long as they could become Taurs part of the time. And if its their own power, even better. Orion might even be glad to get another programmer into the valley."

    King Kazma said, "They seem like an okay bunch. But where did you find them?"

    Bert swallowed nervously as he began to tell Kazma how Arnie Roo's brother or cousin or someone whom looked and smelled like him arranged for him to get sent back in time to be dropped butt naked in front of a horny Freelancers Saberfang four years in the past. After being asked by Gawain to help save them, Bert powered up to Bert Foxtaur and used his Quadi Knight powers to bring them back to his time period. He then admitted that he hates time traveling unless Timesy is there to assist. He then explained what all happened in the past and how the real Space Masters video showed that Christie had lied to the court and Kazma just so she could get on planet.

    Kazma looked mad enough to fry eggs on his white fur.

    Bert also explained that the Twin Sisters plot was actually started in the Summer before Ricky got his first observatory job on Earth.

    Kazma said, "I will let you talk to Orion. It is time to lower the boom on these conniving bitches. Since they love lying to the authorities, they will be fun contestants for Impy."
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02
    Grabbing Orion for the Taur Valley authorization, they were soon standing on the East side of Taur Valley at the Hells Canyon Wilderness Park. Bert explained the idea to Orion and made sure to mention that one of them was a former head programmer for Dark Castle Online. "He said it was okay if you didn't want to hire him since he has gaming ideas for a possible company that he can start separately from yours. But for now, these guys whom will have the ability to change into Hellhoundtaurs want to set up a town in this area. We spoke to Kazma about this and he said that ultimately it was your decision. We know that none of the Taurs are performing as Park guides in this area at all. And it would be handy if someone was here to help tourists find the train depot should they get lost. So do they have your okay, Orion? Gawain has a cute little brother one year younger than me whom has a skill to make friends with anyone. Gawain's mother makes cookies, cakes, and wool products through knitting. She also has the skills to run a gift shop. Game products could be advertised in the gift shop. So what do you say, Orion?"

    Orion said, "I want to meet Gawain and Timefrost. Where are they?"

    Bert focused his Quadi powers and said somberly, "They took Gavin down to see the Nexus River. So that means they are with the cute and sexy little brother. It's this way..." and he began to lead Orion down the trail to catch the others.

    At a picturesque overlook of the river, Bert and Orion approached Gawain and Timefrost. "So here you guys are. Orion wants to talk to the two of you. I can sit with your little brother for a while, if you would like."

    Gawain giggled. "He was asking me how you got into that awesome costume, Bert."

    Bert giggled himself. "I'll go and try to explain it to him." And he trotted off to join Gavin.

    Orion was deeply chatting with Timefrost and Gawain intimately and quickly found out that Timefrost currently owned DCO and Gawain owned the GO system. They soon had Orion laughing with stories about the 409th Level Wererat thief named Dippy.

    In the meantime, Gavin had all of his clothes off as he was rubbing all over Bert's Foxtaur body still trying to find the opening for how to get inside the Foxtaur costume. "I told you, Gavin... the only four openings on this body are my nose holes, my mouth opening, my sheathe hole where my foxtaur penis is and my tail hole located just under my tail. I bathe regularly so no poopy surprise under my tail."

    Gavin sounded cute begging. "I want a Taur costume like yours, Bert. PLEASE!!!" He was making the puppy eyes which Bert was immune to thankfully from having lived around the taurs for the last few weeks.

    Bert said, "If your mom says you can join the game, then we will get you a costume like mine. But if she says that you aren't old enough then my paw-hands are tied. Unless you want her to see you naked, then you need to get your clothes on so we can go ask her about the permission. A lot of the Taurs in the valley look older but are in truth nearly our age."

    Gavin groped Bert's anus and sheathe with his hands which made Bert glance down to see what the boy was doing. The boy had one hand up the Foxtaur butt and the other plunged deeply into the Foxtaur sheathe.

    Bert tail-swatted Gavin playfully. "Now stop that! I may not be poopy, but if you get sex scent on your hands your mom will be upset! And don't lick your hands either; I don't know what effect this magical Foxtaur might have on a human!" And in the next instant, Bert felt as if Gavin was giving him a fellatio and this continued until Bert was forced to unload a wad of his Foxtaur fluids down the boy's throat. "Gavin! I told you not to do that! Do you want me to call Medina?"

    Gavin made a muffling sound which was similar to what sounded like, "Umm Stuck!" Bert glanced down and examined the situation with an annoyed sigh. "You made me tie with your mouth and throat. We have to wait fifteen to thirty minutes while my knot deflates. It is only fifteen as long as you don't excite my knot. Taur, you are really sexual; your brother showed more control. I didn't mean to get you stuck mouth first to my groin. Epsilon will laugh his ass off when he hears about this."

    "Who is Epsilon?"

    Bert replied, "Epsilon Foxtaur is the guy whom taught me how to look so sexual in my Foxtaur form. Sometimes I think he needs a swift kick in the ass, but I don't want to lose my paw-foot in his black hole. He is Orion's brother; Orion owns the valley and I really respect him. His rut is coming up and if you wanted to sleep with him, he likely wouldn't say no."

    One hour later and after both boys have had a chance to wash up in the river water, Gavin's clothes were back on as they went to find Orion and the others. At the game discussion group, Bert found Orion standing with the others as it looked as if they were ready to head back. "Orion? Gavin wants a costume like ours." He winked lewdly. "He also wants to spend a night with you. I told him that he had to get his mom's permission on both counts. If she says yes, then Gavin could be in the game with us experiencing a Taur body of his own. Although if Gawain and Timefrost wanted to sample S'taurrior themselves, they could check it out at the same time." He then turned to Gawain. "I am glad you have more control than your brother does." He leaned in close and quietly told Gawain what Gavin did during his visit with the boy.

    Gawain just laughed before patting Bert on his furry back and shoulders. "It is to be expected. He tried to do that to me right in front of mom when he first saw my doggy form." He then looked to Gavin. "Since you drank Bert's dessert, then you won't be hungry for any tonight when Timefrost and I get your share of the chocolate cake that mom said she was making."

    Bert and Orion could see that it was a brotherly tease which resulted in the expected griping and playful hitting on each other.

    Back at the temporary mobile home where Gwen and the others were staying while waiting for the town to be built, the boys came in and after washing their paw-hands, they were seated for a family meal. After dining politely for a bit, Bert made the inquiry about the boys getting to play S'taurrior, within parental reason, of course. Gwen said that Gawain and Timefrost were both adults by Hellhound standards, but Gavin should only be allowed to play for a few hours per session so he didn't get addicted to this new electronic game. Gavin made the obvious whining about how it wasn't fair, but Gwen was adamant about her decision. Gavin was then given permission to spend a night with Orion.
    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03
      That night, while Gavin spent the night in the yiffy Foxtaur's bed, Bert permitted Gawain Arthon (Falconsong) and Bartleby Kalson (Timefrost) the use of one of his programming workshop chambers in the Two-Rivers base. He also showed them where they could crash for the night when they were ready. "Come the morning, I will help you guys get your introduction to S'taurrior. But for now, I need grab my partner Lukas Quadwalker, go into the game and team up with Clan Single. I'll return at midnight so I can get in my rest. Have fun using the programming workshop." Bert then stepped back where upon he reached up and touched a button on his game collar and vanished out of the room.

      Gawain smiled as he said, "That game collar is giving me wild ideas for the revamped version of GO. Touch a button and you are in game in a flash."

      Timefrost remarked, "Don't go and have a hard on just yet, Gawain. That technology belongs to Orion. We need his permission to use even a copy of his technology. Besides, we don't know how fast entering the game really is. All we saw him do was touch a button and he vanished out of the room. What if he arrived at the character log-in screen and has to select his character first before going on in to the last place he had been in game? It may not be as simple as we are making it out to be."

      Gawain turned on the mainframe computer and he typed in the S'taurrior search inquiry. Of course what came up as the all-new opening movie.

      "Some time ago in an alternate universe... the Imperial majesty established a great peace following a massive war that shattered alliances throughout Frontier. But when a new Emperor arose after assassinating the former one, the Imperial forces launched their conquest for control of the entire galaxy. A lone band of Rebels have vowed to put an end to the tyrannical rule of the jaded emperor. Forge alliances, experience drama and romance, fight in epic battles for freedom and glory as you immerse yourself in... S'taurrior MMO! Your Quadraen destiny relies on forging alliances!"

      The surround-sound 3D imagery and stereophonic effects blew the two programmers away. As did the full symphony orchestra that played throughout the opening mini-movie.

      Then Bert's off-line character profile and full color game art picture for Lukas Quadwalker was displayed on the next screen.

      Lukas Quadwalker of Buck Fauxen [Male Retrievertaur] (Player Bert Thomas)
      Rank 10 Smuggler [Rank 2 Red Badge Supporter]
      Stats: Power 35; Dodging 30; Health 28; Smarts 29; Charisma 35
      Skills: Piloting: All Crafts: Rank Five; Quadi Blades: Rank Six; Teleportation: Rank Two; Luck: Rank Five; Acrobatics: Rank Six; Persuasion: Rank Ten; Gardening: Rank One; Gathering: Rank One; Bounty Hunter: Rank Four; Electronic Repair: Rank Four; Navigation: Rank One
      Equipment: Quadi Light Saber; Mountain Base; Personal Star Port; Workshop; Home Improvement; Job Board; ATM; Red Badge Faction Armor
      Title Rewards: [Honest Shipper], [Four Factions], [Privataur Sailor], [Done It All!]

      This was followed by a decent character background that had been re-written to explain Lukas' former imperial background.

      Gawain did have a hard on at this point. "Man! Look at how sexy Lukas Quadwalker is! Bert knows how to make a character!"

      Timefrost grinned. "If they all look like that in game, then I might end up sucking myself off before morning."

      Gawain said, "Lets get some work done on cleaning up DCO before we forget why we are in here tonight. We have some loyal friends whom all want to see this game return."

      In the meantime, in-game, Bert was using the Admin Interface to contact Dr. Robotnik of Planet Mobius in regards of utilizing a device he had in his possession. "Robotnik, this is Bert Thomas, one of Orion Foxtaur's newest S'taurrior staff members. I hope you are well tonight. The reason I am contacting you is this... King Kazma told me that you have a device that you have used a few times to help a ZecCorp Prize winner in rescuing lost or destroyed equipment. We have need to rescue an electronic device from four-five years in the past for one Gawain Riordan Fairweather, the kid whom crashed the Capital Financial Networks by accident. When he went to Freelancers to get debt help, his Transhounder which contains his human form got destroyed and he has been stuck in Hellhound form ever since. His Hellhound name was Falconsong. We need to use your device to snag an exact identical copy of his Transhounder so he can finally resume being human once again. You can name your own reward for your assistance in this endeavor."

      Robotnik sat up in his chair as he replied, "I knew there had to be something under-handed going on with Freelancers after so many debtors simply disappeared by going there. I will help you with this task, Bert. Is there any warning I should have in advance when I do this?"

      Bert replied, "Just one, sir. Try not to spooge too hard in your command throne when you see what Falconsong looks like as a Hellhound. His human form cannot possibly look like his hound identity looks currently. I almost wanted to mount him myself when I first laid eyes on him. When you get the device, express deliver it to my Two-Rivers Base here in Taur Valley on Anime World."

      Robotnik grinned. "One of those types, eh? I will see what I can do, Bert. Thanks for calling. I will get the Transhounder for your sexy friend. Robotnik out."

      When Robotnik made the inquiry from Space Master to sequester Gawain's Freelancer records from just after he joined for legal purposes on behalf of King Kazma, he was soon rewarded with the video in question, along with a warning message: "Don't make as big a mess as I did here in my satellite! Signed, S.M."

      Then Robotnik went and used the restroom before he began to view the life video. "I am glad Bert warned me before I viewed this now! Down boy! Down!" As Robotnik watched the entire video, he reached the portion of the video which showed that the Transhounder was destroyed by Saberfang himself. Rewinding the video to a spot where the Transhounder had been removed from Falconsong's neck to be handed back to Saberfang, that was the time freeze frame that he chose to use when neither party was touching the Transhounder so that it could easily be transferred via his copying device to make an identical one for the boy at Bert's home base.

      Bert soon had the copy of the Transhounder within his possession where upon he hooked up a two-way USB cable between the Transhounder and his programming interface. He then made a copy of Falconsong for programming purposes and a copy of the Transhounder's programming code so he could rework a safe transformation device for Gawain/Falconsong.
      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04
        The next morning, A cleaned up Gavin whom was limping a little along with Orion and Epsilon met up Bert, Gawain, and Timefrost at the Two-Rivers base. Captain Timefrost was a white Hellhound with silver-light blue highlights and golden eyes. After having a good breakfast, Gawain stood up and placed a familiar Freelancers collar around Falconsong's neck. "You can thank me later, Gawain. Time to make your mom happy. I would say the mission's been complete for a little too long, wouldn't you?"

        Gawain felt the collar and not surprisingly asked, "Am I about to lose Falconsong? I was really used to using this form."

        Bert said, "Change back first and then I will explain the rest."

        Falconsong nodded his head and placed a paw to his time piece Transhounder and said, "Freelancer! Mission Complete!" And he fluidly transformed back into his human form which he nor anyone else had seen in a while. Gawain Riordan Arthon was a 16 year old human male with fair skin, short black hair and green eyes. He stood at 5'11", weighing 185 pounds; he wore blue jeans, hiking shoes and a white tee shirt. Upon his back he had his original backpack which contained his laptop computer as well as the game discs for Greyhawk Online. The Transhounder then shorted out after he got his human form back and Bert removed it from Gawain's neck before dropping it into a metal grinder. "What did you do that for?"

        Bert calmly said, "Saberfang had the Transhounders programmed so that if you haven't worn your Transhounder in over a year and then you managed to use it to get your human form back, the Transhounder would short-circuit and never work again. With Robotnik's help, we managed to get a copy of your Transhounder before Saberfang destroyed the original while you were off getting your Arden's delivery training. I then used my USB interface hook up to make a copy of Falconsong as well as the Transhounder programming code and that's when I discovered that the code was stolen from a pair of programmers from Imperial City in the Underworld. I have already contacted them to let them know whom has been using their code without their direct permission. I also found out that the term Freelancers is copyrighted to Davyd Arden, the CEO of Arden's Pizza. These legal delivery agents were mainly used for delivering food products. But they were also trained to do any job as a Jack-of-all-Trades. Mr. Arden said that we could use the term in our game as the legal version of Smugglers. When I asked him if he had authorized an Ardens Pizza outlet within Freelancer Debt Solutions where debtors could get a pizza for free, he said it was the first that he had heard of it. He also went on to say that if they gave away free food that it would put his franchise out of business. When I told him that Saberfang was in charge of the Hellhound debt solutions business, he corrected me by saying that he was the only one registered legally to call himself Lord Saberfang. He said that any other hound using the name is lying their asses off. I gave him directions to Happy Corner, New Hampshire, and he said he would check it out this morning. I never mentioned your involvement in Freelancers, Gawain."

        Gawain smiled. "He already knows, Bert. But he also already knew about FDS when he personally went there where I accused him of accepting dirty money from Straus Capital and he nearly dislocated my jaw in a falcon-punch strike that I wasn't ready for."

        Bert said, "Arden informed me that he knew that you were training with Warfang, but when he went to ask how your training was going, he was informed that you had done your end mission and was sent back to base. He had a fight that day when he saw the fake trainer pretending to be Warfang and he banished the false Hellhound back to the Underworld. I also found out that the day you arrived at Debt Solutions, you were not supposed to have met up with Johnny at all. So when you both arrived the same day, and you two seemed to be pals, Saberfang had to change his plans. I watched your first meeting with Saberfang. There is a phrase he used that you and Johnny seemed to ignore at the time. Behold..." And he pushed a button on his remote control device. On the main monitor, the meeting with Saberfang replayed for all in the room.

        (Soon, the hover golf cart arrived and the boys loaded up their gear and sat down in the seats, and then, the cart hovered off through the humongous mall like complex. At one point, they both saw a familiar sign: Arden's Pizza. "They have Arden's here? No frickin' way!" exclaimed, Gawain. "Oh man... I like this place already since they had an Arden's!" Then the cart pulled into a set of double doors and stopped in a docking platform. The boys heard it lock into place, as a ramp extended out to them and hall lights slowly came on directing the two to a doorway marked as: Executive Alpha.

        Soon, with gear in hand, Gawain and Johnny were standing inside a super large office where there were monitors all over the place. Most monitors were labeled with the names of major cities on Earth, showing live shots from different angles. Sitting to one side in one of a set of leather lounge chairs was a Hell hound wearing Ray-ban sunglasses. "Hello boys. Welcome to Freelancers. I am Saberfang, the CEO of the company. I am assuming you are here for the Debt Solutions since they sent you to me instead of to Auction Services Registration. Before I can help you, I need you both to fill out these forms. Read them extremely carefully to make sure you understand the rules of what you'll be signing on for." He handed them the forms and writing utensils. Gawain took one of the leather lounge seats and got to work on his set of forms.)

        Bert then stopped the video and he rewound it back so they could listen to Saberfang's words yet again.

        ("Hello boys. Welcome to Freelancers. I am Saberfang, the CEO of the company. I am assuming you are here for the Debt Solutions since they sent you to me instead of to Auction Services Registration.")

        Bert then continued. "Did you hear what he said at the end? Auction Services Registration. Had you not been sent to him, you would have been sold to a Hellhound pack in the Underworld. Meaning, he was running a recruitment operation from the word 'Go'. He blatantly told you this but you missed it. The plan for the day Johnny arrived, was to enroll him into Saberfang's own trappy little pack as an obedient fuck toy for the rest of his life. But when you arrived on the same day, Gawain, you became the company fuck toy while they treated Johnny like a VIP king. I sequestered Johnny's Life Video Disc, Gawain, and I watched it. Let me show you the quarters he was given from day one." He then pushed a button on the remote once again. It was the finest quarters that a non-officer could get within range of Grammy's hospital room. And then a split screen view opened up to compare that to the first quarters that Gawain had been sent to. And later, the bed in the machine shop garage where he got the unexpected night-time visit from the nightmare stallion whom want to hire(?) him without telling Saberfang that he was doing it. Bert then said, "I also learned that Saberfang himself set you up for that Nightmare Stallion job offer so they would see how sexy you were and want to buy you. You see, at the time, anyone could buy off your debt from Saberfang if they offered the right price."

        Gawain then seemed to recall the Nightmare Stallion visit and what he had said to him when he woke up and saw him there. Gawain lay sleeping on his small bed when he suddenly woke up to see a large black stallion with a galactic sparkled mane and tail hovering directly on top of him, with his nose to the boy's face. "Um, who are you?" The stallion replied, "Lord Driftsand of the Dreams and Nightmares division. I need to hire a Hellhound or two for a mission to assist me with deliveries from my Dream Factory to certain people on a designated list. I heard how the other Hellhounds screwed you out of nice quarters, thus I wanted to ask you to join my cause first."

        Gawain nearly cursed. "Good gods. You are right. I recall Lord Driftsand saying that he just happened to hear how I got shafted out of good quarters."
        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05
          Bert said, "You see, no one just happens to hear about an event. He was deliberately told. But thankfully you asked me to rescue you and the other hounds. I spent a few hours last night writing up an Arden's sponsored game where a player can make a Hellhound and do Freelancer missions for experience and Arden sanctioned rewards. I sent a copy of the game to Davyd Arden for his evaluation. There are to be two versions of this game; I sent him the first version of the game. The second version is the one you are about to receive, Gawain. In the second version, you will be able to access your Falconsong Hellhound form at will in the real world. If the Freelancers game collar ever gets destroyed, you simply pick up a new collar from me and log in with your personal account and when it asks if you have a character, you type in 'Falconsong' and then you have your Hellhound and Human forms back again."

          Gawain smiled. "Meaning I can never be stuck again." He hugged Bert fondly as he gave the younger boy a kiss on the mouth. "When do I get this game collar? And do I have to remove it to play S'taurrior?"

          Epsilon then said, "Bert conferred with me while I was still in game last night and he told me what he wanted to do for you. The Freelancers collar will only work for the Freelancers game. You will need a separate collar for S'taurrior. If anyone complains about your having two collars, we can explain to them that your second collar is for a non-Taur game. They will shut up after that."

          A side monitor turned on at that moment where King Kazma and Davyd Arden were both standing within view. "We were monitoring your breakfast talk, Bert. Good job on restoring Gawain to his human form. As for the Freelancers game, I will let Davyd speak to you." And then the anime rabbit stepped out of the way. Davyd said, "Bert, I love the first version of the game. it is safe and fun. Warfang is still playing it right now. As for the second version of the game, make sure that players speak to myself and Warfang before requesting the collar you are going to give Gawain. I know he really likes Falconsong a lot, in any species he has named with that moniker. People are asking when Dippy is going to return."

          Timefrost said, "Gawain and I got a lot of clean-up work done on what we are going to call Dark Lands Online. We are going to avoid the Dark Castle name due to Nintendo having a game of the same name. On the loading screen will be a disclaimer exclaiming that we don't have Nintendo's permission to use the old name."

          Gawain smiled. "We purged off any accounts connected to the old CEO whom no one in the game liked. We spent a lot of time correcting the horrible spelling."

          Bert pulled out the Freelancers game wristband preregistered to Gawain and he placed it around Gawain's wrist. "Go ahead and log in, Gawain. It will ask you to create a password at the log-in screen. I preloaded it with the username of Falconsong. It will also allow you to set your own transformation phrase. When you are done, you can either play the normal game in game or you can log out and use your new phrase to change into Falconsong. It becomes a collar as before when you become a Hellhound. When you are done with this, we will get you boys into S'taurrior for your promised Taur-specific test run. Also, I programmed in the Freelancer faction into S'taurrior as well as the Hellhoundtaur."

          Timefrost then turned to Orion and asked, "We were wondering if we could get permission to use the game collar format for our upcoming games. Some of the old players no longer have laptops or tower PCs, so they are suffering through DCO and GO withdrawal. We understand that the collar tech belongs to you, Orion. So may we use your game collar base idea to promote our games to our fans? They have been waiting patiently for these games to come back on-line. I know that Gawain is planning on changing the name of GO to something else. But he is being so secretive about his investment. So secretive, in fact, it is driving a few of us crazy."

          Orion said, "As long as you help us out with S'taurrior once in a while, I will permit you to use the game collar tech."

          Bert said toward the monitor. "King Kazma? Did you hear what Orion just agreed to. I don't want to learn later that he is going back on his word. I am already helping him with S'taurrior. So I just hope he knows what he getting himself into."

          King Kazma stepped back into view and said, "He will keep his word or else I will instruct Dr. Zamak that the Foxtaurs need to have her come visit again."

          Bert slyly smirked. He had made a joke about Medina returning just the other day.

          Shortly, they saw Gawain stand up from the table and go through the motions.

          Gawain struck his pose and touch his wrist unit while exclaiming, "Release the Falcons!" Gawain's surroundings briefly changed into that of the majestic view of Falcon's Reach in the original GO setting as a hellfire like glow overtook his body and he felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his canine form which was dark sienna brown overall fur with terracotta (golden brown) ribbon-like racing stripe flourishes along both sides of his body. He had a short-haired HOT Labrador Hellhound body as his head inflated to become that of a Labrador Hellhound in appearance and his Labrador like tail also grew out behind him and then the Freelancers official collar with ID tag and the number 459 appeared around his neck. Then there came a second flash of hellfire like light as the game seal of the Freelancers role-playing game appeared in his background briefly before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience to announce himself fully. "Falconsong! Freelancer!"

          Timefrost applauded and said, "Looking hot, Gawain! I still love you."

          Falconsong grinned. "Looks like I am back in business!"

          Gavin then said, "I want one of those costumes, too, Big Bro!"

          Falconsong grinned. "Mom only gave you permission to sleep with Orion and play S'taurrior. She said she would use that belt on the balls of any Hellhound whom tries to recruit you."

          Bert said, "Speaking of which, it is time to assign you with your game collars. The tutorial in game is self explanatory. I would advise that everyone use the bathroom before we get you started with S'taurrior. I don't want you guys to make a mess on my floor if you get too excited in game. But to prepare... what are your favorite colors?"

          Timefrost replied, "Pastel White or Off-White. Falconsong replied, "Dark Terracotta or Dark Golden Brown. Gavin replied, "Unlike the Bobbsey Twins, I like an explosion of colors, like a myriad of rainbow color. Orion said he had a collar like that he would prepare for me."
          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06
            Bert rolled his eyes as he affixed the Pastel White game collar around Timefrost's neck and the Dark Terracotta game collar around Falconsong's neck. While he was doing this, Orion and Epsilon affixed the Rainbow Explosion game collar around Gavin's neck. Bert then said, "Please... go use the bathroom before you get a game session started. Some Taurs don't care where they go but we try to stay civilized. When you first log into the game, the opening movie will play in its entirety. Afterward, there will be an area to ask if you want to watch the movie the next time. This means you can opt out if you just want to get into game. Character creation can take up to thirty minutes and the Tutorial can take up to an hour. There is an in-game clock which tells the real world time so you can keep track of how long you have been in game. Gwen's rule for Gavin is a four hour session before he should log out and see about bathroom needs, food and drink, and getting a breath of fresh air. It is too easy to forget how long you have been in game if you start having too much fun. Male pregnancy can occur in game, so don't be running around in space trying to experience it all. Linus once told me that if your character gets too bloated, you will be as fat as Portos the Bunnytaur. I asked Orion if that person actually existed, and the answer was thankfully no. It is an old Taur joke."

            The boys all got up to go use the bathroom, and soon thereafter, Gavin emerged first as he stood between Orion and Epsilon. "Okay, I'm ready. The Hellhounds are reminding themselves on how canines use the toilet."

            Bert rolled his eyes again. "Why didn't Gawain just change back to his human form and go normally?"

            Gavin smirked. "He forgot."

            Soon, the two cleaned up Hellhounds came out of the bathroom and stood at the ready near Bert. "We're ready."

            Bert now said, "During world creation, don't try to make a world of all one species. The game is balanced to permit three species per planet. When it comes to placing your planet, the game will randomly tell you which existing star systems have worlds similar to yours. You can choose to place your world there, or choose a blank spot in the galaxy to start a new star system. Just remember, you cannot solely own a star system since the game is based on social alliances. So no recluse characters. If you want to start on an existing world and that would speed up game start time, you can opt into that option. The game will tell you the player name of the guy whom created the system and planet. This is done so you don't accidentally make a character on a world created by your rival. You have five free character slots in your game account. Just remember that it is expected that you spend time with every character you create or else your character will report you to Staff. So if I learn you are neglecting a character you created, I will have words with Gwen. That will suffice for the Arthon Brothers. I will directly speak to Timefrost. If you end up with a character that over time you absolutely cannot stand to deal with, the game has an adoption system. When you go to delete a character from your character slots, it will give you a warning that sending characters into adoption is one-way and you cannot get these characters back, ever. However, you can opt to save a template of the character for a new character creation if you like the appearance of the character but not the mannerism and attitude he ended up with. Starting worlds and starting factions can have an effect on how your character's mannerisms and attitudes end up. So take that as a warning up front. Everyone makes mistakes so I expect you guys to likely do a restart a couple of times. I know I did. Now, reach up and click the Start button on your game collars and we will see you in game eventually. Global Chat and PVID is not available in Tutorial. So you will be on your own. Each tutorial has ten stages. Good luck, my friends."

            Everyone in the room reached up and touched their start buttons, causing them to vanish out of the room.

            Bert, Orion and Epsilon appeared in an area where Linus, Dal, and Thunder were waiting for them. "Got the Noobs started with their game collars. What's been going on in the meantime?"

            Dal exclaimed, "A bunch of players got on very early and when we logged in, the global chat was filled with racist vulgar slang as if a shouting match had been going on before we logged in. We just spent the last hour or so emptying out the Global Chat. They were using slang to get around the language filter."

            Bert growled a little. "They were, were they? Orion... turn on the S'taurrior 500 censor overlay for Global Chat. We will see how they like testing the rules when their words get changed. I hope you recorded the players names whom were doing this, because they are all on Strike One."

            Dal said, "We sent the list to the Adminos report center as Orion instructed us to do. Some of the vulgar bitching included: Who changed the game; Where did the Imperials go; Where is Lightning Surpertaur; and Why is my character rank one again. It was like the Pricks got back into the game."

            Bert said, "Are they still in-game?"

            Dal replied, "Yes. They are waiting for a staff reply. We told them that we would inform Orion and the rest of staff when they arrived."

            Bert activated the Staff_to_All_Players feature in his staff control screen. "Attention all players not in Tutorial. This is Bert Thomas. For a bunch of you players whom returned from an extended vacation to find your favorite game not as you remembered it, you are currently in Quadrant MMO: A S'taurrior Tale. This is an advanced version of the game set in a time after the Imperials retired. However, the original game you all know and love is still available for play. Log out to the game selection screen and look for S'taurrior: Imperial Conquest. That is the original version of the game set in the days before I ever joined. In fact, you will not find me nor any of my characters in that version of the game. Furthermore, none of my dumb-dumb game balance changes are in the original game at all. Imperial Conquest is PVP from the word Go. All of the original quests are still in place if you were working on something there. All rebel inclusions were removed from the original game since Imperial Conquest is set before the rebellion started. The goal in SIC is to become the new Imperial Emperor. Is that you? You will never find out if you stay in the MMO. To make up for the removal of the Imperials from the MMO, we added in several more factions; some more fun to play than others. You can still play a low-down evil snook of a character if you wish; you can play the off-spring of an Imperial; we really advanced how the MMO runs and can be played. If you choose to return to SIC and later get curious about the MMO, you will be able to return and opt into the Tutorial. At the end, you will start the game at Rank 10 instead of the old Rank 2. The Tutorial ship can be sold to NPC merchants, but some players may not want to do that since the Tutorial Ship has a permanent bonus attached to it that cannot be transferred to other ships. If you do choose to sell the ship, you will receive half of the full price of an in-game ship of the same caliber minus the bonuses. A lot of the game balance changes were suggested by former Imperial characters whom we chose to open the discussion up to for the purposes of seeing what their ideas would be. Medina of the Justice Patrol helped to program a lot of the quests in the MMO; so you know who to blame if you have the courage to tell her off over the phone. She does not play this game as far as I know. If you choose not to go to Imperial Conquest and you have friends there, they might be thinking, I guess my old buddy gave up and is willing let me be the new Emperor of S'taurrior. I never liked them anyway. And before you start complaining that your friends would never say that, take a moment to think back to the days before I joined." At that point, nearly all but a few of the Prick players were vanishing out of the MMO and were being detected as entering the Imperial Conquest.
            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07
              The remaining few sent messages via PM to Bert. One message said, "I was looking over a lot of the new features and new species and how big the playing field is here, Bert. I was on vacation, but I can give the new game a chance since you explained it out in over-chat. I was coerced in the old days of being a prickish attack on sight type of player in the old game. Give me a chance to prove I can be better than that. In real life, I am a sexy skunktaur whom originates from a French cuisine family of chefs. We returned from the family vacation in Anime Europe and found most of Taurheel Junction nearly empty. Can we not bring all of the communities together or do we have to stay segregated like this? Segregation is what leads to crummy behavior. Signed, Rene Skunktaur of Taurheel Junction. PS: send me a Friendship request, please."

              Bert typed up the reply. "Opt into the Tutorial and when you finish it at Rank 10, I will send you the friendship request. If you want to start a new world just in case, feel free to do this as this is a one-time reset for former players to have a decent new start. My personal worlds are down in the lower Southeastern quadrant of the S'taurrior Galaxy. Orion and Epsilon have their worlds closer to Adminos. Also, your account per game world now has five free character slots so multiple game collars are no longer needed. We can merge accounts for players whom do not want to lose their multiple characters. You sound like a nice guy. See you soon. Signed, Bert, Staff member and player of Lukas Quadwalker of Buck Fauxen."

              Now they saw the remaining few entering Tutorial.

              Bert said, "Lukas and I need to work on our quests. By the way, Orion, Rene Skunktaur of Taurheel Junction was suggesting the bringing together of the nearly empty former Taur Towns into a single Taur City so people left behind aren't completely segregated off by themselves. He said that in the old days, segregation led to crappy behavior. This idea is fine for Taurs living in the villages, but those living in the swamps, such as Lostaur Wallows, or the new Hellhoundtaurs in Hells Canyon, would be left out of this merger. I'll let you discuss this with Kazma. Lukas and I need to get to work. I've not spent time with him in a while." And he clicked on resume play and vanished out of Sandbox.

              Gavin Arthon chose to make a multi-colored Folftaur Performer from Planet Pheromonic near a star that flickered through the rainbow of colors from a distance, but on planet, it simply looked white. He named the Star System as The Rainbow Connection. Fozzie Folftaur of Pheromonic stood as tall as Gavin stood. For his primary skills, he chose 'Magician', 'Dancer', and 'Mentalist'. For his secondary skills, he chose 'Singer', 'Navigator', and 'Weapon Improvisation'. His stats started as Power 21; Dodging 24; Health 23; Smarts 32; Charisma 29. The home world was a performers paradise; it had production sets, dance halls, and comedy props. His starting home was a decent Star's trailer located near an on-world TV station. The three species on planet were Folftaurs, Monkeytaurs, and Ponytaurs. Remembering what Orion said about the Bowel Meter in the Tutorial, Gavin breezed through the Tutorial in record time.

              Once Fozzie Folftaur emerged into the main game, he typed into the Global Chat, "Hiya! Hiya! Hiya! What an audience tonight! Fozzie Folftaur! At your service!"

              Orion and Epsilon were both laughing when they saw Gavin emerge from the tutorial on his new home world.

              Some of the other players piped in to the Global Chat, "Who is Fozzie Folftaur? How come he sounds like Fozzie Bear?"

              Lukas Quadwalker typed out, "I am focusing on my quests, but if anyone wants to go looking for the Folftaur Performer, you're on your own."

              Timefrost chose to make a Vanilla Ice Cream colored Hellhoundtaur Crafter from Planet Hardwire near a star that looked like a green and yellow electrical storm. Navigating his home system required a player to turn off his or her electronic guidance system and fly manually. Gridlock Hellhoundtaur of Hardwire was easily larger than Timefrost himself. For his primary skills, he chose 'Programming', 'Electronic Repair', and 'Teleportation'. For his secondary skills, he chose 'Piloting: All Crafts', 'Elemental Control: Fire', and 'Quadi Combat Techniques'. His stats started as Power 31; Dodging 23; Health 28; Smarts 40; Charisma 36. The home world was a programming nightmare where programmers, electronic specialists, and equipment creation crafters all came together as nerds often would. It had workshops, programming dens, and dry docks. His starting home was grounded ship to planet shuttle which was embedded between two large cliffs just outside of the main port. The three species on planet were Hellhoundtaurs, Nightmaretaurs, and Spidertaurs.

              Sometime later, Gridlock typed into Global Chat, "Electronic and programming specialist has arrived to fine tune your star ships. Contact me and we can talk. Just call me Gridlock."

              Lukas said to Bert, Timefrost's character sounds like a suave sounding guy. He might be fun to be friends with. It is funny that Falconsong is still in Tutorial."

              Bert replied, "I know they all went in at the same time, so I have to wonder what Gawain's problem is."

              Gawain Arthon chose to make a rich dark chocolate feathered Griffintaur with a Terracotta lion's coat and a black feathered mane. (Half Falcon and Half Lion.) The Griffintaur Freelancer was from Planet Terratauri near a blood red star that looked like an angry dragon's eye. The home world had two moons one of which was covered in water and ice while the other had a star port with a moon to planet telepad installed within it. The shipyard was on the moon itself as was the dry dock and port. The mercantile shops were in tree houses in a certain area of the jungles of Terratauri. Falconsroar Griffintaur of Terratauri stood twice the size of a bull elephant. For his primary skills, he chose 'Jack-of-all-Trades', 'Hunting', and 'Bounty Hunting'. For his secondary skills, he chose 'Persuasion', 'Farming', and 'Breeding'. His stats started as Power 50; Dodging 50; Health 50; Smarts 50; Charisma 50. The Home World was nearly covered in Dense Jungles, High Mountains, Hot Muddy Rivers. It was a Tropical Breeding Zone. His starting home was a Sauna like Cavern within one of the Mountains. The three species on planet were Griffintaurs, Elephantaurs, and Giant Panthrotaurs.

              He later migrated his lair to a small island in the middle of one of the muddy rivers where he installed an Upper Ranked Stat Improvement Gym into his home base with its own private telepad leading to the shopping village. Choosing to do every possible quest in Tutorial as often as the Tutorial would permit him to do, he was finally released into the main game.

              In Global Chat, the following message appeared, "Hi guys... wanna take a romp on the wyld side? I'm feeling hot... for you. Call me anytime. I am Falconsroar of Terratauri."

              Orion then said in Global Chat, "Tone down the suggestive speech or else we will have to find you and lock you up." Falconsroar replied, "So you want to test my egg production factory, Orion. I thought you liked my little brother. And in comparison, he really IS a little brother now."

              A few replies suddenly appeared, "Where is your home system, Falconsroar! We got condoms and lube if you are into that sort of thing!"

              Falconsroar then provided the star system's coordinates along with the message of, "Just look for the blood red eye ball."
              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08
                Soon, Bert noticed Gawain logging out deliberately. He hadn't heard any complaints in Global Chat but the log-out bothered him so he chose to log out himself and see what the problem was. In the dining chamber, Bert saw Gawain yank on Gavin's ear. "Times up, Gavin! Time to go see mom! Or else I go get mom's belt and smack you across the genitals while you are in game! Log out now!" Gavin emerged from the game looking somewhat upset that his brother pulled him out.

                Bert asked, "What happened, Gawain?"

                Gawain turned to look at Bert and that was when Bert saw the angry look in Gawain's eyes. "I was talking to Gavin using PVID and I noticed that Gavin's promised log out time was arriving. When I told him that he had reached his first session's limit, Orion suddenly butts into the private call and he tells me to stop harassing another player. Earlier, he had gotten on to me for doing what I was calling role playing with the other players on my home world. When he butted into the call with my brother, I accused him of running a recruiting operation for his devious game trap and then he insisted that I leave the game and never come back."

                Bert was shaking when he heard this latest fiasco. "Orion may have forgotten this, but the game servers are installed into the Two-Rivers base and I have the override switch. You were well within your rights to complain, Gawain. I remember exactly what your mom said, since I was there. Time to shut down S'taurrior once again. And no, you are not banned from the game, Gawain." He walked over to the mainframe and he activated the Override protocol and he typed in a message to all normal players: "ATTN ALL NON-STAFF PLAYERS: DUE TO THE DISCOVERY OF A VIRUS CALLED 'THE ORION RECRUITS BECAUSE HE IS BEING AN ASSHOLE' BUG, THE GAME SERVERS MUST SHUT OFF FOR A WHILE! PLEASE USE THIS AS A BATHROOM BREAK AND LUNCH BREAK!" And then Bert shut off all of the servers with the master switch. Timefrost appeared in the room looking somewhat confused. Orion and Epsilon did not arrive at the Two-Rivers base from where they had logged in from; instead they were back in town at their shared quarters. Bert was then on his Justice Patrol Comm Unit as he pushed the Emergency Medina Summons button. He didn't care if they were on a mission; this was now serious business. Dr. Zamak had promised that pushing that button was the override for any team blockage that might keep them away from Anime World. Instantly the entire Justice Patrol appeared in the Two-River's chamber with Bert.

                American Rabbit said, "Finally, we are back in Anime World! What's the emergency, Bert?"

                Bert introduced the Hellhounds and Gavin to the team and then he explained what Gawain's complaint from Orion had been in game when Gawain demonstrated true role playing ability and it pissed Orion off. He also explained how the boy's mother had an in-game curfew set up for Gavin whom was starting to ignore the curfew orders and when Gawain tried to inform Gavin that he was starting to be in game for too long, Orion invaded a private chat and he attempted to ban Gawain from the game. Bert then finished by saying that he shut down the entire S'taurrior game worlds with the master switch.

                Medina said, "You did the right thing, Bert. I suspected that this game was a brainwashing trap from the very coding alone when Covert and I were reprogramming quests in game. When we installed the real world clock and in-game-for-too-long timer, Orion asked us what the clock was for and we told him it was so his players didn't end up as addicts. He later asked his brother about making the timer less invasive."

                Bert then said, "Could you alter the programming so that if an invisible timer reaches the four hour mark for any player, the player in question is auto-logged out and cannot log back in for four whole minutes? Meaning, an enforced bathroom break. And make it so even Staff members are treated this way. I was never this addicted to a computer game like this before I ever heard of S'taurrior. And back on Earth, I had heard of Dark Castle Online. But by the time I had learned about it, it was off-line."

                Medina and Covert Fox both went over to the mainframe and got to work on the emergency repair.

                Bert then turned to Arnie Roo and he hugged the lovable roo as he told him what Arley Roo had done to him which resulted in his meeting Gawain and his friends. "Oye, yas barely escaped that kind of trap if yas were naked in front of Saberpaw. Ah think they were trying to get rid of yas."

                At that moment, Orion and Epsilon and the other staff members came inside the Two-Rivers base and skidded to a halt when they saw that the Justice Patrol were back.

                Bert released Arnie Roo as he turned to Orion and said, "A Recruiting operation, eh, Orion? Ms. Arthon has a curfew on Gavin for playing your game. When Gawain was telling Gavin that he had to log out, he was within his family rights. You shouldn't be able to butt into a PVID call; I recall when we made that feature private between the players, but all calls were recorded for security purposes. There is no way to listen in on a live call. Doing so means you altered the programming behind my back. Oh by the way... Medina's back with her needles."

                Timefrost then said, "I recall that Gavin was limping when he arrived for breakfast at this base this morning. How many times did you hypnotically fuck him, Orion? An under-aged child whom is younger than Bert."

                American Rabbit activated his comm unit. "Father, we're back at Two-Rivers. You need to bring the Red Rabbit Army back up here. Orion crossed the line again. And bring a Psychiatrist."

                Kazma's reply was, "We're on our way, son, and welcome back. We missed you."

                And then the Red Rabbit Army had the entire valley on emergency shutdown. All Taurs were being forced to subject to mental evaluations, checking for signs of terminal addiction.

                Orion and Epsilon were both arrested and were led away to await trial.

                Bert said, "I always wondered how the Imperial characters in the old days were able to so easily escape from Orion's game and try to take over the entire valley. I guess when they were rounded up that one time, we missed a few. My guess is that they were the ones to arrange it so the Justice Patrol wouldn't be able to re-enter this dimension once they headed out on that phony mission. And then they also arranged with Arley to get me dropped off naked in front of Saberpaw in the distant past on Earth so I would be recruited. However... Epsilon was the one to suggest that I verify that I had a Finders Fee debt tied to me when I contacted the underworld that one time. I also seem to recall now that Orion had once said that his fur coloration through a chemical accident in trade school was cured when Professor Mylanus coated Orion's burnt Foxtaur body with a Mobian healing cream which not only grew his fur back but made him into Brown Tails' colors. I think we need to call Mylanus and have him personally identify Orion just in case the one we have in custody is an Imperial fake." Mylanus was soon at Two-Rivers and he took one look at Orion and said, "This is not the trade school student. Wrong color eyes. And his aura is all wrong."
                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09
                  Bert then asked, "Mylanus, would you know the real Orion's aura if you saw it again?"

                  Mylanus said, "In a heartbeat, cute boy. What's on your mind?"

                  Bert said, "When I first activated Shared Existence protocol with Lukas Quadwalker, I was able to change into his exact likeness, but when Epsilon pulled me out of Lukas after Lukas tried to commit suicide, I was no longer a Retrievertaur like him. Instead, this happened."

                  Bert struck his pose as he said the words, "S'taurrion Knights!" Bert's surroundings briefly changed into that of the Quadi Knights Temple on Planet Emeralda as a glow overtook his body as he felt his own body extend out behind him and form into that of a Foxtaur's hindquarters as his dark Honey Mustard fur grew all over himself and his head inflated as it became vulpine in appearance and his tail also grew out behind him and then the uniform and armors of the Quadi Knights appeared over his body which included his Quadi weapons, a glowing power sword and an energy pistol. Then there came a flash of light as his star fighter appeared behind him briefly before he found himself on his feet where he pulled his sword and held it above his head in a finishing pose before shouting, "Bert Thomas! S'taurrior!"

                  Mylanus said, "There is Orion's real aura. They merged Orion into your transformation and covered him in the fur color of your choice. I might be able to pull him out of you with my magic. I can sense that he is fully aware but he has no control when you are conscious, Bert."

                  Bert said, "Just do it, Mylanus... I am sure he would love to have his original life back."

                  Mylanus then said, "You could lose Lukas entirely."

                  Bert sighed. "A small price to pay for making things right. Isn't this what heroes do? Continue, Mylanus."

                  Mylanus said, "Medina! I need you to be on medical standby! Here goes!"

                  Medina leaped out of the Mainframe and struck her pose. "I'm ready!"

                  Mylanus powered up his magical resurrection Kitsune fist as he shouted, "Sthgink Noirruat's! Treb dna Noiro Egrem-ed!"

                  The Foxtaur body glowed like a nuclear warhead had been dropped on top of the spot where he had stood, as a blood red stain pooled on the floor under the Foxtaur's body and a human body (Bert) with a laser pistol hole in his chest appeared on the ground directly under Orion's body. The Foxtaur's appearance changed to resume its former looks of a double white striped black coated Foxtaur with a pastel brown undercoat and Golden Yellow socks covering his paw-feet.

                  Mylanus then shouted, "Bert has little life force left, Medina! While the glow is being held around them, place a temp patch upon his chest so he loses no more blood! I cannot keep this resurrection shield up forever!"

                  American Rabbit then chanted the musical song-like words, "It's too Heavenly Here!" And then he reach a hand up over his head and he summoned his electric guitar! And then he played the seven star notes for use when lives were on the line!

                  Council Lord Zecma then appeared wearing his Imperial Council jacket. But he didn't look pissed to be called this time. And then Charlie and Itchy appeared next. Eternia's Sorceress and He-Man as well as Etheria's Light Hope and She-Ra then appeared with the group. Zecma pulled out one of his all-powerful Imperial Scrolls and he allowed Charlie and Itchy to super charge it, then the scroll was handed over to the Sorceress where upon the light of hope and the magic of goodness were added to the scroll, then the scroll was laid upon the boy's body as He-Man and She-Ra crossed their swords over the Imperial Scroll and sang as the American Rabbit played the music, "Somewhere out there someone needs me, I don't know how or where, but believe me... I'll walk the universe to find her, For better or for worse, beside her! For the honor of love, By the power above... I have the power, I have the power! A stranger walked into my world, And when he talked, I really heard... He spoke of things I'd rather be, The joy it brings we'll never see! For the honor of love, By the power above... I have the power, I have the power! His truth of love will always guide us, His strength above will be inside us... Forever more, we'll be together, Our hearts will soar unto the other! For the honor of love, By the power above... We have the power, We have the power... So can you!"

                  Bert's body became a solid glow of pure energy as it seemed he was about to fade entirely out of existence. American Rabbit shouted, "Oh no you don't! All Stars Burning Bright...!"

                  "All Stars Shine Forever!" shouted the entire Justice Patrol (as well as fans still on Earth although they did not know what brought that on.)

                  Bert's body became solid once again as the glow began to slowly subside to reveal that he was entirely naked on the floor in the pool of his own blood. And then standing in a hover near Bert's body was what appeared to be the spirit of an ancient Quadraen Retriever Quadi Master. "They care about you, Bert. There is more left to do. By the powers of the Light, save your world..." And then the Quadi Master winked out of existence as Bert's eyes slowly opened. Kazma and a set of red rabbit physicians came over as Mylanus' resurrection shield finally dropped out of sight. Mylanus collapsed into a nearby chair. The physicians began to clean up the resurrection scene.

                  Bert was being given a careful cleansing and blood removal bath as a set of clothes in his size were laid out nearby. He softly said, "good bye, Lukas..."

                  American Rabbit felt for Bert's loss and it showed. He turned to Charlie and Itchy. "Save Lukas S'taurrior Quadwalker the Retrievertaur Former Imperial Gone Rogue, guys."

                  Gawain stood up and said, "Wait a moment, American Rabbit. Maybe this will help the Angel Dogs..." And he turned to the mainframe and tapped in the search for Bert's character profile for the boy's off-line character profile as well as his full color game art picture for Lukas Quadwalker in full display.

                  This was followed by a decent character background that had been re-written to explain Lukas' former imperial background.
                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10
                    Medina looked at the screen and said, "You better hurry guys, this digital code is slowly fading away. As if it had never been created."

                    Zecma pulled out one of his card partner creation units and he downloaded the character profile and artwork into his imperial protected back up device. He then did some quick programming for a safety bracer and then he brought the safety bracer over to Bert and he fastened it securely to the boy's wrist. "Say the words. Save your character; you love him."

                    Bert struck a heroic pose and shouted, "S'taurrion Knights!" Bert's transformation sequence then began as his surroundings briefly changed into that of the Quadi Knights Temple on Planet Dezerdine as a glow overtook his body as he felt his own body extend out behind him and form into that of a Retrievertaur as Honey Mustard fur grew all over his body and his head inflated as it became canine in appearance his tail also grew out behind him and then the uniform and armors of the Quadi Knights appeared over his body which included his Quadi weapons, a glowing power sword and an energy pistol. Then there came a flash of light as his star fighter appeared behind him briefly before his surroundings returned to normal and he pulled his sword and held it above his head in a finishing pose as he shouted, "Brightly Shining Twin! Bert S'taurrior! Quadi Knight!"

                    And then a second glowing orb of light emerged from Bert's Safety Bracer which exploded nearby causing the second sequence to begin.

                    Lukas struck a heroic pose and shouted, "S'taurrion Knights!" Lukas' transformation sequence then began as his surroundings briefly changed into that of the Quadi Knights Temple on Planet Dezerdine as his body as the uniform and armors of the Quadi Knights appeared over his body which included his Quadi weapons, a glowing power sword and an energy pistol. Then there came a flash of light as his star fighter appeared behind him briefly before he found himself beside Bert as he pulled his sword and held it above his head in a finishing pose as he shouted, "Crown Prince of Light! Lukas S'taurrior! Quadi Knight!"

                    Lukas put his weapon away as he turned and he hugged Bert fondly. "You saved me, bro. I almost saw the light in a way I wasn't ready for. I love you."

                    American Rabbit said, "Bro? Are we missing something here, Zecma?"

                    Zecma pulled out an Imperial scroll and quietly used it before replying, "Bert and Lukas are brothers from another dimension, a dimension where Taurs are the prime species of choice. Humans never developed there. When Obi Zan Quadwalker was rescuing the boys from the imperial usurper, he cast a spell to transport one boy off to safety but the spell was disrupted by an evil Imperial Sorcerer and the young prince was sent into Christie Moore's womb to replace a still born that she was about to lose. When the new human boy was born, the parents both agreed upon the name Bert although they didn't know why that name popped into their minds. Bert then grew up as a human boy. In the meantime, Obi Zan had taken Lukas to Dezerdine and left him in a farm therein to be cared for by loyal farming Taurs to the former royal family. Lukas was given the new last name and Obi Zan began his travels until the day the sorcerer caught up with him and proceeded to slay him, totally unaware that Obi Zan had a protection magic connected to him making it so if he ever died, he would become an agent of the Light of S'taurrior. The Sorcerer knew the old fool had sent one of the crown prince's to the dimension of Earth and that was when he sent the idea for a game to Orion Foxtaur whom then decided he needed to learn programming so he could create this game. On the day Orion was to activate the game for the first time, he created a Foxtaur character whom was a darker version of himself and very Imperial. He didn't know it, but the sorcerer was making sure Orion was creating him in the game world. Then when the game launched, the sorcerer tricked Orion into switching places with him in the game world. This created Orion and Epsilon each with different backgrounds in Anime World. But then Epsilon got into trouble with a Hell Dragon which wasn't according to the sorcerer's plan and the only way to save his evil twin was to trick Bert Thomas into defeating the dragon himself thus making the Foxtaurs all powerful again. When the sorcerer found that Orion's willpower was more powerful than he thought and that Orion had sent Bert a message to place game balance into the Imperial game, that was when the sorcerer chose to merge Orion into Bert and Lukas' SharedExistenceProtocol which should have had the ability to stop Orion from sending Bert any more messages. But it backfired. That is why Bert would recall things that Orion had told him that the sorcerer knew that he never said."

                    American Rabbit then asked, "If the sorcerer's power source is in the Taur Universe, then how is he still using his magic in our universe?"

                    Zecma glanced at the Eternians and the Etherians. "The same as Evil-Lyn and Shadow Weaver have to do, in order to use their powers in other worlds, they take part of their power source with them. The sorcerer's power source is, believe it or not, every single game collar and Taur Player in Taur Valley. The more you play, the more addicted you become. And the more addicted you are, the more power you are giving to the sorcerer. Living power sources, in other words. He-Man and She-Ra have encountered people like this before. To break their power, you have to destroy the power source. Which means, every game collar has to be replaced by a safety bracer and reprogrammed to be safe without the magic trap left in place. I know a few of these game collars are in the underworld. Sadly, I predict that without the addiction magic, the former players will lose interest in this game. The Sorcerer was really pissed at Gawain when the boy found a way to legally max out all of his stats through an accidental game loophole and then he found the Titano defect in the defects menu."

                    Bert glanced over and asked, "What does the Titano defect do, Mister sexy mouse?"

                    Zecma blushed at being called sexy mouse. "Just as the Power Rangers Zords have to be brought together to form a titanic Megazord, this should explain what the Titano defect does. Five Zords make a Titano. Therefore every basic stat and experience booster times five. What started out as Power 50 became Power 250, and so forth. Gawain had literally and accidentally created a god in the game. He didn't mean to, but when he discovered that something this powerful had been left in the game, he started playing with it. This pissed the sorcerer off because Gawain was immune to the asshole's special coercions. Worse, any time a Taur played with Gawain, they got the feeling that they needed to log out of the game. Meaning that they were starting to lose the addiction. Fewer players means a weaker power source."

                    Orion whom had been standing quietly nearby drinking an energy drink to get his personal power back said, "I humbly accept your help in cleaning up this game, Zecma. I cannot do this alone. I will make restitution for every victim that was affected by the crummy sorcerer. I know that this will break me, but as Bert said before my release, it is the right thing to do. I still hate being alone and I do like Bert. He always wanted to help when everyone else thumbed their noses in my face. I guess I lose."

                    American Rabbit then asked, "Zecma? Would the human Stillborn version of Bert Thomas still be inside of Bert S'taurrior and if so, could we bring him out of the Retrievertaur so Ricky still had a son after the Retrievertaurs returned to their own dimensional Taur universe?"

                    Zecma said, "Miracles are beyond Imperial Scroll power, Rabbit. You will have to ask the Angel Dogs for help for that issue. I am sorry. The Two Taur Princes do not belong in this universe. What say you, Charlie?" Charlie B. Barkin looked to Itchy and said, "Think Heaven would permit one more miracle for the Thomas family?" Itchy scratched his ear with his hind paw as he replied, "Annabelle just told me that it is permissible but to expect side effects." The two angel dogs reached up and touched their Arch-Angel collar tags!
                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Eight.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Cloud Nine.